Centrefolds Part 2

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Part Two - The Great Escape

The light shone through the bedroom window and onto the king sized bed which dominated the room. Lying on the bed partly covered by bed sheets was an amazingly realistic love doll with blonde hair and breasts that looked just like those you would see on a real woman. Of course, the fact that she was up until a short time ago a living breathing woman by the name of Ilsa was a fact known only to her and the photographer Jacques Leblanc, a collector of women transformed into inflatable love dolls via his specially designed camera. With over 30 such dolls on display in his home, he was quite popular among those who collected such unusual items though none suspected the truth behind the sex toys.

Jacques had left the night before to attend a adult entertainment convention in South Carolina leaving an empty mansion seemingly devoid of life. It was against this backdrop that the doll laid motionless on the bed waiting to be moved or acted upon by her owner.

After a short time, an amazing sight unfolded as if by magic the doll started to glow and shimmer without any warning. Latex and rubber quickly transformed to flesh and blood as the inanimate sex toy changed back into the beautiful Ilsa. Her face took on human characteristics once again and her chest reverted from rigid mounds of molded plastic to breasts that rose and fell with each breath that the now living Ilsa took.

" What.. huh.. I can move....I 'm alive!.... but how ? " Ilsa gasped out loud as she quickly ran her hands over body to make sure everything was back to normal. As she sat up in the bed, she recalled her last actions involved posing for Jacques in a special photo shoot. However, the shoot took on a sinister touch as she and her fellow model Carla found themselves transformed into inanimate love dolls by the photographer. Beyond that, Ilsa's memory grew hazy as she dimly recalled being carried in a box.... posed.. deflated... nflated and being fondled by the maniac Jacques.

Ilsa shuddered as she pulled her nude body out of the bed she was lying in and looked around for some clothing to put on or a phone to call out for help .After several minutes of looking through everything in the room, she found no sign of either. She went to the bedroom window to see if it was possible to yell for help but when she pulled back the curtains, she found the window was shuttered and locked shut with a small padlock. Wrapping a bed sheet around her slightly shivering form, the blonde walked carefully to the bedroom door and leaned on it for a minute or two trying to hear if there was anyone on the other side.

Satisfied that there were no rude surprises waiting for her on the other side, Ilsa stepped out into the dimly lit corridor and looked around for any sign of an exit out of the house. To her dismay, the corridor ended in a blank wall on the right and turned a blind corner on her far left. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see there were numerous glass display cabinets lining both sides of the hallway with each containing a single display figure.

When she walked over to one of the cabinets, Ilsa raised her right hand to her mouth to stifle a scream that was welling up inside of her. The figure was that of a blonde haired love doll with large breasts and legs that were spread wide apart perched up against the glass top. Taped to the upper left hand corner of the cabinet was an instant picture of a blonde woman which Ilsa figured was now the sex toy on display. Looking at the other displays, she discovered they all contained love dolls posed in various erotic positions and all were originally female models no doubt ensnared by the madman Jacques.

" What kind of madman would fill his house with these kind of twisted exhibits ? I swear if I ever find him, I'll make him pay for transforming me and Carla into living sex toys for his amusement, he'll be a very sorry man...." Ilsa muttered as she slowly walked down the hallway looking for a way out as well as a wary eye for any rude surprises.

When Ilsa reached the end of the hallway, she found it led to a long stairway descending down to the main floor of the house. She walked down the stairs quietly not stopping to look around for any more surprises for fear Jacques could jump out and put her back in a dollified state yet again. The thought of that man running his hands down her immobile body yet again strengthened her resolve to escape.

Ilsa reached the end of stairs and stepped out onto the lush carpeting of the main floor. She saw there were three wooden doors to her far left of the main area with large silver padlocks visible on them. The letters " D", " M" and " O" were visible separately on the doors but otherwise there was no indication what lay beyond the doors.

Glancing around to make sure she was alone, Ilsa quickly tried the doors to all three rooms. The first two were locked tight but the third one with " O " marked above it was unlocked and slightly ajar. She was about to go into the room in question when she heard a noise emanating from the stairway she just came down. Spotting a large potted fern in a nearby corner, she hid behind it as best as possible and hoped it wasn't who she feared it was.

" Ilsa ? Ilsa, are you there ? Ilsa, answer me if you can... " a familiar voice called out from near where she was hiding. Peeking around the corner, she saw a tall redhead she had never seen before dressed in a red tube top standing next to Carla, who had what appeared to be a bed sheet wrapped around her.

" Ilsa, this is Bettina. She was trapped in this madhouse like us by that Jacques guy and she found me wandering around here much like you no doubt were. I gather you haven't found any clothing either, huh ? " Carla said sympathetically as she ran over and hugged her friend.

" Hmmm... I wonder how Bettina managed to find what she's wearing.... come to think of it, what caused us three to revert to human form and not everybody else ? " Ilsa wondered to herself as she hugged her friend in return. The two separated to find Bettina waiting with her arms crossed and tapping her right foot impatiently.

" I hate to break up the little reunion but we should try and find a way out of here before that Jacques madman comes back While we have a minute, maybe we should give each other a phone number of a close relative that the others can call in case we all don't get out ? " Bettina said as she moved over to the two women.

Ilsa and Carla looked briefly at each other before nodding in unison and seconds later the three woman quickly exchanged phone numbers. Once that was done, Ilsa looked around briefly before returning her gaze to Bettina and Carla. " So.... where were you two headed before I surprised you ? " she asked out of curiosity.

" Well, we were headed to the main living room of this house that is at the back end of the main floor. Bettina remembers that there used to be a phone located in that room when she first came here three months ago for a calendar shoot. A few flashes later, she was transformed into a latex and vinyl love doll like all the other ' living sex toys ' that are on display here. She even recalled being propped up on a table in what she thinks was Jacques' bedroom and saw with her eyes Jacques making love to a latex doll on the bed right in front of her. " Carla said rubbing her shoulders and shuddering slightly.

" Geez, for all I know, that could have been my latex body he was fucking over and over.. if I ever get my hands on that bastard, he'll... " Ilsa thought to herself while balling her hands into tight fists in intense rage. She looked back at the door she was going to enter before Carla and Bettina's surprise arrival. " Do you two have any idea what's in the room with the door marked O ? " she asked the two other women.

Carla shook her head emphatically but Bettina nodded " That room is set aside for the women he has transformed into objects of all shapes and sizes. There is everything from furniture to toys that still bear a resemblance to the women they once were. I saw the room for only a few seconds until I had to run out of there and into another area.. any area." she said clearly indicating she didn't want to talk about the room anymore.

Ilsa arched her left eyebrow in curiosity but said nothing more. " Well, then, I guess it's off to the main room for us all. Let's keep an eye out for Jacques or anybody who might work for him, ok ? " she said to the other two before the trio started walking again.

As the women walked the corridors towards the desired room, they paused several times in shock at sights they came upon. One hallway had two large glass display cases on each side with three love dolls posed as if they were participating in a threesome. Another corridor had several computer monitors on them though with no outside phone lines and screen savers displaying images of Jacques' various ' items '. The women glanced at these bizarre displays with a sense of trepidation before quickly moving on.

Just as the women reached the vicinity of the living room, Bettina stumbled and fell to the floor. " Shoot...I think I hurt my ankle. You two go ahead and check the room out while I see if it's sprained or just twisted. " she called out to Ilsa and Carla.

The two women hesitated before proceeding into the room. Carla, feeling a little suspicious, walked a little slower and behind Ilsa as the two entered the room. However, before the duo could start looking around, there was a brilliant FLASHH !! which filled the entire room. Instantly, the two semi-nude women felt their ability to move completely disappear in an all too familiar way to the two ladies.

" Not again !.... " the two women wailed mentally as they heard Bettina enter the room and slowly up to them. At first, they thought she was there to help them out of their predicament but that hope was quickly dashed as the redhead stripped off the bedding wrapped around their bodies leaving them nude once again. Bettina traced her fingers over the nude bodies of the two for several long moments before leaving the room in a hurry.

" Sit down on the rug with your arms extended out, Ilsa and Carla ! " Bettina called out from the corridor in a commanding voice before another FLASHH!! lit up the room. The two women dropped to the floor a few seconds later and extending their arms out stiffly.

" Damn you, Jacques !.. Damn you , Bettina !... " Carla thought as she lifted her legs up in the air and used her hands to expose her pussy as Bettina's next command directed. After Ilsa did the same, the women expected to have one final flash and their bodies ( as well as their minds ) to be converted into doll form.

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To their surprise, Bettina stepped in front of the two carrying what appeared to be an ordinary flashlight. " Well, you two look just adorable. Before you think you're not going to be going back to be lovely dolls, I have to tell you that you're wrong...in fact, this time it'll be permanent ! " Bettina snarled before turning her flashlight on the obscenely posed women.

" PERMANENT ?..... NOOO!!... DON'T WANT TO BE A DOLLY FOREVER.... PLEASE !!!.... " Ilsa pleaded mentally as she felt the familiar tingle of her skin changing to soft rubber and plastic. She felt her mouth gape open on its' own as it formed a sensual O-shape much like her pussy and anus was forming. She could feel her thinking slipping away to be replaced by the limited thought of a sex toy.

" DAMN.. NO!.. SO CLOSE... SO NEED TO BE USED !!... " Carla thought as she felt her breasts slightly swell before forming taut mounds of plastic. She could feel her legs quickly changing into nothing more than hollow tubes filled with air begging to be fondled and caressed.

After just a few minutes, Bettina switched off her flashlight and walked over to the newly created dolls. She laid them out flat on the floor before removing her own clothes and lying down between them. Bettina draped her hands over the doll's soft bodies and sighed out loud in contentment.

" Well, Jacques will be happy when he gets back and finds out that I've managed to tie up all the loose ends. Once I invite those relatives you dolls mentioned here and add them to the collection, no one else will ever come looking for you, my sexy dolls ! " Bettina purred as she ran her hands over the dolls.

" Fuck me !.... " Ilsa thought as Bettina ran her tongue over her soft breasts and teased her open pussy of pink plastic with her fingers.

" Use me !... again !.... " Carla thought as she felt her openings being probed over and over by Bettina's cruel ministrations. After several hours of hot and sweaty ' play', Bettina cleaned the dolls up and put the two in her bedroom for future play....

And perhaps to be joined soon by familiar faces....

To be continued.....?


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