Her New Position

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F; latex; catsuit; caught; corset; boots; hood; armbinder; gag; collar; bfold; bond; straps; display; rubberdoll; storage; bagged; cartrunk; cond; mc; sex; climax; mpov; cons; X

This story is the Male point-of-view version of "My New Position" and shows a darker side to the story...


The subliminal messaging seem to work well with this one, the speakers hidden in her office have been playing from the time she started working for me as my PA, now a several weeks later the conditioning to accept latex clothing as normal, something that she desires above all else seems to have come to fruition, the trigger for her responses, the ‘damaged’ parcel containing the latex catsuit has just been delivered to her by the courier.

Her conditioning to become my next rubberdoll has been progressing well over the last 6 weeks, just as it did for my former PA and the one before that too. The subconscious messaging has been playing since she started working here, messages and commands repeated over and over, just out of earshot but there for the subconscious mind to pick up and relate too. The system triggered when she arrives in the office, also contained on the i-pod that I gave her when she started here and also fed through her hi-fi system at her apartment, courtesy of her wireless network, which was easy to hack.

It all goes along like a script from a movie, new girl gets hired, eager to please her new boss and her mind is active with her new work which makes her more receptive, her transformation begins with her conditioning, the mind altering commands and phrases play throughout her entire day, week in – week out, the trigger arriving in her office ‘the parcel’ that sets her off, her unable to resist trying it on, my then walking in to find her in the act of wearing the latex catsuit, her intial guilt at being caught, then the offer to please me by 'allowing' her to wear the rest of the outfit.

All the time this is happening I’m watching her on the hidden cameras located in her and my office. I watch as the parcel is delivered, the damaged corner exposing the latex inside. She cannot resist looking at the package, the smell of the latex overpowering her resistance and soon she’s made her way into my office, where I have an ensuite bathroom, in which she changes out of her everyday clothes and dons the latex catsuit, the next step into becoming another of my rubberdolls.

As she enters my office to look at herself in the full length mirror, placed there for just this purpose, that becomes my cue to leave the hideaway where I’ve set up the system to feed in the messaging and the monitors to keep an eye on her, soon I’m entering my office to ‘catch’ her in the act of wearing the latex catsuit, which she knows is not hers to wear but cannot resist trying it on, unknown to her that the messaging triggered this response from her.

I look like I’m displeased at her at first, she thinks that she’s about to get fired for being found in this position, but then I start to gently ease her fears and ‘reveal’ my secrets to her, I offer to allow her to try on the rest of the outfit, but not showing her what that outfit actually contains. I admire her in the catsuit, her feminine curves enhanced by the natural sheen of the latex, smoothing out her flesh under its gentle caress. She cannot help but pose and display herself in the suit, it’s all been programmed into her that this is what she should do when wearing any latex outfit, present herself to her best ability, please whoever she’s doing this for and submit to further commands or suggestions, like trying on the rest of the outfit.

Next I wheel out the lifesize doll on its display stand, fully encased in rubber, bound by straps to the frame, the corset holding its waist, the boots progressing up its legs until they reach its crotch, the hood covering its head. All in all a vision of fetish beauty, all bound up in one neat package. Upon seeing this she cannot resist wanting to try this outfit on, even suggesting that she wants to try the whole outfit on, the mere thought of leaving one part of the outfit presented to her repugnant and the feeling that she would be incomplete without it.

Soon I have the straps undone, the corset removed and around her waist, she is panting at the thought of wearing it, her desires overcoming any natural resistance or concerns she may have had if she was in this position without the benefit of the subliminal messaging that she’d received. Once the corset is tight around her waist I leave her to adjust and get used to breathing with this restrictive garment about her, while I get the boots off of the doll.

In the time it takes me to get the boots removed, she has been admiring herself in the mirror, more triggers have occurred in her mind and she’s ready for the next steps. The boots though fiddly and time consuming are necessary, the restriction it places on her ability to move or bend her legs act to further enhance her training into becoming my next rubberdoll, after all dollies don’t walk, well not in my book anyway.

Once the boots have been put on and tightened, the transformation of her continues, the tightness of the boots restricting her walking, the corset holding her waist rigid, all combine to allow her mind to adjust to the process of limiting her movements, the addition of the posture collar later then restricts her moving her neck. Again I allow her time to adjust to the process, though she doesn’t realise what’s happening to her, her desires overcoming any reluctance, she’s on her way to becoming a rubber sexual being.

Now comes the time to introduce the hood, I need her to be totally covered from head to toe in latex for the conditioning to finally cement itself in her subconscious mind, she must desire to wear latex and nothing else, in fact if she’s ever naked it will feel totally foreign to her, her naked skin will repulse her and she will desire nothing more than to wear whatever latex outfit that’s presented to her, she will have no control over this, her mind will have been altered irretrievably to accept this rubberdoll life. She may during this time of conditioning bought her own latex clothing from off the shelf items of ordinary looking clothing like dresses/blouses but made from latex without realising it's significance, other girls had done so in the past. The gloves covering her hands, the last of her exposed flesh completing this process.

Once the hood was in place I make sure that it’s tucked into the catsuit, she is now covered head to toe in latex, the corset restricting her waist and breathing, her breasts on display inside the shiny suit, her legs encased in the tight confines of the thigh high boots, the lacing done extra tight to ensure little movement and making walking difficult. The posture collar added around her neck stops her moving her head and holds it high and facing forward, again restricting her movements.

Now she was comparing herself with the doll that remained on the display stand, I could see the thoughts turning over in her mind, wondering what it would be like to be in the dolls place. I left her to her thoughts and admired how she looked in the outfit, I noticed that she spotted the bulge in my trousers, I was turned on by how well she looked in the latex catsuit and the rest of the outfit and thought about how I’d made the right choice in hiring her for the position, she’d had been an easy subject to transform and condition to become my next rubberdoll. Now all I need to do is allow her to think that she was directing my actions and continue on the pre-programmed path that would complete her transformation.

She now started to consider herself as ‘just another doll’ the mental triggers and responses working to transform her, her request to be treated like the other doll and try out the display stand further showed that she was going down the road to becoming a rubberdoll. Next I took the armbinder and placed it on her, at her own request, if the conditioning hadn’t kicked in there was no way that this would be happening.

I took great delight in tightening the armbinder about her arm, held rigid behind her back now, encased in the latex confines of the object, tapering down at the ends that contained her hands, which up until now had been free. I adjusted the straps on her shoulders, retightened the straps on the armbinder and then started to gloss the latex garments she was wearing.

All the time I was running the soft cloth over her latex clad body I couldn’t wait to get this dolly back to my home to start playing with her. Her outfit was shiny all over by the time I’d finished, all blemishes and hand marks were gone, she looked absolutely stunning, a vision in ebony, the light reflecting off her curves enhancing her body contained inside the suit. She looked at herself in the mirror, testing the restraints on her body, feeling the constriction of the corset, the boots and now the armbinder.

I then told her that she basically had the whole outfit on, well I lied, there was more but she’d not seen the doll wearing that, that may have freaked her out and damaged the conditioning before we went through some of the stages beforehand, all of this was laid out for her to follow and prepare herself for what she was to become. Introducing these items at an early stage could have stopped her progress.

Now was the time to introduce the gag & blindfold, the gag was necessary to take away the ability to speak, after all dollies don’t speak. The blindfold was to take away another of her senses and allow her to adjust, the removal of her sight concentrated the brain on the conditioning and reinforces the subliminal messaging without the distraction of looking at things, especially herself, a vision of loveliness in latex, it was hard enough for me to take my eyes off of her, let alone with her examining her looks in the mirror.

She brought up the display stand herself, she wanted to become the dolly she’d originally seen when I brought it out of the closet, things were progressing well for her to bring this up. I helped her onto the stand, I separated the pole behind her back, this came in two parts and made it easier to slip the armbinder either on or off of the display stand, it’s hard to take a dolly off the stand if you want to leave the armbinder in place without the pole coming apart, dolls can be quite heavy.

Next came the straps that would hold her in place, starting from her waist and working downwards I placed them around her body and fastened them to hold her against the stand. Then working the top part of her body I made sure that she was well fixed to the display stand, she wriggled and tested the straps and I ensured that I retightened each one to take away any movements that she could make. I had to make sure that she had little or no movement, dollies after all don’t walk or move without help from their owner, otherwise they’d be androids and we don’t want that.

Placing the gag in her mouth, her ability to move or now speak was becoming less and less, she was now becoming more doll like as we progressed. She requested that I take her over to the mirror for her to see what she looked like, again more conditioning as she stared at her reflection, she couldn't take her eyes off of herself in the mirror, she was a mezmerising sight to behold. I left her there as I needed a quick break her to adjust myself, my hard-on had been at full mast for quite some time now, painfully so, that was the effect she was having on me. Maybe I was conditioned too!

I started to tidy up the office, it looked like a fetish harem with two latex dollies about the office, I needed to get the other doll out of the way, there were still people working on the factory floor downstairs and I didn’t need them coming in and seeing what I was up to. I picked up the other doll and with the display stand being occupied by my new doll, I had to stash her away somewhere else, I have a couch in my office for meetings and the base of this contains a handy storage area just right to fit a rubberdoll inside.

That done I needed to let her have some time to simmer inside the suit and become accustomed to wearing the outfit and being a rubberdoll, to allow the conditioning to take hold, the feelings from the latex and bondage would given time take over her mind and she would readily accept her place. Plus I had work waiting on my desk that needed my attention, I also needed to place a want ad in the paper for a new PA, after all my old one had now found herself a new position in my office. I left her on the stand and went back behind my desk, I could see her wriggling and trying to attract my attention, every once in a while I would gaze across at her latex vision, especially whilst talking on the phone to clients and staff.

It was getting late in the evening, most of the staff downstairs had finished for the day and had gone home. I then got a phone call from my production manager, he wanted to go over a few things and said that he would come up to my office to discuss them. Well I couldn’t have him seeing my new doll standing there displaying her wares, so it was time for her to go into storage, something that she would have to get used to now that she was just another doll. The life of a doll is to be played with, tended to, displayed and once used then stored away for next time, either on display or in a closet or spare bedroom.

I told her that I was having a meeting and that I didn’t have time to release her, which either she believed or not, but it was happening after all. I placed the blindfold over her eyes and told her to remain quiet, telling her that dollies don’t make any noise and then pushed her and the stand she was on back into the inside of the closet. Now the closet had an outer part that disguised the inner part, for all intents and purposes it was just a drinks cabinet, but just behind the hidden doors, behind the drinks display, it held my newest latex clad rubberdoll, safely tucked away.

Making sure that the rest of the room was safe and that nothing out of the ordinary was in sight I settled back behind my desk. I hoped that dolly would remain quiet, I had never tested the cabinet for soundproofing, the life-like latex dollies I normally keep there don’t have the ability to talk. The meeting lasted sometime, I even forgot for a moment that I had a fully bound, latex clad woman hidden behind the drinks cabinet, I only realised too late when I opened the outer door to get us both a drink. I did hear a muffled noise from within but it didn't reach the earshot of my management colleague.

We then made our way down to his office to check out plans for expanding the factory, production was up and we needed the room for more machinery. The new designs we now had had been a hit, with the money coming from the sale of the rubberdolls I had been able to invest back into the business and help it grow, so in a way the former PA’s had been ‘valued’ employees and their promotions to their new positions had been for the companies benefit and mine.

Finally making my way back to my office, the meeting going on longer than I expected, I wondered how my new doll was progressing, what was her state of mind now, had the triggers, conditioning and messages taken effect, I was about to find out when I opened the closet doors. I was pleased with her first responses when I took her gag & blindfold off.

She was very pleased with being my dolly, she identified herself as an object, and said that she wanted to be played with. All in all a good result, maybe the extra time bound & encased inside the closet had cemented the conditioning deeper than it had with previous subjects, or maybe this one was special and had secret desires that had come out when bound and clad in latex. I’d have to consider that for future reference.

It was time for some fun, I’d been turned on all the time with her on display, I felt that I would burst if I didn’t get some outlet soon. Luckily enough she had the same ideas, this wasn’t some triggered response, she was offering herself up to me. As soon as I’d released her from the stand she’d wanted to have me play with her and she laid herself on the top of my desk, her latex clad rear enticing me with its glistening curves.

She requested that she be re-gagged, again another surprising response that wasn’t programmed into her, dollies don’t request – they do what their owner wants them to do. So I re-gagged her, I didn’t want to bring security up here. She seemed to be well turned on, her desires on overload as her sultry body lay across my desk, her slight movements enticing me to sample her delights, who was in charge here me or her, this was something new.

I entered her from behind, she was already very wet and it was easy to slide inside her, she didn’t take long for her to climax, her first orgasm causing her to scream and I was glad that the gag was in place. It didn’t take long for me to join her and she had her second orgasm at the same time, she was clearly enjoying her situation. I’d been holding this back for some time so when I came I felt my knees give way slightly, my brain went into meltdown for a moment, I hadn’t cum like this for sometime, this was special.

After regaining my senses I began removing the armbinder, then as she moved her arms that had been held tightly behind her for so long, freeing the muscles and tension, I started taking the boots off, she would need to walk out to my car, carrying her out across the parking lot would attract unwanted attention. But again she surprised me, taking the gag out of her own mouth she asked me how I transported the dollies I kept in the office. She was still in dolly mode, talking as if she were a doll, an object to be played with.

I told her of the large bag I use to carry the dolls to and from my home and office, she stunned me when she requested that I treat her as just another doll and be placed inside the same bag, not only that but to travel as just another object in the trunk of my car. Where was this in the programme? I’d have to re-assess the conditioning after this one. This one was different from the others, they still had some slight resistance after the same amount of time given in their conditioning, this one on the other hand had taken to it like she was born to be a rubberdoll.

Taking the bag out of the closet I placed it on the floor, she willingly climbed inside and allowed me to close the sides around her, she’d re-gagged herself beforehand and now she’d placed herself inside wanting to become nothing more than an object. I pulled the side over her latex clad body, marvelling at how well she had responded and how good she looked in latex. It seemed a shame to close the zipper and seal her inside away from my gaze.

Now she was reduced to an object inside a bag, nothing more – nothing less, for all those around that time of night, all they would just see me carrying out a large sports bag to my car and place it in the trunk, nothing out of the ordinary and not suspecting that I had a latex clad female safely enclosed inside the bag. I quickly opened the car trunk and placed the bag inside, I reached up with my hand to close it and took one last look at the thing laying there inside, then reluctantly closing the trunk I made my way back to my office to tidy things away.

My new dolly was now safely stored inside a sports bag inside my car’s trunk, waiting for me to take her to my home and introduce her to her new life as a rubberdoll, her objectification had gone surprisingly well, the subliminal messaging conditioning her to accept her new status in life, a mere rubber plaything to be used, played with and discarded when no longer in use, maybe stored or displayed but she will always remain clad in latex - my new rubber dolly.


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