Dolly Discovery 2: Leather Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; dolls; crate; straps; encase; dungeon; leather; corset; boots; hood; bond; cuffs; bench; objectify; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: Leather Pleasure

I had been left by myself tightly strapped in a dolly delivery crate in the storage room of this man I'd only met what seemed like ages ago but was in reality only could be measured in hours. Not something I would normally do, but then this relationship was far from normal and I was enjoying doing what was happening to me. Plus I'd had some great sex with this guy and he was very attractive, famous and witty, ticked all my boxes.

I spent sometime in the crate, bound by the straps and held securely inside the foam casing, keeping my limbs tightly secure. He even came back with the top of the crate and had made a couple of holes in it so I could breathe whilst contained in the crate. He placed the top of the crate on but did not screw it closed, he said that he’d be leaving me here for about twenty minutes to make some telephone calls and asked if I would be okay. I was disappointed that he'd not screwed the lid down but my over active libido would have to be content with what we'd got.

“Yes Master, your Dolly is feeling fine.” I replied.

I’m not sure just how long I was in the crate but it felt like much more than twenty minutes, he returned and removed the top of the crate, he had a concerned look on his face. “I’m sorry the calls took longer than I expected.” He said.

“How long has dolly been in her box?” I asked.

“Just over an hour since I placed the lid on.” He said.

“Wow that was really intense, dolly likes her new home.” I had enjoyed being secured and left inside; I felt more like one of his dolls more now than before. I entered as a human female and emerged as a doll more so in mind now than in a physical sense.

“I’d better get you out now.” He said.

“Yes dolly needs to wee-wee.” I giggled.

He removed all the straps that had held me down inside the crate, my arms felt like lead as did my legs; I didn’t want to move any part of my body. Luckily he reached in and picked me up in his arms and carried me out from the storage room and through into the toilet, placing me down he left me to tinkle in the toilet. Something none of his other dolls can do.

“See I have special features too!” I laughed at the sound of water splashing.

“More able to move now?” he asked.

“Yes, the feelings are returning to my limbs.”

“Good because I think it’s time to feed this dolly and I’m sure that you’re thirsty after your long journey in the crate.” He winked.

It was true, now that he mentioned it I was thirsty and there was a little tummy rumble too!

We headed downstairs and into the kitchen where he handed me a drink and bade me to sit on one of the stools. I sat there sipping my refreshing drink whilst he went about preparing some snacks to eat. We adjourned to one of the lounges with the food and sat there eating and talking more about his dolls. I didn’t even notice that I was still naked, he wore his robe, but I was quite content not wearing any clothing, and he hadn’t brought up about my lack of clothes so it seemed natural for me to be there naked.

He told me about the first time he bought one of the dolls, the moment it arrived and the way he opened the crate like a kid at Christmas, he told me. He still had a sparkle in his eyes as he described looking at that doll the very first time. He said that it was like being on a first date only with a doll instead of a shy young girl. He was shy enough for both of them he laughed. The first time in bed was pure magic, he felt like he’d finally found out what was missing in his life, though not a true companion who would be able to share life with, this was more someone who he could rely on.

He said that he’d dated several actresses, it was one of the things most studios demanded of actors, and more publicity the better is their motto. But most were either air-heads or self obsessed with themselves to have any sort of relationship with. To him the dolls seem more real than any of the women he’d dated in Hollywood and they have less plastic he laughed. He said that he’d been married a couple of times, again something his agent and the studios requested, the first time he thought he was in love, but soon realised that she was using him for publicity and to boost her image and career. He said that he felt more like a doll in that relationship as she used him and discarded him for someone else the first opportunity she could.

The second marriage only lasted 6 weeks and was soon divorced, she had found his first doll and ridiculed him mercilessly about the fact that he used a doll for sex, wasn’t a woman good enough for you she had taunted. When he pointed out that the doll was better in bed and moved more than her she hit the roof and called her lawyer. Several hundreds of thousands of dollars later, she had the nice home, cars and even kept his first doll out of spite, she threatened to go to the press with the information about the doll unless he paid up but soon realised that it would be better financially in the long term if she kept quiet. He said that she still gets money from him each year.

He managed to move on and decided that dolls where better and safer than the women on offer around town, so he bought his second doll, he felt the same exhilaration as he did from getting the first, but wasn’t as shy in using it as he had been with the first. About this time he said he had got a show that was based in New York, the studio provided an apartment for him to live in and as that he had been a friend with the producer of the show for sometime he had bought me a gift, “When I arrived at the apartment there in the main area was a crate and I soon recognised what the crate contained, it was my third doll, which was the one I saw in the other bedroom called Sarah.”

“He must really be a great friend.” I said.

“One of the best, we have known each other since our early days in the movie industry, we keep in contact as much as possible.”

“I hope to meet your friend one day and thank him for understanding your love of dollies.” I smiled,

“He collects them too, that’s how we’ve been friends all this time, we meet and talk about them and sometimes we get together and share our love of dolls.” He grinned.

“You share your dolls?” I asked.

“No not like a three-some or anything sordid, we may have times where we would dress the dolls, move them around, play with them and sometimes have sex with them but usually in separate bedrooms. When I’m at his place I may use one of his dolls and when he visits here he may use one of mine.” He explained.

“Sorry I had visions of a gangbang, both of you using the same doll for your pleasure.” I grinned.

“That’s just your fertile imagination running away with you!” He laughed. “The most we might do is play with the dolls in the dungeon room together, but sex is only one-on-one affair.”

He saw the look on my face. “But maybe we could make an exception with you dolly!”

I smiled back at him, “Whatever Master wants.”

I then slid down onto the floor on my knees; I wanted to reward him for my time in the crate and moved over closer to him whilst still on the floor. He leaned back and his robe came open revealing his penis, which was starting to perk up and engorge itself with the thought of what I was about to do to it. I moved my face over and into his lap; I opened my mouth seeking out his member with my tongue and soon had both lips around him, holding his flesh softly between them. My tongue moved around on the underside of his now erect penis, teasing the soft flesh there with the tip of my tongue. Next I began to move my head up and down his shaft, providing both warmth and moisture to give him more pleasure.

His hands came down on the back of my head, he was holding onto me as I continued giving him head, I could taste the salty pre-cum on my tongue as his member slid back and forth within my mouth, brushing against my tongue and tastebuds. He was growing larger the harder I pumped my head, my lips sliding down the sides of his tool. Soon he was holding my head tighter, holding me down further on him and into my mouth as his passion built, I knew soon that he would be wanting to climax and I wanted to reward him for being so wonderful to me.

He came with big spurts into my mouth, though more like the back of my throat as he pushed himself further into me and held my head there as he came into my mouth. I continued to hold him with my lips and my tongue moved around teasing him and tasting his cum. I swallowed as much as I could, some still dribbled down each side of my mouth, and I lapped up what I could whilst not removing him from my now used mouth. I continued to play with his little man as he recovered from his workout, licking and kissing it as it softened after climaxing.

I licked my lips and looked up and into his eyes, “Thank you Master, your dolly now feels very happy.”

“Wow, dolly that was incredible, thank you.” He sighed.

“Dolly loves to please her Master.” I purred.

“You’re very good at it too.” He grinned.

“My pleasure.” I smiled.

“Now dolly I need some time to recover, what would you like to do?” he asked.

“Well this dolly has been used and played with, maybe you need to put this dolly away again.”

“Mmm!” he said, “you’re right there but not back in the crate though.”

“Dolly wouldn’t mind trying out the dungeon room.” I blushed, my turn to be sheepish and embarrassed.

“Is dolly sure she wants to go there?” he questioned.

“Dolly liked what she saw with the bench.” Again a wave of embarrassment flowed over me and I’m sure I went several shades of red.

“Well then dolly, let’s get you prepared.” And got up from the seat.

I followed on behind as we headed back upstairs and soon we were standing outside the entrance to the dungeon room he’d shown me earlier.

“Are you sure?” he again questioned.

“I’m sure, I think…” I answered.

He opened the door and we walked inside, again there was the doll covered in latex hanging from chains above her in the wall, her feet and legs were covered in fuck-me boots that screamed sexual desire. The heels were incredibly high and not something that you could walk around the shops wearing. I hadn’t noticed before but she was wearing a gag, it was strange as dolls don’t speak but it looked right and fitting in with the scene she was supposed to be in.

In the middle of the room was the padded bench, there on top of the bench was the other doll, her corset enhancing her appearance, the long boots displaying her legs, gloves again covered every inch of her arms, her head covered by the hood. All of this was leather he explained as he bent down to start un-cuffing the doll from her bondage. Soon he had released the dolls arms and removed the cuffs, placing them down on the floor near each of the legs of the bench. Her foot cuffs were similarly taken off and left ready on the floor. He removed the belts holding her body to the bench and eased the doll off of the bench and down on to the floor.

He began removing the corset from the doll as I stood there transfixed at what I saw, I knew that soon I would be bound up exactly like she had been and secured to the bench too. I took the time to check out the bench with a closer inspection of the covering, it was kind of soft to the touch, again leather covered it but the foam underneath was firm; I began to wonder how comfortable it would be. I would soon find out I thought. I left him to continue with undressing the doll and looked around the rest of the room, I checked out the bench and some of the implements of pain that were displayed upon it. He’d said that it was mostly for show purposes only but wondered what some of these things would feel like.

I picked up a paddle and gave myself a smack on the palm of my hand, the noise echoing around the room and my hand turning a shade of pink from the strike. I quickly looked over at him but all he did was smile at me and carry on with the doll in front of him. I then came over next to the cage, it was suspended from the ceiling by chains that went up to a hoist, this was what he used to raise and lower the cage and it’s contents I reasoned. The doll that was inside was like the one hanging on the wall covered head to toe in latex, the black was polished to a deep shine that you could see your reflection in.

This doll was on her knees inside the cage, her feet where cuffed and locked to each side of the rear of the cage, her hands were cuffed to the bars above her. Her head was totally covered up by the latex; you could clearly make out the features of her face but could not see through the latex to see underneath. She did look amazing; the latex certainly showed off her curves to great advantage and clearly advertised the contents of the package within. I was getting quite turned on thinking about me being in the same outfit as this doll and maybe even spending some time in the cage too.

My naughty thoughts were interrupted by his voice, “You’d best head over and use the toilet before we place the corset on you.”

I came back to reality and started walking out of the room.

“There’s some talcum powder in the cabinet, could you bring it back with you,” he asked.

Soon my business was done, I cleaned up and then looked for the powder, I found the tin in a cupboard and headed back to present myself to my dolly master. As I walked back in I saw that the doll was now naked and sitting in the corner of the room, all that she had worn was laying on the floor waiting for the next doll to wear it, that doll would be me. I handed him the talcum powder and he emptied some onto his hands, he told me to hold my hands above my head and he spread the talc around my waist and hips.

He then picked up the corset from the floor and helped me step into it; he pulled up the corset each side until he covered my breasts with the leather. It was very cool to the touch; well I thought dollies don’t generate heat so it would obviously be still cold. He fussed about moving the corset about my middle until he was satisfied with the result; he then began to tighten the strings and fasteners. I could feel the restrictiveness of the corset as he tugged and pulled, closing me within the grasp of the material. The corset covered my breasts, and the tightness made them push up like you see in the movies of those historical dramas. They certainly looked good from where I was.

He continued pulling and tightening, my breathing getting more and more restricted by the corset closing in on me, crushing me inside it’s grasp and making breathing more labour intensive. I was starting to sweat from the effort required to breathe and he explained that was why he’d used the talc, I didn’t want to be sweaty inside the corset. Finally he finished or was at least satisfied with what he saw and began tidying up the remaining string from the corset. I looked over at myself in the mirror as was amazed at how much had been taken off of my waistline.

He told me to sit on a chair and started to use the talcum powder on my legs. This helped ease the boots up my legs, again like the corset these were very tight, I wouldn’t be able to move much wearing this ensemble. My legs were stiff and solid by the time he’d finished. Next came the gloves, again more talc but these were more soft leather, all too soon these were laced up each arm too holding them in a tight embrace. He helped me stand and I walked more like a robot than a doll, my movements stiff and jerky as he helped me stand in front of the mirror to see what I looked like.

I was amazed at the transformation, I was now covered in leather leaving only my shoulder and mid-section exposed, they seem to stand out more now because they were not covered. I looked wonderful, I felt really great in the outfit, even though it did require more effort to breath. I was a sex fetishists dream come true.

He helped me over to the bench, I was a little anxious about this now and he asked if I wanted to continue. I said that I really wanted to try this, ever since I saw the doll on here the first time we came in here. I also asked if he could take some pictures of me dressed like this and when I was bound to the bench. He left to get the camera and I looked down at my leather covered body and was amazed at how I looked, I would never in a million years have believed that I would be in this position now, clad in a leather corset, boots and gloves, waiting for someone to bind me even tighter.

He came back in with the camera in hand and began taking pictures, I posed for some but most were just shots of me standing there as my movement was quite restricted. After he was satisfied that he’d taken enough pictures for now he placed the camera on the chair and then helped me to walk over to the bench. He directed me to one end of the bench so the end was between my legs, then he helped lower my body down until it was resting on top of the bench. It didn’t feel uncomfortable and in a way eased my breathing, but not for long as he again adjusted the tightness of the corset. Then he started to apply the straps that would hold my body down onto the top of the padded bench and soon I was secured against the bench unable to get off without his help.

Happy with what he’d done so far, he then started applying the cuffs to each of my limbs, wrists first, the cuffs was placed around each one and then he locked that limb to the leg of the bench. When it came to my legs, they had to bend slightly to fit to the length of the bench legs, the cuffs securely held my feet against the base of each leg and I was now bound to the bench until he decided to release me. A sexy tingle went through out my body at the thought of my helplessness.

“How’s that feel?” he asked.

“Fine, I cannot move an inch, but I feel comfortable.” I panted.

“You look incredible.” He said.

“I feel very sexy” I replied.

“You look it too.” He said.

“Please finish me off Master; dolly wants you to play with her.”

“All in good time dolly.” he said, “Let’s get the hood on and we’ll see.”

He reached down to pick up the leather hood from the floor and moved over to place it on my head.

“Before I place the hood on you, any last requests dolly?” he asked.

“Please treat me as just another one of your dolls Master, use me like you would the doll that was just in my place.” I urged.

“Request granted, from this moment on you’ll be just another doll in my collection.” He stated.

The hood was placed on the top of my head and was soon pulled down to cover my face, he adjusted the fit so I could see out of the eye holes and made sure that the holes from my breathing under the nose were in the right place. He then started to close the hood at the rear, pulling the zipper closed and then using the draw strings to tighten the hood against my head. The zipper for my mouth remained closed and I wouldn’t be able to speak again until he allowed me to. He tidied up the lacing on the hood and then made one final check that everything was in place.

“There you go dolly, all bound up and nowhere to go.” He said.

I was truly now his prisoner, even if I were not a doll I would not be able to get free from this bondage without his help, I was truly his until he decided otherwise, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

He pottered around cleaning up the room; he took some more pictures of me bound on the bench, moving around to take from several angles. Then he picked up the doll I’d replaced and carried her out of the room. I could move my head around to look around at what was in the room and could see my sister dolls in their bondage positions, I felt at one with them, they were my fellow bondage playmates and we were all dollies that belonged to our master.

I lay on the bench for a while; Master came in a couple of times to check on me, we had agreed that I would blink once for yes and twice for no whenever he asked a question. He would ask if I was okay and I would blink once. Happy that I was settled into my bondage and position on the bench he left me to stew as he termed it. I was shocked after his last visit to check on me, as he left the room he turned off the light and when he closed the door it plunged the room into total darkness. This really brought home the fact that I was just another doll in his collection, an object to be used by him when he so desired and discarded or ignored when not being used.  After all dolls don’t need the lights left on!

I was left bound to the bench in my leather outfit, unable to move, just another doll waiting for her Master to use her and I was in heaven.



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