Dolly Discovery 6: Back in the Box

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; doll; bond; latex; catsuit; maid; cd; bathe; leather; corset; boots; hood; crate; straps; encased; stored; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 6: Back in the Box

That night my Master slept in the other bedroom with his other doll Sarah, I was left on my own to recover from the bondage I’d endured. I was pretty tired from being bound all day, who knew that having limited movement could be so tiring. I awoke to find the sun coming in through the windows and shortly after the maid, dressed again in a latex maids outfit entered to check on me. My Master had been keeping an eye on me as I slept but didn’t disturb me and left me to recover. He had, so the maid informed me, left for work already and wouldn't be back until late.

The maid said that she’d been given instructions to look after me and tend to all of my needs today, I was to relax and recover. I couldn’t still believe that ‘she’ was a he after all, but she seemed to be more female in her actions so I left it in my mind not to enquire more about this at present. She walked into the bathroom and started to draw a bath for me, she came back in and asked me to roll over to undo the zipper that ran down the back of the catsuit. She had to help me move and eventually, with some struggle, she managed to get the catsuit off of me.

I felt naked, more naked than before once the suit was removed and wished that I was still clad in the confines of the suit, it was like a layer of skin had been removed to reveal all my nakedness to the world. She left the room and came back in with a wheelchair, she said she used it to move the dolls about the house, as some were really heavy to lift especially on your own. She helped me sit in the chair and then wheeled me into the bathroom, she eased me into the warm water and left me there soaking, the bath helped with my muscles and I found that I had slightly more movement now.

She returned and started to wash me all over with a soft sponge, she used soft perfumed soap to wash away the sweat that had built up under the latex, I had been wearing the suit for some time and I didn't realise just how sweaty & smelly it got under the rubber. She then put a defoliating glove on her hand and started to rub more life back into my limbs, her hand moved up and down my arms, then she started down on my legs, her hand would get higher with each pass until she ‘accidently’ brushed against my sex. Soon her hands were between my legs and playing with my pussy down there, her hand felt great and soon she brought me off with her touch, the climax sending shudders throughout my body.

I felt much better after the bath and the maids special attention helped too, she eased me out from the bath and gently rubbed my body dry with some big fluffy towels, all soft and pre-warmed, they felt luxurious against my skin. A dressing gown was then placed around me, I realised that this was the first piece of real clothing I’d worn in days. She brushed my hair, taking great care to make sure it was done properly. Now cleaned and preened she wheeled me out of the room and into the corridor. I hadn’t seen it but there was a lift there and as we entered she pressed the button to go downstairs.

She took me into the kitchen where she made me breakfast of juice and fruit, toast and coffee. I felt full and satisfied afterwards and the strength in my body seemed to be returning. We were joined by two other maids occasionally, the latex maid stated that the other two were normal maids and cleaned the downstairs only, whilst she cleaned the special areas upstairs herself. The other two didn’t know what goes on up there, only that she, the upstairs maid, likes to wear latex and Master indulges her and allows her to wear it. They don’t even know about her sexuality either, so she asked me to keep that secret from them too, which I agreed.

We spoke for a while and she explained how she had met my/our Master and had even been his dolly on many occasions. She preferred being female and dressed as one when outside the house. I said that I would never have known if you hadn’t used me for sex last night. She laughed and said that we both got used last night! She then said that she had work to do, that she would take me back upstairs and put me back to bed to continue to recover and wheeled me back to the lift.

When we reached the upper floor and headed down the corridor toward the main bedroom, I asked if she would stop a moment. She was curious and stopped asking if anything was wrong. No I replied but I really liked being enclosed in the latex catsuit and I sheepishly asked if I could get redressed in the catsuit. “I think I have developed a taste like you for latex”. I said.

“Well the only problem is the catsuit you wore is still drying, but we have many more you can try if you wish, Master has said that I was to attend to your every need today.” The maid replied.

With that I was wheeled into the bedroom where all the clothes are stored, the maid opened the door and started to go through the latex clothing hanging there. She went through several items of clothing, picking this one and reject that one before she turned and asked.

“Mmm, what type of catsuit are you after?” she enquired.

“Well one similar to the last one I wore would be nice, what do you have?” I asked.

“Well we have ones with hoods with eye & mouth holes, ones with one of each and some with none at all.” She replied.

“I liked the one yesterday that had no mouth hole, but maybe I should try the one that covers me completely with no eye holes.” I said daringly.

“This one here has only two small holes just under the nose to allow you to breathe, but none for the eyes or mouth, you’d be completely unable to see or speak.” She said.

“Just like a doll!” I replied, “that’s the one I want then.”

The maid retrieved the talc from the bathroom and started to apply it to my body, I stood up with her help as she continued to talc my entire body. Sitting back down she started to cover my legs with the latex suit, easing my feet into the booties of the suit, enclosing them in their inky smooth, clingy feel. The first touch of the latex sending delightful liitle shivers up and down my spine.

“Do you help get the dolls ready as well as play with them?” I asked.

“Yes often Master leaves the dolls for me to clean, redress or asks me to prepare them for one of his sessions.” She answered as she continued to cover me in the latex suit. “I like to play with the dolls as well as becoming one too and being played with. I take care of the dolls whenever the Master is away on business.”

The latex catsuit was now at my hips and she helped me stand again, then eased the latex over my hips. She then helped me put my arms in the sleeves and down into the gloves of the suit. Happy with the way the suit had gone on so far. She fussed about getting the latex stretched over my body, taking out any wrinkles she found. All that was left now was the hood.

“Would you dress me & treat me as just another doll, I would really like that.” I asked.

“Sure, that’s not a problem, I would be honoured.” She replied.

“Before you enclose me in the hood, could I ask one favour of you?” I asked.

“Ask and it shall be done.” The maid said.

“After I'm dressed, I’d like you to take me into the storage room and place me in the crate there, then use the straps to hold me down in place and then close me in with the lid and screw it down and leave me there, just another doll in Master's collection.” I said.

“Are you sure, you still haven’t recovered from the bondage session yesterday yet.” She said.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine, I can lay around in bed or in the crate, either way I’m getting some rest and besides I’d be out of your hair!” I exclaimed.

“You’re no trouble, it’s good that you’re here.” She said. “So you really want to spend some time locked in the crate, just how long?”

“Leave me for Master to find.” I said.

“He won’t be back until late!” she replied. "I may not be around for when he get's back."

“The later the better, I love being inside the crate as just another dolly and I won't mind or even know if I'm all alone, the other dollies don't seem to mind.” I stated.

"Okay, though I don't think I should leave until Master returns." she said.

“One more thing before you seal me inside this suit, I would like to reward you for your time and effort.” I asked.

“No that’s not necessary, I have loved taking care of you.” The maid insisted.

“Well…” I shyly said, “the fact is I want the taste of your cum in my mouth as you bind me away, dolly needs to feel used before being put away.”

“If that’s what you want, than as my Master instructed I was to take care of your every need.” She smiled.

The maid helped me out of the chair and onto my knees in front of ‘her’, she lifted her skirt and pulled her underwear down to her knees, she removed the cover that hid her bulge and her manhood was quickly responding to my touch. Soon I had her in my mouth and was using my tongue on the underside of her member, which was very rapidly becoming hard. I used my mouth to get her excited and took her penis deep into my mouth, her hands held on to each side of my head as I moved back and forth on her. I coated her whole penis with my saliva, the warmth from my mouth along with the moisture had the desired effect and her erection became much stronger.

Pretty soon I could feel her stiffen and her breathing became more rapid as she was starting to build into her climax. I took her deeper into my throat and let her push herself down and into my throat, relaxing and breathing as best I could, I had done this with many guys and they all loved it, I certainly did. Soon she exploded in her climax and I could taste her cum as it hit my throat, she eased herself back slightly and let the rest splash into my waiting mouth and coat the sticky substance over my tongue and tatsebuds, I love the taste of male sperm, each man different from the last and the act of taking him in my mouth makes me feel all gooey inside. I kept her in my mouth for as long as possible to savour the taste and prolong the feelings inside me.

She withdrew and reached down to kiss me on the lips, then she brought the hood up over my head and enclosed me within the dark confines of the latex, the light now gone as the dark latex enclosed my head and covered my eyes, I would not be able to see again until released from the suit. She adjusted the hood and lined up the two breathing holes, she smoothed out the latex hood and then began to close the zipper, sealing me inside. I felt the latex grow tighter as she pulled the zipper closed, this suit seemed slightly tighter than the last one. She finally managed to close the zipper and the suit closed over my naked flesh with it’s smooth covering like a second skin. She took the time to run her hands over me with care, making sure I could breathe alright and smoothing any further wrinkles she could find.

“Right then let’s get this dolly dressed.” Said the maid as she started to rummage through the wardrobe and began gathering things. I thought that I was already dressed covered as I was from head to toe in the latex catsuit, how wrong I was as it turned out, as she had other ideas about dressing dollies.

I felt the maid reach around my waist and bring something around me, then she adjusted it and started to pull me at my back and I realised that it was a corset that she was fitting around me, she pulled on the strings making the corset tighter around my waist and it started to restrict my ability to breathe. Each tug of the laces brought the corset tighter around my waist, her knee pushed into my back gave her extra purchase to close the laces. The corset ran from just under my breasts to just on the top of my hips and pinched my waist in a couple of inches she told me. Happy that she had achieved the desired result she tied of the laces behind me and then pushed me backwards to fall into the wheelchair.

She then picked up one of my feet and started to enclose it, the material ran up my lower leg and then further getting higher and higher up my leg, when she finished with the zipper at the top of the boot reached just below my crotch, her touch here sent little ripples of pleasure through me. She then added the other boot to my uncovered leg and then started tightening up the laces on both of these, making it very tight, my legs became very stiff as she continued to tighten and enclose my legs, I doubt very much that I’d be able to walk, let alone stand in these boots and certainly bending at the knee was not an option, but they weren’t designed to be walked in, just fucked in - fuck-me boots would be their best description.

Now she started work on my arms and soon two long gloves adorned my arms, these too had laces that tightened and restricted my movement, though not as strictly as the boots on my legs, the leather wasn't as thick as the boots were made from. Now she placed another hood over my head, this one also made from leather like the gloves and boots, she took great care lining up the breathing holes, she again tightened the laces behind my head pulling the hood tighter against my head and face, and holding my mouth closed, there would be no way I could talk through this hood nor see where I was.

The last thing she added was a posture collar around my neck, this one was different from the previous one I wore in that it just held my head in place and didn’t force my head up. I was now tightly bound in boots, corset, gloves, collar and another hood on my head, I couldn’t move very much at all. I was covered in the latex catsuit from head to toe, then she'd added the leather boots, corset, gloves and collar, and topped that off with the second hood. I wondered what I looked like bound up as I was.

“There now dolly you are one fetish fucktoy dream, the boots to keep your legs from moving, the gloves to hold your arms, the collar for your head and the corset to hold you in.” she said proudly. “You look like a latex leather fetishists dream date, a punk latex barbie.”

“Now let’s get you packed away in storage.” She said as she pushed me backwards into the wheelchair.

She pushed me from the bedroom out into the hallway and then into the storage room, where she helped me out of the chair and positioned me before pushing me back in to the crate, with one swift move she grabbed my feet, lifted them as I fell backwards and helped position me in the foam cut out in the crate, she then adjusted my position inside until she was happy that I was in place and comfortable. Then she started fastening the straps around my limbs and body to secure me inside and take away any last movement that I may have had, the straps tightened over each limb in several places like before, each one taking away my freedom, I was loving it.

She came to the top part of the crate and bent down next to my head and asked if I was okay, she held my hand and said to squeeze once if I was okay and twice if I was any way uncomfortable, she would only be able to adjust anything now and once the lid was placed in the crate I was going to be just another doll, so better make sure now.

I squeezed her hand once.

“Okay dolly time to lock you away then.” She said, checking over the straps one last time to see if everything was safe and secure.

She picked up the lid of the crate and brought it down on to the crate itself, adjusting it until it slid into position, then I heard her start applying the screws to fasten the lid down to the crate, the battery screwdriver made the job quick and easy, all too soon she had finished and I was now secured inside the crate, bound, dressed like the barbie from hell in leather & latex and now stuck in here until someone decides to release me.

“Okay dolly, you’re all packed and ready for shipment, I don’t know when you’ll be set free again or if Master will just decide to send you to one of his friends for you to become their plaything.” She teased, laughter in her voice. “Enjoy yourself dolly!”

Then she left me alone in the crate, bound and waiting for my Master or maybe one of his friends to take me out and play with me again, just how long that would be could be anyone’s guess…



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