The Chastity Corset

by Caza Savira

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© Copyright 2011 - Caza Savira - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; dolly; mast; caught; chast; corset; stuck; inserts; toys; cons; X


Inspired by an idea from Miss Fuyuko

Part 1

I have a Dolly I play with - I feel like a little girl again, I'm so excited! What? What am I, a grown woman, doing playing with Dolls? Let me fill you in...

Mistress watched on the webcam she had set up in her Dolly's bedroom, the image of her girl on the screen, rubbing herself, breathing heavily, until finally coming to orgasm. She sighed, and turned back to the web page, finished putting in her Dolly's measurements, and then completed the order.

"Jed, I've ordered it, are you sure you're still OK watching over her while I'm away?" she asked over the phone.

"Of course, it will be my pleasure" he replied.

"It certainly will" Mistress smiled, hung up, finished her emails and headed off to bed.

About two months Mistress was preparing to go away for a month long contract. Dolly wouldn't be able to come, so Mistress's brother, Jed would be looking after her to make sure she was OK while Mistress was away.

It was just after lunch, and Dolly had cleared away the dishes, and was standing, waiting for instruction.

Mistress looked at her Dolly, a stern expression coming over her face. Dolly looked at her, immediately worried by the look

"Dolly, I'm getting tired of your constant touching yourself and disobedience, thinking that I don't notice."

Dolly started, surprised. She had thought she was being discreet, but now Mistress looked, well, not quite angry, but very serious. She felt her heart starting to beat faster, and her palms went sweaty. She knew she was in trouble, and that there would be consequences.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I will stop. It was very bad of me and it won't happen again." she said, hoping she was contrite enough. She'd been found out, and knew she had to be as submissive as she could be, or she'd be in even bigger trouble.

"Thank you for your apology, Dolly, you are a good Dolly, and I love you."

Dolly relaxed. Had she done it, had she placated her Mistress?

"I love you too, Mistress" she replied

"However, Dolly," started Mistress.

"Yes Mistress?" Her nervousness returned.

"I'm going away for a bit, and I want to make sure you aren't tempted while I'm away. So, I have arranged something to help you, to remove the possibility of temptation, and to let you concentrate on serving others"

"Thank you Mistress", she replied dutifully, now almost visibly shaking. Mistress had a very evil streak in her, and didn't generally consider that her Dolly's comfort was a high priority. Whatever it was it wouldn't be designed to help her relax.

Mistress brought out a package.

"I had this made when I realised a few weeks ago you were always touching yourself. That's not a behaviour that I approve of, so this is designed to help you become a better, less selfish Dolly"

"Yes Mistress" Dolly wondered what it could be.

Mistress unwrapped the parcel, and inside was a corset. As she unrolled it, Dolly saw it was quite severe, and had some features that made her shift quite uncomfortably.

"You're going to wear this while I'm away, and maybe longer. I'll see what I feel like when I come back. Now, undress please."

Dolly started by removing her dress and got down to her underwear.

"Everything Dolly" said Mistress.

Dolly stood there naked as Mistress readied the corset. She saw it was an evil looking device. There was no opening at the front - it had lacing at the back which Mistress was currently pulling as wide as it would go. The front, however, looked very solid, and there was a curved bar extending from the front of the corset and hanging down. Attached to that were two quite large looking plugs and she immediately knew where they went. On the inside of the corset was a small dial which Mistress was setting.

"90 days, I think, just to be safe."

"90 days, Mistress?" asked Dolly.

"Yes Dolly, this is a timer - the corset will release in 90 days, providing you behave of course. You wouldn't want to be stuck in it forever, would you?

The word "forever" sent a chill down Dolly's spine.

"Forever, Mistress, surely I can just cut the laces if things get desperate?"

"No Dolly, the laces, after tightening you initially, are really just for show" She showed Dolly the back of the corset and there were several metal clasps which looked like they locked together.

"Once laced shut, these engage, keeping you in, and keeping you tight as you gain or lose weight too. There is a small computer inside the lining, watching readings, tracking the timers and controlling your life. You'll understand soon enough, Dolly."

Dolly stood, knowing her life was about to change, and wondering if she really wanted this. But she had few choices really. Mistress would let her go if she really wanted to leave, but she had nowhere to go, and she was devoted to her Mistress. But Mistress demanded her completely. She belonged to her Mistress, there were no limits, beyond what was legal, she was a quite literally Mistress's property to do with what she like, and her Mistress left no doubt who was in charge. She had no assets or property as Mistress had insisted she sell everything she had when she became her Dolly, and give away all the proceeds, she'd be destitute.

Dolly stood on one leg and stepped into the corset. Then the other leg, and Mistress pulled it up around her body, having to pull quite hard to get it over her hips. It extended up over her bust - there were stiff pads over her nipples which prevented any contact or feeling at all.

Mistress applied lubrication to the plugs and then carefully brought up the bar between her legs. A wider plate covered her pussy lips, surrounding her with metal, effectively preventing any contact what so ever. She felt the plugs go deep inside her.

"At least I'll have those for company" she thought, but Mistress must have read her mind.

"These are specially designed to control your waste products, but to be as un-arousing as possible. They're teflon coated, and can be varied in size and shape. So most of the time you won't notice them. They're also hollow and are used to control your defecation."

Dolly let the bar slide into place behind her - it extended up her back and attached to the back of the corset. There was no way to remove it without removing the corset, and she doubted the corset would come off any time soon.

Mistress started lacing, pulling her tighter and tighter. She breathed in, thinking she was almost done, but Mistress just paused, holding the laces, breathing heavily.

"Another couple of inches, and then the catches will engage, and the program will start. Dolly, I know you must have been thinking earlier if you really want this, so you know I've always said this is voluntary, and if you don't want this you are free to leave me and go your own way in life"

Dolly gazed at Mistress. She was so turned on by this she might well explode there and then. The thought of being trapped inside this... contraption was so amazing that she really had no doubt that she wanted this.

"Mistress, I am yours, and will be forever."

"Good Dolly, you understand I needed to check." Mistress continued to lace tighter. "I should warn you that the only way this will let you go before its program ends is if it detects a serious medical emergency. And I mean life threatening." Mistress pulled some more. Dolly's heart was racing. "And there are particular behaviours which you must follow, or your term will be extended."

Mistress pulled once more and Dolly felt a series of clicks up her back. The corset got even tighter, even though Mistress had stopped the lacing. She tied off the laces in a bow, and walked round in front of Dolly, admiring her.

"There, my Dolly you are now completely trapped. This corset is made of titanium and kevlar: it's practically indestructible, so you won't be cutting it off. The only way is for it to release you, or for you to have a heart attack, which, trust me, isn't a better option.

"So, Dolly, your conditions are as follows: every day, you must use your mouth to make someone orgasm. Male or female, it doesn't matter. And, it can't be the same person more than once in 7 days." Dolly's eyes went wide. It wasn't as if they didn't have a sexual relationship but she was usually in the house without much contact from others. This would be a whole new level of experience, finding seven different people in the week!

"Mistress! Every day, Mistress? I... uh."

"Dolly, those conditions are set, so I'd advise you to follow them. If you miss a day then the clock will stop until you make someone orgasm the next day. If you miss that day, or a second one in a week then the *whole* timer will reset back to 90 days."

Dolly gasped as she realised just how slutty she would have to be.

Mistress gave Dolly a small electronic device.

"This is just a display, but it shows you important messages about your captivity. It won't show you how long you have left: I don't want you just counting down the days. And I'm sure you can keep track yourself. But if will show you if you've been penalised".

"You may feel the plugs inside you vibrate. If you're good and you serve other people, they may reward you. You're unlikely to orgasm - the computer is programmed not to let you, but it is, I believe, quite masterful at keeping you on the edge of frustration."

Dolly quivered when, as if on cue, both plugs vibrated momentarily.

"Now, Dolly, dress code while I'm away will be only skirts or dresses, nothing below the knee, no underwear and no flat shoes - at least a 4 inch heel at all times, preferably higher."

"Yes Mistress." Dolly smiled, she didn't like wearing trousers anyway, and had been practicing with her ballet heels.

Mistress pulled out a dress for her to wear - it had a fitted strapless top to show off her squeezed waist, and a short flared skirt with a layer of tulle under it. She pulled it over her head, and zipped it up the back. She then sat, and Mistress slid on her ballet boots, lacing them securely in place. She stood, feeling how her body was moulded by the things she was wearing, the corset pushing in her tummy, and pushing up her bust. Her boots forcing her to push out her bottom and her chest. Mistress gazed at her, thoughtfully and smiled.

"I love you Dolly - now please pack for me, I have to go soon"

As she packed her Mistress's case, Dolly realised the depths of her predicament. She was quite shy really and only went out with her Mistress. She didn't know anyone in this city, only existing as her Mistress's Dolly since she got here. Everyone would be a stranger to her. How would she find the people she needed?

"Make sure things aren't too creased" Dolly turned to see her Mistress standing at the door, watching her work.

"Yes Mistress, I'm being careful"

"Good Dolly. Jed will be looking out for you when I'm away, and you're to obey him as if he were me, understand, Dolly?"

Jed was Mistress's brother, and tended to ignore Dolly, or just order her about. Not cruelly, but as if she was just another appliance in the house. 'Dolly, get me a beer. Dolly, make me some toast.' Soon it would be 'Dolly, make me cum' Dolly shivered.

"Yes Mistress"

"He may also find people for you to help orgasm, so serve them dutifully too."

"Yes Mistress"

"And I will be available on the phone or online if you have any questions, and will be monitoring you as usual anyway, but I'm sure you will be fine, an attractive girl like you should have no problem finding people."

Dolly nodded, and finished up Mistress's packing.

Dolly watched her Mistress leave through the departure gate. The contract was for a month, but might be extended. She was going to miss her, but now, she knew, she had a mission, a purpose to fulfil. Her heart raced. Jed would be useful, but he was away and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. She sat, shifting uncomfortably on the bus, looking at the other passengers, wondering if she could approach them, or if anyone would be interested in a shy petite redhead. She rubbed her waist, feeling the tight corset material, and how it made her feel all tingly inside.

"At least I'll get a lovely figure out of this," she said quietly to herself.

"You already have a lovely figure" said a voice next to her. She turned and there I was, smiling at her.

"Thank you", she said nervously.

"A lovely figure out of what?" I asked, intrigued at this stunning girl, sitting quietly on the bus, looking a little uncomfortable and nervous.

She took a deep breath and realised she really had to step out if she was going to get anywhere. "It's from the corset I'm wearing" she said, wondering what the reaction would be. I looked at her, marvelling at her, immediately jealous.

"Really? How wonderful! I've always wanted to try one of those, is it comfortable?"

"It's OK," she lied, shifting a bit again, trying to find a good position. "I'm still getting used to it, my Mistress only gave it to me today" She drew breath, realising what she had just said, to a complete stranger on a bus!

I stared at her in wonderment. "You have a Mistress? And she's making you wear this?"

Dolly took a deep breath and seemed to decide on the direct approach, and just went for it.

"Yes, and she has set it so I have to make someone orgasm every day, with my mouth, or I'll not be able to take it off"

I realised my mouth was hanging open when she said this, and quickly closed it.

"Really," I said, giving Dolly my full attention, "and how have you been doing with that?"

"My first day today, Mistress just locked me into it this morning"

I smiled, and gazed at Dolly for a moment, sensing an opportunity before asking,

"So, no one today then?"

Dolly shook her head.

I glanced at my watch, and smiled.

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