History Repeats Itself

by Leticia Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Leticia Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; potion; transform; latex; lovedoll; inflatable; deflate; boxes; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 2

"So... no reason to repeat the experience, right?" he asked her.

"Whaaat?!" she raised her head and looked him in the eyes. "You can't be serious, not after the way you touched me last night" she replied.

"The way I touched you?! I barely even put my hands on you!" James protested.

"Well... 'barely' felt like 'immensely' to me. You just brushed your fingers against my plastic and I couldn't stop cumming" she squirmed, remembering her last evening. "I didn't even sleep... I fainted!"

"I was kinda hoping this wouldn't happen..." James sighed.

"You hoped I wouldn't like it? Why? This felt awesome!" she told him.

"I know all too well, I know... and I told you already that's the whole problem, Isabelle. I don't want you to become an inanimate doll like my other girlfriends..." he looked down.

"Okay, that's nice and all, but you need to be fair. You've just proven to me that the potion works like you said it would, so I understand the risks of doing it over and over. Still, I want you to let me try again, and I'd like you to give me the whole experience this time..." she brought his head up with her index lifting his chin. "We've got the whole weekend ahead of us..." she paused, looking at him with lustful eyes. "Let me be your inflated toy one last time, please?" she asked as she climbed over him, grabbing his still hard cock with her right hand.

"One last time and that's it, and just...ahhh... because you know how to aaahh ask..." he hissed as he reached into the nightstand's drawer next to him. He handed the potion over to Isabelle who looked back at him waiting for instructions. "Two sips should have you shiny and air-filled for the rest of the weekend... I think" he guessed roughly.

"roo fink?" she gargled as she held the two sips into her mouth, not swallowing yet. She gave James a stare.

"Worst case, you'll skip work on Monday, but that should be the right quantity, I swear. You should swallow already" he told her a moment too late. Still holding the liquid in her mouth, James saw Isabelle's closed lips turn bright red and shiny in front of his eyes. A second later, her mouth was forced open into an O shape, leaving a rubber hole in Isabelle's face. The unswallowed liquid oozed out of her round mouth onto her chin.

"But I didn't swallow anything..." she complained in a disappointed tone with her still functionning rubber sac mouth, ounces of the potion still leaking from it, slowly inching down her neck onto her chest.

"You... you can rub it in, it works on the skin too" James said while removing himself from under her. He watched as she laid at the foot of the bed, squirming and spreading the lotion on her body with her hands. James started masturbating in front of his playing girlfriend, mesmerized by the contrast of her moaning plastic mouth with the rest of her normal body. She slowly rubbed the lotion into her breasts and made her way down to her pussy, massaging the liquid deep into herself. She kept moaning.

"This mmmh... this is taking so much longer than aah before. I can feel myself changing all over...ooooh... the tingling!" she writhed about. The rubber had taken most of her face as she looked at her boyfriend jerking off to her. "Let's fuck while I can still move, I want to know what it's like to be a living doll. I want you to put your cock as far into my face as you can..." she said as she went down between his legs.

She rubbed her rubbery cheek on his right thigh, slowly making her way to his throbbing dick. With a hungry look, she plunged it far into the soft plastic orifice that her mouth had become. James twitched as Isabelle started to bob her head on his hard manhood. She was amazed she could finally take him all in after all this time, pumping his whole shaft in and out of her head. Her rubber throat vibrated slightly on his cock as she moaned. The squeaky sound of latex being rubbed was heard as James looked down to see Isabelle groping and massaging her transformed and buoyant chest.

The squeaky sounds coming from Isabelle's spreading artificial skin alone were enough to make James erupt in her plastic cavity. He retracted from her new mouth, sending about as much sperm on her face as he had left inside it.

"Oh..." she gasped while some more of the cum she couldn't swallow with her sealed throat spilled out of her gaping mouth. "...Oh my god! This was so inc... incredible!" she moaned. James' stare followed a drop of cum down her chin onto her latex tits. Isabelle smeared and massaged the amassed semen onto her chest, making it shinier than it already was.

"Promise this is the last time you make me do this! You can't be my toy anymore after this" he pleaded her.

"But it feels so g... your doll... so good to have sex with you... fuck... toy... fuck me... I can't d..." she stuttered and shook her head, her thoughts obviously mixed up.

"Promise! Please!" James insisted.

"I pr..." she started before falling silent, her arms slowly bending into her predestined holding pose. James sighed as Isabelle's mouth was now good for only one thing.

"This is useless... when your voice is back, I want you to promise me you won't want to be a rubber doll anymore!" he asked the immobile girl again.

"Eight, James! Eight of your girlfriends are deflated and folded up in your closet, you know damn well what it is I want at the moment!" Isabelle barely managed to form the thought, other parts of her already disobeying her as her legs spread open on their own, giving easy access to her neon pink fuckhole.

The latex hadn't completely covered her legs that James was already over her, placing the head of his cock at the tip of her hole. "Ram it in already! How long will it take until you finally use me like I'm supposed to?!"

Isabelle nearly went insane when he pushed his cock into her soft, shiny latex cunt, pumping it slowly. As if he tried to make things last longer and keep from cumming, he made his motions slow and started talking to her. "You know, honey? I don't want you messing things up so I'll give you the full experience tonight..." he told her, which she wondered what he meant. "First, I'll take things real slow, and it'll drive you nuts..."

"It already is, baby... oh GAWWWHHH!" she moaned in rythm to his strokes only to herself as her legs finished turning to rubber, completing her transformation into the inflated sextoy she had begged to become.

Taking care to keep his motions slow, James continued. "Then I'll tell you a bit more about what you're getting yourself into..." he gripped her waist, his fingers giving into her smooth plastic flesh. "First, I'll tell you about Natalie Thompson... or Naughty Natalie..." he said.

Me and Natalie were on vacation in New York for a weekend and had decided to stop in a small restaurant in Little Italy. We chatted about all we had discovered on our trip. It was a silly one-month anniversary trip.

Manhattan being such a dense island, we ended up walking everywhere we went instead of taking the cab. There was so much to see anyways. Tired, we both finished our pasta and lay back in our chairs. Natalie tossed a lock of her long jet black hair behind her shoulder and sighed. "Uuugghhh... I'm so full, I'm so tired! Huughh... I just wish I was a blow-up doll!" she said, almost dreamily.

"Haha... huh... what do you mean?" my heart suddenly started pumping, though I tried to play along, looking uninterested but just making conversation. I was hoping she hadn't found Lucy in my closet.

"Huh?" Natalie snapped out of her dream and turned back to me. "Oh, nothing... I'm just saying. I'm horny AND tired. It's our anniversary and I wanted to make love to you tonight... but I'm so pooped I wish I could just lay there and let you fuck me then you could put me away when you're done..." she showed him a tired smile and then yawned. "Phew! I'm full and I'm getting drowsy too, let's pay the bill and start walking again. Chinatown might wake me up" she suddenly snapped out of her pasta-induced torpor. We walked out after paying our bill.

As we walked through Chinatown, I tried to get the nerve to tell her about the potion. Part of me thought this was probably the best opportunity to ever bring it up. After all, it was my first girlfriend after Luscious Latex Lucy and it had been a chance meeting that time. The potion itself had been our icebreaker. I had met Natalie just a month after 'losing' Lucy. I still couldn't believe I had brought a vial of the stuff on our trip, almost resigned to never have anyone to share it with. I didn't want to lose Natalie like I did Lucy of course, but now that I knew the possibilities, I often had fantasized of Natalie as a latex toy. Now seemed like the best opportunity to make that fantasy happen for real.

"You know... Natalie?" I started. She looked up from the fake Rolexes and fake Prada handbags. She held two handbags and a pair of immitation shoes as well.

"What?" she smiled at me. "At this price..."

"Oh no... that's not what I meant. I mean, back there... at the restaurant. When you said you wanted to be an inflatable love doll..." I started to mention.

"Bah... I was just rambling! Forget I said anything..." she dismissed me. But I didn't want to be shot down before having at least said what I needed to.

"Yeah, but what if..." I barely said before she raised an eyebrow. I took a deep breath. "What if I brought something with us that could transform you into that sextoy for the night? Would you REALLY want to be a doll if you could?" I asked her.

"What are you talking about? I was just joking" she told me.

"No, no... I know you were, but what if?" I insisted. She put the handbags and shoes down slowly and crossed her arms.

"If I could be a blown-up sextoy for a night, would I go for it?" she repeated to make sure she understood my question right. I simply smiled and nodded. "Pff! Sure, I guess... it's only one night I guess. I was just being silly though, I know that's not possible. I'll have a light meal tonight, then maybe I'll still have enough energy to make love to you..." she winked at me. Natalie was a special girl. I felt like I was the world to her. Normally, anniversaries are special to girls. But she was the one offering herself to me. It always felt like all she wanted was to please me.

I hadn't convinced her I was speaking the truth but at least I had her consent, I rationalized. She purchased her fake Pradas and made me carry them, naturally. We walked west and visited a street market in Greenwich before heading towards SoHo with yet more bags to carry. Fortunately I was able to dissuade her from buying any of the paintings she liked there.

We decided we'd eat on Times Square but before making our way there, we stopped by Union Square. We watched on, fascinated, amidst a crowd as a group of people of mixed ages practiced capoeira in a large circle. I got increasingly curious about an artist that seemed to be drawing a crowd as well. I went over to see what the fuss was about, Natalie soon followed me.

The artist was simply painting portraits, only she said she could do their portrait at any age. People had fun with it, as showed by her demo pictures displayed on other easels. Each demo picture had the person's original picture and a drawing of them, some showing five years older and some drawn in their golden age. Natalie nudged me with her elbow.

"Wanna see what you're getting into? How about we see what I look like in ten years" she laughed.

"I don't mind, we got time. Wanna do it?" I just shrugged. The artist was just done with her previous client and was preparing a new canvas. Natalie sat down on the small bench.

"Hi, I'm Amy" the young painter extended her hand to my girlfriend who introduced herself in turn. She looked about twenty, our age, and seemed pretty upbeat. Probably a busy, profitable day for her. She explained and insisted her abilities were magical. That she didn't simply guesstimate what people looked like but actually made her drawings from visions. We just figured it was part of an act and went with it. "So how old should I draw you?" she asked.

"Let's try ten years from now, what will I look like?" she tried.

"Alright, let's see..." Amy said as she started drawing. I wanted to get the same surprise as Natalie so naturally I stayed on the same side of the canvas as her. I looked, a bit shocked, as Amy drew with her eyes closed. The crowd got a bit louder as she kept drawing. Getting the best of me, I stepped in front of the canvas. Something was wrong, I tapped Amy on the shoulder and she opened her eyes, gasping. "Something's not right!" she grabbed the sheet from the easel and crumpled it up then threw it in a waste basket. "Pick another age!" she asked, a bit startled as she prepared a clean canvas.

"Huh... fifteen years?" she asked.

"YOUNGER!" she almost yelled back, as if Natalie had just pricked her.

Natalie just looked at me and I shrugged, looking at Amy. "Five?" she tried again. Amy took a deep breath and started drawing again.

Two minutes into her drawing and it was obvious something was wrong again. I cleared my throat and she opened her eyes again. "Oh my god!" she crumpled up the sheet again. "Younger!" she whispered almost in tears, visibly shaken.

We didn't know if we should be concerned with Amy or with Natalie with all that was going on.

"Gee humm... whatever, let's do two weeks" she figured she wouldn't torment the girl and just get a regular portrait.

Satisfied with how the drawing was coming, I stepped back behind the easel on Natalie's to wait for her to finish. Again, everything seemed fine until the very end when she started polishing her drawing. The crowd got loud again and got my attention. Amy, hearing the crowd, opened her eyes. She gasped and fainted, falling off her stool. The crowd rushed over her, trying to reanimate her. I just threw a bunch of dollars into her cash box and took the almost finished drawing before grabbing Natalie, deciding to disappear into the crowd.

It was only once seated at our restaurant that I got the drawing out of the bags. Natalie snatched it from my fingers.

"You grabbed it?! I was looking for it before you jerked me away..." she said, pulling the two crumpled up pieces of paper Amy had been working on out of her pocket.

"You..." I looked at her examining the three different drawings, a puzzled look on her face. "You grabbed the other two?"

"I... I don't get it. I must've gotten the wrong ones from the basket... none of them make sense! The one you got... it was the one she was drawing before she fainted? Sure?" she asked, scratching her head.

"Positive" I replied. It should've been clear to me what I was looking at, but I guess I didn't make the connection back then.

"But none of them make sense... see?" she turned the cleanest drawing towards me. "That's supposedly me in two weeks. But it just kinda looks like me... it just looks too artificial. She kinda drew the skin all shiny-like" she observed. "Plus... why did she make that thing... naked? It's such a naughty thing to draw right there in front of anyone..." she continued, pointing out the vagina and mouth on the drawing, which were drawn in a wide open, round shape.

"It... kinda looks like you, if only a bit more obscene than usual..." I said amusingly.

"Just a bit?!" she said, falsely offended. "And then there's these two..." she handed over the two crumpled up drawings. One was meant to be her in five years and the other was her in ten years. Both drawing looked the same, only the five year old drawing was unfinised as well. "Just boxes! It's not me, it's not even a portrait. She just drew cardboard boxes on both of them! I can't figure it out..." she wondered out loud, looking pensive. "She looked shaken too!"

"I see what you mean..." I looked at all three drawings and could see why she was so confused. We got interrupted when the waiter showed up for our order. Caught off guard, Natalie simply ordered the salad and I picked a steak from the menu before going back to the drawings. Curious, I looked closer at the ten year old drawing. Amy was almost done with it when I had interrupted her. She had even written stuff on the box. I read all about the doll's features on the box, focused on the tiny bullet points before finally seeing what we had both had in our faces all along. "I... huh... it's you!" I said, frowning as I handed the sheets back to her.

"What do you mean 'it's me?' " she asked back, looking at the drawings again, trying to see what I meant.

"Right there, on the box. It's you, see?" I pointed at the name. "Naughty Natalie, inflatable girlfriend #2" I showed her. "There's even a little picture of that same...huh... shiny thing that's on the two week old drawing on the box" I pointed out. "Don't know why it says number two, though. You're my number one inflatable girlfriend as far as I'm concerned!" I joked.

"Ahem!" the waiter cleared his throat, both plates in his hands but finding no place to put them on our smut-covered table. I took all three pieces of paper and put them away in our bags so our food could be served. The waiter then disappeared for the remainder of our meal. Typical New York service, we both thought, though we were getting used to it. We had only spent a day in New York so far and could already see how New Yorkers had gained their reputation.

"Maybe here's not the best place to be looking at these..." I reasoned, starting to cut my steak. She looked lost in thought as much as I was as she dug into her salad. Deciding we were too tired to do more walking, we spent our last hour taking in the sights of Times Square at night.

Finally back at the hotel, we crashed on the couch, completely spent. We sat a few more minutes, letting our muscles relax. Natalie finally broke the silence.

"Well... I'm gonna go take a shower. I feel filthy with all this walking we've done today. You better not be sleeping when I get out!" she teased me, winking at the implied night of sex our anniversary was supposed to mean. I flipped through the local channels as I waited for her, knowing it was only a matter of time before I landed on some Simpsons reruns.

At that hour, the only thing of interest I was able to find was a skin flick on a late night special presentation. Natalie came out of the bathroom, her wet hair draped over one of my shirts, opened so it wouldn't actually cover anything I was interested in.

She slowly sauntered over to me and sat. She put her damp head down on my lap and watched TV with me for a moment. Slowly getting into the movie, she was lazily stroking my dick through my pants when she let out a loud yawn. I knew sleep was about to take her.

"Ah... if only you were a lovedoll, right?" I teased her, shaking her slightly as if to wake her up.

"Huh? What was that?" she asked, groggy, before realizing her nearly comatose state. "Oh, I'm so sorry, baby! I'm a poor lover tonight. Can you forgive me?" she said, yawning again.

"It's alright..." I stretched, pulling her off my lap so I could get off the couch. I went to my bags and took out the blue potion. I brought it over to the bed, which Natalie had made her way to. She laid her head on the pillow and looked at me sleepily.

"What have you got there?" she asked me, pointing to the vial in my hand.

"It's what I told you about..." I handed it to her.

"What... what do you mean?" she said, puzzled.

"Well, you could stop feeling bad about being tired" I told her. "You could just lay there and enjoy the sex like I will be..." I continued while she opened up the vial and took a sniff.

"It's an energy drink?" she said as she took one sip. "Tastes sweet!" she observed before trying to go for another sip. I pulled the vial away from her.

"Tut tut... one sip'll be enough, my love" I told her. "No, it's not an energy drink. I just made your wish come true!" I said.

"What wish? what oooh do you mean? Why do I feel so aaagghhh..." she breathed heavily, her eyes wide no doubt from the feelings that we're starting to go through her body.

"You wished you could be a blow-up doll for a night..." I explained clearly. "I guess I could say Happy Anniversary to us both..."

"I was just joookiingg..." she said, yawning again, her mouth open wide. Her eyes went wide when she found out her mouth wouldn't close anymore. "Honey? 'hat's hattening 'oo 'e?! Ny teeth!" she tried asking me. I tried decyphering what she had just tried saying, which I couldn't hold against her since her mouth wouldn't move and she had no more teeth to press her still mobile tongue against. "An I 'eally 'ecogning a gnnnnhh... doll?" she asked me, teary eyed, in panic.

"Yes... but just for the night like you wished, don't worry! Everything will be fine" I reassured her. Her cheek made a rubbery sound as I wiped the tear away softly. Hearing the sound, I pressed on her head gently, feeling my fingers cave into her skull. "It's started..." I said, watching her tongue disappear into the pink tube that her mouth had now become.

She punched on my chest three times in protest before grabbing me by the shirt in passion, she pulled me closer to her inanimate head. She wrapped her legs around mine tightly and shuddered as I knew her mind was being flooded by orgasms that just wouldn't end. That's mostly how Lucy had described the process of being transformed into a plastic toy.

She wrapped her arms around me, running her hands on me like she was in heat. It seemed like she wanted to rip the clothes off of me. I tried not to squeeze her head so hard as I kissed her plastic mouth madly, running my tongue inside, licking the smooth rubber tube that had replaced her tongue. Her tight grip slowly let go of me as her arms slowly moved to her sides. The open buttoned shirt she was wearing parted as her magnificent breasts inflated in front of my eyes and the rubber transformation creeped over her nipples, leaving bright pink areolas atop the two taut latex bubbles on her chest. Her legs gripped me especially tightly as I saw seams come out of the latex skin covering her chest, circling her perfect, inflated boobs.

"I think... huh... I hope you're enjoying this" I said, having been cautious to repeat I was simply doing it because it was her wish. I knew she said she had simply been joking, but I hoped I could get away with that excuse if she happened to dislike the whole experience. I was hoping she would like the experience because I was having trouble keeping my hands to myself. My eagerness to drive my cock into her transformed body actually helped me think of a way to ease my conscience. "I know there's... there's nothing left in your head. But you can hear me, right?" I asked. "I'd really like to make love to you if you want, but you have to unwrap your legs from around me if I'm to undress" I explained.

It worked! Like a vise being released, my mind was eased as she loosened her legs grip on me. I stood up next to the bed and undressed as her transformation continued in front of me. Naked, I climbed on top of her just as her legs were spreading invitingly.

Already oozing with pre-cum, I teased the edges of her cunt with my penis. Almost as if reacting to my touch, the lips of her pussy became the same pink color her nipples and mouth had turned to. On penetration, I found that despite the color, her insides were still her own, hot and wet. A few strokes later and it was rubber like the rest of her body above her waist.

I fucked my latex girlfriend, almost hearing her moans of pleasure except they were the weezing sounds of air being displaced in her body as I lay my weight onto her.

I noticed how different transformations could turn out as I followed the seam that was appearing down her left leg down to her feet where I saw her indivual toes meld together, giving her legs the look of flesh-colored, inflated latex stockings.

"Ooooh yeah, baby!" I breathed heavily into her ear on the brink of cumming. "You're definately my aaahhh... number one inflatable girlfriend!" I panted, filling her plastic pussy with semen.

I had a great night with my air-filled lover. So great in fact that I dozed to sleep after cumming inside her for the umpteenth time. I woke up and looked at the clock with tired eyes. 9 AM. I would usually consider that too early on days I don't have to work but we were on vacation in a different city and thought we should make the most of our time here.

I looked to the left and then to the right of me, looking for Natalie. Not seeing her there, I figured she had turned back and was maybe taking a shower. I couldn't hear the shower running but figured I'd surprise her. The surprise was actually mine when I stood up in bed and Natalie was flat, stuck to my chest and legs like a hot leather couch sticks to the skin. In shock, I ripped her away from my skin like a bandage and threw her on the bed. "Oh crap! What happened? FUCK!" I looked at my girlfriend, her sticky, cum-covered body laying flat on the bed. I wasn't sure what to do, what it meant. Me and Lucy hadn't dared deflate her once when she was still human so I had no idea how this would affect Natalie. Obviously she couldn't turn back to human like this.

I sat on the bed again, calm. I felt so bad for what I had done to her as I grabbed her valve and pulled her body to my lips. I closed my mouth on the tiny opening and blew air into her. Slowly, my lover's shiny, limp limbs started moving as if taking a life of their own as air made its way into them. The growing pressure made the creases and wrinkles smooth out as she neared capacity. I kept blowing and held her sides, trying to see if she was getting too tight. Once I estimated everything was ok, I closed her valve shut and put her back down on the bed again before realizing I had a rock-hard erection. My eyes went wide when I saw I had overinflated Natalie slightly, only all the air had gone to the latex balloons sticking out of her chest by one more inch than usual. Not wanting to go through the stress of
risking deflation one more time, I simply kept her like this before taking her to the shower with me.

I showered while my inanimate lover watched me, leaning against the back wall of the shower. Once I was completely soaped up, I turned my attention to her and washed her mouth with my soapy fingers. Once cleaned, I moved on to her pussy and ass. I was kneeling in front of her, both hands into her orifices when I heard her moan loudly.

I stood up and looked in her face, seeing her eyes suddenly start to flutter and look more human on her otherwise completely transformed body. I even saw the mouth sac shift slightly as she moaned and gasped. I pulled my hands out of her holes and she rolled her eyes, hissing in pleasure.

"Put... mmmhh... put 'em back in! Fuck me!" she said feverishly, still paralized from her slowly reverting condition. I was simply happy to hear any words at all from her, let alone those. I instead decided to fuck her pussy with my cock and hold her body up by the anus with fingers from both hands. I thought she would almost faint but instead found her body slowly gaining mobility as she rocked on my pole, screaming like a banshee.

"Turn... gnnnhh... turn the shower off! It's driving me uuunnnggghh!" she panted as I heard the drops of water drum on her hollow body. Unknown to me, each single drop was like a pleasurable sting on her skin, and seeing as I was already handling her roughly, the sensations were too much. I stepped in front of the shower spray, covering her body with mine and then pushed her against the wall, fucking her madly.

Over the following minutes, I lost strength slowly as fatigue from our overnight romp and this morning's activity drained me. The fact that Natalie was getting heavier didn't help so we shut the shower off before jumping into bed, still wet and finished fucking. I rubbed my hands on her squeaky torso as I took her from behind, feeling the warmth come back to her slowly underneath her rubber skin.

She finished me off as I was completely tired and simply lay there as she wrapped her mouth on my cock and sucked me off with the energy of someone who had a more relaxing night than I had. I climaxed into her mouth as she greedily devoured it, still moaning as if echoes of past orgasms were still reverberating within her. She lied down next to me and looked me in the eyes with love, cum slowly dripping out of her sealed mouth tube as it finally turned into her normal mouth, swallowing the rest without bothering to wipe the trail of cum that was making its way down her cheek or the one on her chin.

"Happy anniversary, I guess" she chuckled.

"I take it you're not mad at me?" I asked.

"After the night we spent? That'd turn your worst enemy into your most devoted lover. It was... incredible! Actually, I don't think any word would do it justice" she told me.

With a spring in her step, Natalie dressed up and went to grab breakfast for us downstairs and came back to the room to take care of me. I had dozed to sleep again and she woke me up so we could eat and pack our things before leaving the keys to the room.

Our last day in New York was an exciting one. A pretty routine tourist day, but fun nonetheless. The fact that we had an amazing night together really made this trip an event to remember. That was the weekend Natalie started using the potion with me.

James was happy to have finished his story, finally able to let himself cum. He threw his head back and gasped, arching his back as he filled Isabelle's soft rubber pussy with his spunk.

He got off the doll and lay next to her, taking deep breaths, exerted from his lovemaking and thunderous orgasm.

"Well...huff... I said I'd give you the full...puff... experience so..." James told Isabelle. The simple fact of getting her valve popped out of it's IN position made her cum, let alone the tremendous pleasure she felt as he pulled it open and the air started to hiss out of her taut plastic shape like the balloon-woman she currently was.

"OOHHHH!" she gasped in her head as it started losing definition, her nose and forehead caved into her head as her face crumpled up, unable to display the ecstacy she was feeling then. "I didn't gaaahh... knooohhh sensations like theeeeaaggh... were... were possible" she thought, her mind awash in pure sexual pleasure. It seemed to her like the amount of pleasure she felt shot up increasingly in proportion to the air she lost.

Too soon, it ended. Isabelle was on the brink of the biggest orgasm she had ever had when it stopped abruptly, leaving the hollow girl completely flat on James' bed. The pleasurable sensation barely subsided, held at its current level by her suspended state.

"This can't... can't be the last time. It can't!" she moaned inside her head, laying helplessly on the bed, oozing cum from her deflated mouth and pussy.

Seeing this, James picked Isabelle up and went to wash her in the bathroom. He took special care in rubbing her wrinkled body with a towel, making sure no cum would elude him in the creases that covered her limp body.

"Maybe I could tell you about my next girlfriend then" he told his empty girlfriend, bringing her back into the bedroom. He folded her neatly, having gotten used to it after eight other plastic girlfriends. He put her body down on her pillow, looking wistfully in her painted green eyes. "My third girlfriend was Beverly Johnson, but her box says Blow-up Beverly now..."

I only knew Beverly for two weeks before I had to find a box for her. She was the athletic type from what I knew of her. We had met in a nightclub and hit it off instantly. Within a week, she was almost always over at my place. Beverly also happened to have a sexual appetite like no other girlfriend I had before her. It was with that in mind that I had bought more of the potion, thinking this time would be different. Of course, if I had a single idea what I was doing, I wouldn't have eight dolls today.

Her story is a rather short one as I had left the bottle of potion in the fridge to cool before letting her know that night, but my laziness unfortunately caused her to become my toy forever that same day.

Beverly came back from her afternoon jog that day and slammed the door, still jogging in place in the lobby, slowly winding down.

"Phew, hi baby!" she called out from the entrance. "How was your day?" she asked loudly.

"Tiring! I've been watching TV ever since I came back to relax..." I answered back to her without leaving my spot in front of the tube. If I had only got up to welcome her in...

After five minutes, I heard some dishes crash on the kitchen floor. I got up quickly to see if Beverly was ok, only to see her panting and holding herself against the doorway.

"Jammmmes, I feel weird..." she stumbled forward into the living room. "I fff... I feel so light-headed" she breathed quickly in small gasps, as if she was out breath.

"What's going on? Did you overdo it? Are you hyperventilating?" I offered her help. "Do you need a paper bag?"

"I oooh... drank the... drank some... in the fridge. What was that bluoooh thingggnnhh?" she asked me. My heart skipped a beat, my forehead suddenly dripping large beads of sweat.

"Oh my... that was supposed to be a surprise, I wanted to tell you about it tonight" I told her, disappointed that I wouldn't be able to properly introduce her to it.

"Tell mmmmhheee about wh...what?" she gasped. She looked at her arms which were turning glossy in front of her eyes. Fascinated but somewhat used to the transformation, what caught my attention was her hair, which was getting progressively shorter, something new to me. "Oooohh! James, something's happening to mmmmeeee! Ch... changing..." she moaned.

"How much did you take, honey?" I asked, curious.

"The whole thing uuugghhh... I was sooooh thirsty!" she revealed. I was terrified.

"Oh my god! NO! You're only supposed to take a sip!" I blurted out.

"Gggnnnhh... good doll!... What... huh... what does it doooh?" she asked me, her legs still under her control yet she was spreading them unconsciously. Her arms still had all her attention as seams started to form out of all of her limbs. "Mmmhhyy... my body...fucktoy... chan..." she said, slurring her speech more and more, unable to finish her sentences coherently. "Gggod! My head feels so...FUCK ME!... uuunngghh!" she blurted out obscenities.

The high gloss now covered her body completely and I could see her skin complete its transformation into latex as the blemishes and freckles disappeared underneath the shine, her skin's color turning to uniform flesh-colored rubber.

"It's supposed to turn you into a love doll, made of latex. Inflatable too..." I told her as much as I could as rapidly as I could seeing as she was going through more dramatic changes faster than any of my previous plastic girlfriends.

"Inflatable? Latex? Make owner happy?" she repeated from my list of features, looking at her body. I was scratching my head at what she said last just as the shiny material became the only thing her now artificial body was made of.

"Yes. It's fun, you'll see" I tried to lighten up the mood, yet still horrified at the quantity she had ingested in such a short lapse. I wondered how that would affect her transformation.

As if on queue, changes I had never seen before went through Beverly's body.

Her waist cinched inward dramatically, losing four dress sizes easily. The long brown locks that used to tickle the small of her back had shortened to her neck and kept getting even shorter. She pulled on her hair, trying to see it but failed as it wouldn't reach her line of sight, too short now.

Giving up on her hair, she looked at her free hands and saw that every digit save for her thumbs joined together, melting together into a single smooth mitten of inflated latex.

"Oh mmmmhhh... my hhhaands! James uuugghhh... I want your cum so bad! JAMES!" she freaked, losing her fingers yet unaware of her obscene speech. Remembering Natalie, I watched her feet as she stepped out of her shoes to see the same thing happen to her toes, turning her feet into vulgar, air-filled rubber socks as they melted together. "Tooohh tight! The ppp... the pressure uunnngggh!" she groaned as I saw her face suddenly swell. Her head inflated in front of my eyes, soon absorbing her neck as it took a more spherical shape by the second.

It seemed as if the liquid had changed her body to the core, transforming her into even more of a doll than her predecessors. While my previous girlfriends had turned mostly into rubber copies of themselves, keeping their womanly features, Beverly was turning into much more of a doll than a woman.

Her nose disappeared into the ballooning head of my new lover, becoming a machine-printed feature on her smooth, round face. Having lost her teeth in the process, I watched her mouth turn next as her tongue disappeared into the pink rubber that coated everything past her lips.

"Good mmmh plastic fucktoy!... ooohhh... Make love to dolly... cum inside me! NO, Jaaaammmes!!!" she panicked at her newfound sensations. "What's happened to meeee?!! MY HEAD!" she patted it with her rubber paddle hands, pushing on it slightly. The plastic gave way as she applied pressure on her inflated head.

Moaning, she suddenly turned her attention to me. Gasping out one more orgasm, she looked at me as her pretty hazel brown eyes became one more feature on her printed face. The last of her human features disappeared as well when her hair completely vanished, leaving a shorter, printed version of her hairdo on her spherical, inflated head. "Ch...ch... I... I look so cheap!" she stuttered with her mouth sac as she saw her reflection in the TV.

"I'll fix this!" I lied, thinking of the two deflated lovelies in my closet.

"Turn me back, James!" she pleaded. "Turn me back and fuck dolly's ass, please! Oooooh, no!" she said desperately. "Only... aaagghhh... sex! Pleasure doll! Turn me back, James! Please! Sexdoll oooh... fucktoy! Fuckdoll! Fuck doll? Please?" she begged me, far gone.

"Oh my, Beverly! I'm so sorry!" I almost cried, damning the hard-on she was giving me.

"UUuunnngghh ooooh!" she groaned as the last of the changes took her, growing a clear air valve out of her back, leaving me the choice of what state I prefered her in. "So sorry? OOooooh! Owner is sad? Beverly dolly makes owner happy!" she said in a slightly squeaky voice. Her mind seemed to be preoccupied simply by the needs of a doll.

As if regaining control of her body like a possessed person, I saw Beverly's personality resurface one last time as she wrapped her legs around mine and hugged me tightly in her artificial arms. "James! IT'S AAaaggghhh... ME, BEVERLY!" she clarified, aware that she was starting to show two personalities. She grabbed me by the collar and uttered her last words. "Please, James! FUCK ME! I swear I'll make you happy!" she said feverishly before releasing her grip on me, falling immobile on the floor in her loose clothes. Her legs spread on their own while her arms bent forward

I reasoned that she had enjoyed the process and would simply change back after a sufficient amount of time. My guilt gone, I grabbed my girlfriend from the floor and put her on the couch. After a minute of being fascinated by her different shape, I undressed both I and the doll before driving my hard shaft into her latex pussy.

"And that was the end of my short relationship with Blow-up Beverly. I left her inflated for over a week, hoping she'd turn back..." James said sadly. "Now I can just hope she's happy as a fucktoy" he told the deflated, shapeless form of his current girlfriend.



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