My New Position 3: Just Another Dolly

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; MM/f; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; gag; collar; bfold; bond; straps; dolls; x-frame; stocks; bench; bagged; oral; sex; climax; denial; fpov; cons; X

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Part 3: Just Another Dolly

I was still tied tightly to the bed when my new owner came into the room, he climbed on top of me and entered me, he finished himself off quickly and without any effort on my part as I lay there letting him use me, not that i could do anything anyway the way I was tightly strapped to the bed. Once he finished using me he left, without a second glance, this is what being a dolly is like I thought, I'm here to please my owner and dolly likes to please him ran the thoughts in my head. I was still clad in the latex catsuit that he'd found me in yesterday, all so long ago it seemed to me.

When he returned later he started to unfasten the straps that held me down, telling me not to move until he he moved me. My limbs were sore from being bound in this position overnight anyway and when I did start to move them they told me so, it was painful to move so I did as I was asked and did not move. He continued around the bed until all the straps holding were released, then he reach over and picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the room, out into the hallway and down to one of the rooms we'd bypassed the night before.

When we entered the room was tiled from floor to ceiling, the floor was also tiled, this turned out to be the room where he cleaned his doll after use and prepared them for the next time. He carried me over to what looked like a bidet, I'd seen them in some hotels, he sat me down and reached down into my crotch to unfasten the zipper there, once that was done and I was exposed he then placed a strap around my waist, much like the one that held the dolls in the other room to their chair. Another strap went around my neck to hold me fast, then another around my forehead. He then pressed a button and the bidet went to work.

At first I could just hear running water, then I felt something probe my pussy, it entered inside me without resistance due to the water spraying out if it, this was soon followed by one in my rear, this came as a bit of a shock as I'd never had anything enter there before, but then I thought as his doll I could expect that I would be used there for his pleasure at some point. Next another metal and rubber probe came down over my head and entered my mouth, I opened wide to allow access as I didn't want to damage my teeth. The water was now spraying into all three holes and I again realized that any doll would be receiving the same treatment as I was and I could expect the same three holes to be used by him whenever he wanted.

To the machine I was just another doll receiving it's cleaning cycle, it going through the motions as if I was just another doll in his collection, and a shiver went through my body at the realization that I'd now just become another doll, an object to be used. And I settled down and let the machine run it's course. Soon the wash cycle was replaced by a rinse cycle, several rinses followed then something else was squirted out of the nozzles - lubricant, I was being made ready for my next use, just as any other doll would be, I was ecstatic at the thought of being someone's property, another doll in the collection and I had a mini-climax as I sat there.

The machine chimed that it had done it's job as I was now ready, my master came in and unfastened the straps that held me, he lifted me up and carried me over to a metal gurney, he placed me down on top and began removing the latex catsuit. I was disappointed that it was coming off, but I'd probably stank the thing out by now with all my sweat and cum. The air was cool on my naked body as I lay there letting him undress me, finally the latex was removed and I was pushed into a shower area. He washed me from top to toe, then turned me over and continued the other side, satisfied that I was clean both inside and out he then dried me off with fluffy towels. I lay there in ecstasy as he tended to my body, not willing to move any part of me.

He left me there with warm fans blowing and drying off my body, when he returned he had another latex catsuit in his hands, this one burgundy red in color and shiny, you could see the reflection of my naked body in it. "Okay time to get you ready for some more fun!" he said.

I didn't speak, my voice seemed not to work and I lay there as he placed me within the tight grasp of this catsuit, he moved me around on the gurney just like another doll and dressed me in the suit, rolling me around to aid in getting the suit on. Once finished he took a step back to admire my encased body, "Mmm! Dolly you do look good in red!" he said, "Now for the accessories."

He returned with more boots, the same height as before, another corset but in matching burgundy went around my waist, then a hood covered my head sealing me in, this catsuit had built in feet and mittens, my fingers were pressed together inside unable to move. The posture collar came next, again in the same matching color. "I'll leave the gag for now as you need to eat something for breakfast." he said as he carried me out of the sluice room toward the kitchen.

He sat me in a chair and fastened a strap around my waist and also around my shoulders, so I was fixed to the chair and could not get free. He moved my hands behind me and I felt cuffs closing around them securing them behind the chair. "There dolly, all ready for breakfast!"

Breakfast was served, he fed me little bits at a time, some oatmeal, some bacon and a little slice of toast, all washed down with juice. "I don't want to give you too much as you may be held in position for sometime today, I have something special planned for you today." he said.

I smiled from under my hood at the thought of what he held in store for me, I'd enjoyed everything so far and I loved being his dolly, I nodded my head slightly as he spoke to me to let him know I agreed to everything. He placed a red ball gag back in my mouth, securing the straps behind my head.

"Well dolly let's get you in place." he stated. He unfastened the straps holding me and carried me again out of the kitchen and down to another room at the end of the corridor, he pushed open the door and we entered me carried in his arms just another doll. The room was dark as we entered with only the light from outside giving a brief glimpse of the inside. I could see something shiny, another doll laying face down by the looks of things. I was intrigued as to what I'd experience today.

"Well dolly, I've rang work today and told them that we will not be in and as it's friday today we have the whole weekend ahead of us to play." he smiled as he said this.

Reaching around he turned on the lights, the room lit up dimly, there were several lights in the ceiling that lit up areas of the room but other parts remained dark. The room itself looked like a medieval dungeon, there were several things attached to the walls and stocks and other things scattered around the floor area. I then noticed the latex doll that I'd first seen as we entered, she was placed face down on a bench, her arms and legs were strapped to the legs of the bench, another couple of straps held her body to the top of the bench. She was dressed head to toe in black latex, shorter boots on her feet only came up to her knees, her face shrouded in another hood, blindfolded and gagged just like the previous dollies on display in the drawing room. A collar around her neck held her head upright, if she was standing she could only look at the ceiling.

It was an erotic sight to behold and I hoped that I would soon take her place. There were other dolls placed in stocks, clad in latex, one had shorts like hot-pants, very tight and shiny, her boots came all the way up to meet with just a hint of flesh showing. Her top left her breasts on display and hanging there underneath, her head and hands through the stocks holding them in place, her feet held apart by a wooden board, all locked on with huge looking padlocks and chains. Another doll was held by ropes in a rack, dressed in a gray catsuit from head to toe, nothing could be seen of her, her entire body seemed to be enclosed inside, no holes in the hood for her to see or even breath that I could see, but I didn't get that close.

Another doll hung from chains and shackles fixed to the wall, she was dressed in rags which were torn and ragged, like she'd been here a long time, she was even covered in a layer of dirt and looked really authentic. Then there was the doll fixed to the X cross on the wall, not far from the doll that was held down on the bench. She too was dressed head to toe in latex, much like I was but she was dressed in black, again a hood covered her face with the same blindfold and gag arrangement, master had called it sensory deception or something like that I tried to recall, but the memory seemed so distant now. I was now more concerned as to where I would be bound and was looking forward to being held in bondage again.

Master placed me down in a chair in the corner of the room, again a strap around the waist fixed me to the chair. He then went over to the doll on the X frame and started to undo the straps that held her in place. Moving from her feet upwards her removed the straps that held her bound to the wooden cross, as he removed the wrist straps she fell forward and master caught her over his shoulder and carried her out of the room. She did seem less rigid than the other dolls but I didn't take too much notice, my gaze was fixed on the frame that I believed that I would soon be fixed to.

When my master returned he unfastened the strap on the chair and picked me up over his shoulder, much like he'd done with the previous doll but this time in reverse, he backed me up against the frame and then placed each wrist in the cuffs holding them in place. He then worked down my body fastening each strap to hold me in position. Once done he went back over each strap and retightened each one, I was now firmly fixed to the framework and could not move a muscle. There was even a strap around my collar to hold my head in place, another strap went from the top of the hood where a ring was to another ring on the ceiling above me, I was well and truly fixed in place by the time he'd finished with me.

Satisfied with the bondage arrangements, and that I was held securely in place he retrieved a cloth and spray bottle and proceeded to polished the latex until the finish was glossy and perfect. He then wheeled over a mirror from the corner and showed me what I looked like, I was stunned if I hadn't had been there bound as I was I would have sworn that I was just another doll, just like the one I'd replaced. There was nothing to tell that I was an actual human being not some silicon replica, I looked at my reflection amazed that I had become the dolly of my dreams, here I was strapped in place, dressed in latex and waiting for my master's pleasure.

"Well dolly today's a busy day, the doll you see bound to the bench has been sold to a friend of mine and he's coming to pick it up today," he continued, "but what I'm not going to tell him is that you're not a real doll like the others, so I want you to remain still when he comes in and enjoy what you see."

With that said he tidied up the room, checked on my bindings again and then walked out, switching off the lights as he went leaving me bound in the dark, just another dolly on display in the room just like all the others. I was pleased that he'd done that, I was after all just another object, a dolly and we all know that dollies don't require the lights to be left on. I drifted off into my thoughts, recalling events and also wondering what was going to happen when his friend came in, would I be used by him. Or by both.

I don't know just how long I was left there but I was woken by the lights coming back on, the door then opened and in walked two latex clad males, you could clearly see their latex clad appendages sticking out in front, both very turned on by the looks of things. As they walked in they glanced around the room at the various dolls tied and bound, straps and held in the room, then they moved over to the doll bound on the bench. They didn't waste time on foreplay as each took up position, one at the head and one at the rear. Soon one had entered the dolls mouth and the other was using her from behind, which hole I could not tell. They pounded into the doll like possessed demons, ravaging her mouth and rear, if the doll hadn't been tightly bound to the bench she would have flew off the bench.

They seemed to cum together, both then moved to the opposite ends and began again only this time taking a little longer. Dolly in the middle continued being pushed and pulled, not having much option but to take the treatment being given to her by both men. Both men came again but this time they'd worn themselves out, so didn't swap again but left her where she was and walked out of the room, turning the lights off without another thought as they left. I continued to hang there on the x-frame now horny after witnessing the use and abuse of the doll in front of me and wondered if I was next. But I recalled my master saying that he didn't want his friend to discover me as a doll, so I doubted that I would be used in that fashion.

It seemed a while but they came back in again, this time one attacked the doll on the bench whilst the other used the doll in the stocks, I couldn't tell who was who as they were both covered in latex from head to toe. Once finished they both moved back to the doll on the bench, swapping holes they used her once again. After they'd done they left as before, not a backwards glance from either of them, not that I could see anyway as I could not turn my head. The lights came on again a short time later, both men still covered in latex returned, but this time they went to the doll on the bench and started to remove the cuffs binding her hands to the legs of the bench. They stood each side of her as they did this, then they placed her arms in an armbinder so they were tightly held behind the dolls back.

Once the arms were secured they started on her legs, each cuffs was removed and they folded up her legs so her calf was held tightly against her thigh, straps held them in place. Another strap then held her thighs against her body, so she was bound on her knees with her legs held in place under her, her arms behind her back and the collar still in place. Then one left the room for a moment as the other surveyed the room, his eyes fixed upon me held on the x-frame, I'm sure that the desire to use me was there but it was interrupted by the other coming back in carrying a bag, like the one I'd been transported from the office in. The doll was picked up and placed inside the bag and the sides pulled up and the zipper closed sealing her inside.

They then picked the bag containing the doll up and carried it from the room, the lights again went out and I was was left in the dark along with the rest of the dolls. I began to think that some of these dolls were remarkably flexible, must be the silicon I thought, well dolls must be able to bend like real women after all, otherwise they'd break with some of the positions I could think they'd be put in. My thoughts were interrupted when the lights came on and one of the latex clad men walked in, he ignored me and walked over to the doll they'd used in the stocks. Releasing her from her confinement and then carrying her out, presumably to the sluice room for cleaning I thought, as the lights went out.

I must have drifted off to sleep for I was startled when the lights came back on and in walked one of the latex clad men, he came over to me and started to play with my bound body, he unfastened the zipper at my crotch and inserted his fingers inside me, teasing and fondling me. His other hand playing with my latex covered breasts, I was getting turned on by his actions and so was he. Soon he stopped what he was doing and entered me, his member filling my hole and bringing me delightful feelings as he continued to pump himself in and out of my body. I was held tightly against the frame, there was nothing I could move nor did I wish to move as he continued his assault on my bound body.

We both climaxed at the same time, the waves washing over me sending shudders through my body, the straps holding me in place and enhancing the explosion that overwhelmed me. He took a minute to extract himself from within me and then left the room, leaving the door open and the lights on. He returned after fifteen minutes now recovered from his own climactic experience and started to unfasten the straps around my feet, working his way up and continuing to remove each strap. I was a bit disappointed to be taken down so soon, I had been enjoying being bound to the frame but I was at my master's whim and wishes, so would comply with whatever he wanted.

The straps holding the hood and collar were removed and I could at last move my head but only slightly because of the collar, finally all the straps removed I fell forward onto his shoulder, he carried me over to the bench recently vacated by the previous dolly, he placed me face down and then started to fasten my arms and legs to the bench, the straps across my back finishing the job of securing me in place. Now I was bound just like the other dolly, something I'd wanted from when I first saw her. He left me there and left the room. He came back in carrying another doll and placed her where I'd been bound on the x-frame, she too was covered head to toe in latex.

By the time he'd finished binding, polishing and generally fussing over the doll she looked like I had done, except this time in black. The posture collar I was wearing was removed and replaced with one similar to the one the previous doll has worn and now my head was held facing forward. I thought that I know what's coming up in the near future, my first time as a dolly giving oral. Sure enough the ball gag was replaced by a ring gag, holding my mouth open and available for anyone to use. I wondered if the other guy was till here and would they both come in and use me like I'd seen them with the other doll.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the door close and the lights go out, I was again left in the dark with the other dollies, bound and secured waiting for my master to return to use us.

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