Dolly Discovery 5: The Latex Maid

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/mf; sbf; dolls; bond; latex; catsuit; dungeon; x-frame; stuck; maid; cuffs; bench; gag; cd; voy; anal; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 5: The Latex Maid

After spending a wonderful weekend being used as a plaything for my new Master and being used as just another one of his dolls, with great sex and plenty of climaxes I might add, I had decided to try on the latex catsuit I’d first seen on the doll in the dungeon playroom when I first visited that room. Now I was clad head to toe in the shiny black latex catsuit and had managed to bind myself to the cross that was on the wall in the playroom just as the doll had been. I had managed to get myself stuck in bondage and my weekend partner had just looked for me, but seeing what looked like just a latex doll bound to the wall of the playroom, he had shut the door and turned off the light.

He had assumed that I had left early and returned to my hotel to get ready for the conference I was attending, he had been in a rush to get out as the driver sent to pick him up by the studio was already waiting for him. I was just another dolly of his, he’d forgotten that he’d removed the doll whilst playing with his friend and now I hung there exhausted from trying to gain my freedom, held tight by my self applied bondage, clad in latex, just what I had wanted to do to myself.

I don’t recall how long I was held there as there was no light in the room, no window to see what time it was outside. I began to hear noises outside, they sounded like machines, then I realised what it was, it was the sound of someone using a vacuum cleaner and they were using it in the hallway just outside the room that I was held in.

It must be the maid I thought, he’d said that he employed them to keep the house clean and tidy, so they must be working today, so I thought that maybe my freedom would not be too far away. Then I thought of my embarrassment and humiliation at them finding me this way, I was dressed just like the other doll and bound here, what would they think? Should I let them find me this way or continue to pretend I was just another doll.

The sounds moved away, maybe towards the main bedroom I thought, they may not come into this room as it could be off-limits to the maid, just as it was when I got the first tour of the house, which seemed so long ago now. I just hung there slowly simmering in my latex bondage, my nipples brushing against the soft latex kept sending little shivers of delight throughout my bound body.

Eventually the sounds of the vacuum stopped and I wondered what was happening, I strained to hear what was happening. But the latex hood covered my ears and restricted what I could hear. It wasn’t until later that I was startled by the lights coming on in the room shortly followed by the door opening and the sound of the vacuum again as the maid cleaned out the dungeon playroom. I had guessed wrong, this maid had access to everywhere on this floor. She didn’t seem to even notice me bound to the wall and continued with her vacuuming, she must be used to seeing dolls bound to the walls.

I decided that I couldn’t face the humiliation of this maid finding me and held myself still, not that it was that hard to do bound as I was. The maid continued around the room, stopping to pick up the bondage gear that we had left laying on the floor from when I was bound to the bench. She continued to tidy up and clean, then she came over to where I was bound to the cross and noticed that my arms were not bound, she then brought the two halves of the cuffs together and fastened them tightly against my arms, now I had no hope of escaping.

She continued cleaning and then got out the polishing stuff I’d seen my Master use on the original doll that had been bound in the same way as I now was. She first rubbed it over the doll in the cage, making the latex gleam in the light, then she moved over to me and it was my turn. She sang to herself as she applied the thick cloth to the latex that covered my body, from what I could see it seemed as she had some headphones in her ears and was listening to music, so she wouldn’t have heard me even if I could attempt to make some noise through the latex that covered my mouth. I thought for sure that she would notice that I was a real flesh and blood woman and not just another of Master’s silicon dolls, but maybe it was the thickness of the cloth or the rubber gloves she wore, she didn’t seem to notice my body heat.

I tried to get a better look at her through the small pin holes of the latex hood that covered my head, she was dressed in a maid’s outfit, just like those I’d seen in the wardrobes in the other bedroom, but this one seemed to glisten in the light too, then I realised that she was wearing latex too. So the maid was kinky too I concluded, maybe it wouldn’t be so humiliating to be found out by her, but no sooner than the thought had hit me then she had finished and was packing up her stuff to leave the room, satisfied that she had cleaned enough in this room she would head off and do the others.

The maid had also tightened the bindings that held me to the cross, not only my hands and arms but legs too, each time she had used the polish she had slightly loosened them and then retightened them after she was done in that area. I was now more securely bound than when I’d applied to bondage to myself. I was well and truly stuck now and the maid didn’t seem to be of any help to me whatsoever, in fact she’d made it worse and I was now regretting my decision not to attract her attention to get myself free.

Soon the lights went out again and the door closed and I was left hanging in the darkness, alone with just the other doll in the suspended cage. Two latex clad dollies waiting for their Master to come and play with them. Leaving me wondering just how long it would be before I was discovered and how long before my Master would come home.

It was much later or so it seemed that the lights came back on, I was stunned by the brightness at first and couldn’t see who entered the room. It was the maid and she adjusted the lights so only the dimmer ones were lit, this made it easier at first for my eyes accustomed to the darkness as they were to see what she was doing. She was still dressed in the latex maids outfit and seemed to be going around the room gathering stuff. She started to apply leather cuffs to her ankles followed shortly by more around her wrists; she was tying herself up just like I had done.

Gathering what she needed from the cupboard and table she headed back to the bench in the middle of the room, the same one I’d been tied to the night before which seemed so long ago now. Not even taking the time to acknowledge the doll tightly tied to the wall or the one bound in the cage, she sat herself down on the bench, her legs either side of the legs of the bench. I watched fascinated by this maids actions to bind herself in place in front of me.

She soon had her ankles fastened to the legs of the bench, the speed of which made me wonder if she’d done this before. She placed the same posture collar that I had worn around her neck and secured it in place with a padlock. She then lay the front of her body down against the padding of the bench, reaching behind her she started to fasten the straps to hold her body down. I was amazed at her agility as she seemed able to easily reach behind her and pull the straps tight, she must be really flexible I thought.

I continued to watch her through the pin holes that allowed my vision as she continued to bind herself to the bench in front of me. The final binding holding her neck was finally in place, now all she had to do was fasten her wrists to the front legs of the bench and she would be finished. She quickly managed to do one as she had both hands free, but she struggled with the other but she finally managed to get the wrist cuffs secured to the bench with another small click of a padlock.

Now the maid was self bound in front of me, she seemed content that the bondage was secure; she tried to get herself free but could not manage it, her body held just as tightly as I was to the padded bench, her limbs held fast to the legs of the bench. She settled herself down and waited. Waiting for what? I wondered, if she was bound now who would free her?

The maid couldn’t move her head, just as I couldn’t when my Master had applied the posture collar to me when he caught me watching him screw the doll that had been bound in my place beforehand. I took the opportunity to look around; I had limited movement of my head due in part to the collar holding my neck in place and the stringent bondage that held the rest of my body. I could see that she had closed the door before binding herself, but she had left the lights on, the one’s that gave the dungeon that dim gloomy look and feel.

I would have to wait and see what was going to happen; it wasn’t like I would be going anywhere soon. The maid started making grunting noises and I could see her hips gently gyrating against the bench top, she was rubbing herself on the surface trying to get off. Maybe once she climaxed she would free herself and then I could get free. It turned me on watching someone else bound and masturbating in front of me and I could feel the moisture build up down below as my pussy reacted to the scene in front of me.

It seem to take a while for her to orgasm, I wished that I could rub up against something too to bring myself off just like she had done, I was left feeling frustrated and very horny by the time I heard her first climax. She seemed to take this in her stride and continued to grind herself against the bench, working herself up to another it seemed. The latex outfit she wore made soft and very sexy sounds as she moved, the way it shone in the dim light accentuated her curves just like my catsuit had done when I looked at myself in the mirror. I was very horny by now and would have fucked the maid just to get my end away.

The time seemed to drift, the maid continued to hump the bench, she seemed to be able to go & go, I wondered if she’d ever stop. It just made me all the more frustrated at not being able to get myself off like she was doing. Then there was a cool breeze from my left as the door was opened and a figure clad in latex walked in, he was defiantly male as his member stood out loud and proud. He came in and approached the bound latex maid, running his hands over her, checking her bindings and tightening them where ever they needed.

He walked behind the maid bound on the bench and lifted up her skirt; he pulled aside her underwear and without any foreplay entered her from behind. I could only hang there and watch as he fucked the bound maid, he seemed to take his time and savour the maid and what she had offered him for his pleasure. I could hear the maid panting and making odd sounds with her throat as he thrust into her. Soon she came again, her muffled grunts indicating her pleasure as the orgasm overtook her, soon he followed suit and after pumping furiously for a short while must have exploded inside the latex sheath that covered his member that was deep inside the maid.

No sooner than he was done than he left the room leaving the maid tightly bound on the bench, I wondered what would happen now, who was the man clad in latex? Would he come back and use me? I could only hope! The maid continued to remain bound, her ability to escape like mine taken away, she simmered as she savoured the climaxes she had had, luxuriating in her bondage.

Sometime later the latex clad man walked back in the room, I was hoping it was my turn, only to find that he started to release the maid from her bondage. First her wrists, then her ankles followed by the bindings that held her fast to the bench. He picked up the cuffs and took them back to the table where the maid had first found them, it was then that he passed me bound on the wall, on the way back he reached up to touch me and felt the softness, okay fat, and warmth of my body and started to realise that I was not just a doll bound on the wall.

He looked into my eyes and saw me blink, then he realised it was me and started to undo the bindings that secured me to the wall. I was thankful that someone had at last realised that I was a real woman bound here in latex, but on the other hand I was horny as hell and wanted a good fucking. I struggled as he started to release me, I didn’t want to be untied until he’d taken me.

“Don’t you want to be untied?” he asked.

I shook my head to indicate no as best I could, one part of me wanted to be free but my libido wanted release in another way.

“Blink once if you want to stay tied?” he asked.

I blinked once.

“Okay, then what do you want then?”

I tried to move my crotch towards him indicating that I wanted him to fuck me, the bindings only allowing me limited movement.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked.

I blinked once again.

“So you want to remain tied and for me to fuck you bound there?” he said.

I blinked again.

“Okay, but the trouble is I’ve just fucked the maid, so we will have to wait a little.” He answered. “You just hang in there and I’ll be back soon.” He laughed.

Meanwhile the maid had recovered her senses and use of her body and was now standing on the other side of me, her hands started rubbing against the latex catsuit, I had never been touched this way by a woman before but her touch was turning me on and giving me great pleasure. The latex man left but the maid stayed and continued to play with my bound body. Her touch was electric, especially over my nipples and sensitive areas. I closed my eyes and indulged in the sensual delights that she was causing.

She got down on her knees and started to run her tongue over the latex that covered my sex, soon she was undoing the zipper that granted access to my fever hot pussy, her tongue probing the folds that made up the outer limits of my sex, her tongue continued to play with my lips before pressing further in and finding my little bud. The first touch sent powerful shocks through my body; she seems to know just how to touch me down there.

By now I was getting worked up and was wishing that she would finish me off, any actions that would involve a massive climax would be most welcome at this point. But as they say be careful what you wish for. The maid stopped using her tongue and began to stand up, her hands all over my latex clad body and she reached my neck. She stood as tall as me now and her hands stopped playing with my body and moved down to her skirt, next thing I knew was that she had gotten closer to my bound body and there was something probing the lips of my pussy, something which if I wasn’t mistaken felt like a penis.

The ‘she’ was a he it turned out and soon I felt his erect member slide between my well moistened lips, he pushed his penis inside me and started to fuck me as I hung there in bondage. The initial shock gave way to more pleasure as he continued to pump into me, his member cooling down my super hot pussy. This was what I wanted, someone to fuck me, use me, take me to new heights, but for godsake bring me off!

I should have thought it strange that this maid, who up until now I’d thought of as female was now fucking me with his erect penis, but then nothing should have surprised me after finding out about the dolls and the dungeon. The fact that my Master had been used by his male friend should have given me more insight into what happens in this house. The latex maid kept up the pounding as I got closer to my first climax, going over the top just as I caught a glimpse of my Master in the corner of my eye, wearing the same latex catsuit he wore when her fucked the maid, only minus the hood now.

I fixed my eyes on him as the maid brought me to my first orgasm, he continued pumping into me and brought onto the second one before he shot his load in me. He quickly withdrew and my Master stepped forward and entered me without any other action than to stand there and shove his dick in me. Soon he was pumping away and all too soon I was in the throes of another climax, there were three more before he let loose himself inside me.

I hung there on the wall panting and trying to get my breath back, the latex hood had restricted my breathing, something I didn’t realise as the endorphins careered through my over excited body. I had been starved of oxygen and this had enhanced my orgasms my Master later informed me. They left me bound to the wall to recover and only when they thought it right they started to unbind me from the cross.

As the binding freed my arms they hung limp and useless at my sides, my legs felt like jello, there was no way I could stand let alone walk. My Master realised this and picked me up over his shoulder and carried me from the room towards his own bedroom. The maid following to help with me. They both laid me down on the bed and left me to rest, I must have gone to sleep straight away as the climaxes I’d experienced had overwhelmed me, plus the fact I’d been bound all day to the cross.

They left me to sleep and recover.

I awoke still dressed in the latex catsuit, laying on his bed in the Master bedroom; there was no sign on my Master or the maid. I lifted my head as much as I could and saw that it was dark outside, I tried to move my limbs but they wouldn’t work, as much as I tried they just would not respond, only slightly lifting off the bed before flopping back down again, I was truly just like his other dolls now, unable to move and awaiting my Master’s pleasure.



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