How I became a Maid-bot 4: Back to being a Maid

by Gromet

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Part 4: Back to being a Maid

It was now close to the time to return to college, I would need to be returned back to Tracy again for me to return to my studies. The project had run successfully for well over two months now, any teething problems seemed to be overcome, even the sexbot incident was seemingly forgotten by all except me. I had several memories of that night stored away from the mainframe computer, which they didn’t know about or let on they knew. I think Charles suspected otherwise.

The day came when they all returned to start packing away their equipment, I was still in full maid-bot mode cleaning and helping them tidy up, the connection to the mainframe was all I now needed to continue my functions as the maid. The other computers only here for running experiments on me, but most of those seemed to be done now.

“So are we ready to switch from Maid-bot back to Tracy?” asked Valerie, “You know the offer still stands to keep her like this, she’s very useful around the house!”

“No it’s a tempting offer, I do like her as a maid, but we promised her that the project would conclude when college was about to restart.” Said Jean. “But let her finish cleaning up the mess you all left behind!”

Valerie laughed along with Jean, “Sure babe, anything for you.” And leaned in to kiss Jean on the lips.

The boys looked a bit coy about two girls kissing, and quickly looked away and gathered up their belongings to take down to the waiting van outside.

Once I’d finished cleaning, Valerie called out to me, “Maidbot come here please.”

“Yes Mistress”, I responded, “this maid obeys.”

“Good maid, now it’s time to turn you off and bring back Tracy.” said Valerie.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, not really knowing what was happening at this point.

She reached around my neck and unfastened the collar, immediately my connection to the mainframe was lost and I passed out. I awoke with Jean looking over me holding my hand, a look of concern on her face.

“Will she be alright?” Jean asked Valerie.

“Yes, I’m sure that she’ll recover shortly,” replied Valerie, who was unsure what had happened but wanted to reassure Jean about me.

Meanwhile, I started to recover, my thoughts though a bit hazy and confused told me that I lived here and that Jean was my friend. I was still groggy as Charles carried me through to my bedroom and laid me down on the mattress, the clean sheets feeling wonderful after not being able to sleep in a bed for such a long time. I was still confused, but Jean reassured me I was safe.

Valerie then came over to me, “Tracy, it’s Valerie here you need to get some sleep now.”

As soon as she said the words sleep, that’s what I did, it seemed that I was still following commands from Valerie. Charles was intrigued but said nothing and rose up to pick up his last things and return to the lab. Valerie escorted Jean out of the room and closed the door allowing me to rest. Once Charles had left they went into their own bedroom to discuss the future.

In the morning I awoke as normal, got out of bed, found that I was not properly dressed in my maid outfit, so found one hanging in the wardrobe, dressed and walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I tried to communicate with the mainframe but couldn’t establish contact, ‘Weird’, I thought, ‘I wonder what’s happened’. So I prepared breakfast for the normal five guests that are usually in the apartment.

I was in the middle of pouring coffee for Jean and the others when I was interrupted by Jean walking into the kitchen. She was shocked to see me dressed in my maids outfit and rushed over to me with tears in her eyes, “I’m so sorry…” she balled, thinking I was still under the control of the program.

“It’s okay Jean,” I responded, “breakfast is nearly ready.”

“You spoke!” Jean exclaimed.

“Yes I can speak, why wouldn’t I, mistress,” I replied, surprised at myself at being able to talk, allowing me to express my own thoughts.

“But we removed your collar yesterday; you shouldn’t be doing your maid duties anymore!” Jean said.

“But I like doing this, why wouldn’t I do this for you, I enjoy my time as your maid, mistress.” I replied, my time as her maid giving me many pleasant memories, I had truly enjoyed being her maid and loved every minute of it.

“But your collar is no longer controlling you!” she said.

“I know that Mistress, but I feel deep down that I want to serve you, my time as your maid has been the most enjoyable time of my life.”

Valerie joined us in the kitchen at this point, “Morning babe,” she said to Jean. “Coffee please maid” she said to me, not the least bit surprised to find me dressed as a maid.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied, thinking nothing of it to serve her coffee, “breakfast is nearly ready, should I wake up the other guests?”

“No maid, they’re not here this morning, just the three of us,” Valerie stated.

“So breakfast for three it is then.” I answered, “please take a seat and I’ll bring it right out.”

Valerie took hold of Jean’s hand and walked her out of the kitchen. “Seems like there might be some residual programming left over in her.” Valerie said.

“What, you mean some of the program still controls her?” Jean asked.

“Well it seems that way,” Valerie said, “might as well enjoy it while it lasts!”

Jean’s reply was interrupted when I walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray with three breakfasts on it; I set each plate down on the table, but was confused why there were three plates for two people. “Is one of the other guests going to join us?” I enquired.

“No,” said Valerie, “the other plate is for you.” And she bade me to sit down.

Now I was really confused, a maid is not supposed to sit with her Mistresses, her owners, this seemed to upset me internally and I was having great conflict in my mind and with this command.

Seeing this Valerie said, “It’s okay maid, you can resume your duties in the kitchen.”

Jean shot a look at Valerie, but Valerie just tucked into her breakfast. Jean watched as I disappeared back into the kitchen, my mind awash with conflicting information. I was still very confused at this point and things were running through my mind.

Jean on the other hand was still concerned for me, she turned to Valerie, “What’s going on?”

“Like I said it seems that some residual programming is left over from her time as a maidbot, it’ll wear off over time.” She said as she tucked into her eggs and bacon.

“But what if it doesn’t?” questioned Jean, “what if she stays like this?”

“Well like you said its handy having her around as a maid; why not take advantage of it whilst it lasts.” She laughed. “It’s not as if we can do anything at the moment, she has just spent the best part of two months as a controlled maidbot.”

“But surely you can reprogram her?” asked Jean, “That’s what caused the problem in the first place.”

“Unsure how to without the collar that controlled her,” replied Valerie, “I could reattach it and see how she’d go…”

“No, no more collar please…” Jean implored, “I couldn’t bear to see her like that again.”

“If you’re sure babe,” Valerie replied whilst cleaning her plate, “you know we can reprogram her anytime you want.”

The conversation was interrupted when I walked back in the room, “Have my Mistresses finished with their breakfast?” I enquired in my best maid tone.

“Yes maid, I’ve finished but I’m not sure Jean has, she doesn’t seem to have eaten anything.” Valerie said. “You can clear my plate away and bring me some more of that delicious coffee.”

“Right away Mistress.” I said as I curtsied and walked back to the kitchen to carry out my assigned tasks.

The day passed like all others, I clean up after the two mistresses, and then set about making the beds, doing the washing and cleaning the apartment. Much to Valerie’s delight, she continued to order me around and I complied with each command. Jean was still concerned that I wouldn’t return back to the normal Tracy, and checked on me from time to time.

After lunch was served to my mistresses’, I began to feel a little strange; I had just served lunch and was clearing away when I felt woozy, dizzy and disorientated. I dropped the plate in my hand and it broke on the floor, I shortly joined it on the floor fainting and blacking out.

Upon hearing the crash they both came running into the kitchen to find me sprawled out on the floor unconscious, Jean was very concerned and wanted to call an ambulance. Valerie was more practical and began checking for vital signs, checking my pulse and looking into my eyes.

“Seems like she fainted!” Valerie stated, “She seems to be okay otherwise, her pulse is strong and her eyes respond to light.”

“Why would she just faint like that? Is it something to do with the programming?” asked Jean.

“I don’t think so, but in a way maybe…” Valerie, “Let me check with Charles.”

She rang Charles who was back in the lab, telling him what had happened since I woke up, explaining that I still dressed as a maid and carried out my maid duties.

Charles asked, “When did she last eat?”

“That would have been back when she was in the charging station yesterday.” Valerie answered. “I haven’t seen her eat today, we tried to get her to join us but she seemed too confused and conflicted to sit down and eat with us. So I sent her back to the kitchen.”

“And lunchtime?” Charles asked.

“Well no, I did see her eat, did you Jean?” she asked Jean.

“No I don’t think so.” replied Jean.

“I think that maybe your problem, get her to eat something.” responded Charles.

“How? She’s passed out on the floor!” Valerie questioned.

“Feed her a sugary drink, take it slowly as she’s only been on baby food during the testing.” Charles said, “And I’m on my way over to check on her.”

“Okay.” Said Valerie, “Will do, see you soon.”

“Charles is on his way, he said that she’s probably fainted due to lack of food, she last ate when she was connected into the recharging station.” Valerie told Jean, “We need to pour some soft drink into her to revive her.”

Jean ran to the fridge and return with a bottle of coke, “Will this do?”

“Yes, let’s try to get her sitting up first, and then feed her some.” Valerie said as she began picking me up and carrying me out of the kitchen and placing me on the lounge. “Now bring that drink here and you find something to prop up her feet.”

By the time Charles arrived I had reawakened and was profusely apologising to my Mistresses for fainting on them and breaking a plate. Jean showed more concern than Valerie did, but Charles soon took over and examined me to check me over.

“Why didn’t you eat something?” he asked.

“It’s not my place to sit at the table with my owners,” I stammered.

“Owners?” Charles stated.

“Yes both Jean & Valerie are my owners, I am to serve them to the best of my abilities, I am their maid servant.” I said in response.

Jean said, “We don’t own you Tracy, you’re my friend, this is your place…”

“Sorry Mistress, but I don’t know what you’re saying to me, I am here to serve you…” I said, feeling very confused at the information that Jean had told me.

Charles could see my discomfort and confusion, “it’s okay maid, you just fainted, and you’ll soon recover.”

He left me and gathered Jean & Valerie in the kitchen for a conference.

“It seems that there is some residual leftovers from the programming, plus she seems to be settling back into her role with you Jean before we started the project, I think that she finds comfort in being your maid. I suggest that you let her continue to be your maid, things will work themselves out over time.” Charles said.

“So we continue with her as our maid then?” Valerie stated. “Great!”

“Yes but monitor her for her eating, she’s not used to it after two months in the charger.” Charles replied.

“And if she doesn’t eat?” asked Jean.

“We can bring the charging station back, it’ll be easier on her as she’s grown used to it, she seems to like being your maid but eating with you seems out of the question and I wouldn’t push her on the subject as she seems to get very distressed when asked.” Charles said.

“Well then that’s settled, get the boys to return the station, but in the meantime she can continue as our maid, we will watch her and maybe suggest to her to eat on her own in the kitchen for now.” Valerie said seemingly pleased that she still had a maid to order about.

Charles arranged for the Charging Station to be returned that day, they had to set it up in the laundry room again because of the discharge pipes, the boys had grown tired of measuring her output and decided that it was no longer necessary and for it to go straight down the drain.

I was very happy to see the Charging Station back but still felt as if something was missing. The first time I tried it I found I could not connect all of the inputs; the one at the back of my neck didn’t seem to have anywhere to go. I expressed my concerns to my Mistresses, they said that they would fix that soon, but for now get some rest.

As soon as the door on the pod closed I fell asleep, I was relaxed and comfortable, though I did have some troubling thoughts running through my head during my sleep. Memories of when I was a maidbot came flooding back, and some were I found distressing when I was used as a sexbot, but I couldn’t recall in my ‘maids’ memory this ever happening to me.

I awoke again in the morning as usual, I didn’t feel as refreshed and recharged as I used too, but got myself ready, dressed in my maid outfit and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, I still couldn’t contact the mainframe so I thought there was something wrong with me and I would let my owners know as soon as they were awake.

Valerie told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that the mainframe was currently off-line, I would be reconnected soon. I secretly looked forward to that.

Several days went past and my memories kept coming back to me, I remembered my name was Tracy, and I had a family, that I lived here with Jean who I was a maid servant to, I couldn’t get it around in my head that we were friends and that this apartment was actually mine. At the request of Charles they both kept up the pretence that I was still their maid, it seemed easier on Jean’s conscience, Jean was still very worried about me.

I felt fine, a little confused but more memories came back to me each day, Jean told me that I was to attend college and study, this didn’t seem right for a maid to do, but when she ordered me to do so I obeyed her commands. Valerie was still the mean one, I don’t think she had any servants when she grew up as a kid, otherwise she would have treated me better. But I didn’t mind, I was happy to still serve them both.

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