My New Position 2: Home Delivery

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; gag; collar; bfold; bond; straps; display; dolls; crate; storage; mast; sex; climax; fpov; cons; X

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Part 2: Home Delivery

After being discovered dressed in a latex catsuit by my boss, my guilt and horniness at being dressed this way had led to me being dressed in corset, thigh-high boots, collar and strapped to a display stand, just like the rubber doll he'd brought out of his secret cupboard. I'd thoroughly enjoyed being dressed and bound, placed on the stand and even put away in the cupboard, so much so that when he released me I couldn't wait for him to use me and had posed myself over his desk and invited him to use me for his pleasure (and mine).

Now I was still dressed in the catsuit, the corset still around my waist, the gag placed back in my mouth by my own hands and sealed inside a large sports bag, stored away inside the trunk of his car. I wanted him to take me to his home and continue to play with his new found rubber dolly, he was happy to oblige me in my request and now that he had returned to his car we were on our way to discover my new life as a doll, I liked the idea as the thoughts ran through my head, I wanted to be another doll for him, and I started to steam up and get those same tingly feelings down below as I traveled as just another object in the trunk of his car.

Soon the car turned off the road and on to a gravel driveway, I could hear the change from inside the trunk, and I thought that we must be at his home and soon I would be taken out and played with. I had been slowly rubbing myself through the latex whist we had been traveling and the thoughts of what would happen when we got here had fueled my fantasies as I gently stroked myself. As the car pulled up and the engine was turned off I had just reached my peak and climaxed inside the bag, the confined position enhancing my orgasm, luckily I was wearing the gag and could only grunt my pleasure and the feelings washed over me.

I think that I may have blacked-out after the orgasm, I don't remember him leaving me inside the trunk and entering the home to get things ready. He'd left me outside in the car as he went inside and turned on the lights etc. I came too when I felt the bag being lifted and carried towards the house, the bag swinging as he walked, I felt like just another doll, an object contained inside the bag and my warm fuzzy feelings started to itch again. What was happening to me, I would never in a million years could have imagined that being dressed, bound and treated this way would turn me on so much. I was just a normal woman with the same sexual desires as every other woman, or so I thought.

I heard a door closing behind me and thought that we must now be inside his home, I would soon find out what would happen next and strangely was eager to continue what we'd started in his office. What sort of sexual being had I become? Had I always secretly harbored these deviant desires, did I want to become a latex doll? To be used and played with, an object of desire then discarded after being used. The mere thoughts running through my mind brought floods to my latex enclosed pussy, I could feel myself getting more moist as I thought of being his dolly and I began to banish any thoughts that doubted my desire to become his latex doll.

He carried the bag inside the house and once through the front door he took me into another room, he then started to unzip the bag that contained me and at last I could get myself out of the bag. I found that I needed his help with getting out, my limbs now seemed stiff after being confined for so long and maybe the orgasm in the trunk didn't help either! He helped me to stand then he carried me over in his arms and placed me in a chair, sitting there I opened my eyes to look around. The light was very bright after being inside the bag for so long, and I moved my hand to shield my eyes, he took notice of this and moved to the light switch and dimmed the lights slightly.

Now I could see better and took in the room I was sitting in, there were several chairs in the room arranged in a semi-circle, each one had a doll dressed in a variety of outfits sitting in them, though on closer inspection one or two were empty. I looked around at the dolls and then followed my line of sight until I saw him, my boss Mr Rodgers looking at me, he was smiling and looked pleased that he had me here and he said, "Welcome to my doll collection." as he waved his arm in a broad sweep around the room.

My eyes followed his arm as he swept around the room and I could see clearer now the doll sitting in the chairs, some were dressed in lingerie, one had a maids costume on, I think it was made from latex jugging by the sheen. Another had a babydoll nightie, again this had the same look as the maid's costume. The doll next to me was dressed in what looked like a latex nun's habit, only with the skirt being far shorter than any self respecting nun would dare to wear, the legs covered by shiny stockings. I was mesmerized by the sights that were before me, these were his other dolls, in a way they were my 'sisters', we were all dollies in his collection.

He left the room as I continued to take in the sights before me, each doll was perfectly made, their make-up and hair was well done, their costumes looked like some fetish persons dreams. On closer inspection each doll was held down to the chair by a strap that fastened around their waists to stop them from falling off, I felt that I too should have the strap around me and reached down and started to place it around my own waist. So I had figured out the way the strap worked and buckled it into place, I was now just another doll sitting there, strapped down and waiting for our owner to collect and use, my mind drifted off and I sought to remember my time in the office.

He returned a short time later and was stunned to see that I'd strapped myself to the chair, I was just sitting there like all the other dolls in his collection waiting for him. I think this changed some outlook he had in his mind as to what sort of new dolly he had discovered, he was really pleased when he came over to me and unfastened the strap around my waist. He said, "Good dolly, I see that you're getting on well with the other dolls. But now it's time to show you around the other rooms in the house and maybe play some more, would dolly like that?"

"Yes please master," I said, "please take this dolly and use her as you wish."

"Well dolly, rather than me carry you everywhere, for this time let's walk around, you sure you're legs can work after being confined for so long?"

"Yes master, as you wish," I said, "this dolly is ready to see more and do more, whatever please you!"

With that he grabbed both of my hands and lifted me out of the chair to stand on my own two feet, I was a bit wobbly at first and he helped me walk out of the room. We entered a wide corridor and there were several rooms off it, each one was opened and I was shown inside, each room it seemed to be modeled on a theme, one was decked out like a nursery with an adult sized crib and change table. Another next door had a large round bed in the center of the room, the bed sheets were very shiny and he told me everything in the room was made from latex, even the straps that lay on the bed, I thought of me being bound there with him using my body for his pleasure.

Another looked just like a drawing room from Victorian England, old bookshelves, glass lanterns and heavy cloth drapes, although again made from latex, even the furniture was covered in latex, the armchairs and sofa had a brilliant sheen to them. Either side of the fire place were display cabinets, inside of each one had a doll bound on display much like I was back at the office, although they were dressed in costumes, one looked like a schoolgirl, the other a french maid with frilly skirt and undies. He told me that both costumes were made of latex and both dollies were bound like I was, the stands the same as the one in his office. He switched on the lights in the display cases, each doll was standing there bound, dressed erotically and behind a glass case. I wondered what I'd look like if I was in their place.

As he switched on the lighting I realized that there were two more cases on the opposite side of the wall, facing their opposite number, again these contained more dolls, one in a latex catsuit just like I was wearing, the boots and corset on place, the hood was different in that it had a built-in gag and blindfold, the collar holding her head the same as mine was, even the armbinder held her arms the same way. The display stand was slightly different as I could see part of through her legs pressed tightly against her crotch, the shiny chrome sticking out part way. Something to hold the doll in place I thought.

The other cabinet contained a doll dressed in what he called a 'sleepsack', the latex covered every inch of the dolls body, encasing it tighly and I could see where her breasts were behind the latex as two round mounds, and just make out the outline of her legs. He said, "The doll has a thicker latex catsuit than the one you're wearing on, the breasts are held in two cups that support them and display them. The doll also has the same hood as the other one in the catsuit, it's called a sensory deprivation hood and cuts out all sound as well as light, with the ears sealed, the eyes covered the doll cannot experience any of it's surroundings and therefore is not distracted by them, she can enjoy being the object that she is."

I thought on that for a second, confused why a doll would need to have their senses taken away but I was soon overcome by my desire to be in the dolls place and was daydreaming of me being in her place to have any real concerns about why a doll would need to wear this hood. I was brought out of my dreams by him switching off the display cabinet lights and then taking my arm and leading me out of the room, switching off all the lights and closing the door on the displayed dollies, my thoughts still with being one of them, left on display and waiting for my owner to play with.

"Shall we move on?" he said.

"Y... yees," I stammered, "please dolly would love to see more, dolly is here to please."

"Very well dolly, you have pleased me very well so far, but we need to get on to see the rest before we can play."

He then by passed a couple of rooms, saying that I would see them later, he wanted to show me a couple of rooms before we could start to play again. I could see the bulge in his pants tenting them, and he clearly was just as aroused as I was, my pussy was very wet below and I was ready for him to take me and use me as he pleased. The next room was a storage room, there were several shelves, some of which contained dolls either dressed or naked, some were covered head to toe in some form of clingy material, when he saw my quizzical look he said, "Spandex, they're enclosed inside a spandex sleepsack, much like the latex one, it's to keep them clean and dust free." he explained.

"And these are the storage boxes and crates that they arrived in", he said pointing to several crates laying on the floor, " I keep them for long term storage or to transport the dolls either back to the factory or to other places. I sometimes loan out my dolls to other like minded people."

I then recalled seeing a movie called "Love Object" whereby a guy get's a doll delivered inside a crate to his flat be becomes obsessed by Nikki the doll he ordered from the internet, the doll makes him change the girlfriend into looking more like the doll and he even kidnapped her and bound her in place of the doll inside the crate in his efforts to make her a doll. I had thought of myself in her place inside the crate, strapped down and held in place just like another doll. Strange that I should recall that film now, I'd only come upon it by chance when flicking through the channels on my TV one night, not something I would normally look at but it held my attention when the doll was delivered.

I moved over to a crate not too dissimilar to the one in the movie, well all wooden crates this size must look the same I thought but looking inside I could see the same foam outline and even the straps that held the dolly in place whilst in transit, I thought that the film must have bought the same doll as my new owner and then wondered what I'd look like inside there, what would it feel like to be placed inside, strapped down and maybe even shipped somewhere. All the while he was observing me, seeing my reactions to what I saw. "Would you like to try it out?" he asked.

"W.. what!" my thoughts interrupted, "I suppose I should, just to get a feel of it." I then explained the movie that I'd seen and the way the doll was bound inside was turned me on.

"Okay but only for a minute or so as we have other things to look at and I want to play some more with you" he said.

He helped me climb inside and lay down inside the foam cutout, as I sank down inside I could feel the sides enclosing me in, the foam holding my body in place. I adjusted myself inside, wriggling around, the latex of the catsuit now firmly cutting into my sex sending delightful feelings throughout my body.

"Please strap me in master" I said.

"As you wish dolly." he replied and started to fasten the straps to hold me in place, as each one tightened I felt my arousal rise higher, I must been wriggling inside my catsuit with each strap being fastened. "Hold still dolly, wait until I have each one in place!"

"yes.. maaaster." I sheepishly said.

"Very good dolly, now you are firmly strapped in place, just like a dolly waiting for delivery. You okay in there?" he asked. "Would you like to me to place the lid on as well?"

"I'm fine master, dolly loves being in her box waiting for her delivery." I stated, "and yes please dolly would like to closed in, I can then be delivered just like your other dolls, I love being your dolly, please closed the lid on me."

"Okay dolly, but just for a short time" he said as he closed the lid. I heard him fasten the closer's outside securing me inside, just another doll in a box. The straps and the foam holding me in place and unable, or unwilling to move from this spot until my owner releases me. "See you soon dolly!"

I was left inside the box as he went off to do other things, I was now just another object in his collection, there was no way I could get out of the crate nor did I wish to, I was lost inside my own dolly thoughts, I could feel the familiar feelings I get when turned on, more so now as I could not move, this seemed to enhance those feelings. But I couldn't get my hands to get myself some relief, tried as I might I could reach my pleasure center and in a way was even more of a turn on that I was being denied access to please myself with a good orgasm or two.

There seemed to be air inside the box, so I knew I would not suffocate even thought the thought hadn't crossed my mind when getting inside and asking to be bound and sealed inside, my libido taking over all reasoning, my lust filled thoughts gaining the upper hand over my own safety. I just relaxed inside and thought of myself as another doll waiting for delivery to my new owner and in a way I was, this was like some sort of cathartic experience that changed my way of thinking, I was merely an object that my new owner could use, abuse and even store away, my dolly like thoughts taking over any rational thoughts that I may have had. I'd be the best dolly my new owner could ever wish for when he opened the crate.

I heard him returning and the fasteners outside the crate clip open, then the top of the crate was lifted off and he looked down at his latest dolly with a broad smile on his face. "Well, well, what a lovely looking dolly we have here! Just delivered and ready for some fun."

He started undoing the straps that held me fast, each one released giving me back my freedom, but I didn't want freedom I wanted to remain as his doll, so I lay there as he unstrapped me, finally finished he said, "There dolly, all free now, let's get you out of the box and have some fun!"

I didn't say anything as he lifted me gently from the crate and carried me out of the room, well dollies don't speak after all do they. He carried me out into the hallway and into the room with the circular bed covered in latex, he placed me down on the center of the bed and then proceeded to use the straps to fasten me down to the bed, once my limbs were in place he went around again tightening them until I was stretched out across the bed, my four limbs held in place holding me in a spead-eagled position. Next he placed a gag in my mouth, which I willing opened for him, the straps tightened holding the gag in place ensuring that I could make no sound.

He then climbed on the bed with me and entered me without any foreplay, I was soon going through my first orgasm, the previous desires catching up with me and overwhelming me in a body wrenching climax. I could not move any part of my body so tightly bound to the bed I was, the only part I could move was my head and as I started thrashing around in my orgasm he placed his strong hand over my mouth to hold it in place, this kept me in place just as a good dolly should be. It also when he became more excited in our sexual dance, started to cut off my air supply, his hand had slipped slightly in the excitement and had started to cover my nose too, causing my breathing to become restricted.

As he came within me I could no longer breath and this resulted in a climax like no other that I'd had before, the lack of air somehow enhancing the orgasmic climax that I experienced, my body arched up lifting him with me, surprising him at my strength, if it wasn't for the straps holding me I would have surely fallen off the bed. As it was the climax when it came was so powerful that I saw stars and blacked-out, without me realizing he continued to use me for his pleasure, now I was more like a doll, no movement on my part, just lay there and use me for his own pleasure.

I awoke sometime in the night, I was still bound to the bed, the gag still in place, I was for all intents and purposes just another doll that had been used and played with and now discarded, my owner was asleep somewhere else leaving me on my own. I recalled what had happened to me this day, the latex catsuit, the bondage, the display stand, the cupboard then being bagged and transported, then the crate and finally the orgasms that I'd had during that time, I felt like I was in heaven, the latex still clinging to my body. I had been used by Mr Rodgers, my owner I corrected myself, several times for his pleasure and also mine and I wondered what the future held for me.


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