Automata 2: The Escape

by Tam Lin

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© Copyright 2011 - Tam Lin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; M+/f; machine; transform; bodymod; lovedoll; sextoy; object; stage; display; sex; oral; reluct/nc; X

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Part 2: The Escape

Suki waited in alley as instructed. She checked the time over and over, eager for it to be five thirty, when the pickup was supposed to happen. She couldn't stop looking over her shoulder.

She wore her old schoolgirl's uniform from sophomore year and put her hair in pigtails to look younger. She was a petite thing, and the illusion was convincing; no one would suspect that such a young-looking girl could be a draft dodger.

She’d just turned 18 and her number was pulled in the last draft. Unable to negotiate a waiver, she was set to be Automated and transformed into a Sex Doll by the end of the week. Perverts couldn’t wait to get their hands on submissive Sex Dolls made from beautiful Asian girls like her, but Suki had other plans.

At five thirty two the van pulled up and she got in. Johanna, the tall, athletic blond, was driving, and Sienna, the pretty, dark-eyed Thai woman, helped Suki inside. The interior of the vehicle was dark and hot.

“Well, you made it,” said Sienna.

Suki let out all her breath at once. “Looks like it.”

“Does she have the money?” said Johanna, not taking her eyes off the road.

Suki patted her bag. “It’s all here.”

Sienna counted it. It was enough.

“It’s almost everything I had,” said Suki. “I don’t know what I’m going to live off of.”

“Well you don’t expect us to smuggle you out for free, do you?” said Johanna.

“Lay off Jo,” said Sienna. She looked at Suki. “She’s right though. We’re taking a big risk here. We could both be Automated along with you if we’re caught.”

Suki nodded. “I know. I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me. Thank you so, so much.”

“Thank us when you’re across the border,” said Johanna.

“What country are you taking me to?” said Suki.

“It’s safer if you don’t know that,” said Sienna. “But it’s one where Sex Dolls are illegal, and there’s no extradition. You’ll be safe as long as you never come back. Here, put this blindfold on.”

Suki blinked. “Why?”

“We can’t let you see the route we take,” said Sienna. “It’s for everyone’s protection.”

“Mainly ours,” said Johanna.

Suki obeyed. The rest of the ride passed in silence. She couldn’t believe she was really going to escape. She was so happy. She’d been having nightmares all week about being Automated and having to spend the rest of her life as a soulless rubber fuck toy. Instead she was going to stay human, and a real woman, with real feelings.

It was hard to guess how long they were driving, but eventually the van stopped. Johanna’s strong hands guided Suki out.

“Can I take this off yet?” she said.

“Not yet,” said Sienna. “We’re changing cars. Just follow us.”

Suki obeyed. They were walking in a cement corridor judging from the sound of their footsteps. Then the sound changed; now they were on wooden planks, and Suki felt hot lights. Her blindfold was removed, and she was surprised to see that she was standing on a stage. She was in some kind of nightclub, and the room was full of people at tables, looking at her.

“What-what’s going on?” she said.

“A bad day,” said Johanna, grabbing her. “For you anyway.”

Suki began to struggle. “What are you doing? Stop it! You’re supposed to help me!”

“We are,” said Sienna. “But we’re helping ourselves too. And our lovely audience.” She smiled at all of them and winked.

Suki tried to fight, but Johanna was taller and stronger. Suki was stripped naked and strapped upright to a metal rack.

“Now ladies and gentleman-mostly gentleman-it’s time for our feature presentation!” said Sienna. “We’ve all used Sex Dolls and we all know how they’re made, but how many of you have ever seen a woman Automated with your very eyes? Well, you’re all going to have the privilege of seeing that right now!”

Johanna wheeled a table covered with sinister-looking machinery and big liquid-filled tanks onto the stage. Suki’s eyes widened.

“No!” she screamed. “Please don’t Automate me! Anything but that!”

Sienna ignored her. “You’ve all probably seen black market Sex Dolls, and you may think that no off-market Doll can match up to the official line, but we’re here to prove you wrong.”

Sienna gave the signal and Johanna started the machinery.

“Wait!” said Suki. “I paid you! I paid you to save me!”

“And don’t think we don’t appreciate your contribution, little Suki,” said Sienna, and the audience laughed. “All of this equipment is expensive you know. But don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth. Now, first we’re going to remodel Suki’s cute little body. Jo, hit her with the spray.”

Johanna picked up a spray nozzle attached to the tanks by a long hose. Ignoring Suki’s pleas, she turned the nozzle on and began hosing her with gelled latex. Sienna retreated, careful not to let any splash onto her. Johanna circled Suki, spraying her on every side. Suki thrashed her pretty head from side to side and struggled against her restraints, but it was no good.

The specially designed latex gel immediately bonded with her naked flesh, and her skin absorbed it eagerly. She felt herself begin to change, her skin hardening and becoming rubberized. Her arms, legs, thighs, hips, and stomach became a union of flesh and rubber. Her breasts hardened into plastic mounds, and her face became a stiff latex mask. Even her hair (still in pigtails) took on the qualities of nylon strands. By the time Johanna turned the sprayer off, Suki’s human body had been converted into that of a living rubberized doll!

The crowd gasped and applauded. Suki tried to cry, but tears couldn’t escape her new latex-bonded flesh. Sienna smiled and waited for the applause to die down before continuing.

“As you can see, our formula is very potent and has bonded with her skin cells. Little Suki’s skin is now 70% rubber! But this is just the first step in turning this real teenage girl into your perfect, obedient Sex Doll.”

Johanna unhooked a pair of suction cups attached to long hoses. Suki trembled.

"Now, let me ask you," said Sienna. "Who out there likes a girl with big tits?"

The audience chuckled.

"As you can see, Suki here is not very naturally endowed. Lucky for us we don't have to rely on nature."

Johanna attached the suction cups to Suki's petite breasts. Suki was still trying her best to cry.

"How big do you think we can get them? D cups? E cups even? Let's find out."

Johanna threw the switch. A sputtering noise came from the tanks, and latex gel filled the tubes and began to pump into Suki's breasts. Her newly-rubberized body accommodated stretching very easily, so her tits began to swell up with a sound like PVC being pulled. They inflated like enormous balloons, and the audience gasped to see how huge they got.

"Wow, G-cups!" said Sienna. "Who would have thought she had it in her!"

More applause. Suki was now so top-heavy that she had trouble keeping upright. Her gigantic new tits pulled her forward and strained her petite frame. Johanna pulled the cups off, then began fondling Suki, tweaking her rubbery, inch-long nipples.

"Please, stop it," Suki said.

“What’s that Suki? You have something to say?”

“I said stop it, stop doing this to me!”

“Isn’t that cute folks? Suki think she’s a real person. She’ll have to get used to the idea of being a sex toy who has to do whatever anyone wants. And speaking of which, we all know what comes next, am I right?"

Johanna applied lube to a pair of long metal tubes attached to hoses. She rammed one into Suki’s tight little cunt, and Suki screamed. Ignoring her, Johanna pushed the other one into her ass. Suki had never felt so violated, that is until Johanna turned the machine on and began pumping her orifices full of latex gel.

"As you can see, we're outfitting little Suki with custom latex fuck holes that will accommodate all of your nice big cocks. And anything else you want to stick in there."

It was true; Suki felt her pussy and ass being saturated with the fluid, which bonded to her insides converted them into squishy rubber. Her pussy was now a soft rubber sack, pliant and easy to fuck but completely sanitized. Her ass expanded to match. Johanna was playing with Suki's clit while all of this happened, rubbing it with two fingers and giving her a cruel smile all the time. Finally she pulled the tubes out.

"I can tell that my partner really wants to eat Suki's little rubber pussy, but she'd better wait a minute until all the gel in there is done drying. We've already got one plastic girl, I don't need two. Yet." Sienna winked at the crowd again.

"As you can see, Suki's body is now perfect, clean and sanitized and fuckable. But that's not what makes a really great Sex Doll, is it? To complete the transformation, Suki will have to be made obedient. Isn't that right Suki?"

"No, no, no!"

"Well, she won‘t get far with that attitude, will she?" said Sienna.

Johanna fixed something like a metal hairnet onto Suki's head, trailing wires back to the machine. She smirked. “Say goodbye, little Suki."

Johanna powered the machine up, and Suki's scalp began to tingle. She felt groggy, as if she was going to sleep, but she knew that it was really the obedience programming sinking in

"No!" she screamed. "Please, don't do this to me! I don't want to be a sex toy, I'm a woman! I'm alive and I have feelings and I don't want you to take that away from me, I don't, I can't, I-I-I..."

She stopped, and her jaw went slack, and her eyes lost focus.

“I’m sorry Suki, what were you saying?” said Sienna.

"I'm your rubber love slut,” said Suki, in a flat monotone.

The crowd burst into wild applause. Johanna turned off the machine and took the cap off of Suki's head. Suki stared straight ahead, no longer crying, no longer talking. She was conscious of everything that was going on around her, and she still remembered everything, but she no longer cared about what was happening to her.

She felt nothing, and had no will of her own. A few seconds ago she had been Suki, a real girl with hopes and dreams and feelings, but now she was just a Sex Doll, an empty rubber shell to be used for the gratification of others.

Johanna let her out of her restraints, and Sex Doll Suki stood with her arms at her side, awaiting instructions.

"As you can see," she said, "our procedure is every bit as effective as the official line. And you can't argue with the results, right boys?"

Everyone laughed except for Sex Doll Suki, who just stared blankly.

"Now," said Sienna, raising an eyebrow, "who wants to try her out?"

There was a commotion as dozens of men and a few women clamored to be the first to fuck this new living sex toy who mere minutes ago had been a frightened teenage girl. A bidding war broke out, and Sienna took the three highest bidders up on stage. All three men took out their cocks and prepared to stuff Sex Doll Suki in every hole.

"Suki, get down on the floor and let these men do whatever they want with you," said Sienna.

"I'm your rubber love slut," said Sex Doll Suki.

She obediently opened her mouth for one cock, turning her head and sucking it as she was programmed to do while the other two men positioned themselves to fuck her tight latex pussy and ass. Huge cocks invaded the soft rubber interior of her fuck holes, pumping the bag-like orifices again and again. Sex Doll Suki bobbed her head up and down, sucking on a cock with her soft rubber lips. She showed no hint of emotion.

Sex Doll Suki was fucked every which way in front of the audience, and the men squeezed her fake rubber tits and spanked her little plastic ass, but Sex Doll Suki didn't care. She didn't care about anything. If these men wanted to fill her empty slots up with cock and then cream all over her insides, it didn't make a bit of difference to her. She was just a pretty piece of rubber with three holes, and she'd been programmed to allow any man to stick his cock in her holes for however long he wanted.

Sex Doll Suki was gangbanged by every person in the club that night, dozens and dozens of thrusting, pumping cocks filling up her cute latex love holes. She accepted each of them without complaint, and she never once blinked, and her expression never changed. At the end of the night she was packed away in the back of Johanna and Sienna's van as the two women went off to celebrate the success of their new business venture.

Sienna expected that her video recording of Suki's Automation would sell like mad on the black market. And the wealthier buyers would then pay extra for a date with Sex Doll Suki themselves. Men could find pliant living Sex Dolls anywhere these days, but she expected that they would be thrilled at the chance to fuck the Doll who had been turned from a screaming teenage girl into a soulless piece of plastic right in front their eyes. She certainly would.

Johanna and Sienna made love in their hotel room that night while Sex Doll Suki stood in the corner, watching, eyes glassy and vacant. She thought about not much at all, and when she did have a thought she didn't react to it. She remembered how eager she had been to leave the country that morning, but didn't understand why, and couldn't imagine caring enough about anything to act on it now. She watched Johanna and Sienna fuck each other raw with the same depth of emotion that a real person would watch paint dry.

Johanna looked at her and smirked. "Should we try her out?

"Might as well. Come here Suki."

Sex Doll Suki obeyed. She climbed up into the bed and let both women squeeze her fake plastic tits and probe her little rubber pussy with their fingers. She stared at the ceiling the entire time.

"I liked her better when she screamed," said Johanna.

"She can scream now," said Sienna. "All we have to do is ask."

"But it wouldn't be the same," said Johanna.

"Ah well, she still has her uses. Suki, get down here and eat my cunt."

“I’m your rubber love slut,” said Suki. And indeed, that’s all she was. It was an easy life, and from then on she had no complaints. She wouldn’t even have known how.



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