Doll Play 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: FMM/fm; espionage; sexdolls; captives; bond; straps; tease; torment; denial; entrap; transform; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part Three

"This is all your fault."

"And how do you figure that?"

Jessica Stein glared at her partner, Simon Jones. At this moment, she would have loved nothing more than to slap him. Unfortunately, even that satisfaction was denied her.

Jessica stood with her back to a metal pole. Her arms, stretched over her head, were cuffed together, the cuffs themselves attached to a ring mounted on the pole. A broad strap around her waist held her pressed firmly back against the pole. In front of her, Simon stood against a second pole, identically bound.

"What do you mean, how?" Jessica's eyes narrowed. "You're the reason we're in this mess."

"Oh, really? And who's brilliant idea was it to send both of us in?"

"It made sense," Jessica replied. "The target is bisexual, remember. With both of us in play, we doubled our chances of getting the intel. And it would have worked if not for you."

Had anyone else been present, they might have thought it quite a strange sight. Two anatomically perfect sex dolls, one male, one female, arguing with each other while bound to a pair of upright poles. For the arguing pair, it was simply part of the job.

Jessica Stein had for some time been top agent in a secret government agency. Her specialty was infiltration and intelligence gathering. Nothing any intel agency didn't do, really. The difference here lay in the method. Using technology only they possessed, Jessica's superiors in the agency were able to transform her into a living sex doll. Once transformed, she would be sent to a target's home. After a suitable time, she would slip from whatever room she'd been placed in, collect whatever it was she'd been sent after, then slip away, leaving the target searching for a missing doll.

Simon, her partner, had until recently served as her driver. This was, in fact, only his second mission as a doll. The target, Veronica Selby, was thought to be selling classified information. Their job had been to find out. Unfortunately, something had gone wrong, which was how they'd wound up in their current predicament.

"What did I do wrong?"

Jessica glared. "You giggled."

"I did not," Simon protested.

"You did. You giggled, and she heard you."

Simon shrugged. "Well," he said, "I couldn't help it. It was funny. She was swatting you with that crop and you were biting your lip to keep from moaning. And when your eyes started to cross, that was just too much."

"Simon," Jessica said slowly, "dolls do not giggle. Now she knows something's up. Only question is, how does she plan on finding out what that something is?"

Simon shrugged again. "What's she going to do, starve us? We don't eat like this, remember? Or maybe water torture. No, we don't really need air any more, do we?"

"Actually, I had something else in mind." Turning their heads, the two watched as Veronica entered the room. "Living dolls," she murmured. "I'd heard rumors, but I honestly didn't believe it was possible. This explains the stories about people losing items of value from secure locations. Oh yes, I've heard those stories. And the only thing they all have in common is that each time, a sex doll was delivered shortly before the loss. Strangely enough, the doll always seems to vanish at the same time. So the only question remaining is, how do you do it?"

Veronica smiled at the now silent pair. "Now, now," she chided, "don't get all shy on me now." Stepping behind Jessica, she slid her hands around the bound woman's body, cupping both breasts and squeezing softly. Jessica stiffened, only her training keeping her from responding to the rush of pleasure sweeping through her. Slowly, one hand slid down her body, slipping between her thighs and stroking softly. Slowly, Jessica's legs began to part.

"Oh, you like that, don't you," Veronica purred. "And it's obvious he does, too," she added, gazing pointedly at the erection standing out between Simon's thighs. "So why don't we make it more interesting, shall we?"

Stepping back, Veronica gestured with one hand. Immediately, two men entered the room, one carrying a short ladder. As the two prisoners watched, caps were removed from floor and ceiling, revealing a pair of circular holes directly in front of Simon. Next, the pair lifted Jessica, pole and all, until the lower end of the pole slipped clear of the floor. By pulling the pole at an angle, they were able to slip the top end from it's hole as well. By reversing the process, they were able to set Jessica's pole into the new holes.

"Much better," Veronica observed, smiling.

Jessica wasn't sure how she would describe her new position, but 'better' definitely wasn't the word. Her nipples now brushed Simon's chest, which did nothing for her state of arousal. Worse, his erection was now almost touching her. Staring into his wide eyes, she wondered how this was going to make either of them talk.

"Now, up just a bit." After the men had lifted her slightly, Veronica reached between them, grasping and aiming Simon's erection. "Now down."

Jessica couldn't hold back a slight gasp. As the men lowered her, Simon's carefully aimed erection slipped between her thighs, the head penetrating her slightly. Moving quickly, the two men grabbed her legs, lifting them and bending them around Simon's waist. A pair of leather cuffs soon secured her ankles in place.

"Now then," Veronica said, watching as her men forced gags into the mouths of the bound pair, "let's see how much of this you can take before one of you is willing to talk." Turning, she left the room, her men following her.

Left alone, the two began struggling against their bonds, but it was no use. Even in their own bodies, they wouldn't have had the strength to break free. In these bodies, it was useless. Worse, their struggles only served to rock them slightly, causing the head of Simon's erection to shift within Jessica. After only a few seconds, the two froze, unwilling to add to their own torture by any motion that would increase their arousal.

For long moments, the two hung silent. Then, slowly, motion began to become visible. Two pairs of hips twitched, the twitching slowly growing into rocking motions. All motion stopped, both agents willing their bodies to remain still, but seconds later the motion resumed, slowly growing faster.

Jessica's eyes widened as the true nature of her plight sank in. Somehow, Veronica had stumbled upon the perfect torture. In this body, Jessica's response to any stimulation was greatly magnified. Already her chest heaved, dragging her nipples across Simon's chest, adding fuel to the fire. Watching Simon's eyes drift closed, she knew he was going through the same torment of pleasure that wracked her body. Knowing that neither of them could cum only made things worse.

Soon the silence of the room was broken, muffled moans and gasps slipping from behind the pair's gags as their hips struggled to thrust toward each other. Eyes closed, heads thrown back, the two fought madly against their bonds, struggling to close the gap between them and drive Simon's madly twitching erection more deeply within the clenching muscles between Jessica's thighs.

How long they struggled, the pair had no idea. Time lost all meaning as their bodies spiraled higher and higher into a fog of arousal. When Veronica finally returned, neither of the gasping prisoners could say if minutes or days had passed.

For a moment, Veronica simply watched the helpless gyrations of her prisoners. Then, stepping forward, she removed Jessica's gag.

"Please," the bound woman gasped, "no more! I need.... need..... please!"

Veronica smiled. "Just tell me what I want to know," she said, "and I'll have my men pull you away."

"Can't.... tell...."

"How unfortunate. I guess that means you get to stay like this a while longer." Veronica turned toward the door, only to pause as Jessica gasped again.

"Show....... show you!"

Veronica frowned. "What do you mean, show?"

"Take...... there..... show....."

"Are you suggesting," Veronica asked, "that you'd be willing to guide me to wherever this was done to you, and then show me how?" She smiled. "An interesting offer. I could make a fortune with this, getting rid of problems for my clients. Very well, I'll give you the chance to show me. Of course, you'll be wearing a vibrator. And you," she added, smiling at Simon, "will stay here with a vibrating cock ring for company. After all, we wouldn't want either of you to lose your passion for the task at hand, would we?"

"So this is the place?" Veronica gazed doubtfully at the rather nondescript building Jessica's panting directions had led her to. Turning, she glanced into the back seat, where Jessica lay, securely bound hand and foot. "This is where this happens?"

"Door...." Jessica panted in reply. "Side.... in.... in..... side... inside me!"

Veronica nodded with a grin. "Yes, I get it. Go in the side door." Opening the door, she stepped from the car. From a following vehicle came her two men, lifting Jessica from the back seat and carrying her behind Veronica as the group approached the small door set in the side of the building. Following Jessica's nearly incoherent instructions, Veronica punched a code into the lock, smiling as the door clicked open.

"Very nice," Veronica said as she slipped inside, followed by her two men. Behind them, the door slid closed, plunging them into a darkness that was almost immediately filled with a pale blue glow.

"I hope you know how much I hate you."

Laughing, Jessica rolled from the bed. "Why?" she asked teasingly. "It's not my fault it took so long to get back to you. I had three new prisoners to deal with, not to mention a massive arousal issue. I could hardly lead a rescue party when I was too horny to see straight, could I?"

Simon lay back watching her, somehow feeling strangely relieved to not have an erection. "But how did you know what would happen?"

Jessica smiled. "Because I'm the senior agent, which means I had the clearance to know that the process was made part of the security system. The code I gave them activated it, and as soon as the door closed, it triggered. Didn't do anything to me, since I was already a doll. But these three...."

Turning, she gazed toward the far end of the room. Here, a series of poles had been set up in pairs. Between the end pairs dangled two anatomically perfect male dolls, their rubberized bodies stretched. Between them dangled a female doll, penetrated front and rear. Jessica smiled as she watched the woman's body gyrate, thrusting first forward, then back, struggling to take both men fully inside her. Moans from three gagged mouths filled the room.

“Of course,” Jessica observed quietly, “I had to hold out as long as possible before I appeared to break. Couldn’t give in too soon, that would have made her suspicious.”

"What are we going to do with them?"

"Well," Jessica replied, slowly moving around the writhing forms, her hands softly stroking, "we can't release them. They know too much. And we can't keep them at headquarters. Too distracting. So I volunteered us to take care of them. I figure another week or two of this, their minds will be pretty much gone. They'll be more than happy to do anything and everything we tell them to do."

"Our own set of sex doll slaves," Simon said thoughtfully. "This could be fun."

"Exactly." Turning, Jessica slipped back into the bed, stretching her body against his. "So," she said softly, "how much do you hate me?"

Simon smiled. "Almost as much as I love you," he replied.

"Good." Reaching down, Jessica grasped him softly. "But if you ever get us in a mess like that again, I'm going to fuck you until your brains come out your dick."

"Promises, promises." Laughing, the two relaxed together, enjoying the moans of their three new slaves.

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