by Northern Chill

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Ilsa opened the door to the photo studio and walked in hoping that no one would notice she wasn't supposed to be there that day. Her friend Carla was participating in a photo shoot that day as the centerfold model for a new adult men's magazine Sexy Sluts. Carla had invited Ilsa to watch the shoot but to stay out of the way of the photographer as he might be a little .temperamental

CRASHH!! A lighting fixture tumbled to the floor after Ilsa tripped on a loose wire running from it and fell to the ground herself. Ilsa looked up to see an enraged man heading for her waving his arms frantically.

" Look at what you have done, you clumsy woman. That's an expensive fixture you just destroyed through your clumsiness and it will take some time to get a replacement piece. Do you have anything to say for yourself, young lady ? " the mid 40's man with a receding hairline snapped as he gestured angrily at the broken item.

Ilsa looked at the angry man and a look of sorrow appeared on her face . " I'm sorry, it was an accident ! If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll be more than happy to do it. I don't much in the way of money but if there's any jobs or chores you need help with , I'd be more than happy to give you a hand with it." she said hoping to calm the man down.

The man picked up the fixture and part of the glass fell to the ground and shattered into smaller pieces. " Young lady, a $ 5,000 dollar lighting fixture that has been destroyed is not replaced by simple menial labor. You see, it costs..." he started to state forcefully before being interrupted by the sound of another light crashing to the ground. This time, it was Carla looking crestfallen as she gazed down at the ruined equipment lying in front of her.

" You...you...ARRRGHHH!!!...." snarled Jacques as he stormed over to the other ruined equipment in a great rage. After bending down for a second or two, he straightened up and jabbed a finger at Carla while inhaling deeply. However, after a second or two of uncomfortable silence, his face noticeably softened as he looked at both women with a slow and deliberate turn of his head.

" I've decided that, for compensation, you two won't have to pay for the equipment you've destroyed. Instead, I want you two to model for me free in a series of photos for a new adult magazine Lesbian Lust being published in Europe. It will require you both to travel for a bit after the shoot so please make the necessary arrangements before the shoot starts tomorrow." Jacques said with a far more pleasant tone than before.

The two women looked at each other dumbfounded by the offer. The shoot would be the opportunity for both of them to command big money in the adult entertainment industry and the fact that Jacques, known for the amazing quality and color of his photos, would be the one filming them virtually guaranteed them lucrative offers to appear in XXX movies and other parts of the industry.

Ilsa and Carla both quickly agreed to Jacques' proposal and were given directions to the studio where Jacques would film the two for the magazine. They were told to meet him there in two days with the outfits he provided and to brings lots of passion.

48 hours later......

After 45 minutes into the shoot, both women were a little weary by the frantic pace in the posing and re-posing for Jacques' rapid picture taking. They had started off wearing frilly lingerie which they took turns removing from their opposite at Jacques' prompting before moving onto intimate probing and caressing each other's body. After several minutes of letting their tongues and hands roam up and down each other while embracing, Jacques called for a five minute break while he retrieved a new camera for the final part of the shoot.

The two women pulled themselves off the bed and stood up straight for a few seconds chatting among themselves with both noting how stiff they felt and how their skin seemed to be almost glistening from the sweat that was coating them both.

" All right, ladies, I need you to pose in front of the chairs over here lying face up on the rug. " Jacques called out to the models. They both walked slowly over to the position Jacques indicated and assumed a sultry position looking up.

FLASH!! " Now, I need you two to lift yourselves up with your legs spread wide and supporting your weight your elbows and feet. Do it now !! " Jacques commanded the women who felt compelled to follow his order to the letter.

FLASH!! FLASH!! " Cup your breasts and hold your mouth open like the good dollies you soon will be ! " Jacques ordered while slightly adjusting the camera flash.

FLASH!!!!!! FLASH!!!!! The women had just finished assuming the order and barely had time to register the significance of what Jacques had just said when they felt a change quickly envelop their rigid bodies. Ilsa could feel her skin quickly changing from warm flesh and blood to smooth plastic with no signs of freckles and blemishes visible anywhere. Her breasts grew rigid and became twin mounds of molded plastic capped by rubbery nipples. She could feel her pussy slightly open and assume the same O-shape that her mouth was now frozen in.

click on image " MY GOD!!... I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL... A SEX TOY !!!! " Ilsa screamed to herself as her ability to talk and even breathe had vanished altogether. She desperately tried to move but her body no longer responded to her thoughts no matter how much she tried.

click on image

Carla could also feel the same changes occur as seams appeared out of nowhere that ran up and down her shiny torso. Her body now seemed to be filled with nothing but air giving the transformed woman the feeling she was floating like a cloud.

" Need to please.. please... make owner happy..." thought the new love doll Ilsa as it swayed slightly in it pose with it's legs squeaking slightly against the shoes it had on.

" Use me.. please.. need to make happy... " the Carla doll thought as it's black hair, now artificial in nature, floated gently in the air and the doll's hands, now just solid blades of plastic, rubbed against its' breasts.

Smirking to himself, Jacques put the camera down and walked over to the two lifelike dolls still posed like they were when still human. Bending down, he reached behind each of them and pulled open their inflation valves with a quick tug. After a second or two, a quiet hissing could be heard as the dolls slowly deflated until they laid flat on the ground as flat pieces of latex and rubber with painted features where their faces were before.

Pulling out two cardboard boxes, Jacques quickly folded each doll up and placed it in its' own box before closing the lids on them. He then loaded the boxes into his Jaguar out front and headed home.

Some time later....

Bright light greeted Ilsa as she felt herself being pulled out of her 'home' and a plastic hose being connected to her . As she regained her form, she could perceive she was now in what looked like a home of some sort and surrounded by other dolls in various poses all around her. Standing before her was the man she now perceived to be her owner who was holding an inflation pump in one hand and a buxom red-haired love doll in the other.

" Ilsa, meet Julia...I think you two will get to know each other quite a bit over the next little while. Once my showroom is finished, I plan to put all my collection on display when you're not being...photographed for Doll Collectors, a new magazine for collectors of ' life-like ' dolls like myself." Jacques said with a chuckle.

The dolls said nothing...as they always would from now on.....



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