Doll Play 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; transform; sexdoll; espionage; bond; wrap; toys; tease; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Two

"Sir? Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Yes, Sir. We'll be there. Goodbye, Sir."

Jessica Stein smiled as she gently placed the phone's headset back into its cradle. "This could be interesting," she thought as she turned away.

Casually, she moved across her large living room. One of the perks of being a top agent for a secret government agency was her ridiculously huge salary, which allowed her to live in an even more ridiculously huge house. Another was a great deal of time off, it being felt that the stressful nature of her jobs required ample recovery time. Which allowed for some serious relaxing.

It was this thought that had Jessica smiling as she approached a closed door. She'd actually been preparing for some serious relaxation when the phone rang. Now she was free to get back to it.

The room Jessica entered contained only one piece of furniture. This was a low, wide table with a thickly padded top. At the moment, the table was occupied by a single figure. A male figure, the fact made obvious by the rather large erection protruding from the tightly stretched vet wrap that encased the rest of the body. From the area of the figure's mouth another phallic shape protruded, this one a dildo attached to a gag. Gazing at the figure, Jessica's smile widened.

"Well, Simon, are we having fun yet?" Simon was Jessica's partner at the agency. Normally, Simon did the driving while Jessica performed the actual job. Simon knew more about her work than just about anyone, yet he never really understood what it did to her. Well, she thought, watching him in his wraps, he'll understand now.

Jessica was the ultimate undercover agent. Using advanced technology that only it possessed, the agency would turn her into an anatomically correct sex doll. In this form, she would be delivered to the chosen target. Then, when the chance arose, she would gain access to whatever information she'd been tasked with gathering, then slip away. Easy enough on paper, but not even Simon understood what it cost her each time. After her last job, she'd decided it was time Simon got a taste of her world.

Now, watching him writhe in his wrappings, Jessica wondered if he were beginning to understand. If not, the effort of drugging him, sneaking him into the agency lab, converting him, then hauling him here would all have been wasted. Still, it would be interesting to at least try to teach him.

Gently, Jessica stroked Simon's erection, feeling him quiver at the slightest touch. "See? I know you never believed me when I told you how sensitive my body became, but now you can feel it for yourself, can't you? Every touch sends waves of pleasure rushing through you, stronger than anything you've ever felt before. At first, it feels wonderful, but after a while, the unending pleasure can seem maddening, mainly because of the other small detail."

Leaning down, Jessica placed her lips close to Simon's wrapped ear. "You can't cum," she whispered. "No matter how badly you want to, no matter how desperately you need to, it just won't happen. After a while, it's only your training that keeps that need from totally overwhelming your mind. You have the training, true, but no actual experience." Jessica laughed. "Well, not until now."

Stepping back, Jessica let her gaze move between Simon's erection and the dildo standing above his gagged mouth. "Where to start. Where to start. Oh, I feel like a cat locked in a creamery." One hand slid between her thighs, stroking slowly. "Yes, a cat. A frisky little feline just itching to explore all the possibilities."

Smiling, she once more stroked Simon's erection, feeling again the quiver of his helpless body. "Overwhelming, isn't it? Last time, I was stuck this way for three days, remember? And you've been like this for how long? Three hours? It seems you've a lot to learn, partner. And I think I know where to start."

Gracefully, Jessica slipped onto her knees on the table, straddling Simon's head. Slowly, she lowered herself, taking the dildo within her. Once the dildo was fully inside her, she leaned forward, parting her lips and slowly taking his erection into her mouth. As her hips began to rise and fall, her tongue swirled around his hardness, feeling his quivering increase with each passing second.

Slowly, carefully, Jessica built her own arousal. At the same time, she was fully aware of the plight of the man beneath her. Tightly wrapped, aroused far beyond anything most people would ever experience, yet totally unable to reach orgasm, he was in both heaven and hell right now.

Still, Jessica knew it wouldn't be a good idea to push him too far, too fast. After all, this was his first practical experience at this. So, after a suitable period of teasing, she reversed her position, lowering herself onto his erection and riding him fast and hard until her own orgasm crashed through her. Afterwards, she slipped from the table, smiling as she gazed down on his quivering body.

"Was it good for you, too?" Jessica laughed softly. "You probably hate me right now, but at least you know what I go through each and every time I go out. If not, well, I'll be back in a few hours to reinforce the lesson."

Turning away, Jessica moved to the door, then paused. "Oh," she tossed back over her shoulder, "that was the boss on the phone. We've got a new job, and this time the target is female. Which means you get to be the doll for once. We're to report Monday morning, so we only have the rest of today and all of tomorrow for you to enjoy this. And, since you're already prepared for the job, there's no reason to change you back before we go in. So you'll have at least another day, maybe more." With that, she slipped from the room.

Behind her, the wrapped figure on the table seemed to quiver even more. Already aroused far past anything he'd ever dreamed, and now she says he has at least two more days before he can be changed back? At that moment, he did, indeed, hate her. At the same time, another thought kept running through his need-fogged mind.

I never would have dreamed she was this much stronger than me.

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