My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 4: Changing Places

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2011 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; F/f; latex; catsuit; rubberdoll; mc; drug; encased; corset; bond; bagged; boxed; toys; sex; anal; climax; revenge; cons/nc; X

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Part 4: Changing Places


She’d removed all the fetish gear from the latex doll that was in the display cabinet. Now she was going to put her plan in action, she’d been thinking of doing this all night, especially when she first spotted the doll inside the cabinet, a fetishist dream come true. The corset, collar and boots covering the latex catsuit would be many peoples dreams and fantasies.

‘Rbr_Bob’ was still soundly knocked out on the sofa, her husband was tightly bagged on the floor and out of the way, the dolly was removed and undressed, now she could put her desire into action and enjoy the rest of the evening her way.

Dolly was delighted to find that her master was with her on the sofa, she’d fallen down when the other dolly had placed her here on the sofa and she saw her master sitting there, she wondered why he didn’t move or begin to play with her, maybe he was pretending to be a dolly too, she was pleased to play along with her master’s wishes and laid there near him, looking at him as he sat there still and unmoving on the sofa next to her. Dolly was contented.

This wouldn’t last long, the woman had other plans for ‘Rbr_Bob’ that she was about to put in place. After placing the dolly down on the sofa she moved over to the piles of fetish gear she’d removed from the doll, and began preparing it for reuse. The laces of the boots, corset & armbinder were moved to their extremes, ready to be used again to hold the next victim and entrap them in their grasp.

She moved over to ‘Rbr_Bob’ still out from the drug she’d slipped in his drink. She knew that he wouldn’t agree to do this voluntary but she was going to make it happen, whether he liked it or not, she was in charge now. Grabbing the first boot she placed it around his leg, his foot was squeezed in with some effort. She’d seen him wear these before, indeed they’d both worn these items in past times of play, she remembered the last time she was bound by both of them and left tightly tied whilst they went off to a local club. She felt cheated of a night out and this was her revenge to get back at them both.

The boots were tied as quickly as she could, she didn’t want him awake just yet, so she would have to move quickly before the effects wore off. The corset soon joined around his slim waist, he kept himself trim and could wear many items that women wore, making him look feminine with the rubber clothing he wore. The collar followed, holding his head rigid along with his waist and his legs with the boots & corset. She grabbed hold of his arms and placing them over her shoulders she heaved him from the sofa and moved him over to the display stand.

Dolly felt her master moving off of the sofa and wondered what was happening, maybe he had stopped pretending that he was another dolly and would soon be playing with her, she hoped that would be the case. Though dolly was to be disappointed when she saw the other dolly pull her master away from her and over to the display case.

Now that she had ‘Rbr_Bob’ in her arms she manoeuvred him towards the display stand, she placed his feet on the base of the stand and moved him backwards until the metal collar encircled his neck she closed this to hold him in place. Next she placed the metal fetters around his ankles, now he was secure on the stand she could take more time, even if he awoke he would not be able to get free now.

She picked up the armbinder and placed this on his arms, securing them behind him and safely out of the way. ‘Rbr_Bob’ was now dressed just like his dolly had been, was standing on the display stand just like dolly and looked just like another rubber doll. She thought about how she was going to get the metal insert inside him, she wanted him to suffer the full effect.

She moved behind the stand and looking at the rear pole she noticed that the insert was adjustable, she began to lower the insert down, moving it between his legs, she then moved it back up, she made sure that the rear zipper on his catsuit was open and she then moved the insert to probe his rear opening, once she was happy with where it was she pushed up hard and the insert disappeared inside of him.

This intrusion brought ‘Rbr_Bob’ back to the land of the living, the cold anal intruder shocked him out of his stupor. The metal collar bringing him up short as he tried to move away from whatever was at his rear, his ankles now held securely by the metal fetters, his arms held useless behind him, he was truly trapped and stuck on the display stand.

Dolly had heard noises coming from where her master had been taken to by the other dolly, she felt disappointed that she wasn’t’ being played with too, it wasn’t fair that the other dolly should get to play with her master and she missed out. She hoped that her master was enjoying himself, because then he would be happy and dolly liked to keep her master happy.

Her master wasn’t too happy with where he found himself, the anal intruder had awoken him from his dreams, only to find out he was bound to the display stand somehow, he didn’t have a clue how it had happened and wondered who was doing this to him. He didn’t have long to wait to find out as she walked out in front of him with a big smile on her face. She also carried a gag in her hands and soon he was wearing this item, keeping his noises down to a muffled hum.

“There all ready to be put on display,” she said, “remember when you two left me bound and dressed like this and spent the night out clubbing WITHOUT ME!” she emphasised.

“Well now it’s my turn to play without you two, but maybe I’ll play with you all later.” She smiled as she said this.

She grabbed hold of the display stand and moved it backwards and into the glass cabinet, just like the doll had been all evening. The stand clicking into place and locking in, she stood there looking at him as her struggled against the items that held him tightly.

“There now dolly all ready for display.” She said as she began closing the door. “Sweet dreams dolly”.

Now secured inside the display cabinet, all he could do was watch as she looked at him struggling against the metal bindings; the probe in his rear which at first was unpleasant was now starting to feel different, sending feelings through him of pleasure.

She looked over at her husband bagged on the floor, away from the world and unable to get himself free even if he wished to, he was enjoying it too much for that to happen and was hoping to spend the rest of the night inside here, if not the rest of his life. He was in rubber heaven.

Then she looked to the rubber doll, it was safe on the sofa, its arms flopped either side of its body, the legs slightly apart, just as she had left it. She had wondered about the dolly all evening and had kept an eye on the doll looking for any signs that she was anything more than a rubber doll; she hadn’t seen one movement out of the doll, even when she was untying the doll from the stand and fetish gear. Even now the doll had remained exactly how she’d left it.

Dolly was still laying there on the sofa, she was wondering what was happening, her master had gone quiet, the other dolly had spoke about being on display and she hope that she soon would be, she loved pleasing her master and if that was just being on display for his pleasure then it would please her to do whatever he wanted. She didn’t want to move, even if she wanted to, her master had not commanded it and she had no desire to move, she wanted to please her master. Dolly was made to please her master.

Looking back at the display cabinet the woman waved to the occupant, who struggled slightly inside the bindings, there was no hope in him getting free but the more he struggled the more pleasure she got from it. So did he, he was working the bindings to try to bring himself off, the rear intruder was very close to his prostate and her was using this to bring himself pleasure.

She walked out of the room and upstairs. Cleaning herself up, she looked around for something she knew was here and after looking in several drawers and cupboards found the thing she was looking for, a smile twisted on her face she would enact her revenge on them both she thought.

Dolly lay there still on the sofa, content with herself and her position, she would have to wait for her master to come and play with her and she was thinking dolly thoughts when something caught her eye. The other dolly had returned to the room but something was different now, something she could quite work out yet, but she looked like a different doll now. Dolly was confused.

Whilst she’d been upstairs the woman had sought out the one item she knew was up here that would give her both immense pleasure and also power over the two captives downstairs. Once she had found, she’d cleaned it and brought out the shine, then she stepped into the straps and pulled it up her legs. Stopped briefly to unzip her crotch, she added some lubricant to the head and then pushed one end into her love hole, the thing slid in easily, she was already self-lubricated from all the stuff she done downstairs and buried the thing up to the hilt.

She adjusted the straps and looked down at the rubber member now protruding out in front of her; it looked alien to her, not what was usually found down there, on her at least. The strapon now firmly in place, the rubber member gleaming and standing loud and proud in front of her, she would have to be careful that she didn’t knock any ornaments on the floor she giggled. Then she headed back downstairs, she had a thing or two to show those two.

Walking back in she walked proudly over to ‘Rbr_Bob’ in the display cabinet, she played with the object standing out from her crotch, she couldn’t help herself it felt so good. ‘No wonder men can never take their hands off their dicks!’ she thought and laughed. She had the desired effect on him, his eyes widened as he looked down at her crotch, she only regretted that she’d fully enclosed her husband and he would not see what she was holding.

Dolly had caught sight of the other dolly as it had walked in; the strange thing hanging out of the front looked funny but in the back of her mind also turned her on.

Now happy with the desired effect she’d had on ‘Rbr_Bob’ the woman thought that it was time for her to get some more playtime in, and since her husband was bagged and enclosed on the floor, he was no use to her, ‘Rbr_Bob’ was encased in the display cabinet and was tightly encased in the fetish gear, so he was useless to her too. That only left the dolly lying on the sofa, the one that had been on display all evening.

She moved over to the sofa, the dolly still not moving, the thing between her legs moving around as she walked there, sending wonderful sensations through her body radiating out from her sexual centre. Now she would get to play with the doll she had been eyeing up all night. She brought herself down on top of the doll, her legs falling in between the dolls legs and moving them outwards slightly. The tip of her rubber penis menacing the hole between the legs of the dolly.

Dolly felt the other dolly fall on top of her, though not heavy she still pressed her down into the latex sofa, the soft cushions giving way and holding her in place. Then she felt something at her opening, the tip of something was pressing there. Next she felt the other doll move her hips forward and felt the object enter into her, finally someone was playing with her, and she hoped that she would bring great pleasure to whomever this was using her. Dolly liked to please.

Now that she was on top of the dolly, all she had to do was press home her rubber member, which she did easily, the doll must have been pre-lubed she thought, not realising that this was natural lubricant. The woman pushed the rubber dong further inside the doll, pressing in with the power of her crotch until the thing was fully buried inside the doll.  She then began fucking the doll, the sensations that she got back from her own internal probe sent exquisite feelings throughout her body.

She continued fucking the doll, looking up and over at her captive held inside the cabinet, she had shown her power over him and now was fucking his latest toy, his new rubber doll. A smile of satisfaction spread across her face as she looked at his face, his eyes unable to move away from what he was seeing in front of him, here she was using his latest toy, hopefully fucking it before he had done, that would be sweet revenge.

Dolly was lost in her own doll world, here she was at last being played with again, albeit with another doll but she hoped her master was watching and enjoying her being used this way, the sensations that were moving throughout her body was wonderful, she was nearing climax, a long denied orgasm, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had one, though she couldn’t recall in her dolly mind just what they were, she knew that she got great pleasure from them and it made her very happy.

The woman continued pumping the rubber dong into the doll beneath her, rubbing her crotch when she met the dolls own, sending waves of pleasure through her own body, not realising that she was doing the same with the doll beneath her. All too soon the overwhelming orgasm crashed through the both of them, though from the outside you couldn’t tell with the dolly, if her member hadn’t been made of rubber she would have felt the doll tighten her vaginal muscles as she crashed through her orgasm, but being made of rubber and no connecting nerve tissue all she could do was enjoy her own.

Dolly was contented, her long overdue orgasm had crashed through her body, sending massive jolts of electricity to her brain and causing it to overload, she passed out cold from the sheer pleasure and force of her climax. Everything went black.

One of the most powerful climaxes had also passed through the woman on top of her, she’d never experienced anything like it before and partially blacked out herself from the electricity rushing through her brain. She fell sideways off of the doll underneath her, as she did she pushed the doll off of the sofa making it fall to the floor, she still didn’t know that this was more than just a doll, there was a real woman inside just waiting to be used.

Satisfied with what she had just experienced, she drifted in and out of sleep, the rubber member still protruding obscenely from between her legs. She woke up a short time later and remembered why she was wearing this thing down below, she pulled herself off of the sofa and stepped over the doll, now laying on the floor. She moved over to where her husband lay bagged on the floor, encased head to toe in rubber.

Rolling him over so that he lay face down, she worked one of the zippers loose at his rear, reaching in she did the same with the catsuit he was wearing, now free to access his rear, she lay down on top of the rubber bundle that was her husband and as she did with the doll, she pressed home her advantage and the tip of the rubber member popped inside the anal passage of her tightly bound husband.

She fucked him for all she was worth bringing herself to two orgasms before she was satisfied that she had exacted her revenge on him. ‘Now for the main course’ she thought.

Wiping her rubber member as she walked over to the display cabinet, she could see the look in his eyes as she approached, a predator hunting her prey, she felt more sexy and alive now at this point than she had ever felt before and she knew that this wouldn’t be the last time she would be using this rubber toy, her husband was in for some changes to their relationship.

Opening the glass door of the cabinet, she said, “Hello Rbr_Bob, wanna come out and play!”

‘Rbr_Bob’ could take his eyes off of her, she was exuding power like he’d never seen before, he remembered buying the strapon, it was something that he’d bought on impulse along with several other toys that day but he’d never used it. It was more a toy for show that actual use, but soon that would all be changing as she was determined to use this on him.

The stand was released from the cabinet and he was wheeled out of the glass enclosure, she moved him over towards a large table, one that had held all the food for the party. Finding some straps that were still laying around from the party she placed these around his legs, his arms were already bound behind him, so they should present any problems should he decided to struggle, something she hoped he would do, just to add to the satisfaction that she was getting from her revenge.

Once his legs were secure, she unfastened the metal fetters that held his ankles, he tried to struggle but was still held firm by the collar and insert up his rear.

“I suggest you stop struggling until I get you off that metal insert.” She said.

‘Rbr_Bob’ just stood there as she removed the collar first and then lowered the metal probe from his rear. She then pushed him forward, whilst at the same time lifting his armbinder and forcing him face first onto the table top. Defeated he lay there as she tied him down to the table, unable to get himself standing again now that she’d bound him to the table, all he could do was wait for what she had planned.

Dolly had come too by now, she looked around as best as she could for her master, the last time she’d seen him was when the other dolly had carried him off, that was before the other nice dolly had played with her and brought out the nice feelings inside dolly, dolly was very pleased with herself. Happy dolly thoughts pervaded her mind.

Then she heard something happening just over to her right, she fallen from the sofa and now could see some more of the room without the need to move her head, again not that she wanted to, she was happy with being her master’s doll. There was the other dolly, playing with what looked like another doll, this one bound and had been on her display stand, she could see the dolly fall off and onto the table top.

She hoped that she could play with these dollies too, she now liked playing with other dollies, they made her feel wonderful. She lay there and watched the two other dollies playing.

Now tied down to the table ‘Rbr_Bob’ could only wait for her to enter him, just as he had seen her do to his dolly and her husband. He didn’t know if he’d like this or not, something he hadn’t tried before, unsure of what it would be like. He would soon find out as he felt the tip of the rubber member at his rear door.

She was delighted in the way she had him bound, he was now tightly tied to the table, still dressed as a fetish slut, waiting for her to finally take him and exact her revenge. She knew that they would get their own back someday, she loved it when they did, in fact she had loved being tied and left by them that night, even though she was looking forward to going clubbing, she had enjoyed herself being the bound, helpless victim.

Now it was time to press home the advantage so to speak, she positioned the tip of the rubber member at his rear entrance, pushed herself slightly forward until the tip entered him. She watched as the thing entered him, she wiggled around teasing him as she held herself there. Satisfied that she’d drawn it out long enough she eventually pushed further forward, sinking the rubber inside him until she had buried the entire thing inside him.

She looked down at the tied figure on the table, looked down at his rear at the rubber dildo entered inside him, she felt the power surge through her again, she could get used to this she thought. We will definitely be buying one or more of these, as she pulled herself out slightly before plunging back in, making him pant and make strange sounds as she started to ream his arse.

This was much better than using it on her encased husband, the fact that she could see him struggling, hear his grunts as she pushed and pulled the rubber invader in and out of his rear, it turned her on more. She started to speed things up especially when she got closer to her climax. She was surprised as he was when he came too, this would be something new for the both of them, maybe they would try this another time.

Dolly watched fascinated with what she was watching, one dolly was tied to the table whilst the other was playing with it from behind. They both seemed to be enjoying their play and making noises that she hadn’t been able to, dollies are not supposed to speak unless their master directs them. It looked really good what they were doing and she wished that she could take part. Dolly was sad that she wasn’t being played with, but happy for the other dollies as they seemed to be enjoying playing with each other.

The orgasm when it came sent waves of pleasure throughout the woman’s body, she continued pumping in to ‘Rbr_Bob’ as the climax continued, his seemed to go on longer than usual too, something he was surprised at.  Her legs at this point turned to jelly and she collapsed out of him and onto the floor, laying there savouring her orgasm, her body twitching from the electrical signals going through her body and the afterglow of her climax.

Dolly saw this and was at first concerned that the other dolly was broken in some way, she had fallen from the other dolly onto the floor and was now laying there with the occasional shudder. It was a shame that the dolly was broken; she had been so nice when she played with me. A smile developing over her face at the remembrance of the recent sex she’d had with this other doll.

If the woman saw the smile on the face of the doll, she didn’t seem to register it in her brain, ‘did that doll just smile, no way’ she thought. She continued to lay there in the afterglow and it took a lot to get her moving again. She moved over to start releasing her husband, ‘Rbr_Bob’ could wait.

She started to release the bagged body of her husband, he emerged from the hood with a big contented smile on his face, he had enjoyed the entire evening including the person who had used his rear hole. Looking down he saw the rubber dong still standing obscenely to attention and realised that it was his wife that had rogered him.

Finally free of the bag he moved his limbs, after being so long held in the bag they were stiff and sore, he gave his wife a kiss and thanked her for all of their play together tonight. He then saw his friend still tied down to the table and putting two and two together realised that he wasn’t the only one to receive his wife’s attentions tonight.

The doll was still laying on the floor where she’d left it, the latex skin still glistened in the half light, she’d enjoyed fucking the doll, something she would also like to try again. But for now she was tired and wanted to get into bed for some well earned sleep. Her husband had now also recovered from his time inside the bag. It was early Sunday morning by now and everyone was tired.

They untied ‘Rbr_Bob’ from the table but left him still wearing the fetish outfit and his legs still bounds with straps; the armbinder left in place. They carried him over to the same bag her husband had just been freed from and placed him inside, it didn’t take long and soon there was a rubber bundle left to struggle on the floor.

The dolly was picked up by her husband and carried over to the dungeon room, inside here was another box, this time longer and made to fit someone lengthways, the doll was placed inside and the lid closed without further thought. The door closed to the dungeon and the light turned out. They made their way up to ‘Rbr_Bob’ s bedroom and were soon asleep, without another thought for the cocooned rubber worm on the floor or the rubber dolly stored away in the box in the cupboard.



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