A Wife Turned

by Damnd One

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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; naked; transform; insert; mannequin, pose; display; store; climax; cons; X

A wife with a desire to become a mannequin gets her chance through the kind Professor Damien.

For the umpteenth time Donna checks her watch, and finds herself way ahead of schedule; she sits back into her car seat and smiles demurely at the red light the hustle of the populace of the city crossing in front of her.

"Almost there." She muses allowing her mind and imagination run wild; her eyes locking on the front windows of a very pricy department store. The stiff plastic forms staring out at the world before them; wearing the wondrous fashions of the current trend.

From behind the angry honk of a horn, and she startles back to the here and now; a bit of a shameful smirk emerges from her bee stung lips as she glances into the mirror, and the statues fade into the background.

A second look at the car's G.P.S. shows her destination only a few miles ahead, when her cell phone jingles; she looks and a dark smirk emerges.

"Hi hon." Her tone sweet like sugar; "Just getting some last minute things". She looks at the street names and bobs her head to her husband's droning. "Yes." She sighs; "It's almost done, and I promise that your boss will love it . . . Okay, I gotta get going, and traffic is a bit heavy now."

She pushes the button and cuts off the line, a disdainful feeling grows; "In a pigs eye!"

Again Donna lets her mind drift; soon her most wonton desire will be complete. Forever! As the store fronts pass, she divides her mind between them, her driving, and the deepening lust growing inside her. It seems like forever she had this desire; a . . . fetish the shrinks called it. From her earliest memories the deviant want to be one of those figures in those store fronts.

Her mind drifted to her childhood, her teens where the desires grew into a deep frustration. And finally to university where she found 'others' like herself. As she falls into the memories, a growing ache grows between her legs. Instinctively her fingers find the ache and slowly she circles her clit; and again the sound of an angry truck horn drags her back to reality. Sounds of rubber skidding, and she twists the steering wheel violently.

"Okay, gotta stop this."

With great effort she pushes her wonton thoughts out of her mind, and concentrates on the road. Finally the G.P.S. voice tells her she is at her destination. She pulls onto the parking lot entrance and up to the mechanical attendant, pulls out the ticket and drives on; the parking stall she was told to find was at the far end of the lot, almost near the river itself.

The instructions run through her head; leave the keys in the car, and the doors open. She closes the door and for the last time glances over the Lincoln. She begins to walk away, when she remembers something she had to take. Angrily she returns to the car, and finds the envelope with the thick wad of money. Once again the door closes and she walks to the appointed locations where her next step of the journey will take place.

This section of town wasn't seedy at all, at least not yet. The professor's instructions were very clear; cash! The car will disappear in a chop shop, and she'll be reported missing by her husband John. But she'll be far away by then and yet in plain view of all.

While waiting for the crossing signal to sound Donna' mind drifts again. "I'm normal!" she shouted in her mind. "It's not my fault I was made wrong." Her reflection in the window draws her attention. She was beautiful, a models body with plump double C breasts. Her brown hair tumbling over her shoulders, and her dark eyes took it all in. "Soon, it'll all be eternal."

The shrill sound of the cross walk shocked her back, and she strode across the street and to the next destination; it was only a few blocks more, and there it was. It was a typical beat up taxi, but this particular one was waiting just for her. The driver, a bulked out steroid ripped woman body builder noticed her first, and began to get unsettled in her diversion of watching the whores ply their trade.

Donna got into the back of the car, and the taxi drove off.

"So, you're really going to go through with it?" The driver's voice was thick and manly.

"Yup." Donna' voice chipper and bright.

"You know I've been working for the professor for a long time now . . . seen them come and go. Some even backed out at the last minute; but it didn't last long, those precursors don't make it stop."

"I know I feel a bit stiff now." Donna looked at the passing city "What will it be like?"

"Not much to look at. You'll get one more I V of precursor, and then he'll insert the changer. Don't know what it feels like, but it does get me wet watching." The driver smiled wickedly looking in the mirror at Donna. "No one ever comes back to tell us."

"So, it'll be a 'unique personal experience'." Donna gleamed back into the mirror.

The drive was long and finally ended up in the old warehouse section of the city. The driver drifted past derelict and broken down warehouses, and other odd building and finally pulling into the doorway of one building, yet to become derelict like its surrounding brethren. The driver got out and opened the door for Donna; eagerly jumping out of the taxi. Together they walk through a maze of mannequins; in all forms and poses of Men, women, children, zentai form and the traditional. Donna' ache returned and she slowly grew wet with each step; her foot falls coming short and her desire growing strong. Finally she could walk no more, and fell against a wall, moaning in desire.

The driver noticed, and in masculine hands, gently caressed Donna' breasts, her thick fingers circling her hard erect nipples; slowly and gently moving downward, towards her wetness. Donna grunted in half lidded desire at the woman holding her in thick bulked muscled arms.

"Shh." The driver's eyes were one of heated lust. "I do this all the time with the professors' projects." Her lips gently touched Donna' and her ache grew exponentially! "This is the last you'll ever feel as a human." The drivers mouth encircled Donna' and her tongue entered Donna' mouth; together they sucked and darted, her hands rubbing circles around Donna' clit. Finally Donna erupted into orgasmic bliss. Spent the two laid down onto the floor, in warm primitive lust.

"So, you have arrived." The professors' voice boomed through the building. Donna jerked and pulled the top of her dress back on in route fashion. "Don't be ashamed my dear; after all, this'll be the 'last' time you will feel human emotion again. And besides, you'll have to remove your clothes anyway."

Donna smiled mischievously as the words set into her mind; and with the help of the driver she tore off all her clothes, as if rending her former life into tatters. "Mandy, you should do as well. I know how you hate not showing off your wondrous body."

"Now come my dears. Only one more step and your desire will be permanent."

Donna was laying on an exam table and I V line inserted into her arm. With the aid of a pump thick cloudy liquid flowed throw the tubing and into her arm; she shuddered as if cold, but her whole body Basques in the warmth of the elixir. Her senses dulled around her, as the finale act was almost upon her. Her joints grew stiff, and her body dulled into a thickness she couldn't describe. But the doctor did tell her this was all normal. But still, it was weird, even though she got to see two of her friends transform, the sensations were beyond what she was feeling now.

She let her soul drift in the orgasmic waves that were fluttering through her body.

"Now let's have a look." The professor' booming voice surprised Donna, bring her back from her wonton thoughts. She managed a smile through her stiffening lips as he checked her over. His touch felt dull and heavy to Donna. The sun was gone now, and the bright sterility of the lab enhanced the atmosphere. "Good. Very good, now for the final phase."

She struggled to get the words of thank you out, but only a few thick croaks were emitted. "Don't worry Donna, this is all normal."

Donna awkwardly got off the table, her joints stiffening with each moment of time; in surprise she croaked a thick squeal as she began to fall forward, her balance was now gone. Mandy, now wearing only a cut off shirt and daisy dukes, helped her up, and to walk to the center of the room. "Now only one more thing to do Donna. What pose do you want to be in?"

Donna got confused, her mind, her thoughts were thickening and slowing, and then she remembered that this was her choice! And once made, it's made forever. Donna looked around and settled into what she wanted. Again she tried to talk, but the same disembodied croaks came. Donna grew frustrated, "Donna, just do it." Was all the professor said.

Donna limped to a short stool, and squatted down, pantomiming the pose. "Very good!" The professor smiled; he walked over to his work table, as Mandy stroked Donnas thickening flesh, creating a calm Donna never felt before. The professor arrived with what looked like a chrome dildo. "Now the finale act."

Mandy steadied Donna as the professor gently pushed the device into her vagina. As soon as it was seated inside of her, Donna felt ripples erupt from her vagina and throughout her body, and her flesh growing hard. Mandy helped Donna get into a sitting position, her legs spread apart, leaning forward with her arms over her head.

Donna' flesh bucked and shivered as it transformed into hard dense plastic; her bones and joints fusing into her plasticizing body. She felt an orgasmic thickness envelope her; spreading up her body and down her legs. Her gaze froze, staring out ward, her eyes transforming into glass orbs. Donna tried to talk, but now not even the thick croak came. Her body hardened, and her hair felt dead as it turned into plastic strands.

The thickness grew in her mind and feelings forever frozen in a mannequin's erotic stare. And then she froze in place, the transformation now complete. The professor' face appeared in her view as he was looking into her glass eyes. Donna felt him touch her, but she could only react in her mind. Mandy brought over a series of mirrors, and showed Donna her new form; from all angles Mandy maneuvered the mirrors, and Donna erupted again into an orgasm that only she felt.

Donna felt herself being lifted up, and the world moved past, as Mandy carried her to the shipping area. The rest of the world just blurred as men arrived, carried her away to her new life. The girls, of the sex shop loved their new acquisition; knowing what the professor did, they were constant customers. They dressed Donna into a very erotic latex outfit; and placed her in the store front window. Her glass eyes stared at the passerby's, and one in particular brought her a fulfilling retribution. Her former husband John stared at her, a tinge of recognition in his mind, but he only shrugged his shoulders and walked away. Now with nothing, since everything he was, was brought on by Donna' genius in business.

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