I’m His Dolly

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; gift; sexdolls; roleplay; game; lingerie; latex; catsuit; prepare; polish; objectify; discovery; used; tease; mast; sex; climax; denial; cons; X

Girlfriend gives her partner a special birthday present – she becomes his latest doll.

It was coming up to my wonderful boyfriend’s birthday; he was going to get a very special gift from me, one that I had been fantasising about myself for a long time. For many years I had dreamed about being someone’s plaything, something to be used and discarded afterwards, and that’s what I liked about Jason.

You see when I met my partner Jason, he already owned his own silicon Sexdoll, now normally as a woman I would have maybe run a mile and giving up on him, but you see I didn’t have a problem with him having a Sexdoll, as long as it didn’t interfere with our own sex life. And while I was either away or on days that I didn’t see him, he was able to use his doll for his satisfaction. My knowing this also enabled my trust to build in him, as I knew that he wasn’t off with some other woman.

Once we were living together thing didn’t change that much, my work often took me away inter-state, and this left him home alone, well not so alone, he still had his Sexdoll, which now we kept in the spare bedroom. I did sometimes tease him about him having another woman, to which he always said that I was more than enough woman for him. Good answer.

I did have some strange dreams while away and not with Jason, that I was now his doll and that he was using me whilst his girlfriend, who strangely was now the doll dressed as me, had switched bodies and now he was using me while the former sexdoll looked on. I didn’t tell Jason about this; it was just a silly dream after all – wasn’t it? But it did get me thinking.

The doll started to grow on me, maybe it was my dreams, but one day, after a few drinks, I managed to get him to move her into our bedroom, and that night we had a three-some of sorts, we both used the doll for our mutual satisfaction, and I had one of my best orgasms. The night was brilliant, and I don’t know why we hadn’t done it before. But from that night onwards he got to share the bed with two dolls, not one.

I had started to have more fantasies about being his Sexdoll, I would sometimes just lay there in bed during sex, as he used me as his personal fucktoy, with me in my own mind taking great delight in the fact that my owner was using me and that I was giving him pleasure, it also gave me intense feelings of arousal from him using me as his sexdoll, and after our night of discovery with the other doll, he now had two dolls to choose from. He now found two dolls waiting for him when he came to bed each night, the doll now permanently in our bedroom.

For his Christmas present that year I bought him a brand new silicon Sexdoll, I knew it was something that he had wanted for some time now, and I still continued to have fantasies of myself being his Sexdoll when he used me in bed at night. It was then that I began having thoughts that maybe I could find a way to be part of the growing collection of dolls.

I began to dress the dolls in my own clothes, and I’d lay or sit there next to them thinking about being his new doll, it then progressed from there to my buying matching lingerie while I was out shopping, and presenting myself and the dolls for his pleasure. The three of us sitting in the lounge, all dressed the in the same lingerie and waiting for him to come home and find us.

When he eventually arrived home he found three dolls sitting there waiting for him, and he’d take great delight in using one of the three of us during the night, which I thought was wonderful, especially when he picked another doll and used her instead of me, whilst I sat there in my dolly outfit watching them have sex and gently rubbing myself. Sometimes he would have two dolls, and one or two nights all three dolls wore him out.

But for most of the time, he would pick me for his fucktoy, which I found to be strangely disappointing, there were three dolls on offer for his entertainment, the fact that he would choose me more than the others got to me, in my mind I was just another doll waiting to be used. But looking at it from his perspective he wanted to make sure that I still felt loved and wanted by him, even though I was just pretending to be another doll, he still wanted to make me happy, which was having the opposite effect.

To fix this, I came up with a solution; I told him that when he found the three dolls laid out for him to use, he would have to roll a dice to decide which doll he got to use first that night. I had explained to him about what I wanted when I was just a doll, my feelings and desire to please him. He had been reluctant at first, but I said for this to continue he had to play by these rules. So now when he spun the dice, a 1 or 2 would be one doll, 3 & 4 would be me, and 5 & 6 would be the newest doll, this way it left it up to chance which doll he would get to use.

Then, while looking online for ideas, I discovered some latex catsuits, especially those that made the wearer look like a sex doll, with the pink mouth, anal opening and vagina, the rest of the body covered in the inky blackness of the suit. That would be my way of being his anonymous doll, all three dolls dressed up the same in latex for him to find and enjoy. Luckily I had come into some money, so the cost of the suits though expensive wouldn’t break my account, and I ordered the three matching suits in the one size.

The suits arrived before his birthday, I knew that I would have to hide them from him, even though I wanted desperately to try mine on, but I wanted to get the feeling of the first time wearing it as a special occasion, one where I would finally became just another dolly in his collection.

The day soon arrived, and fortunately, he had to work that day, I was off and would be taking advantage of the time to get things ready for his special gift. I did give him some hints that he would be getting something very special when he returned home, but wouldn’t reveal what it was, just to tease him before he left for the day.

With him out of the way I retrieved the new latex suits from their hiding place, I planned that I would dress the other two dolls first and myself last. I carried the dolls from the bedroom out into the lounge and began stripping them of their outfits. Once they were both naked as the day they were made, I began to dress them in the new suits. I used talcum powder on the dolls to ease the suit up and over their limbs and then over their bodies; I made sure to poke the inserts into the all of the right holes, which there were three of.

I took some pleasure in playing with the other two dolls as I prepared them; it was more of a three-some of us girls having some fun on our own whilst our owner was away at work. After my own climax at the hands of the two dolls, I managed to recover to complete the new outfits that they wore. Now covered from head to toe in the latex suits, they both looked identical to each other, and soon I would look the same as them as well.

Taking some of the latex polish that was supplied with the suits, I began to shine up the latex until I got to the glossy finish that I wanted, the dolls gleamed in the light and the latex showed off their bodies to perfection. Now it was going to be my turn.

After a quick shower and clean up, I walked back into where the two dolls now sat ready for their owner to find, they did look magnificent in the suits, I thought that he would not be able to tell us apart. I applied the talc to my own limbs and started to put on my own suit. The latex was cold at first as it brushed up against my naked flesh, but it soon warmed and felt tight, restrictive but still comfortable.

Soon the suit was pulled up and over my own legs and now brushing up against my own sex, sending wonderful tingles throughout my body. Now I began pulling the suit over my hips, the latex soon covered them in the blackness of the suit, and next up was my waist. I had to stop for a short while to take a break, putting on the suit was very sexually stimulating for me, I knew that I was close to cumming and I wanted to save that for later when my owner returned and used me.

Mmmh, the thought of him as my owner gave my body goosebumps and my nipples hardened, I felt my arousal rising even more at the thought of being just another one of his dolls to play with, use and discard afterwards. I looked forward to his coming home and finding the three dolls waiting for him. I had to concentrate hard to bring down my desire to orgasm there and then.

Once my sexual desire had calmed down sufficiently, I was able to push the two inserts into my waiting holes. First to go in was the one in my now very wet pussy, this one slid in really easily. But next was the rear one, and this took a bit longer, yes I have had anal sex before, so this wasn’t something new to me, but it just wasn’t as lubricated like my other opening.

Now happy with the inserts in place, I carried on getting the suit over the next obstacle, my very sensitive breasts. I have always had them being this sensitive to any touch, especially when so turned on like I was now, my nipples stood out like little knobs of hard flesh, my breasts felt full and wanting to be touched. And once the suit closed over them, it was like the heavens had opened as my climax finally overwhelmed me. I had wanted to wait, but my body had betrayed me and had other ideas.

So now I had to wait and recover my senses, once I felt able enough I carried on with putting myself into the latex doll suit. Once my traitorous breasts had been finally covered by the latex all that was left for me to do was place the hood over my head and close the zipper at the rear. The final insert was placed inside my mouth, and I wondered if my owner would use me there first, the thought of giving him oral sex was building my arousal again.

I was now dressed head to toe like the other two dolls, the suit’s three pink inserts showing off against the black background of the suit, there was no doubt about what these dolls were here for, we were our owner’s fucktoys, his sex dolls waiting for him to use us for his own pleasure. We were just playthings for his amusement, and this sent another wave of pleasure through my body at the thought.

I walked over to a full-length mirror and looked at myself, I must admit I did look pretty amazing, you couldn’t tell that there was a woman inside of the suit and not just another doll, my breasts, hips, and the gentle curves between my legs all stood out under the smooth coating of the suit, the other dolls all had the same curvy bits as me, so we would all look near identical. I now only had to polish the suit I was wearing, and I would be ready too.

Now complete, I was ready to join my two sister dolls in waiting for our owner to come home and find us. I wonder what his first reaction would be when he found three latex clad dollies waiting for him, a gift waiting to be used by him without the need to be concerned with any pleasure on the dolls part, we were only here to give our owner pleasure, that’s what we were made for. I sat there on the sofa with the other two dolls and began the wait for his return.

When he returned from work, he called out my name and wondered where I was when I didn’t respond. It was only once he walked into our lounge that he found the birthday surprise waiting for him, his three dolls dressed identically in a latex Sexdoll suit, the black of the suit glistening in the light reflecting back and displaying the curves of the dolls bodies. The pink lips then drawing his gaze, with all three dolls with the identical o-shaped mouth, the pink outline of their lips letting him know what use he could put those mouths to.

Moving closer he inspected the dolls further, his eyes followed the suit down to where the dolls held their legs slightly apart to reveal more vivid pink lips, this time outlining where the pussy hole of the dolls was to be found. He didn’t know at first which was a doll and which was his girlfriend, the suit hid all of the features that would normally reveal to him which one she was.

It was only when his hands began to explore the dolls bodies that he found the difference between them, the other two dolls were cool to the touch, whereas the third doll was warmer when he ran his hand over her body and the fact that she shivered when she felt his touch gave the game away. He continued to explore all three of the dolls, taking his time to feel the suit covering the dolls and enjoy the sight before him.

“Thank you for this wonderful birthday gift, Katelyn.” He said to the three dolls, but mainly for his girlfriend to hear. “You all look wonderful. I wonder where she bought those gifts; I will have to ask her when she returns.” Knowing that this would turn on his girlfriend being treated like she wasn’t there and just another doll.

“Okay which doll gets to be used first?” he said, whilst looking at Katelyn, who he now knew was the middle doll. He then remembered the dice that she insisted he used when he found the three dolls. “Oh, slight problem, I don’t know which doll is which, so for this time I will make the left doll 1 & 2; the middle doll, 3 & 4 and the right doll, 5& 6.”  He spun the dice, disappointed that it landed on a 6, but he knew the rules of their game and started to play with the doll seated on the right of his girlfriend.

She was pleased that he remembered the dice and had forgotten in all of the excitement of getting ready that he would not be able to distinguish between the dolls; they all looked exactly the same. She thought that she should have numbered them, but was happy with Jason’s solution and even happier that she wasn’t the first doll that he got to use.

She watched while Jason played with the doll sitting next to her, his hands rubbing over the doll's body, she swore that she could feel those hands on her as well and she felt her arousal building inside of her. Soon he had pulled the doll down on the sofa so that he could gain access to the dolls sex, the doll’s bottom now resting on the edge of the sofa, his own trousers were down around his knees and he swiftly entered the doll's pussy, pre-lubricated he noted by his girlfriend when she got the dolls ready for him. He began moving his penis in and out of the doll, enjoying the tight feeling of the doll’s pussy and also the wonderful sensation of the latex against his own skin.

Katelyn watched transfixed as her boyfriend used the doll next to her, she had seen him have sex with his dolls before, but this time it seemed to be more intense, maybe it was because she was lying next to them or maybe it was the new latex suits, but to her he seemed to enjoy this much more than usual.

She normally just watched him and played with herself when he played with the other dolls, but this time she wanted to remain as just another sex doll and stayed still. She was loving the fact that she was now just another doll, unable to move herself, she sat there as her owner used the other doll for his pleasure.

Jason didn’t take long to use the doll; he was probably over-excited by the gift he had been presented with, the sight and the smell of the latex, the glossy sheen coating the dolls bodies all transpired to bring him to his first climax of the night. He held himself tightly to the doll as he released his pent up sexual desire into the dolls sex, his cum coating the inside of the internal sleeve that the doll was wearing.

Once finished, he had to lay on top of the doll as he was overcome by the strength of his climax and it took him a short while to recover his senses sufficiently to move himself out of the doll he had just used. He looked over at the other two dolls, eyeing them up for his use later on.

“Wow! That was fantastic, Katelyn where ever you are thank you.” He said, sending a wonderful feeling through his dolly girlfriend, she was very pleased with herself and looked forward to being used by him later when he wanted her.

It was much later that she finally got her wish, the dice falling for the other doll the next spin, so she had to wait her turn as her owner's fucktoy. But she was pleased when he finally got to her and carried her into the bedroom, where he had already placed the other two dolls, all three now lay on the bed waiting for their owner, he did tease her by rolling the dice again, and luckily for her, it came up with her number. That night and all the following day she got to learn what all three holes were used for and she was a very happy doll.

Story continued in Part Two


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