The Chastity Corset 2

by Caza Savira

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© Copyright 2011 - Caza Savira - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM+/f; D/s; dolly; chast; corset; object; auction; sold; latex; slave; oral; climax; cons; X

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Inspired by an idea from Miss Fuyuko

Part 2

An hour later I lay naked on the bed: still breathing hard, my eyes closed and aware of Dolly laying next to me. As I opened my eyes, Dolly smelled my musky scent all over her face and smiled happily.

"Your Mistress will be pleased, Dolly. You are very good"

She blushed at the praise.

"Same time next week" I said. It wasn't a question, more of a command.

"Yes Miss" she said automatically.

She was in trouble. Apart from Jed and I, she'd not managed to find anyone this week. She wasn't any further towards getting out of her encasement. Not that she really minded at the moment. The feeling of having her tummy and waist squished was quite wonderful, and she was getting used to the chastity belt. But finding people was a problem. Accosting people in the street hadn't really worked, and had almost gotten her into trouble. So I'd brought her back to my home, and was making sure she was safe for her Mistress.

I gazed at her, lying on the bed, resting her head on her hand and writing her diary on her laptop. She was beautiful but quite shy and had been sheltered by her Mistress, not learning the ways of the world. I decided then that I needed to help her.

I knew there should be a line round the corner for this girl, but she was not forward enough to take advantage. I decided to make some calls, and soon had a few people interested. I was going to hold a party for this Dolly: she would be the centre of attention and by the time it was over she would be guaranteed to know enough people to satisfy her.

I'd managed to contact her Mistress, who was delighted I was helping to look after her Dolly. We talked long about her desires and plans for Dolly, and I found myself getting quite excited by the prospect of helping with the process.

The next day I started to make preparations. I went shopping, buying a couple of very sweet dresses for her: one pink and one blue, with full petticoats and covered with bows and ribbons. I called a couple of friends who did catering, and in spite of the short notice, they were available, and happy to help too.


Dolly stood, silently in a corner. I'd told her just to stay there, had covered her eyes with a blindfold, and her ears with plugs. I gazed at her, wondered what was going through her mind. She would be un-aware of the bustle going on around her, as other got things ready. Her mind would be wandering, trying to relax.

I'd learned a lot about her since we'd met. It had almost been a joke when she'd offered herself to be Mistress' Dolly shortly after they'd met. Mistress had taken her seriously, though, and made her start to dress more doll-like every day. She'd started with frilly lingerie under her normal clothes - she'd had a job at that point. Mistress then insisted she wore nothing but dresses or skirts and tops: No trousers or shorts allowed.

Mistress kept introducing more rules to Dolly's life: make-up should be flawless every day - with rosy cheeks a must. Her hair should be curled and properly styled. She must wear stockings and high heels. Dolly kept taking longer and longer to get ready in the morning, but looked more and more dolly like every day. Eventually, her work had made her redundant - they said it wasn't to do with her changing behaviour, but she wasn't so sure.

Mistress took her in. There were conditions, of course. She had to come with nothing. She had to give or throw away everything she had. This part shocked her - the thought of owning nothing at all in the world had worried her at first, but Mistress explained that as a possession, she couldn't have possessions. So she had sold or gave away everything, and become her Mistress's.

When she arrived at Mistress's house that time, she was told to strip completely naked before she came into the house and throw her clothes into the rubbish. She walked in with literally nothing at all to her name. From then on, Mistress dressed her, did her makeup and hair. She was treated as a dolly, and used for dressing up games. She was also expected to keep the house, to cook and clean, but she didn't mind - they were her only responsibilities.

As I watched her standing patiently, barely moving and unaware of her surroundings, I became more determined to help this vision of submission and beauty.


At about 4 o'clock, I removed just her blindfold and motioned for her to follow. We went upstairs and I removed all of her clothes, leaving her in just the corset and chastity belt. Leaving her deafened, I gazed at Dolly's encased body, admiring her flawless skin, broken only by these cages of metal and fabric, so permanently attached to her body. Her hair was down, tumbling over her shoulders to where the corset covered her soft breasts, which heaved as she breathed. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles; I was awed that I was part of this amazing girl's life.

On the bed lay the dress I was going to put her in tonight - I picked up some panties, white satin and covered in ruffles, which I slid up each leg in turn, and covered up her chastity. I attached suspenders to the bottom of her corset, and slid stockings up each leg, clipping them on. Taking the pile of petticoat from the bed, I laid it on the floor and Dolly stepped into it as I drew it up around her narrow waist, tying it securely and smoothing it down as it covered her knees.

I sat her down on a chair, and started to style her hair, brushing her curls and fastening them back with a large pink bow. I then set to work on her make-up, making her as flawless as I could, with long eye lashes, rosy cheeks and pink lips.

I picked up the dress from the bed, and she stood up. I carefully slipped it over her head, and settled it over her petticoats. It was pink and white checked, with a big bow at the back and lots of bows on the skirt. It showed off her amazingly narrow waist very well as I zipped her into it, flaring out over the petticoats. Finally I sat her down and placed a pair of high heeled shoes on her feet, fastening the buckles. She stood again and I admired my work - she was beautiful. Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

"I look amazing! Thank you Miss!" she exclaimed.

"You're most welcome, Dolly" I replied, even though I knew she couldn't hear me.

I left her sitting on the bed and showered and changed myself, Dolly watching me as I dried myself off, and carefully dressed myself. I had a dark blue strapless party dress with a tight short skirt, which hugged my every curve. Dolly shifted on the bed, sitting quite upright, her corset not letting her sit any other way. I straightened my hair, feeling her eyes on me as I prepared myself, as I did my make-up and finally slipped on my shoes.

"We are both ready, Dolly". She lifted herself carefully off the bed. I removed her earplugs so she could hear again, took her arm, and we walked downstairs.

The party fairies had visited and been very busy. Everything was decorated; there was food and drink, and soft music playing. It was perfect.

Glenn and Adam were first to arrive. They were a lovely couple, always happy to help out. I answered the door, and they marched in, with only a cursory "Hello you" as I held the door for them.

"Where's this sweet Dolly you've been hiding from us?" demanded Adam, "Oh, there she *is*" he said as he saw her perched on the sofa. "Does she know yet, have you told her?"

Dolly looked up, her eyes full of question.

"No, no I haven't."

"Told me what, Miss?"

"Adam here is an auctioneer, and tonight, Dolly, we're going to auction you off to the highest bidder - for each of the next 4 days, to 4 lucky individuals who can do with you exactly what they like."

She looked a little shocked and surprised. I could see her go a little flushed as the surprise of what was happening to her started to sink in.

"Now your Mistress thinks this is a wonderful idea, and of course, we'll donate all the proceeds to charity, we don't want you to become a common whore."

Dolly sat and visibly quivered. Her face told it all: the initial shock had given way to apprehensiveness she realised she was to be sold as a possession, and she really had no control over her life.

I noticed that look on Dolly's face and smiled, sensing the excitement she was feeling. I left her with her thoughts and started welcoming the arriving guests, busying myself ensuring everyone was taken care of and had drinks and nibbles.

Dolly mingled with the guests, allowing herself to be inspected and admired, chatting to prospective bidders, picking her favourites, wondering who would win her.

Adam called the room to order, and Dolly stood next to him, looking thoroughly gorgeous.

"I'm pleased to announce tonight's sale: we have 4 lots, each will be a day with this delightful Dolly, she will be yours to use in whatever way you like. But please, no permanent damage, and please leave her in the way you'd hope to find her for the next person. Our only other condition is that she must be allowed to bring you to orgasm, male or female, at some point during the day. I hope this won't be too much of a burden" There was gentle laughter around the room. "No one can take more than one lot, and after we've finished the auction, we are going to have a raffle to see who Dolly will orgasm this evening."

Dolly stood, listening to her being described and advertised, her heart beating faster, dampness rising between her legs.

"So, what am I bid for tomorrow? Days start and finish at 10am"

The first auction started briskly, but one lady seemed determined to win and was eagerly outbidding everyone.

"Sold, to Mistress Serena"

Mistress Serena smiled at Dolly - she had talked to her before the auction, and she had told her about wanting to use her in the show she performed at one of the clubs in town. She smiled back, looking forward to tomorrow.

"Well, that was a fine amount for the hospital, shall we see what we can raise from the second day? What am I bid for day 2? Remember, she'll be yours for the whole day, but please don't break her" There was laughter around the room, but then bidding started in earnest. Two men were bidding against each other strongly, pushing up the price. Eventually one of them surrendered, and:

"Sold, to Master Charles, well done Sir! You get this fine specimen for the second day" Dolly hadn't really talked to Charles, but had heard him talking about various experiments he was conducting which sounded quite painful and uncomfortable. She quivered a little, nervous about what he would make her do. He smiled at her, but it was the sort of smile which didn't comfort, more one which said "you're mine"

"Our third sale tonight, who'd like this exquisite dolly for a whole day, for whatever you wish to do with her?"

Bidding was slow, but two bidders emerged: a lady all dressed in leather, with her waist encased in quite a tight corset, looking decided severe. Her opponent was a young looking girl, Dolly hadn't really noticed her before, but she seemed to be quite determined to win. Mistress Leather and the timid girl kept bidding, and the price soon reached the highest of the evening. Eventually, with a scowl, the leather clad lady bowed out.

"Sold, to the girl in the dress. Congratulations, Miss Felicity" She nodded and smiled. Dolly gazed at her and wondered who she was.

"Our final lot, your last chance to own this dolly for a day, what am I bid for 24 hours of such cuteness?"

The sale started very briskly with 4 or 5 bidders all vying for Dolly. The price moved higher and higher, but still no clear frontrunners emerged. Dolly looked round the room at the people bidding on her, recognising some of them, others she'd only seen from a distance. One by one they started to drop out until finally, for a record price, Dolly was sold to a man, dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie.

"Congratulations Sir James" said Adam. He nodded, with a big smile on his face.

"Thank you everyone, we've raised an amazing amount tonight and I'm sure we'll keep this beautiful Dolly busy for the rest of the week. However, there's one final task we need to complete before midnight, so she can fulfill her task for today: our orgasm raffle. Sir James, would you do the honours?"

Sir James, came forward, and picked a ticket out of the hat, and gave it to Adam.

"Number 43" he announced.

There was a scream of delight from the middle of the room. Mistress Serena was holding up a ticket with a big smile on her face.

"I'm sorry, Serena", said Adam, "but if you've won an auction, then I'm afraid you're not eligible for the raffle, and we'll have to draw again"

"No, Adam", she replied. "This isn't my ticket: it's my slave's ticket. Let's have them both in the middle of the floor here, what do you think?"

Adam smiled broadly: "Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. We appear to have a winner, and further entertainment for the night! Please clear a space for the lucky couple"

Dolly rose, and looked towards Mistress Serena. At her feet was a latex clad girl, black head to toe, but polished to a wonderful shine. Her waist was narrowed by the tight lacing at her back, the corset pushing up her ample latex covered bosom, her hard nipples visible through the soft material. Her feet were fitted with impossibly high heels and her hands were clad in black mittens, making them next to useless. Her face was almost featureless, apart from holes required for breathing. She was attached to her Mistress by a leash which Mistress was using to guide her now to the centre of the floor.

She carefully made her way towards the Slave, and knelt down before her. Mistress lent down and unzipped the slave's crotch, giving Dolly such as a surprise as out popped a somewhat flaccid cock!

"Surprised, Dolly, that this thing of beauty should have such an artifact between her legs?" She giggled and smiled at Mistress Serena.

Slave's breathing hastened as Dolly held her cock in her hand. She smiled and reached up and gently rubbed Slave's latex clad nipples, already hard the cock reacted, becoming quickly erect.

"She is not used to cumming, so you may find she may be harder than you'd usually expect." Mistress explained, ambiguously.

All eyes were on Dolly and Slave: Slave was almost unaware of her surroundings, but Dolly felt very nervous as she stared to perform in front of so many people. Her heart beat faster, and she felt the tightness around her waist more acutely, as she gazed at the now hard cock before her. It was starting to ooze pre-cum. She took a deep breath and gently licked the very end. There was a ripple of delight around the room and Slave tensed up and almost drew back.

Dolly put her arms around Slave's waist, and kept her close to her. She licked again, and the cock got visibly harder. Her mouth was full of the taste of salty maleness. Dolly teased her nipples more, making her react more - wobbling on her heels and starting to have trouble standing.

She let her tongue wander up and down the engorged shaft, feeling the contours of its veins. She gazed over at Mistress Serena, her eyes seeking approval and permission to begin. Mistress Serena smiled and nodded, loving how strong the need for her approval was. She let the head slide into her mouth and started to suck quite gently at first, letting her tongue wander over the tip, lapping up the pre-cum. She felt it twitch and then began to suck in earnest, feeling Slave get more erect and hard each time she sucked.

She took her time, sucking harder and then backing off a little, feeling Slave's excitement build, slowing down, feeling the desperation to cum get stronger and stronger.

Slave pushed herself in and out of Dolly's mouth moving together, she was so desperate to get the orgasm she had been denied by her Mistress for so long. She was breathing very hard and Dolly could hear panting coming from her latex covered face; she knew she was close.

Dolly squeezed her eyes closed as finally she felt Slave's cock became so hard it twitched and started to send out warm salty cum, Dolly swallowed, keeping up with the flow, letting it slide down her throat, being careful not to let any escape, to make a mess of her dress.

She sat back, sitting upright (as that was all her corset allowed) and tried to calm her breathing; her breasts were heaving and she felt a little faint from the restriction of her corset.

The taste of cum in her mouth reminded her that her task for the day was satisfied and she smiled. She looked down at Slave, now collapsed on the floor, her cock flacid and spent; lipstick smeared along its now much smaller girth. Slave's whole body was breathing, as she came down from the pleasure that had engulfed her.

Dolly smiled, happy to have satisfied the slave rather than the Mistress, given pleasure to one who would so often be denied it. She looked down at her own chastity, starting to feel the longing for the orgasm it denied her. She looked again at the happy black latex girl beside her, lost in the glow of her orgasm, and realised the long journey she was on before she would be allowed that delight.

Tomorrow it would be Mistress Serena's turn to do with Dolly what she liked. I watched Dolly shiver a little, stand slowly to her feet, and re-join the party.

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