History Repeats Itself

by Leticia Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Leticia Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; potion; transform; latex; lovedoll; inflatable; boxes; climax; cons; X


"Eight?!" she yelled out at him. "One inflatable doll might have made me chuckle... but how do you explain eight?" Isabelle Hawkins stood next to a pile of boxes with deflated toys staring back at her.

"I wish I could... I mean... If I tell you, I fear you'll become number nine" James Burrows was trying to avoid having this argument with his girlfriend.

"What the hell do you mean? I still want you to explain this!" she shook one of the boxes at him.

"You remember when I told you about my ex Natalie? or my ex Sarah?" he tried.

"Y...yeah. What does that have to do with this?" she asked him.

James just pointed at pile of boxes. Isabelle picked up a few and started reading the names on them.

"Naughty Natalie... Sexy Sarah... Bodacious Betty..." she paused, thinking for a second. "Are you telling me you've made up stories about your ex-girlfriends and they were all actually cheap rubber toys?" she chuckled at her boyfriend, looking at the toys again. "Well, they kinda do look nice though" she said in all fairness.

"No... not at all! I know it's hard to believe, but they were really my girlfriends. They did this to themselves, each and everyone of them turned themselves into lovedolls without me being able to stop them..." he shrugged, hoping that would suffice but knowing the whole cycle was about to repeat itself.

"How in the world is that supposed to happen?" she crossed her arms and waited for a good answer.

"Well... there's this liquid. I guess you'd call it a potion..." he paused. "It was fun at first... but then they all got in trouble with it, at least that's what I thought, you know?" James sighed. "I thought they overdosed on the potion and became dolls permanently, so whenever a new girlfriend started using it, I would warn them to be careful... but everyone of them still ended up transforming themselves into latex dolls permanently. I'm starting to think all of them did it willingly, and that none of them were accidents" he finished explaining.

"I'm supposed to buy a crazy story like that?" she almost couldn't believe she was still listening to him.

"Ugh... no, of course not. Like all of them, you'll only believe it once you've done it yourself..." he sighed again.

"You still have some of that potion? Why would you still have some after all the trouble it's caused you?" she asked matter of factly.

"It was fun at first, I mean they all liked it" James reasoned. "And I didn't mind it either... I kinda like latex, so having an inflatable latex girlfriend seemed like a fun idea at the time" he fell silent for a moment. "You know..." he breathed heavily, "I used to tell all the other girls about the potion at one point or another to spice up our sexual life. I'm kind of guilty about that. But I wasn't planning to tell you, until you found them all..." he trailed off.

"Why wouldn't you tell me? You didn't think I'd go for it?" she wondered aloud.

"I'm pretty sure you would've, which is the whole problem. I really love you, and I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to take any of that potion if it means you get addicted to it and end up a flat piece of plastic boxed up in my closet" he told her sincerely. "I like you the way you are. A silent companion isn't the same, no matter how much I like latex."

"That's... kinda sweet. I don't think I've ever had quite a declaration of love like this" she looked at him in the eyes, still uncertain what to think of the situation. Her glance wandered on the dolls for a moment and her wariness came back. "But... like you said: I need to see it myself" she told him, not wanting to let him off the hook so easily.

"Oh honey... you shouldn't!" he warned her.

"But how else am I supposed to believe you? It was only temporary the first time they used it? So it's safe for me to try, no?" she hammered him with questions. He sighed, seemingly disappointed and turned to head towards the closet. Once he opened the door, he rummaged around until he found a bottle of blue liquid, took it out and handed it to Isabelle.

"This is it? It's a humongous size!" she looked at the two liter bottle, having expected a small vial. She examined it, the bottle was inconspicuous, lacking a label.

"Well, I used to buy it in small vials, but that was never enough so I started buying bigger quantities. A mouthful will turn you into a doll for about half a day I would say so that's why I nee..." James explained to his girlfriend, unaware she had already unscrewed the cap. She brought the bottle quickly up to her mouth and swallowed a mouthful.

"Isabelle! Don't!" he protested.

"Relax!" she smiled at him. "If what you say is right, I'll be a rubber sextoy for half a day and that will prove you didn't lie to me..." she reasoned.

"And... and that doesn't bother you one bit?" he asked her, puzzled at her sudden lack of questionning.

"It's not permanent, is it?"

"Not at first..." he said. "Isabelle, I was telling you all this because I was afraid you'd leave me. Now I'm afraid I'll eventually lose you to this..." she interrupted him, putting her finger to his mouth.

"Shhh... if I'm doing it just this one time, let's not do it in this kind of mood, alright?" she tried to calm him down. "I did this because I love you, you know? I'm doing this because I don't want to stay mad at you..." she paused and thought about her current feelings, "At least you can be glad your crazy story got my mind off of this... I'm still not sure how I'll feel if you really lied to me though... like if your potion doesn't work" Isabelle thought out loud as she looked at James, both visibly more calm than before.

"Oh, I'm not worried myself... the potion works alright" he said. Isabelle chuckled and grinned.

"Right... OK. How long is it supposed to take then?" she fired back.

"Well, I've noticed it changed a bit with the quantity taken and the speed at which it's taken... it's a bit weird like that. I wish I had written instructions with it" he explained, examining her up and down. "But you, my love, are changing as we speak" he reached both his hands to hers and held them before bringing them up to her eyes.

"Oh my god! You weren't lying!" she squealed, reflexively shaking her hands, trying to get the latex of off them in vain. She calmed down after realizing the futility of her action considered she was actually told this would happen. Facinated and unsure how to react at the same time, she examined her hands, rubbing them together. She breathed heavily as the rubber overtook her wrist and started to creep down her arm. She looked at her arms, turning them about to get an all-over look. As the latex went past her elbows and reached her shoulders, she could still move her arms but felt them forced back into a doll's regular holding pose whenever she wasn't making any effort. She stared at the seams that appeared around her wrists and started feeling a tingling in her feet. She moaned as she removed her shoes to discover the same had just happened to her feet, which had turned to rubber and were already circled with a seam at the ankle. "I... what am I supposed to do now?" she questionned, puzzled.

"What do you mean, 'what do you do?' ?" James wondered why the question, "You're minutes away from being an inflatable lovedoll, honey. What is there to do?"

"Well... I don't know mmmmhh... you're the one with experience here, what's a lovedoll supposed to do in 12 hours?" Isabelle realized how little forethought she put into her little idea. James wasn't helping as his first idea was to make Isabelle's first experience as a doll hopefully a somewhat boring experience so she'd make it her last time. But even that was going to be an ordeal because as much as James didn't want to lose Isabelle, he couldn't deny that many, many times in the past he had wanted to introduce her to the transformation. After all, there WAS a reason he still kept full bottles of the solution around. But he knew better than to scrap his relationship with this girlfriend.

"Well, not much... dolls don't do much. They wait a lot..." he said as a matter of fact.

"Just wait?!" she didn't like that answer. "What a mmmmhhh... what a waste of time aaaggghhhh..." she whined, not fully noticing just how much she was enjoying her current transformation.

"Well... not just wait, of course. But you'll be an inanimate sextoy for 12 hours. Did you ever use one of your dildos for over 12 hours straight?" he compared.

"Good point but... that's it? Your girlfriends would just lay there and do nothing?" she still had trouble believing that's all being a doll was. She questionned her earlier choice to drink the liquid even as her mostly rubberized legs spread apart on their own.

"It's too late to change anything about it now so I'll tell you all those things later, ok? I've been told the change is quite enjoyable at least" he smiled at her. After all, he wanted to enjoy as much as he could since he was trying to avoid having to go through all this again.

"Mmmmhhh... it IS enjoyable I must say" she gasped as her mind was brought back to her arousing condition. She laboriously moved out of her 'waiting to be fucked' position and started unhooking her skirt. "Quick then, James! Help me undress, I want to see what my naked body looks like as a fucktoy!" she suddenly got curious.

He closed the wardrobe's door, which consisted of two sliding mirror doors, so Isabelle could get a good look at her transforming body. He then approached her and helped her out of her clothes. Her constant attention on her own body made her completely oblivious to the growing bulge in James' pants.

She unbuttoned her blouse in time to see the shiny material run over her breasts, making her gasp as the tightening of her skin sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She pulled down on her bra, cumming at the contact of her latex hands with her equally rubberized chest. Seams started circling her breasts, slowly giving them a rounder, more spherical shape to match the perfect circles the seams on her chest were. Although she had yet to be filled with air and hadn't gained a single cup size, the tightness of Isabelle's skin alone gave her the allure of having gone through a boobjob surgery, her breasts as full and high as they'd ever been. "This is...mmmmhh... incredible..." she said, rubbing her hands against her full breasts and down her torso as the tranformation made it's way down, emitting a long squeak as her hand trailed along.

She spasmed and arched her back suddenly, bringing her hands to her inner thighs, holding them wide open as James looked on. Isabelle stared at her reflection in the mirror, seeing the insides of her vagina become shiny neon pink rubber. She gasped loudly as an orgasm washed over her when the rubber sleeve her pussy had become moved up slightly from between her thighs. "Oh my god! My body..." she gawked at herself, understandly speechless. "I'm changing! My body is chammmmhh...I can feel my ass chan..." she moaned out unfinished sentences, out of breath, as she stood up to turn and have a look at her back in the mirror.

James looked with obvious interest as Isabelle's anus rised from between her ass cheeks, turning the same shade of pink her plastic pussy and the features on her breasts had taken. She ground her teeth together as her anus opened wide and showed it's cushiony pink rubber sac inside. Isabelle turned back to face the mirror again, lost in thought as she looked at her new body, running her hands on her legs and arms, exploring her new skin, her seams. "I can't believe this is happening to mmme... I look so... I don't know... mmmmhhh... weird?" she said, obviously seeking James' opinion, who tried to hide his painfully obvious hard-on. "It's weird to see myself like this..." she said as she traced and scratched at the seam that circled her neck, separating her human head from her completely artificial body.

"You look... ahem... you look fine. You're not done changing, of course" he said, pointing at her head. Isabelle finally lost all control of her legs and arms as they went back to their usual inviting pose.

"What's happening now? I can't move anymore!" she said, alarmed. The rubber slowly started moving up her neck, turning her chin and lower jaw to shiny latex. "What's happening to me?"

"Your insides and your muscles are turning into air, Isabelle... that's usually when loss of mobility occurs" he said as he watched her waist cinch in at the seam.

"Usually?!" Isabelle uttered last before her throat closed off, the insides of her mouth contorting into another phallus-shaped pink orifice. Her eyes went wide as her mouth, pulled into an O shape, lost its human features, her teeth and tongue first turning to pink rubber before quickly being absorbed by the latex sac. "Mmmmy mouth!... MY VOICE?!!" she yelled inside her slowly air-filling head. Isabelle felt the same lightness that had overtaken the rest of her body fill her head as it became a balloony facsimile of her former self, reflecting the light that shined on it.

"I'm a doll?! That's it for me for the next twelve hours?" she wondered, staring helplessly at her inanimate body. She would have told James she now understood why he liked latex so much as she watched her air-filled, artificial body reflect ambient light, enhancing her already exaggerated curves. Her hazy mind cleared up as her seemingly endless orgasm subsided and James passed in front of her field of view, reminding her of her surroundings.

"I hope you liked it, because I told you we can't have you doing this all the time. Remember, right?" he smiled at her, finally walking off. "I'm gonna go out and rent some movies since we can't go out together tonight..." James said as he walked out of the room.

"James? JAMES?! What the hell? I'm a latex blowup doll because of your tall tale now... you can't just leave me like this? What am I supposed to do now?!" Isabelle yelled to no one but herself as she simply sat on the corner of the bed, staring at her rubber and latex body, waiting for her boyfriend to come to his senses and use her as what she had turned into.

A few hours later, James entered the room again, yawning. The room had since gone dark from having no lamps turned on. She could barely make out James' silhouette in the darkness, until he finally came up on her and grabbed her at the waist with his left hand only. She got real close to cumming after having felt nothing for the past few hours and having her body touched like that. She marveled at how her body had become lightweight.

James held her up easily as he pulled on the bedsheets with his right hand. He then simply laid Isabelle down on her usual side of the bed, joining her afterwards. He pulled the sheets back over their bodies, creating somewhat of a tent where Isabelle's inflated arms and bended knees pressed up. James pulled her closer and locked his right leg over hers and rested his right hand on her left breast. At that moment, Isabelle finally came, thinking James must've been more or less in the dark about how easy it was to make dolls cum.

He idly caressed her breasts, and ran his hands up her neck. He softly touched her rubberized face, slowly running circles on her lips with his finger.

"Mmmmmhh...put them in! James, put your fingers into my rubber mouth! I want to know what it feel like. Fuck my mouth with your fingers!" she begged for her boyfriend to do.

"You know..." he yawned, "...I haven't told you about Luscious Latex Lucy... I mean Lucy Hunter..." he sighed sleepily, completely oblivious to what his girlfriend really wanted now.

Lucy was the first one of my girlfriends to become an inflated sextoy for me. In fact she wasn't even my girlfriend. We actually met in front of the vial of potion. We both were in this odd, new sex shop. I was walking behind her when she chuckled at whatever she was looking at.

"Psh... that's not even possible..." she scoffed at the product, getting my attention.

"I'm sorry?" I said, thinking she was addressing me. She turned to me, startled.

"Oh! I didn't see you there, sorry... I was kinda talking to myself, I guess" she blushed. You know I'm naturally a shy guy, but the ice was just broken, and in a sex shop too. My timidity melted away and I thought I'd strike up a conversation with this beautiful girl.

"What were you looking at?" I asked, looking at the products in front of her. Vials and bottles of all kind laid before us. None of them had any labels on, the only way to differentiate them was the sign on whatever shelf they were sorted on.

"These... this bottle... vial..." she blurted out, nervous herself. "It says it's supposed to turn me... a girl I mean, it's supposed to turn a girl into a lovedoll" she explained, pointing at the blue vial in front of her. "You know? Like... an inflatable doll made of plastic or something."

"Like that's possible..." I said, looking at the simple vial. "I know this is the oddest sex shop I've been in, but come on..."

"I know, right? That's exactly what I'm thinking... it's gotta be some kinda joke like it always is. Like water and sugar or something..." she agreed with me.

"I'll have you know I sell none of that junk in my shop, little miss!" the shop owner startled both of us. We turned around to see a man in his mid-fifties pointing at the very vial we were eyeing. "I can guarantee you a sip of this liquid will turn you into your boyfriend's inflatable, willing playmate for a night..." he almost scolded her for doubting the quality of his wares.

"I..." she started saying before he started talking again, apparently not done with his marketing spiel.

"Any positions that you and your companion have crossed off your list because they were too uncomfortable? A mouthful of my potion here and you'll spend the next half day rewriting your list!" he said with enthusiasm, winking at her.

"He's not..." she tried saying before being interrupted again. This time, he turned to me.

"Sir! I'm sure there have been nights where you wish your girlfriend's headaches could vanish into thin air, right? Well with this here, you ca..." he went on and on until I interrupted him myself.

"Alright... let's just buy it, honey! What can we lose, right?" I turned to her, winking.

"Yeah... uh... sure..." she said slowly, playing along as there was no way to stop him or explain that we weren't a couple. "I just can't wait to... humm... be an air-filled toy for you, baby! So you can bend me any way you want and do all these things we talked about..." she said half-heartedly, visibly not comfortable at acting.

I paid for the vial and we headed out. Once outside, I grabbed her softly by the shoulder before she could go her way. "Are you busy doing anything? Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" I offered her.

"Sure, I don't have anywhere to go right now" she smiled. We found a small coffee shop a little deeper into the mall. She finally introduced herself as Lucy when we exchanged names and a bit more over coffee and biscotti. The topic eventually came back to the potion.

"Thanks for playing along" I told her, looking at the small box filled with paper that the vial had been cushioned into.

"You didn't have to buy it, we could've made up a reason not to" she offered. "Fifty bucks seems like a big price to pay for a novelty juice of some sort" she rationalized.

"Yeah, maybe... curiosity got the best of me I guess" I said. She suddenly seemed to snap out of a daze and looked at her watch.

"Oh, shoot! I missed the bus!" she cursed, sitting back in her chair, sighing.

"You think I could get your number if I gave you a ride home?" I asked her coyly. She just blushed and nodded.

We picked up our things and went back to my car, making small talk along the way. We drove off and she got me headed the right way, giving me more directions as we went along.

"You know... as much as I'd like to see if it works..." I sighed, "... you probably have a better chance of using it. So maybe I should give you that thing, you know... in case it works?" I offered her. She just chuckled, reaching for the back seat where the shopping bags were. She brought the boxed bottle up front.

"You think?" she asked, opening the box in curiosity. She took the vial out and looked at it in the sun that came through the passenger window while I kept my eyes on the road.

"Well, yeah..." I heard her sniff the vial, "... after all, if you give me your number like you said you would, maybe you can tell me later if it works or not, right?" I chuckled. "Right?" I asked again as Lucy hit me in the arm, trying to get my attention.

"Bwuh..." she muttered as she looked me right into the eyes, her own filled with incomprehension as I saw her mouth contort into an almost perfect circular orifice. I almost ran off the road as I watched the insides of her mouth turn to shiny latex, her teeth and tongue melting away into the pink cock sheath that formed in the middle of her otherwise innocent-looking face.

"Oh my god... I... fuck!" I blabbered, almost hitting another car. Seeing girls turn into sextoys in front of my eyes was a first that day. Not wanting to cause any damage, I slowly pulled over to the sound of honks from at least three cars that were passing me, enraged at my erratic driving. I turned to Lucy again, baffled by the sight that greeted me.

She still stared at me, her head now fully plasticized, her eyes frozen in lust yet her hands betrayed her real thoughts. Even though her face had a look of desire, she probed and pushed on her hollow skull, causing it to smash between her hands, still obviously shocked and curious at her current state. I saw a seam appear around her neck, which she definately felt as she brought her hands to it, stroking it. It seemed enjoyable as she held her thighs tightly closed, rubbing them together as her head silently trashed about. She patted herself with her hands, curious. Her body, while still mostly flesh, sounded hollow as her fingers drummed on her skin. I openly stared at her as she kept touching herself, until the transformation made it past her shoulders and locked her arms in place. She also slowly stopped jerking around as the seatbelt became stronger than any strength left in her torso. Her midsection straightened out, her chest pushing outwards slightly as I heard the sound of stretching rubber against her blouse.

The cars whizzing past were a blur to me now, my attention solely focused on Lucy. She was still rubbing her thighs together but her top half was completely stuck in the pose regular sextoys have. It wasn't long until her legs started emitting a rubbery squeaking sound like her breasts had done before. Slowly, they stopped moving altogether as my passenger completed her transformation from a normal young woman to an air-filled sextoy.

"What... what now?" I wondered, not quite sure what to do with my inflatable passenger. I must've stayed there for a good minute or two, staring at her shiny body. I finally snapped out of it, grabbing her purse to find some sort of ID card, surely I could find her address that way.

My research paid off, as I was soon driving to her place with her driver's license in one hand. The doll's seat had been reclined so that we wouldn't get attention while making our way over to my plastic companion's home.

After a luckily uneventful drive, I pulled into her driveway and stopped the engine. I looked over at her and wiped my forehead. So far, so good. And I wanted to make sure it would stay that way so I took all precautions, trying to think of everything. I looked over at her and wondered just what she was going through, and hoped that if she was conscious that she agreed with everything I was doing right now. I didn't want to get sued, and I sure as hell wasn't going to just throw a doll out of my car. I looked at her purse and decided it was the right decision to make.

I found her keyring and walked up to the house, leaving her in the car while I tried to see which key would turn inside the lock. After trying three or four keys, the door finally unlocked. I ran back to the car, put the keys back into her purse and pulled her over to me from the driver's side. Thankfully, the cover of night sufficed to hide the awkward scene of a man pulling a seemingly very stiff, good looking female from the driver's side of a car. I quickly ran up to the house, opened the door and closed it behind me... us. I locked the door. The perfect crime, I smiled, proud of my flawless handling of the situation. I breathed heavily for a small moment, recuperating from my little exercise. I looked into Lucy's painted eyes and shining face in the moonlight that shined into the entrance as I held her latex body against the door, the awkward moment that usually leads to the kiss.


"What the..." I turned around to see a panel flashing on the wall. "No..." I said lowly, not believing my luck.


I made my way to the panel and flipped the lid open, discovering the backlit digits I was dreading staring me back in the face. "NO!!! Everything was going so well!"


"So much for the perfect plan..." I said to myself, dejected. As if on cue, the alarm started blaring loudly. I cursed at my sudden change of luck. I turned to Lucy and shrugged, sorry that I couldn't avoid this turn of event.

I ran back to her as she started toppling forward, grabbing her in time. Looking at her, I realized I had to do something about her appearance. I had to hide her. I headed for the last room at the end of the hallway as I flipped the lights on along the way, plugging an ear with my left hand and holding Lucy with my right hand onto my right ear, at least muffling the sound with her hollow plastic body. I opened the door to the master's bedroom and dropped her on the bed before heading back to the living room, wishing I had time to actually study Lucy and the situation as a whole.

As I ran back, I could hear the phone ring over the alarm. I picked up, hoping it would be the alarm company and I could straighten this out.

"Hello?" I answered loudly, plugging my ears again.

"Hi, my name is Helen from SecTek, are you the owner of this house?" I barely heard her say.

"SexTek?!" did I mishear that?

"SEC Tek!" she repeated, louder this time. "Are you the owner of this house?"

"I'm... I'm a... Can you turn that off? I'm... I'm a guest, can you turn that off?" I yelled into the phone.

"Can you provide me with the 5 character security code, please?" she asked me, very unmoved by the deafening sound on my end.

"The what? Are you serious?!" I argued with the lady.

"The 5 character security code, please..." she almost robotically repeated.

"This is... mmmh...Lucy Hunter, the security code is aaaahhhh...52839..." I heard Lucy's voice moan on the other end, a loud echo of the siren was heard on the phone. I just hung up at that point, hurrying over to Lucy's room. The alarm finally stopped as I entered the room to find Lucy squirming in bed, touching herself through her clothes, still fully rubberized underneath. It wasn't long before she noticed me and just curled back in bed, a bit ashamed. "Oh... I forg... I huh... oops?" she shrugged, smiling at me, her mouth pulling back in its round shape.

I didn't know if she meant oops for being caught now, or for getting us both into this whole mess in the first place. But I couldn't care less as I didn't want to say anything to sour her mood. Like a precious animal found in the woods, I didn't want to scare her away. She did stay put, but sadly I could see her turn back to flesh before my eyes and soon the shy sextoy was human again.

"Are... are you okay?" I asked her.

"I felt fantastic... your hands all over felt so good..." she panted heavily, the transformation apparently orgasmiscally good. "Where's the potion? Lemme have some again, maybe... maybe you can use me then? We can always talk later?" she asked for the liquid timidly, very aware of how little she knew me. But I wasn't going to deny her, because I too was eager to see her become a fucktoy again. And she actually asked me to use her this time. I simply ran to the living room to grab the blue vial again.

James trailed off as he absentmindedly dry-humped his inflatable girlfriend, dozing off.

James woke up to the stirrings of his rubber girlfriend, his hands still holding onto her slick body like a body pillow. He slowly opened his eyes and caught a blinding flash of sunlight reflecting off Isabelle's left breast, immediately blinking. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, finally seeing and feeling his squirming girlfriend in his hands. The plastic toy was slowly getting heavier on his left arm as he felt her air valve that he had played with so much as he told his story the night before, disappear from within his grip as it melted back into the latex covering Isabelle's body. In little time, the insides of her body were back to normal, the young girl no longer simply filled with air.

Isabelle jerked as she seemed to cum from every major change that happened to her. She rolled over onto James as her transformation kept going on. By the time she was on top of him, her arms and legs had turned back to skin. Seams separated her legs from her torso, which was covered in rubber, all the way up to the tip of her head as other seams ringed around her shoulders to separate her fleshy arms from her shiny midsection too.

She straddled James, holding herself up on his chest as the rest of her body changed to flesh, a little sooner than she had hoped.

"Ahh... I'm... I'm a... I can talk!" she gasped out as she came down from so many orgasms and could finally breath.

"Morning!" James said, winking.

"Morn...mmmmhh" she sighed, still catching her breath, panting. "Morning my love..." she dropped her head down on his chest finally, lost in thought.



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