A Demonstration 2

by Doctor Vader

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A Demonstration Part 2

It had been many years since that fateful day that had changed Georgia’s life. Six years actually and by changed her life, maybe changed her would be more appropriate. She had been transformed by her friend Janine, when she gave her a practical demonstration of her engineering project. A large machine that transformed her into a, living, anal only and utterly helpless sex doll. She couldn’t help but think of that day, the ghastly process she’d endured. The outfit she was given, a deliberate copy of her own clothes, the special serum that took away her self control and left her utterly obedient. And of course her box, with “Georgia Slut Doll!” written boldly on it. The box was where she was kept, where she slept at night. She remembered waiting in that box, she waited for the person who’d ordered the process to be done to her. The person who wanted her to be tormented. Her shock when he arrived to collect her. It had been Paul, an ex-boyfriend. She’d dumped him for a richer business man years before. But at some point he’d had a big windfall, become quite wealthy, a multi millionaire actually. He’d funded Janine’s project heavily, with Georgia in mind all the way.

“Oh wow!” He exclaimed when he arrived to collect her that day. Georgia remembered feeling horrified as he peered into the box at her.

“I never imagined Janine would’ve been able to get that slut to look… like… an even bigger… slut!” He stammered as he eyed his new doll through the box’s plastic panel. He just looked at her in the box for awhile, arms folded, admiring the good job that’d been done on her. Then he loaded her box into the back of his van. He had manhandled the box over to the van and then easily slid the box into the back. She remembered that long agonizing ride. Just laid on her back, in her box, staring up at the roof of the van for hours. Eventually her journey came to an end, the van doors opened and her box was dragged out by two men that could only be described as butlers of sorts.

“Up to my bedroom please” She’d heard Paul ask, and she was hurried away into a large mansion house. Her box was deftly manoeuvred upstairs and into a large, but sparsely decorated bedroom. She was left there for about an hour, in her box, propped up against the wall, just waiting. Then Paul came in. He was already unbuttoning his shirt as he sauntered towards her, he discarded it, just letting it fall to the floor as he drew near. He leaned against the box, smiling wryly at her through the plastic panel. She remembered how terrified she was as he gently pried the lid from her box and carefully removed the zip ties that pinned her into place.

“Step out” He grinned and she had simply obeyed him, stepping gingerly from the box. He took his time, pacing gently around her at first, just looking at her, examining her new form. Then delicately running his hand around her new much slimmer waist, moving slowly up to her greatly enhanced breasts, stroking them with just his fingertips. She could feel his touch as if her new latex skin was her own. He stopped behind her for a moment and she had wondered what he was going to do, and then the single sleeve simply dropped away, releasing her arms from their bondage. She stood there, her arms now free, but still no capacity to actually move them. Her bondage had only been intended for her discomfort, not it’s effectiveness.

“Sit on the bed” He announced, she immediately moved and perched herself on the edge of the bed. He watched her intently as she moved. Then to Georgia’s surprise he sat next to her.

“You are still Georgia in there?” He had asked and she slowly nodded.

“Are you uncomfortable?” He asked, she slowly nodded again, beginning to wonder if there was some compassion in him for her, but a cold grin grew on his lips as she nodded.

“Now stand, bend over and lean on the bed” He smirked and within moments she had positioned herself as ordered. She had felt her skirt being lifted up, knowing that her open arse hole was now exposed. Only then did she remember, that with her mouth gone, smoothed over and now just painted on and her pussy simply a smooth patch of latex, her arse was her only orifice. She felt his hard cock gently pushing inside her, driving deep into her anus. He began to fuck her, rhythmically thrusting himself harder and deeper into her. She wanted to scream, she wanted to turn and shove him away. Unable to do anything, she silently and motionlessly held her pose as he violated her. He fucked her hard in the arse, thrusting himself hard and deep until he finally came.

“Sweet ass” He had panted, out of breath from his exertion as he swatted her latex arse with his hand and simply strode out of the bedroom, zipping his trousers up on his way. He left her there, her latex arse on full display, full of his semen. He left her like that all night, just propped up leaning over the bed. He had even left her there as he slept in the very bed she was bent over. She remembered thinking, that this was going to be how her life was going to be now. His sex toy, that he’d use whenever he wanted. How wrong she was. That was the only time Paul had used her, six years ago when she first became the sex doll she is now.

The next morning when he got up, he ambled about the bedroom, getting dressed as if she wasn’t even there and disappeared for breakfast. Sometime later he returned to her, cleaned up the deposit he‘d left the night before and tidied her outfit, pulling her skirt back down and tucking her blouse back in neatly. He then gave her the first daily injection that she‘d had every day since then. Injecting the serum that would take care of her nutritional needs and maintain her utter obedience. He then reapplied her bondage, wrapping a thick leather strap around her wrists and another just above her elbows, pinning her arms tightly behind her. As before, just for her discomfort.

“Back in your box” He had ordered and Georgia backed herself gently back into position inside her box. She had spent the whole day in the box, but as the evening drew in, Paul came back to the bedroom and Georgia thought it was time to get her out and invade her again.

“Get her down to the van please lads, and you know where you‘re taking her right?” Paul had said and Georgia had been immediately confused.

“Yes boss” Replied one of the butlers that had unloaded her from the van yesterday.

“God I hate it when you call me boss” Paul chuckled to him.

“Ok boss, sorry boss” The butler laughed as he and the other grabbed Georgia’s box and began to haul her back through the large house and outside to the waiting van. She was loaded into the back, stuck looking at the roof again as the van was driven away. It was another long drive, maybe two hours, possibly three before the van stopped. The van doors opened quickly and immediately Georgia could hear what sounded like a party. Her box was quickly unloaded and heaved up to the front door of an unassuming house. The party sounds were much louder. One of Paul’s butlers rang the doorbell and a few minutes later a young girl had answered the door.

“I’ve got the toy Paul’s lending you for tonight” He had said.

“Excellent” The girl smiled as she leaned over Georgia’s box and peered at her inside.

“Living room please” She clapped and stepped aside to let the two men haul the box inside. They quickly had Georgia’s box propped up in the corner of the room. Georgia had been brought to the party to be a sex doll on loan to a bunch of strangers. She was terrified.

“We’ll be back to pick it up first thing” The butler said as he left and she heard the van pull away outside a few moments later. She’d been left there. The girl who’d opened the door came back to Georgia’s box.

“The only realistic Georgia Slut Doll! Designed for Anal Only! Based on a Real Slut!” She clapped excitedly as she read the writing on the box out loud.

“Come on girls” The young girl called out as she began to pull at the box lid. Georgia hadn’t realised, but there were no men at the party. Her terror subsided a little at the thought of a lesbian party, but half a dozen girls or so were yanking her from the box. It had still been quite frightening. They obviously had no idea that she could be commanded to do something and she’d simply obey, as they heaved her out of the box and had hastily unbuckled the straps pinning her arms. Several of the girls were groping and squeezing her tits already and one girl had her skirt up and was keenly examining her lack of pussy.

“This is fucking awesome” One girl exclaimed.

“Check these fat tits” Another chirped as she had a hand inside Georgia’s blouse and gave a breast a hard squeeze.

“Right Paul said we can do what we want as long as we don’t damage it on purpose” The young girl who’d answered the door announced. These girls were treating her like an ordinary sex doll. Georgia could only wonder if they knew she was actually alive inside. She had begun to doubt it rather quickly as she was manhandled, groped and probed by these girls as if they were a pack of animals, her blouse and skirt already removed and discarded.

“I’m going first” The young girl called out. Georgia’s heart sank. She saw the girl donning a rather large strap on dildo, and then disappear from view as the other girls flipped her over and positioned her over the coffee table. They bent her knees and straightened out her arms, so she was posed on all fours, her breasts pressing firmly against the small table under her. The girl pushed the dildo roughly into her arse and began to hammer her hard and brutally. It had been agonizing. The girls each in turn hammered at her for hours that night and Georgia thought a couple of them even used her a couple of times. They were all ruthless with her. Eventually they calmed down, began to pair off and disappear for the night. Georgia was discarded in the living room, heaved from the coffee table and left dishevelled on the floor. She had been used and discarded like a sex toy, because she was a sex toy. The butlers arrived to reclaim Georgia early in the morning, the sun having only been up a short while. The doorbell rang several times and it took some time for the young girl to groggily answer.

“Morning sunshine” The butler chirped loudly at her and laughed as she cringed away from him, obviously suffering from a hangover.

“The doll please” He asked a little calmer with a big grin.

“Living room” She grunted as they made their way inside. They quickly gathered up Georgia’s discarded outfit, stuffed the garments into the box and manhandled Georgia back in too. She was soon packed up and the lid back on her box.

“Can you ask Paul if we can have it again sometime?” The young girl called out, shielding her eyes from the light outside, as they loaded Georgia back into the van.

“I’m almost certain he’ll be fine with you lot having it again” He smirked as he climbed into the van.

That was the first time Georgia was loaned out. Two days later was the next, a bachelor party and then again a few days after that a different party again. Every few days, she was on loan at some sort of party, being used by strangers. She had been loaned to the young girl and her ruthless friends many times over the last six years and they were always the most brutal to her. Georgia dreaded their parties. It seemed apart from that first time Paul had no intention of using Georgia himself. He mostly just ignored her, just lending her out to be used by other people.

Paul came back from breakfast to give Georgia her daily injection. He opened her box as usual, but today he paused, just looking at her for a moment.

“I loved you once” He smiled warmly as he stroked her face tenderly.


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