The Barbie Doll Experience

by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: M/fm; doll; costume; cd; sissy; transform; chastity; oral; nc; reluct; XX

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Beth and Karl, both 30 years old, have been married for 10 years. They want to do something kinky for their 10 year marriage anniversary so they decided to visit the Barbie Doll Experience. They want to become the classic blonde Barbie and the handsome Ken doll with an enhanced penis, and this was Beth's idea. Beth will become an elegant bride and Karl dressed in a sexy tuxedo; they plan to renew their vows at a party.

They both select the settings, enter the Barbie doll machine through two separate doors. Beth gets the injection that will numb her for the process while keeping her senses (sight, speech, etc.) She is given the perfect Barbie doll figure with long luscious blonde hair. As she moves into the dressing section of the machine, she is surprised that a sexy french maid costume was placed on her, but she assumes it was Karl that made a last minute change to her program. She thinks Karl is going to love how she is dressed... short petticoat, classic black satin french maid dress, white satin apron, lacy choker, maids cap, black fishnets and sexy 4 inch heels... and he is going to fuck her good dressed like a French maid!

Then she is shocked that she is getting boxed, placed and secured inside a life-size Barbie doll box. She is trying to get free as several more boxed Barbie dolls appear... a sexy satin bride, a pink french maid, and a sexy playboy bunny... and they are all gagged. She is wondering where her husband Karl is... what happened to the Ken doll with an enhanced penis? That's when someone she recognizes appears in front of her... Jim Snotter... the perverted man that she sent away to jail. "Well hello, lawyer Beth. You sent me to jail five years ago and ruined my life. Well I made some connections and they were able to release me and allow me to adjust your Barbie doll settings."

Beth now feels uncomfortable dressed in a sexy French maid outfit in front of the disgusting Jim and there is nothing she can do to cover herself up. "What are you going to do to me? Where is my husband?"

Jim opens up her doll box, reaches under her petticoat and feels her pussy... her wet pussy. "My my... aren't you a little naughty French maid. Don't worry I will take care of your pussy later. Karl will be joining us soon at my mansion." So both Beth and Karl are delivered to Jim's mansion separately.

Beth is released from the Barbie doll box and Jim tells her Karl is in the bedroom. Beth rushes into the bedroom with her sexy petticoat swishy and heels clicking and the only thing she sees in the bedroom is another Barbie doll box. She sees the same pink satin French maid that she has become. "Oh no, what have they done to you?" She opens the box and sees that he is gagged and notices his new boobs and sexy long silky red hair. She stares at his eyes and sees that he is embarrassed to be dressed as a French maid. She unbuckles the gag, begins to remove it from his mouth and realizes it’s a long penis gag. She accidentally squeezes the penis gag and a stream of cum shoots out into Karl's mouth. "Oh my, you have been sucking a cock and swallowing cum all this time while in the Barbie doll box!"

Karl struggles, "They placed a butt plug in me and they... they... locked up my cock!" Beth then quickly lifts up his petticoat, pulls down his sexy ruffle panties and sees a small pink chastity device locked there.

Beth kisses her husband, who is now a sexy redhead dressed in a pink French maid outfit. "Let me get you un-strapped and we need to escape from Jim's mansion!"

Suddenly Jim appears, drugs Beth, ties her down to the bed spread-eagled, then looks at Karl "It's time to begin your sissy training... Monique... yes that's your new sissy name."

Many hours later Beth wakes up and sees how vulnerable she is with her pussy available. Jim enters the room. "Please Jim, don't rape me... please I will do anything. Just let Karl go." 

Beth feels Jim's fingers feeling her legs. "My dear satin maid beth, I'm not going to rape you. I actually have something more evil planned for you. French maid Monique is now getting reprogrammed and soon she will be a good submissive sissy maid. You will both be serving me as sexy maids but with a different outcome for the two of you." Jim touches her wet pussy again. "I have something special for your wet horny pussy... a chastity device with devilish tiny artificial feathers that will tease your pussy but never giving you satisfaction."

3 years later.

Satin maid Beth has been busy with cleaning, dusting, feeding the dog, doing laundry, vacuuming, making dinner while wearing the sexy black satin french maid outfit and four inch high heels. Jim walks into the living room. "Welcome Master Jim, how may your satin maid beth please you?" she says, as she curtsies.

"You can clean the sex toys, especially the vibrators. Tell French maid Monique that I will be fucking her tonight."

The tiny feathers have been stimulating satin maid Beth for years and she is so horny for cock... anyone's cock. "Master Jim, you could fuck me... I have a nice tight pussy. Please... I need to be fucked!"

Then French maid monique appears as Master Jim says, "No! You will never be fucked or never touch your pussy ever again." The pink satin French maid runs to her Master ignoring his former wife. She curtsies then drops to her knees. "May this submissive sissy French maid suck your wonderful cock?"

Jim's bulge is noticeable as both French maids are drooling over it. "Later, first tell me who do you love, your Master or your wife?"

French maid Monique looks at her Master only, "I love my Master Jim and will do anything to please him. My former wife beth deserves to be punished for ruining your life and your chastity device sex denial is perfect for her."

Later that night satin maid Beth cries as she hears French maid Monique moaning as Master Jim fucks her doggy style. Although French maid Monique's orgasms are always ruined orgasms, her sissy cum leaking from her pink chastity device... at least she is getting some sexual pleasure. As she does her maid chores, including feeding the dog, she gets a naughty thought as she stares at the doggy cock... she thinks how can such a powerful lawyer ever be thinking about such a dirty thought? Her pussy tingles and she can't reach her clit to rub it and have an orgasm... she will do anything for an orgasm!


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