How I became a Maid-bot 3: Discovery

by Gromet

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Part 3: Discovery

The boys thought that they had got away with using me, I was now functioning normally as a maid-bot around the house with no outward sign that I been converted into a sexbot by them. The testing continued and they changed certain program details to suit as needed. I continued to enjoy riding along with the program, the computer guiding me through my tasks, ‘so that would be what my life would become as a maid-bot’, I thought. ‘no real thoughts or input into it, just follow the programming.’

Thinking nothing more of it, I carried on with my duties, cleaning and mopping the floor in the kitchen. Jean checked in on me from time to time but as she didn’t get the responses she wanted other than, “Yes madam,” and “no madam”. She seemed to give up trying to communicate and retreated to her room. Valerie continued to order me around, being a bit spiteful I thought *buzzt* damn *buzzt*that collar.

Charles on the other hand had been in the lab monitoring my program absent-mindedly when he saw the reprogramming that had occurred under Vincent’s hand, he was monitoring me from afar whilst working on future program updates, he saw what Vincent had reprogrammed me into but because he couldn’t leave the lab was powerless to stop it. Plus he had other plans for me unknown to the others.

When Charles turned up he was furious with Vincent, he didn’t know Steve had joined in on the action too. A meeting was rapidly called to which I was excluded and sent back to my charging station, again this is early was the only thought going through my head. With me out of the way the meeting started.

“What were you thinking?” Charles asked, “That’s nearly akin to rape that you did to her!”

“What!” cried Jean upon hearing this, “what happened?”

“Seems Vincent here reprogrammed our maid-bot into a sex toy and presumably used her for his pleasure.” Charles stated.

“Is this true?” Jean asked Vincent.

“Well yes, that was one area of testing we hadn’t yet performed and I thought it the ideal time to try out our experiment.” Vincent stated matter of factly.

“Our Experiment, who else was involved in this?” asked Jean, now shocked that they had used me like this.

“Valerie was the main programmer in this aspect.” said Vincent shifting the blame somewhat in Valerie’s direction.

“Well yes, but this was supposed to be happening at a later stage,” Valerie said, “not just now when we are this early in the project.”

“She’s not a project, she’s a person!” Jean exploded, “and she volunteered to help you guys out, remember Tracy, the girl who you were all counting on.”

“Well to you she’s Tracy, your maid I seem to recall, but to us she’s part of the project that you all signed up to, she is ours to do with as we please.” Vincent stated.

Jean was shocked at this statement; she didn’t know where to turn seemingly her new girlfriend was in on this all along. Maybe they were both being used by these people.

“But we trusted you!” was all Jean could say before she burst into tears.

Valerie tried to comfort her, but Jean had none of it, she spat, “And I thought I could trust you the most, seems like I misjudged you after all!”

“It’s not my fault Jean,” Valerie said, “I didn’t know that these idiots would access the program before we were ready.”

“Ready!” Jean shouted, “What do you mean ready, had you planned this all along?”

“Of course,” said Vincent pleased with himself, “that was part of the program for this project; didn’t we explain this to you in our meeting?”

“NO, I don’t recall the part where you convert Tracy into a sex machine!” Jean recoiled.

“Well it was there in black & white when you signed the contract, under the conditions we were able to test the maid-bot in any way we deemed fit to enable us to better understand this experiment.” replied Vincent, “If you didn’t look at the fine details it’s not our fault.”

“Not your fault, you smug little bastard, “Jean said, “What does Tracy think of you using her like that, she must be humiliated and shocked at her treatment by you.”

“She doesn’t recall the events, her mind and the program have been erased.” stated Vincent in his most annoying nerd manner.

“Erased! You mean that you’ve wiped her mind, what about her memories, her past. Is that still there?” Jean asked concerned for me.

“The only part that was wiped was the time that me and Steve used her as a sexbot, even her French accent has gone!” Vincent sounded pleased with this.

“Steve! You too!” Jean shuddered, “I thought that I could trust you, seems like I was wrong.”

The meeting continued after Jean stormed off into the bedroom, the guys argued amongst themselves, Valerie tried to keep them all calm and other than name calling the nerds kept to their seats, no punch ups here over a silly maid-bot.

“I think that you and Steve better get out of here for a while for things to calm down.” Valerie said to Vincent, “Me and Charles will run the project from here, whilst you two man the lab.”

“That’s if Jean allows you to stay too!” said Steve.

“Let me handle Jean…” Valerie tried to say but was interrupted.

“Thought that you already had…” said Steve, with a big smirk on his face.

The two boys left, Charles went to check on his computer if any damage had been done to Tracy, whilst Valerie went off to try to get Jean to calm down.

Meanwhile, I was blissfully unaware of the events that had unfolded in the lounge, the recharging station puts me to sleep once I’m plugged in, and it just takes over when I’m fully connected. Do robots dream, well I don’t seem to, I’m just there in off mode, no thoughts run through my mind other than ones that are being reprogrammed into my brain.

Valerie entered the bedroom she shared with Jean, “Sorry babe,” she said, “the boys went a bit too far with the maidbot.”

“A bit too far! Charles said that it was practically rape that they both did to poor Tracy, and you where the one who did the programming!” Jean cried.

“Yes babe”, said Valerie trying to calm her down, “but the testing for was for further down the tracks.”

“Stop calling me babe, you monster, and were you going to ask Tracy for permission to turn her into some sex machine before using her?” Jean asked.

“Sorry ba..” Valerie stopped short, “the testing wasn’t meant to happen, it was all just theory, something that was thought out by the boys…”

“But you wrote the program!” Jean interrupted, “you’re the one who is to blame for them abusing her!”

Valerie tried to hug her, but Jean recoiled back from her, “But Jean, I didn’t know that they would use it on her…”

“But they did!” Jean spat back, “and what damage did they do to poor Tracy?”

“I don’t know, but Charles is currently working out what happened and if anything was done to damage her mind.” Valerie replied.

“What about her body, how would you feel used by those two perverts?” Jean asked.

“Angry!” said Valerie, “yes especially as they know I only like girls.”

“So it’s okay that they fucked Tracy, as long as they didn’t touch you!”

“No Jean, you’ve got me wrong about that, I regret the boys using the maid as their own personal plaything, they were stupid as all boys are thinking with their dicks!”

“Yes but have they damaged Tracy’s mind?” Jean asked.

“Shall we go and see what Charles has found out?” Valerie said.

“Yes,” Jean sobbed, “I hope that they haven’t wiped her mind completely.”

They both left the bedroom and found Charles bent over his computer deep in thought and looking at the coding in front of him.

“What have you found?” Valerie asked.

“Well it seems that they covered their tracks very well, all memories of her time as a sexbot have been removed,” Charles stated in a scientific manner, “there doesn’t seem to be any lasting after effects from the evening.”

“But does she still remember, has she still got her memories from before?” asked Jean.

“Yes they didn’t touch those, her memory seems fine…” Charles lingered.

“What?” said Jean & Valerie at the same time.

“Well it seems our little maidbot has a secret!” Charles looked up from his screen.

“What?” said Jean & Valerie again.

“Well she seems to know what is going on around her, she just cannot communicate with us, the program won’t allow her to express her thoughts”. Charles said, “Plus also the boys must have included the punishment sub routine in her as she gets shocked by the collar if she has any negative thoughts, like the time she walked in on you two!”

“What, Valerie said that she wouldn’t know what we were doing!” Jean said as she turned to face Valerie.

“Well she shouldn’t,” said Valerie, “her program shouldn’t allow for her to retain thoughts.”

“It seems that she has had several negative thoughts judging by the error codes in front of me, our little maidbot has a mind of her own after all!” Charles stated.

Whilst Jean ran off to see Tracy, wanting to apologise for everything she’d been put through, Valerie turned to Charles, “Tell me more about our little maidbot.”

Jean unknown to me appeared before me in my charging station, professing her utmost apologies and weeping profusely about what she’d done to me. She tried to tell me that she was sorry but all she got from me was a blank look.

Valerie meanwhile had heard Jean and walked after her, “She can’t hear you will she’s in the recharging pod, her brain effectually shuts down whilst she recharges, you have to wait until we wake her up, but even them she won’t be able to communicate with you.”

“I want to talk to her; I want to talk with Tracy!” Jean said.

“You can try,” Valerie leaned over and pressed a button on the pod, the light above turned green and I immediately awoke refreshed as always, feeling really like I’d had a great night’s sleep. My brain connected to the main computer and sought out instructions, which I received and began to exit the pod.

“Tracy, it’s me Jean,” Jean said.

“Yes Mistress Jean, what can this maidbot get for you?” I stated, my mind unsure to what has just happened and wondering why my Mistress was standing in the laundry room.

“Tracy, I need to talk with you”. Jean said.

“Tracy? Mistress, my designation is Maid-Bot 001, I don’t recall Tracy, do you wish to redesignate me as Tracy?” I questioned.

“Yes…” Jean replied only to be cut off by Valerie.

“No Maid-Bot 001, please keep your existing designation.” Valerie stated.

“Maid-Bot 001 – confirmed” I said.

“Please go about your duties maid bot,” Valerie said.

I walked passed them both out into the main area of the apartment, and then into the kitchen where I began preparing lunch. I asked the mainframe how many guests for lunch and was informed that only 3 meals were required. I continued on with my tasks.

Jean meanwhile was in a shocking state, “What have I done to her?”

“Nothing that she didn’t sign up for,” Valerie replied.

“But not as a sexbot!” Jean said, “I’m sure that she wouldn’t have volunteered for that!”

“Well what’s done is done, and she seems to have suffered no harm from it.” Valerie stated.

Valerie and Jean returned to the bedroom and stayed there until I knocked on the door to inform them that lunch was ready. When they emerged Jean seemed to be in a better frame of mind, which seemed to please me somehow. I served them all lunch and then cleared away the dishes, carried on cleaning as directed by Valerie, who seemed to get great joy out of using me.

The boys stayed away from the apartment as Valerie ordered, they initiated several program upgrades from the lab now that a better collar had been fitted, I could be updated and reprogrammed via Bluetooth connection, which connected me to the mainframe computer back in the lab. Charles continued to work on various different parts of the project, his mind on his future plans. Jean & Valerie became close again, lovers in fact.

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