by asudem latex

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© Copyright 2011 - asudem latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Ff/f; D/s; latex; mc; transform; bodymod; doll; cons; X


"Oh Mistress, she's perfect. Can I play with her now?"

"Yes, my love. The implant should have taken hold already. She'll be fully compliant'" 

"She'll do whatever I say right? Not like that last one. She disobeyed me and I had to throw her away."

"Yes my pretty, I spent some time looking for a better subject. This one desperately wanted to be made into a doll. I've also made a few changes this time. She'll be unable to do anything without your say-so. She'll be posed like that for days if we left her. A perfect little doll. Maybe I should make a pretty glass case to keep her in?"

"Oh Mistress, she's so pretty. I just love her long blond hair and prettly little mouth. We're going to have so much fun together. The things I'm going to make her do..."

"Do you like her shiny pink latex arms? I could of taken it further or all the way - although I wanted your opinion first my dear. After all she's your toy to dress up."

"They're amazing, she'll be so easy to clean... and you know I can't get enough latex. Can you pleeease?"

"Her bonding is permanent; any additons won't ever come off. You need to be really sure you want her this way."

"Yes yes yes.. please!"

"How about latex legs and ass with a doll pussy hole front and tight hole in back?"

"Oooh perfect!!"

"Do you like the idea full torso covering? maybe with more barbie shaped breasts.. "


"And what of her head? You know she'd have to loose all her hair and use wigs. Much better for playing and accessorising a doll of course. Her head would be cast and a perfect latex mask of herself in a thin clear latex preserveing her beauty forever. Her makeup has already been painted and tattooed on. The control chip would be sealed into her too if this was ever put on."

"Oh maybe not yet though just the idea is making me wet. Then she's be latex all over.... it's not too much is it Mistress?" 

"She willingly agreed to all of it already my dear... and really much more; you should play with her first for awhile before I make any further latex bonding. After all once the casted latex mask goes on she's sealed as a doll forever. She'll never pass as human - just a gorgeous living latex doll."

"Yes Mistress, I understand..." (pauses)

*blushes* "and Mistress if were to ask you very nicely..." *deep crimson blush* whispers... "would you give me a latex body too?"

"Oh course my love... I knew you'd ask one day. As i've always planned.... I could even make you her latex doll twin".

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