Automata 3: The Natural

by Tam Lin

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© Copyright 2011 - Tam Lin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; FF/f; transform; bodymod; lovedoll; sextoy; object; oral; sex; anal; cons; X

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Part 3: The Natural

"Hello," said Tiffany, "I was hoping you could Automate me?"

The clerk looked up. Tiffany smiled and leaned over his desk to give him a view of her bursting cleavage. She twirled a lock of blond hair around her finger.

"This is the place, right?" she said. "Where you make girls into Sex Dolls?"

The clerk looked confused and shuffled the papers on his desk. "Were you drafted? If you were drafted they should have collected you at home."

"I wasn't," said Tiffany. "I was so disappointed. I've been trying to get drafted all year, but this was the last one I‘ll be eligible for and they still didn‘t pick me."

"Well you're a lucky young woman then," said the clerk, looking at his documents again.

"No, I'm not, that's just the point!" said Tiffany. She sat on the edge of his desk and leaned over, blocking his light. "I really, really wanted to get picked."

The clerk blinked and cleaned his glasses. "Are you saying that you want to be Automated?"

Tiffany nodded as vigorously as she could.

"But most women your age would do anything to avoid that!" he said.

"Well, they're stupid," said Tiffany. "Don't you think I'd make a good Sex Doll? Look, you'd barely have to change anything, I'm almost perfect the way I am now!"

The clerk nodded. "Tits are a little small though."

Tiffany groaned and rolled her eyes. "I know! Those Dolls get to walk around with gigantic racks and I'm stuck with these puny double-Ds!" She shook them with both hands to emphasize the point. "But you can fix them, can't you?"

"Ah, no, we can't," said the clerk. "If you didn't get drafted, then you're free to go. That's the law."

"But can't you make an exception?" said Tiffany. "Can't you swap me in instead one of those girls who doesn't want to go? Or maybe just squeeze my name onto the bottom of the list? Is that the list there, can I put my name on it?" She grabbed the paper he was looking at.

"Stop that!" he said, taking it back. "Miss, there's no legal way to Automate someone unless they've been drafted. I realize that you're... disappointed, but you'll just have get on with your life."

Tiffany pouted. "It's not fair. All those girls get to be pretty rubber dolls for the rest of their lives and I have to stay stupid old me. Unless..." she leaned forward further. "I can convince you?"

Tiffany grinned and slipped off the desk, crawling underneath it. The clerk pushed his chair back, surprised, as she clamored between his legs.

"What are you doing?" he said.

"Convincing you," she said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. It was hard and throbbing. "Ah, see, you DO think I'd make a good Doll."

She licked the tip, running her tongue around and around it. The clerk checked to make sure the door was closed, then grabbed a handful of Tiffany's hair and pushed her head down. She opened wide and eagerly let him stuff her mouth full. It slid all the way to the back and pushed into her throat, but she didn't gag. She'd practiced for years because she thought it would make her a better Sex Doll when the time came.

She'd also practiced keeping her face straight and her eyes vacant the entire time, like she'd seen the Dolls do when they were working. She imitated the mechanical up and down bob of their heads perfectly, and although her lips were not as soft and full as the gel-injected orifice of a Sex Doll, she still slurped and sucked down the man's cock with just as much expert precision.

Soon he was pumping cum down her throat, which she swallowed without complaint, and then she stood, wiping her mouth and looking on, glassy-eyed, and fantasizing that she was a pretty Doll who had lots more customers just like this one lined up. It made her feel so good.

The sound of the clerk zipping his pants snapped her out of it. She went back around his desk and sat on the edge again, crossing her legs. "Well," she said, "was that convincing?"

"Very," said the main, cleaning his fogged-up glasses.

"So I'm all set now, right?" said Tiffany. "You'll add me to the next batch and I'll go be rubberized and programmed, and if you want you can even be the first person to try out the new me!"

"I think not," said the clerk.


He began working on the pile of documents again. "Either you're drafted or you're free to go. No exceptions," he said.

"But I gave you... wait, did you just use me?"

"Yes," said the man, without looking up.

Tiffany rolled her eyes, moaned, and stuck her hand down the front of her short shorts, touching herself. "That is SO hot. Oh god, do you want to use me again? Or do you want to buy me? My parents would sell me off really cheap!"

"Miss, get lost," said the clerk.

"Oh, you used me and now you're throwing me away, that is SO much hotter. God, let me suck you off again!"

"Security, please," said the clerk.

Tiffany pouted as the guards escorted her out of the building. She rubbed up against one of them in the elevator. "I'm sure YOU want to use me, right?"

"We have Dolls for that kind of thing, miss," said the guard.

Tiffany sulked. "I know," she said. "Luckies..."

They threw her out into the alley, which got her off a little more, but then she had no idea what to do next. She was so sure that would work. Now what? She didn't want to go back home. She wandered the streets for a while, trying to look as lost and helpless as possible in hopes that someone would take advantage of her.

When no one did, she tried undoing the top three buttons of her blouse. Then one more. Then one more. Then a policeman told her she couldn't walk around without a shirt on. Then he said no, he did not want to fuck her in the back of his squad car.

It just wasn't Tiffany's night.


A few weeks later, Tiffany went to a Dollhouse.  She stared longingly at displayed pictures of the house Sex Dolls, envying their perfect latex complexions, their customized figures and faces, their cold, emotionless demeanor, and the many, many men who paid to visit them. She wished she could be just like them.

She wondered what she would look like if she were Automated? Would they change a lot? Would they make her a brunette, or a red head, or change her ethnicity? She noticed they were making a lot of Asian Dolls lately. There must be a lot of demand.

The guy at the desk cleared his throat. "Miss?"

"What?" she said, not paying attention.

"You've been standing there for an hour. Can I help you with something? Do you want to rent one of the Dolls?"

Tiffany blinked. It was almost eleven. She hadn't realized she'd been here this long. She sighed. "I guess. Do you have any that look like me?"

The man thought. "We have a Number Three Blond Cheerleader who looks a lot like you. A little better endowed though." He pointed to the picture.

"I'll take her then," said Tiffany, and paid. The man shook his head as he watched her go. Kids today were weird.

Tiffany went into the little room and the blond Sex Doll stood in the corner, waiting for instructions. Tiffany swooned when she saw her; petite frame, delicate features, adorable face, all preserved in perfect, fuckable latex. The Doll had huge breasts, but since they were specially-designed and filled with latex gel they didn't sag at all. Best of all was the placid, emotionless expression on her face. A woman like that (a Doll like that, she corrected herself) doesn't worry about anything, she thought.

She sat on the bed and patted the spot next to her. The Doll sat down. Tiffany bounced up and down, excited.

"You're SO pretty!" she said. "Can I play with your hair?"

"I'm a good Dolly," said the Doll, in a monotone, and bent her head. Tiffany ran her hands through the hanging strands.

"Ooh, it's just like nylon," she said. "Do they make wigs like this? Do you think I can get one?"

The Doll said nothing.

"What's your name?" said Tiffany.


"Oh, what a pretty name! I'm Tiffany. Do you think Tiffany would be a good name for a Sex Doll?"

"Yes," said Sex Doll Kristy, while staring at the wall.

Tiffany pouted. "You're so lucky. I'll never get to be a Doll like you. I wish I had tits like yours. Can I feel them?"

"I'm a good Dolly," said Sex Doll Kristy, turning to allow Tiffany to squeeze her enormous plastic breasts. Tiffany whimpered.

"All I've got are these," she said, taking off her tank top. "Do you like them?"

Sex Doll Kristy's expression never changed. "Do you want me to like them?" she said, her voice flat.


"Then I do," said Sex Doll Kristy.

"Oh, you're so nice," said Tiffany. "So you used to be a real woman, right, before they turned you into a Sex Doll?"


"Do you like being a Sex Doll?"


"Do you dislike it?"


"You don't like or dislike anything?"


Tiffany stuck her hand down her pants as her pussy became incredibly wet. "That is SO hot."

She began rubbing herself as Sex Doll Kristy's soulless eyes watched. A timer in the room dinged, letting Tiffany know that half her time was up.

"Oh shoot. Well, there's a strap-on in my purse, why don't you put it on and fuck me?" said Tiffany, sliding out of her shorts.

"I'm a good Dolly," said Sex Doll Kristy.

Tiffany lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. Sex Doll Kristy slid the big rubber cock inside of Tiffany's wet little pussy and began fucking her with perfect, controlled thrusts. The Sex Doll's expression never wavered, and Tiffany worked very hard to mimic it, although it became impossible once she was cumming. She imagined that Sex Doll Kristy was actually her while she watched her. Tiffany repeated the phrase "I'm a good Dolly!" over and over while she was fucked.

Sex Doll Kristy did not think this was strange. Nothing was strange to her.

After they were done, Sex Doll Kristy cleaned herself at the maintenance station. Tiffany tried to use the same one, but none of the machines would work for her. She sighed. She was just never going to be like the real thing, no matter how hard she pretended.

On the way out, she thought about trying to get the guy at the counter to fuck her, but she figured there was no point. When you spend your day surrounded by all of these beautiful Sex Dolls, who has time for a real woman?


Two months later, Tiffany sat in a dark, seedy bar, dressed in skin-tight spandex shorts and top and leaning very far over the table. Her two companions wished she'd stop it. It was distracting.

"So they tell me you're the only ones who can help me," she said. She paused, barely daring to hope, and then asked "Can you help me?"

"We can," said Sienna.

"For a price," said Johanna.

Tiffany looked worried. "I don't have much money? Maybe I can convince you some other way..."

"Whatever you have is fine," said Sienna, pushing Tiffany's hand off of her leg.

"Huh?" said Tiffany.

"Your money. Get it all together and bring it to us. Everything you've got," said Johanna.

"All of it?" said Tiffany.

"That's the price," said Sienna. "Of course, you won't really need money when you're Automated."

"But what about the injections?" said Tiffany. "I'll need them once a month, and don't they cost a lot?"

"Sure," said Sienna, "but you'll work that off. We’re opening an unlicensed Dollhouse and you'll have a room on the first floor. You'll make more than enough to pay for the cost of your maintenance."

"You mean," said Tiffany, hardly believing it, "you two will own me?"

"Yes," said Sienna.

Tiffany's eyes rolled back and she moaned.

"For fuck's sake, get your hand out of your pants!" said Johanna.

"I'm sorry, it's just SO hot to think about. Do you to want to use me right now? Or wait until after?"

"Right now we want you to get the cash, as much as you have," said Sienna. "Then meet us at this address."

"And kid," said Johanna, "don't breathe a word of this to anyone. It'll be all our asses if anyone finds out we're making illegal units."

"Oh, don't worry, I won't snitch," said Tiffany. She jumped up and down and giggled. "I can't believe this is really happening!" she said, and ran off.

Sienna and Johanna looked at each other.

"She cannot be serious," said Johanna. "This has to be a set up."

"I don't think it is," said Sienna. "Anyway, we need new units to fill up all the rooms, we can‘t be turning away volunteers."

"One thing's for sure," said Johanna, "it'll be an easy programming job. There's not a brain in that girl's head."


A week later, the back alley Dollhouse opened its door quietly. Johanna and Sienna weren't sure at first how much business they would pull in, but demand was high once the word got out.

In a room on the first floor, Sex Doll Tiffany was just finishing off her very first client. Her icy blue eyes stared up at him as he shot a load of cum across her pouty rubber lips. Then, without a word, she stood, went to the maintenance station, and cleaned herself off, spraying down her glossy rubber body, her enormous new tits, her shiny nylon hair, and her tight latex pussy and ass. Then she lay down on the bed and waited for the next one.

She looked very much the same as she had when she was a woman, though they'd made her a redhead, adjusted her figure, and reshaped her nose a bit. Still, she was recognizable, physically at least. What wasn't recognizable was the change in her demeanor; gone was the bubbly excitement and the eagerness to please, replaced by a cold, emotionless vacuum. She stared at the ceiling and thought about nothing. Living sex toys don't need to think about much.

This was her dream come true, a lifetime of hoping and wishing finally paying off for her. But she was not happy. She was not sad either. She wasn't anything.

She had known it would be this way of course, but in her naiveté she assumed that some small part of her would be satisfied after achieving her dream. But she couldn't be satisfied now. Satisfying others was the only reason she existed.

Another customer came in. She stood up and waited, staring at the wall, glassy-eyed. She was instructed to bend over, and she did. A cock slid into her lubricated rubber asshole and began to pump her over and over, causing a muffled stretching sound.. She didn't blink.

"I'm a good Dolly," she said, her voice blank and neutral. And she was. And that was all she was going to be. Forever.



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