Cindy Lovedoll 5: Moving Day

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; lovedoll; costume; straps; boxed; enclosed; objectify; moved; stored; transported; truck; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

A desire to be bound dressed as Cindy the Lovedoll leads me to tie myself in the box to await his return...

continues from part four

Cindy 5: Moving Day

We had lived together for some while now and I had effectively moved into his apartment and sublet my own, though I still kept a lot of my belongings at my place including furniture. I had spent plenty of my time inside the doll suit or tied in my latex catsuit, we’d even bought more costumes for me to wear for his delight as well as my own. But the best times were when I was enclosed in the doll and became Cindy. Most of my thoughts, dreams and fantasies revolved around being that doll.

He had surprised me one day when he returned home early, I was working from home completing some important reports that had to be filed before the months end. I never managed to finish them that day because I spent the night bound as Cindy the Lovedoll and enclosed in my box after he had used me for his (and my) pleasure. As I lay there after the last strap had been tightened he announced that he’d been promoted to special projects manager with his company. It was something that he’d wanted for some time. The only drawback was that it would involve moving to another city five hours away, which wasn’t really commuting distance.

Whilst this was initially good news about the promotion, there of course was the downside with the move, what would become of our relationship and especially playtimes! He leaned into the box and kissed me before picking up the lid and closing it down on top of me sealing me inside. I could see his face through the clear Perspex cover that made up the top half of the box and made it look just like a real dollies box. He looked sad when really he should have been happy with the promotion. He left me laying there, bound and enclosed within the box and headed off out of the bedroom.

I could do nothing at this stage other than lay there, bound as I was and covered head to toe in the plastic skin of the doll suit, I was in my little heaven, one of my favorite places to be, secure, enclosed and safe. I loved being his sextoy and relished being used by him for his pleasure and maybe left as a good dolly should be, after he had finished with me, either bound back in my box or discarded on the bed. Here I was a woman with great intelligence, working in a high powered position and respected for the achievements that I had done for the company reduced to a mere sex object and loving every minute of it. My girl pals would never understand it, why did I let myself get into this situation. They would think I was mad.

As I lay inside the box my mind drifted into fantasies and long held dreams, of being a plastic love toy, used and played with and desired by many people, each one using me for their pleasure but being denied mine. At the end they disposed of me just as a piece of garbage, my plastic body laying in some dumpster awaiting collection. I must have woken as the truck moved me in my dreams and the box moved at the same time in the bedroom. He had lifted the lid off of the box and was undoing the straps to take me to bed. After he had finished with me he rolled over and quickly fell asleep, just one of those things that men manage to do after sex. Women want cuddles, chat, have coffee etc.

I couldn’t sleep and lay there in deep thought about his promotion and what it would mean for us as a couple, we’d been together for sometime now, longer than a hollywood marriage! I didn’t want to lose him and I knew that we would not be seeing as much of each other if he lived five hours away from me, plus who would tie me up as Cindy! I couldn’t live with that thought, I had to find a solution to the problem, well that’s why I get paid the big dollars at work. I spent most of the night checking things out on the net, looking at airfares, car hire, hotels and anything that I could think of regarding our situation. I must admit I spent some time looking at doll sites too! Well a girl’s gotta dream.

The sun rose and its light spread out into the apartment, I was still on the computer when he awoke and walked in on me. He looked over my shoulder at what was on the screen, shaking his head and went off to make coffee. I had one of the doll pages up at the time and the other screens about the city he was moving to minimised. It wasn’t until I got into work that morning that the solution presented itself , something simple but would enable me to move with him. My company was taking over another which had it’s headquarters in the same city, I could be part of the team that moved over there  to establish the companies transition. I just had to work on one or two people to make this happen, which proved no problem.

Arriving back at his apartment, I couldn’t wait to give him my news, I had hinted it to him in an earlier telephone call but decided to break the news during dinner. It turned out that dinner was out at some swanky restaurant along with some work colleagues who spoke shop most of the night and it wasn’t until later that I gave him my news. He was delighted that I could go with him, but he stipulated that it would be only on one condition – that I marry him! After screaming down the restaurant and both of us jumping around like mad march hares, his work buddies finally worked out what we were both excited about and the congratulations flowed along with more champagne.

The next morning we both staggered out of bed, after celebrating a bit too much the night before, we didn’t manage to consummate our decision that night nor the next morning either! Several cups of coffee later we managed to clear some of the fog away from our heads and realise what we had done, we had not only decided to move to a new town but also get ourselves married in the process. We had to start planning what we needed to do, he was due to move within a couple of weeks and I was shortly after. We’d be moving into a house provided by his company for their executives, so that solved one problem. We sat and discussed matters relating to the marriage, what we’d need to do etc.

The weekend went by in a blur, we seemed to be on the phone, seeing this person, visiting that person and generally organising our move to the new location and getting used to the idea of getting together. Very little sex and especially bad no bondage was experienced by this love slave that weekend, we arrived back exhausted from trying to get things done and visiting relatives, friends etc. Monday morning arrived too fast and we were soon back into the swing of things. That week was spent mainly at work, taking on the new responsibilities for the take over meant many hours in meetings, reading reports and making decisions about what needed to be done with the new company. So we didn’t get to see each other until late in the week.

Making some time to see each other, we spent some quality time relaxing in bed, well him relaxing and me bound ever so tightly in my black latex catsuit, the hood covering my head, my arms tightly strapped behind me in a reverse prayer and my ankles tied to my thighs. I could not move a muscle and was loving every second of my extremely tight situation. I needed to be tied and the desire that I craved was starting to overwhelm me and he had been able to see this and take control of me. Plus the fact that he could fuck me senseless whilst unable to resist him did have some part of his desire to tie me up. Well he did like to take advantage of me or was that the other way around!

The time had come for the move, the truck had arrived at my apartment and was already loading my goods and chattels on board. The thought of all those boxes was starting to get me antsy for my own box, the one that contained me whilst wearing the doll suit. For a short while my mind drifted off into fantasy but was brought crashing down by the removers accidentally dropping a box of glassware. It was insured so no matter. But the moment was lost, gone in a second. A few hours later all of my stuff was gone too, off to storage in the new city, to be moved into our new home when we moved.

Now I had moved in with him, we got to spend a bit more time together especially at the end of the day. I got to spend some time enclosed in the box and he got to spend time with his favorite dolly. But the time started to get closer and we had to start packing his stuff into more boxes. The removal people arrived to help pack things the day before the move was to happen. They were great in wrapping things and storing them, took most of the work away from us so we could concentrate on what went where and which room it was supposed to go to. The end of the day came quickly and the removal people left after most things were boxed away ready for the move.

Moving through the apartment in the maze of boxes and packaged furniture we manage to find a spot to settle down to the chinese meal that we’d ordered via the local takeaway. That finished we cleared up and drank the last drop of wine from the bottle, celebrating our last night in our old city. We cuddled up close together and made love for the next hour or so, just simple touching, fondling no ropes love making. It felt unusual at first, I suppose that you get used to being bound up for sex and after a while expect that to happen every time.

I must have dozed off because I awoke to him  moving around the apartment and dragging something across the floor. He said that the removal truck would be here in a couple of hours and he wanted to get everything packed and put away before the got here. Funny I thought we’d already done that. That’s when I saw the box he was moving and then he told me the last thing to be put away was me!

I thought he was crazy at first, packing me away to be moved to the new house inside a box, but not just any box it was Cindy’s box. I was going to be her again and become just another package to be delivered, just another object, one of his possessions. I felt my sex twinge and the first signs of moisture between my legs. My tummy started to get that warm fuzzy feeling that you tend to get when you know that something good, something very sexual is about to happen to you. He wanted to pack me away inside the box, transport me as just another part of his furniture to the new location.

My mind was thinking should I or shouldn’t I, just a minute I must be crazy if I willing get myself tied and enclosed inside a box and shipped with all the rest of his goods to the new city. Crazy or not it wasn’t long before I found myself climbing into the doll suit, the plastic covering my now naked flesh, my clothes quickly discarded and the sex doll now in it’s place. Soon my head was covered and her facial features became mine, her skin became my skin and he was closing the zipper at the rear sealing me inside her. I was now Cindy again, his love doll. And very soon I would be safely put away in her/my box.

This time I was to be dressed specially for the occasion and he’d bought a new outfit for me to wear whilst inside the dollsuit. He opened the package to reveal a cheerleaders outfits complete with pom-poms and bobby socks. He helped me slip into the one piece cheerleaders outfit, more like a lycra body suit that was cut high and revealed more than it covered. This was completed by the wrap around skirt and then he slipped the shoes on my plastic covered feet. The pom-poms had straps that fitted my hands and held them in place, I was now Cindy the cheerleader doll. The sight in the mirror was one of pure sexual fantasy and I was surprised that he didn’t take me there and then.

He picked me up and lifted me over to the box, but I wanted something first, something very important to me and something of himself, I wanted him inside my mouth and he placed me down on my knees in front of him. He stood there as I reached the fly on his trousers and slowly pulled down revealing the package that lay beneath. I soon had him in the palm on my plastic covered hand and then into my waiting mouth, which formed an O around his now very swelling member. I took great delight in the pleasure that I both gained and gave to him, my tongue brushing against the underside of his tool as he moved himself in and out of my wanting mouth. Before long he was grasping at the back of my head, holding me in position as he shot his seed into my throat, I held my breath as the fluid hit the back of my mouth and I began swallowing him inside of me.

The moment ended when he removed himself from me, I had savoured every moment of it, and had his taste in my mouth which I hoped I would still taste on the coming journey. I had given him one last headjob before being packed away, something to remember me by until we met at the new house. He’d told me of his plan, I was going to be packed away as Cindy, strapped down in my box and then he has another outer box to place me into and seal closed. No one would know I was there, all I would be was another package for the removal people to transport to the new house. I told him that I had dreamt of this day and that one of my fantasies was about to be realised. Although I did have my doubts about whether he would go through with this.

He placed me into the doll box and began strapping me down inside, tightening the straps and placing padding around me to protect me during the move. When he was satisfied that I couldn’t move he picked up the lid and closed it down on top of the lower part of the box, I was once again just a sex doll enclosed within a box, this time ready for shipment. He picked up the box containing me and carried it over to the outer box, which was just plain brown cardboard, the box slipped inside and I could see the flaps above me. He gave a final wave and closed them down, I heard what I thought was the tape gun as he sealed his doll into the box. A label was attached giving instructions to which room I was to be moved to and another declaring the contents to be ‘fragile’.

That was it for the next two or so hours, he busied himself around the apartment and I was left alone waiting to be stowed away along with the rest of his goods. Another object in his collection, something contained with the confines of a box. I did have the thought in my mind that maybe he would leave me tied this way and get the removal people to take the rest of the boxes, thinking that I would be next. But in reality he would just release me for our journey. I settled into fantasy mode again and had delightful images of me being moved around as just another object, of being found by the removal men and used for their pleasure.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of voices from outside my box, the removal people had arrived and started to take the belongings out to their truck. I heard several boxes being moved near me and instructions from my master and owner as to what was to happen to them. Then I felt my box being lifted, I was being carried out of the apartment to the lift along with his other possessions, without another thought I was now on my way to the new city dressed as a cheerleader inside my plastic dollsuit, bound in a box and sealed inside another. This was real, he was really going to ship me.

I was transported down in the elevator with other boxes and taken outside to the truck, where my box was loaded along with others. My box ended up on the floor with other boxes piled on top of mine. Other furniture and possessions were loaded and placed alongside, further and further out to the rear of the truck. When finished straps were placed inside to hold things down and the rear doors closed. I was now just another box within the confines of the removal truck and it was not long after that I faintly heard the truck engine start and felt the motion of movement as they drove off with me inside.

I really was just another object, a possession, a living sexdoll enclosed in her box. I wondered when I would be released…




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