The Women of Latex Hills 2

by Leticia Latex

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© Copyright 2007 - Leticia Latex - Used by permission

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2. The Plastic Twins

"So you see, I haven't had time to do much this week" Tanya explained.

"I guess our first week looked similar, most of us at least" Olivia agreed.  Melody stood up and went to the kitchen telling everyone she'd be right back.

"You probably still have lots of unanswered questions?" inquired Christina, or Tina as most people called her.

"Yeah...I still...have a lot" Tanya replied, her concentration taken away by Melody coming back into the living room with a silver tray.  As she lay it down on the table, the usual set of tea was replaced by dildos and vibrators of all colors.  Tanya watched as every girl except for her and Tina grabbed one and started casually sucking on it.  " one question I...had was..." she looked on as the girls tried to be discreet and classy about it but still moaned enough for it to be highly distracting to anyone not used to what she witnessed.  Her curiosity was too strong; There was only one question she could settle her mind on.  "What are you girls doing?"

Melody took the dildo out of her mouth to answer Tanya's question.  "Well, where should I start?  I'm starting to wonder just how much your husband really told you about our condition".  She paused and thought of a way to put it.  She leisurely lowered the plastic penis to her rubber vagina and got comfortable on it.  She continued her explanation, wimpering as she settled down on the dildo.  "For lack of a better term, we're...cocksmoking" Melody would've probably blushed if she could've.

"Did you just say 'cocksmoking'?" Tanya tried not to chuckle.  "You know the term is derogatory, right?"

"Well yeah, we know but it's really the only thing we could come up with.  It's the closest thing a doll can do that replaces smoking.  For obvious reasons, dolls and the men of town don't smoke and there's an actual reason for doing what we are doing now" Melody settled into her couch, she helped the dildo in and out of herself with an hand and played with her breasts with the other.  "See...mmmh...our condition, some call it mutation, others call it a blessing while's more of a curse... a very sexy curse..." she winked, she was probably grinning too but her shiny mouth stayed wide open, "...but a curse nonetheless".

"What? You mean side effects?" Tanya inquired.

"I take it you've been well fucked this week" Olivia laughed.  Vanessa reached over to the table and took two vibrators in her hands and gave one to Penelope.  Both girl were quietly listening, their mouths already busy sucking on dildos, they directed their vibrators at their vagina.  They moaned slightly louder but tried to keep it down for the sake of discussion.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Tanya looked at Olivia, then turned to Melody.

"That's why we're doing this right now.  If we remain without sex for too long something happens to us... we become incapable to move or talk, like fake sexdolls" revealed Melody as she grabbed a second dildo from the coffee table.  She sucked on it, taking it out only to talk.

"Fake sexdolls?" Tanya was confused.  Tina gestured for Melody to keep sucking, she would answer the question.

"It's a common misconception for newcomers to think they resemble the blow-up dolls sold in stores.  In reality, they resemble us.  Xetal Products invented inflatable rubber dolls a few years after women started turning into dolls over here.  So technically, WE are the real sexdolls" Tina said.

"Oh...that's fun.  I feel all special now" Tanya laughed.  "So cocksmoking..."

"Cocksmoking does not keep us from turning immobile, but it does slow down the process.  Only a man's cum can bring back a doll.  Sooo... it's more or less the social thing to do when men are not around if we want to keep having a life between ourselves in the afternoons while they're at work.  That's why we called it this way, it doesn't sound as weird to citizens of this town considering the nature of the people here.  The necessity of the act makes it socially acceptable, so in a week or so you'll be used to seeing dolls cocksmoking while just walking down the street... and more than likely, you'll be sucking on a dildo yourself at that very moment" she explained.

"Lawrence didn't tell me that" Tanya said.

"He definately knew, that much I can tell you.  He probably wanted it to be a surprise for you" Tina offered. Penelope reached for a third pair of dildoes and handed one to her friend.  Tanya just nodded, not necessarily disinterested but her attention was on the twins. 

As soon as Vanessa got her dildo handed to her, she lovingly caressed Penelope's tummy and helped her turn to bend over on the couch's armrest.  Vanessa ran the dildo slowly down Penelope's back, stopping to tickle her plug for a second, making her arch her back.  She continued down her backside until the dildo met with her smooth, wide open, round ass hole and plunged it in deep.  Melody was sucking and fucking her own dildos with more vigor as she watched on.  Penelope, knowing she wouldn't be interupting any discussion as all attention was on them, screamed out in pleasure as her butt was filled with plastic cock.  Olivia reached out for her second dildo while Penelope was getting ready to return the favor to her friend.  Tanya looked back at Tina.

"They like to give a good show" Tina said, laughing.  Tanya looked at the tray, still plenty of toys to go around.  She then looked up at Tina.

"So you're gonna take one?" Tanya asked.

"Yuck, no!  I don't smo..." Tina stopped mid-sentence.  Her arms and legs were very slowly moved back into a more manageable position for male partners.  The other dolls were holding their sides in laughter, pointing at Tina, muffled laughter came from behind the toys blocking their mouths.

"Tina?" Tanya waved her hand in front of Tina's eyes, puzzled.  Melody removed the dildo from her mouth, opting to put it in her rear hole instead of putting it down on the table.

"Haha, talk about timing.  What you've seen here is the effects of being a non-smoker" Melody told Tanya, still laughing at Tina.

"Oh god, there's non smokers too?"

"You bet, and Tina's a pretty bad one.  Always telling us how we shouldn't use all the fake stuff" Melody grumbled.

"But can a doll go on for long without a man's attention?" Tanya wondered.

"Most dolls, like you and me for example may last a day or two, and a little more if you smoke.  I've seen Tina manage to go without men for a good week once" Melody paused.  "But we forgot to mention that Tina was born here, she turned naturally into a doll around eighteen years old, which is why she looks a bit younger than all of us.  Girls who turned naturally can stay slightly longer without men than we can but I still have never seen any doll pull a full week except for Tina.  She's even done it many times in fact, but every single times I've seen her do it she lost it and fucked the first guy that came near her"  Melody stood up and went over to Tina's couch, grabbing her and lifting her up.  "Most non-smokers do it in part for this" she said as she pulled Tina's valve open.  Tanya's eyes lit up.  "Have you been..."

"NO..." blurted out Tanya, interrupting Melody, "...sorry. No".  She reached behind her to touch her plug.

"It's very enjoyable, don't worry.  She's still conscious by the way" reassured Melody as she pressed the air out of Tina, who became limp and shapeless in Melody's arms.  Once finished, Tina really looked like she came out of a factory, the deflated brunette looked no different than the fake dolls that were manufactured here.

"...and how does she manage to go so long without men?" Tanya asked.  The twins took the cocks out of their mouths and put them in their sizable cleavage as Melody folded Tina up.  The twins set the vibrators to low and a low rumbling sound came from their breasts as they vibrated with the toys.

"Before doing whole weeks, she told us she had sex with lots of men at the same time" Vanessa said, giggling.

"LOTS and LOTS of men" Penelope added, giggling herself.  Melody finished folding Tina and opened up her custom made rubber handbag, it was a rather squarish bag with the front made of clear rubber.  She put Tina in her own handbag facing outward, her face hugging the transparent latex window, then zipped it up.  The bag was rather detailed, it had her name embroidered on the front and actually looked like a replica of box dolls are sold in. 
"She had it made just for her, she loves haute-couture.  Plus it's very handy for non-smokers" Melody explained, putting Tina's bag on the table in the lobby.  Tanya looked at the twins again.

"You girls seem to use a lot of toys..." she said.

"We kinda have to, we weren't born here like Tina and we don't have men as often as the other girls.  Me and Vanessa are lovers, neither of us are married" Penelope told Tanya.

"But I thought guys only brought their wives here".  The idea of lesbian dolls hadn't brushed Tanya's mind before.

"Well, in reality a guy did bring us here but it wasn't to marry him, we just work for him.  Christopher runs the Plastic Fantastic club downtown, where we've sort of become the main attraction." Vanessa continued.

"You guys are strippers?".  The twins eyes went wide at the question.

"Isn't it obvious?" they both said in unison, cupping their breasts for emphasis, each the size of a volleyball.

"I didn..." Tanya started. Vanessa looked down at hers and Penelope's chest.

"Well, we ARE small today I must admit..." Vanessa said.

"Yeah, usually we're inflated way bigger" Penelope agreed.

"I...I don't get it, why are you dolls then? Why would two girls do that?" asked Tanya.

"First of all, just like you, we didn't know what we were in for until we arrived here.  Secondly, we happen to be lovers but we still like to fuck men.  I don't think our job would be as enjoyable if it weren't that way" Vanessa answered.

"We arrived here when we were twenty-two years old, that was three years ago... even though we'll always look twenty-two.  I remember the events so clearly..." Penelope started.

This guy had been hanging out at the club we work for at the time, his name was Christopher, he had become a regular.  Then one night, after our act, he asked that we sit at his booth and offered us drinks.  He was a really nice guy.

"So tell me girls...why do people call you the Plastic Twins?" Christopher asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" we both said in unison, cupping our large silicone-filled breasts.  "You don't think we look alike?" I asked.  We weren't really twins, but we did look similar in every way, our love for surgery had made sure we had identical breasts too.

"I guess you look kind of similar..." he said.  He was still wondering if that alone got them their nickname.  He took a sip of his drink and pointed at their breasts.  "...but plenty of girls here have silicone in their tits".

"There's more to it than that..." Vanessa said, I put my arm around her waist and cuddle up to her in the booth, putting my other hand on her left thigh. "...we're lovers, for one thing".

"Oh?" Christopher sounded a bit disappointed.  Vanessa reached for Christopher's hand.

"But we still like company" she smiled.  "Me and Penelope found out we liked the same things when we started working together here.  Our double act eventually led to romance outside of work" Vanessa said.

"So they don't just call us the Plastic Twins because we have big boobs.  We're pretty much always together, and contrary to all the girls here, we don't work here to pay for our scholarship or some other thing.  We just like giving a good show.  And we realllly like plastic surgery, so this is definately not the last boobjob we both get.  All the dancers and most patrons here know that we spend all the extra money we make with lapdance in getting surgery.  We've had our funbags inflated three times in the last four years.  Whenever the clients asked where we were gone when we weren't working, they were told we were in surgery.  That's why we got named that way"  I explained to Christoper.  As I finished explaining, under the table I raised my foot up between Christopher's thighs, feeling his manhood with my foot.  He must've had the hardest hard-on I had ever touched.  "Want to go back to our place, Christopher?" I asked, then I turned over to Vanessa and kissed her deeply.  Christopher didn't answer the question, he just got his keys out of his pocket and asked for the tab.

On the ride back home, Christopher wanted to know more about our jobs.

"So you use all your money for surgery?  Your boss doesn't cover some of the expenses to help two beautiful ladies like you get bigger?" he asked.

"No, not really... I guess we never thought of asking.  Why would he help us?" I asked.

"Lots of strippers do so when they get bigger boobs for work" he explained.

"Oh...but just like we dance because we like it, we didn't get bigger titties for the job.  We do it because we like to look that way" I reasoned.

" girls are unbelievable" Christopher complimented, looking at me, then at Vanessa in the rear mirror.  "What if..." he paused, "...what if I could offer you both a job where you could get as big as you want for free?" he offered us.

"There's gotta be a catch, right?" said Vanessa, obviously interested in the idea.  I wasn't just interested, I actually didn't care if there was a catch. 

"Well, since I'll be the one responsible for making it all free, and since you guys love to dance... I was thinking of asking you to dance exclusively at my club for as long as you guys will be stripping" he admitted.

"That's it?" I asked.  This wasn't going to be a hard decision to make.  Christopher went past the street to our house and kept going, heading for the onramp to the highway.

"We'd be going right there tonight if you guys agree.  The only real catch is it's a special community that we try to keep private and hidden mostly.  Would you guys agree to put some blindfolds on?"  he asked calmly.

"I...huh..." I looked at Vanessa.  She just smiled broadly and nodded generously, she held her hands in prayer at me.  She didn't make a sound but she was going 'please please please please' with her lips.  I looked back at Christopher.  "...alright.  Blindfolds are in the glove box?"

Christopher just nodded.  I took the blindfolds and handed one to my lover.  I saw we were getting on the highway as we put it down in front of our eyes.  We rolled for a while, it was getting hotter in the car.  Vanessa complained, not able to take the heat anymore.  I heard Christopher fiddle around with the heat control and air started blasting.  The air smelled really sweet but had a strong rubber scent mixed to it.  I breathed in heavily.

" car smell?" Christopher offered in response to all my sniffing.  I just shrugged.  I remember talking a bit after that but with the blindfold on I just closed my eyes and must have dozed off on the way to town. 

The door on my side opened.

"We're here" he said, removing the blindfold from my eyes and offering his hand for me to step out of the car.  We opened the rear door and woke Vanessa, who had also gone to sleep.  I turned to the club as Vanessa got out.  I looked up at the neon sign.

"Plastic Fantastic" I whispered to myself, smiling widely.  I poked Vanessa with my elbow.

"OW!" she yelled, slapping my arm in return.  Her sleepy voice came back.  "What was that for?"

"Look..." I said softly to her, wrapping my right arm around her waist, bringing her closer to me.  I pointed at the sign with my left hand and she looked.  We were standing side by side and I could feel our breasts touching each other, and this club held the promise of making us bigger for free.

"Wow, I already feel like I'm home, we need to get an apartment here" she told me excitedly.  She bounced in joy and held me in her arms, hugging me and kissing me, almost thanking me for accepting to come.  "Bigger boobies, Penelope, bigger boobies..." she whispered to me with an impish grin, looking me in the eyes.  Vanessa loved me, I could never doubt that.  We just seemed made to be together.  Christopher walked up to us.

"about the apartment..." Christopher started as he pulled a pair of keys from his pockets.  Vanessa squealed and jumped on the keyring.  "The wants and needs of women are easily met in this town, I'm sure you girls will love it here" he said as he wrapped his arms around our shoulders, guiding us inside.  The dressing room looked empty but the noise coming from the stage seemed to indicate a lot of men were waiting for a show.

"Where are all the other dancers?" I asked as we entered the dressing room.

"Whenever we get new dancers, we give them the stage for their whole first night.  It always makes for a magic moment for both the girls and the clients."  he started explaining.  "But I have to tell you something about this town first.  I take it from what you girls told me that you're pretty much into looking your best and pleasing other people, no matter what it takes apparently, right?" he said, gesturing at our chests.

"Yeah... more or less" Vanessa answered.

"Ok... so if I told you that in this town things are a bit should I say...ah hell, 'different' is the only word I can think of that encompasses the complexity and wonder that is Latex Hills" he said, getting carried over excitingly as he finished.  He almost comically sounded like a circus announcer.

"We now live in a place called Latex Hills?" I asked.

"Believe me, that's the smallest surprise this city has reserved for you" he told me with his eyebrows raised.  "Now I'd like you girls to go with the flow, no matter what happens.  This could mean sex with the clients if things lead to that, but I'm assuring you girls it's only if you want and it's perfectly and 456% safe and legal in this place"

"But... how?" Vanessa asked with enthusiasm and interest.

"I'm happy your reaction is one of interest and not outrage at what I just said but I really said 'go with the flow' because your first night here will definately raise lots of questions and I wouldn't want it to mar with your performance" he explained.  "There will be plenty of time for questions later"

At the start of the new song, we went out to the stage and started our show to the crowd's cheering and clapping.  Lots of them pointed at their favorite parts of our heavily modified bodies.  We were both gushing with pride with the way we were received.  And that was only the slow part of our show.  We finished our song, put our tops back on and went back to the dressing room.

"The crowd loves you, girls, keep it up" Christopher encouraged as he shoved dildos and other toys into my arms, which I dropped in my bag.  He turned around and turned back to Vanessa with a huge four feet double-ended dildo.  "Here, you guys can use all that if you wish".

"I feel lightheaded" I complained.

Vanessa just chuckled, turned over to me and struck a mock combat pose with the double-ended monster.  "Oh... you're so going to get it" she said in a low voice, trying to sound macho.  I responded by drawing two of the too many dildos I had on hand and flipped them in my hands like they were throwing daggers.  I flinged them with no talent at her, one actually landing in her cleavage, I smiled at her.

She burst out laughing and grabbed my hand as she rushed us to the stage for our next song.  We came up on the stage and a white blanket had been laid out for us.  We got installed and started fondling each other softly in front of everyone.  Slowly we took the top off each other and Vanessa started playing with my tits.  We were both kneeling in front of each other, touching each other amorously.  After a while we were gazing at each other with so much lust that I lost all restraint and took her into an embrace, first kissing her, then laying on my back taking on top of me.  She got on all four and walked up to my waiting face, presenting her glistening pussy to my mouth.  I lunged forward and licked her, the touch of my tongue sending jolts through her.  She gasped and lost controls of her legs for a second, they slipped and her pelvis fell on to my face quickly.  I could swear I felt my head squash up a bit between her legs and the floor before returning to a more comfortable position, but I couldn't feel any pain.  As I kept licking and sucking on her clit, I put a finger, then another into her.  She screamed out in joy, playing in my hair with her hands.  I played with her until she came on my hands, all the while I felt her vagina getting tighter around my fingers, she also started to taste different.  She got off me, her pussy was definately different but I couldn't place it.  The crowd had been screaming and cheering for the past few minutes but all I could really focus on were Vanessa's moans and grunts.  Vanessa reached for the toys, more precisely the four feet long plastic...

Penelope froze in the middle of her story.  Vanessa took the dildo out of her mouth.

"Awww... not now.  Now I have to continue" Vanessa said, nestling the toy in her cleavage.

I took the long and fat toy in my hands, I pushed Penelope on her back, opening her legs with my hands afterwards.  I played with her labia with the head of the dildo for a moment.  As the head became more and more slippery, I pushed it in.  At first I went slow, Penelope just gasped and put her hands to her mound, feeling it go deeper in her as time went by.  I had nine inches of the plastic cock inside my lover in no time, she just moaned and grinded on it.  I wanted her to take more but we had toys at home and I knew we had never been able to play with anything longer than twelve inches.  I just slowly pushed it in until it was around what I thought was twelve inches, then I started pumping in and out of Penelope, always minding not to go in deeper.

"Oh... god...this feels so awesome...I can.... ah... I can take...mmmh..." Penelope moaned as she got on her heels and elbows and pushed herself deeper on the dildo, inching more and more of it inside her.  "Deeper Vanessa..." she breathed in my ears, "...put it all in me, I want to feel it deeper in me"

"That's....Penelope, don't be foolish" I whispered back to her.

"Don't think Vanessa, it's not the time.  Just fuck me, I know you're holding back...don't" she pleaded me.  She didn't give me a chance though as she grabbed me by the wrists and pulled my hands closer to her, plunging the cock a good foot deeper into her.  She sat right up in shock, bending the dildo in the middle.  Her hands shot to her belly, it almost seemed like she was caressing the dildo through herself, feeling it go so far in her.  "Oh.... ah.... Vaness... Vanessa this..." she gasped for air, "...MORE" she lay down on her back, touching herself.

I was given the order of impaling my lover on more than 2 full feet of plastic dick.  I caressed her belly and waist as I prepared to push it deeper in her.  I couldn't feel her ribcage anymore, neither had I felt her spine when I embraced her earlier.  Of course the idea seemed ridiculous so I hadn't made much more of it but now I was seeing my girl go past the very limits we had tested plenty of times before.  The crowd was going wild as I looked into her eyes and pushed it in with each motion.  As the dildo went farther into her, Penelope followed it's path with her hands following it on her tummy then cupped her breasts and squeezed them together as she felt it go back and forth behind her chest.  I saw her playing with her breasts constantly, but over time they started riding a bit higher on her chest and the little sag she had accumulated from the weight of her breasts disappeared as her breasts looked the fakest they had ever been.  My girl's boobs were getting so round as I pumped into her that they almost looked like balloons had been inflated under her skin while they remained the same size.  She had her eyes closed but I'm sure she would've loved the way she looked like I did since it's the shape we had always wanted our breasts to have.  She seemed to be having so much pleasure that I totally forgot about the length of the toy and just kept pushing farther inside.  She was getting shiny with sweat, squirming on the blanket.  she rolled around to wipe the sweat off her but she still looked wet.

She pressed her breasts together, played with them.  She cleaved her fingers into her breasts and they seemed to give way easily, yet when she stopped the pressure on them, they went back to perfect spheres.  The weight of Penelope's implants had apparently disappeared.  A guy from the attendance reached on the stage, grabbed a dildo and threw it closer to us.  Penelope grabbed the dildo swiftly and just as quickly sent it down between her legs, sliding it into her unlubricated ass.  She still took it in faster than I had ever seen and only moaned in response.  I was baffled, I couldn't explain how she got so horny so fast.  The sight of her just twisting on herself in ecstacy was getting me just as horny.  I pushed the dildo further, Penelope followed with her hands.  I should have stopped when she was caressing her neck but I just couldn't believe she really felt it there.  I pushed a bit more, her moans and gasps were getting muffled a bit.  She arched her back and yelled one last time before her yell became muffled by the head of the dildo that came out of her mouth.  I pushed back and forth to verify what I still couldn't believe.  The dildo popped in and out of my lover's mouth as I did so.  She rolled her eyes and just trashed on the stage, cumming.  I stepped back away, releasing the dildo in shock.

Penelope looked at me with mad 'why did you stop?' eyes, the dildo coming out of her gaping mouth.  She grabbed the dildo with both hands and started masturbating herself with it, at the same time fucking her mouth.  She pushed it in and out furiously while she rolled and jerked around on the stage.  She had been cumming ever since the cock had first passed her lips, which had become ruby red and shiny.  As she came and rolled around moaning on the blanket, I saw her tan become uniform, becoming lighter and rosier.  The wet shine she had before was becoming more pronounced.  I just grabbed a toy of my own and started playing with myself, soon having one lodged in my ass and playing with another in my pussy.  I was starting to see how Penelope might have lost control.  The crowd was louder than ever, yet still seemed distant when I looked at my transforming lover.  Nothing of what was happening seemed alien to them.  I couldn't quite put my finger on what her skin was doing, but I thought she looked really sexy and as I touched her, I noticed she had a smooth, immaculate feel to her, she just moaned more at my touch.

She kept madly pleasuring herself with the toy, oblivious to the seams that started growing out of her skin.  As part of our show, I just touched her and felt her skin, kissing her.  I was really just trying to get a closer look.  I kissed up to her breasts where I could definately see seams circling her spherical chest balloons.  She slowly relaxed, coming down from the highs of her orgasm as the seams seemed to have covered her body where needed.  She looked like a plastic suit had just formed over her. 

"Baby, are you alright? This is so... you're crazy.  What did you do to yourself?" I asked her, looking at her up and down.  I rubbed my eyes with my hands, Penelope opened her eyes and looked at me doing so.  She saw my hands started to look shiny like hers but aside the dildo impaling her, she hadn't noticed how the rest of her body looked.  In panic for me, Penelope pulled the dildo out her vagina a bit, making it retract into her throat so she could speak again.

"Oh my god! Vanessa, your hands!" she spoke and I searched for her tongue, I could only see folds of pink rubbery looking material shifting in her mouth as she formed the words.  That was too much, I fell onto my back lightheaded.  The room spinned as the crowd cheered on as if the scene we were making was part of the show, as if they were used to seeing that kind of thing happening.  I saw Penelope crawl over me, rubbing her smooth body against mine, she felt so nice to the touch and seemed so responsive, moaning at any sorts of contact.  She was standing over me, retracted the dildo she had thrust back through her mouth again.  "Your hands are all weird, Vanesss..." she looked me in the eyes as she said that but finally took in the appearance of her arms which she had both planted on either side of my head.

" look like a doll, Penelope.  A...a...a blow up doll, kinda..." I looked at my hands, they definately looked like Penelope's skin.  Penelope tried to back up in surprise at me telling her what she looked like.  She just managed to sit up on me and I restrained her from getting farther away.  As my hands caught her back, she arched in pleasure, gasping for air and moaning at my touch.  I heard squeaking sounds and looked up at Penelope frantically rubbing and squeezing her round squeaking latex tits.  There's no way she could have pushed her hands so deep into her implants before.  It just looked like her tits were filled with air.  Then she fell on me and hugged me, almost humping me with her body, she groaned and backed up on my knee, pushing the dildo back through her mouth.  She just jerked a bit and fell down on me, spent, trying to recover from an orgasm she was still having. 

As I held her in my arms I looked at the dildo then my hands and finally Penelope.  "Penelope, the toy!" I grabbed the end coming out of her mouth.  She backed up a bit, a lazy, muffled 'what?' came from behind the dildo.  While she backed up though, I held the dildo and it then disappeared into her pussy.  She shook and screamed like she got struck by a lightning bolt.  "Oops, I'm so sorry" I pushed it back in nervously.  She screamed another time as the dildo popped back out between her legs.  "Oh geez, what am I doing..." I complained to myself, trying to give reassuring looks at Penelope.  She rolled her eyes so far back I doubt she could see me.  I tried to repair my mistake and finally took the bottom end of the dildo and pulled a bit on it, sending it back in her throat.  As her throat cleared she had her loudest orgasm yet as she collapsed on me.  I thought I had killed her or something.  She was laying there on me, I couldn't feel her weight at all.  I couldn't feel her breathing.

"Penelope, it's the dildo I used on you...I think it made you that way.  I'm so sorry I did this to you.  Please baby, say something... I'm so sorry" I shook her a bit, she was literally lightweight.  "Say something Penelope"  I pleaded her lifeless form.  She moaned and yawned a bit, looking at me with sleepy eyes.

"Thank you..." she said to me.

"What?" that couldn't be right.

"This felt so good..." she started panting even though I still couldn't feel her breath.  "...couldn't...can't stop cumming.  You did nothing...ahh...bad to me" she tried to reassure me.

"But you look like a fake plastic toy..." I insisted.  She put her finger on my lips before I could continue.

"...More importantly, you don't" she finished for me, her mouth returning to a wide open 'O' shape.

"Huh?" I couldn't see where she was going with this.

"Don't you want to be my plastic twin anymore?" she asked me.

"You... you like that?" I asked, still caressing her, making her twist in my arms.

"I've never felt better, plus the crowd seems to like it.  Just look at me" she sat up on me again, displaying the shiny, spherical orbs on her chest to me.  She reached down with her hands, pushing the toys I had in me farther in.  I gasped.  She leaned back down on me.

"Your mouth..." again I tried to make her aware of just what she had become.

"...can still do all it's meant to do" she winked at me and leaned in for a kiss.  I kissed her neck first, then her cheek.  I looked her in the eyes and bit her lower lip softly, licking her insides with my tongue.  She did taste like rubber.  I darted my tongue in her mouth, held softly by the tight folds of her mouth, I could feel her sucking on my tongue.  She looked like she was taking immense pleasure in it.  I grabbed her head with both hands, amorously french kissing her.  Unknown to me, Penelope had her hand on the dildo between her leg and pushed it a long way in.  The plastic toy pushed past our lips and down into my throat with ease, I thought I would gag but didn't.  In protest I tried pushing Penelope a bit off me but she wrapped her arms around me and held us both in an embrace, she just moaned as she played with the dildo, making it come back into my mouth and then down my throat.  I couldn't help myself from moaning at that point, finally understanding what Penelope had been feeling.  The simple back and forth the toy was making into my face sent me into an orgasm.  I felt my tongue melt away into the rubber tunnel my mouth was becoming, the skin of my face felt a little tighter.  I felt as lightheaded as ever too, but not in a bad way.  I started sucking on my own, pulling the dildo down in me.  It went past Penelope's plastic labia with an orgasm from her.  I looked even-colored all over now as, like Penelope before me, I felt the cock go behind my chest, making my boobs stand at attention, completely spherical as if inflated with air.  While she came, Penelope played with enthusiasm with my ballooned chest as it turned to rubber like everything above my shoulders had.

I sucked slowly, getting more in me and less in her.  But Penelope wanted a better view and thought I wasn't going quite as fast as I should.  She backed up from the toy as I kept sucking, making the remaining two feet flop down between my tits.  I grabbed it with both hands and fucked my mouth with it.

"See how great it feels, Vanessa?" she asked me. 

In response, I just grabbed her hands and directed them to the playthings I had between the legs.  She grabbed both of them and pleasured me, my pelvis got shinier as she played with me.  The shine went slowly down my legs as my moans kept getting louder.  I couldn't recall clearly but was pretty sure I was still in the throes of the orgasm I got from my mouth being penetrated.  Penelope straddled me, put her gaping mouth on my plastic nipples and started sucking.  I held her head against the unnatural rubber balloons projecting from my chest.  I lazily opened my eyes and saw Penelope's hand holding the toy over my mouth like a sword and plunged the remaining two feet into my throat.  The dildo in my pussy popped out to make way for the double ended monster to come out with my own thundering orgasm.  I jerked around, feeling what seemed like many orgasms hitting me simultaneously.  I trashed around, Penelope's lightweight body riding me like a rodeo bull.  I managed to get her off me and get on all fours.  She just placed herself behind me and pulled on the gigantic cock traversing me.  I looked down in front of my mouth as the dildo disappeared from my view and into my mouth.  The audience applauded at the first non muffled cry of joy coming from my rubberized mouth.  My lover just played with the dildo, slowly pulling it out from between my thighs.  As I stood on my hands and knees, I looked at my arms and saw the same seams Penelope had all over her start to appear on me.  She got the dildo out of me as the last of the seams made its appearance.  I was now a rubber doll just like my lover.  She jumped at me and we rolled on the blanket, squeaking and moaning in pleasure as we made contact.

"We're really plastic twins now, baby" I told her, holding her in my arms, caressing her back.  She gasped as my hands grazed a nub in her back.  I turned her over and looked at it.  "Oh my god, Penelope... we're inflatable for real"  I turned over to show her what I must've had in the back too.

"Vanessa, do you know what this means?" she asked me.  I knew all too well what she was thinking.  I raised my hands and cupped her breasts.

"I'm going to inflate you until you're soooo big..." I teased her.  I pulled open her inflation plug and put my mouth to her valve but I could only hear air hissing out of her.

"Huh... Vanessa, baby? ...What...aahhh... are you ....mmmh.. waiting for?" while a bit panicked she seemed to be enjoying the feelings as I helplessly looked at her deflate and lose shape in front of me.

"Penelope, I'm so sorry, I can't breathe... I can't inflate you" I apologized to her, holding her limpening form in my hands.  No need to mention how crazy the crowd was going, we were swimming in a sea of dollar bills.

"Do sommmmmhhhh... just plug mmmmhhh..." she managed to say before falling silent and completely flat in my hands.  I looked around distressed, seeing plenty of customers pointing to themselves, offering to reinflate Penelope.  I just held her close to me and stormed off the stage. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, a great round of applause for Plastic Fantastic's newest girls, Penelope and Vanessa, the newly inflatable Plastic Twins" the DJ announced to the applause of the crowd.  I looked at a few gentlemen as I made my way to the dressing room, lots of them had familiar faces.

As I went past the curtains to the backrooms, my plug must have caught on to something as I felt a tug and started hearing the familiar hissing sound.

"Not me too.... aaaahhhh....I....aaahhh can't" I fell down to my knees, and slowly lost shape on the floor.  My vision got slightly blurry as I saw someone's feet standing over our deflated selves. 

Christopher inflated us back to life.  Stopping once we were full instead of continuing like I insisted while orgasming as the air rushed into my inflating body.

"You girls like to give a good show, you said.  I wouldn't want me to be the only one having the fun back here in the dressing room.  Plenty of guys are waiting for the twins to come out.  Though, if you plan on playing your inflation game again, look at the extremities of the stage, you've got nozzles you can pull out of the floor if you need.  You girls aren't going to be blowing air anytime soon... except for that valve of course" he motioned to the stage, drawing the curtains as he finished.

The image of me bent over Penelope with a hose plugged into her back, inflating her tits to an immense size was too strong for me to even bother with all the questions I wanted to ask Christopher.  They all seemed pretty trivial compared to the promise the stage held for me and my lover's breasts.  Penelope took my hand and led me to the stage where we started our dance number, much more comfortable with our new bodies than we should've been.  We rubbed against each other, kissing at the same time.  I grabbed at her breasts and she did the same to mine as we fell to our knees then onto our butt.  Without breaking eye contact we just backed up each on our side and felt around for the nozzles.  I found mine and pulled on it, it extended out from the floor as I approached Penelope like I was stalking prey.  Someone from the crowd grabbed the nozzle and put it in Penelope's open hand, she reached around me and popped me open, pushing the nozzle onto my valve.  I came on the spot and became rigid and taut all over.  Still tight, I regained movement after a few seconds, still cumming from the air rushing into me, my breasts inflating in front of my eyes. 

They became the size of volleyballs and kept hissing away.  My weak fist released the hose I held, snapping it back into the floor.  I turned to go get it back, making my way to Penelope slowly.  She wasn't on the defensive this time, she was just entranced as my ballooning breasts got to the size of basketballs.

She looked at me coming at her with the hose, breasts inflating underneath me, nearly touching the floor.

"You're so beautiful Vanessa" she said tenderly, I could see she was looking mostly at my inflating chest.

"And you're not big enough" I returned, popping her open and fitting the nozzle on her opening.  She went taut like I did for a few seconds.  As soon as she regained control of her movements, she came back to me and held me closely as her own chest inflated past the size of volleyballs. 

"Feels...incredible, bigger... inflate mor..." she tried to describe to me.  I just nodded in agreement as she had her hands on my inflating latex funbags.  As each of my shiny breasts got the size of overinflated beachballs, the nozzle popped out of me from the pressure since no one was holding it.  Penelope jumped on my valve and closed it.  I had only eyes for my breasts and so did Penelope, not noticing her own had reached the same size.  She came forward and the nozzle popped out of her too.  I wanted to plug her but our breasts colliding made her back too far to reach.  I pushed her back to the side of the stage where a guy could grab her valve and plug her.

A familiar face got up and grabbed her plug, put it into his mouth and started blowing into my girl.  She came loudly, both hands in her plastic crotch.  I watched as she got inflated to match my enormous size before being plugged. She joined me back center stage

We both looked at our huge boobs, flesh colored overinflated beachballs projecting from our shiny chests.

"This is so....right" I said to Penelope.  She looked ashamed of something, she layed onto her immense boobs with weak knees and massaged her plug, wet from the man's saliva.  "What's wrong?" I asked.

She looked up at me, still caressing her plug and her pussy with the other hand.  Tried to get the guilty look off her face but looked serious nonetheless.  "I think..." she paused, looking at all the men,  "...I think I need cock" she brushed against me, our balloons squeaking against each other.

"Thank god..." I said relieved, "...I thought you'd never say that.  I need it badly too".  Since our arms were really only long enough to reach around our enormous breasts to caress ourselves, we motioned for some of the guys to come on stage.  The guys happily came over, to the cheers of everyone.  I layed on my breasts as I was getting fucked from behind by a guy, it was then he got close to my ears and whispered to me.

"We all knew how much you girls liked to give a good show.  In this town, you'll be able to give the best shows you ever dreamed of giving with the bodies you girls have always dreamed of" he told me.  I swayed back and forth on his dick and looked at the two guys I was jerking off, then at the guys fucking Penelope.  I saw two or three others before my view was obstructed by another man joining the group.  As he pushed his penis past my soft rubbery lips I realized.

They were all regulars from the old club we used to work at.


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