Cindy Lovedoll 3: Latex Slave

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2004 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; latex; catsuit; bagged; kidnap; slave; transported; cartrunk; anal; oral; sex; cons; X

Cindy had tied herslf up at home, dressed in her latex catsuit, three invaders made their presence felt in her holes, she was deep in fantasy of being used by three people at once when the climax hit and then she realsied that she was not alone...
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Part 3: Latex Slave

I had just been kidnapped after tying myself up, dressed in my latex catsuit and plugged, gagged and bound by my own hands. Whilst in the throughs of my orgasm I had been discovered by someone who had taken advantage of my tightly bound body and used my rear from his pleasure and as it turned out mine too. He then bound me even tighter and stuffed me into a canvas gym bag, I was now just a piece of luggage not a sexy, voluptuous woman but a mere sex object.

I had spent the rest of the night enclosed within the dark interior of the bag, my movements limited to slight wriggles, this must have looked funny from the outside, luggage that moves. When he opened the bag, at first my eyes were blinded by the sudden daylight. As they adjusted I began to realise that I knew this apartment, I had been here before, my kidnapper was someone I knew. Then I saw his face as he smiled down at me it was my boyfriend, the same one that tied me down in a box dressed as a latex love doll. Relief overcame me, I was safe or at least I thought I was.

He picked me up and carried me still bound into the spare bedroom; he placed me down on the bed and began untying me from the tight position I was held in. My legs sighed in relief as they were finally able to lower themselves down. He rubbed his hands over my latex covered body, putting some feeling into my limbs. I was still bound as I was by my own hands and he seemed to be in no rush to release me from my self imposed bondage. Indeed he rolled me over onto my stomach and climbed onto the bed next me. He’d decided to use me again; I guess the sight of my tightly bound, latex clad body had been too much for him. With little finesse he grabbed at the zipper at the rear of the catsuit and pulled it down, exposing again my rear to him.

Quickly he rolled over on top of me, again pressing me into the bed and pressed home his now solid member into my abused rear hole, still wet from his previous spending. At least I was lubricated I thought as he continued pushing himself within me. He didn’t last long, maybe he didn’t want to, but I soon felt him cum within me. I had been used by him, I felt delighted and contented at the same time, like the cat who got the cream. I was his to do whatever he wished to. He laid on top of me for a while before moving off and laying next to me. 

It took some time before he spoke, he said that I was his kidnap victim, a mere sex toy to be used at his whim, to do whatever he wished. I was now his sex slave. When he said that a delicious tingle ran through my body. The thought that I was to be his sent me crashing into a long awaited orgasm. On the scale of things, it was minor but it was enough to sap what little strength I had left out of my body. He just smiled at me as he watched as the moment passed through me, he knew just what strings to pull to send me over the edge. I wanted to be his, whatever his terms and conditions. 

Maybe looking from an outside perspective this looked stupid, me bound in latex, toyed with and kidnapped by my boyfriend, others would have been screaming rape or help, here I was willing myself to submit. I wanted to be his, I had since he first found me inside his love doll. That seemed like ages ago, but only had been a couple of weeks. I had never fallen for someone like this before. He held me in his arms and he spoke about finding me last night, he was completely taken aback when he walked in on me, bound and enclosed in latex. He said that he thought about phoning me, but decided to surprise me instead, but it was him that got the surprise!

It was at that point that my bladder decided to remind me of its presence. I wanted to pee urgently, it would be too late by the time he’d untied me so I was carried to the toilet and placed down on the seat. The rear of the suit was already undone so I could let myself go. Whilst sitting there he began removing the gag, saying that I must be thirsty by now. He gave me a drink and was about to begin untying me when I stopped him. I said that I thought I was your sex slave and that I should be kept suitably bound as he desired. 

He looked at me and asked what about work? I said that I could call in and tell them that I would be tied up for the day. I then said that I wanted to be kept tied and his kidnap victim for the rest of the day, if he didn’t mind. He left me and came back with the phone, I called first followed shortly after by him. The rest of the day was ours. I asked him to use me as he wanted, I was his for the day and that he should return me to my apartment the same way he took me.

I was kept tied the rest of the day, in a variety of positions and all of my holes experienced several uses. I was left bound to the bed when not being used and he was resting. At one stage I was bound by my ankles to the rack in the closet, left suspended upside down and later he used my mouth for his pleasure. I really felt like a sex toy, there was no will on my part as I was kept bound, each time he changed position he took care not to fully untie me.

Several hours later I was again placed in the bag, into the back of a cab and delivered to my door. He took me inside and bound me as he found me, inside my catsuit, tied hand and foot. Before he put the gag in I asked him if I could travel as his baggage again, which he replied “At your service maam!” He then placed the gagged back in my mouth and rolled me over on the bed. He placed the keys on the floor and left me as he found me.

We had found something else we had in common, he was my Master and I his latex loving slave.


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