My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 3: Party Decoration

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2011 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/mf; group; latex; catsuit; mc; rubberdoll; display; corset; bond; encased; tease; tickle; bdsm; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: Party Decoration


I was left stood on the display stand in the glass cabinet, ‘Rbr_Bob’ had left the room, I watched as he left through to door, now I was alone, stored like a good dolly should be when not being played with but this had the benefit for me of being able to see and be seen, I was an object on display. I took the time to look around from what I could see with my limited vision. The collar did a wonderful job of holding my head still, not that I would have moved anyway but it helped to keep my head still. All I could do was look straight out, my eyes fixed like any other doll, but I could see the cross like frame on the wall opposite me, the straps at the top of the timber and I wondered to myself what it was and what it would be used for, and also if dolly would be going on there, it would be great fun for dolly to be attached to the frame and master to play with me, dolly likes being played with.

Content with myself in my current situation, pleased that my master had placed me in here dressed as I was, inside my glass display cabinet, dolly loved being on display because her master had placed her in here so it must have pleased him to do so, and therefore it pleased dolly because she’d made her master happy. Dolly drifted off into dolly like thoughts, no longer concerned with her surroundings, just happy that her master was happy.

‘Rbr_Bob’ had been getting himself ready for the party upstairs, changing his latex catsuit to one that included an open face hood, but covered his feet and hands in the black latex. He brought out the cloth used to shine dolly earlier and cleaned up any marks on his outfit, making sure that the suit was shiny and buffed to a gloss finish. He liked to look his best especially when he had guests over. Happy with the way he looked, he checked the clock, nearly time he thought, they would be here soon.

Walking back downstairs and into the main living area where he’d prepared everything for tonights festivities, he looked over to the glass display cabinet and there contained within his centrepiece for tonight, his new rubber dolly stood there on display, the black latex contrasting the metal shackles holding her to the stand. He was really pleased with what he saw, she looked fantastic and again he wondered if anyone would guess that she was a real woman inside there, not just a rubber doll, though she was now just his rubber doll waiting for him to play with and command.

His thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rang and it sounded the arrival of his first guests, he moved back out of the room and opened the front door and there stood before him where two people clad head to toe in latex, at first in the darkness outside he was unsure if they were male or female, he bade them enter and directed them into the main room for the evening. Soon more people arrived, all clad in various form of latex dress, with and equal mix of partners, males & females plus a couple of singles who would later on find mutual playmates.

Everyone helped themselves to drink and food, everything was laid out for them to enjoy and it seemed just like a normal social gathering except for the fact that everyone was wearing latex, some clad head to toe whilst others had come in dresses, outfits and costumes. ‘Rbr_Bob’ was pleased with the way things were going so far, his parties were always a success, and people talked about them afterwards with great praise and enjoyment.

Dolly had been looking out of her display cabinet lost in her dolly thoughts and waiting for the return of her master, she was brought back by the sight of him entering the room, he’d changed his outfit and was now more covered in latex, just like her new skin, maybe my master is getting a new skin too she thought, maybe he’ll play with soon too. She was disappointed about the playing when he suddenly left the room again, her master was gone, when will he come back and play with dolly – dolly likes it when he plays with me.

She then saw the first of the guests arrive in through the door, these were the two clad in latex, dolly felt a pang of jealousy at the first sight of these two, she thought that master had gotten two new dollies and that maybe he wouldn’t want to play with this dolly anymore, dolly was now sad, the two new dolls were dressed similar to what she was wearing, she could see the corsets & collars they were wearing, and their latex skin also glistened in the light showing off their bodies just like hers had done. Dolly was then happy for her master that he’d found more dollies to play with, after all dolly must make her master happy it’s what she was made for, now dolly was more pleased and contented, but she still hoped that she would be played with soon.

Then more people came into her view, these were different dollies, surely master cannot play with all of these dollies, she thought. Her dolly mind became confused at seeing so many other dollies, but she didn’t realise that these weren’t dolls but people dressed in latex. Her thoughts were interrupted when the first two dolls noticed her inside the cabinet and came over for a closer look.

They were amazed at what the cabinet contained, to be truthful they were jealous of the new dolly and would have loved at that moment to be the doll inside the display cabinet. As more people arrived they mingled and more came over for a closer look at the centrepiece, his new doll in the display cabinet, they all spoke about it and when asked ‘Rbr_Bob’ stated that it was a new rubber doll he’d acquired and he seemed to be very pleased with what people were saying about his new doll.

The party continued, more food and drinks were consumed, the music played in the background, the conversation was good and after the initial comments made about the new doll, she was soon just regarded as another object in the room, with the occasional glance by some who remained envious of her place and wished themselves in the dolls place. Soon people started to play with the various items about the place, one was strapped into the cross frame against the wall, another dolly on display came one comment, and indeed she did look like another rubber doll on display.

Dolly saw the others move around the room, amazed that these dolls could move, stand, eat and do things that she couldn’t, maybe it made master pleased that these ones move and that I don’t, maybe I’m more special in that I don’t move, if master wanted me to move he would make me, so therefore because I cannot move I must be pleasing my master and dolly was happy with that thought.

She continued to watch and then she saw another dolly being put on display in front of her, the cross frame she’d seen earlier was now being used by another dolly, she’d wondered what her master would do to her if he placed her on there and how she would have looked. Now unfolding in front of her was this other dolly being fasten in place by another of the dolls, strange why isn’t master placing his doll on there, she thought.

She saw her master walk over and watch as the new dolly was fastened to the cross, he seemed to be pleased with what was happening, so master was happy for another doll to play with another dolly. Master seemed very pleased when the other dolly started to play with the body of the other tied doll, the dolly ran it’s hands all over the body of the bound doll, the doll on the cross also seemed to like this and moved around as it was being played with.

Then a ball was placed in the dolls mouth, it seemed to be connected to straps that went around her head and covered the dolls mouth. Dolly wondered what this device was for, and why wasn’t she wearing one, master had not used one on her and she wondered why not. But master seemed happy with what his newer dollies were doing, so she was pleased because he was happy.

One of the guests had tied his partner to the cross frame, she was bound and held by the straps, helpless to anyone who wanted to touch and tease her, on display just like the dolly in the cabinet. Her husband had brought out a gag and pushed it into her mouth, fixing the straps behind her head and making sure her noises were kept to a minimum. He tested this by tickling her as she was held bound to the cross, defenceless against his onslaught and being watched by several members of the party.

She was left tied there and on display and she looked across at the dolly in the cabinet, as though that they now shared a similar fate, something to be admired, played with and then discarded. These thoughts sent delightful shivers through her body and she moved on the cross trying in vain to enhance the feelings or get someone to play some more with her.

The party continued, more people started to play with the various items, another rubber clad party goer was now in the stocks, his wife had pulled him over by the chain attached to his collar and made him place his feet in the foot stocks and then bent him forward and made him put his neck and hands into the headboard, securing him in place, he was now just another object in the room, one that could be played with by all there. That was one of the unwritten rules of these affairs, anyone bound could be played with by anyone at the party.

Another rubber clad woman was soon using a crop to warm up his rear, taking her time she beat out several strokes on his latex covered cheeks, the soft flesh under the latex stinging with each blow. The gag in his mouth kept the sounds down to grunts as she connected with his rear again and again. His wife taunting him for being such a rubber slut, saying that he deserved to be punished. She also picked up a riding crop and then both of them took it in turns to beat out a tune on his rear.

They brought themselves up to fever pitch by beating him, though not too hard to draw blood, the aim was to provide pleasure through pain, but they brought out more intense feelings something they would soon work out between them as they fell backwards and down on to an inflatable cushion and began exploring each others latex clad body. Her husband now ignored by both of them as their bodies entwined on the soft latex beneath him.

More of the guest began to play, the ice now broken and several were either in bondage or being played with by someone else. The woman on the cross was now being played with by one of the single women who’d come to the party, whilst the husband of the woman was busy elsewhere with another woman who’d come in a Catwoman catsuit, exploring the outlines of the suit and the contents within.

‘Rbr_Bob’ had himself been dragged over to the latex covered sofa and was currently being played with by two latex clad figures, these were the first two to arrive and he still was unsure if they were male or female, they appeared to be androgynous rubber figures and he wasn’t concerned either way as he was enjoying what they were doing to him. Occasionally he’d look over at his rubber dolly in the display case and wonder if he should bring her out so people could play with her, then the thought would be swept aside by the ministrations of the latex couple.

Dolly had seen the newer dolly being tied to the cross opposite her earlier, then after some brief play the newer dolly had been left, just as she was, now discarded and left for some other time to be played with again. She felt a pang of sympathy for the other dolly, played with and then left, she hoped that they would both be played with soon, maybe master would let one of the other dollies play with her too, if that would please master then it would please dolly too.

Later she saw another of the newer dollies start to play with the other dolly in front of her, she wished that someone would play with her too but she was happy for the dolly across from her as she was now being played with, that’s what dolls are made for, being played with, dressed and displayed. She was dressed and displayed, her master had taken the time and cared for her before placing her here, her thoughts drifted back to the time she’s been played with last, pleased with what she remembered, she was happy and content and would wait for whatever her master wanted of her.

Everyone in the room was now engaged with one or more people, several were bound, others had changed position and were now bound themselves. The woman on the cross had been released by the woman who was playing with her; they’d fallen on to the floor in an embrace and explored each other to their mutual satisfaction. Now the first woman was tying the other to the cross in her place and after an initial tickling session had left her to explore more of the party.

‘Rbr_Bob’ had been brought off into his latex sheath by the androgynous twins a couple of times, each one had taken a turn on using their mouth on his erect member and brought him to two wonderful climaxes. They now turned their attentions to another man clad head to toe in a dark crimson latex catsuit; the shine was very glossy and would have taken a long to time to get that level of gloss. He fell under the weight of the twins and was soon bound on the floor by them on an inflatable bondage bed.

The two women by the stocks had brought themselves to several satisfying orgasms and also took great delight in denying the one in the rack any comfort or release. Now they had moved off into different directions, one had cuddled up to ‘Rbr_Bob’ whilst the other had joined another couple and was placing one of them in a latex sleepsack. Now bagged and helpless they soon turn their attentions from the bagged victim to each other.

The guy in the stocks was left there; others had taken turns in beating him with various paddles, crops and canes. One male had crawled under and brought out the man’s erect member and had started sucking it, only to be dragged away by the man’s wife who was intent on denying him any pleasure or release tonight. That man had been grabbed and bound on the floor, bundled into a rubber sack and left in the corner of the room; he would be left there the remainder of the evening.

The party goers continued swapping partners; there were arms and legs everywhere, many in a position of mutual enjoyment bringing each other to wonderful climaxes. Several now forgotten bound where they were, one remained bagged in the sleepsack, the other bagged in the corner, the guy remained in the stocks and the woman bound to the cross frame. Someone had brought out several bottles of lube and once a plastic sheet was down on the floor, all of the latex clad figures were writhing on the sheet, the lube allowing sensual rubbing of each others body, sliding over each other.

Everyone started to get exhausted from the activities as the night wore on, rubber clad figures were laying in several parts of the floor, some cuddled up to each other. Dolly had seen some of the activities but the collar had stopped her from moving her head, she would not have moved anyway unless commanded by her master to do so, but she only caught glimpses of the newer rubber dollies playing with each other, she’d been forgotten now that the party was in full swing, she was just another object on display.

Then it all started to go quiet, the sister dolly in front of her was still there on display, she thought of the other dollies as her sisters now, they all shared the same master so they all belong to him and therefore must be sisters, her dolly logic working as she tried to sort out what was happening in front of her. Dolly was still contented to remain where her master had placed her, he had wanted her to be here and she would do as her master wanted.

People started to clean themselves up, untie their partners who they’d come with and head home, everyone had had a great time and thanked ‘Rbr_Bob’ for the wonderful time they’d had this evening. Eventually it got down to just ‘Rbr_Bob’ and another two people, long time friends of his and they stayed behind to help clean up. Once or twice dolly caught the eye of the woman, she looked over at dolly every so often, dolly was pleased that someone was paying attention to her.

Now that things were partly in order, the glasses and food cleared away, the rest could wait for the morning. ‘Rbr_Bob’ was looking forward to bed, maybe he’d take his new doll out of the cabinet and take her to bed with him or maybe he would leave her there, he did start to feel tired after all it been a long day. She would be safe there for a few more hours.

It was then that ‘Rbr_Bob’ noticed that his friend was being bagged by his wife on the floor, the latex sleepsack covering his latex clad body in its grasp. He bent down to give her a hand, now assuming that they would be staying to play some more, or even overnight as they had in the past. He would have to leave his rubber dolly in her cabinet after all, he still didn’t want to reveal that she was really a woman after all not just a rubber doll.

Satisfied with the way her husband looked in the sleepsack, she pulled another hood over his head to block out any light and sound, he was truly sealed inside the sack and hood, not an inch could be seen of his body, he was just a latex worm on the floor on the room. She made a drink for ‘Rbr_Bob’ and herself, she slipped something in his drink, something that would relax him and let her have her way with him, not that he would have objected they had played several times in the past but she had plans for him tonight and wanted him out of the way.

The drink soon took effect, that and the tiredness that came over ‘Rbr_Bob’, he soon drifted off into slumber and now she could put her desires into action. She’d eyed the doll all evening and wanted to play with it herself, something about it attracted her to it, she wasn’t sure what it was but she would find out.

Dolly stood still in her cabinet, the other dolls seemed to have gone, only one or two remained with her master, one had been looking at her most of the evening. Even the sister dolly that was being displayed in front of her was now gone. She would have to wait for her master to fetch her when he wanted to play with her again, she seemed happy and contented with that.

Now that ‘Rbr_Bob’ was out of it she started to put her plan into action, first she would remove the rubber doll from the display cabinet, she found the release mechanism for the door, it opened and she got her first close-up glimpse of the dolly inside the cabinet, she looked fantastic dressed as she was, the boots leading the eye upwards, the corset circling the waist tightly holding her in place, the collar holding the head regally in position. The stand finally holding the pose that the doll was forced into, held rigid by the fetters, she hadn’t seen the rear being invaded yet, that would be a surprise.

Dolly was pleased that the door to the cabinet had been opened, maybe it was time for her master to take her out and play with her now that the other dollies had been put away as she thought, not that they’d gone home at the end of the evening, she’d only seen them as other dolls because she’d seen her master play with them, they must be dollies.

She was surprised to see the latex clad face of the woman who’d been looking at her most of the evening, the others had done so at first but had later ignored dolly in her display cabinet, too involved in what they were doing to each other, the doll in the cabinet was a forgotten object now. But this woman had been looking at dolly on & off most of the evening, now here she was standing in front of dolly, she wondered if master had sent her to fetch her so he could play with his dolly or maybe this dolly wanted to play with her, she didn’t mind as long as someone played with her and it pleased her master to do so.

Soon the woman had worked out where the switch was to release the display stand from the cabinet and she was wheeling the display dolly out into the open space of the main room. She bent down and unlocked the fetters around the dolls ankles, the boots looked great on this doll legs. A fetish dream held in all it’s glory by the stand. Next she stood up and released the collar, she pulled on the dolly but she still seemed fixed to the stand somehow.

Looking around the waist she suspected the corset was fixed to the stand, the armbinder would also be causing her to stay affixed, she would have to remove both. She set to the armbinder first, untying the laces until it was loose enough to pull the dolls arms out of the enclosure. She placed this item behind her on the floor and then went to remove the corset, she started to untie the laces that held the dolly tightly in the embrace on the constriction garment.

Dolly was loving the attention, this latex dolly was starting to undress her, dolly liked playing dress-up and hoped that she would get to be dressed in something else now when she was released from these clothes. Her arms flopped to her side when the armbinder was removed, she let them hang there, after all she hadn’t been told to move them and dolly liked to please her master. Next she felt the corset around her middle start to loosen, she could breathe slightly easier now that the tightness had gone, but she started to miss the constriction of the corset, the way it held her rigid, she felt loose and floppy without it.

The woman continued working the laces down from the top until she reached the base of the corset, then she noticed something, there was an attachment to the stand, a piece of metal that went down and disappeared beneath the doll, she followed it around and saw that it entered the rear of the doll, ‘That’s what’s holding it to the stand’ she thought. She moved back around the front and placing her hands on each bottom cheek of the latex doll she lifted the doll until it was clear of the stand.

She carried the doll over and laid it down on the latex sofa, the corset now loose enough for the front fastenings to be released. She didn’t give it a second thought about the display stand disappearing into the doll, that was the way mannequins were displayed she reasoned, so she would expect it on a dolly display stand. She did begin to wonder what if would feel like impaled on the stand, but her thoughts returned to the job in hand.

Dolly felt herself being lifted clear of the rear invader, she now felt empty back there, she had grown to like the metal stand holding her in that spot. Though she’d never experienced anything in her real life probing that forbidden hole, she has grown to like it and wished that something would soon replace it. Meanwhile this other dolly was continuing to undress her, she seemed nice and was removing all of the things her master had placed on her, she hoped that her master would be happy with her and that this doll had master’s permission to do this.

The woman successfully removed the corset and it joined the collar on the floor, now it was the turn of the boots, she unlaced them as quick as she could, she didn’t want ‘Rbr_Bob’ to come out of his slumbers until she was ready. The boots finally off, they too joined the pile on the floor. The doll now just dressed in its latex catsuit, she would leave her for now and get on with her plans.

Dolly was finally naked, back in her latex skin, all of the things her master had dressed her in now gone. She felt exposed and wished to cover up but couldn’t move even if she wanted to, her master had seen to that. This dolly had removed everything and now left her laying on the sofa, dolly wondered what was going to happen and where her master was, something she would find out later.



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