Cindy Lovedoll 4: The Return of the Doll

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; massage; mast; climax; Sbf; latex; lovedoll; boxed; straps; enclosed; objectify; stuck; cons; X

A desire to be bound dressed as Cindy the Lovedoll leads me to tie myself in the box to await his return...
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Part 4: The Return of the Doll

After I’d untied myself in the morning, I had to stretch my muscles after being tied for so long. The tight enclosure in the bag and the various positions caused several aches and pains, nothing that a good massage couldn’t fix. A long hot bath and several coffees later I was out the door and on my way. I’d forgotten about the marks left by the bondage, but it was too late by the time I’d laid on the table and the masseur began to use her hands on me. She noticed the marks and commented that I must have had fun!

I must have gone bright red as she reassured me that she too loves to be tied; in fact she offers a special service for selected customers. With that I felt the cold enclosure of leather cuffs against my wrists as she tied me down to the massage table. I was speechless, let alone able to move; my body again betrayed me and laid there accepting what this woman was doing to me. Her hands felt soft and smooth as they continued binding me to the table, her hands would move over my skin, caressing my naked flesh. Once she had attached my limbs to all four corners of the table she resumed the massage, but only after undressing from her uniform.

Now both naked, she oiled up my body and continued running her hands over my glistening skin. I was getting incredibly turned on by this activity. I had never let a woman touch me this way before, why now. Maybe my sexual side had been awakened by the bondage sessions with my boyfriend, maybe I just wanted to be more open to other people. The massage continued as she rubbed my back and down my legs, the feelings were wonderful. She worked at my sore muscles kneading them back into life. She finished at my feet before she undid the chain holding my ankles to the table, but I wasn’t to be free for long as she rolled me over and re-attached them to the table.

She now commenced rubbing my front, paying particular attention to my breasts, my nipples responding to her touch, she bent down and kissed them, gently sucking them into her warm mouth. I could do nothing but lay there and let this woman take advantage of my bound body, I was enjoying it immensely. She worked her way down my body, missing out the epicentre of my being and drifting down my legs. But I didn’t have long to wait for her to return to my favourite spot. She took to my little nub like a duck to water, her soft gentle caress’s moving me ever closer to climax. Bound as I was I could not move nor did I wish too, I was again in heaven.

I came long, loud and hard, she quickly shoved a towel in my mouth to soften my cries of joy, and this sent me further over the edge, again and again as waves drifted over me as she continued her expert touch. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been tied to the table, but my legs were very wobbly when she released me and I staggered to get myself dressed. She smiled at me as she helped me get dressed and I thanked her profusely for her services. I left her a very generous tip and said I would return again soon. I left the salon with the biggest grin you could ever imagine.

I spent the rest of the day reflecting what had happened to me during the last 48 hours, the thrill of binding myself in latex, the capture at the hands of my boyfriend and used for his pleasure and then the ‘special’ massage session that I had just experienced. What sort of woman had I become, my sex drive seemed to take on a new life after finding the sex doll and becoming her in person, maybe the doll had exerted some influence over me and now my previous inhibitions were a distant memory, I was now more willing to try new things and desired sexual release, whatever it was I was loving every moment.

After some much needed sleep I felt the need, more like overwhelming desire to get back into the doll, my dreams had seen me enclosed in my dolly box, the pink outer covering of the box with gold lettering describing the contents – Cindy love doll. That’s me my mind said to myself, my thoughts drifting off into being the best damn sextoy I could be for my master. In my dream I could see myself as the doll, my master picking me up and using me and then putting me away again afterwards. It seemed like it had been sometime since I was last enclosed in the doll’s grasp.

* * * *

Now I was awake I felt the same desire that I had experienced in my dream, after a quick shower I was on my way over to his apartment and my date with the doll. My plan was to get myself ‘dollied up’ and present myself to him when he returned from work. The first part worked out okay; I had the key to his apartment and let myself inside. Walking quickly through I could see my goal, there lay the doll skin that I had worn so many times and had brought us both immense pleasure. Quickly I slipped out of my clothes, they lay on the floor were I dropped them, my desire overcoming my every thought.

The feeling as the smooth latex slid across my naked flesh was exquisite, the goose bumps and shivers up my spine gave my body a wonderful sensation, and my feet were followed by my legs as the doll skin covered me in its all enclosing grasp. By the time I had covered my thighs I was in the first throws of an orgasm, I had to stop myself from falling as my legs started to give way under me and I steadied myself on the edge of the bed. The overwhelming desire had worked its magic on me and I was wanting more.

Clearing my mind I began to enclose my arms in the doll, my hands popped into the gloved section of the doll. I then realised that this doll didn’t have fingers just a hand, but then again why would she need fingers! Strange the thoughts that runs through your mind at times. Working my arms into hers I then brought the skin up against my shoulders, my breasts making contact with the cold material of her skin making my nipples erect in the process. I could feel the first pangs of another climax, but this one would wait until I was fully ready inside the doll. Determined I pressed on with enclosing me within her. Next came my head as I bent my neck and pushed my head into hers, I manoeuvred her facial features to fit mine, my mouth and nose had to be positioned properly for me to breath.

Satisfied that the doll skin was fitted correctly I moved my hands behind to close the zip that would finally enclose me within the doll suit. I was now Cindy the Lovedoll again and I ran my hands over my rubber covered flesh feeling the wondrous sensations that came from being enclosed again. I lay down on the bed and continued playing with my/her body, my nervous system seemed to be heightened and the merest touch sent shivers throughout my body and made its way down to my sexual centre. The resulting climax came in a blindingly flash of light, my body stiffened and raised my back into an arch lifting the middle part of my body momentarily off the bed, the sensational orgasm ran through me like an express train and then I must have blacked out.

When I came too it was getting dark, I was at first confused as to where I was and especially the slightly numb feel of my skin, then I realised that I was still enclosed in the suit and was laying in his apartment. I relaxed and got my thoughts back, then remembered the climax I had just enjoyed, the sheer all over bodily experience that I had received. I began to get wet again from just thinking about it. It was strange that I’d blacked out from the climax, something like that had never happened before, but then again the orgasms hadn’t been as good before either! But I had to get myself ready for him when he returned; I wanted him to find his dolly ready and waiting. I could just lay here as I was dressed inside the doll, the pink flesh covering mine, but that seemed too simple I wanted something else.

I moved myself off of the bed and began walking to the kitchen; I was feeling very thirsty and needed a drink. As I walked from the bedroom my foot hit the side of a box, cursing myself for stubbing my toe I continued onto the kitchen. After quenching my first and a quick pitstop in the toilet I walked back into the lounge, there on the floor was the doll box that he had made for me, it’s pink outer casing and the gold lettering declaring the contents to be “Cindy Lovedoll”. That’s me I thought, I had spent many hours inside this box, sometimes strapped down with the lid closed over me but the clear plastic allowing me to see out and others to see the contents inside the box. I had never really taken a good look at the outside before and the detail that he had gone into in the making of this container. It certainly was a labour of love and in my mind the solution became clear, I should get myself ready in the box for his return.

So my mind now made up it was time to get the dolly into the doll box, getting in would be the easy part but how would I get myself strapped in? First things first, I moved the box back into the bedroom; it seemed that was where it belonged. No point having a doll outside of the bedroom unless you want everyone to see it. I placed the box on his bed so that he would easily find me, I did think about putting it on the floor but what if he didn’t discover me, I could of course call out but that wasn’t what good dollies do!

No the bed was where he would easily find me and hopefully use me for his pleasure, the delicious thoughts running through my mind at the prospect of what was to come.  Placing the box in the middle of the bed, I picked up the lid and placed this next to it ready for my eventual use. Now I put my mind into how I wanted to be presented to him on his return. I looked at the straps inside the box and had to figure out how I was going to use them on myself, having some experience in self bondage does have its uses after all and after an initial trial and error session I managed to figure out how to do this.

I was expecting him to return in less than an hour from now; he usually keeps to a schedule at work and at home. Though I had not spoken to him today and didn’t know if he had any plans for tonight. I really wanted to be inside the box and the desire was building up within me, the feeling of being enclosed and just an object for his pleasure was starting to get my juices running again. Without another thought I placed myself into the box, no need to dress the doll in clothing tonight, though he may want to do that to me later. I began tightening the straps around my ankles and then below my knees, next came my thighs and as I brought the strap tight against my plastic covered flesh, causing my thighs to close together, I felt my sex start to tingle.

Now to get myself laid down inside the box, I still had the straps around my waist, chest and neck to complete, but first I would have to manoeuvre the lid into place because once bound I wouldn’t be able to finish this task. Reaching across the side of the lower part of the box I picked up the lid, checking that everything was okay in the bedroom I pulled the lid across the top of the box and positioned it over the top of me. The lid began to slide down covering the inner part of the box with the pink coloured outer layer with the plastic see-through above where I could see out but only directly above me.

I moved my hands up to my neck and fastened the strap that held my head in place, making sure that it wasn’t too tight and uncomfortable, even though I only expected to be here for at the most another hour. I hate it when you tie yourself and then after the first few minutes you find that something is causing discomfort, a rope tied a little tight, a strap pulled that extra notch, it plays on your mind as you lay there bound, the enjoyment wanes as your thoughts focus on this irritant. The joyous moment turned sour because of this. But not tonight, I would make sure of that.

Now that the neck strap was done I wiggled my partially bound body to bring the lid closer to me and finish off the packaged look. The lid settled into place and I moved my arms down my side to begin fastening the waist straps. These were left loose enough that I could wiggle my hands through to enclose my wrists. The last strap was around my chest, again this was closed with just enough room to push my arms into and complete the binding. I had done this to myself before, though not enclosed in a box as I was now.

It took me some time to get my arms through the straps around my chest, I may have made them a little tighter than I wanted to, but then I wanted to be tied and waiting for him to find me. And loose straps wouldn’t do! After that I just pushed my hands into the waist strap, the first one was easy but the second one took some jiggling to get all the way through, but when it did it popped into place. I was now bound inside the box, the straps holding my body against the bottom of the box, a dolly waiting to be used by its owner. All I could see above me through the clear plastic was the ceiling, my thought drifted off into fantasies of being used as a sex doll by several people.

I must have dozed off, I looked above me only to find that night had fallen and the room was now dark. There was still no sign of him having returned to the apartment and I began to wonder if he would be coming home soon. After what seemed like a couple of hours I resigned myself that he was held up and would be late getting home. Maybe work had kept him back and remember that I hadn’t told him that I would be here, especially like this otherwise he would be here now. A thought struck me that maybe he had gone over to my place and was waiting for me there. I decided that I would continue to wait; it was cosy and warm inside the doll suit, enclosed inside the box. I felt snug and secure, this was my place and I wanted to be here.

I must have lay there all night without realising, drifting in and out of sleep, my thoughts and dreams intermingled into one, with the main focus on me being just a sex toy. The artificial skin of the doll had long since merged with mine we had now become one, my warmth was her warmth, the rise and fall of my chest was the rhythm of her breathing. I was that sex doll, both in mind and body. Daylight above me brought me back to reality, where was he? Why hadn’t he shown up at his own apartment, my thoughts turned to the fear that something may have happened to him, maybe he was in an accident, but they would have tried to contact me on my mobile phone and I hadn’t heard it ring. What to do now?

Well my body decided that I needed to pee, though not urgently but now would be good. I would have to get myself reluctantly out of the situation I’d placed myself into. But that’s where fate stepped in, you see it was nice and warm and snug inside the doll and enclosed in the box, trouble was my limbs had swollen ever so slightly from being enclosed for so long. The tight straps that had kept me secure all night were now causing me to continue my stay, I tried to move my wrists and hands to get them free from the waist band that secured me to the base of the box, but try as I might I could not get them through the strap. I wriggled my body and tried to get myself free only to cause myself to get more frustrated and angry that I’d placed myself here.

I had to give up and take a rest; my body had begun to overheat from my exertions, enclosed the way I was inside the plastic suit and the box. Also the struggling had brought out my sexual nature too, I was starting to get very turned on, here I was tied by my own hands, unable to free myself and the very subject of so many of my past fantasies. But I was unable to reach myself to gain any pleasure from the situation which just added to my frustration in placing myself here in the first place. I began to calm myself down, trying to think cool thoughts, maybe that would enable me to get myself free from the bindings. And where was he, surely he should be here right now, more thoughts went through my head at what could have possibly happened to him.

So there I lay, bound inside the box by my own hand and enclosed in the dollsuit waiting for my release in more ways than one. No matter how hard I tried to get myself free I couldn’t get my wrists through the straps, having them held at my side by the strap around my chest didn’t help either, this limited my movements and the confines of the box completed the job. I resigned myself that I was stuck, and would have to await his eventual return. I really had become the object of my desires and I was now just a doll enclosed inside a box awaiting someone to come along and use me.



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