Adventures of a Sex Doll 2

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2009 - Anonymous - Used by permission

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Part 2

Later, I pulled the car up into the long driveway. Ms. Winna lived practically in the woods, a good place for her group, I supposed. There were several cars already here so I guessed they were all present. I turned off the car and we all exited the car. Two Roxys followed me to the medium-sized house's entrance, Desire in my girlfriend's clothes. You couldn't tell them apart physically; they really looked like twins. Unless you lifted them up.

When Winna opened the door, she blinked in surprise, then chuckled as she realized what we had done. "Clever. Come in, come in!"

Instead of going to some room, she led us outside into her well-sheltered back yard where six anxious women were waiting for us, Becky and Tina among them. Naked.

"We have to do this with only our bodies, you understand," Winna smiled as we froze. "And don't worry, Edgar. It's nothing we haven't seen before." That got quite a few giggles from the group.

"I should've known," I sighed, and began to strip.

"C'mon, Desire, Roxy."

Desire took her clothes off promtly and quite saucily while Roxy was more jerky about it, embarrassed. When we were all clear, I said, "Okay, Desire, change back."

Winna, who had stripped too, and the six women watched raptly as Desire grew and expanded back into her original form and walked into the empty space in the middle, smiling at everyone.

"My God," a brown-haired girl with D breasts whispered. "It really worked! I can't believe it!"

"Told you, Debbie," Becky smirked.

"Desire, become like Debbie," I called out, and the astounded girl watched as Desire became her twin, cupping her breasts invitingly.

"Holy shit," a short haired brunette exclaimed. "She really does work."

"I certainly do," Desire said, startling them considerably even though they knew she could speak. "You all created me, and I can do quite a lot." She licked her lips.

"SHE'S going to be in HIS body?" the brunette exclaimed a little nervously.

"Don't worry, we've done this before," I said, and I saw the sun was beginning to set. "Winna?"

The leader nodded and I called Desire to come to me. After changing her back and telling her the same thing as last night, we lay on the grass with the witches surrounding us. They mumbled a bit, and I felt SOMETHING happening before the world did the familiar spin. When I opened my eyes, they were all staring at me in Desire's body.

Slowly I stood, then sighed, "Third time's the charm, ladies?"

"He's really in her," Becky whispered. "Oh my God. I even saw his soul move in while Desire's mental patterns went the other way."

"Me too," Tina added, and all the rest nodded in shared amazement. Except Winna. She was frowning at the ground.

"Winna?" I asked. "What's wrong?"

"You were right, Edgar. Something did interfere, but it was after you inflated Desire that it happened. When you switched, I felt the faint residue of a Necromantic spell." The others gasped and paled. "Those spells suck the soul and power of a person or animal and feed those evil enough to use those enchantments. Somehow, someone cast a necromantic spell in your area and Desire's complex nature reacted to its residue and affected your bond with her. The change appears permanent, but it will take much time to see whether or not I'm right, much less guess the effects your soul in something that was never meant to have a soul will have."

She looked sad. "I am sorry for all of this, Edgar."

I looked as deflated as an inflatable woman could get. "Guess I'll have to get used to it."

Roxy stepped into the circle and hugged me. "Don't worry, I still love you," she whispered, and I felt gladdened.

With a little will, I became her double again. "At least we can have a lot of fun," I joked, and feeling very impulsive I inflated my breasts. There were a lot of gasps and startled exclamations as my tits became bigger and rounder than they had ever seen.

Roxy was blushing down to her nipples and she had a vexed look on her face. "Edgar!!"

I shrugged, making my huge orbs jiggle seductively. "Sorry. Maybe it's this body."

"Sure," she replied, unconvinced.

Debbie and the others walked up to us and goggled at their handiwork, poking and feeling the sensitive flesh until I was panting.

"Jesus," another red-head said, shaking her head in disbelief at my breasts, "what a pair."

Becky remembered Desire in my true body and walked to it. "What about Desire?" she asked, lifting my body's head. Mistake. Desire opened her eyes and jerked straight up into a sitting position, bowling the startled Becky back with a scream and catching our attention. Before any of us could react, Desire stumbled up and ran for the trees.

"Oh shit!" I screamed, immediately running after my body while my tits, beginning to shrink, bounced crazily. Everyone was copying my reactions, in more ways than one. Desire was almost at the trees when a shadowy figure stepped out of the bushes and threw something into Desire's, MY, chest. She stopped cold, paused, and toppled to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. I felt something snap within me and I somehow knew with a sinking sensation that it was the link between Desire and me.

The others had stopped when the shadow had appeared but I ran straight for my body. Reaching it, I turned it over and saw the dagger hilt embedded right above the heart. Blood welled from the cut. But I wasn't dead, Desire was, and now I was stuck in her inflatable body. Forever. I stood up, numb, and faced the shadow.

"You son of a bitch," I growled with rising anger. The form stepped back a bit in shock, surprised for some reason.

"You should be dying, construct plaything," he said in a puzzled voice. "Your master is dead."

"I hate to disappoint you, asshole, but her master is right HERE!" I screamed. "If you wanted to kill us both you picked the wrong goddamned time to do it! Now, you've killed her and now I'm stuck in her body!" Furious, I advanced on the stunned figure.

"That's impossible!" he sputtered. "This bunch of bitches couldn't manage transference that absurd or futile. Even we necromancers could not do that."

I grinned savagely. "Actually, it was a mistake. Someone cast a necromantic spell and the residue interacted with the bond, or so I was told." I was five feet away now. "Why try anyway?"

He was speechless for a moment as my comments registered on him, then he answered my question, albeit a little distractedly.

"Several groups thought they were overreaching themselves, but when they succeed somehow, they were jealous so they hired me."

He raised a hand. "And you should never get this close to a necromancer."

A dark energy shot towards me and struck my breasts. Scared the hell out of me, but all it did was tickle my tits. Scared me, but shocked him as I kept advancing. Meanwhile, something was building within myself, drawing energy from the air around me and the earth I stood on. I remembered Desire telling me she would be able to defend herself and me, and this was an attack on my life all right.

Whatever it was, I couldn't control it and wind began swirling around me as a result. The necromancer had trouble believing I was resisting him, it never occurred to him to run until it was too late. Magically charged winds roared towards him, spinning him like a dervish. I felt a coil of powerful energy bound in wind leap out from my gaping mouth and plunged into his screaming one. Enchanted air kept roaring into him, an excellent gag, and his flat stomach began to swell, eventually ripping his black clothes apart as his distended torso reached immense spherical dimensions. The flow finally stopped and I collapsed with relief. My would-be assassin looked like a giant, pink beach ball.

The others rushed to my side to see if I was okay. After I reassured them, we cautiously advanced on Desire's killer. Winna was already there, bending so she could look into his terrified pop-eyes. "I see your soul affected Desire's defensive measures. It was only meant to immobilize, not do this." She chuckled as she looked over his bloated form. "I like this better though."

"I wish I could say I'm sorry I couldn't control it, but I can't," I said, glaring with hate at the man who had taken away any chance of me ever becoming human again. I patted his tight round belly. "Anyone have a pin?" I asked, looking the helpless assassin straight in the eyes.

"Do you want to?" Roxy whispered, scared for me.

I actually thought about it, then slumped, resigned. "No, I can't. I wish I could, but I can't."

The tears started flowing then and Roxy hugged me close as I sobbed on her shoulder, reaction to Desire's death, someone trying to kill me, and knowing I was stuck, finally hitting me like a ton of bricks. Winna gently guided us towards the house as I cried.

"What do we do with the scum ball, here?" Becky asked the others as they gathered around the immobile necromancer. "We can't fit him through any doors and we can't hand him to the police, as if that would help any," she added.

"I don't even know if we can undo this," Tina complained, not seeing the assassin's sudden fright. "Edgar's the only one who could I would imagine since he did it, but he's going to harbour some deep hate for this guy for a long while. Even if he agreed to, his subconscious might make things worse."

"Hey, how about the alterationalists?" someone suggested.

"Those nuts?"

"Well, this is more their field of expertise," the other retorted. "I doubt WE can."

Becky gazed bemused at the once dangerous assassin, now a human beach ball. "You have a point." She sighed. "Well, let's roll him to the house and secure him. Don't want him being blown away with the next gust," she added wickedly.

The big breasted Debbie lowered herself a bit and hefted her tits above the man's paralysed face. "And we 'bitches' can have some fun before the nuts come to take the squirrel away," she said, slowly rubbing her breasts over the assassin's face. They all laughed as they rolled the resigned man away.

* * *

A car with two people drove up beside the partly hidden vehicle a few miles away from Winna's house. They stopped beside it and exited to check around. "He hadn't left yet, so we might be in time," the lean man with closely cropped blonde hair mused.

"What's so special about this thing we're after anyway?" the woman with him asked him, her shoulder length brown hair brushing her shoulders. She had a trim, firm body under her tight black outfit, the twin to the male's clothes. Tight breasts that didn't need a bra bulged her open top attractively. Her agate eyes looked inquiringly at him above her snub nose, completing an innocent face she had fooled many a person with.

"This group had worked on something for over a year to prove that they were a legitimate users of the Art." He peered into the necromancer's car, but found nothing so he went on. "They were more successful than most thought they could do and made a very advanced kind of construct."

"Like I said: what's special about it?" she asked crossly. They didn't worry about the necromancer; both were protected from that sort of magic.

"It's a sex doll." He smiled at her disbelieving stare. "I know. Of all things, huh? Apparently, sex magics are their main specialty. But this thing looks like a real person and can change it's shape. Very flexible. We were hired to get it so our employers can study the thing." He grinned. "Maybe even try it out."

"Sex doll," she muttered. "Christ."

"Come on, let's go," her associate ordered and she silently followed him into the woods.

Winna had wrapped a blanket around me as I put my head on Roxy's lap, my blonde girlfriend stroking my identically yellow hair soothingly. We sat on a couch in a large, pleasant basement room that seemed to be the meeting place for Winna's group. Our hostess had left, but now she returned and the others followed her down, all wearing robes. Some sat on the carpet, but most on the couches. Winna herself sat in a chair. She sighed. "Well, Becky?"

"We have the... body wrapped up and I cast a preservation spell on it so it won't smell. It'll confuse time of death too. The jerk we have hidden in that depression outside. The nuts said they'd come in the morning to take him away, even if they didn't quite believe me." She smirked and the others chuckled.

I sighed and picked myself off Roxy to sit by her. "This is just getting too weird."

"Are you alright, Edgar?" she asked, concern in her eyes.

"Yeah, I suppose. I'm still dealing with what happened, is all. Especially what I did to that asshole."

"What did you feel?" Tina asked from beside Becky.

"I think--I drew power from all around me and used it to inflate him." I actually chuckled. "That's a switch, hey? And slightly tired from it too. But, Winna," I said, more than a little worried, "what will happen to this body now that Desire's dead?"

Everyone looked to Winna who had the most experience in these matters. "Desire's body was only meant for one owner, Edgar. As long as you were alive, she would exist. If you died, and the link to your soul broken, then she would have slowly come apart. That's what happens with all constructs of this nature. However," she regarded him carefully, "your soul is IN her body now and it's the soul that kept her together. It seems to be permanently attached to Desire's body; not even the necromancer could pull it out! With your soul, Desire's body is more powerful now that you inhabit it." She sighed. "I only wish I knew how this happened, but the chances of finding out now are slim to none."

"I kinda thought so," I said, becoming resigned to my fate, and yawned. "I didn't think I could get tired. What keeps this body going?" I asked the assembled.

"Several things," Tina said clinically. "If you sleep, you absorb ambient magical energy, manna, and store it. Also, if you fuck someone you absorb the sexual energies, and this is more efficient than sleep. It's best if you swallow or they cum into you." She frowned. "With your soul a part of the process, you should be able to store much more power now, maybe even manipulate it to a degree."

"So I'm a lean, mean, fucking machine," I joked, sighing as I leaned on Roxy's shoulder.

"Hey," Debbie said, "we only make the best for our customers. If I could, I'd switch places with you in a minute. Desire's body is hot!" She grinned at me and I actually felt a little better.

"Poor Desire," Roxy sighed.

"Are we going to skip the, uh, usual?" the second red-head, Heather I found out later, blushed, glancing in our direction. She looked perky, and knew her breasts were the same from the nude session outside.

"The usual?" Roxy and I chorused, puzzled as the rest grinned at us, a familiar light growing in their eyes.

"Remember? Our specialty is sex magic, so of course we keep in practice with each other whenever we have a meeting," Winna said with a smile. Remembering her body from outside, I had to say it must be keeping them very healthy.

"Now I know where Desire got that horniness from," Roxy said, rolling her eyes.

I was beginning to feel the temperature of the room rising, almost electric. I felt less tired as well, and said so.

"You're beginning to absorb the sexual energies being released into the room. There ARE seven sex witches starting to become very horny in here."

I smiled wryly. "And the fact that your ultimate sexual creation is truly living being now and sitting in front of you has nothing to do with it?"

Debbie crawled over on hands and knees, her robe gaping open a little and showing off her delicious looking breasts inside, and smiled as she ran a hand up and down on my leg. "You know how artists can get involved in their work," she purred.

Everyone else was smiling at me, including Roxy.

"You have to admit, knowing that your body IS the ultimate sex object we could make it a real turn on." Her hand was sliding higher now, under my cover, and I was feeling warm all over. "But now it has your soul, and it's alive, and self-aware, and," she smiled as her seeking fingers found my wet pussy, "as horny as the rest of us."

Roxy leaned over and kissed me on the lips, distracting me as Debbie gently removed my covers.

"I think this would help us, but mostly you, deal with all of this, a lot," my girlfriend murmured when we separated, looking deep into my eyes which were twin to her own. The voluptuous Debbie's attentions were starting to make me breathe heavily.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to," I confessed, shifting as Debbie parted my thighs.

Everyone else was getting seriously turned on at this point, hands were slowly rubbing breasts or cunts all over. I gasped as the brown-haired woman plunged a finger into me, smiling wickedly. Roxy leaned over and started licking my breasts, ignoring my aching nipples for the moment. Seeing Roxy join in the fun with her virtual twin did it for the rest. Robes were untied and taken off, and furniture moved away with practiced ease. Roxy and Debbie stopped for a moment and guided me off the couch and laid me down in the middle of the room.

"We need more breast to suck," Roxy said huskily, nipping the points of my breasts to emphasize HER point. I complied eagerly and my tits swelled to basketball size on my chest. She groaned with pleasure and fell on one with a will. Becky kneeled on my other side and grinned. "You were right; she does like sucking big tits when you look like her, and so do I."

The red- head started up on my other massive breast, rubbing and kneading, as Debbie explored my pussy more extensively. Blonde Tina looked at this with a sexy smile, then walked over and put my head between her legs. She lowered her pussy onto my face and I immediately started licking the aroused woman. The perky, red-headed Heather came over and sucked on the moaning Tina's nipples. The short haired brunette and a long haired blonde had teamed up on Winna and had the head witch sighing with pleasure. I found out later that they were the newest members into the group and Winna still had a lot to teach them. They were apt pupils; I could tell.

My first massive orgasm came powerfully, the triple stimulation I was getting on breasts and pussy were almost overwhelming. My cries were muffled by Tina's cunt, and set off her own cum and I lapped up her juices eagerly. Roxy and Becky were in love with my tits, I think Roxy orgasmed just sucking one, and it was a good thing I didn't get sore because they were really squeezing them around. Debbie, however, was getting really turned on as she plunged more fingers into my tight, but loosening, love tunnel. Her other hand was dipping into her own box and she was panting.

Then she got the bright idea to try something new, and wasn't worried about me because I, or rather my body, was made to handle things like the one she had planned. She smiled wickedly, anticipating my reaction. "UUUUHHHGGGNNN!!!" I cried in my startlement as something HUGE entered my cunt. I nearly bucked Heather off, who had switched with Tina and was grinding against my mouth, and caught Roxy and Becky's attention with my convulsion.

When they saw what Debbie was doing, they gaped. "Holy shit!" Becky cried, Roxy just stared.

The smirking Debbie had her arm sticking out of my stretched cunt and she began pumping her fist in and out, driving me wild and I sucked Heather insanely as a result, pushing her over the edge with a squeal. After she got off, I pushed myself up and my eyes widened when I saw what was ramming me inside. Then I lost it and started a series of orgasms that didn't stop until Debbie pulled her fist out with a pop!

When I regained my senses, I pushed Debbie onto her back and spread her legs, smiling evilly over her as my massive breasts dangled from my chest. "All right, now it's my turn," I said with an evil chuckle, fingering Debbie's extremely wet pussy. Roxy and Becky watched in puzzlement, caressing themselves as my body shrank. I stopped when my fist slid into the brown-haired woman's tunnel easily. When it was all the way in, making her groan, I slowly started expanding again, and my fist grew with me. The feeling of having something that was expanding fucking her must have been something, for Debbie was tossing her head from side to side and moaning non-stop. When I was full-sized again, I leaned down and sucked her clit as I pumped my arm. Debbie was a screamer and must've felt one hell of an orgasm because her pussy clenched me like a velvet vise. Like me, she kept orgasming until I pulled out, leaving her limp and dazed, but delirious with pleasure. Everyone had stopped to watch me work and smiled at the groaning girl's form.

That was when the door to the basement opened and two black- clad and masked people rushed down the stairs. One male, one female, and both holding guns pointed in our shocked direction. The man chuckled at us. "Nice little sapphic party. Just stay exactly where you are and no one will be hurt."

"If not..." the woman said threateningly, and waved her gun slightly to indicate what she meant.

Covering herself regally, Winna glared at the two. "What do you want?"

"Your little love dolly or whatever you call it," the man said. I acted quickly and smiled sexily when his eyes roved in my direction, my huge breasts giving me away. "Whoa!" he cried. "I see why they want it."

The woman was staring. "Jesus Christ, those breasts are a little overdone, don't you think?"

I lazily stood up, and said, "As you wish."

My breasts quickly deflated down to Roxy's C-cup.

"I am a love doll, my name is Desire, do you want me to suck and fuck you?" I smiled like Desire had always smiled. The two intruders were amazed at what I had done.

"Incredible," the man said, a little stunned, but I didn't do anything else but caress my breasts enticingly. My friends knew I was acting, Desire was dead, but played along. "I'm beginning to see why someone would want to study you," he said.

That was good, these guys weren't with that necromancer.

"Damn, if they make more like her I'm going to have to own one."

"You would," the woman retorted, just as amazed as her companion. They hadn't seen nothing yet.

"Do you want me to assume another physique?" I purred softly and began to change. I think everyone was shocked, intruders and friends alike, when I added a few more inches to my height and changed into someone's wet dream.

My hair became as light as feathers and lengthened to brush my derriere so it practically floated around and behind me. My nose became a slightly upturned one, my lips ruby red, small, moist, and looking delectable. I had fun with my eyes; they were slightly angled giving me an exotic look, became a bright sky blue, with dark eyelashes, and were slightly larger than human eyes had a right to be. The face was a delicate oval shape and my alabaster-skinned body somewhere between voluptuous and graceful. Wide hips, long legs, tight buttocks, narrow waist, and a pair of round, firm white, D-cup breasts with pink nipples that were hardening. My swollen pussy was plainly visible without pubic hair, as usual.

No one seemed able to move as they all stared at me walking over to the man and, before he snapped to his senses and thought I was going to attack him, knelt before him.

"I am a love doll, I am Desire," I whispered as I gazed up at him, I also found out I could adjust my voice when I said it in a husky, higher pitched voice than before that dripped sex.

His hard-on was showing, and he gave no resistance as I unbuckled his belt and gently shoved the trousers down, freeing the trapped member and it sprang up. I think that snapped the woman out of it, but I ignored her. She saw everyone staring at me with lust in their eyes and couldn't repress a shiver of desire herself. The woman knew the situation was still under their control and she thought it best if her current partner shoot his load off. He'd think more rationally then.

But the creature fondling his dick and bringing her ruby lips closer to it was far more arousing than either of them had suspected. I tickled his ball sack and slowly licked my way up the underside of his dick. I had been a man before I was switched into this love doll body, and I knew exactly what this asshole wanted. Besides, I figured I'd have to do it sometime and remembered Tina's words about sucking sexual fluids to recharge myself.

Now was not a time to be squeamish, and I suspected again that this body I now owned was affecting my sexual desires. I ringed his throbbing head twice and then swallowed his average- sized length. I found I had no gag reflex which was a relief, and I really didn't need to breathe so I didn't need to rush things as I sucked. My throat 'muscles' massaged him and he groaned. This whole setting was erotic, a lesbian orgy in front of him with him in control, and a shape-changing creation made purely for sex, sucking him off, that was the most gorgeous female creature he had ever seen. He erupted at last and his white cum was quickly swallowed by me. I could actually feel the sexual energy in his seed as I absorbed it into myself and it felt invigorating. He finally stopped and I slowly removed my mouth, licked my lips, smiled up at him.

"Damn!!" he managed, gaping down at my wide, innocent-seeming blue eyes. "She's fucking incredible!"

I mischievously licked my lips again, this time letting my wet tongue do its own seductive dance.

"So let's take her and get out of here already," the woman replied, anxious to be gone before the necromancer made his move.

"Uh... right," holding his gun in one hand he reached to pull his pants back on. It was difficult when I had his cock and balls in a firm grip. "Let go, doll, maybe later."

"I'm a love doll and I've got the desire to squeeze your nuts," I replied as I stood up with a saucy smile, not letting go.

He cursed. "Let go, you stupid bitch!" He slapped me, hard. I didn't let go. He cursed again and hit me in the side of the head with the bottom of his gun. My head jerked to the side from the impact, and I felt a little pain, more an indication of how hard he had hit than a warning, but I remained fully conscious.

"I am an INFLATABLE love doll," I said with a sexy smile, still playing my part. "And I love your balls." I squeezed harder, making him wince in pain.

"Help me!" he cried to his partner, finally realizing his predicament. He couldn't knock me out because I wasn't human and he was afraid that he'd be hurt if he struggled harder. The woman was both amused and annoyed.

"How the fuck do I do that?? You tried knocking her out and failed. If I do anything she'll probably bust your balls!" She whirled to the others and pointed her gun at them. "Get her to stop!"

"We can't," Winna said, "some necromancer came by and killed the man that was bonded to her. She went out of control and took out her master's killer. Somehow, she's still functioning, but for how long we don't know and we were trying to exhaust her before you came in. I don't think she much likes males anymore," Winna observed, the man wincing in pain as I squeezed him harder yet.

"This thing took out the necro?" The woman swore, backing away from us.

"Fuck! Shoot it then!" the man screamed. "Before it kills us both!"

They erroneously thought I had killed Desire's killer. The woman whirled, knowing the man was right and aimed the gun at the center of my head. I'd been waiting for this. The threat, even if I suspected the bullet wouldn't affect me, of the woman was enough to trigger my defensive reaction. I felt the energy coming into me from the ground and air. I wanted control of this instinctive force so as the wind built up I tried shaping it to do something other than what I had done with the necromancer.

The sudden wind around the man and I made the woman back away in fear, but it was too late. She wasn't picked up by the wind, but rather pushed into the basement wall and held there as she screamed in shock. The energy-laden wind rushed out of my puckered mouth and dived into hers as she screamed, silencing her. Her shirt pushed out suddenly and she watched helplessly in terror as her breasts inflated with the mystic air.

It was an incredible sight as her black shirt suddenly tore when a flaw in the material made it rip prematurely, flinging the cloth aside so all could see her bikini-tanned tits jutting straight forwards. Her tit-balloons grew past the basketball stage and kept going. I stopped when they were three feet long and two and a half wide apiece. The wind died, letting her fall to the ground and staring with total shock at her tightly inflated, massive chest. She did not seem to be able to move on her own. The man gaped at the sight, caught between shock and tittilation.

"I love your gun. Give it to me, now?" I demanded more than asked.

Numbly, he placed it in my hand and I let go of his balls.

"Ooo... Nice knockers! Can I feel?" I said and I rushed over to the helpless woman and tweaked a huge nipple. "Mmm...." I said, and licked it, the woman whimpered as I hadn't wanted to paralyse her.

Terrified, the man pulled up his pants and ran up the stairs like the devil was after him. We heard the outside door slam soon after. My friends laughed so hard they held their tummies, except for Winna who came over with a smile and took the other gun from the frozen woman and made sure their were no more weapons on her person. I dropped the gun on the stairs and then posed with my hands on my hips. "I'm a sex doll, will you fuck with me?" I asked innocently.

Everyone whooped at that. Roxy stood and ran over to hug me, relieved it was over. "My God!" she cried, looking me over. "I couldn't believe my eyes when you changed into this, Edgar!"

Becky and Tina stood up and looked me over with relief and barely-concealed lust in their eyes. "I thought Desire had come back from the dead!"

"I needed to get close. And," I shrugged, delighting the others watching me, "this, I figured, would get me close. Overkill, I suppose."

"Actually, it fits the title 'love doll' beautifully," Becky leered.

The woman had heard all this and snapped out of her daze. "Wh- what the FUCK are you talking about??" she demanded, shakily, regaining some movement.

I walked around her beach ball breasts and kneeled beside her. She edged away a little as I looked at her soberly with my large, blue eyes. "Simply put: we fooled you. You see, there was a glitch when Desire bonded to her master. At night they switched bodies, which should have been impossible but it happened. They were in this state when the necromancer showed up and killed Desire's master, but it was Desire in her master's body who was killed and her master found himself permanently stuck in Desire's love doll body. That is me."

I pulled her hood off to see her wide-eyed, shocked expression.

"The necromancer tried to kill me too, but now I was a human soul fused with a complex construct's body and he couldn't kill me. However, his intent was to kill, or maim, and this body's defences, altered and more powerful because of my soul, struck. He's outside now and resembles a giant, human beach ball. Totally helpless and paralysed."

She gulped. "H-How come I'm not..."

"A beach ball?" I answered. "I wasn't prepared for it then, but I was when you tried to shoot me. I wanted you able to move and talk and it worked. I didn't know how to completely stop it so I decided to aim for your breasts."

I looked her straight in the eye. "My body's killer took away the chance of me becoming human again. I can't forgive that, plus he's a necromancer, so I don't care what happens to him. You, however, were likely just being paid, and didn't plan to hurt anyone so I did this. I may be able to return you to normal eventually, but now I don't know how. You can't get out of this basement with those so you have to live on our mercy."

She looked at me, then her breasts and realized I was right. "Goddamn it! You've turned me into a freak!" she cried, half-sobbing, "I loved my body the way it was before..."

She didn't resist when I got her to stand so her destroyed outfit could be taken off. Her immense tits pointed slightly downwards so she could see ahead of herself, but she closed her eyes as if she could deny them. When her balloons were caressed, however, she jumped, making them bounce, and her eyes flew open. Tina and the younger pair were standing around her massive bust, afire with curiosity and hands rubbing and pressing into the tit-balloons. As the woman stared in amazement and shock, the long-haired blonde used a hand to squeeze one of her huge nipples and this made both tighten, erect.

"How do they feel?" Tina asked curiously, not stopping her caresses.

"Good, but the pressure inside them is weird..." the woman began, then shook her head to get her mind back on track. "What the hell are you doing?!" she demanded, backing away, but they just followed.

"Our interest is in sex magicks, so we're interested," Tina explained. "We don't want to hurt you, just see if your breasts are okay. We've never seen anything like this before," she confessed. "Don't you want to know?"

"I..." The woman was torn, but the caresses kept going and her knees were getting weak. The whole situation was unreal.

"I... have to sit down."

The trio stopped as she sat down, then decided to lay down all the way. Her breasts stuck almost straight up and even she had to marvel at the amazing sight. Tina and the two continued and she bit her lip to fight back a moan; the stimulation was getting to her. I went down on hands and knees and smiled down at her.

"What's your name anyway? You're going to be here for a long time after all."

"P-Pam-ela," she stuttered seeing my lovely face and breasts above her. Her eyes flew open then for some reason and she gasped.

Becky's chuckle from behind her breasts told me the red-head was exploring our captive in another, wetter area.

"Welcome to the orgy, Pam," I said with a chuckle. "And... AAAHHH!!!" I cried out, eyes popping, as something unexpectedly plunged deep into my vagina. I whipped my head around to see Debbie kneeling behind me and wearing some kind of strap-on dildo which she was drawing out of me torturously slow with a big grin on her face.

Winna had left to dispose of the guns and clothes but I saw Heather and Roxy embracing behind Debbie.

"W-Where'd you get THAT?" I asked, staring at the tool that lunged into me again and making me moan.

"We have all sorts of toys down here in the other rooms," was Debbie's chuckled response and she continued thrusting into me. She appeared very excited with my new form and was enjoying fucking it immensely. "And like Edgar was saying: Welcome to the orgy, Pam!" The mercenary below me had to grin at my surprise, then cried out herself as Becky and the others really got started on her. It was a long night, but enjoyable.

* * *

I woke up before everyone else at the crack of dawn. Last night's event drained the others, but recharged me, after all. I quietly and carefully separated from Roxy and stood up. Pam was immediately obvious with her huge hooters and I saw the brunette and blonde sleeping on either side of their former captor; they'd taken a shining to her apparently. I found Debbie had been behind me but had turned in her sleep. Becky, Heather, and Tina were in a group around Winna.

Remembering that there was a bathroom in the basement I headed there. Closing the door behind me, I looked in the mirror and saw the wet dream I had become last night. My long hair was a mess and dried female cum was all over my body making me uncomfortable, yet pleased. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The spray on my cum-covered body was a relief. I wondered how heavy I was, we had filled Desire up to ninety kilos but I had to have lost a lot of water since. Perhaps I was around eighty or so. The water inside me felt... I don't know. Slightly dirty? Maybe I had to replace it regularly, but how? I didn't need to go to the bathroom as such, maybe if I ate I would, but perhaps I should will the water out? I tried it.

I surprised myself when water spurted out in a gush from my anus and the small hole women used to pee with. I knew it was the right thing to do when I felt a pleasant relief at the release of the slightly dirty water. Lighter and lighter I felt and when all the H2O was gone the shower was able to push me around so I turned it off. My skin had a faint, plasticy sheen to it that Desire had before she had drank some water. Rubbing the back of my hand to my wet breast made a faint squeaking sound. It was hard to walk as I had little weight but normal strength. Drying myself off sounded like drying off a balloon, it was extremely strange, but erotic as I was far from a normal balloon.

When I carefully left the bathroom, feeling refreshed, I saw my activity was making the others stir. Tina looked at me sleepily, then woke up quickly when I lightly bounded over her in slow motion.

"What the Hell?!?" she shouted, amazed, waking up everybody in a hurry. They all stared as I bounced slowly over to a sleepy-eyed but gaping Roxy.

"I went to the bathroom, and I feel SO much lighter!" I said, then laughed at their expressions.

Roxy grabbed me around my slim waist and, wide-eyed, raised me over her head.

"Ooo... I love strong women," I cooed. I gave a startled exclamation when she twisted me around and tucked me under one of her arms at my waist, feet forward.

"What the hell is this?" she demanded to the more knowledgeable watchers.

"Edgar drained the water from his, er, her supply. It's normal," Tina reassured her, "the water keeps her clean inside, but it will get dirty."

"It was a little," I confirmed. "I just did it to see if I could dump it if I had to."

I could see Pam staring at Roxy effortlessly holding me under her arm and she wasn't the only one.

"Uh, shouldn't we get ready for work?" I said, "We have to..." Then I remembered I had a problem in that area. Like my body being dead. My sudden silence told the others that I had recalled that dismal fact.

Roxy gently released me and quickly put me onto my feet. She saw my depressed face and wrapped an arm around my waist. "I know it's difficult for you, Edgar, but there's nothing we can do."

I nodded slowly and she turned to Winna. "What will we do about his body?"

"We'll discuss it when the alterationalists come, which will be soon so everyone clean up!" The head witch pondered Pam's big bosom, making the woman shift nervously. "Maybe we can squeeze her through doors later, right now we'll have to towel wash you."

Pam's shoulders slumped as I carefully walked towards her. When I was close, she looked me up and down. "Jesus, you really are a love doll, aren't you?"

"In the plastic flesh," I affirmed, then yelped as Debbie grabbed my waist and lifted me effortlessly up the stairs.

"Time to make a water balloon!" she laughed.

Roxy had managed to get me dressed in the clothes Desire had worn after I changed into her double before the alterationalists arrived. The alts came in two vehicles: a huge, blue truck and a white van. They seemed a curious crew, I saw only one female out of the seven who had arrived and one man who looked more like a cop than a worker of magics. I was surprised later when I found out that I was right.

"Hi, Winna," a willowy, chestnut-haired woman with thick glasses said, giving our host a cheerful hug. She had intellectual written all over her and looked around forty. She introduced herself and the cop. "I'm Rebecca Stone, and this is my husband Tomas Stone who's a police lieutenant. He helps us out when something like this comes up."

Tomas was a husky man with curly brown hair and had a friendly cast to his muddy-brown eyes. "Tell me what happened and I'll see what we can do," he asked Winna.

She started the tale, Tomas blinked when she came to me and looked at Roxy and I in astonishment, his wife with a more delighted examination. However, when the event with the necromancer came up his eyes turned hard and she looked more compassionate. Both gaped when the inflated necromancer was rolled into sight.

"Oh... my... God..." Rebecca whispered. "That's incredible!"

"Honey, THAT'S going to challenge you," her husband chuckled. He peered up into the rumbling sky, "Let's load the poor bastard. We won't need his shoes."

"Shoes?" I wondered.

"I'm sorry, er, miss, but we're going to have to report you dead." He outlined the story. "You both decided to play hooky and accepted Ms. Winna's invitation to visit her house. You stayed overnight and were fooling around in the back yard when the killer appeared. You stood and he killed you, then fled. I and my wife had just arrived, as Rebecca knows her, I heard your girlfriend's screams and rushed to find out what had happened and stayed to make sure the killer did not return. Winna phoned as soon as she saw the body." He sighed. "That's the best I can do. It should work as he likely had a car stashed somewhere."

Winna nodded, satisfied. "Then we'd best start."

I left with Tina and Becky as our presence would be considered odd and any sudden contact with Roxy would be considered bad for a while. A strange girl suddenly appearing with a murdered man's girlfriend would not look good for either of us. I changed my appearance slightly, but only in the face and hair. Tomas had promised to get me identity papers when things settled down and I decided on a course for my new life. He'd become used to the unusual with his wife's business and he figured at least one cop ought to keep an eye on things arcane.

On the way to the store, the three of us made a joke of possible career choices for me. Topless dancer, fashion model, porno star, bomb squad, actress, secretary, etc. I didn't have to worry about a lot of things now. I'd asked Winna how tough my body was and she said that they'd made it as durable as magically possible. Even Desire would have laughed at the bullet last night and even with more powerful weapons, but I would be even tougher. The needed force to actually hurt my body would have to be phenomenal. I couldn't get pregnant, get diseases, and would never get hungry or thirsty. Well, except for water, perhaps.

I thought boredom was my worst enemy, that and the public. If normal people found out what I could do I wasn't sure what would happen but I bet it wouldn't be nice. It was bad enough mystic circles knew about Desire already. I went with the duo to the store that had changed my life. They set up shop as I wandered around the store, examining things with new interest. Now that I was female a lot of this stuff could be fun to try out, later. I got bored eventually and told them I'd return at closing. I explored the mall all day, catching male glances coming my way. When the day ended, I return to the store and got a surprise.

"You what??" I said, blinking in amazement.

"Tina's booked for tonight and so am I, but we arranged for some fun for you at our place," Becky said with a grin.


"Well, we know these absolutely handsome twins and..."

* * *

I couldn't believe I was doing this. Becky had said she owed these twins a favor and it would help her a lot if I did this. It wasn't like I had pressing business elsewhere. I had agreed and she had told me what kind of woman they liked. Their problem was that they wanted to fuck the same woman at the same time and these guys had endurance to burn AND supposedly they were really hung. Few women wanted to go with two twins at once who could each fuck the average woman to death. Some kind of freak hormone in them both made them this way. Becky had told them I had agreed for only one night which was fine with them.

So I was a platinum-blonde, busty and firm bombshell, about 5' 8" at the moment, clad in only one of Becky's robes. Like quite a few men they liked their breasts big so I was about DD size with crimson nipples. Oddly, they liked grey eyes, but they had them too so that was accountable. My tanned skin completed the overall effect. The doorbell rang and, feeling very nervous, I answered. Two identical blonde men stood outside. They wore t-shirts and shorts so their nicely defined bodies were shown off to me. On the other hand, they were practically drooling over my appearance, and to be honest my nearly naked state didn't help.

One of them coughed, realizing I was waiting for them so say something. "Hi, we're Tony and Tim. Becky's friends?"

"Come on in," I said with a smile and they quickly walked in.

They took off their shoes as I closed the door. But when I turned around, one of them pulled me close and kissed me deeply, the other went behind me and squeezed my ass. Fast workers! The kisser pulled away and gasped out, "Sorry, but it's not every day my brother and I get to do this. Doesn't help that you look so damn perfect."

He and his brother were janking off their clothes in a fury. "It really stinks that we have to leave at midnight."

Jesus, these guys looked almost desperate. It certainly eased my conscious about all this. I stepped from between the pair and into the middle of Tina and Becky's living room. Then I let the robe slowly drop. Tony and Tim's eyes nearly bulged from their heads at the sight of a woman that fit their idea of perfection to the letter. I, myself, was trying not to stare at the twins. Then again, their eleven inches looked pretty darn thick standing at attention.

"I'm all yours till then, gentlemen," I purred.

They stepped forward as one and surrounded me again, sandwiching me between their hard bodies. The one in front kissed me while rubbing my moistening slit, the one behind ground his member into my firm rear and manipulated my soft breasts and hardening nipples. Becky had told me these guys liked to do most of the action and she hadn't lied, all I had to do was follow their lead and enjoy the ride. My moans were muffled by the kiss, but they were getting more frequent. I missed some exchanged signal for they put their hands on my hips and guided me down into a doggie-style position, spreading my legs.

They skipped the rest of normal foreplay and positioned themselves, one at my pussy and the other in front. I bent my head back and opened my mouth, guessing what they wanted and was right. They were a snug fit in throat and cunt as they slowly pushed their way into me, their groans betraying their pleasure. I felt like a spitted piece of meat, but couldn't deny liking the feeling of being filled in both ends. The one in my pussy leaned forward and grabbed my dangling breasts as he began pumping. His twin grabbed my shoulders and synchronized with him. All I could do was go with the flow. They had truckloads of stamina for all their eagerness. I came three times in the first position before they shot double massive loads of cum into me. They even came at the same time!

Then they switched places and put me on the floor. My cunt was filled again while the second put his between my breasts, pushing my big mams together as he tit-fucked me. They switched places half way though that position before shooting off again, cum was sprayed all over my tits and face and they both massaged the white stuff into my knockers, big grins on their faces and a smile on mine. Twice cummed and still ramrod stiff. Unbelievable. But the next was apparently their favorite and saved for last. We all stood and they marvelled aloud at how energetic I still was after all the times I had cum myself.

"Takes a licking and keeps on kicking," I said with a saucy smile.

They grinned and sandwiched me again. The front one lowered himself a bit and gently guided himself into my love tunnel all the way until our crotches met. Then I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart. I'd never had it up the ass yet, and waited anxiously for the next bit. His cock head pushed at my sphincter and increased the pressure. I relaxed and it popped in, making me moan deeply as both huge cocks eventually impaled my body. They alternated quite a bit. Sometimes thrusting into me at the same time, sometimes one fully in and one fully out. The dual filling and my tits being manipulated kept my arousal state very high and I orgasmed often.

After their third cum, they switched sides and started again, but this time they had to wait a minute for their dicks to recover. They plunged on, and I was the one they did it to. Finally, it was eleven forty-five and they shot their load a fourth time. We'd been going non-stop for almost four hours and the twins had finally reached their limit. I'd lost count how many times I came with the pair, and kissed them tenderly in thanks as they dressed to leave. They looked very happy and almost reluctant to go, but they had to. When they asked for my name, I merely smiled mysteriously as I waved and closed the door.

After, I showered my cum and sweat covered body, tweaking my nipples sometimes, and thought about the events of tonight. I'd actually liked fucking with the twins, but would've preferred being more of an active participant. And I think I enjoyed being with women more. Ah well, I was a sex doll now, I could handle doing both.

On a lark, I became that wet dream I'd used to fool Pam and that man she had been with and stared at my slightly inhuman reflection in the mirror. Jeez, no wonder everyone had been so shocked; I'd have stood in line for ten years to fuck this body when I was male. It wasn't just the body, however, I felt some kind of sexual 'glow' radiating from me. I wondered why, possibly it was because I had wanted that man to be utterly captivated by me and added something more than a great body. This body felt more like the actual 'me' than any of the others as well, with a magical attraction to it bordering on a charm. I decided to save my energies and went to bed on the couch, tempted as I was to explore this body, covers hiding my perfect body.

I awoke the next morning to find Becky licking my pussy and Tina nibbling my nipples. I must've tossed my covers off last night. The two had seen I had changed into this body again and couldn't resist.

"Don't you guys let up?" I groaned.

"Not when you look more appetizing than breakfast," Tina retorted primly, rolling my nipples with her fingers and making me catch my breath. They were dressed to go for work so they weren't getting too far into it. Me, I had I few questions I wanted to ask them.

"Do you two think I'm casting some kind of sexual charm or anything in this body?" I said, and that made them stop.

"No," Becky said, looking at me thoughtfully, "but we are uncommonly turned on by this sex goddess form of yours."

"Maybe it's the combination of your soul and the sexual nature of the construct's body. You just show it openly in this form," Tina theorized. I changed into my imitation of Roxy before they could continue.

Tina nodded when I finished. "Yes, not magical, but definitely not physical either. Interesting."

"In other words, you just radiate sexual vibes," Becky chuckled. "Oh, by the way, the twins left a message on the answering machine. Apparently, you were a big hit with them and they wanted to meet up with you again some time."

"Maybe later. They were good, but four hours straight of doing nothing but standing still and being fucked by twin eleven inch dicks isn't something I want to do often."

Becky whistled. "Whoa. So the rumours were true. Now I'm glad I didn't do them myself; I'd have fainted after two hours of that. I need time to recover."

"They didn't," I said ruefully, and they laughed as they got ready to leave. "Is there any place you know of that would generate a lot of sexual tension? I'm curious as to how much energy I can store."

Tina looked thoughtful. "That's more Debbie's specialty," she said. Why was I not surprised?

"Sex witches sometimes gather energies for big projects and she went around for a year to collect the power to make Desire." Becky snorted. "Overkill on her part. We could've made a frigging nuke with the amount of power she gathered. Made things easier in some ways but handling it was a bitch. I'm glad Winna did that part." She waved as they walked out the door.

"I'll call her today and maybe we can roam the town tonight," Becky promised and closed the door. Debbie's big titted, naked body appeared in my mind. She was the next person most after my body, after Roxy, and she didn't care what form I was in. Tonight could be interesting, I mused.

* * *

"Well? How do you like this place?" Debbie grinned, squeezing my thigh.

"Definitely has sexual tension enough," I had to admit, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

The place was the most popular and large strip joint in town. It had a fast paced atmosphere and the women on stage really knew how to whip the mostly male crowd into a panting frenzy. Some were only B-cup, or even A-cup, but those moved with such sensualness with their tight bodies that the patrons didn't give a damn. I watched those artists keenly, and I learned a lot from them. The four of us were a little ways from the main stage.

Debbie had given me an outfit of hers so I was following her measurements. I think she lied because my black top that only barely covered my breasts was tight and pushed my breasts up under the small leather jacket I wore overtop. Same with the painted on, black leather pants. I was a red-head tonight with long curly hair framing a freckled face and green eyes. Becky had only smirked. Needless to say the others were dressed like I was, to kill, and we four were attracting not a small bit of attention ourselves.

As for me absorbing sex energy, I was practically inhaling it with this crowd. I thought there was a hidden orgy somewhere. A slender, dark haired woman with a crew cut and a pierced nose in a dark green latex bodysuit came up to our table and grinned at us. "Hey, Deb, this your harem?" she said.

My friend rolled her eyes. "No, just my friends, Nancy."

"What's the difference?" The woman laughed. "Anyhow, gotta run. C-ya!" She sauntered away.

"Bitch," Debbie muttered.

"Not your favorite person?" I asked and she shook her head in a negative.

"She uses the Art, but sex isn't her primary focus like ours," she nodded at Tina and Becky who were listening attentively. "I first ran into her two years ago and we took an immediate dislike to the other. We finally came head to head six months ago when I was collecting power to make Desire. She was experimenting with something else that required the same thing and took offence when she saw me here doing the same thing. We got into a Duel."

Tina and Becky sucked their breath in surprise.

"Since there was so much sex energy here it fell into my specialty and I won. She, on the other hand, went into a series of orgasms that didn't stop until she dropped." She looked worried. "I don't know if she's buried the hatchet or not."

"What is her specialty?" I said.

"Enchantment of objects, I think." She shrugged and hefted her drink. "Just forget her and let's enjoy the show."

Her other hand wandered up my thigh again. We did, and generally enjoyed the next few hours. Becky and Tina were getting tipsy, but Debbie wasn't even close and I didn't think I could get drunk, unless a high on sexual pheromones counted. I was feeling good about the energy I was absorbing all this time and felt a nice warm mellow glow growing inside me. I'd almost say I was getting horny but it wasn't quite right. Then a serious-looking man in a business suit walked up to us. He looked absurdly out of place in the strip club with his no-nonsense demeanour and we became immediately wary.

"Ladies," he said politely, nodding his head to take us all in, "Mr. Raymond would like to meet with you."

The three witches with me paled a little upon hearing his name, Becky gulped nervously.

"And exactly who is Mr. Raymond?" I asked him, wondering at my friend's reactions as they obviously knew this person.

"My employer, and Master." He emphasized the master and I knew he was talking about magic. I was still in the dark, though, and he noticed. Saying only "Your companions know of him well and can discuss it with you on the way to the limousine,." he waved an arm to indicate which direction to go, we stood up and followed the professional seeming man. The crowd seemed to melt away from us as we passed unhindered. I was still very puzzled.

"Just WHO is this 'Mr. Raymond'??" I whispered.

"Only about the richest and most powerful archmage around," Becky muttered. "I hear he likes to require the local arcane squabblers to deal with their problems peacefully and can enforce it if necessary."

"Oh." Suddenly, I felt a little afraid. Perhaps I was picking up energy of a different kind.

Tina sighed. "We should've known he would become involved after those two incidents at Winna's."

She would've said more but we reached the limo then.

"If you give your car keys to these gentlemen your cars will be returned to your homes safely," Mr. Suit said, indicating two younger but no less formally dressed versions of himself. They, however, were looking at us appreciatively. Becky and Debbie gave their keys to them -- not really having a choice -- and the five of us piled into the cavernous black vehicle. It was a nervous ride as Mr. Suit kept his pinch-faced silence and the others of us worried.

Eventually, we headed into a wealthy section of town and reached a walled track with an iron gate that opened automatically as the limo arrived. We drove a ways into the estate before pulling up to the mansion where we stopped. When we got out we gaped a little at the huge granite building before we were directed in. The inside of the place was as huge as a cathedral. We walked for what seemed like an hour through one of its halls and eventually reached our destination and entered the double-doored room. It was richly done, with dark shades of wood and fabric predominant throughout, and appeared to be a study. There were bookshelves filled with tomes along the walls and paintings where they weren't. Some furniture was scattered around as well.

A large, darkened oak desk was at the other end of the medium-sized room. Behind it was Mr. Raymond. It was immediately obvious he was the lord of this castle. A hawk-like face with keenly sharp brown eyes, with only faint wrinkles in the corners, that almost shone with intelligence and power. His black hair had twin streaks of white on either side, showing his age, but he was far from old as his leanly muscled body was evident under his tasteful clothing. He had a neutral expression on his face.

Not so another. A woman of about twenty or so stood beside the desk and she didn't look happy at all to see us. She was of average height and had short black hair. Her face was attractive, but looked a little anorexic as her too-thin body wrapped in an elegant black dress reenforced that impression. Her hazel eyes glared angrily at us four as she held a glass of what looked to be champagne. She did not stand still, but fidgeted around nervously.

"Welcome," Mr. Raymond said politely. "I trust your trip wasn't too unpleasant?"

Becky coughed. "Uh... Yes, sir."

"Good," he said, nodding, then looked at the woman. "Perhaps you should put the glass down for now, granddaughter."

Oh shit, I thought, seeing the resemblance in the two now. Something was up. Tight-lipped, she obeyed and the glass set on the desk.

"So these are them?" she demanded. Her melodious voice would have been far nicer to hear without the unconcealed fury in each word.

"Yes," the archmage affirmed, watching her carefully.

She didn't see, or care; all her attention was on us four. "Which one is it?" she said abruptly.

I started to frown at that, becoming a little worried. More so when Raymond pointed at me.

"That one."

The thin woman snarled, baring her teeth, "You fucking bimbo doll!" she spat out.

From somewhere in the folds of her dress she whipped out a short knife that glowed black and evil. Before I could move she threw it right straight at my bare midsection where my jacket gaped open. I swore the thing seemed to claw through the air for me, wanting so very eagerly to end my life. It hit my stomach. What happened next was almost comical. It froze in mid-air as it still pointed at me, then the blackness around it was extinguished by something within me. It clattered to the tiled floor, a now-harmless Damascus steel dagger.

Mr. Raymond shook his head sadly, finally showing his frustration as his grandchild looked at me and the fallen knife with disbelief. "Catherine, I am well and truly disappointed in you. I allowed your relationship with that idiot, that unattached necromancer, because I thought it only a fling. But you ALSO began following his advice and started learning in the black arts of which I do NOT approve of in others, much less those of my own blood. I have seen and fought that sort too often to see my line, my kin, fall into such absolute evil. You have not yet gone very far, but even using a borrowed cursed blade from one of his ilk damns you!"

The girl paled at his harsh words.

"Even more," he continued, more heatedly showing his disgust, "you acted without thinking, and in magic that can be disastrous if you do not know what you are dealing with." He looked directly at me and said ominously, "Even I am not fully certain in this matter."

I was trying my best to restrain my defensive powers, not wanting to anger the archmage by attacking his granddaughter. It was a slowly losing battle and I was gritting my teeth and sweating with the effort.

"I know about your reactions to attacks," he said to me, almost as an aside, "and I appreciate your attempt to stop it on my behalf. But Catherine's a damn fool and so has brought whatever revenge you will exact upon herself."

Catherine was backing away in panic as she saw the wind start swirling around me.

"Grandfather! You can't!" she pleaded.

"You did this to yourself, now reap the rewards," was his only cold response.

I couldn't hold back any longer, but neither was I going to let another chance to control this power pass me by. I was still glowing inside with the power I had collected inside the strip bar and I figured I owed the bitch for her bitchy remarks and then for trying to kill me. So it was experimentation time, I thought vengefully, and the winds howled for the archmage's granddaughter, pinning her to a wall as she screamed in fright. She remained stuck there like an insect' pinned to a board. I wondered what would happen if people didn't scream during their immobilization, for that was how the glowing wind that escaped from my mouth entered the other person.

'Bimbo' she said, bimbo she gets, I thought.

The black dress on the thin woman began to strain in all sorts of places as she gained extra flesh over her skinny frame, then the fabric gave up and ripped apart, flying open because of the magical wind. Her hips widened out and her emaciated legs filled into a more attractive shape. Her waist stayed tiny, though, giving her a new and exotic silhouette. Catherine's once-thin face now looked much better than before, high-boned but not so hollow-cheeked, though it was hard to tell from her shocked and panicked expression. For I'd decided to do the same to her as I had to Pam and her previously non-existent breasts were blimping out insanely, not with flesh like the rest of her but with magical air. They stopped at a smaller size than Pam's, but only slightly so that she would be able to get through doors. Perhaps two feet around I estimated as the flow of wind stopped and she slid, stunned, to the floor.

"No, no, no, no..." she whimpered, her eyes only on her inflated tits, knowing she couldn't pass them off as normal.

Personally, I was surprised how much of that glow remained in me, it had diminished but less than I had imagined it would after fleshing her out. With meat on her bones she really was quite attractive, but I don't think she would've thanked me. Mr. Raymond was breathing a little heavily at the sight of her new form and I didn't blame him, even if she was his granddaughter.

"Peter," he said, and Mr. Suit stepped forward. "Take Catherine to her suite and make sure she doesn't do anything rash."

"At once, sir." Peter went over and carefully lifted the shocked young woman, who continued to make a keening sound. The ballooned boobs were awkward, but he managed to get her out the doors.

Mr. Raymond sighed as he watched her go. "I must apologize for my granddaughter's erratic behaviour; she has been having trouble in her life and hasn't dealt with it well at all." He eyed me with more than a passing interest. "Extremely interesting what you did though, but less so than your very existence, Mr. Underwood."

I jumped at hearing my real name; he nodded, smiling for the first time. "Yes, I am aware of the tragedy that occurred to your physical manifestation. I like to be kept informed."

Looking at the others, who had been standing so mutely they seemed to have been turned into statues, he nodded.

"Other than the accident, I must congratulate you young women on your accomplishment. Even before his soul became stuck in this body, it must have been something to behold. As for the general interest of the community in 'acquiring' your work," we all shifted nervously, "I have decided to put an end to it. Your outstanding creation carries a soul now and is NOT to be thought of as merely property. Certainly not thought of as helpless, either," he observed wryly, as we sighed in relief.

"Thank you, Mr. Raymond," Becky said at last, and the rest of us nodded.

"They can ask your group politely if they want, but I would make sure 'accidents' like the one that caused your trouble, Mr. Underwood, be prevented against. The next fellow might not be so lucky," he warned.

Tina nodded again. "If we do it again, we will." Everyone chuckled.

The archmage leaned back then and regarded me curiously. "How flexible are your powers of shape-changing?" he asked.

I had to shrug. "I honestly don't know. Desire was pretty amazing and I didn't have much time to see everything. Myself, I can likely do more but I haven't tried yet."

Mr. Raymond looked at me thoughtfully, obviously trying to decide something, and there was a repressed excitement beginning to show. Interest in my magical nature, I supposed. At last, he sighed and leaned forward to put his palms on his desk. "Mr. Underwood, I have an unusual offer to give you."

Puzzled, I looked at the others then faced him and said, "What offer?"

Almost embarrassed, he rubbed his chin with his hand. "I wish to see you demonstrate a few of your unique talents with something I believe you have not tried to do yet but think quite possible for you."

"Go on," I prompted.

"You see," he chuckled at himself, "I am something of a breast man. I try to repress it as it does not suit my personal liking but here I am faced with an opportunity to help you and indulge myself with two of my fantasies. I am a sex fiend at heart, I fear, however much I hide it from myself."

"I have a girlfriend who likes to fuck a big-breasted twin of herself, and I've done it with hyperactive twins, I won't worry overmuch," I said dryly, and he had to smile.

He reached into a drawer and pulled out two small stacks of paper that were stapled together. He pushed them across the desk for me. "I think you'll find these sufficient to tell you why I think only you can do this," he explained. "I suggest you sit down while you read."

"Alright," I said and did so, feeling a bit weirded out. I flipped the first page of what looked like a script and started. "You want to film this?"

"I want to do this only once, therefore I want a private record of the--scenes."

Eccentric millionaires, I sighed to myself, beginning to read. I was shifting in my seat after the first script.

"I see what you mean. You are a breast man, aren't you?" I chuckled as I shifted, glad the leather hid my wetness and the jacket my erect nipples. I had to admit thinking of attempting trying it was exciting me. "Private?"

"This will all be filmed in my mansion," he affirmed. "The indoor pool I have will do nicely, as for the 'normal female' parts--" He looked inquiringly at the others, who were dying of curiosity.

"Let me see," Debbie asked walking over and taking the first script while I began the second. We read silently. When my friend finished, she looked excited. "What the hell. Sure," she smiled as she placed the script into Becky and Tina's eager hands. "If Edgar can, it looks like a blast. I wouldn't mind a copy of the tape myself," she said with a grin.

"Excellent." He was watching me finish the second screenplay. I gulped as I closed the pages, it was arousing to say the least, but whether I could actually do it...

"You think I can?" I asked him, swallowing, then handed the script to Debbie, who was wondering why I looked so nervous.

He looked thoughtful, then nodded. "Yes, possibly quite easily as well. You could always stop if you feel unable to continue, but I'm very sure it's within your abilities. My personal gymnasium will do perfectly."

"Holy fuck!" Debbie cried, and I didn't blame her. She passed the script to a puzzled Becky and Tina.

"Did you want us three for this one too?"

"If you like," he said with a grin.

"I'm in then," she replied, shaking her head in amazement. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

We waited for the other two to finish, and after startled looks at me, agreed too.

Mr. Raymond smiled. "Excellent, and as the star able to actually able to do these fantasies of mine, Mr. Underwood..."

I'd had enough of that reminder of my past life and interrupted him. "No, that name's dead," I sighed. "Better make it Ellen. Ellen Lovecraft."

He nodded, and my friends smiled at me, respecting my choice.

"Ah, a very well thought-out name!" Raymond said with a smile, "As I was saying, Ms. Lovecraft, I will pay you one million dollars for completing these films. Each," he added with an amused expression at my slack jaw, which was echoed by the others. "No, make that one and a half million dollars each. As I said, I only want to do this once and it will be an excellent preventative measure for myself for you to have an income. Supporting actresses will get paid somewhat less, perhaps say three hundred thousand each -- ah, let's say five instead."

He chuckled openly now.

"You will need it, Ms. Lovecraft, as you do not have any kind of job right now. If you wish, I can arrange for identification to be crafted in your new name as well and with a likeness of your choosing."

"Yuh-yuh-yes, thank you, Mr. Raymond!" I stammered.

"No, thank YOU," he stressed the word. Pressed a button on the wall, he summoned Mr. Suit, Peter, who soon entered the room. "Could you return these fine ladies to their homes now?"

"Certainly, sir." He bowed towards the door and motioned for us to follow him. As we left, Mr. Raymond said, "Oh, yes! Ms Lovecraft -- everything should be ready by tomorrow."

At our surprised looks, he chuckled. "I had a feeling you would be saying 'yes'. Good night, ladies."

We left feeling more than a little stunned by our audience with the powerful archmage. The limo dropped Debbie off at her apartment and then us at Becky and Tina's. Once inside, we dropped onto the furniture before going to bed.

"This feels so unreal," Becky sighed, rubbing her face tiredly.

"We'd better get a lot of sleep tonight," Tina advised. "That script made me wet just looking at it but we'll be DOING it tomorrow. And do you think you can really do it, Ed...Ellen?" she asked me, remembering my name change.

"I'd like to know if I can," I admitted. Both grinned at my speculative expression.

Becky licked her lips. "I can't wait."

* * *



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