Premium Playthings

by Bubuck31

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Storycodes: M/f; doll; F2doll; kidnap; transform; oral; sex; cons; X

This is a story of complete fiction and fantasy. This is not based on real life events or people and should not be taken that way. I do not and never will condone these activities in the real world.

This is my first story and I am not a writer. I have had this idea for several years now. I would love to hear any feedback. Any ideas for continuing the story that I have not thought of. Less than positive feedback is fine too. But please be gentle because, as stated above, this is my first story.

I have more plans for Amber so a third chapter will be out soon. I also have ideas for more Premium Playthings “products.”

Chapter 1

Matt was walking through the mall on a Saturday afternoon. For the past couple of weeks, his cell phone had been running slow and some apps were crashing. It was time to upgrade. He had done all the research and knew what he wanted. He had nothing going on today so he thought this would be a good day to do some shopping.

As he walked through the large open space to his destination, he couldn't help seeing all the pretty young women milling around on this Saturday afternoon. He saw some walking around with their boyfriends or in small groups, and others browsing the clothing racks in the shops. As he walked past the food court, he noticed several groups of young women sitting at various tables chatting and joking. Oh, how he wished that he was twenty years younger. He thought about how he would have done things differently. He thought about how lonely he was and how much he would like to have somebody of his own.

He was a tall and reasonably handsome man but he was not good with his social skills. When it came to talking to women, he was not at all confident. As a result, he spent most of his time at home playing on computers. Matt found that he had a knack for programming and over the years got quite good at it. So good, in fact, that he had created several computer programs and apps. Some of them had been sold to a few of the biggest companies in the world. Now, at 40 years old, he was worth about 85 million dollars. Now he could afford to do what he wanted and go where he wanted to go.

Matt stepped into the mobile phone shop and walked to a display showing the latest phones. As he was examining their features, a young woman walked up beside him. With a light willow-like voice, she asked “Do you see anything you like?”

As Matt turned to respond to her, he saw a young woman with long black flowing hair and a gorgeous face. She wore a navy-blue shirt unbuttoned at the top showing just enough cleavage to make all the men around her a little crazy. He saw that her name badge read Amber and he stuttered and stammered as he answered her questions. He couldn’t help but look her up and down. He thought her to be about five foot five, about 115 pounds and around twenty years old. She was very curvy but with a slim waist. As the conversation continued, he thought about what she would be like in bed. She was friendly and all smiles. If they had been in a bar, one would think she liked him. But he knew better. She was just doing her job being friendly to the customers.

She asked him a series of questions about what features he wanted. Matt told her that he already had a specific phone in mind but that didn’t matter. It took very little convincing for Amber to sell Matt the most expensive phone they had. She could have sold him anything. After the sale was complete, Amber set it up and helped him transfer all his personal info to the new one. He could have easily done this himself. But now he could spend an extra few minutes with her.

As Amber set up the phone service and explained the new features, he was so taken with her that he found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. After he left the store with his purchase, he wasn’t paying attention to anyone else in the mall. He simply walked past all the beautiful shoppers and out the door in a delirious daze. His only thoughts were of Amber. Although she was half his age, Matt was in love. This was the woman of his dreams.

Years ago, Matt was looking at porn on the internet and ran across an ad for the Realdoll website. The idea intrigued him. So much so that he went back to that site several times over the years looking over the features. Even though the dolls are very lifelike, they weren’t lifelike enough for Matt.

The day after buying his new phone, he was sitting in his home office and his mind wandered off about Amber. He went back to the Realdoll site determined to make a purchase. He thought he could create a doll that would closely resemble Amber. After about 20 minutes of clicking option after option, he had completed his doll. It was perfect. but he still wasn’t happy with it. He sat there contemplating if he should order it. In the end, he decided against it because he knew it was only a doll and not a living girlfriend. It just wasn’t Amber.

Two weeks later, Matt was in San Francisco on business and decided to visit his long-time friend Ben. He is 47 years old with a wife and two children. He was also a successful multimillionaire who made his fortune operating a furniture company.

When Matt arrived at Ben’s mansion in the hills a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, he was met at the door with a smile. “Hi Matt, how are you?” Ben said cheerfully. “How have you been?” Ben invited him in and led through the house into the kitchen. “You want a beer?” Ben asked.

“Sure.” Matt replied. “Where is the family?”

“Rebecca and Lauren are shopping and Chad is out with friends so I have the house to myself.” Ben replied.

After chatting for a bit, Matt changed the subject. “Didn’t you tell me you have a sex doll? I was thinking about getting one myself. Do you think it would be worth it?”

“Oh yes,” he replied, “I’m into kinkier stuff than my wife. She likes everything to be vanilla. She prefers our sex life to be quite plain and straight forward so she let me get a sex doll so I can explore my wilder side. I think it is well worth it. Besides,” Ben said, “We can afford it right?” They both chuckled.

“Where did you get your doll?” Matt asked.

Ben was very happy to talk all about his toy. He explained that his doll is from a company called Premium Playthings and that they specialize in high-end products for a discerning clientele. “Do you want to see it?” Ben asked. Of course, Matt jumped at the chance so they both went upstairs to the end of the hall to a locked door. “My wife isn’t allowed in here and my daughter doesn’t even know anything about the contents of this room. Only my son and I have keys to this door.” He said quietly.

As the door was opened, Matt saw a large bedroom. It had nice wallpaper and a good-sized picture window that looked out into the large backyard. There were two chairs and a small round table in front of the window and a queen-sized four-post bed against one wall. Lying face up on the bed was a female form covered from the neck down with a sheet.

Matt stared at it for a moment. Ben walked around the bed then slid the sheet off to reveal a full-sized doll with huge round breasts and a slim waist. It was wearing stockings and a buckle-up corset. The doll had long wavy blonde hair, big blue eyes staring at the ceiling, an open mouth formed in an “O” shape, and bright red painted nails.

“Would you like me to tell you the details of it and how it came to be here?” Ben asked. Matt was impressed at the sight of the doll and so excited to hear every detail. “Oh, yes by all means. Tell me everything.” He replied eagerly.

“The breasts are an L cup and its waist is 19”. It doesn’t need the corset. I just wanted to dress it up this morning. I suppose that I could tighten it and get the waist down to 18” or maybe 17” if I tried. The mouth has a perfect ‘O’ shape that is barely bigger than the size of my cock. It is 65 inches tall and it only weighs 58 pounds. That makes it easy to move around.”

Matt interrupted Ben when he noticed that the chest appeared to be slightly moving up and down. “It looks so incredibly real. It looks like it is really breathing.” Matt said in amazement.

“Actually, it is.” Ben replied. “Premium Playthings specializes in creating toys, objects, animals, and other fun stuff from living people.”

Matt was aghast and quite shocked at hearing this. But it also made him a little excited.

Ben asked cautiously if Matt was OK with that.

Matt replied “Oh, sure. In fact, I want to know more. How was she made into a doll? Where did you find her?”

“A couple of years ago, I hired a secretary for my office at one of my furniture stores. Her name was Caroline. She was 17 years old at the time and still a senior in high school. I hired her because she was my daughter’s best friend. About a year and a half later, I was at a BDSM club in San Francisco where I met a man by the name of Gunner Beck. I was talking to him about how I was into this lifestyle but my wife wasn’t. I said I was thinking about getting a sex doll. Then he told me about his company and what kind of products they produced. He invited me on a tour of his facility in Missouri and I was very impressed.

“A few days later I was sitting in my home office thinking about the features I might want my doll to have and my daughter walked in with Caroline to ask me something. That's when I decided to choose Caroline as the subject. I mean, I always thought she was hot and what it would be like to fuck her. After I placed the order, Premium Playthings did all the rest.”

“How long did it take to get her here?” Ben asked.

“It took about 5 months, I think.”

By now Matt was intrigued. He was listening intently as he walked around the bed and examined this living toy. “How did they turn her into a doll?” Matt asked.

“I’m not sure of all the details,” Ben said, “However, I can only tell you about this doll. I should point out that we don’t refer to it as ‘Caroline’ or even as ‘her’ or ‘she’. It is simply an ‘it’. It is just an object to be used. Actually, I named it the Susie Sex Doll.

“When I ordered it, I was given the option of picking from around twelve women from their website or choosing a specific woman to make into the doll. Obviously, I chose Caroline. I gave them all the info I had about her and they did the rest. Premium Playthings sent out people to do research on her. They emailed me a couple of photos of her to make sure that they were following the right person. And after I gave my approval, they abducted her and took her back to their facility to transform her.”

“As far as the transformation, obviously, the breasts were enlarged and the waist was reduced. To do the waist, they removed most of the stomach and intestine. It feeds on an IV port in the side of the neck and plugs are inserted in the pussy and ass at least once a day to relieve it of bodily fluids. There is a steel ring sewn into the mouth forming that shape. And the eyelids have been sewn into the open position. It must have been painful for her eyes not being able to close her eyes or blink when dust gets in there. Because of that, it is blind. The eardrums have been punctured, and the tongue and vocal cords have been removed. Also, the spinal cord has been severed at the neck so it cannot move. You will notice that there is no hair on this doll at all. It has been totally and permanently removed. The eyebrows have been drawn on. The hair on its head is real but not hers. That is a wig that is glued on. What do you think?” Ben asked.

“This is amazing,” Matt said with great amazement. “How much did all this cost?”

“Well,” said Ben, “About a quarter of a million dollars. Yeah. I know that is a lot of money. But as I said before, the products are extremely high end and their customers are a very discerning bunch. Also, that price includes the abduction, all modifications, delivery and setup, the doll stand, and two years supply of nourishment. They even delivered it right to my door shipped in a wooden crate. I also bought the optional doll stand for it. They set that up too. The doll came with two sets of clothes and all the plugs and straps to maintain it. It also came with IV fluid to get me started and they ship more once a month like clockwork.”

Curiously, Matt asked, “You said earlier that it only weighs 58 pounds. How is that possible? I mean, she looks like she should weigh about 100 pounds.”

“The breasts are filled with light weight foam. Also, since she won’t ever be using her muscles again, most of the muscles in her body have been replaced with that same foam. It creates less wear on the joints when the doll is put in awkward positions and more importantly for the owner, it can be easily moved around or carried.”

“You said that only you and your son have a key to this room. Does he play with it too?”

“Yes. He and I are the only ones that know what’s in this room. My wife knows I have a sex doll but she doesn’t know how realistic it is if you know what I mean. And my daughter definitely doesn't know anything about this. The minute Rebecca saw the doll, she would recognize it as her friend and we can't have that.” Then Ben asked Matt if he would like to play with this doll.

“No. No. I couldn’t. It’s your doll.”

“I insist. I’ll leave you alone for a while. Have fun. You can do anything you want. There’s a bathroom behind that door to wash up,” he said pointing to his left. “When you're done, just lock the door behind you.” With that, Ben walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Matt stood over the bed looking at the doll for a moment realizing that he could have his way with this girl. He slowly ran his hand up the leg to the crotch and gently touched its clit but the doll didn’t flinch. After rubbing those huge breasts and caressing the nipples for a bit, he decided to go all the way. By now he was rock hard and needed to satisfy himself. He dropped his pants and got on top of it. He spread the legs and bent the knees and put his dick in inside the doll and pumped. He found that the doll’s pussy was tight and after only a minute he felt like he was about to explode. He quickly pulled out and slid his body up to the doll’s face and put his throbbing member in its mouth. He pumped a few more times and shot his load into the mouth. To his surprise, the doll swallowed every drop. He pulled himself out and laid there on top of it for a minute to catch his breath and revel in what had just happened.

After he cleaned himself up in the adjoining bathroom, he went downstairs to Ben’s office. Ben was sitting at his desk on the computer looking at some sales figures from his stores. “Well?” Ben looked up and asked, “What do you think?”

“I love it. I’m going to have to get one for myself.” Matt said.

Ben chuckled. “I thought you might say that.” He handed Matt a sheet of paper. “That’s the instructions for how to get into the website.”

Just then they could hear Ben’s wife and daughter coming home so they thought they should change the subject. “So how have sales been?” Matt asked

A couple of hours later Matt was driving the long winding driveway from Ben’s house. He had already made up his mind and he knew exactly what he wanted. His doll would be the Amber Sex Doll.


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