Her New Position Part 2: One In, One Out

by Gromet

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This story continues the Male point-of-view version of "My New Position" and shows a darker side to the story...
part one can be found here

Part 2: One In, One Out

My new dolly was now safely stored inside a sports bag inside my car’s trunk, waiting for me to take her to my home and introduce her to her new life as a rubberdoll, her objectification had gone surprisingly well, the subliminal messaging conditioning her to accept her new status in life, a mere rubber plaything to be used, played with and discarded when no longer in use, maybe stored or displayed but she will always remain clad in latex - my new rubber dolly.

She had taken to it all remarkable well, the subliminal messaging having worked on her over the last few weeks taking hold and lowering her resistance to becoming the dolly she would eventually become, I would enjoy playing with this one, she was one of the best yet and I had a feeling that she was enjoying what was happening to her as well. Well it had been another turn up for the book when she willing submitted herself to me, allowed me to bind her and then use her on my desk, then ask to go into the bag for the journey to my place.

Upon reaching home I left her bagged in the trunk whilst I went inside to get things ready for her, I moved some of her predecessors into other rooms that we would not be using tonight. Although I don't hang on to them for long, I can usually turn them around from personal assistant to willing dolly in about 10-12 weeks including the subliminal stage. Once back here I step up the training, the messaging get's more straight forward they are now just rubber dollies, willing to please their owner in whatever he desires, it just takes some reinforcement to back it up and also to suit the dolly to the customers requirements.

Getting them to only desire wearing latex, or other outfits as the customer requests, but mostly it's total enclosure in latex catsuits, bondage and giving pleasure to their owners that I focus on. The sex, either oral, anal or straight has to be accepted without question, they should desire that their masters take them and use them for their own pleasure and not concern themselves with any desires the dolls have. Some owners require surgery to alter the appearance of the dolls, either to enhance features like larger breasts or to changing the way the doll looks, I farm out those parts to others to do, money talks in this game and anything can be done for a price.

Now I have this new doll I'll have to get her ready though I don't yet have a customer for her yet, I'll start advertising her soon. I now have the room for more dolls after selling the previous two PA's, they both brought in a tidy profit and their new owners will appreciate their charms for a number of years to come. They maybe on-sold to others as the market is certainly there for them, others end their days in brothels I believe but that does not concern me, once I've sold the doll she's no longer my concern and I move on to the next one.

Now that I was ready for this latest doll I went outside to retrieve her from the car trunk, picking up the handles of the bag I carried her inside and placed her bag down on the floor, opening the zipper I found that she couldn't move so picked her up and carried her, then I placed her on a chair in the room, around her were other dolls strapped to the chairs, all of them were just silicon dolls but dressed in fetishwear & lingerie, I wanted to see her reaction to all the other dolls and what she could expect in her future. She opened her eyes and looked around the room taking it all in, she looked at each doll admiring what they were wearing. Well she didn't seemed frightened at what she saw before her, so I left her whilst I went out to check on the other captive dolls.

When I returned a short time later I was astounded to see that she'd fastened the strap around her like the other dolls in the room were wearing to keep them fixed to the seat, this one was certainly special. Undoing the strap I bade her stand and walk around the house with me, I wanted to show her what else dollies get up to with their masters. Plus after all the binding she needed to get her legs moving, I need dollies to be healthy after all, injured dollies don't get sold unless heavily discounted, unless the owner has a fetish for it!

First stop was the nursery, some owners like to keep their dollies as babies, something she would need training in. This was followed by other rooms, bondage bed, and then the glass display room. She seemed very intrigued by these dolls, I forgot that two of them were in fact captive dolls under going training, both were bound in display cases behind the doorway, not the other two visible from the door, but both dolls had on their sensory deprivation hoods and could not see, hear or speak with them on, for all they knew they were bound and on display, they could not know if someone was looking at them unless you touched their bodies. But my new doll took this all in her stride, I could see the look of desire to be in the dollies places.

I then took her to the storage and shipping room, here it was that I kept dolls and prepared them for shipment to their new owners, I also kept some of the silicon dolls that I wasn't currently using stored away on the shelves, encased in spandex sleepsacks. No point wasting money on expensive latex ones just to use them for storage, the spandex one's keep them clean. She didn't know it but I'd also tapped into her TV channels, I piped in a feed that contained mostly doll, latex and fetish material for her to watch, she'd seen a few of the movies and told me about one she'd seen, all the while she could not take her eyes off of the crate in front of her, the one I'd prepared earlier, leaving for her to 'find'.

She could not look away as she explained what had happened in the movie, something I'd already known since I'd seen it numerous times myself, quite enjoyable to watch as long as I didn't end up like the male character in the film! Any way I could see the same desire in her as previously, I didn't know if she'd be ready for this part but pushed on anyway's and asked her if she wanted to spend some time in the box. To which she readily agreed even to the point of strapping her in and closing the lid, just as if I was getting her ready for shipment. With her safely secured inside the crate I could spend some more time with the other captive dolls and continue their training.

During her time inside the crate something came over her and she became even more compliant and doll-like, again this one was special because the other dolls had never reached this stage, even after being sold off and shipped themselves, there was always that look of fear as I closed the lid. Of course nothing was going to harm them , the crates were well ventilated, I cannot keep my reputation if the stock dies on the journey, no I ensure that they have evrything they need for their journey down to food and water for the long distance ones.

I began to treat her like a just delivered doll, undoing the straps and carrying her out, she just lay in my arms trusting in me, waiting for whatever I would do to her next. I began to have second thoughts about selling this one, unless of course the right price came along. It was time for me to have some fun again, so I took her into the bondage bed room, it's circular and covered in latex, even the bondage straps are made from latex. I placed her in the middle of the bed and started to tie her down, she just laid there silently looking at me as I took away her freedom, she seemed to be enjoying what was happening to her. I then gagged her, well I didn't want her making any noise as I fucked her, dollies after all remain silent.

I climbed on to the bed and mounted her, she was already wet from her experience inside the crate and I suspect from all the other things that had happened to her. She quickly climaxed, not her first one for the night as I recall hearing her get off inside the bag earlier. I'd forgot in my excitement to add a posture collar, so I started to hold my hand over her mouth to keep her from moving her head from side to side. As I approached my climax my hands must have slipped up and also covered her nose, I didn't realize as I came that she couldn't breath but she climaxed anyway and then blacked-out. Now she lay there like a doll should be and so I used her again for my pleasure.

I left her bound there as I went to bed, I was tired after all the things I'd done today, I'd screwed this dolly several times in the past few hours and it was starting to make me sleepy. Leaving the room I switched off the light, checked that everything was secure and went off to bed. I still had another captive doll keeping my bed warm and I would take advantage of her before finally falling to sleep.

In the morning I woke up, reused the dolly at my side and left her bound there whilst I went down to check on my latest acquisition, she was soundly asleep still bound as I left her, I couldn't resist her charms and I climbed on top of her and used her just like a dolly should be used. I know that she didn't climax this time, something that she would have to get used to. I then left her there as she was and went to check on the other captive dolls. Moving some from their positions and cleaning them all up took sometime, I also need to make sure they were fed and hydrated too, their toilet needs taken care of and cleaned and made ready for the day ahead, for one of them would be going to their new owner today.

By the time I got back to my new doll she'd been bound and stretched on the bed for sometime and she could not move her limbs, I picked her up and carried her to the sluice room. This is were I have an automated process for cleaning the doll internally, it not only cleans their cavities but also gives them an enema to remove their wastes as well. Once done I then move them over to a gurney where I clean them and redress them for their day. This new doll was no different as she would experience the cleaning process first hand today, sitting her on the bidet and strapping her down I left the machine to it's task as I got her new clothing ready.

Once cleaned, dressed and processed I then took her into the kitchen to feed her, not something that every doll get's, after a while they progress onto less solid food and end up eating baby-like food to maintain them, getting all their nutritional needs from that. As they don't move around much they don't require a lot in the way of food and I've found just the required amount of liquid to balance them for the day without the need for too much toilet training. Once or twice a day is sufficient for these dollies.

I dressed her in my best burgundy latex catsuit and matching accessories, she'd be photographed today for the future sale and I wanted her to look her best to get me the best price. Once the corset, boots and collar were in place, I'd take her to the kitchen to feed her and them down to the dungeon room to place her on display on the x-frame, I always seemed to get a better price for them if I showed them bound on the frame. So once fed it was down and then strapped in place on the frame, the doll that was currently on the frame was the next doll waiting to be picked up by her owner, I'd kept both dolls sold in the dungeon overnight, gives them time to reflect. Plus the other doll was going to her new owner, a friend of mine and I know he wanted this one as a dungeon slave, she would spend her days bound on some device on display in his dungeon.

Once I had my new doll bound on the frame, I polished and preened her until she shone like gloss, she would need to look good in the catalogue. I'd take the pictures from one of the many cameras that line the room. I left her there whilst I took the previous occupant of the cross out and bound her elsewhere, she looked good strapped tightly on the bed my other doll previously spent the night on. Satisfied she was secured I left her there and went to get ready for my friends arrival. I made sure that everytime I left the dungeon room, other than when I wanted to take photographs, that I switched off the lights leaving her in the dark, this way she would accept herself more readily as just an object, her master's plaything. Dollies after all don't need lights, they don't have any requirements other than to please their masters after all.

Once my friend arrived to pick up his purchase we both decided that we should have some fun with his dolly, we'd played with other dolls in the past and it was always great fun for us and extra training for the dolls to accept more than one person using them at the same time. We both donned latex catsuits, more to keep my new doll in the dark about the two strange men taking advantage of the bound dolly on the bench located in front of her. Plus it's always good to dress up in latex as I like wearing it myself sometimes. Once suitably attired we headed down to the dungeon room and took to the doll bound there, one of lined up her mouth whilst the other used her pussy. I did consider anal but putting a dirty penis back in the dolls mouth during oral could affect her health.

We both used her front and back, having come twice it was time to take a break and also to check up on the other captive dolls, we both took another doll each and spent some time with them playing, rebinding and generally having fun at their expense. Plus it all adds to their conditioning to think of themselves as nothing more than fuck toys for wealthy clients. They are no longer living, breathing women, they have become objects to be used and to give pleasure to their owners without consideration for the dolls desires. It was then time to head back and play some more in the dungeon, my new dolly was still tightly bound and hopefully absorbing the display we were putting of in front of her.

I used the dolly in the stocks whilst my friend used his new dolly, when we had both finished with all of the dollies we started to get his doll ready for transport, removing the cuffs that held her down, placing her arms in and armbinder, all stuff that had been used on her many times before. She knew not to move as we prepared her, she wanted this and had been waiting for the day to please her new owner since being told that she'd been sold. My dollies eventually know and accept that I will sell them at the end of their training, it's something I factor in in their training and conditioning. Once she was bound and strapped we placed her inside the bag and closed up the zipper, she was now his doll.

He carried her out and we left my new doll in place for my later use. Once he'd gone with his new doll I started to get things going for my other dolls, checking my emails I found that I had an offer for another two of my dolls, this one was a wealthy arab collector, he'd had several of my dolls in the past. I did wonder what he wanted with so many dolls, but it was not my place to question a buyer, just count their money and ship the dolls to them. I agreed to the price he was offering, most of my customers know the price I ask for the dolls, though not cheap they are still reasonably priced, the only difference in price comes down to their own requirements and having a happy customer brings repeat custom.

After playing so long with my friend and his new doll I was starting to run out of time to play with my latest doll, but I couldn't leave her bound to the frame all night especially after leaving her stretched the previous night, I would have to move her and get her ready for play the next day. I re-entered the dungeon room and moved her from the x-frame to the bench the previous doll had been strapped down to, I'd seen the look in her eyes when she first spotted this bench and I had a feeling that she was wondering what it would be like to be bound there, well now she would find out. After making sure that all the straps were tight holding her down, I placed the posture collar on her and then went out to get another captive doll to take her place on the x-frame.

Then I would leave them both to mellow out in the dark of the dungeon, getting to know their places in the scheme of things whilst I spent sometime with the doll I had bound to the bondage bed...


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