My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 1: Into the Arms of a Stranger

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2011 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; hypno; conditioning; mc; rubberdoll; tease; sex; climax; cons; X


Part 1: Into the Arms of a Stranger

I was looking forward to this weekend, both with excitement and trepidation of what I would be doing, I would be placing myself in the hands of a complete stranger, someone who I’d only ever corresponded with on the internet on doll groups, chatting about our likes and dislikes. I’d only tried rubber clothing when I was in college, with a latex mini-skirt I’d bought for a party where the theme was fetishism, I’d topped this with another item of rubber in the form of a white latex blouse, I’d worn silk stockings and high heels to complete the look of a rubber school teacher.

Now I was about to spend the entire weekend covered from head to toe in latex, he had said that this weekend I would wear a latex catsuit and become his doll for all of the time I was there with him. He would decide what would happen to me and would treat me as just a rubber sex toy, his plaything. I was wet with the thought of what I was about to endure.

I’ve had this burning desire to become a doll now for some time; I’ve never acted on it with anyone and just kept it to masturbatory fantasies until now. I’d found several stories on the internet and after reading them found my hand stuck down my underwear, fingering myself to a lovely orgasm or two as I stared at the screen following the story.

After reading all the stories on that site I sought out more stories and also information about human dolls and dollification as I came to find out the name of the fetish. I joined groups where I found them and followed several chats online just watching various roleplays unfold before my eyes, again my hands wandered down to find my little pleasure button and bring me great pleasure from the ministrations of my wandering fingers.

One late evening I logged on to a doll group and was checking out the latest activities, the chat room seemed empty so I just continued looking around the group messages, when I received a message asking me to go to the chat room from ‘Rbr_Bob’. I’d seen his nickname around several of the groups and have also followed some of his roleplays as they unfolded, and to my shame had brought me pleasure from following the events and imagining that it was me in the role play.

Taking a big breath I nervously joined the chat room and saw that it was only me & ‘Rbr_Bob’ there online. I typed in ‘Hi!’ and waited for him to reply, soon there flashed a message from him and from there we ended up having my first chat session online. I agreed to get back online the following evening and he promised me my first roleplay.

Logging in that evening would change everything for me, my desire to become a rubber dolly would be fed and nurtured by ‘Rbr_Bob’ over several chats and roleplays, the more we spoke the stronger became my desire to be a rubberdoll. We moved into private chatrooms and continued playing online, with ‘Rbr_Bob’ getting me more into my roles as a rubberdoll and in turn feeding my fantasies that I would re-enact later in the comfort of my warm bed, drifting off afterwards with a big contented smile on my face.

It was during one of these private roleplays that ‘Rbr_Bob’ popped the question, “Would you like to enact your fantasies in real life?”

I sat there staring at the screen, the cursor blinking in the blank space waiting for me to reply. My body began shaking, the thought of becoming a rubberdolly for real sending my pulse rate higher and sweat started to appear on my brow, and this time I didn’t have my hand down the front of my underwear. Could I trust this man, I’d only known him online, what does he look like, I had no idea but I thought I’d grown to know more about him during our online sessions, and the memories of the various pleasurable moments lost to being his online dolly brought a smile to my face and a flush on my chest.

The cursor was still blinking and ‘Rbr_Bob’ was waiting for me to reply. I placed my fingers to the keyboard, something that seemed so natural that I used everyday both at home and at work, but now my fingers didn’t seem to want to press down the various keys to enable my reply. I managed to type in “Yes” and hit enter before I’d realised what I’d said.

“Great, when?” Was the short reply.

Again the cursor blinked at me, the damn thing taunting me, telling me how weak I was to not type faster and express my desire to become his dolly, throw myself at him and let him make me his plaything, something we’d chatted about, roleplayed and I had desired for what now seemed to be my whole life up until now. Damn you cursor! I WILL act decisively and I WILL become his rubberdolly despite your taunting.

I pressed my fingers down on the keyboard without looking and typed, “This Weekend. I want to become your rubberdolly and be played with.”

The blood drained from my face as I realised when looking at the screen at what I’d typed, I was in two minds to just shut down the computer and hide, never venture back online ever again or just sit and see his answer, maybe I’d called his bluff, maybe he wasn’t expecting me to say yes. I didn’t know and nervously looked at that damn cursor again as it sat there blinking at me, damn you to hell cursor!

“Wonderful,” came the reply from ‘Rbr_Bob’ “I shall expect to see you on Friday evening.” He gave me details that were a bit of a blur at that moment, but I had the presence of mind to jot down the information on the screen before it would disappear and my memory along with it.

All week long my thoughts drifted to what I had done and what I had agreed to, my mind running through the various roleplays we’d done online and trying to remember what I said I’d liked and disliked about being his rubberdoll. Several times work colleagues brought me out of my revere and startled me as they asked me questions, my close friend at work Shona spoke to me that I seemed distant and ‘away with the fairies’, as she delightfully put it with her Scottish accent.

I told her about my meeting this guy for the first time this coming weekend, I told her of my nervousness and we spoke at great length as only women do about such matters, but I left out the part about me becoming his rubberdoll and that I was going to be his plaything for the weekend. Well a girl has to have some secrets after all. But I did give her the details after she insisted for my own safety that I needed someone as a backup in case I never turned up for work on Monday.

Friday eventually rolled around, it seemed to take forever to arrive and now that it was here the day seemed to fly by, the hours quickly passed and my fears & paranoia increased with every passing minute. It was only my friend Shona who kept telling me that I should go and that life was too short that kept me from pulling the plug on the whole weekend, I would come to regret it if I didn’t go and that I would be fine. She told me about the several times that she’d been on blind dates, she hadn’t known what the guy was like until they met, some turned out to be very pleasurable whilst others, well she didn’t go out a second time with them.

It was only when I realised that everyone at work was packing up, switching off their computers and pulling on their coats to go home that I noticed that it was 5pm and time to head across town to start my weekend in rubber. After finishing up what I was doing I headed for the toilets to refresh my makeup, and make myself more presentable for my evening. Donning my coat I headed out into the street and hailed a passing cab, giving the driver the address I sat back and drifted off into my thoughts.

All too soon I was at the address and the cabbie was asking me if I was okay, my mind had been elsewhere and ignoring the leering stares the driver had been giving me in his driving mirror. I paid the driver and stepped out into the cool evening air, wrapping my coat around me to keep the warmth in. I stood there looking at the building in front of me, noticing the little details of the double storey building; it’s windows like eyes peering at me looking deep into my soul. The door seemed to be a mouth waiting to devour me as I stepped inside.

My nerves got the better of me for an instant and I turned to get back in the cab but I hadn’t heard it pull away, so lost was I in deep thought and confusion. Finding the cab gone I turned and looked back at the house only now the front door was open and a figure was standing there waiting for me. This man didn’t look like an axe murderer, though I’d never met one of those so how did I know how to compare the difference. He looked normal, dressed in shirt & slacks, he looked like every other guy and not some freak out to harm the next woman he came across.

“Hi you must be Jenny”. He asked breaking the ice and the gulf between us.

“Yes,” I nervously replied. “You’re…” then I looked around the street, we were out in the open and I wasn’t sure that calling him by his online name was wise at this point.

“Yes I’m Rbr_Bob”, he said matter-of-factly and seeming without care for anyone else who heard it.

My body relaxed at the sound of his name and that he’d openly stated it out here in front of his building. I managed to place my left foot in front of my right and start the journey towards his front door, the light now shinning down the pathway, a warm inviting glow that beckoned this female to enter the dwelling.

Rbr_Bob held out his hand as I got closer and I automatically reached out and grasped it, my hand shaking from both excitement & fear. He held my hand and with his other reaching around guiding in through the door and into the hallway of his home. I never heard the door close, he must have used his foot as his hands stayed with me until I realised I was now inside and was going to be here all weekend.

He asked me for my coat and as I shook it from my shoulders he took it and placed it in the cupboard in the hallway. He gently guided me in through the warm comfortable interior and I found myself in the living area and sat down at his invitation on the soft couch. I looked around expecting the see severed heads hanging from hooks on the wall only to find pictures of rubberclad figures in a variety of poses. The room seemed normal, though now that I was inside there was an air about the place and immediately brought back memories of when I’d first bought the latex skirt & blouse.

It was only when he offered me a drink and I sat back that I realized that the sofa was covered in rubber, soft latex that provided a comfortable place to sit and gave off that intoxicating aroma. Sitting there running my hands over the surface, feeling the smooth feel of the material I noticed that I started getting wet down below and was brought out of my thoughts when he handed me a glass containing my drink.

The conversation was a bit stilted at first but when we started talking about our online chats we started to thaw out and the mood seemed to change to one of more pleasant feelings and then we moved on to what would be happening this weekend. We spoke, or more so Rbr_Bob spoke of what we could do this weekend and what was going to happen. I spoke of my nervousness and my feelings and concerns.

Rbr_Bob then said that I could stop right now if I wished and there would be no hard feelings, if I wished to change my mind now was the time to say it.

I thought that maybe I’d hurt his feelings but he reassured me that nothing would happen this weekend that we hadn’t already discussed and played with online, that I would enjoy myself and live out some of my long held fantasies, we would both enjoy this weekend and that maybe there would be more in the future if we both enjoyed it.

He managed to put my doubts at ease and the conversation continued whilst I drank the scotch he gave me, then when we had both finished our drinks he asked if I was ready to start. He asked me one last time if I wanted to go through with the weekend. I answered by standing up and grabbing hold of his hand asked him where do we go?

He then led me from the main room and out to the stairs, heading up I followed behind watching him as he moved in front of me. We reached the landing and headed into the main bedroom and there waiting for me on the bed was a black shiny rubber catsuit, my own dolly outfit for the weekend. He invited me over and I ran my hands over the shiny smooth material, it felt cool to the touch and I felt elated and slightly turned on by the thought of wearing the catsuit.

He then said that once I placed myself in the suit that I would become his dolly and be his plaything for the weekend, that if I still wanted to change my mind that this was my final chance to do so. I looked at the black rubber laying there and envisioned myself enclosed within its grasp, the smooth skin covering mine in its glossy obsidian material.

My mind made up I started to take off my work clothes, Rbr_Bob stopped me and said to have a shower first and then told me about using the lubricant oils on my flesh before placing myself in the latex catsuit. He told me to call him when I was ready and that he would help finish off what I could not do if needed, but he wanted me to take my time to get myself ready and changed into the rubberdoll I was to become and that he would then take over from there.

After he left the room I stripped down and placed my clothes in the wardrobe, I’d be needing them come Monday morning as I hadn’t gone home beforehand to bring a change of clothing with me. Heading off to the shower I stood under the warm water and let the cares of the week wash away from me and go down the drain, I’d shaved my legs, armpits and elsewhere, if you know what I mean this morning, so this was more of a relaxing, indulgent shower.

Now refreshed from the shower I thoroughly dried myself and headed back out in the main bedroom and over to the bedside table, there I picked up the bottle of lubricant and began applying it to my legs, working the smooth oil over my flesh before heading further up my body and the apex of my legs, just the feel of the oil started to turn me on and then my hand brushed the tip of my sex, sending delightful little shivers throughout my body.

I refrained from oiling too much in ‘that’ area and quickly moved on to my tummy, I didn’t want to spoil myself for what I hoped would be a climax filled weekend. I rubbed oil on my breasts and my nipples came to attention like the good little soldiers they are, saluting me as they stood out proudly from both the touch and the cool air once the oil had coated them. My arms, shoulders and neck quickly followed, and I did as much of my back as I could reach.

I wiped my hands before picking up the catsuit, thinking that it would be too slippery to pull on with oily hands. I flicked out the suit and watched as the suit unfolded in front of me, the interior revealing itself and inviting me to place myself in its tight embrace. Slipping my left foot inside, the cool latex touching my skin sent goosebumps over my body, pushing further inside with my foot I eventually made my way down to the boot area of the catsuit. Here I had to push harder to get my foot to slide in and eventually my foot popped inside.

I repeated this with my right leg and again my foot popped into the boot area of the catsuit, I then carefully worked the latex up my legs, smoothing the material over my naked flesh and covering it with the inky black shiny suit. All too soon I was working the suit over my thighs and up towards my sex, gently brushing the material against my little pleasure centre and sending delightful tingles throughout my body. I was enjoying the experience of dressing, something I hadn’t done in years.

Pulling the suit up and over my hips, the suit settled and conformed to my body, my crotch neatly covered in the black latex. Now at my waist I followed Rbr_Bob’s instruction and stared to work my arms into the suit, he said that it would be easier to do it this way. Again starting with my left side I placed my hand in the suit, watching as it disappeared from view into the black material. When I reached the gloved area instead on the expected fingers as you would see in a glove, all there was was a mitten, the latex glove had no fingers just one flat surface so all fingers and thumb were joined.

Well I thought Rubberdolls don’t need fingers after all do they! And pushed my hand inside and then pulled the rubber up over my arm. I repeated this on the right side and soon the catsuit was covering my entire chest area, my breasts I’d worked into the rubber cups that presented themselves for the holding of my tender flesh. Now all that I needed to do was pull the hood over my head to complete the covering of my body with the rubber suit.

Waiting for me on the bed near to where the catsuit used to be was a simple rubber swimming cap, one that you’d use if you went swimming to keep the hair out of your face. Rbr_Bob had said that this would be helpful when closing the catsuit hood and would stop my hair from getting caught in the zipper. Swimming cap in place and all hair tidied away I lent forward to ease the hood of the catsuit over the top of my head.

I was immediately plunged into darkness and almost pulled the hood back off again, it was scary in the dark. Summoning up my courage I ploughed on and eased the rubber over the crown of my head and back down until it covered my skull, the zipper would close the rest. I moved my hands quickly to my face and adjusted the nose holes and open mouth into place. My eyes were covered in clear latex, allowing me to see out but were slightly blurred so I could not see too far. The mouth had rubber lips that covered my own and there was an insert that stood out like a small tube waiting to be pushed into my mouth. This covered my front teeth with the soft latex and I wondered how this would be used, and the wicked thought soon crossed my mind as to what use this would get.

Happy with the face part I reached behind me and started to close the zipper, there were two zips and Rbr_Bob had said to make them meet behind my neck, so the hood one only went down so far before I reached behind my back and pulled the other up to meet it’s counterpart. The suit tightened its grasp on my body as I closed the final zipper, each part of my body sending waves of pleasure as they were brought into closer contact with the latex catsuit.

Reaching its final destination I was now enclosed from head to toe in latex, the shiny suit glowed as it covered my body, enhancing my curves with its covering. I looked amazing from what I could see and looked around for a mirror to see my entire body in all its glory. As soon as I caught sight of myself in the mirror I gasped at what my reflection revealed, there standing there in front of me was this vision of rubber, the sight of my body covered in the black covering brought delightful squeals from somewhere deep inside me and I’m sure that I had a mini orgasm just standing there.

Looking down my latex coated body, it seemed that someone had painted my skin black, the glossy shine showing every delightful part of my body. My bottom looked fantastic, the material holding my cheeks slightly apart and showing off my booty to its best. I couldn’t resist running my hands over the latex covered flesh back there and it felt wonderful from the inside too.

My joy at finding my body looked so wonderful inside the latex catsuit and my explorations were brought to a halt with a gentle tap on the bedroom door and a voice calling out if I was ready.

Now more positive with myself, I answered that I was. And watched as the door opened and he stepped into the room, the look on his face was priceless, his eyes seemed to pop out of his head and it gave me great confidence and pride that I’d had this effect on him, he was a mere male after all!

He walked over and drank in the beauty that stood before him clad in the black latex catsuit, her body now completely covered in the shiny material showing off and enhancing her body’s natural curves. He remained speechless for what seemed like several minutes whilst he took in all that he saw in front of him. He was very pleased with what he saw.

“Wow! You look fantastic!” he said.

“Thank you, I feel very different inside here, it’s a wonderful feeling.” I replied.

“I’m very pleased that you find it that way.” He said. “Turn around and let me see you some more.”

So I turned around and let him see me from behind, he reached up and checked the zippers and made sure that I’d closed them properly, happy with the results so far he continued his inspection. Then he noticed that I hadn’t pushed in the inserts for my vagina and anus, I hadn’t noticed them myself with all the excitement, I’d done the one for my mouth but hadn’t spotted these but they were only an inch or so long. I moved my fingers down to my front and opening my legs pushed the latex inside of me, it slid in easily as I was very wet down there from all of the excitement of wearing the suit. It was a bit harder to push in the rear hole but I managed it, now I was ready for whatever was going to happen this weekend.

“Okay Rubberdolly, let’s get started”. He said. “From now on your are nothing more than a rubber dolly, mine to use and play with for my pleasure, everything that happens from now on will be done by me, you are just a rubber doll.”

I was just about to reply when he placed a finger on my lips.

“Rubber dolls don’t talk.” He said. “Lay down on the bed dolly.”

I moved over and laid back down on the bed, moving myself into the middle as instructed and lay there in anticipation of what he would do to me next.

“Now dolly must remain still and not move, no matter what I do to you, place yourself in dolly mode, relax and become the dolly you’ve always wanted to be.” He intoned.

I felt the cares of the world fall away as I continued listening to his voice, he seemed to be talking in a monotone voice, whatever he said registered and my body just let go and I lay there not wanting to move any part of my body, I felt relaxed and safe.

“Relax dolly, let your mind go, feel the latex become your skin, relax dolly, become one with the suit and be the dolly of your thoughts & dreams, relax dolly.” He continued.

I didn’t realise at the time that he was using hypnosis to help me become more doll like, but all I knew from my end was that I felt more & more like a doll, with each word I fell deeper into my role and function, I was a rubber doll, I am a rubber doll, I am his to play with.

“You are now my rubber dolly, let your mind go dolly, just enjoy the sensation of the suit becoming one with your body, you are my rubber dolly, my rubber dolly to use and play with.”

I felt every muscle in my body let go and relax, my mind began to clear and all the cares and worries of life drift away, listening to the voice coming from somewhere, I wasn’t sure where the sound was now coming from but felt contented from the sound of it. All my fears and concerns now gone, I lay there on the bed not knowing or caring about my surroundings, I was now just a doll and awaiting my master’s pleasure and touch.

The voice continued but I couldn’t make out the words, just the soft monotone drone that entered into me, taking all my thoughts away and allowing me to become the doll of my fantasies. I lay there staring forwards looking at the ceiling, but not knowing or caring what it was; nothing mattered to me anymore I was just a doll.

The first touch of his hand on my body was electric; I felt his hand on my tummy as he moved it across rubbing the latex. The feelings spread throughout my body and centred on my sex, everything seemed to be centred on that area. His hand moved upwards to my breasts and more electricity flowed through me, I felt more alive and wanted more of his touch. He played with my breasts squeezing and caressing them, sending delightful waves of pleasure around my body.

It seemed strange that I couldn’t move but then realised that I had no desire to move any part of my body, in fact I thought that dollies don’t move unless their owner moves them, dollies don’t think either and are only there to please their owner, my mind cleared of these thoughts and I got back into the intense pleasure I was feeling from his touch. His hands now continued their explorations of my latex clad body, moving where they will, running around my head, the latex hood conforming to the contours of my head.

He seemed to be taking his time with exploring my body, touching areas that normally my other lovers have never bothered with, shoulders, arms, my neck, he made sure to touch all the areas where the latex covered my now very sensitive flesh. My body felt more alive even though it was covered head to toe in latex, every touch seemed more intense than if I was just bare flesh, but each touch was on my now bare flesh, the thought suddenly flashed through my mind, the latex is my skin, I am made of latex.

He continued to speak as he touched me, sending me deeper into my conscious dolly state, not that I was now aware of this, but he knew what he was doing to me, every part of me he touched connected me to the latex catsuit and making me more like a rubber doll with every word and touch.

I felt myself being rolled over, I wanted to help but lacked the will power to move, I couldn’t move any part of my body and just let him move me as he wished. The touching and caressing continued along with the now seemingly unheard by me, monotone voice programming me into becoming his rubber doll. He ran his hands over the latex covered flesh, pausing every so often on certain areas and making sure that he played with my body until he was satisfied that I was now connected with the latex.

He then moved off of the bed to retrieve something, I was disappointed that he’d stopped playing with me, dolly wanted to be played with, dolly wanted to be used. Where did that come from? The thought ever so briefly crossed my mind and was then gone in a flash. Dolly will wait for her master to return, dolly likes her new owner. A great feeling of contentment moved throughout my body and my mind, I was happy that he’d played with me and would be happy to wait until he returned.

I felt his hand again on my body, I was happy that he’d returned and my body tingled all over at his touch. He’d gone to get a cloth and some polish to clean the latex catsuit, or should I say my new skin. Dolly likes it when she’s all nice and clean for her owner and she likes it when he cleans her body, the thought ran though my mind and took great pleasure in the way he was using the cloth to clean me.

He took his time, he knew that the more he touched of my body the more I connected to the latex covering me, I would become more in tune with the latex and the latex would become my new skin. All the time he continued talking with me, telling me what a good dolly I was and that he was pleased with me, all his words designed to send me deeper into ‘dollyspace’. That was the word I came up with after the weekend, where I experienced contentment and feeling as one with what we both desired me to become.

I was rolled back over and he continued to polish my latex skin, I now only thought of the latex catsuit as my skin, I was his rubber dolly and happy that he was playing with me. He took a long time to polish certain areas like my breasts, they seem to become more sensitive than normal, the flesh very pleasurable with any touch that he gave me there. He did the same with my sex, taking his time working the area until I was a bubbling cauldron down there and he managed to bring out my first climax as his rubber doll, I was seeing stars as the orgasm rushed throughout my body, being unable or unwilling to move any part of me seemed to enhance the feelings I got during orgasm, every part of my body seemed electrified, it sought out all corners of my being, every muscle, nerve and fibre joined in harmony and the waves continued crashing over my body.

He smiled as he noticed my climax, pleased that he’d connected my body with the latex, my mind with being his doll, everything he’d done had made me into his plaything, and now the final part had been my first orgasm, this would cement everything in place and keep me in this state until he decided to release me from this. I was a rubber dolly waiting for its owner to play, use and do whatever he wished to do with me and there was nothing I could or wanted to do to change this, I was his until he decided otherwise.

Now I was really just his plaything, a sex toy waiting to be used and played with, whatever he wanted to do from now on I would be powerless to stop, not that I had any desire to stop him, I now only wished to please him and let him do whatever he wished and gained pleasure from. I was just an object for his desire, a mere plaything, something to be used and then discarded. I was his rubberdolly.

He left me there on the bed as he got himself ready, dressing in a latex catsuit himself, closing the zipper and covering himself in a layer of latex, only without the hood like mine and with fingers on the gloves so he could use them. Now clad in the latex catsuit, we both looked like each other except for the difference in sexes, he had a cock sheath covering him whilst I had a tube inserted inside me and rubber lips forming the outer edges of my sex, just like my mouth.

Moving back to the bed he soon joined me and began running his hands over my limp body, caressing each part, more for himself than me, holding the power over me to touch me anywhere and however he pleased, I was just his plaything and he would have no regards for my feelings. His hands continued to play with me, each touch sending electric sparks through my body, I was thoroughly enjoying my master playing with me, pleased that he was using me.

All too soon he was climbing on top of me, moving my legs further apart with his own and positioning me ready for sex, he moved his body closer to mine until he was laying on top of me, reaching down he moved the head of his rubber coated penis to line up with the outer lips of my sexual being, the feel as he pushed himself in through the soft folds of my sex and into my inner sanctum was delicious, again my body responded with a surge of energy throughout my being. He lay there on top and savoured the feeling and the power he had over me.

He started to pump himself in and out of my sex, using me for his pleasure and at the same time bringing me immense delight and contentment, I was being used by my owner, this thought kept invading my mind, I must please my owner, I am his toy to be used and provide pleasure to keep him happy, a happy owner makes a happy dolly. My body felt at one with the latex skin, the touch of his latex covered body bringing wonderful sensations to my own, I felt more alive and extra sensitive with my new skin.

I was being used by my master, my owner and it brought me great joy as I lay there unable and more so unwilling to move any part of my body, I truly was his doll and enjoying being so. It felt even better when I felt him cum, his climax sending me over into my own orgasm, my body spasming with the sheer joy of bringing my master to climax and the waves continued to wash over me as he continued pumping into me, his seed being contained inside the rubber sheath he wore.

He lay there on top of me recovering from his exertions and the powerful climax he had just experienced, but he did not make to remove his member from inside me but kept it there. He was not finished yet not by a long way, he soon had recovered enough to start again and began moving himself inside me but this time at a slower pace.

Dolly was enjoying pleasing her master, dolly liked pleasing him, it was what dolly was made for. I was thoroughly lost in my dolly side that all that matter to me was pleasing him, not gaining pleasure for myself as I would if he were just another lover. I’d had plenty of lovers that had not giving me the satisfaction of an orgasm before they had had their own, much to my disappointment and their loss, because I invariably never went back out with them.

Now my master was going for his second climax, and it didn’t matter to me if I came or not, just the sheer joy of providing him pleasure was enough for me, his dolly. Though I did manage to orgasm this time before him, the climax overtook me and sent electric shocks throughout my limp body, laying there as he continued pumping into me until he reached his second for the night. He would recover and have a third before the night was out.

It was about the same time as he was having his third climax into me that mine overtook my body, whilst I could feel it throughout my body this seemed to more powerful and I must have blacked out. I awoke later not sure of who or where I was, I still could not move my body, the latex still covered my body and I lay in the same position that he’d left me. Though there was something different, it took me a while to realise that he’d placed headphones over my ears and that the noise I was hearing was not my voice but his, again in a monotone telling me what a good dolly I was, that I’d pleased him, my master.

There was also a subliminal message to keep up the conditioning of my mind into my doll persona, he was reinforcing what he’d done to me earlier, simple hypnotic techniques followed by reinforcement that would maintain my thoughts and desire to be his dolly.




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