Dolly Discovery 4: Just Another Latex Dolly

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sbf; crate; stored; bond; latex; catsuit; dungeon; x-frame; straps; stuck; objectify; dolls; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 4: Just Another Latex Dolly

I had met this wonderful and attentive man one night in my hotel’s bar and from there we had moved on to have the most wonderful sex I’d ever had. He had invited me to his home which is where I had discovered his secret desires for dolls, I was more fascinated than shocked and wanted to experience for myself his desires for his dolls. We had played all week end with me as his doll in various locations especially the ‘dungeon’ room where I’d been used by him and his friend and been left overnight.

I had asked to ‘stored away’ as he would with one of his other dollies, I had loved it the first time and now to got to experience a longer session as he had to read through his scripts for the coming week. I was in heaven as the straps fastened around my body securing me in place in the crate, the foam cut-out holding me in place and preventing any movement or chance of escape. Then to top it off he had placed the lid on the crate and then screwed it down as if I was getting ready to be shipped somewhere. I was in dolly heaven.

I don’t know how long I had been left there or even when he’d placed me in there, binding me in place and leaving me as just another doll. I seemed to have lost track of time when I became another one of his dolls, well a dolly doesn’t need to know the time does she, only wait for her Master to play with her again. I was content inside the crate, it was warm and secure, I wasn’t going anywhere until he decided to release me, I was truly just another one of his dolls.

The sound was what first woke me from my dolly dreams, I had been dreaming of being used by him, bound in place on the wall in the dungeon room, wearing the latex catsuit I’d seen earlier. The sound was my Master undoing the screws that he had used to fasten the lid down when he placed me in storage. Soon the lid was removed and I blinked as the light streamed in blinding me with it’s intensity, he bent over me and asked if I was ok?

My mouth was dry and my limbs were feeling weak after being bound for however long it was, I blinked my okay signal to him, not wishing to spoil my dolliness, dolls after all don’t speak, unless they have one of those pull chords I wondered. He quickly undid the straps and soon I was being picked up in his arms and carried from the storage room and with a quick pit stop to the toilet, I was soon placed back into his large comfortable bed.

He brought me a glass of water and held my head as I took small sips of the refreshing drink, I took in most of the water before I gave my one-blink signal again, he lowered me back down onto the bed and placed the glass on the nightstand beside the bed. I lay there not wanting to move even if I could, I was a doll more now than ever, I began to think that the more time I spend in the crate the more doll-like I had become.

Soon my thoughts were interrupted by my Master joining me in the bed, his hands began to run over my naked flesh as he began to play with me his new dolly. I lay there as he continued his attentions to my body, his lips running over my skin causing goosebumps to appear wherever his smooth, moist lips met my soft skin. His mouth began playing with my hardening nipples, the warmth of his breath causing them to become even more pronounced, like hard little bullets, each time he played with them they sent signals which lead directly down to my moistening pussy.

Delightful shivers ran through my body as he continued his ministrations, his tongue exploring my naked flesh as he moved down from my breasts and over my now sensitive tummy and then further down to explore the folds between my legs that made up my sex. His tongue running up and down the outer lips to reveal the hidden delights behind those curtains and the hot epicentre of my being, sending delightful shocks throughout my body with each touch.

I was soon in the throws of a intense climax as he continued to probe my pussy with his soft tongue, he took his time as he played with me, making the orgasm last longer he continued to push me further, his tongue given way to little nips and grazing with his teeth. As I came down from the earth shattering orgasm he kissed me gently down there and began making his was up my body, I could not move, nor wanted to, I was his fucktoy now, he could take me and use me for his pleasure and my delight.

Soon he was above me and I felt his erect member against the folds of my sex, he pushed gently and eased himself inside me, I was already well wet and ready for him and he began to move in & out of my vagina, pushing deeper with each inward thrust. He continued to fuck his latest dolly, taking his time to get maximum pleasure for himself from his toy. This was not a wam-bam-thankyou-maam moment, he brought another climax out of me before he let loose his cum inside me, his climax made him shudder and he pushed himself hard into me as his orgasm overtook his body.

We both lay there spent, he still on top of me, his penis still inside me though now softening and slowly withdrawing from me. He eventually rolled off of me and was soon asleep, I lay there still in doll mode, not wanting to break the spell that had turned me into his doll. I must have drifted off not long after and slept the sleep of one who is content with herself. His seed slightly oozing from my moist hole, the feeling of just being fucked still lingering in my pussy.

I awoke well before him, the sun had just started coming up and the first rays were coming in through a gap in the curtains of the bedroom. I knew that today was the day we returned back to reality and that I would be going back to the boring conference and him to some studio somewhere to film more episode of his current show. I lay there listening to his soft breathing, not wishing myself to move an inch if I could help it, but nature intervened and I felt the urge to pee, so had to break the spell and answer the call.

After refreshing myself in the bathroom I wandered back into the bedroom, my Master and owner was still sound asleep, I was not sure what time he would wake up and decided to leave him there sleeping peacefully. I wandered out into the corridor and began exploring the rooms that contained the dolls again. The main doll room was where the dolls either sat around or lay there on the floor or propped up against the wall, their legs splayed holding them in place. I sat down next to one and adopted her position, my legs parted and my back to the wall. I created a blank expression on my face and just sat there.

I then noticed a mirror in the room, one of those in a frame on wheels that could be moved and I got up and moved it over in front of where I had just sat next to the other doll, I say other doll as I was now one of them too! I again sat back down and adopted the same pose, only this time I could see the reflection of both of us in the mirror, I looked just like the doll sitting next to me, and as long as I didn’t move then I could have passed as just another dolly in the room.

Next I moved over to one sitting on a sofa, there was a space next to her and as I sat down I placed my hand on her thigh just below her short skirt and again posed in my best dolly fashion and tried to mimic her posture as best I could. Again I moved the mirror so I could see us both and appreciate how good I looked as another of my Master’s dolls.

Having played being dolly in this room I decided to venture out and explore more, the other bedroom with the doll Sarah, which was the first doll I had discovered turned out just to be another bedroom with the doll just sitting there in the chair, not much for me to see in there. I moved on to the dungeon room again, the bench was still the way we had left it after playing, the straps that had bound me lay there waiting for their next victim, ready to hold down the next doll to be placed there and I wondered if that would be me again. The thoughts and memories of what had occurred when I was bound sent a delightful shiver through me and I lay down on the smooth leather of the padded bench and just ran through the session that I’d had on there.

I started looking around the room again, the cross on the wall was also still empty, the doll that had been tied there had been removed by my Master and his friend, and then my Master had been tied there by his friend and used as just another dolly, like I was. I got up and walked over to the cross and held my arms in place above me and spread my legs to fit myself on the cross. I felt stretched and my pussy started to become wet at the thought of being bound on the cross and used by my owner.

I then began to wonder about the latex catsuit that the doll had been wearing and wondered where it was, since seeing the doll covered in that suit the thought had occupied my mind what would it feel like to wear it, what would my body look like in it. I decide that now would be the time to find out as I may not have another chance to try it. I moved out of the dungeon room and back into the bedroom with Sarah sitting there, there were several wardrobes built into the room and I moved over to one and slide the door open.

Inside where many costumes, each item was of female attire, there were a couple of schoolgirl outfits, a cheerleader or two, many maid outfits in different styles and shades. Most of the clothes were ‘normal’ outfits that I could buy in the stores, many in several shades. I discounted this wardrobe and moved onto the next one. Upon opening I was overwhelmed by the smell that came from this wardrobe, this one contained many items all of which were made from latex. Again there were the costumes, schoolgirl, maids and cheerleaders, some nun’s habits were also hanging there along with skirts, blouses etc.

Then I came across my goal, there hanging in front of me was a black catsuit, all shiny and glistening as the light caught it, this was the one the doll was wearing I thought and grabbed it from the rail and took it over to the bed. The suit was one piece including the hood, gloves and feet, whoever wore it would be covered from top to toe in latex, that I decided would be me very soon. I then remembered the talcum powder Master had used on me when he fastened the leather on me previously and headed to the bathroom to fetch some.

I was already naked, which seemed to be natural for all the time I had been in his house, I didn’t mind and he certainly didn’t object to my naked body. I covered myself in the white talc, a small cloud seem to be building around me I applied the cool powder to my body. Soon I was covered from the neck down and was ready to try on the catsuit. Heading back into the bedroom I picked up the latex and sat down to place my legs in the suit, the latex slid up my talc cover skin covering me in it’s inky blackness.

My feet popped into place as I pressed them down inside the suit and then I pulled up the latex over my legs, the suit was cold at first but soon warmed as my flesh radiated heat. My legs were soon covered and then I pulled the suit over my hips, they were soon covered and I ran my hand over my sex feeling the smoothness against my pussy, I could feel the outline of my lips as my fingers probed, I had to stop myself from playing with them, at least until I was fully covered I thought.

My arms seemed like the next obvious to go into the suit, I would have trouble fitting them in if the suit was any higher up my body and I didn’t want to ruin the latex suit. So I pushed my left arm down the black hole that was the sleeve, it took more effort than my legs but soon my hands was near the wrist of the suit, again like my feet my hand popped into place into the glove and I quickly sorted out my fingers to fit in the glove. Happy with the result I repeated the same steps with my right arm, my hand entering into the glove like my left.

I then pulled the suit over my shoulders covering my front in the cool black latex, the zipper open in back waiting to enclose me inside the glossy second skin. The feel of the latex against my sensitive breasts sent the nipples into overdrive, they became instantly hard little nubs, sending their little signals of delight throughout my body. I ran my hands over them and squirmed as an electrical feeling hit me from the mere touch, sending more signals through my covered body.

I looked down to see the hood dangling in front of me and reluctantly taking my hands away from my over sensitive breasts, I took the hood and moved it up to cover my head, it was slightly difficult to do at first but by bending my body and wriggling the hood I managed to get it over my head. Now covered I adjusted the holes for my breathing, then I realised that there was no hole for my mouth and only two pins holes for me to see through. I reached behind me and started to close the zipper on the hood, as I did the hood became tighter and conformed to my facial features, gripping them tightly.

I finished closing the hood at the back of my neck, then I reached down and pulled the other zipper closed sealing me inside the tight enclosure of the latex suit. I managed to get the zipper closed all the way to where I had stopped with the zipper of the hood, it just seems like a good place to stop the zippers rather than go the whole way up or down. I looked at my latex covered body in the full length mirrors of the wardrobe doors and took in the delightful spectacle before me. My body was covered head to toe in this tight, black second skin of latex, every curve of my body seemed to be enhanced.

I decided to move back to the dungeon room and see what I looked like if I was held against the cross on the wall. My Master still hadn’t stirred so I could play a while longer. Back in the dungeon I placed my back against the cross, held my arms above me and spread my legs again as before and how I’d first seen the other doll in the first instance. I imagined myself bound there waiting for my owner to come and play with his latex dolly, maybe even his friend could use me too.

I then thought that I would be able to tie myself to some of the cross and bent down and began fastening the straps around my ankles, satisfied that they were not going anywhere now I moved up to the straps below my knees and fastened them also. Next came the thighs and now my legs were held apart against the cross by the straps binding me there. I tightened the one around my waist next, making sure to pull this one extra tight. Another just below my breast and one above and my body was now held immobile, then the collar around my neck which not only held my head in place but covered up the zips behind my neck.

I stood there bound to the cross against the wall delighting in my bondage, the slinky second skin of the latex keeping my body in sensual heaven. I wondered if I could bind my arms in place and then came up with the idea of fastening them closed and slipping my hands through them, I doubt that I could do my arms but my hands where feasible. Working one handed I managed to get the tongue through each buckle and pulled them closed as far as I could and to leave enough room for me to insert my wrists into them.

Now was the moment of truth, I reached up and pushed first my left hand in through the leather cuffs and followed closely by my right hand. I was now bound onto the cross in the dungeon room and I had managed to place myself into the bondage that the previous doll had been in. I luxuriated in the delightful feelings of my bound and latex clad body, I was held secure and dressed up as just another sex doll waiting for her Master. I drifted off into fantasises of being used bound as I was and left after he had finished using me.

I never noticed that my Master had stirred himself from his sleep and now wandered around looking for me. He had even looked into the dungeon room to see if I was there, quite forgetting that he’d removed the doll from the bondage cross previously, and left to see if I was downstairs. Not finding me down there he must have assumed that I had awoken early and left to return to my hotel, he had slept in later than normal it seemed and the driver was already here to take him to the studio.

Getting showered and dressed quickly he hurried out of the house without so much as a second glance in my direction, except to close the door and turn off the light. I was now on my own bound by my own hands, dressed head to toe in a latex catsuit, hanging against the wall in his playroom looking for all intents and purposes as just another one of his dolls.

After the shock of the door closing and the lights going off I tried to get myself out of the bondage I’d place myself in, but it seemed that while it was easy to squeeze my hands into the cuffs it was going to be much harder to pull them out again. They seemed to hold me fast against the cross, the more I tried to get myself free the more they seemed to tighten around my wrists. It didn’t help that I’d bound the rest of my body so tightly to the cross, which restricted my movements and hindered my ability to get free.

I was stuck by my own hand, but I wondered if he’d seen me bound there and decided to leave me there. I struggled in the dark of the room to get myself free but each time it proved futile and each attempt seem to sap my strength, so the more I tried the weaker I became, soon it was all I could do to hang there and let the bindings hold me against the cross. I would have to accept that I was now just another bound dolly in his playroom and await for him to return to release me, but hopefully play with me first. I had wanted to be his bound latex dolly and now my wish was coming true…



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