A Demonstration

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2011 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machine/f; bond; drug; mc; transform; latex; insert; shave; encase; lovedoll; boxed; nc/reluct; X


Georgia’s friend, Janine had been working on her engineering project for almost a year now. It was finished and she’d asked Georgia to come to her workshop and take a look as she thought Georgia would appreciate her project. She was eager to see what was so special as she arrived. 'Wow', Georgia thought as she entered the workshop, Janine had constructed some sort of huge assembly line. Janine stood nearby at some computer controls next to what appeared to be the start of the line as she entered.

"This is amazing it’s huge, but what does it do?" She asked quizzically as she approached Janine.

"It’s well complicated… But the end result is… Well a demonstration would be best I think" Janine smiled as they came together for a hug.

'Ok not very interested yet' Georgia thought to herself. A sudden moment of shock and disbelief. Janine had flung Georgia from their embrace and she had flown backwards and off balance onto the starting point of what she still presumed to be an assembly line. Janine jabbed at the large green button on the control panel quickly, whilst Georgia tried to regain her balance. Immediately a large metal frame dropped behind her. Automated manacles shot out from each corner of the frame instantly locking to Georgia’s wrist’s and ankles and retracting, lifting her off her feet and pulling her limbs taught to each corner. She was now suspended and spread.

"What the fuck!" Georgia shouted at Janine with a scowl on her face.

"It’s time for your demonstration" Janine smiled wickedly as she swiftly worked the control panel.

"Get me down!" Georgia screamed struggling against the machines hold on her.

"Just programming the machine with your new dimensions, I think three dress sizes down and two bra sizes up will do nicely" Janine smirked continuing at the controls, but before Georgia could even comprehend the statement and bark any sort of reply. A sudden jab to the back of the neck, the machine had injected her with something.

"Ouch! What the fuck was that! And what are you doing! And what are you talking about dress sizes and bra sizes!" Georgia yelled indignantly.

Janine paused at the controls and turned to look at her suspended captive fighting her bonds. "Ok… I’ll explain, I’m running a special project, and you have been requested for a special requisition, to be transformed into a living sex doll!" Janine began.

"You’re kidding right, this is some sort of..." Georgia began.

"Silence" Janine interrupted and Georgia found she just couldn’t speak, she wanted to and desperately willed herself to but nothing. Georgia scowled at Janine, what has she done.

"Relax" Janine added and Georgia simply stopped struggling. In her mind she was telling herself to fight hard, pull at her bonds, willing her limbs into action. But nothing, her body would not respond.

"That is what the jab is for" Janine smiled at Georgia. "It’s a submission serum, a full strength dose would have turned a subject into a mindlessly obedient slave by now… However you have been given a lower strength dose to make you utterly obedient but also ensure you maintain your awareness" She explains as she turned to continue her programming on the machinery.

"It would appear that your new owner wants you to suffer, to torture you, you’ll still be Georgia inside, fully aware of everything they do to you" Janine chuckled obviously amused at the thought of Georgia’s intended fate.

"There finished, decided to adjust your bra size by three sizes too, up to an E cup will make you look great… Anyway this is going to take a while so just stay quiet, relaxed and try to ignore the painful parts" Janine laughed as she started the machine with one final button press. Janine watched for a moment as the machine lurched into action moving Georgia slowly towards the first part of the automated process.

"I’ll be back when you’re done" Janine chuckled as she left Georgia to her transformation.

Georgia felt the metal frame swing gently as she was slowly moved into the first compartment of the machine. She was desperately afraid, utterly helpless, no longer in any control of her own body. Her mind raced as she came to a halt and the first part of the process began. Robotic arms flashed into action, armed with pincers, cutters and claws. They swiftly began removing her clothes. She sobbed inside at the humiliation as the machine stripped her naked, quickly and efficiently cutting and pulling her clothes away. She was naked for only a moment before she was being propelled by the machinery towards the next booth and the next stage of the process.

Slowly she was moved onwards on the line, apprehensive as she entered the next compartment. Her movement was halted for the second time as she was positioned in the centre of the compartment. Suddenly she was being hit with a spray from every direction. She was bombarded by the spray as it hit and drenched every inch, every contour of her body. The spray gave her a hot tingling sensation all over her body as the drenching continued for what seemed an age then stopped suddenly. Fans. She felt a cool breeze being blown over her skin by a series of fans. It felt cool on her skin as she was dried. Georgia thought it felt cool on every inch of her skin, every single inch of her skin. Horrified she realized she had no hair, anywhere. She had been drenched and soaked with a hair removal spray. She wanted to scream and fight, but nothing. Her body was still relaxed and she remained silent as she had been told. Moving again. She knew there was no way out of this, she was at the mercy of the machine.

What next, what humiliating stage of the process she wondered with growing fear.

Again her movement stopped when she was in position, a pair robotic arms appearing again. She glimpsed the arms flash into view in front of her with what appeared to be a skin toned latex corset held out between them. 'What had Janine said', Georgia scrambled to remember, 'two dress sizes, no it was three'.

She felt the corset press against her belly and then wrap around her waist as the robotic arms pulled the corset into position, then kept pulling. The corset was tightening quickly around her, and kept getting tighter and tighter. Uncomfortably tight, then painfully tight as her waist was cinched and crushed three dress sizes smaller. She felt the corset glued into place. Glued to her skin. More arms flashed into action, a strip of latex was swiftly positioned over her pussy glued into place and smoothed over. Her pussy had been covered and hidden away, only a smooth patch of latex where her sex should be.

Georgia was confused. Then her mouth covered with latex too, glued and smoothed over. Then she felt her arse being invaded. She’d had anal before and liked it, but this was quickly going beyond anything she’d felt before. The machine relentlessly and steadily pushed a latex sheath deep inside her, into her arse with a flange holding her open. The humiliating process complete, her arse throbbing with dull pain, the next robotic arms drew close to her. These two arms were equipped with a long needle, each with tubes leading back into some unseen part of the compartment she was in. Georgia wanted to scream in agony and fight like never before in her life as the needles steadily penetrated her breast‘s. The pain was almost unbearable distracting, until she felt her breast’s begin to feel tight.

Georgia’s tit’s were being pumped with some sort of gel or foam and were swelling in size rapidly. E cups her pain fogged mind recalled, she was being pumped, inflated to an E cup. It took a few minutes for her enlargement to be completed and the pain subsided to a tight discomfort quickly. Slowly she was moved onwards towards the next booth. How much more of this is there to come she thought to herself, unsure how much more she could even take.

Stopped in position again. It quickly became apparent this was a second spray booth. She closed her eyes, nothing else she could do but allow this to happen in her helpless state. She was sprayed lightly and quickly dried with fans. She opened her eyes, noticing nothing. The spray began again, lightly and quickly coating her, then dried. She looked a little shinny this time. Again she was sprayed and dried, and again and again. Each time Georgia was being coated with what will be her new latex skin. Each time looking more like a doll and less like a human.

Forty five minutes of spraying and drying and then she was moving again. The next compartment, the next stage of transformation. She sobbed inside willing this to be a nasty dream, but she knew it wasn’t. She was halted, once again in the machines desired position. Robotic arms quickly at work again, she felt something sprayed across her scalp and the wig pressed in place for a moment. 'I can feel through my latex skin' she thought to herself. With the wig in place the machine didn’t hesitate and more arms sporting what appeared to be tiny spray guns that busily went to work on her face and chest. The arms withdrew and Georgia was being manoeuvred once more.

This time was different. There was no compartment to enter, but a huge mirror instead. She could she herself drawing near to the mirror, hanging from the metal frame. As her movement ceased, she was horrified at what she was looking at. Herself. The wig, was identical to her own hair, as it was before this was all done to her. She looked at her face and it was her face, well it was a shiny latex version of her face, but she could recognise she was supposed to still look like herself. Her mouth! She noticed her mouth, smoothed over and now her mouth was just painted. She had no mouth!

Her horrified mind raced her pussy. Gone too, not even painted on. Just gone! The smooth latex just continued uninterrupted where her pussy should be. No sign of the corset, cinching her waist brutally, hidden by the smooth uniform coloured latex skin she could she covering her entire body. Her tit’s were huge and she was only looking at them now. Huge, covered in her uniform unblemished latex skin, the exception being her now very pink painted nipples. She looked at herself for hours in the mirror, taking in the doll like body, tiny waist and huge tit’s, but it was her face she kept looking at. She looked at her face, horrified because it was still her face and was meant to be her face she kept thinking. Who ever wanted this done to her wanted her to have the sex toy waist and bust but also have her face, Georgia’s face, and they wanted her to know it too.

"Hello Georgia" Janine chimed. How long had she been back, Georgia hadn’t heard or notice her return.

"Are you going to follow my every command" Janine asked. Georgia nodded without hesitation, unable to speak with no mouth. But she really wanted to scream and cry and fight. Instead she found herself nodding obediently as I’m sure Janine knew she would. Smiling Janine went about releasing Georgia from the metal frame, and in moments she stood in front of Janine obediently.

"Lets have a good look at you then" Janine smirked. She rubbed and stroked Georgia’s latex skin, squeezed her now oversized breasts and even probed the inside of her open arse. Georgia felt every touch and stroke, humiliation and shame washed over her.

"Excellent, perfect" Janine commented as she concluded her examination of her work, obviously very proud and happy with the result, the Georgia doll now standing in front of her.

"Now lets get you dressed up shall we" Janine grinned and turned to walk away. Georgia found herself obediently following, unable to runaway like she’d been trying to will herself to.

They entered an adjacent room lined with clothes rails, hanging with an array of outfits and lingerie. Janine began rummaging immediately through the underwear, quickly finding what she was looking for. She handed Georgia a bra, a deep red bra with black lace trim and straps. She didn’t want to put it on. It was her bra, or a least a much bigger version of a bra she owned. She found herself pouring her breast’s into it and fastening it anyway, her new tit’s filling it’s cups. Next Janine handed her a garter belt, deep red with black lace trim, from the same set as her bra. She put it on. Stockings next. Georgia continued to dress herself. Janine grinned wickedly handing over the simple light blue blouse. Georgia desperately wanted to refuse the blouse. Bigger to accommodate her increased bust, but a copy of her work uniform blouse nonetheless. Still she obediently slipped the blouse on and buttoned it up, the buttons straining against her new size.

"Can you tell what I’m doing" Janine asked as she handed over the black skirt. Georgia nodded slowly as she pulled up the smaller version of her work skirt, trying hard to resist but unable to stop herself zipping it up. She knew she was being dressed in her own clothes, her work uniform.

"It’s part of your new owners request, to dress you in familiar clothes, to help you maintain your awareness and sense of self… Probably to enhance your torture" Janine smiled obviously very pleased with the thought of Georgia’s torment as she handed the black ankle strap heels over. Of course she recognised them as her own, but still slipped them on.

"Are you feeling tortured" Janine asked quizzically. Georgia nodded slowly.

"Good, I‘d hoped you would, and I hope you do for a long time to come" Janine chuckled. Georgia was stunned.

"Now would you like some bondage too?" Janine grinned wryly and Georgia shook her head immediately. Janine was already ignoring the answer fetching a single sleeve glove and a collar.

"Turn around and hands behind your back" Janine instructed and Georgia simply did as she was told. Quickly the single sleeve was pulled up and secured, pinning her arms together behind her back. A moment later and the collar was strapped firmly too. Janine turned Georgia back to face her, admiring her bust straining harder against her blouse with her arms pinned behind her.

"Come now, one last surprise" Janine smiled and led her back through the machine area and into a much smaller room, a store room of sorts. That’s when she saw the box leaning against the wall. It was a giant doll box, a huge see through plastic panel cut into the lid. As Janine led her closer, she could read the box lid. "Georgia Slut Doll!" It had written in big letters. In smaller print below that. "The only realistic Georgia Slut Doll! Designed for Anal Only! Based on a Real Slut!" It was her box, she was going to be boxed as an anal only sex toy! She screamed in her mind to resist and run, but her body ignored her.

"Do you like your box Georgia, it even has your name on" Janine laughed not even looking to see that Georgia was shaking her head, she was already taking off the lid. "In you get now" Janine laughed heartily as Georgia turned and backed into the open box, snuggling herself into position between the shaped packaging inside. Janine was still chuckling as she fixed Georgia into place inside her box, zip tying her ankles, waist and neck securely to the packaging. Janine smiled at her through plastic panel as she replaced the lid on the box, shutting Georgia securely inside. Janine took out her phone and dialled whilst she grinned at Georgia inside her box.

"Hi… Yes… It’s a complete success… Totally irreversible… Yes within the parameters of your order… An E cup" Janine laughed and winked at Georgia in her box.

"Of course she’s very much aware, it was a prime condition of your order after all… No feed her daily with the serum injections, it’ll help maintain her sense of self … Yes she’ll remain very aware and sane with the daily serum and she’ll probably live longer than both of us… Ok" Janine smiled hanging up the phone. She paused admiring the helpless living doll for a few moments. She was pleased. Apart from the exaggerated tit’s and waist. She looked like a perfect latex version of Georgia in the box, even the clothes were perfect. Janine felt a pang of desire as she looked at her in her tight uniform.

"Goodbye Georgia" She smiled and walked away.

Georgia’s mind raced, trying to comprehend the half conversation she heard. This was permanent, was all that she could think. She‘d never escape what had been done to her. Who would want to do this to her. Who could want to torture her like this. She could only wait in her box. Wait for her tormentor to collect her. Wait as the Georgia Slut Doll!



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