The Barbie Doll Experience

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2doll; cd; mistake; slave; nc; XX

In the far future there is the Barbie doll experience. It's a fully automatic Barbie doll factory where artificial intelligence runs the ultimate sexual fantasy factory. Any man or woman can choose different settings and types of Barbies that they want to become. They can choose the hair color, body type, lingerie, clothing, they can even choose to become a sex slave or essentially a boxed Barbie doll for a paying customer. They can also choose to be a fully functional woman or to still have their cocks. Once inside the machine all customers are injected and they become lifeless as the robots dress them and prepare them for their ultimate Barbie experience. They still possess all their senses (sight, speech, etc) while in the lifeless mode.

Francis, who is a single, straight male, wants to experience life as a classy Barbie doll. He chooses sexy lingerie, but a conservative skirt, a silk blouse and sensible two inch high heels. He also chooses the "solo" option which means he does not belong to anyone and will not be boxed. Francis nervously enters the machine and the process has begun. As Francis waits there is a quick fluctuation of power as the lights quickly shut off and return in an instant. He is injected and his transformation has begun...he has been given long slender legs, huge breasts, nice ass, long blonde hair, red lips. He now moves into the next room along the conveyor belt as the robots prepare to dress him.

A.I. Barbie: “Welcome Francis, to the Barbie doll experience and we hope that Mr Big will enjoy his new sex slave Barbie doll, when fully dressed and boxed.”

Francis tries to struggle but he is lifeless. "Wait a minute there is a mistake...I did not select sex slave Barbie and I don't know who Mr Big is?" The robots dress him in a sexy black lace garter belt with sexy black fishnet stockings.

A.I. Barbie: “Our records indicate that you choose to become Mr Big’s sex slave and Mr Big has a huge cock that you will be pleasuring as his new sex slave Barbie doll.”

The robots then place his cock into a chastity device and lock it, before putting on his sexy black lacy panties with ruffles in the back.

A.I. Barbie: “A good girl wears her panties under her garter belt, but you choose to wear the sexy panties over the garter belt...a naughty girl...that can easily have her panties removed to get fucked by Mr Big’s hard 10 inch black cock.”

Francis is then moved down the conveyor belt into another room. The robots dress him in a very short red silk dress with a front plunging neckline that shows off her cleavage, and more.

A.I. Barbie: “Don't you look so sexy in that short red ‘fuck me’ dress? Mr Big will be pleased with his new sex slave Barbie doll.”

"Please check your fucking system, you stupid A.I. bitch! I don't want to be a sex slave Barbie doll, for anyone!"

A large penis gag is shoved into Francis' mouth.

A.I. Barbie: “I will not tolerate that kind of language nor will Mr Big. I will send a message to Mr Big to properly spank you for your rudeness. All sex slave Barbie dolls deserve to be tied up and fucked hard.”

Next the robots place sexy 5 inch red ankle strap heels on Francis.

A.I. Barbie: “mmmmm...the way you are dressed you are just asking to be fucked with that sexy red dress and the ‘fuck me’ high heels.”

Finally a slave collar is locked on with a leash attached.

Then Francis is placed inside the large Barbie doll boxed and strapped in. Francis is scared as he knows he about to become a sex slave Barbie doll to a man with a big cock. The Barbie doll box is now placed in the waiting area for the customer to pick up his Barbie toy.

A.I. Barbie: “Thank you for choosing the ultimate Barbie doll experience...I would say hope you return to experience more, but you have chosen no end date for your sex slave Barbie doll experience! Have fun tonight, Mr Big plans to take his sex slave Barbie doll to the ‘Anything goes Bondage club’...just stay away from the ‘Pig pen play room’.”

As Francis finally begin to have feelings in his body, that's when Mr. Big shows up. He takes one look at his new sexy Barbie doll and begins to drool! He is a very large disgusting man and Francis can see the outline of his bulging cock! He feels himself up. "I can't wait to get you home, unpack you and play with my new sex doll Francine."


Later that afternoon Mr Big has removed the penis gag and the frightened barbie doll ‘Francine’ is standing next to this huge disgusting man, in her sexy red silk dress and sexy five inch heels.

"Please mister there has been a big mistake, I did not sign up to be a sex slave Barbie doll. Just let me go and I'm sure you will get a refund."

Mr Big grabs the leash and pulls hard making Francine follow him. "Shut up bitch! I own you and you are my sex slave barbie doll forever."

Francine begins to cry. "But I don't want to be your barbie doll...I'm a straight male and I have never even sucked a cock!"

Mr Big quickly forces his sexy Barbie doll all dressed up in red to her knees. Then he forces his huge cock into Francine's mouth. As Francine chokes and gags on the unwanted cock in her mouth, he says, "get used to being a Barbie sex doll, because tonight at the ‘Anything Goes’ club you will be used like a Barbie whore. You will squeal tonight, especially inside the ‘Pig Pen Basement’."

The panic in Forced Barbie doll Francine’s eyes shows, as Mr Big shoots a big load of cum down her throat. Francine can not believe she will be dolled up, collared, and used as a Barbie doll sex toy!


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