Adventures of a Sex Doll

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2009 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; FF+; lovedoll; transform; magic; bodyswap; bodymod; inflate; bond; oral; mast; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X

Part 1

Edgar Underwood, that's me, just wandered into the brighly lit store without much conscious thought about the matter. I had just broken up with my latest girlfriend because of a suggestion I'd made last night. Next time I make sure, I thought angrily while my libido guided my steps.

"Can I help you?"

I jumped at the interruption and looked up at the handsome woman with silver-streaked black hair and intense grey eyes that had asked me the question. "Um... sorry?" As you can tell, this was not my most brilliant conversation.

She looked mildly amused at my confusion. "I asked if you needed help looking for anything. Do you?" she said with a small smile.

Looking around, I realized I had wandered into a sexual supplies store and reddened. "Ah... er... I didn't realize I'd walked into a place like this."

The woman quirked a carefully arched eyebrow at me. "You'd have to be very distracted to ignore this sort of place. Girlfriend trouble?"

"Not any more," I sighed, " that's the trouble."

The saleslady made some sort of decision after studying my face for a moment and extended a hand. "My name is Winna Golden, I own this store. But today my two employees called in sick today so I'm stuck minding the shop."

I shook her hand; she had a surprisingly firm grip. "Edgar Underwood."

"Did you want some tea?" she asked as we walked towards the casher, where an old fashioned teapot on a small table was releasing a delicious smell.

"Sure, why not?"

The pot was fresh so Winna poured us both a cup as we sat in the two chairs by the table. She sipped at hers for a moment before speaking. "So, what was the trouble with your lady friend? Forgive me for asking but it often helps to tell others your problems if they're willing, and I happen to be."

"Well..." I was suddenly embarrassed by the whole thing, but as the lady OWNED a sex shop I figured she wouldn't really be very shocked. "I wanted to try something different -- tying her to the bed for a change."

Winna calmly sipped her tea, totally unfazed. "Why?"

"I'd heard that women tied like up that would be more aroused, enjoy sex more, and I thought that Roxy would like it. To tell the truth, the idea had gotten me aroused as soon as I suggested it." I grimaced. "Turns out she had a feminist streak a mile wide I never knew about. She called me a pervert, slime, and other things before storming out. All I wanted was to have her and I enjoy more variety. To try something new."

"Some women do find that sort of thing disgusting."

"I've struck out twice so far, with two different women. You know, I'd never force them to, but I'm curious to try it."

"Hmm..." Winna tapped her finger on her chin, all the while looking into my eyes. "Perhaps we can help each other."

"Eh?" This was a twist in the conversation.

She continued, "Would you like to test a product of mine?"

I blinked. "Of what sort?"

"Before I tell you, I should tell you that..." she paused, "...I am a witch."

"Wiccan, you mean?" My response finally seemed to surprise Winna. "I've read a bit about that and associate 'witch' more with the Devil."

"I'm Wicca then, yes, never with the Dark One, I used 'witch' because I thought you would be more familiar with that term. But not quite Wicca either. I practice many things that do not follow either of those disciplines we've mentioned very closely, and are quite unusual. This new product is one of the results."

"What sort of product are you taking about?" I asked, not quite believing I was having this conversation.

She smiled. "An inflatable doll, but a very, very special one. It needs to be... exercised. I'd ask my assistants but they are both female, and this doll is for males."

What the hell, she'd been understanding and sympathetic with me, and I was curious besides. "Sure, why not?"

"My profound thanks," she said, and reaching into a box I hadn't noticed before, pulled out a thickly, silk-wrapped bundle and handed it to me. Before she let go, she added with a whisper, "Unwrap it only at home and let no one else touch it but you before inflating the doll." She released the bundle and I tucked it under one of my arms.

"Thanks, I'll come back in a few days to tell you how it is. Or do you want it back then?" I grinned.

"Oh no, it'll be yours to keep once inflated." Winna hesitated, suddenly unsure. "It might be better if you use a machine to inflate the doll, instead of yourself," she added slowly. "The material is very strong so it's not damaged easily."

"If that's okay, sure," I said, thinking it smart too. "And thanks for listening. I guess I just need to keep looking for a girl that understands me."

"Maybe not," Winna said abstractly as I left the store.

As it was Saturday, around noon, and wasn't working, I decided to return to my apartment and see what Winna had given me. With Roxy gone there really wasn't else for me to do right now anyway. Once home, I put the bundle down on the living room rug and carefully unwrapped it. It revealed a folded up, pinkish plastic form. "Oh hell," I cursed, remembering that I'd lent my friend John the air compressor I normally use for my car. I sighed.

"Ah well, it shouldn't take long," I said as I found the air plug and took the first deep breath. It left me a little light-headed, but the pink form slowly filled out as I unfolded it when reaching a point where I had to pause. As it began looking more human-like, I had to agree: she did look special. The material used to make the doll looked a lot less plastic-like when properly inflated and the shape looked a lot like a real human woman. The front was towards the floor; a treat I wanted to save for last.

Finally, I was done and plugged up the doll properly before turning it around. Instant erection. The breasts were an artist's work, and looked mouth-wateringly like the real thing, but not jiggling like real ones would. The face, despite looking painted on was another heart-stopper. The expression wasn't a whore's look by a long shot; it showed love, desire, devotion, mischievousness, intelligence, and more. The blue eyes were half-lidded, lazy-like, nose, small and slightly upturned, and lips red and inviting a kiss. The painted hair was black and wavy. Winna had been right; this WAS a very special doll for all of its function.

I couldn't resist. Leaning down, I pecked those irresistible lips. The bright white flash that came next scared the living daylights out of me, but the arms that then encircled me took that to the next level. My eyes had closed because of the flash, but I opened them to stare in shock at a transformed doll. For she didn't look like a doll anymore. She had REAL hair, and the gorgeous, midnight colored locks spilled down to the floor. That face I had so admired was a normal human shape and no longer mere paint, and it was smiling at me while blinking those azure blue eyes at me. I was frozen; she wasn't.

"What's your name?" she asked amazingly, her voice a sensual sin as she smiled up at me.

"Ed-Edgar," I stammered out.

"Edgar," she said, testing the name and apparently liking it a lot. "Mine's Desire, and I'm your love doll."

She pronounced it 'Des-ir-ray'; it sounded foreign. This was getting too weird so I tried getting away by standing up. It was a shock when I lifted her effortlessly off the ground, her arms still around me. "What the heck?? How...?"

She giggled. "Silly! I'm full of your air, but that air's warm and so am I."

Desire shifted her lightweight yet shapely body and wrapped her legs around my waist, Hugging me close to her very firm breasts. The strength she had was like a normal woman's but lacked the mass to back it up.

"This is just unreal," I murmured, shock numbing my reactions.

"I can be heavier, like a real woman, if you would fill me up with water," she purred. "I'll need to if you want lubrication in my aching love box, and my flesh and breasts will be more malleable."

My brain wasn't sure of anything, but my baser instincts were and my legs led us into the kitchen. Desire just smiled at me, squeezing a little so her round breasts were pressed into my chest. When we reached the sink, I stopped, unsure.

"It's okay," she reassured me, "just watch."

The love doll carefully let go and grasped the water tap's handles, anchoring herself. She wrapped her lips around the tap, very sexily too, and turned the hot water on. I visibly saw her flesh become exactly like a normal woman's and her body started pressing downward as she greedily gulped down quite a lot of now surely steaming-hot water. After a while of silently watching this incredible being, she turned off the tap, released her lips, stood up and turned towards me, hands on her softer breasts. I thought of water balloons but the way she was squeezing her C-cup breasts showed me they acted like the real thing, erect nipples and all.

"I'm YOUR love doll, Edgar, now and forever. How do you want to take me? In my dripping pussy? In my mouth? Or perhaps my rear entrance? I want you to fill me up with your cum and make me scream with ecstacy as you suck my throbbing clit while pushing your fingers deep into me." Desire stepped towards me with a moan that sent my rigid cock jumping. "Pl-ease?"

I gave up on normal reality at that word. "Fuck," I said, before wrapping Desire in a hungry embrace and exchanged a deep, hungry kiss. We stumbled towards the bed as Desire and I struggled to get my clothes off. God, she seemed to be as horny as a sex-starved whore addicted to lovemaking. We leaped onto the bed with me on top and beginning to explore this strange, magical, and very sexy being. She felt just like a human woman now that she had water in her, still far lighter than she would be if she were but not much else. Her tits, while round and firm, were malleable as I kneaded them and sucked her rigid nipples, Desire moaning and wrapping her legs around me passionately.

Venturing lower, I reached her vagina, bare of any hair, which turned me on, and saw that it was dripping. In fact she smelled and, I found out quickly, tasted like a woman. How it had been done was a mystery but this whole thing was impossible so I kept on going. I followed her advice after licking and sucking her cunt until Desire was bucking wildly on the bed, then I jabbed my fingers into her box and sucked her clit with my mouth at the same time. She screamed and moaned wildly as I barely kept up the motions, Desire was having a multiple orgasm that continued for a good three minutes. When she calmed down, I climbed up and exchanged another deep kiss with her, hugging her sweating body tightly as we lay facing each other.

"You should've thrust your tool in me," she said breathlessly.

"I wanted you to answer some of my questions first, so I relieved some of that extra energy of yours first." I chuckled, then turned more serious and looked into her heavy lidded eyes. "I'm amazed you're alive for one thing! It's incredible!" I exclaimed and placed a hand on one of her full breasts. "What can you do? What ARE you?"

"I'm your love doll, I can relieve you of all your sexual tensions and desires because I love them all. That's the way I was made. I know I'm a creation, but I don't care because I'm all yours. I exist only to fuck you or you fuck me when you need me to and as long as you want. All a woman's sexual reactions are mine. I am not expected to replace a real woman, and if you do find one I will not mind or, if you want, even join you both. I need water only. It provides weight, and the moisture for me to simulate a real woman. I can fool any detection system if you wish me to go out with you and CAN eat food if necessary. My skin is pretty much indestructible and will not deteriorate as long as you live. I can defend you or myself if needed. And I can change shape so you will never be bored with this love doll."

I had been about to ask about the defence part, but that last bit caught my attention. "Change? How change?"

"Hair, eyes, skin, shape, all changeable."

"Give me an example." Desire smiled and looked down at my still present hand on her breast. "Well..." she purred, "I can do this."

I nearly let go in shock as her breasts began inflating, Desire inhaling deeply for the extra air. They started feeling more like rubber balloons as they reached F-cup size and stopped, but it was still incredible. "How's that?" she asked as I stared agog at her mammoth spheres. All I could do was roll her on her back and position myself above her, her breasts jutting proudly into the air between us. As I spread her willing legs, she murmured, "I knew you'd like that." My thrust silenced her as she cried out happily.

The sun was beginning to set as I finally began living my own private desire. Desire smiled as I finished tying her to my bedposts, breasts back to normal and jiggling slightly as I finished. Spread-eagled, willing, and the image of hungry invitation. "Now what?" she whispered sexily.

"Now I tease you for hours until you're delirious with the need to be fucked, and when I finally do you'll have an orgasm that'll beat all the others you've had tonight, or so I've heard," I added with a smile.

"I can hardly wait," she answered me, groaning as I sucked on one of her nipples.

One thing else she had told me earlier was that she would never get sore or tired, and only sleep when I slept. She didn't need much sleep to 'recharge' or whatever she did, so she could surprise me one day if I wanted. But as I finished her second nipple and was kissing my way down her tummy, Desire moaning all the while, something happened that changed this whole new experience around. For, outside in the murky overcast sky, the sun disappeared below the horizon at last. Night had begun. And the world spun.

Finally, things settled down and I shook my head to clear it, wondering if I'd overexerted myself. Then froze stock-still. My hair was longer and my limbs were stretched out and immobile. No, I thought wildly, it's impossible. But upon opening my eyes, I looked past breasts I had been sucking moments ago and saw my own face with a look of frightened confusion on it. "My God," I whispered in shock, and the mellifluous voice that sounded out was Desire's, now mine. My body also felt extremely odd and aroused, no doubt because of my earlier ministrations. Desire was in reality an inflated doll so I didn't feel aches or any other human things when one is not flesh and bone. Instead, I felt the water and air within, the water softening me and the air a constant pressure inside me. I wasn't uncomfortable at all in my tied up state because of Desire's construction. But BEING Desire was my main concern at the moment.

"Wh-what's going on?" I stammered, and Desire, in my body, looked into my eyes, surprised.

"Edgar?" she asked, shaken, with my voice. "What the fuck happened?!"

I almost screamed in my sudden panic. She shook my, her, head. "I-I don't know. This isn't supposed to happen."

She was calming down now, panic was alien to her and was caressing her former body absently as she tried adjusting to her new body. "I'm confused, Edgar."

Her fingers were sending shivers up my spine, no, I didn't HAVE one now. Desire's love doll body was made for her own delight as much as for the one fucking her and was more sensitive to pleasure than I was used to.

"Untie me then and let's figure out what happened," I tried to calmly ask her. "Do you know Wicca's phone number?"

"No, I don't, Edgar. I'm still confused," she repeated, her fingers widening their exploration and I was trying not to pant or moan.

"Desire? Could you untie me, please?"

"I'm confused," was her only response. I finally realized, horrified, what was going on with Desire; she wasn't really self-aware, wasn't meant to be, and would not ever be truly a free-thinking being, however much I wanted her to be right now. Her mind contained only whatever thoughts Winna had given her, and it was extremely creative in her one specialty: sex. But she was like a computer; if she was thrown into an unforseen situation she wouldn't react very well. Like switching bodies with a man. And her hands betrayed the way things were going. Desire's main purpose or function was to pleasure others, man or woman.

Confused as she was, she started doing the most comfortable thing she could do in her alien form: making love to me, even while I was in her old body. I started struggling, desperate now to be free, but I didn't know this body at all. The ropes held me tightly, securely. Playfully now, Desire smiled at me and grasped my now-wider hips to hold me down. "I'm confused," she said, "but I'd best keep on with what you were doing."

She plunged down into my new vagina, not having any confusion about what to do with her -- my -- probing fingers. "Ah!" I cried out at the unfamiliar and intense sensations all over my body, but focused in my groin. "P-Please, Desire, stop!"

My words were in vain as she continued with my plan for sexual torture and began expertly lapping and teasing me. I forgot the battle to escape as the tension within me quickly started building to unbearable levels. All night Desire went on, teasing me all over my body, myself not able to fall asleep with the constant tension keeping me up, and the displaced love doll happily teasing me for hours and hours. My nipples were hard as rock and when pinched the feeling made me cry out, begging for her to stop teasing me and set me off. I was pretty much delirious all the time, the first female orgasm I had was an eternity in coming and I relaxed in the afterglow for a moment after screaming my ecstasy as it crashed through my air and water filled body, but the unstoppable Desire and her untiring body conspired against me. I soon craved something, anything, to fuck me to relieve the passion tension torturing me and panted and groaned this out loud.

Desire twice more finally set me off and the second was a multiple orgasm, stars filled my vision as I shook and cried out, my vagina rhythmically gripping my old body's fingers trusting into me. I almost thought I went into another orgasm when the world spun again, but when I blinked I found myself staring at Desire returned to her body and twisting in the orgasm I had been experiencing. Dawn.

I nearly fainted in relief, while my tongue was sore from all the licking, and my body exhausted for the sun was rising in the horizon, I was glad to be back in my proper form. I might've enjoyed the experience if I was really a woman and had expected it, but because I hadn't I wasn't sure how to feel. Recovered now, Desire smiled up at me. "Shall we rest now?"

The switch hadn't fazed her at all. I couldn't be angry at her; it wasn't her fault she hadn't been able to adapt. I highly doubted Wicca had planned it this way, uncertain as to what would happen perhaps as I recalled her suggesting the machine inflation, but it was just too incredible to be planned. Unfortunately, it was Sunday morning now, the mall would be closed and I had no idea of how to contact Wicca. And, as I wearily untied Desire, I was too drained to do anything at the moment. I fell quickly asleep in my love doll's arms.


It was around two o'clock that afternoon when the shout woke me and Desire up. I wake up quickly, but when I saw who had shouted I wished I didn't. Roxy. It was her all right. Blonde hair, green eyes, curvaceous and full-breasted. My girlfriend who said she never wanted to see me again, who was definitely not living up to her word as she angrily gazed at our entwined naked bodies.

"You pig!" she shouted. "We break up, and already you're sleeping with another woman! God DAMN you, EDgar."

Most woman would have stormed out of my apartment, not Roxy. While she was 5' 3" she worked out and her shapely body hid a remarkable strength that belied her height. I hadn't cared about that as her previous men had, but as she advanced on us I felt more than a little nervous. Did I mention she had a black belt in karate?

Desire looked curiously at the stranger. "Who are you?"

Roxy glared daggers at the love doll. "Someone you don't fuck with, sister." And she grabbed Desire's arm, wanting to pull her off the bed, and yanked Hard..

Now Desire had only gained weight from the water she had drank and she had only taken a good forty kilos. Probably five to ten of that had been sweated off by me and her combined exertions last night, so when Roxy pulled, she expected a normal hundred kilo weight to resist her, not a mere third of that. As a result, Desire flew into the astonished Roxy and they both fell backwards onto the floor. Roxy was too experienced at falling to be accidently knocked out, but I dismally wished she had. She recovered quickly and pushed Desire off as she stood up. Wide-eyed she reached for Desire's arm again, lifted, and kept lifting.

The love doll thought this amusing and stayed kneeling so that Roxy soon had the larger, but lighter, black-haired woman hanging in mid-air.

"What the hell?" my former girlfriend whispered.

"Well," I said and she whipped her head to stare at me, "at least you can't say I'm sleeping with a real woman." I was feeling slightly detached from events, which explained my droll comment.

"Just what the FUCK do you mean by THAT??" she exclaimed, unnerved by the strangeness and I didn't blame her one bit.

"Desire, meet Roxy, my ex-girlfriend. Roxy, meet Desire, a love doll I agreed to test for someone I met yesterday."

"Hi, Roxy," Desire cheerfully greeted the blonde, and squealed a little when Roxy numbly dropped her.

"Love... doll...?" my ex whispered, backing away a little.

"If you're going to freak out, you'd better leave now; it gets weirder. Or do you want to hear the whole story?"

Roxy had glared at me at the 'freak out' bit, but cautiously slid across to the bed and sat on it. Suspiciously looking at Desire and I, she said, "Okay, I'm listening."

I sighed before starting.

"Spill it..."

"I was a little depressed over our break up and wasn't looking where I was going in a mall yesterday and wound up in a sex shop owned by a lady named Winna Golden."

"Miss Golden??" Roxy exclaimed in surprise.

"You know her?" I asked eagerly, but Roxy shook her head.

"Not personally. I know of her shop and have seen her a few times, I mostly talk with one of her employees, Becky."

My stare made Roxy hotly blush. "So I got curious! I like Becky anyway."

"Never mind, I won't ask. But do you know how to reach her?"

"She's too sick right now for anything." She peered suspiciously at me. "Why?"

"Just a moment and I'll get to that." I covered myself a little while Desire sat crosslegged on the floor. "Winna was fairly friendly. We got talking and I confessed why I had walked in, then she asked me to test out some special inflatable love doll."

Roxy glanced at Desire and I nodded. "Yeah, Desire. But at the time all I thought of doing was blowing up the doll, seeing how it looked, and dressing her up in real clothes or something for display for my male friends. Then I'd tell Winna what I thought of it. She mentioned something about being some kind of witch or wicca, but I didn't know why she had mentioned it at the time. When I inflated the doll, I was impressed with the quality and the painted face, but then I kissed the doll in fun. A flash of light later, Desire appeared as she is now."

Roxy was just a little slack jawed. "Huh?" was all she could manage.

"Yeah, well, that was my reaction too. After she wrapped her arms around me I stood up and took her up with me. She was just filled with air, Roxy! Desire weighed next to nil. Then she told me she needed water for weight and to look more human. After filling up a bit with the tap, she came on to me like a ton of bricks. And after I made her calm down a little," Roxy snorted but I went on, "she explained what she was and what she could do. She's not so much a companion as a very animated dildo."

I held up a hand to stop Roxy's heated response.

"She's not really AWARE, Roxy. Desire was created and programmed! She's meant as stress relief, and she told me that herself. She does sex and that's it, she's..." I couldn't help my voice softening here, "not you."

Roxy turned to the still-smiling Desire. "Is this all true?"

"I'm Edgar's love doll, Roxy, and I'm not meant to be a true companion, but I will certainly do what Edgar wants me to do. Even when he is married."

My ex-girlfriend rubbed her hands over her eyes. "Christ, I hope I'm dreaming this." She frowned as she stared at the love doll. "What did Edgar mean by your capabilities?"

Desire responded with the same thing she had told me yesterday. "I need water only. It provides weight, and the moisture for me to simulate a real woman. I can fool any detection system if Edgar wishes to go out with me and CAN eat food if necessary. My skin is pretty much indestructible and will not deteriorate as long as Edgar lives. I can defend Edgar or myself if needed. And I can change shape so Edgar will never become bored with me, his love doll."

"Make your hair copper colored, Desire," I requested, curious myself. Unlike her breasts, her hair changed instantly, making Roxy gasp.

"My God, it's true," she gasped, hand over her mouth.

"Edgar liked it when I changed my bust size," Desire added with a smile. That earned me Roxy's glare again.

"She did it when I asked her what she meant by changing shape!" I said in a hurry, which mollified her. "Are you sure you can't reach Winna?"

"I said no. Why are you so eager to contact her? Isn't your 'love doll'," she waved in Desire's direction, "satisfying enough?"

"I didn't expect THIS, Roxy!" I protested, then I sighed and rubbed my forehead tiredly. "I think Winna overlooked something when she made Desire. I found out about it last night, and it's very serious I believe. But strange."

She blinked. "And what's that?"

"It occurred when it got dark and ended when..." I stopped as it hit me. The sun had set, then the sun had come up! Oh shit. I started again, "Remember why we broke up?"

"Yes..." Roxy looked slightly guilty and I wondered why.

"After... uh... trying Desire out for a while, I tied her up on the bed. I thought it would be nice to see if a woman really would enjoy it before actually asking one again, I think Winna did a very good job but maybe it depends on the woman too. I had started when--it-- happened."

"Um, Edgar..." Roxy interrupted. "I had come back because I thought it over and I realized that you really did think I would enjoy it too, and not just for getting your rocks off. I wanted to get back together."

I was more than a little stunned at this.

"As for that tying up business--I'll think about it. But what did you mean by IT? What happened?"

"When the sun set," I took a deep breath and went on, "we... switched bodies."

Roxy's eyes nearly popped from her head. "You... and.... her..." she pointed at the very attractive Desire, "were in... each other's body???"

I nodded, and Roxy looked ready to faint.

"Yeah, that's when I found out Desire wasn't aware and just programmed. She couldn't understand what had happened and wasn't able to cope with a male body. So she mindlessly went on with what I had started and began teasing her own body with me in it, and kept doing it till we switched back! She wouldn't untie me, just went on and on until she was back in her own body."

Roxy was torn between concern, disbelief, and amusement at my tale. "When did you switch back?"

"When the sun came up! I went through the sexual teasing for ten hours straight!"

My girlfriend paled a little at the length.

"Her body can take it, but I definitely wasn't ready. When did I orgasm it was tremendous, but hardy in the frame of mind to appreciate it. I thought she would keep going for days, when I could think straight that is!" I sighed. "Now do you understand why I want to see Winna? If I can't today, I'll need help with Desire when we switch again and I'm afraid we will. Can you think of anything, Roxy?"

"If she's in your body..." She ran a hand though her hair. "Hm. Christ, this is fucking strange. Was she violent?"

"No, just very disoriented and confused."

"If we tie you up and would that work?"

I thought about Desire's behaviour. "Actually, if I told her to stay where she was, and then we switch, we could leave her in my room and she should stay put."

Curiosity won in Roxy, "How did it feel to be her?"

"Odd. She's made to feel sex and pleasure like a normal woman, Roxy, but she's only air and water inside so I didn't feel any aches in my awkward position. No bones, no muscle, no brain. Nothing. She was made to feel pleasure, not to be a person. She doesn't get sore after sex so she can go all night, and as her, unwittingly, I did!"

"Could you change like her when you were in her body?"

I blinked. "I don't know. Desire, how do you change yourself?"

Desire smiled as she looked at me. "I will myself to change, and I do."

"Sounds simple," Roxy observed.

"Why the interest?" I asked.

"If you two are going to be switching you might as well find out all you can do." Her explanation sounded a little strange to me because she smiled funnily. "And maybe you should get her to fill up with water. God, I got a shock when I lifted her off the bed so easily." She chuckled.

"Later," I chuckled with my girlfriend. "You've got me thinking about her shape now. Desire, can you lose about, oh, three inches of height?"

"Certainly," she replied.

We watched in fascination as the copper- haired beauty shrank, keeping everything in proportion.

"Now try your hair blonde," it became a golden color, "eyes green," they changed as quickly as the hair. "Hmm..." I pretended to ponder, but Roxy didn't suspect what I was doing. "Make yourself look like Roxy," I said with a grin.

Roxy gaped as Desire altered her features to exactly match my girlfriend's. She was a mirror image, a lost twin. She whirled angrily at me.

"That's not funny, Edgar! She's naked!"

"Well, when we switch I can pose as your twin sister," I joked, laughing a little. It died when I saw her actually thinking about it. "That was a joke!"

"Maybe not a sister, but maybe a cousin." She actually looked serious!

"Come on, Roxy! I don't plan for to keep switching for the rest of my life!" I protested. "Then how about I make her breasts grow in this form?"

I expected her to be angry, but she grinned instead. "Go right ahead. I've always wondered what I would look like bigger."

"Fine! Desire, expand to the size you were when you demonstrated that to me the first time," I commanded the love doll.

Desire put her hands on her breasts and grinned. Roxy and I watched, fascinated, as the Roxy-clone's tits began inflating as she inhaled. It didn't help either of us that Desire was playing with her growing nipples as they went beyond melon size. As before, her breasts started looking a little more like rubber balloons by the time they reached basketball size as they jutted straight out from her chest.

"Fuck me," my girlfriend whispered in awe. "The breast implants from hell. How big can she GET?"

"No idea. Desire, will those breasts look more real if you drink more water?"

"Yes, Edgar, and my nipples are just dying for you to suck them; Roxy can too," the Roxy clone added seductively, twitching a little and running her hands over the sides of her massive globes, making the real one gulp. "I can handle you both easily."

"Christ, she's good for a sex toy," Roxy said, swallowing. I noticed she was a little flushed, remembered her being 'friends' with Becky, and wondered if my girlfriend was bisexual. Desire jumped coyly and her light weight versus her surface area made her jump higher than a human and fall slower than one. A heavenly vision for people with a breast fetish.

"Let's get some water into her. Could you bring the bathroom scale, Roxy?" And waved Desire to follow me into the nearby kitchen, on her way she licked her lips and bumped a breast into Roxy, who appeared to be immobilized with some inner conflict. My girlfriend entered the kitchen with the scale a few minutes later to see me holding the extendable sink sprayer in her clone's puckered and eager lips. Maybe she would have said something but Desire's now realistic looking, and slightly sagging, basketball sized breasts stopped it cold. Instead, she put the scale in front of Desire, who stepped on it.

"Sixty two," she read. "I'll stop filling 'er up on ninety," I drawled.

"This is so unbelievably unreal!" Roxy burst out. "She's a fucking inflatable holding tank!"

"Right on all counts," I said, unable to resist laughing. "And aside from the breasts she looks perfect."

"Ninety," the blushing woman called out and I stopped the hot water, pulling the sprayer out with a small pop. "That compliment barely saved you, buster."

"Oooo... They're heavy now," Desire cooed, shaking her mammaries and making them quiver as she supported them with her hands. "Does anyone want to help me?" I caught Roxy staring at Desire's breasts from her position on the ground; she really seemed to be fascinated by the love doll's antics.

"Let's go to the living room," I announced. Roxy shook herself awake and led the way out. The clock showed the time. "Three o'clock!" I groaned, "and I have to work tomorrow."

"Call and say you're sick," Roxy advised. "It'd be true enough."

"Ha ha. Funny woman. Desire, maybe you should change back to your original shape but keep the breasts."

Roxy was a little disappointed I could tell, but didn't say anything as my love doll returned to her former taller, and black-haired form.

"How am I going to confront Winna about this? She said Desire was mine and didn't want her back."

"Yours forever," Desire added. It wasn't comforting.

"I think she'll want to know about the, ah, glitch," Roxy said, snickering at her understatement.

I sighed. "Yeah. I guess I'll have to wait, but what do we do until the switch tonight?"

"Have an orgy?" Desire suggested innocently, bouncing her huge tits with her hands.

"Why did I know she would say that?" Roxy sighed.

"The ultimate one track mind. Maybe we should see what her limits are."


I sat on the couch and Roxy joined me, snuggling close to me. She loved to snuggle, so did I. Desire stood in front of us, cheerfully smiling as usual, and our entertainment for a few hours. Height first. She was able to shrink to four feet and almost as tall as the ceiling, which was around nine to ten feet. Curves next. She could be like a boy, or have the most outrageous hourglass shape we'd ever seen. Roxy suggested age so we tried it. I felt like a child molester with a naked ten-year old smiling at me so we hurried the other way. We got to around a very well preserved sixty. She never got wrinkles and we figured it was because she was inflated. Fat was weird. She looked anorexic, then inhaled deeply and visibly gained an appearance of three hundred before we stopped her. Race came next. Nordic, Negro, Asian, to name a few. Then we tried celebrities. We needed pictures for this, and I also took out some Playboys as well. Roxy didn't mind as long as I got Desire to parody some of her least-liked stars.

We had a hell of a time watching one model mysteriously gaining weight incredibly fast with an expression of mock horror. Roxy laughed so hard tears were coming from her eyes when I suggested we do one of her least favorite co-workers, make some obscene pictures, and paste them all over the men's bathroom in her office. I don't think the vice-president of the company, aka the 'Iron Bitch', would've liked that much. Before we knew it, it was almost sundown. We'd had more fun with Desire than a T.V. sitcom but I was feeling a little nervous as I told her to turn back to normal.

"Okay," I said. "Lay down on the couch, don't move, and close your eyes. That disorientation will happen again and if you don't move or open your eyes until it happens a second time you won't get confused. All right?"

She nodded and closed her eyes as she lay on the couch. I inhaled deeply and saw the sun getting ready to vanish though a window.

To Roxy, I said, "I'll go to my room, close the door and lie down like her on my bed. When she opens her eyes in a few minutes you'll know it happened again."

Roxy gulped, but stood up and pecked me on the cheek before I ran to my room, shut the door, and jumped onto the bed, closing my eyes. I'd hoped it wouldn't occur but I felt the world fall around me again. When it steadied, I felt Desire's odd body again, with more water inside me of course. I blinked open my eyes and saw Roxy kneeling by my head. "Edgar?" she asked me, unsure.

"There is no Edgar, only Zuul," I intoned in Desire's voice.

Roxy made a face and pinched one of my now larger nipples. "Ow," I noted.

"'Ow'? That should've hurt like hell, you ninny."

"Desire's body doesn't feel pain as much I guess. I'm surprised I even felt like that really, her skin being so tough."

Roxy just stared into my eyes. "I find it so hard to believe it's you in that bimbo body."

"And Desire in mine," I reminded her. "I guess my idea worked as she doesn't sound like she's moving."

I sat up on the couch and nearly tipped over, but Roxy saved me. "Whoa, I was flat on my back the last time. This is different to move around in."

"No kidding. You better try walking slowly at first." It took a few minutes but I kinda got used to the broader hips as I walked around the room.

"How's that?"

"Not bad for a ten hour old woman," she laughed, shaking her head.

"Hmm." I remembered Desire's comment about willing her body's changes and decided to try it out. I tried and a few seconds later Roxy started as my hair turned blonde. "Hey, it works," I noted, I was looking for it and didn't miss my girlfriend's definite flicker of interest in her eyes. I walked up to her and motioned her to join me on the couch. "I suppose I should feel cold being naked but I'm not." I looked down. "These breasts are strange too."

"It must really be odd to be in Desire's love doll body," Roxy said, not a little curious.

She'd finally become accustomed to the idea of Desire apparently, and I felt I knew the main reason why. I willed myself to look just like my blonde girlfriend and couldn't resist giggling at her surprised face as she suddenly was confronted by 'herself'. "The pod people have come for you, Roxy."

"Nut!" she yelled and whapped a pillow at me which I ducked. When I sat right beside her, she just stared at me. "God, that is so... so... I can't describe it," she sighed.

"Exciting?" I suggested, and she blinked in shock. "I saw the way you were looking at Desire when she was like this. You wanted her then, didn't you?"

Roxy began stammering her protest, but it was a weak one.

"Or was it the idea of making love to yourself, one with larger breasts, that got you? Hmm?" I said knowingly, leaning closer to her.

Roxy's widening eyes told me it was true. "Christ, Edgar, are you a closet transvestite?" she retorted, not answering my question.

"Roxy, I went through TEN HOURS of being HIGHLY aroused the last time I was in this body. Don't you think that MIGHT account for it?"

Or something else, this WAS a love doll body made for sex after all. It knows how, in the best possible ways. I was climbing above her now and she seemed torn between her obviously strong desire and her inhibitions. This impasse needed a helping hand, I decided. Roxy's breathing became heavier when her C-cup bust on my chest began to flatten as I leaned towards her face.

"Oh fuck, Edgar, I can't help it," she groaned.

"Everyone has their fetishes, Roxy, we just happened to find yours in a particularly odd way. Nothing to be ashamed of, really." I whispered above her as my tits loomed hugely in front of her. "If Winna can't fix this right away, then next time I can put one of your bras on before inflating my breasts. My flesh would spill out of the sides as the bra strained against it and then, at last, it would break and my tits would bust free, bouncing and..."

Roxy couldn't stand it any more. She glomped her arms around me and began to feverishly suck on one of my hardening pink nipples. I gasped at the sensation it produced, made even more exciting since Roxy was doing it to me and not the programmed Desire. We started going backwards as she pushed forwards, straining to get her clothes off while I panted. I landed on my back on the couch. Roxy, fevered with a passion unknown to her or me before, practically tore off her blouse and bra, followed by jeans and panties and pounced on my shuddering tits again. The fierce sucking and kneading she was giving them was really making me wet and I was heading towards orgasm. She realized that from my tossing and increasing volume and slid down to the hairless pussy further down.

Raising one leg to rest on the back of the couch, she moved the other off the cushions, giving her free access to my cunt. Roxy had done this before I found out quite happily as she dived at my love box and started licking and sucking, sometimes thrusting her fingers into my tunnel. Somehow she managed to turn herself around so that she lay atop my huge mounds, putting her own hot snatch within proximity of my own mouth. I had to shrink my tits a little to reach her properly but I managed it and then we were both licking each other towards our shaking orgasms. Surprisingly, Roxy came first and I swallowed eagerly as she bucked her sweat-slippery body on my own. I supposed it was the level of her arousal that did it before I passed my own barrier and was swept in the waves of my own cum. As I calmed down, I shrank my tits down to normal so we could hug each other when we were face to face again. For a while neither of us said anything.

"God, I loved that," Roxy said dreamily as she always did after a lovemaking session, but I'd never heard her say it with that much feeling before. Come to think of it, I was pretty damn happy myself for being trapped in a love doll's body. We were sweaty and smelled of musky, female sex, but we merely inhaled it like the aroma of fine liqueur, feeling very pleased with ourselves.

"I have to admit, being your twin is a hellava turn on," I confessed.

She chuckled. "My big titted twin, you mean."

"One size fits all." We giggled as we hugged each other tighter. "Roxy, I think we'd better sleep. Desire said she can't unless I do and she's in my body right now. It needs the rest for tomorrow."

"I'm coming with you tomorrow, I'll call in sick too."

"All right," I sighed, but was privately glad she offered. "So we sleep on the couch? Did you want pillows or a blanket?"

She hugged me lovingly. "It's warm enough to ignore covers and I have my pillows right here," she said playfully, reaching up to poke one of my breasts.

"That's a good idea actually. Lay on top of me," I said and Roxy, curious, complied, soon laying all her weight completely on me. "I don't feel any discomfort at all," I said after a moment.

"What about my pillows?" she said coyly, putting her head on my breasts. I started enlarging them until she looked semi-comfortable and sighed contentedly.

"You really feel great to sleep on," she murmured as I wrapped my arms lightly around her.

"Must be in my inflatable mattress genes," was my last amused retort before we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of passionate cries and found myself back in my own body. Which meant... Uh oh. When I emerged I found I had been right. Desire, still looking like I had last night, was sucking Roxy's cunt and my girlfriend was moaning and twisting her own tits with her hands. She came as I watched, my love doll sucking her juices eagerly. "Having fun?" I asked with a smile of my face.

"You jerk!" she gasped out, but not really meaning it. "When I woke up I had her sucking my tits and thought it was you for a minute but when I realised it was light outside it had gone too far."

"Desire, change back to normal," I said, and the love doll stood while shifting back to her old self. "I'm sorry, I should've thought of that; she's a horny little thing, isn't she?"

"No kidding. Pleasant way to wake up though." She hesitated. "But not as nice as last night was."


"I don't know, it was just more satisfying when you were in her body. You're not as expert as her, but she lacks... something."

"I am not a companion, I am a love doll," Desire offered. "I am only to relieve stress."

"Huh!" I thought about it and shrugged. "Maybe we'd better get ready to go to the mall. Desire, go to my bedroom and wait in the bed. Roxy, I still have that makeup and some spare clothes you forgot to take so you don't need to go home." I paused. "Let's find out what happened."

We were standing in front of the yet-to-open sex shop when two women, a short blonde with blue eyes and nice tan, and a taller, brown-eyed red- head with freckles on her pale skin, walked up to open the store's theft barrier. "Roxy!" The red-head cried, pleased to see her friend. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi, Becky, I thought you were still sick," she said and I blinked; I had thought the blonde was her friend as they were built the same. Becky was a more slender woman with a bust slightly larger than B-cup. Weird, after last night's fun with big breasts. "This is my boyfriend, Edgar. Edgar, this is Becky and Tina. Edgar is the reason we're here. Is Ms. Winna coming?"

The two women blinked and glanced at each other. "We recovered from the flu yesterday. She should be inside already, she gets here early. What's up?" Becky asked as she unlocked the barrier.

"It's about a special love doll she gave him." Both girls started and immediately swung startled looks my way. Roxy and I realized they knew about Desire.

"Inside! Quick!" Becky said in a hurry, ushering us inside, her and Tina following, locking the way behind us. "Ms. Winna should be in the storeroom making tea," Becky said, obviously stifling some questions as she hurried us along.

We found Winna calmly preparing that great tea in the back. Seeing me and Roxy was a surprise I could tell though. "Mr. Underwood! I thought you wouldn't be back until Tuesday or so."

Becky interrupted my answer. "You already GAVE her away?"

"It seemed like fate had sent me him, so I did." She glanced at Roxy. "And this is...?"

"Roxy. His girlfriend."

At Winna's arch look, Roxy explained, "I came back to patch things up when I found him with Desire. I already knew Becky."

The red-head looked a little put out that she hadn't been told, but Tina finally spoke up for the first time, and asked me eagerly, "How is she doing? What have you tried?"

"She acts great. Pleasant, cheerful, sexy, for something totally impossible. We had some fun with changing her form last light, she's damn versatile becoming someone else," I responded.

Roxy, however, wanted some of HER questions answered. "So you two are in on this too?" she demanded.

Winna answered for them. "Yes, they did, dear. They are both my apprentices, along with four others who work in other malls. We all contributed to making Desire and worked for almost a year on her. She is the most highly complex work I and my sect have ever created and likely true for all other magical crafts. Unfortunately, none of us could be her owner as we all participated in her creation." She smiled at me. "We were all women and only a man with some ability in the Power could fit."

She saw my gape.

"Yes, you possess a touch of the Gift, and I suspect Roxy too of having it. You needn't pursue it though."

Now the glimmer of interest burned in Winna's eyes. "How do you like her?"

"She's great, like I said, but there's one problem which is why we came so early."

Concern was present in Winna's eyes, dread in Tina and Becky's. "And what is that?"

"When the sun sets, we switch bodies. When the sun rises, we switch back. And I don't think me becoming a love doll at night was your intention." Somehow, I never thought I would see pure astonishment and amazement on Winna's face, her workers mirrored it to a lesser degree. I continued. "Now I had forgotten I'd lent out my air pump and blew her up myself, but why would that do the switcheroo to me?"

Winna shakily rose and stepped close to me. "Are you... This is true?" she whispered.

I nodded, puzzled at her reaction and she fell back onto her chair.

"Oh my..." she murmured, staring at me.

"What's wrong?" Roxy asked Becky.

"It's... It's just not possible to transfer a soul like that into a construct even half as powerful and complex as Desire. It's never been done, even temporarily!" was Becky's stunned response. "All that inflating her himself should have done was deepen the bond between user and construct."

I scratched my head. "Then how's it happening? I've done it twice already. It's a truly odd feeling to be in her body since she's inflatable. Why did you make a love doll in the first place?"

Tina explained. "Our group deals a lot in sex magicks and we thought it amusing to make an animated, inflatable, love doll because of where we all work. The more we thought about it, the more we got excited with the possibilities we could incorporate into the doll. Mistress Winna finally decided to make it our Grand Project and we devoted a lot of effort into Desire. It became horrendously complex and powerful at the end, but it all came together." She shook her head. "But we never planned this..."

"Why didn't you want her back if you put so much work into her?" Roxy asked her.

"Remember what we said? She's HIS now. Just the fact that she works as well as we hoped was an incredible accomplishment and that success, save for that impossible transference, is reward enough."

"Could something have interfered? If she's as complex as you say, then maybe some small fact you missed made this happen," I suggested.

"Perhaps," Winna mused. "I'll have to have you and Desire come to my house tonight and call everyone together. You should come as well, Roxy."

Roxy and I exchanged glances and shrugged. "Guess we have to," I said, and my girlfriend sighed in agreement. Winna gave us a card with her address and told us to arrive at seven. Becky and Tina walked us out of the back room.

"So, Roxy... Did you try Desire too?" Becky asked with a big grin, which became wider when all Roxy did was blush. "Was she good?"

"Becky!" Roxy protested.

"Roxy found out she had a fetish," I added helpfully, and was too slow to avoid her elbow. "Oof!"

"Is that so?" Becky teased. "What is it?"

"Edgar...." my girlfriend warned.

"Twins with big breasts," I gasped out. She grabbed my shirt and would've tossed me if Becky and Tina hadn't stopped her.

"Hey, hey, hey! Outside, please, Ms. Fetish," Becky protested, trying not to laugh. Roxy let me go and glared at us two.

"I really hope tonight involves sharp, bladed, instruments!" she huffed as we passed the barrier gate. "And I get this from the inflatable boob man himself."

I merely reddened when Becky turned an arch look at me before running to catch up to Roxy.

* * * *


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