Dolly Discovery

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; hotel; sex; mansion; tour; discovery; dolls; caught; hum; naked; crate; bond; straps; latex; oral; sex; climax; cons; X


I had been in Los Angeles for a business conference for nearly a week, it had been a hectic schedule with many things to organise, but now it was Friday, time to relax. I’d been out for a meal with several others from the conference but decided to call it an early night because of the week I’d had. On getting back to my hotel I headed into the bar for a nightcap before heading upstairs. I moved over to the bar and ordered my drink and sat on the bar stool whilst the bar tender prepared my drink.

I looked around the bar, there were a few people sitting at tables and a couple were in a booth, obviously in love as they could stop touching each other. My thoughts were interrupted when the bar tender placed my drink in front of me, I gave him the room number for the bill and took a sip of my drink. It was then that a figure caught my eye, a gentleman was sitting down the bar from me, he picked up his drink and raised his glass towards me “Cheers” he indicated.

I continued with my drink and was lost in thought when he sat down next to me at the bar, I didn’t recognise him at first but he was a well-known actor, mostly on television. He introduced himself to me and I gave him my name. He asked what I was doing in town and I told him about the conference. He picked up my accent and asked, “Are you British?”

“Yes”, I replied, “I’m over from London.”

“Ah London, love the city, have been there many times.” He said.

We talked about various places in London and where we’d visited places, some we had both been to and we spoke about what we’d done or seen there. Time seemed to fly by and the conversation was interesting, not too often you get a guy who shows interest in your mind and not just your body. A few more drinks were ordered as we spoke and soon I was a little tipsy, my libido was peaked by this man who was not bad on the eye and had a brain that could engage me in conversation.

It was getting late by now, sometime in the early hours of the morning and we somehow mutually agreed to go back to my hotel room and have another drink there. Well things lead from one thing to another and soon we were in bed, he was very good and I climaxed at least three times before he came too. The best part was he didn’t get up and leave like other guys but stayed and cuddled as I drifted off into sleep.

In the morning I awoke to the feeling of male hands moving over my body, I was naked in bed and the guy from the night before was wanting more of me. This was one great way to wake up in the morning, not something I was used to as I live on my own back in London. After some more great sex we decided to order breakfast in the room, he headed off to the shower and soon the breakfast arrived. I tipped the bellboy who delivered the breakfast and then set the tray on the small table. He came out from his shower and we ate breakfast.

He asked what I was doing today, I said that I had nothing planned, maybe some shopping and sightseeing. He suggested that I came back to his place, he had a pool and we could swim and play some more. I was surprised that he wanted to continue seeing me; after all he was famous and could have any woman he chose to. I headed for the shower and got dressed, he said that he had to go ahead and that I should get a cab when I was ready, he left his address on a note and then left.

I continued in the shower, shaving my legs and sex, I like to keep it bald down there. Something he’d liked when he went down on me last night and it feels great too. After applying my make-up I went through the underwear I had and chose the sexiest pair of knickers I could find, I had left the best ones at home, not thinking that I’d need to show them off here. I then pulled on my tight jeans and pulled on a t-shirt that showed my cleavage to its full advantage, 'it always pays to advertise' my mum would say.

Ready I headed downstairs and jumped in a cab, I gave the driver the address and we headed off. The cab headed into the hills and the houses became much more luxurious as we went, finally we arrived at the address he’d written down, it was a mansion with palms out the front, a manicured lawn with a driveway that circled the front of the building. I walked up to the gate and pressed on the button, soon a picture appeared on the screen of him, he said to push on the gate when I heard the buzzer.

I entered and walked up the driveway, by the time I got to the door he had opened it and was standing there. He welcomed me inside and looked me over, commenting on my top and the tightness of my jeans, I love it when a guy compliments me, so he was earning big points here. He took my hand and led me inside, the door closing behind me automatically. We walked into a large lounge area with several settees and couches, tables and cabinets, all very expensive looking.

I said, “What a great place you have here.”

He asked if I’d like the ‘ten-cent’ tour as he put it, I replied I’d love too. He took me around the ground floor of the house; there were rooms with more furniture, games rooms with a snooker table, a gym and a massive kitchen that you could fit my whole apartment back home in with room to spare. Out through the windows you could see the pool area and the landscaped gardens around it.

“Would you like to see the upstairs?” he asked.

I thought okay this guy wants to get back in my knickers, not that I had any objections to that just not that quickly, I had only arrived here moments ago.

He saw the look on my face and said, “Its okay, I only want to show you around, then we can have some lunch and play in the pool if you want to.”

Feeling better I nodded my okay and he took my hand and lead me upstairs, he showed me several of the bedrooms and bathrooms, each one more lavish than the last, though he missed out a couple and headed for the master bedroom as he called it. The word ‘master’ had thoughts of bondage and bdsm running through my head and I expected to see chains hanging off the walls. But I was disappointed when it turned out to be a normal, if you can call a huge four-poster bed with canopies normal. The carpet was the type you sink into, the décor was straight out of some fashion catalogue, “House & gardens would love to do a shoot here” I said.

“I’ve already had a couple of magazines do shoots here.” He replied. “I’ll show you when we go back downstairs if you like.”

Of course the bedroom had its own bathroom too; another massive room lined with marble, the bath could fit 6 people if you tried hard enough. One wall was lined with a mirror so you could see yourself in the bath should you so wish to. Everything was neat & tidy and I made a comment about keeping the place clean and what a nightmare it would be.

He said, “That’s why I have maids come in during the week to clean for me. I’d never be able to keep this place this way otherwise.”

Of course I thought why would you clean the place when you can employ someone else, I would if I had the finance’s too.

“Okay that concludes the ‘ten-cent’ tour.” He said, “We should head back down to the kitchen and get some lunch.”

As we headed back I looked again at the rooms we’d missed and wondered why he’d not shown me those, maybe he has secrets that he’d like to hide from me or maybe he didn’t think those rooms any different from the others he had shown me.

He prepared lunch in the kitchen and we took it outside to eat, there were tables and chairs set up near the poolside and it was a lovely sunny day. He brought out a couple of jugs of cool drinks and we sat and talked whilst we ate. He explained about his acting role on television and told me of the films he’d been in. It sounded fascinating being in the movie industry, he said that it was long, exhausting and most of the time boring work, there were long times between shots whilst they set-up, then there were the several takes, not so much in television though he said, they generally went with the first take if they could as they have a tighter schedule.

After lunch we decided to have a dip in the pool, I said that I hadn’t got a costume with me but I would swim naked if he didn’t mind, what guy would, and the sun would feel lovely on my naked skin. He said that he didn’t have any problems with me being naked, after all he’d seen all of me last night, but he said that you never know when a sneaky photographer was lurking waiting to get a snapshot and with me being naked in his pool would lead to all sorts of complications and several tabloids. He said that he had some swimwear upstairs that would fit me.

He lead me upstairs again and we got close to one of the rooms that he hadn’t shown me around, he asked me to wait outside whilst he got the costume. He entered the room but didn’t close the door instead leaving it slightly ajar, I could just see the one wall in front of me and moved around to get a better look at what he might be hiding. Then I spotted a dresser with a mirror above it, this gave me an angled view into the room. It was dark inside, the kind of dark you get when you keep the curtains closed during the daytime. I could see a bed and then some furniture, then I spotted a chair, one of those cloth covered high-backed chairs with arms you find in hotels.

And then I saw sitting there what looked to be a woman, dressed in a blouse and black skirt, her legs crossed at the knees with black high-heels on her feet, women tend to notice more about other women than guys realise. I wondered who she was, was she his wife, he’d never mentioned being married to me, maybe she was another girlfriend. Without waiting I entered the room and walked inside to get a closer look at the woman sitting there. Just as I approached the woman he entered from a walk-in closet with the swimwear in his hand.

He quickly asked what I was doing? I said that I’d spotted this woman sitting here in the mirror over there and wanted to know what was his idea. “Is this your wife?” I asked.

“Ah.. No,” he stammered, seemingly flustered at my being here.

I then looked at the woman, she was staring off into the distance, her eyes fixed, not moving at me being next to her. I reached down to touch her, he had gone really quiet and looked embarrassed like a naughty schoolboy, her skin was cool and soft, but it was plastic maybe more like soft silicon, she wasn’t  a real woman after all. I’d discovered that he kept a sex doll in this room and she was dressed up as a woman with the blouse, skirt and stockings.

It was at the point of realising that this woman was indeed a doll, not real life flesh, that I too became embarrassed at finding out his little secret and stammered out an apology.

He sat down on the bed; his face visibly drained and held his head in his hands. This was something I was not supposed to have seen, this was a secret that the tabloids would love to find out about this actor. I could see that he was distressed by my find and walked over to him and held his hands trying to sooth him and allay his fears.

“I’m sorry, I thought that you had another woman in here and wondered what was going on.” I said.

”That’s one of my dolls”, he replied, “I didn’t want you to see them. If this get’s out I’m ruined.”

“I’m sorry, don’t worry your secret is safe with me, everyone has something they don’t want people to know about.” And I hugged him to my breasts to comfort him.

“You may think of me as weird having dolls, some sick pervert who get’s his jollies off with plastic women.”

“No, I once knew a guy that had a blow up doll that he said he'd used before he met me.” I said, “I think that he used it when I was not staying over too!”

“So you don’t think it too strange that I have these dolls here?” he questioned.

“You have more than one?” I asked. “Can I see them?”

“You sure you’d like to do that?” he replied. Obviously now less shattered that I discovered his doll.

“I’d love to see them.” I replied even though I didn’t but thought it would be better for him if I did.

I had no intention of revealing his little secret, I had only just met the man but admired the way he’d treated me, obviously he had some consideration for the feelings, wants and desires of women. It showed in the way he had treated me so far. So for me to make him feel better I would look at the dolls in his collection.

He lead me out of this room across the hallway into another room, here there were several doll in various stages of dress, some naked, some wearing just underwear, others in costumes. There seemed to be 8 in all, either in chairs or on the floor and one on the bed. Again the curtains were closed, so the light was dim in here, but I could see that these dolls were expensive and well made. I walked over to a naked one laying on the floor, her legs were slightly apart and her sex was visible. She was hairless like me, the folds of her vagina were there for all to see, but they had a plastic sheen to them, like they were slightly wet.

I was intrigued at what I saw and wondered why he would need so many and asked him so.

He said, “I just started collecting them and it grew from there, some are different, that one over there is Asian,” he said pointing to a doll on a chair. “That one over there is black; others have distinct features that at first glance you’d never notice, others only when using them.” He blushed.

As he was explaining about the dolls a very wicked thought crossed my mind, what would it be like to be one of his dolls? The idea hadn’t even crossed my mind before seeing his collection spread out in front of me. I had visions of him using me just as he would have with one of the dolls here, the thought of him fucking me was turning me on, after all he was a great and considerate lay.

Suddenly I realised that he stopped speaking and was looking at me. I came out of my dirty, sexy thoughts and without thinking spurted out, “How would you like me as one of your dollies?”

“What?” he stammered.

“Well you like to keep dollies, and you do have sex with them right?” I questioned.

“Yes” he said.

“I’d like to try being one of your dolls; you can use me for sex and see how we go from there.” I purred.

“Are you sure?” he asked, visibly more relieved at my request.

“Well I’d like to know what you like about these dolls and the best way to find out is to be one. Plus I really enjoyed last night and was hoping for some more today,” This time it was my turn to blush.

“Okay, I’m not sure how we go about this, but we can give it a try if you wish.”

I started the ball rolling by starting to undo my jeans and slowly removing them, next I pulled my t-shirt over my head and stood there in just my knickers waiting. “Okay Master, you’d better deal with this dolly before she changes her mind”.

“Okay”, he said again, still unsure of what to do with this woman in front of him.

“What do you normally do with your dolls?” I asked.

“Well I dress them, carry them around and place them where I want them or use them.” He replied.

“And what do you do when you want to have sex with one of your dolls?”

“I usually carry them into the main bedroom and place them down on the bed and then have sex with them.” He said.

“Okay, so I’m your new dolly, just arrived from the doll factory, take me to your bedroom and make use of me.” I instructed, hoping that he’d finally do something before the mood left me.

He realised that I was serious and wanted him to take me into his bedroom. He walked over and picked me up from where I was standing, his left arms supporting my legs and his right holding my body against him. I had the urge to place my arm around his neck and did so, even though a doll cannot move itself, I was new at this. He carried me back out into the hallway and turned left down to his master bedroom. We entered through the doors, me looking up at him whilst he kept his vision straight ahead, he placed me down on the bed still holding my legs high and pulled back the covers, he then laid me down on the bed.

He soon stripped off his own clothes and was next to me on the bed, he began playing with my breasts, my nipples raising with his tender touch, his lips parting around my right nipple, the warmth of his breath sending goosebumps over my flesh. He kissed each nipple in turn and then gently sucked at them, taking turns with each one as I lay there sensuously taking in what he was doing to me. His hand ran down from my breast over my stomach, sending more goosebumps over my body and a shiver ran through my body.

He stopped and asked if I was alright, I whispered that I was fine and for him to continue. He played with my breasts for a while and then his mouth worked it’s way southward towards my sex, spending time running his tongue over my tender tummy before heading down to the main event. By the time he got there I was dripping wet, I could feel the moisture on my sex and the coolness of the air as it touched the exposed flesh there.

He explored every inch of my pussy, his tongue found places that sent me to nirvana, he would blow softly on the flesh there sending waves of pleasure through me, alternating with his probing tongue and the delicious warmth as it touched the sensitive flesh with its wicked movements. I was more then ready when he came back up, his tongue again working up my body, he positioned his legs in-between mine, moving my legs apart in preparation of what he was about to do to me.

I felt his penis touch me at first on my thigh, then he probed at my opening before finally finding my hole and plundering the secrets beyond. The sheer sensation of him entering me sent delightful waves of pleasure through my entire body, I felt more alive at that moment, one with him as he began moving himself in and out, pushing further into me with each thrust until he was fully inside me. He continued his movements, his body rubbing up against mine, his weight pushing me down into the mattress firmly holding me as he began getting his rhythm.

My climax was quick in coming, shortly followed by another and then again as I felt him spurt himself in his orgasm into me, he continued pumping until all his seed was spent and then rested on top of me as we both came down from the high we had shared.

He was clearly feeling better now that we had had sex, the endorphins had done their job and he felt more relaxed with me than before.  I lay there unmoving, feeling like a doll and my thoughts turning to what it would be like to be a sex doll like those I’d seen.

He interrupted my thoughts when he asked me how I felt.

“That was amazing” Then said, “Oops, I forgot dollies are meant to speak are they?”

He laughed and said, “That’s okay, this doll has permission to speak when spoken to.”

“Thank you Master”, I jokingly replied. A huge grin across my face. “So what do you do now with your doll?”

“Usually I sleep after sex!” he laughed, “Then clean up the doll and put her back in one of the doll rooms.”

“You have more than one doll room?” I queried.

“Yes, well lets see, you saw the other bedroom with the doll in the chair, that’s Sarah by the way.”

“You name all your dolls?” I interrupted.

“Yes of course, they are like family to me; they’re my partners, at least in the bedroom.” He replied. “Then there’s the main doll room you saw with the rest of the girls. After that I have a couple of other rooms that I use the dolls in.” he ended abruptly.

“Can I see these rooms?” I asked hopefully. “After all a dolly needs to know where she is.”

“Well…” he seemed hesitant.

“Please, I promise I won’t be shocked, after all I am just another dolly now.”

“If I show you these rooms promise won’t think me even weirder or some pervert.”

“Your dolly promises”. I said crossing my heart with my fingers.

 “I should carry you but I prefer it if you walked whilst I show you around” he said.

“That’s okay, dolly understands.”

He climbed off of me and got out of bed; he walked around and found a robe for himself and then one for me. Dressing himself in the robe first he then came around and got me out of bed and dressed me in the robe. Helping me out of the bed we headed back out into the corridor and down passed the two doll rooms I’d already seen. We stopped outside of one door and again he asked if I was sure I wanted to see this, I nodded my head.

He opened the door and held it open for me to enter first; I walked in to find several pieces of furniture that shall we say you wouldn’t find in the average home. This was more like a dungeon and what I expected when he spoke earlier about the Master bedroom. Yes there were chains on the wall, what’s more there was a doll hanging there dressed in black shiny material, ‘latex’ he said.

Another doll was bent over what looked like a bench, her hands fastened to cuffs that were locked onto the front legs of the bench, her back legs were similarly fastened to the back legs of the bench. This doll was dressed in a black leather corset, long black boots that came up to the top of her thighs. On her head was what looked like a leather hood, it enclosed her entire head and had zippers for the eyes and mouth. Her body was also fastened down with straps that held her body to the padded bench top.

I wasn’t sure whether to turn and run, get the hell out of here or stay, I was certainly fascinated by what I saw here and bondage wasn’t something that was new to me, but mine mostly consisted of being tied up with ropes and fucked. So I stayed and continued to look around, much to his relief, he began trying to explain what he did here, and I asked questions about stuff I didn’t understand. He said that he was mostly into the bondage side of things, even though he had paddles, whips and crops hanging from the wall, he said that they were for decoration and set the dungeon scene.

Then in the corner was a cloth covering something hanging from the ceiling, he said that it was a cage and started to lower it to remove the cover. Inside was another doll, this one was covered from head to toe in what he called a latex catsuit; it covered her from the top of her head to her feet. There didn’t seem to be any eye holes or mouth, he said that the suit only had holes under her nose for breathing. I gave him a strange look and he explained that he bought the clothing from regular fetish stores that supplied clothing for women, not specifically for dolls so had the same holes for breathing as it would if it were fitted onto a living, breathing woman.

“You mean like me.” I said.

“Well yes, but you’re a doll now aren’t you?” he said.

“That’s right; I’m just another one of your dolls in your collection.”

“Is there anything you find interesting here?” he asked.

“Maybe later, but the bench looks kinda fun.” I winked and a delicious shiver went down my spine.

“On with the tour then?” he questioned.

“Yes please Master, I’d loved to see where you’d like this dolly to be.”

We turned and left the dungeon room and headed across the hallway into another room, this was another bedroom but there was no doll on the bed here. He took me through to the bathroom and showed me where he had set up a bidet to clean the dolls after he’d used them. There was a steel probe that looked like a dildo with small holes in the top and down the side. He said that he placed his dolls on here and turned on the tap to clean out their insides. I touched the steel probe and it was cold to the touch, so declined the offer to use it on myself.

The bathroom lead into another room, this was more of a storage area and had a couple of crates stacked up against the wall and along another wall shelving that he said stored the dolls when he was away or was not using them, or displayed in the main doll room. There was a crate open on top of another one on the floor; the inside showed the foam cut-out where the doll had been inside, several straps that secured the doll whilst in transit to stop any damage he explained.

“Sometimes I have to send a doll away to be repaired, or I move them down to my villa in Miami, I spend sometime in the winter there or when I do location shoots in Florida.” He said.

“So you pack the dolls and move them, what by FedEx?” I laughed.

“No I have a private plane that I can use and transport them in the cargo hold, I usually get removal people to transport them to the airport and pick them up the other end to deliver to my villa. I can’t chance the discovery of using public means to transport the dolls.”

“So the dolly fits in the cut-out and the straps hold the doll in place?” I asked.

“Yes, why, do you wish to try it?” he said.

“Well I am your new doll freshly arrived from the factory and I haven’t experienced the crate yet.” I said as I dropped the robe from my shoulders and stood before him naked again.

“Well let’s get you inside then dolly”. He said as he again picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the waiting crate.

He bent down and placed me inside the foam cut-out; I adjusted myself to get comfortable in the foam, the foam coming up each side of me and the crate obscuring my view out each side. I could only see out above me and his smiling face as he looked down upon me, his naked doll in her box.

“How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Fine, nice and cosy.” I replied, “how about the straps?”

“Are you sure?” he questioned.

“Well I am your dolly and you don’t want me damaged now do you.”

“Okay then but let me know when you want out.” He began applying the straps, pulling each one across my limbs, first my hands were fastened, these were held slightly away from my body in their own foam cut-out.  Next he fastened the straps over my ankles, again my legs were separated by more foam. Straps fastened around my knees, then my thighs. He moved to the next strap that held my waist and secured it, each time he secured a strap he made sure that all the slack was taken out and I was firmly held inside the crate.

Another strap went over my chest and under my breast, another above my breasts holding me firmly against the foam backing of the crate. My head was already held in place by the foam cut-out but another strap went over my forehead and I found that I couldn’t move an inch of my body, so tightly packed was I. He couldn’t resist feeling my breasts as I lay there.

“How’s my dolly feeling now?” he asked.

“Dolly feels very secure.” I sensuously replied.

He continued to run his hands over my bound body, sending delightful waves of pleasure through me. He began rubbing at my clit with his finger, slowly at first then gradually building up speed as I approached another climax, I was thrusting against his finger and it was lucky that the straps held me down as I would have been bouncing around inside the crate. I came with a roar that bellowed through the room, my body held tightly with the straps to the crate enhancing my orgasm.

I came back to earth with him gently rubbing my body with his hand, the same one that he’d used to send me into orgasmic bliss moments beforehand. My breathing coming down from desperate panting to shallow more normal breathes.

“Would dolly like to get out now?” he asked.

“Dolly loves the feeling of the box; she would like to spend some more time in it.”

“Are you sure?” he questioned.

“Does the dolly box have a lid?” I asked. “I mean dollies need to be secured inside their boxes don’t they!”

“Well of course they do, there’s another piece of foam that covers the top of the doll and then the lid gets secured down with screws.” He answered. “But dollies don’t breathe like humans do, so the box would be airtight.”

“Oh”. I replied disappointedly.

“But I can make some holes for you to breathe if you like.”

“Would you!” I asked hopefully, “Dolly would be most grateful.” I purred.

“Just give me a minute or two to get some tools.” He said, “Will you be okay while I’m gone?”

“Dolly will be fine Master; dolly loves her Master and his box.”

He left me laying there tightly strapped inside the crate, unable to move a muscle or get myself out of the crate if I wanted to. I lay there in sheer bliss recovering from my recent orgasm and thinking of what I’d discovered today, I know that I had enjoyed being his dolly so far and was looking forward to hopefully more to come, especially that bench in the bondage room.




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