I'm His Dolly

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f; hypno; conditioning; latex; dollsuit; sexdoll; arousal; tease; breast; fondle; mind-control; objectify; used; oral; sex; anal; denial; threesome; climax; cons; X

story continues from Part One

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Part 2: Hypnotherapy

Katelyn wanted to increase her ability to be her partner’s Sexdoll, to be more realistic for him to enjoy her and for her to enjoy the wonderful feelings that she gets when he uses her. So she secretly starts seeing a hypnotherapist to program her mind into one of a Sexdoll, one with a trigger command that would make her just like the other sex dolls, unable to move, speak or respond, but still be available to her owner to use for his pleasure, just like all the other dolls she thought.

At first, the hypnotherapist was shocked by what she has requested from him, but he can see some benefits for himself by turning her into her own desire, his wife having left him recently, he was frustrated and seeing this delightful beauty walk in to his clinic was an opportunity not to miss. He could see that this is her own genuine desire, not something she was coerced into, so he agrees to help Katelyn. There were to be several initial sessions to embed the programmed thoughts into her mind, each time she was kept under hypnosis longer and longer until the therapist was satisfied that the conditioning had stuck in Katelyn’s mind.

The next stage was to test her new mind-altering conditioning, and he requested that for future sessions that she wore her latex doll suit, this he explained would cement the thoughts and continuing in her mind and she would be more susceptible to the programming if she wore it. She agreed readily to this as she enjoyed wearing the suit and often felt naked and exposed when not inside the tight confines of the inviting latex suit. She didn’t know that this was also part of her conditioning, something to help reinforce her role as a Sexdoll.

Now dressed in the suit and laying there on the therapists couch, he placed her under his control by repeating her trigger word, this changed her from being a normal female human being into a latex clad Sexdoll, she lay there under the control of her conditioning unable or unwilling to move her body, she was just a doll in her mind so why would she want to move, unless her owner wanted her to, and he would then move her as he desired. She felt relaxed and content that she was now just a doll, something that she always felt that she had wanted to be for a long time; she was happy inside.

To test her conditioning the therapist began to run his hands over her latex covered body, gently rubbing her thigh at first, then her tummy and moving up to her head, he continued to test Katelyn’s ability to remain as a Sexdoll and let him play with her. He continued to play with the latex coated Sexdoll laying there before him his hands moving about her body as she lay there, his thoughts becoming more sexual as the doll continued to remain still under his touch, he knew that this was wrong, but his desire to touch and caress the doll took over his more rational thought.

Katelyn meanwhile was delighted in the fact that the conditioning seemed to be working, she felt her body relax as her therapist spoke her trigger word, she could not move a muscle and laid there just like a good dolly she was. Her mind also changed under the control of the trigger word, she was now just a Sexdoll, without barriers in her mind, she was just a plaything to be used, and she took great delight in being able to please whoever was using her, she was just a Sexdoll after all and anybody could use a doll if they so desired. Even her own thoughts changed the worries an concerns of day to day life evaporated, and she was now just having dolly thoughts, as she called them

She was disappointed when the session came to an end, and she was returned to her normal Katelyn self, though still dressed in the latex suit. She laid there as she recovered the strength and desire to move, not wishing to return to her non-dolly state, and at first, the therapist thought that she was still under the trigger word command, he was about to re-issue the release command when he saw her body move. Katelyn was also disappointed that he had not played with the doll more than he had, he had avoided contact with the sexual parts of her body, he hadn’t touched her sensitive breasts or her overheated pussy, her desires where left unsated by him.

That disappointment was soon rectified at her next session when he didn’t resist his own sexual urges, and his hands explored every inch of Katelyn’s latex body, his hand caressing the soft round globes of her breasts, teasing and tormenting the hard little nubs of her nipples. Then his hands gradually drifted down between her legs, he could feel the heat coming from her sex, his hands moving between her thighs, at first meeting resistance as her thighs were held together as she lay there, then realising that as a doll she could not move her legs, so he moved them apart to gain better access to her.  This was also part of the testing phase of changing Katelyn into her desire to become a Sexdoll, with touching of her more sexual parts of her body to test the state of her mind and the conditioning.

Again Katelyn was disappointed when the therapist only went as far as touching her pussy and not using her as she was meant to be used as a Sexdoll should be used. She had loved the fact that he was touching her and playing with her body as if she were just a sex toy, it was turning her on with his hands rubbing the outside of the latex suit, her body responding to his caresses, but she felt denied the satisfaction that it brought when she gave pleasure to whoever used her.

She felt that she should mention this to her therapist but then her dolly mind took over and told her that she was only there to be used for his pleasure and not her own, and she took great comfort in the knowledge that was really just a Sexdoll to be used and played with, her desires had no part in the uses of her, she was just there as a plaything and nothing more. She felt pleased with her progress with the therapist and the fact that she had gone through the process to please her owner/partner.

That night she told her partner Jason of her desire to become more like one of his Sexdolls and of her sessions with the hypnotherapist, though she didn’t go into detail about the sessions, she even told him that she had a trigger word that would make her into one of his dolls, so that he could use her whenever he liked and she would remain as his Sexdoll until he released her from the spell. He was overwhelmed and also delighted that she had gone this far to please him, their games with her being another doll in his collection to use had grown over the preceding months since they initially started, she was now staying more inside the latex suit than ever and being just another one of his dolls, which he enjoyed immensely having three sex dolls at his disposal, all ready and willing to please him and his sexual cravings.

His desire to have her as just another Sexdoll was just as strong as her own, he loved the fact that he had this living breathing Sexdoll to play with whenever he wanted and that he didn’t need to concern himself with her own pleasure, she was just another plaything for him to use and abuse when he felt like it, and he didn’t have to ask or cajole into her having sex with him as she was available as his Sexdoll anytime he wanted to use her. And now with the news that she would also be a Sexdoll in her own mind, unable to move and readily available to be used was wonderful, it was something that he could have only dreamed of.

Jason then arranged to meet in secret with the hypnotherapist; he had some other ideas that he wanted to implement on Katelyn as a sexdoll. Initially, the therapist was concerned at the meeting, maybe she had told her partner of his touching her sexually, but the meeting went well, and he listened to the ideas that Jason had for his new Sexdoll. The very next session some of the changes were programmed into Katelyn’s subconscious mind, the therapist thought at first that it was all a little strange, but then the idea of Katelyn turning herself into a sex toy, had been bizarre at first but he had grown to like having the Sexdoll laying there in his couch as he played with her body, it gave him immense satisfaction and even relief that he was able to use the doll in this way, he found great comfort in having the doll for his own needs and looked forward to her sessions with anticipation.

Katelyn meanwhile was also loving laying there as the therapist played with her as his doll, she enjoyed the soft, tender touch as he played with her body, her mind now one as her dolly self, she was just a plaything to be used by whoever wanted to play with the doll, she was happy and content when someone paid attention to her and used for their pleasure. She felt that this session was going to be better than previous ones, and she was not to be disappointed this time.

The therapist began his session as normal, well as normal as things seemed to be with his patient involved, he has rationalised that her desire to become a Sexdoll was something that she wanted more than anything and that he was able to bring out the best part of the experience for her by placing her under to control of his hypnosis, she could now achieve her desire to be a Sexdoll, which is what she had asked him to turn her into. Katelyn was soon under the spell of the trigger word; she was now a Sexdoll in her own mind, she lay there on the couch, her latex covered body glistening under the reflection of the lighting of the room, enticing the therapist with the sight of the sex dolls body.

This time his hands began as before, by rubbing over her body as she lay there unable to move, his hands soon drifted to her sensitive breasts, if she were not under his commands she would have let out a deep contented sigh of arousal when he played with her soft mounds. From there his hands soon drifted down the doll's body to between her legs, he again felt the heat rising from down there. He moved her thighs apart to gain better access, the pink lips of the suit displaying crudely were her sex was, displayed even more against the black colouring of the whole suit, there was no doubt about what this was and that it was available to be used.

His hands began to play with the soft folds of the dolls sex, this felt different from a normal female's sexual organs, in part due to the lack of moisture normally found there when aroused, this was held beneath the latex which Katelyn could feel for herself, the moisture building between her thighs had nowhere to escape to, trapped as it was under the covering of the latex suit. The therapist left the doll laying there on the couch as he walked out of the room, the doll was disappointed that he had stopped playing with her, but hoped that he would soon return and play with her some more.

He had left to fetch some lubrication that he kept in his bedroom, now he could use this on the dolly before him. He was pleased upon his return that the doll had remained where she lay; he was assured that the conditioning was working; she was nothing more than Sexdoll as she had desired to be. Happy with the way things were going with Katelyn and now with her partner, he was safe in the knowledge that whatever he did to her while she was under the trigger would not be reported and his licence to practise was safe. This test coming up would either make or break the situation with Katelyn’s desire to become a Sexdoll, after all, what a Sexdoll is for.

He then began to take his clothing off, all the while watching the dolly as it lay there on the couch, unmoving and waiting for him to use. Once he was naked and ready, he walked over to the Sexdoll, “Time to see if the programming really works.” he said to himself. Moving the dolls head with his hands, he placed the doll into the desired position; he would soon be enjoying the physical delights of the doll that had been teasing his every waking thought. He opened the mouth of the doll and moved his semi-erect penis into place; the doll still did not move, so he had to adjust and close the mouth around his member, the warmth and moisture of her mouth getting his penis more erect.

Katelyn laid there on the couch, she was disappointed that he had left her there after playing with her, but she was delighted when he returned a short while later, she was here to provide pleasure to whoever wanted her, the initial conflict in her mind that he should not be using her, that she didn’t belong to this man, was overcome by the new conditioning that she had received this morning, she was now just a Sexdoll that would provide pleasure to anyone who wanted her, she thought to herself that dolls don’t get to pick and choose who plays with them, they are there for others pleasure and not their own.

Now that he had returned and was starting to use her sexually she was very pleased inside, her whole body reacting to his touches, her arousal rising with every touch, her desire to please overcoming any other thoughts. She felt him move her head into position and eagerly awaited seeing how he would use her. She didn’t have to wait long as she felt the semi-erect penis hit her soft lips and enter into her mouth, she wanted to close around his member like she would normally when giving oral sex but was unable to, she felt that she should be able to close her mouth, it felt strange to her that she couldn’t, but then she realised that sex dolls cannot move, so she was content to lay there and let this man use her.

Once the doll's mouth was tightly closed around his penis, he began moving himself further into the soft, warm and eager mouth of the doll, he began thrusting himself in and then pulling part way out before returning the thrust in again, hitting the back of the doll's throat as he grew inside of her mouth. He was amazed that the dolly didn’t choke or gasp when he slid all the way in, normally when his wife gave him oral sex she gagged when he pressed too far, but not with this doll, she just lay there unmoving and silent as he continued to use her for his own pleasure.

Katelyn herself was amazed when he pressed himself hard into her throat, she had gagged before when giving her partners oral, but now she could just lay there and let it happen without coughing, it seemed so much easier giving head as a Sexdoll, and she was delighted that she could. But she would have to get her conditioning changed so that she could wrap her lips around the penis of whoever was using her, it didn’t feel right to her, and it would bring more pleasure to whoever was using her as a sexdoll.

She felt the penis in her mouth start to grow and knew that soon he would be cumming in her mouth, normally she would have to prepare herself for this, but now in her dolly state, she would just accept the fact that her mouth was just another hole to provide pleasure to her user. Soon she felt him start to spurt into her mouth, the semen hitting the back of her throat and she was pleased that her automatic reflexes kicked in and she swallowed the fluid down her throat, she would not choke on things entering her mouth, her own body’s reactions would ensure her safety.

Now happily sated in his desire to use the Sexdoll for his own pleasure, he felt the guilt of using one of his clients for his own perverse sexual needs, he would have to discontinue her therapy which was near complete anyway. He unaware at the time that the doll, his client Katelyn was very happy with the way things had worked out, she was delighted that he had finally used her as his sex toy, something that she had desired since the therapy began.

He quickly brought Katelyn back from her triggered command and began to express his thoughts on why the therapy should be discontinued. Katelyn was unhappy that he felt this way and expressed her own concerns and desires, she told him that she was happy for him to use her when she was just a Sexdoll, that was what she was meant to be, her ultimate goal to become her heartfelt desire to become nothing more than a sexual plaything, she expressed the joy and wonderful feeling of contentment when she was used by him and others, she also told him what she wanted to adjust so that she could be a better Sexdoll and please her users.

They agreed to continue with her conversion therapy, and the next session was the next day, so eager was she to become what she desired. Now back under the trigger word, with the added improvements she was able to automatically close her mouth when he placed his finger or penis inside her mouth, this tightened the sensation of oral sex for whoever used her and the therapist was the first to experience this new feature of the Sexdoll. The very next session brought the final goal, his using her body for his own pleasure.

This time she lay there under the trigger word, they had agreed that he could have sex with her, she wanted to ease his guilt that this was right, all would be safe and that she desired this to happen, she wanted to be used by him for his pleasure, just as a Sexdoll should be played with and used. Katelyn was excited at the prospect of being used by someone else other than her partner Jason; she didn’t know that this was something Jason had asked the therapist to implement and program her mind to accept others when using her. Not that she would have minded, her being a Sexdoll after all meant that she was just a plaything for anyone to use and discard.

Now he stripped off his clothing; he was excited to finally get to use the Sexdoll as intended, he had dreamed of this moment, the doll had lain on his couch teasing him with her shiny latex body for so long it seemed, now finally he would be able to satiate his desires. The doll remained still on the couch, though Katelyn could see out the corner of her eyes her therapist getting undressed and admired his body, her own arousal climbing in anticipation of what was to come. Not that her body displayed any signs, other than the erect nipples rubbing against the tight confines of the latex suit.

He walked closer and began to play with her body, his hands moving over the latex suit and feeling the soft flesh underneath, he didn’t need to work at turning this female on, she was here just for sex and his own pleasure, but he felt the need to arouse himself by playing with the doll's body first. He moved the doll's legs apart in a prelude to his gaining access to her soft, arousing pink outer lips of the suit, which shone in the light letting him know where he needed to be. He climbed on top of the doll, his body weight pressing the doll against the couch, his hands moving down and arranging himself for entry to the hidden delights that awaited him.

Katelyn felt the weight of his body pressing her down into the couch; she loved the way it felt with him controlling her movements, she was unable and unwilling even if she could to move. She felt his hands on her body and then felt them move down to her sex, she knew that soon he would be plundering her depths and using her for his own desires and pleasure, something she relished. He then moved himself into position and pressed his erection into the soft folds of the latex suit, which in turn enabled him entry to her inner being, he slid into the soft, warm hole that was the dolls sex, he took great delight in the sensation of overcoming the initial resistance that her vaginal muscles had presented, she was now his to use and play with.

She felt wonderful feelings as he entered into her, this was what she was made for she thought, her doll mind taking control, and she was in dolly heaven. He was now fully inside of the dolls sex, and he began thrusting his erect penis in and out of the tight hole, the pent up frustration of all of the times that he had been teased and denied the pleasure of using the Sexdoll had now finally come to its conclusion, she was his to use and use her he would. He had to stop several times as he wanted to extend the session that he was using her, he could have easily cum in the first few seconds, but he felt that he would be denying himself the pleasure of taking the time to use the doll for his own sexual needs.

Katelyn was lost in her own mind, the wonderful sensations that she was experiencing as her used her gave her immense pleasure, she was delighted in the fact that she was now just a sex toy being used by someone for their own satisfaction, she wasn’t concerned with her own sexual needs, she got greater gratification that she was giving joy to others. She had felt that her therapist had come close to cumming several times and was pleased that she was able to bring him this, she was even more pleased when he held himself back and continued to use her.

But he could control or deny himself no longer, and he was soon releasing the pent up sexual need deep inside of the doll's vagina, the warm seed hitting the latex sheath that was inserted inside of Katelyn’s own sex, she would not have to worry about becoming pregnant as she was protected by the thin barrier of the latex insert. She felt him grow bigger inside of her and then felt the spurt of his climax as he came inside of her, she was deeply satisfied with being used by him and her own orgasm overcame her body, something that she had not expected.

He had to lay there on top of the doll as he recovered his senses, the sex had been overwhelming for him, the bottled-up sexual feelings that he had had for the doll had finally been released, he was sated, and a feeling of deep satisfaction came through his body and mind. The initial guilt that he felt started to return, but he rationalised this as something that she had asked him to do and wanted more than ever to become a Sexdoll and be used.

Katelyn was content in herself as well; she was happy that she had passed this stage in her desire to be nothing more than a Sexdoll, to be used and played with, it gave her an inner peace and contentment that she had fulfilled this role. She was more than happy for him to lay on top of her, the weight didn’t seem to affect he like it normally would after the initial glow of her orgasm had diminished, she was content to lay here, not that she could move anyway, she was just a doll after all.

Her next session was to be different; she arrived to find her partner Jason there waiting for her, she didn’t know that he would be there and he had taken time off of work to attend this very important session of her hypnotherapy. It was explained to her that in order for the trigger to cement itself deeper into her psyche that she would have to have more than one person using her as the doll. Not that she minded, she was more surprised that Jason was here and seemingly getting on well with her hypnotherapist, who unknown to Katelyn was accepting more commands for her to be programmed with, which went beyond what she had initially wanted, but as a Sexdoll she had no choice as dolls don’t get to dictate what their owners wishes are.

Soon Katelyn was dressed in her suit, covered from head to toe with no part of herself showing, the latex shone in the soft lighting of the room, with two pair of eyes now taking every curve of her body in, Katelyn felt more like a sex object than ever before, she knew that these two men would soon be wanting to use her body for their enjoyment. This time though it was Jason that said her trigger word and she fell under the conditioning that had been programmed into her mind, she was now nothing more than a Sexdoll and waiting to be played with. She stood there waiting for them to take her, Jason picked her up and carried her to the couch.

She could not move, her need to move was gone, she could not speak or voice her own desires, now she was theirs to play with, and there was nothing she could do or wish to do to stop them. First Jason began to explore her body, his hands running over the soft, latex clad flesh, feeling the soft round globes of her breasts and enjoying what he felt with his touch, as was Katelyn. Soon she felt a second pair of hands moving over her body as the therapist joined in, her mind was lost in a swirl of indulgence as she revealed in the touch of their hands.

Soon the two men had reached their sexual desire with playing with the doll and wanted to move on to their own needs, they had to move the doll for what they had planned, and soon Katelyn was sprawled across the coffee table next to the couch, she still unable or even willing to move, she had to be moved by the two men using her. Soon she felt the familiar touch of a semi-erect penis at the opening of her mouth, lost in the sea of delight that she was, she readily opened her mouth, now she had some control of that part of her body, her lips soon closed around the soft, warm flesh that now filled her mouth.

While she was preoccupied with the oral intruder, another had found its way between the soft folds of her sex, she now had two hard penises to deal with, not that she had much to do other than lay there and let them use her. She was now positioned so that her head hung over the edge of the coffee table and her rear rested on the other edge, giving easy access to all of her dolly pleasure holes. She didn’t know or care which man was which, see couldn’t see and truth be told it did not matter to her at this moment, she was just a sex toy for them both to use.

Now both men started to push into and withdraw at the same time, they seem to be coordinated in their actions, not that dolly minded, she was just happy to be used. Katelyn’s mind went deeper than ever before into her doll conditioning, she was just their plaything she repeated, this was what she was made for, and she hoped that they both enjoyed her, she wanted to please them more than anything at that moment. The two men were unaware or concerned with whatever thoughts were going through the mind of the doll at that moment; they were more concerned with their own indulgence in using the doll for their needs.

Soon both men approached their own climax, each then came inside of the doll, the needs and worries of the woman inside the doll were not theirs to concern themselves with, she was here to provide sexual pleasure for them, and that was all. Once done she would be discarded, maybe put away and stored for future use, she was after all just a Sexdoll now. Katelyn’s mind was overwhelmed with her dolly conditioning; she was aware that both men had come inside of her and that pleased her, even more so was the fact that she didn’t climax herself, this was right in her dolly mind, she was only here to provide gratification to others.

Both men then rested and recovered before taken turn using all of the three pleasure holes that the dolly was equipped with, each taking great amusement that they could use the woman/doll this way, she was just their sex object now, something to be used, abused and discarded as nothing more than a thing. No consideration was to be given to the needs, wants or desires of the female inside of the Sexdoll; she was now just a receptacle for their own perverse sexual needs. And the doll inside was happy too, Katelyn was in a state of serenity at being the object that she so desired to become, content in the knowledge that this was what she desired, even that she was made this way, just like her sister dolls were.

With all of the sex happening to her the conditioning that was programmed into her mind was cementing itself deep inside her psyche, she was nothing more than a sex toy when under the spell of the trigger word, she felt happy and content inside at being like this, she thought to herself that this was her ultimate goal in life, she would please others with her being, nothing would satisfy her more than being used as a Sexdoll and each time that she was not under the trigger word, she felt an emptiness inside and only felt fulfilled when being a sexdoll.

Back home she could not wait for Jason to use the trigger word on her and for her to revert to her true state as a sexdoll. For the entire weekend, she was kept under the spell of the dolly conditioning, she lay there as Jason, and her therapist used her for their pleasure and left her there, discarded after their use all weekend. It also seemed that Jason had other plans for his Sexdoll, one that would involve a lot more use for her than she expected, but as a doll she was pleased to be able to serve others and was content that weekend in the knowledge that she would be spending more time as a Sexdoll than she normally would. She was delighted. 

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