Doll Play

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F; sexdoll; corset; espionage; transform; bond; cuffs; wrap; hogtie; gag; denial; sex; climax; cons; X


Panting, the man rolled off the figure beneath him, coming to rest sprawled on his back. For several seconds, he lay silently, before the ringing of the phone caused him to stir. Answering, he spoke softly for a moment, then replaced the handset. Slowly, he climbed from the bed. Drawing on a pair of shorts, the man smiled down at the bed, then turned and left the room.

Alone on the bed, the female figure lay silently. Legs slightly spread, arms splayed at her sides, the figure lay with painted eyes staring at the ceiling, her lips parted to form a perfect oval. For long moments, the figure lay silently. Then, strangely, the lips closed, only to open again as the figure emitted a long, soft moan.

"I would hate this," it said softly, "if I didn't love it so much." Rubber lips curving in a wry smile, the figure rose to its feet and moved slowly toward the door. After a quick check of the hallway beyond, the figure moved to the room's closet

Had anyone been watching, they would have been amazed to see an anatomically perfect sex doll kneeling in the closet next to the box in which she'd been delivered. What they wouldn't, couldn't, have realized was that this was much more than just a sex doll.

Jessica Stein was a top operative with a top secret government agency. This wasn't the first time the agency had used its advanced technology to turn her into a sex doll, and she knew full well it wouldn't be the last. Sometimes, it was the only way to get the job done, and this was one of those times.

The target, Albert Kessel, had turned paranoia into an art form. A successful dealer in stolen arms and technology, he'd surrounded himself with the very best of his own product. Nothing entered his walled estate unchecked, including food deliveries. Nothing, that is, except the sex toys Kessel occasionally added to his collection. It was the only weak point in his security, and one only the agency had the means to exploit.

Now, kneeling by the box, Jessica smiled. Originally, she'd been delivered wearing a leather corset, which Kessel had quickly removed, tossing it back into the box. Jessica quickly donned the corset, moaning as she tightened it around her rubber waist. Rising, she moved with somewhat shaky steps toward the door.

It wasn't so bad, she thought, suppressing another moan at the feel of her rubber thighs sliding against each other, that being a doll greatly heightened her sensitivity to the point where every touch brought near orgasmic pleasure. Actually, it was that "near" part, and the fact that, as a doll, she couldn't orgasm, that made the job hard to handle. And this job had been harder than usual.

Normally, it was easy. One night as the target's plaything. Then, after he'd either fallen asleep or left the room, sneak out, accomplish her task, and then slip away, leaving the target to wonder what had happened to his new toy. Unfortunately, this job hadn't turned out quite that way.

Kessel, she learned, was into more than just sex dolls. He was also very much into bondage, a fact that Jessica learned to her own regret. Her first night here had been spent bound spread eagle on the bed of Kessel's playroom. The second night had seen her mummified while Kessel made use of her mouth. Tonight was the first time she hadn't been bound, and she was determined to make the most of it.

Of course, three nights of sex, not to mention three days of bondage, was having its effect. Jessica couldn't remember ever being so horny. It took every bit of willpower she had to force herself to think clearly. Even so, as she slipped through the dark house, she repeatedly had to force her hand away from the juncture of her thighs. Not that touching herself would do anything other than make her arousal worse, but her body was demanding satisfaction, making it very hard to think of anything else.

So it was by sheer force of will that Jessica made it to Kessel's office. Here, as hoped, she found his computer already running. In his business, Kessel couldn't afford to lose touch with his clients. Here, in his fortified stronghold, he obviously felt safe enough to maintain that contact through the computer.

Now, seating herself at the desk, Jessica ran her finger over the side of her corset. Under her touch, a hidden pocket opened, allowing her to remove a thumb drive. Quickly, Jessica plugged the drive into the computer and began copying the contents of the hard drive. This took several minutes, during which she more than once had to force her hand from between her thighs. By the time she was finished making the copy, Jessica was nearly frantic with need. Unplugging the drive, she slid it back into its place in her corset, fingers absently sealing the pocket closed.

As she rose from the desk, her normally agile stride had become a stagger. Throwing open the french doors at one side of the office, she nearly fell onto the balcony. After casting quick glances to the ground below, she threw herself over the railing, trusting in the toughness of her rubber body. Strangely, the jarring impact with the ground cleared her mind somewhat, allowing her to rise to her feet without danger of falling. Quickly, silently, she moved through the trees surrounding the house, homing in on the rear wall of the property.

Here, guards patrolled regularly, while sensors scanned the darkness. Neither, however, knew to watch for a walking sex doll. Silently, she evaded the guards, all the while fighting the urge to tackle one and have her way with him. The sensors she simply ignored, since they weren't set to detect masses of rubber as a threat. Within moments, she was across the wall and moving quickly toward her extraction point.

When she reached her destination, Jessica was relieved to see the unmarked van parked right where it was supposed to be. Opening the rear door, she threw herself inside, pulling the door closed behind her.

"Did you get it?" Turning in his seat, the driver of the van looked back at her calmly.

"I got it," she replied, gazing back with considerably less calm in her eyes. "Now get us moving before I rip those clothes off you."

The driver smiled. "One of those jobs, I see." Sliding from the seat, he lunged into the back of the van, grabbing Jessica and throwing her to the floor. Startled, she struggled, but her doll's body wasn't made for fighting. In spite of her struggles, she quickly found herself in a strict hogtie. Tugging uselessly at her bonds, she glared up at the driver.

"There," he said with a smile. "That's better. Can't have you attacking me while I'm trying to drive, can we? And from the way you're talking, your control's far enough gone that you just might."

"Damn it, let me go!" Instead of freedom, Jessica's demand earned her a gag, the straps pulled tight around her head. Grunting, she watched as the driver returned to his seat and started the van.

For Jessica, the drive seemed endless. Already unbearably horny, her helplessness only made things worse. Her gag, more than enough to muffle her words, failed completely to stop the flow of moans that soon filled the van, moans that had become panting gasps by the time the van stopped.

Opening the rear door, the driver lifted Jessica from the floor. Her control completely gone now, she struggled desperately to thrust herself against him. With a sigh, the driver carried her writhing body into a large building.

"Damn," he whispered, gazing down into her glazed, staring eyes, "I've never seen you this bad. We need to get you back to normal fast."

Walking quickly, the driver carried Jessica into what looked like a lab, settling her onto a stainless steel table. He reached for the gag, but Jessica shook her head.

"You want me to leave you this way?" Jessica nodded, then stared pointedly at a booth to one side of the lab. Shrugging, the driver turned away. "Ok," he said, "do it."

Suddenly, a strange bluish light began playing over Jessica's bound body. Under its glow, the rubbery sheen of her skin began to vanish, replaced by the natural glow of an aroused woman's skin. After several seconds, the glow vanished, leaving a live woman hogtied on the table.

For a second, she lay still in her bonds. Then, with a jolt, her whole body stiffened, her limbs yanking at her bonds as three days worth of denied orgasms crashed through her body. Over and over her body spasmed, cries the gag couldn't halt filling the lab. Finally, after one last, violent spasm, she fell limp, her eyes closing.

"Jess!" Frantic, the driver removed her bonds. Hearing her fast, shallow breathing, he also removed the corset. Released, Jessica sprawled face down on the table, irregular shivers her only movement. Finally, slowly, she raised her head.

"Thanks," she said in a barely audible whisper. "If I hadn't been bound just then, I might actually have hurt myself." Slowly, she began to move, only to halt with a wince. "But I think I may have pulled a muscle or two even so."

"Are you alright?" Concerned, the driver stared at her, watching the irregular trembling of her limbs.

"Aftershocks," she said, smiling. "You try cumming that hard, that many times, and see how long it takes for your body to stop shaking. Now, get the drive where it needs to go."

Nodding, the driver retrieved the thumb drive. Turning, he started toward the door, only to halt as Jessica called his name.

"Yes?" Curious, he turned toward her.

"Next time," she told him, her eyes beginning to droop, "we get a female target. Then I get to drive, and you can be the sex doll." Smiling at the thought, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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