Dolly Discovery 3: Latex Dolly

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/m; MM/f; dolls; dungeon; bench; bond; cuffs; leather; corset; collar; latex; catsuits; bdsm; x-frame; objectify; crate; storage; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: Latex Dolly

I had asked for this, I wanted to become another one of his dolls for his use and pleasure, I wanted to feel what it would be like to be one of his dollies and I was loving every part of it so far. I had asked to be bound to the bench in his dungeon playroom just like the doll that I had seen tied there on my tour around the house.  I was now wearing the same outfit that the doll was wearing, a leather corset, thigh high fuck-me boots and arm length gloves, my limbs were bound to each leg of the bench and several straps held my body to the padded bench top.

Master as I had started calling him, after all if I was just another one of his dollies then he must be my owner and therefore my Master, he had been in several times whilst clearing up and checked on me. Happy that I was settled into my bondage and position on the bench he left me, as he left the room he turned off the light and when he closed the door it plunged the room into total darkness. This really brought home the fact that I was just another doll in his collection, an object to be used by him when he so desired and discarded or ignored when not being used. After all dolls don’t need the lights left on!

I’m not sure how long I was left there bound up in the dark, I’d gotten over the initial shock of being left in the dark and had settled myself down into my bondage space and was quite comfortable even bound the way I was. I was brought out of my revere by the wall lights coming on, they were not as bright as the main lighting and gave the room that dim dungeony feel, gloomy but functional.

I heard his footsteps behind me as he entered the room, soft against the flooring, he must be in bare feet I thought, maybe he was naked and was about to use me roughly and for his pleasure whilst I was helplessly bound, well a gal can hope can’t she! I heard him move around the room, I tried to keep myself still, not moving my head or body, not that there was much movement available for my body anyway.

He finally came into view as he walked in front of my head to get something off of the table, he was dressed head to toe in the same glossy black material as the two dolls in the room, the one hanging on the wall and the one in the cage. Latex he’d called it, I’d never seen it worn like this, I had a friend who’d worn a pink latex mini-skirt one night at a party, but that seemed to be flimsy when compared to this latex, this must be a bit thicker, I would have to find out!

Master walked over to me and rechecked I was still okay, I blinked once for yes as my given signal that everything was okay; it would be even more okay if he shagged the guts out of me too! But he moved over to the side of me where the other doll hung from the cross-frame on the wall, he began to polish the latex clothing that the doll was wearing bringing up an even deeper shine, or so it seemed in this dim light.

He continued until he’d covered every inch of her body with the liquid polish and had buffed it up so she gleamed in the light, I was jealous of the attention that she was getting, but she was another one of his dolls just like me I reasoned and therefore he would play with them too, I just wished he’d play with me too, I’m sure that my sex was boiling hot now and more than ready for sex, any sex would be good right now. But I would have to wait until my Master was ready to use me again.

Satisfied with his work he placed the cleaning cloth and polish back on the table and walked back over to the doll, he hadn’t seen me move my head to watch him whilst he worked on the doll and not now that he seemed to be more interested in the doll hanging there than me. What I hadn’t seen in the dim light was that he had worked himself up and was now fully erect, encased with the black latex I guess it didn’t stand out as much as I would have thought or maybe I’d missed it, I must get my eyes checked I thought if I’d missed something like that.

I’d just turned my head back to watch him walk back over to the doll when he started having sex with the doll on the wall; he was standing there thrusting himself into the dolls sex hole, holding onto her hips. I could see his bum clenching and the muscles moving as he pounded into the doll. I’d never seen anyone having sex standing before and was fascinated by what was happening in front of me, I had lost all thoughts about him using me and was enjoying watching him using the other doll.

She was moving up and down against the bindings that held her against the cross-frame, each time he thrust into her she moved up and was held by the cuffs that were fastened to the base of the frame, She had straps that were also around her thighs and her waist but he was using her that hard they had trouble holding her. And it seemed as he got closer and closer to his climax the doll moved about even more wildly, the bondage the only thing holding her down.

I heard him grunt then he thrust his head up to look at the ceiling, his climax had arrived and he was continuing to pound into the doll for all he was worth as he reached his plateau and then started his journey back down. He stood there shaking, his muscles seem to be shuddering as he stood there, it must be from the exertion of screwing whilst standing I thought, I’d never seen anything like it and now realised where the term ‘knee-trembler’ came from.

I was lost in thought and dreaming that I was in the dolls place and he was fucking me like that, when I realised that he was looking at me and my head was still turned in his direction. Oops I’d been busted, dollies aren’t supposed to move and watch their Master, especially when he’s using another dolly.

“Dollies look forward only,” he said, “unless I move their heads otherwise.”

I didn’t say anything; I didn’t want to get in any further trouble as dollies don’t speak either. I couldn’t say much through the leather hood anyway, only just “Mpph”.

“I hope that you enjoyed the show.” He said, “but we’ll have to fix it so you cannot look around when you’re not supposed to.”

He headed over to the table with the bondage goodies on and searched through until he came back with what he’d been looking for. He held in his hand another leather looking object, he grabbed hold of my head and lifted it up, whilst with the other he placed the object around my neck.

“This posture collar should help you maintain your dolly position.” He announced. “And stop you from sneaking peaks at me with the other dolls too.” He smiled.

He continued fitting the collar around my neck, it came up under my chin and made me hold my head up and I could only look forward from now on, forward that is whilst laying on the bench, if I was standing all I would be able to see would be the ceiling, hey no differences there in bed at least I chuckled to myself. He adjusted and tightened the straps of the collar until he was happy that I wouldn’t be able to move an inch now.

“Mmm!” he exclaimed, “now you do look good wearing that collar and you’re in just the right spot for me to have some more fun.”

He walked back to the table and brought back something with more straps hanging from it, I thought I was bound tight and that there was nowhere else that needed tying off, I couldn’t move and now that my head was fixed too, I was stuck there until he released me. He came back and using his fingers began to undo the zipper of the hood that was closed across my mouth, once he’d opened it to its full extent he said, “Open wide!”

I opened my mouth as best I could given my position and the collar holding my head up at this angle. He then started to slide what he had in his hands into my mouth and began adjusting it behind my teeth. Then he pulled on the straps attached to whatever was in my mouth and pulling them behind my head and buckling them there. I could push my tongue out through the middle of whatever was in my mouth and I felt what appeared to be a ring holding my mouth open.

I looked up to see him begin to open the cock sheath he’d worn whilst screwing the doll on the wall, the black latex sheath was removable and only fastened to his latex suit by a couple of straps and clips. Soon he revealed himself in all its naked glory, Mr Happy was shining before me in the light, still covered in his spending from the previous session with the doll, he shot his load into the sheath and it was held there along with his manhood until he released it.

He moved closer to me and I could see his little man starting to get happy and erect again, he guided himself to stand in front of my face and moved his penis around until he entered my waiting and open mouth. His member fitted nicely through the ring of the gag, ‘ring-gag’ I’d heard of those but never experienced one until now that is! As he entered my mouth he began pumping himself in and out, I could taste the sperm from his previous climax still on his penis.

His hands moved around to hold either side of my head and he got himself into a rhythm of using my mouth for his pleasure. I love to give head, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it enough times to know what a guy wants and more important when he was going to explode into my mouth, I could play with him and keep him on edge or just go the whole hog and deep-throat until he came in my mouth, but at least I could control that, but not here, I was just another hole in a doll, something he could use to gain his pleasure without a thought for the other person or doll in my case.

He continued for some time, pushing himself deeper into my mouth and throat, I held my gag reflex in check, I had some experience doing this and concentrated more on that than the fact that he was pounding his dick into my mouth. I was just another doll after all and Master was using me as I wished for beforehand, ‘be careful what you wish for’, went through my mind, ‘you may just get it’.

I felt him start to tense up and knew that he would soon be spurting into my open mouth very shortly, I’d better get ready, he got more excited as he neared his climax and the more excited he got the further he pushed into my mouth and more so my throat, I took breaths when I could, he moved back every so often, enough for me to draw a quick breath. His penis was getting bigger at this point too and knew that the end was coming as was he!

I heard him groan and then felt the first spurts of his cum as he shot his load into my throat, I swallowed as each spurt sent more of his sperm into me. I spluttered slightly overwhelmed by the amount hitting the back of my throat and he eased himself out slightly enabling me to suck on him and continue to swallow whatever was left of his orgasm. He held himself there as I continued to suck and swallow, I moved my tongue around his now softening penis, I know that this drives guys wild as I try to keep their prick in my mouth as long as I can. And I cannot have a Master with a dirty penis now can I, what sort of dolly do you think I am.

“Woow! That was something else,” he said. “I’ve never had anyone do that to me before.”

I smiled around the ring-gag and continued licking around my mouth, making sure I got every ounce of his seed from my mouth and I was nice and clean, ready for more.

“Dolly that was amazing,” he exclaimed, “I’ve got to go rest now. My knees are like jello.”

With that he walked around me and left the room, I was left bound as I was just another doll that had given her Master pleasure and was left there waiting for the next time or whatever he wanted to do with me. ‘At least he left the lights on this time’, I thought. Though there wasn’t much to see now that my head was firmly held in position by the posture collar. I just lay there thinking about what had happened to me so far…

I must have dozed off, I was suddenly shocked awake by the movements of my Master if front of me. He seemed to be flustered and was in a bit of a panic.

“I’m sorry, I must have slept”. He said, “I’m sorry that I left you here for so long.”

If I could have said anything I would have said that it was no problem, I was not in any pain and that I was fine if he wanted to fuck me. But unfortunately all that came out was a grunt or two.

“I’m sorry but a friend has turned up, he’s a very important producer and I need to speak with him urgently as he has another role for me coming up.” He said. “The thing is I don’t have the time to undo your bondage, are you okay here for now?”

I blinked once for yes, the signal we had agreed on. I wouldn’t have minded getting out but he seemed so flustered at the moment I thought it better to let him go.

“Thing is he knows about my doll collection, so he’s bound to come up and have a look, in fact I can hear him coming up the stairs now…” he said as he rushed out the door.

I could hear talking out in the passageway and soon the conversation became louder as they walked into the dungeon playroom.

“So what have you been doing in here?” I heard his friend say.

“I had been playing with one of the dolls before you came and must have dozed off”, he said, “I should get her cleaned up and redressed.”

“No problem let me give you a hand, which doll was it?” his friend asked.

Looking between me and the doll on the wall and not wishing to reveal that in fact I was a real life doll to his friend he decided to clean the doll on the wall. “The one on the wall.” He said.

They both moved over to her and began unfastening the straps that held the doll to the frame, I kept as still as possible afraid to even breathe, I took shallow tiny breaths as I heard them continue talking whilst taking the doll off of the wall, It seemed surreal as they spoke about movies and everything else and said nothing about the doll or the other dolls in the room, we were just objects to them and something that could be used and discarded. I was just another possession, something to be used and admired but nothing more. It sent a glorious tingle down my spine that ended up tickling my sex.

The conversation continued as they unfastened the doll and then picked her up and carried her from the room, I heard the door close behind them and the room was again plunged into darkness as the lights were switched off. To his friend I was just another doll in his collection, something to be used and then ignored until used again. I adjusted myself in my bondage as best I could and settled myself to accept my situation as best I could, I knew he would free me the first chance he would get but that would have to wait until his friend left.

It was much later when I was stunned again by the lights coming back on, the main lights brightly lit the room and I was dazzled by their intensity momentarily. I could hear his friend speaking again as they entered the dungeon playroom again, maybe they’re putting the doll back in place I wondered. I couldn’t see my Master or his friend as I still couldn’t move my head in any direction and I should have been thankful for the collar because I’m sure when they startled me when they entered I would have moved my head and given the game away that I wasn’t really a doll.

The conversation seemed to me to be one sided, my Master hadn’t yet spoke since they entered the room and it wasn’t until I picked up on the conversation that my Master had been bound and gagged by his friend and had been brought in here to play with. His friend kept referring to a latex dolly and I wondered if it was the doll they’d just taken out or the doll in the cage. I then heard straps being fastened and movement to my side where the cross-frame was fixed to the wall. Someone or something was being placed there.

I listened intently as the one-sided conversation continued, he kept repeating ‘latex dolly’ and referring to his ‘latex dolly’, I was at a loss to what was going on and why hadn’t Master spoken yet, the last time they were in here, they couldn’t stop talking to each other. Now the talk was all about the latex doll and the things he was going to do to it, how nice the latex dolly looked in the latex and how the dolly looked great tied against the wall.

I suddenly realised who or what the latex dolly was when his friend described the doll as a ‘he’ , Master was the one tied against the cross-frame, I wondered if he was still dressed in his latex catsuit he’d worn before, that would explain the ‘latex’ in ‘latex dolly’. I could now hear slight groaning and ‘mpphs’ as the straps were tightened, he must be making sure that his ‘latex doll’ was held securely against the frame.

I saw his friend move to the bondage goodies table as I now called it and retrieve several items each time, several more straps and even a small corset. I thought surely he’s not going to fit that on Master, I tried to envision it in my mind the sight of Master bound on the frame and wearing the corset. Each time I did the picture dissolved and I was held in place of where my Master was currently being bound to.

Then he began playing with his ‘latex dolly’ I heard him say about how he loved to have his latex dolly bound and unable to move, he described what he wanted to do to his latex doll and I heard hands moving about as he continued building himself up whilst playing with my now bound Master and owner.

His friend then moved back to the table and picked up a flat black paddled shaped item and walked back out of my view, I then heard a smack followed by more, he must be using it on him. Each smack was followed by an ‘ummph!’ from my Master and now his latex dolly. It was only when he’d finished using the paddle on his dolly and placed the item onto my back that he noticed that there were other dolls in the room with them.

“Well what do we have here?” he said. “This doll is nicely bound and fixed tightly to the bench.”

I heard a ‘mmph’ from the wall as I felt his friends place a hand on my back, luckily he touched where the corset held me tightly and I held my breath as he left his hand there.

“And we have another locked in the cage too”, he exclaimed, “maybe I should put my latex dolly in the cage instead.”

More ‘mpphs’ came from the wall. I chuckled at the thought of Master being locked in the cage, suspended from the pulley in the ceiling.

Then I felt his friend move behind me and the bench I was fastened to, I thought that he was going around to the cross-frame again to play some more with his latex-doll, but instead I heard the door close as he left the room. All was quiet in the room as we both endured our bondage situations, me on the bench and him against the wall. He didn’t speak or make any noise whist we were alone and I was unsure as to just what was happening here.

A short time later I heard the door open again and his friend walk back in the room, I wasn’t sure but I’m sure I heard these type of footsteps before and it wasn’t until I heard and then saw his friend walk in front of me that I saw that he was clad from head to toe in black latex too. And my eyes darted down this time to check out down below and sure enough he was wearing a sheath on his cock too, he seemed to be semi flaccid at this point.

He picked up some more items from the table and walked back to his latex plaything hanging on the wall, several ‘mpphs’ and more groans were heard but no more smacks, seems that the kinky stuff was more subtle this time. It turned out that he had applied several clamps to various parts of Master’s anatomy I found out later, including two rather sensitive appendages that dangle between a man’s legs so it seems.

Again as he was playing he was talking, more a running commentary on what he was doing and what he wanted to do with his latex dolly. This kept me informed as to what was happening and also entertained as I wasn’t exactly the centre of attention here. I imagined myself in my Master’s place and I was experiencing what was happening to him and I was getting quite turned on by what I heard and imagined, so was nicely wet between my legs, which by turn of events would come in useful.

His friend continued playing with his latex doll and describing what was happening, then he shook me out of my enjoyment of the goings on here with what I heard next.

“I don’t think I want to play with you any more latex dolly”, I heard his friend say. “Maybe I should just play with one of the other dollies here and just ignore you.”

I heard him move around the room and head over to the caged dolly, “Maybe I should play with her? What do you think of that latex dolly?” he stated.

I heard an ‘mmph’ from the wall.

“Or maybe I should use this dolly bound on the bench, she looks open and available.” He said as he moved around behind me and pushed himself against my rear. “Maybe this dolly wants me more than you do!”

I felt his now hard member push up against my thigh and hit my bum cheek, another inch or so to the left and he would find ground zero. I kept myself tight and as tense as I could, ‘breath slowly’, I thought, ‘don’t give the game away, you’re just another doll.’ Then I felt his hands touch either side of my hips, he pulled his member away slightly and then thrust forward and into my lovely wet hole, he plunged into me and then pulled out.

“Gee, you must have used a lot of lube on this doll!” he exclaimed as he pushed himself forward and deeper inside me.

I could feel his erection enter into my sex, luckily I was wet and ready for sex, I wouldn’t have wanted him trying to put lube there and finding out my little secret. I was amazed that he hadn’t discovered that I wasn’t a doll, after all he had both hands on my hips and his penis shoved all the way inside my guts. Wouldn’t the soft tissue on my hips, okay the fat, give the game away or the heat he surely must feel as he plunged into my depths.

‘The latex must be thick, either that or he his!’ I thought. ‘Maybe he’s used to bimbos laying there whilst he banged them.’

He kept up pounding into me, all the while still talking and describing what he was doing, mainly for the benefit of his ‘latex doll’, but I found it annoying and couldn’t get into my groove as I like to call it, plus I was trying as hard as I could not to move any part of me that wasn’t being moved by his banging away at my rear.

Just when I thought he would finish he pulled out, “That was a great starter!” he said, “Now on to the main course.” And he moved from behind me, leaving me more open than I had ever felt and disappointed that he hadn’t finished in me. I heard him move over to my right and where his latex doll was bound to the wall.

I heard him continue talking and also heard my Master ‘ummph’ several times as his friend entered him from behind. I could hear the latex rubbing and squeaking as they moved against each other. Obviously his penis was in some other hole now and my Master was on the receiving end. This went on for little while, I think they stopped every so often to make it last, to prolong my Master’s agony I suppose and make him feel more of an object, like the rest of us.

I heard them climax, well I still couldn’t see due to the posture collar, maybe it was just the friend and not the Master, I wasn’t sure there certainly was enough groaning from both of them. And for once he finally shut up, his running commentary had finally ceased, god that was annoying. If I hadn’t have been gagged and pretending to be a doll I would have told him to screw himself and send me the tape so I could hear what happened.

There was the sound of straps being undone, there were several trips to and from the table were the equipment was placed back after being used. Shortly I saw my Master moving around in front of me, he caught my eye and I winked at him to indicate I was okay, I did see a look of concern, after all I had been fucked by his friend and he didn’t ask beforehand, hey a girl likes to be asked first, we have progressed from the caveman and the club, now it’s drink spiking and where the fuck am I!

His friend had now changed his tune and it was back to general conversation, nothing was said about the arse reaming that had just occurred moments ago. All the while they were cleaning up the gear they’d used and putting things back in place. I spotted out the corner of my eye that my Master was sprouting a fine hard-on, the black latex sheath covering his member. I licked my lips and as I did this my Master spotted my actions and walked over to me.

“I’ve just got to knock the head off this”, he said to his friend. Who looked down at his friend’s erection and smiled knowingly.

Without any further notice he pushed his latex covered erection into my open mouth and through the ring-gag, he began thrusting in and out of my mouth as before. I tried to help him along by using my tongue, I know it’s cheating for a dolly to do that but I consider it one of my optional features. It felt good to have his cock back in my mouth, finally some contact from him, I’d felt neglected even though his friend had just used me from behind.

Then I felt it again, his friend had become aroused at what was happening at the mouth end and had decided to join in on the action and go back behind and use one of the two holes available there, luckily he chose the one that he’d used before and was well lubricated, I shudder to think if he’d used elsewhere without plenty of lube. So now I had two pricks, one at each end, I felt like a skewer on a spit roast, all I needed was to be spun around.

Hey not as if I’m complaining, I was finally getting some usage from my bound body, they were both going at it and I wondered who would go off first, mouth or vagina man. As it was it was me, an orgasm suddenly hit me, it sneaked up upon me, I must have been aroused the whole time I was bound here. Luckily vagina man scored the same time as I went off and he was shortly followed by mouth man, who shot his load into his latex sheath and denied me the pleasure of swallowing his sperm.

They were both shattered after their efforts and left the room, leaving me still bound in the same position, well I was just a doll after all and I could wait. It wasn’t as if I was going anywhere after all as I was still bound to the bench. Again the lights went off and I was left to ponder what had happened in the dark.

It was much later that my Master came back into the room, I was again startled by the lights, I must complain to the manager about that! He came over to check that I was still breathing and was okay, he said that his friend had only just left and this was the first chance he had to untie me. He started to remove the bondage, but I protested and made it know that I didn’t want out just yet.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

The ring-gag rendered my speech unintelligible, bondage speak, through a series of ‘uughs’ & ‘mmpphs’ I managed to get him to understand that I wanted to be screwed again before he released me, I’m a glutton for punishment it seems.

“You want me to screw you again?” he asked.

Finally he got the message and he moved around behind me, I felt his body against my rear and soon his little man was knocking at the door to my world of pleasure. He plunged himself into me and rode me for what seemed a long time, but in twenty minutes I had climaxed twice to his one. He was totally spent by the time he was finished and rested his body against me, laying down on my back.

After getting his body back into near normality he started to undo the cuffs that held me down to the bench, my arms felt like lead weights and it was difficult for me to move them, they had been in that position for some time now and I wonder just how long I’d been tied there. He unfastened the cuffs to my ankles and shortly thereafter the straps that held me down on to the bench. I still could not move and he picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the dungeon playroom.

As we entered the main bedroom I noticed that sunlight was now streaming in through the windows, I had been in the dungeon room the entire night. He said I’d been there for at least 10 hours, no wonder my arms and legs feel so heavy. He laid me down on the bed, I was still dressed in the corset, boots and gloves, the collar and ring-gag were still in place. As I lay there I slipped my legs apart and without thinking took up the dolly posture, with my legs slightly spread and my arms at my sides but just away from the body.

My legs were still semi-rigid from the fuck-me leather boots that encased them, so they were laying straight in the bed, I couldn't raise them even if I wanted to. My Master re-entered the bedroom from the ensuite with a glass of water in hand and noticed how I was laying on the bed, he even remarked how good I looked laying there. And as he helped me take the first sips of water I could see a gleam in his eyes, well I was very sexy and just another doll ready for his use after all.

Later after he’d used me again, and then undressed me and bathed me, he fed me breakfast in bed and began to talk about last night. He told me that he not only likes playing with dolls but sometimes he likes to be one himself and that was what his friend did to him last night, he was just another doll in the house and available for anyone to use. He usually is dressed head to toe in latex for those sessions and he becomes a latex dolly for his friends to use, usually while they are dressed in latex too.

He told me how he’d been dressed before by his friend, then brought into the dungeon room and tied to the cross-frame. He described the events in detail, including explaining about the clamps that were placed on various parts of his body, he said that he enjoyed the pain and also being bound that there was nothing he could do to stop it, one of the reasons he likes bondage, the removal of control.

As he continued telling me about last night and some of the things he gets up to with some special friends, my body recovered from the tight bondage position I’d been held in. And before we knew it the meal was finished. There was a strained silence, which I broke when I said that I had enjoyed the evening and being used by the two of them, I was okay with it. “After all I am just another one of your dollies!” I said.

He laughed, “Yes, with some special features!”

“Hey that’s my line!” I objected and we both fell about laughing.

“Maybe I’ll use it on the show”. He said with a wink.

“Hey what day is it today?” I asked.

“Sunday.” He replied, “Why?’

“Nothing, I wasn’t sure, it seems like I’ve been here for ages.” I said.

“Only two nights,” he said, “so far…”

“Mmm! I like the sound of that.” I replied.

“But we’ve both got work tomorrow.” He said, “you’ve got another week at the conference and I’ve got the taping and read throughs tomorrow.”

“Bugger the conference!” I replied.

“No but I do have to go through the scripts ready for tomorrow, so will be spending the afternoon and early evening reading them.” He said sadly.

“Mmm, well you need me out of the way then,” I asked.

“Well you are a bit of a distraction, a very sexy one at that…” he laughed.

“I wouldn’t be a distraction if I was put away somewhere, would I?” I asked hopefully.

“You do have a point, out of sight – out of mind,” he replied.

“How about you pack me away for a little while and maybe get me out to play with later when you’re finished?” I asked and grabbed his hand and lead him to the dolly storage room.

Once there I jumped up into his arms, I was naked as I always seem to be around this house, except when dressed by him. “Please put your dolly away!”

He carried me over to the crate I had been in before and laid me back down in the foam cut-out, I felt all snugly and warm, it felt like coming home. Soon he had fastened all the straps that would hold his dolly secure in her crate, so she didn’t get damaged in transit. I lay back dead still and kept my eyes focused on a spot on the ceiling, I was his dolly and dollies only look forward, he’d said. I saw the lid of the crate come into view and soon the top was being placed down. Then I heard the electric screwdriver as he began placing the screws in the crate and sealing me inside.

I was a very contented dolly, now that her Master had stored her away waiting for the next time her owner wanted to use her…



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