My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 2: Stored & Displayed

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2011 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; conditioning; mc; rubberdoll; boxed; stored; display; corset; bond; encased; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: Stored & Displayed


When he awoke in the morning Rbr_Bob rolled over to check on his new rubber dolly, I was still laying there just as he left when he had finished using me last night, he’d placed the headphones on me and rolled over and quickly fell asleep, I must have worn my master out!

After he’d returned from the bathroom, he took the headphones off and then climbed back on the bed, he began running his hands over my latex flesh, again my body responded to his touch, my nipples became erect and moisture started flowing down below in preparation for sex. Which soon followed, he didn’t spend too much time playing with me and seemed more interested in using his ‘morning wood’! He was soon on top of me and entering into me, pushing in to my latex pussy and he began pumping himself into me again.

This time though it was all for him and his pleasure, I was happy that my master was using his dolly, a dolly was here to provide pleasure was the thought that ran through my dolly mind. All too soon he was grunting his pleasure into me, his climax short and brief and he lay there on me as he recovered. Dolly wanted him to continue, master was happy when he was using his dolly, and dolly was happy when master was using dolly.

He climbed off of me and got out of the bed; he reached over and pulled me towards the side of the bed and then lifted me and carried me into the bathroom. He placed me on the toilet and left me to use it, at first I was confused, was this where dolly was to stay until master wanted me again, was I to be stored here? Then master spoke, I couldn’t understand what he said but at that moment my body released a stream of warm fluid that at first shocked me, then I realised that I was actually just peeing, but at his command.

He reached down after the flow had finished and cleaned me with a washcloth, he was tender and took his time to make sure that I was thoroughly clean down there before he picked me up and carried me back into the bedroom, I was placed back on the bed whilst he went off and left the room. When he returned he’d brought a drink for me and whilst holding my head with one hand inserted the straw in my mouth with the other, again another command and I drank the fluid down automatically.

Satisfied that I was now clean and he had given me some fluid he brought over the soft cloth that he’d used the night before and repolished my latex skin until all of the marks that had been made during the night had been polished out and my latex skin was unblemished. I was his dolly to play with but also to maintain and keep clean, dolly liked being clean and ready for her master, dolly liked it when master played with her even if only to clean and care for her.

“There dolly all nice & clean,” he said, “Now let’s get you put away until later, can’t have a messy bedroom, everything has to be nice & tidy.”

He walked over the built in wardrobe and brought out a trunk that was stored there, he carried it over to the bedside.

“Here dolly, this is your box, you’ll be happy and safe in here until your master wants to play with you again.” He said.

At the words ‘play with again’ warm feelings spread throughout my body, my master wants to use me again, dolly likes being used, please use me again master, play with your dolly, dolly likes it when you play with her and use her.

He reached down and picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the now open trunk, I could see what he was going to do with me nor have the realisation of what he was about to do with me, if he hadn’t conditioned me to be his dolly I think I would have freaked out, but because I was his dolly it seemed natural to be put away, after all I was just a plaything, an object to be used, played with and then put away. I was pleased that he was taking the time to care for his dolly and tend to me.

He bent down and lowered me inside the trunk, the insides coming into the periphery of my vision, but in my dolly mind this was now my box, somewhere to wait until master wanted to use his dolly again, dolly liked her box because master had said that was were he wanted to put me.

Now resting on the floor of the trunk, my latex clad body flat against the base, he began folding my legs in and on top of me, my knees brought up and he placed my feet into the confines of the trunk, my hands already at my side, they had just flopped down into the trunk as my body was lowered inside. He positioned me so that my body was comfortably inside, my hands not under my body and my neck not bent and in any way would affect my ability to breathe.

Happy with the way I was inside the trunk, he intoned another command and my mind seemed to go blank and I felt that I must be asleep, though it didn’t feel like sleep to me, more a waking state of consciousness. I don’t know if my eyes closed or the darkness envelope me as he closed the trunk lid, sealing me inside, he didn’t need to lock it, I wouldn’t be getting out I was too far into my dolly space to care about what was happening to me, I was merely a doll and was put away.

The trunk moved, he had picked it up and had carried it back to it’s place inside the cupboard, now containing  his rubber dolly. I would remain here until he decided that he wanted me again, his play thing. I was now stored away and he closed the door of the cupboard and went away to get himself breakfast and do whatever he was going to do today.

Today was going to be a busy day for ‘Rbr_Bob’, because before I’d agreed to be his rubberdolly for the weekend he’d organised for a couple of friends and their partners to come over for a rubber party, ‘Rbr_Bob’ was renown for his parties, they involved lots & lots of rubber, bondage, sex, rubber and more sex. Everyone who’d attended one wanted to come back for more. But tonight he had a surprise for them, one that would be the talking point for sometime to come.

‘Rbr_Bob’ had several items of bondage equipment, cross frames, stocks, suspension harnesses and even a cage, he kept all this in his dungeon room but for parties he brought most of the equipment out into the larger main living area. He spent most of the day setting up his gear, rubber sheeting lining the walls, inflatable toys and cushions being blown up, all the while doing the occasional check up on his new toy stored away upstairs, checking on my breathing.

I didn’t know but he had a monitoring system inside the trunk, one to listen to me breathing and any distress signals, another that checked the oxygen/co2 levels inside, there were holes on both sides of the trunk that allowed air to filter through and a small fan to remove stale air and keep safe the levels of air inside the trunk.

Happy with how things were going with me inside the trunk, he continued getting the room ready for the party tonight. One of the main features that would be in the room tonight was a glass display cabinet, this was assembled and made ready, the glass sides fixed into the framework and the glass door hung, he moved it into place in the room and retrieved the display stand that slides inside to finish off the cabinet.

‘Rbr_Bob had already arranged for caterers to bring food, he was well stocked with drink but at his parties the main focus was on the rubber, the bondage and last but not least the sex. Nobody drank too much because they wanted to stay safe and enjoy the evening, and we all know girls that too much alcohol for guys does impair their performance! It’s hard to play with Mr. Softy as his owner goes to sleep!

Now that he had everything ready for the party he decided that it would be the best time to bring in his centre-piece, his new toy, his rubberdolly. Making up the stairs he walked into the quiet room, not a sound could be heard, his dolly was safely stored inside her box, and that box was stored inside the cupboard. Adjusting his latex outfit, making sure that his skin was covered he opened the door of the cupboard and dragged the trunk out.

I was laying inside thinking dolly thoughts, wondering when master would come and play with me again, I hadn’t moved nor felt any desire to do so, master had placed me here to keep me safe, I wanted to please my master, dolly likes to please her new master. I felt the trunk being moved and felt a rush of anticipation at the thought that I was about to get my wish, my master would again be playing with me.

He opened the trunk and looked in with admiration at his new rubber doll, she looked wonderful inside her box, her latex skin glistening with the light reflecting off her curves, she looked very sexy as she lay there waiting for him, he felt the power he had over her, she was his to do with as he wished, this had worked out brilliantly and all his dreams had come to fruition.

Master reached in and grabbed hold of me and lifted me effortlessly from the confines of my box, dolly was pleased to see master again, dolly was hoping that he would be playing with her again now, dolly didn’t mind being in the box but liked it even better when her master was near her. I was lifted clear of the trunk and taken over to the bed, he placed me down and I was ready for master to use me again.

But he moved away from the bed and left me laying there, he was putting the trunk back into the cupboard, my box was being put away so that would mean that master was going to be playing with his dolly for a while. He returned to me and began looking me over, running his hands over me and checking for any problems with the suit. Happy with what he found I was again taken to the toilet and commanded again to release any stored urine, cleaned and dried I was carried back out into the bedroom.

‘Rbr_Bob’ loved the sight of his new doll, she looked stunning in her latex suit, every inch of her covered in the tight embrace of the latex, turning her into a fetish object, her mind controlled by him, conditioned to be his rubber doll. But he needed to get her ready for tonight, he needed to add a couple of things before she would be ready for the evening and the centre piece of his party.

He retrieved a couple of items from his drawers, one was a latex corset, another was a posture collar and lastly were the ‘fuck-me’ boots, these would cover her entire legs and hold them rigid. Placing the items on the bed next to his rubber dolly he began by rolling her around until he was satisfied that the corset was in the correct place, fastening up the front of the corset he was impressed with how it looked on her.

I felt my master moving me about and he began placing something around my waist, he seemed to be intent on making sure it was correct, moving me around until the thing he was applying was in the right place. He then began closing up the front of the object, dolly was really happy at this point for her master was taking the time to play with her, he was dressing me up and it sent delightful little shivers through me.

He rolled me over so I lay face down on the bed, he made sure that I could breath easily and then started pulling at something behind me, it was the object he was placing around dolly’s middle, dolly didn’t know or care what it was called, she was just happy to be wearing it because that was what her master wanted her to wear.

‘Rbr_Bob’ had turned her over to lay face down, turning her head slightly to maintain her airway, he started to work on the laces of the corset, pulling them to tighten them and enclosing her waist in the tight embrace of the boned latex corset. Each time he brought the drawstrings out and pulled, the more the corset enclosed and tightened on her waist, pulling it in and making it thinner, not that it was too big to begin with but this corset would enhance her waist and make her look like a fetish dream.

Tying off the laces for now he would let the corset settle before a final pulling to get the last millimetres out of it and draw the two sides together. Reaching for the collar he placed it around her neck, whilst this would restrict her movement that wasn’t the aim of applying this collar, after all his dolly wouldn’t move unless commanded, he’d made sure of that with her conditioning, he’d had a lot of experience with hypnosis and the condition of individuals, so he knew that his dolly would remain motionless until told by him to move, and that wouldn’t be happening for sometime yet.

I felt something enclose my neck, again I wasn’t sure nor concerned about what it was, my master again wanted me to wear this and I would do anything to please my master, plus the fact was I couldn’t move nor desired to move and was content to allow my master to continue placing me in whatever he wanted, it felt great whatever he was doing and his dolly loved the fact that it was being played with.

The posture collar now placed around her neck ‘Rbr_Bob’ fastened the straps around the back of the collar, tightening them to close the gap but making sure that it was not too tight to restrict his dolly’s breathing. The collar held her head firmly and upright, lifting her chin upwards and hold her head in place. Now he rolled his dolly back over and onto her back, it was time to add the boots.

These he worked up her legs one at a time, they were made of leather, one item that he made an allowance for if he couldn’t get the right item in latex. These boots went all the way up her legs and covered them, the front of the boots laced up from the ankles to the top near the crotch. They would hold her legs straight and she would be unable to bend them, if she were able to. Other who’d worn them found it difficult to walk in them, they weren’t designed to be walked in, these were pure ‘fuck-me’ boots. They drew the eye up the laces until you reached the top and there would lay the crotch of the wearer, your eyes drawn like moths to a flame to that area.

Dolly felt her master move her over, he’d finished with the thing around her neck, her head was held in place and it stopped dolly’s annoying habit of her head flopping about, each time her master had moved her her head had been loose and had rolled around, now that the thing around her neck was fitted it stopped that, dolly was pleased that her master had fitted it, she didn’t realise until now just how far her neck had been moving. Dolly was pleased. Now dolly had been moved again on the bed and something was being placed on her legs, again this was what he master wanted so it pleased dolly that he was putting it on her, she again didn’t have a clue what it was called, nor concerned with names of the items master had dressed her with, only pleased that master was playing with her.

Happy with the end result of the boots after he finished pulling & tying the laces, something that had taken a great deal of time, luckily he thought that he’d decided to start early getting his dolly ready for tonight, he needed the time to get her ready and then himself. The boots done it was time for one last pull and stretch of the laces that held the corset and she would be ready.

Finally content with what he’d dressed his rubber doll in, all of the laces pulled tight, the boots looked great, the corset pulled in her waist and enhanced it, the collar keeping her head in an upward position she was finally ready. He placed his arms around her waist and picked her up, hoisting her over his shoulder he carried her from the room, a fetish dream come true.

Dolly was pleased with what her master had dressed her in, she could see that he was happy with what she was now wearing, she felt wonderful inside, the tight corset holding her waist, the boots keeping her legs straight and the collar keeping her head still. She was even more of a dolly now and felt very happy inside her dolly mind that he’d taken the time and effort to dress her, play with her and make her more his object and plaything, dolly was content.

She then felt herself being lifted and placed over his shoulder, master was carrying her, dolly was very happy to hang there as he took her out of the room, not concerned where he took her, dolly was just pleased that master was paying attention to her, hopefully he would play with me some more, maybe send more delightful little shivers through dolly and bring pleasure to them both. Dolly is happy when her master is happy.

‘Rbr_Bob’ carried her down the stairs and into the main living area now set out for tonight’s party, there against the wall was the display cabinet and soon his new dolly would be the centrepiece for tonight’s events. Moving over to where the stand was he placed his rubber dolly down until her feet touched the floor, holding on to her and keeping her steady, he gave to command for her to stand. Automatically she responded and her legs held her upright, the first time since she’d entered the house.

Dolly was slightly giddy at behind carried upside down, the blood had rushed to her head especially after laying down for so long. But as soon as she heard the command from her master she automatically regained the use of her legs and stood there, steady and waiting for further instruction. Dolly could finally see around the room, she didn’t recall being here before, but then it didn’t really matter to dolly where she was as long as she had her master with her and he was right here with her now. Dolly was happy.

‘Rbr_Bob’ grabbed hold of the display stand, once he was happy that his dolly wasn’t going to fall over, he made sure to lubricate the insert on the middle of the stand, and then open the metal fetters at the base of the stand, also the metal collar was ready and open, waiting to hold his rubber dolly in it’s grasp.

Picking up his dolly again, this time by lifting her and hold each leg at the top of her thigh, he carried her over to the stand, lifting her over and centring her rear hole over the insert he lowered his doll down until the insert started to probe her rear opening, the lubrication would help ease this inside her and he continued to lower her until her feet touched the base of the display, the insert now firmly inside her. Reaching up he placed the metal collar around her neck and closed it, the lock clicking securing her to the stand. Then down to the fetters around the ankles, these closed again locking her to the stand, now she was bound to the stand and held in three places, neck, ankles and the insert up her rear.

Dolly felt the cold metal touch her rear, she was at first shocked but it was more the cold than the insertion, though dolly didn’t care, she was happy that master had placed her here, dolly’s alter self would have been horrified at the intrusion, her rear was virgin territory, others had tried to coax her into anal sex but she felt repulsed at their suggestions. Now being her master’s dolly, she was happy and didn’t feel any pain at the insertion of the metal insert in her rear, dolly was pleased that one of her holes was being played with, dolly liked her holes played with and she hoped that master would use her other holes for his (and her) pleasure.

‘Rbr_Bob’ was pleased with what he’d done so far with his new dolly, he’d dressed her in latex, conditioned her and made her into his rubber doll, his to command at will and use however he wanted. Now she looked great on the display stand, the metal bands securing her contrasting against the black latex of her suit. He wondered to himself if he should see what she thought if he released her from his command, what would she think now she was his latex bondage slut, no he preferred her as his dolly and would keep her that way.

One final thing to do before he was finished with displaying his rubber doll, that would be to add the armbinder, this would tidy up her arms and make her the fetish display object that he required for this evening. His doll displayed for all his friends to admire and envy. The armbinder went on fairly quickly, her arms now secure behind the stand, the straps holding it in place running around her shoulders. One final polish and she would be ready.

Dolly felt her arms being pulled behind her, she’d loved being placed her by her master, even the insert in her rear to hold her on the stand felt good. The boots keeping her legs straight, the corset holding her waist, the collar around her neck, all combined to keep dolly held in place, all felt wonderful on their own but when combined they felt fantastic, even better that her master continued to play with her, dolly was content in her own skin.

Now her arms were being placed behind her, her arms would be out of the way, dolly didn’t need her arms she thought unless master required her to use them, dolly was pleased that her master didn’t need her to use them, like her head which had stopped flopping about because of the thing master had placed around her neck, her arms would be kept tidy with whatever master was doing with them, dolly liked to be tidy, she knew it pleased her master, after all he’d tidied her away earlier, so master liked things tidy and she liked to please her master.

Her arms now secured in the armbinder, one last check and she would be ready to go inside the glass cabinet, a fetish rubber dolly for all the world to see, an object of desire, a plaything for those who wished to play with, a woman that he’d met on the internet now reduced to a mere rubber object. He admired the woman that stood before him clad in latex, bound and contained, she looked fantastic and if it weren’t for his friends arriving shortly he would have taken her and used at least one or two of her holes for his own pleasure.

But he needed to get himself ready, he wanted to look his best tonight this was a special night, especially now he had his centrepiece in place. He wondered what they would say when they saw her. He had planned it so that they would think of her only as a rubber doll, not that it was really a woman bound in latex, contained inside the glass cabinet, he hoped that they wouldn't guess too quickly the truth.

He grabbed hold of the display stand and moved it on the wheels holding the stand off the floor, pushing it backwards and towards the glass cabinet, the stand slid inside there were two running tracks near the base that the stand fitted into and the base became the floor of the cabinet. The stand touched the rear of the cabinet and clicked into place. Now the stand and cabinet were one, a switch at the rear needed to be engaged to release the stand from the cabinet now.

One final check over of the object held on the stand, a couple of touches with the rag to polish the latex and his rubber doll was ready to be displayed. He reached for the front of the cabinet and started to close the door, all the time admiring the contents, she looked fantastic there, a real doll, one that he hoped would fool his guests later. The door closed with another click, she was now locked inside the cabinet, only he had the means to free her, she was just a display object now, the centre piece of his party.

Dolly felt the stand she was held to being moved, she wasn’t concerned her master was the one moving her, he must want me in this position she thought, I like to please my master and if he wants me here then I must be pleasing him, another delightful little shiver rocked her body. She felt the stand come to a stop, ‘master must want to play with me now’ she thought. She saw him reach in and began rubbing the cloth over her doing a final clean, only to her this as him playing with her, she was content and felt the touch of the cloth against her latex skin, it brought great pleasure to her and she took great delight in the attention she was receiving from her master.

She then felt him stop touching her, she felt empty suddenly now that his hands had left her flesh, she wished that he would continue, bring her pleasure and in turn for him to please him. Then she saw him closing the glass door in front of her, sealing her inside the cabinet. ‘Dolly was being put on display’, she thought, ‘just like my box, master has tidied me away but this time I am here on display for his pleasure.’ Dolly was suddenly happy now she realised that she was being displayed, but she still hoped that her master would return to play with her soon.

‘Rbr_Bob’ left her inside the glass cabinet, happy with what he saw in front of him, his rubber dolly was inside the glass cabinet for all his friends to see later, now it was time for him to get ready and welcome his guests.




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