Premium Playthings

by Bubuck31

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Storycodes: M/f; doll; F2doll; transform; frame; bodymod; kidnap; nc; X

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Chapter 2

Matt walked into his home office and sat down in his leather chair behind a big oak desk. He opened his desk drawer and picked up a business card. He sat there for a minute thinking about his future of being alone. After a bit, reading the numbers from the card, he dialed. “Crown Fabrications. How may I direct your call?” a female voice said.

“Gunner Beck please?” Matt replied.

“Sure. Let me transfer you,” she said as elevator music started to play in the handset.

After about 20 seconds a male voice said “This is Gunner Beck. What can I do for you?”

“Hi. I'm looking for a very special product. I'm told that you might be able to help me.”

“Well, here at Crown Fabrications, we create several types of products. What kind of product are you looking for?”

“A Premium Plaything,” said Matt. “A friend of mine gave me your number and said you might have something.”

“Yeah,” said Gunner. “I think we can help you with that. Incidentally, who recommended us? I like to keep track so l can give him a discount on his next purchase.”

“Ben Tyler.”

“Oh, yes. He’s a good man. I think you and I can do some business.”

“Great,” said Matt, a little relieved. “I am very interested in a doll. However, I would like to see the place and talk about some options. Would that be possible?”

“Sure,” Gunner said, “we are in St. Louis Missouri. Do you have a private email address? I can send you the directions. Would that be alright?”

“Sure,” Matt replied and gave him a personal email address. “The Premium Playthings facility is behind the Crown Fabrications buildings. I will need to include some very specific instructions so you can gain access.”

“Ok. Great.”

“When were you planning on visiting?” asked Gunner.

“Would next Thursday work?”

“That would be fine. I’ll see you then. Have a great rest of your day.”


A week later, Matt’s Gulfstream touched down in St Louis. It was a beautiful warm afternoon so Matt rented a convertible. As he set the GPS in the car to the address, he could feel a nervous excitement growing. He tried not to think too much about and enjoy the ride with the top down.

After about a 30-minute drive, Matt pulled into the industrial park. He stopped the car in a nearby parking lot to check his phone for directions then took a left when he saw the Crown Fabrications sign on the side of a building. As he came up to a tall fence with barbed wire on the top, he saw a large plain looking building in the back and stopped at a gate in the fence. The fence was at least twelve feet tall and surrounded the building. He looked at his phone then punched a six-digit code in a keypad. The gate rolled open and he drove to a parking spot next to the building’s front door. After getting out of the car, he found another keypad where he entered a different six-digit code for that door. Matt heard a click and he opened the door and stepped in.

Once inside, he was greeted by a receptionist sitting behind a desk. “Hello. How may I help you?” She asked looking up from her computer terminal.

“Hello. My name is Matt Thompson. I’m here to see Gunner Beck.”

She replied with a slight smile. “Yes. Mr. Beck has been expecting you. Please take the elevator to the second floor. His office will be to the right.”

As the elevator door opened, he saw in front of him hanging an eight-foot heavy wooden picture frame on the opposite wall. It surrounded a naked woman spread eagle behind a thick sheet of clear plastic that seemed to conform to her well-built body. It reminded him of a vacbed standing up on end. He stood there in awe for a moment wondering how it was created. He knew that woman was real, alive, and awake. She was completely motionless except for her eyes. She looked down at him for a moment and resumed staring straight ahead. She looked sad. Just then, Gunner stepped out of his office.

“Hello Mr. Thompson. How are you?” Gunner said, extending his hand.

“I’m doing well. Call me Matt.” The two shook hands and stepped into the office. “That’s an interesting piece of art on the wall out there.” Matt said.

“Do you like that?” Gunner asked. “I call it ‘Alexandra’. It’s been here for three years now.”

“What’s the story on this other one?” Matt asked as he walked over to another piece of art in the middle of the office. It was the torso and head of a female mounted on a shiny black oval pedestal. The figure was totally covered in shiny black latex except the open mouth. Upon further inspection, he saw it was supported by a steel bar that had been mounted to the base. This bar had rings holding the figure around the neck and lower torso. “I see you’re curious about that one. The steel is just there to keep it from tipping over. Its weight is actually resting on those tiny leg stumps.”

“Nice. How do you maintain it?” Matt asked.

“Liquid food is squirted into its mouth daily and there are tubes in the crotch for waste which empties into a small tank in the base. Night maintenance handles that every couple of days.

“The 3D art you were admiring in the hallway also has small tubes hidden in it but since that is a permanent fixture, the tubes are routed through the wall and empties into a tank on the first floor to collect the waste. That waste is used for other purposes. It also has an IV port in the lower back out of sight. That is used to keep the donor healthy.”

Matt was amazed at this. “What keeps her from sliding down to the bottom of the frame?” he asked curiously.

“Thirty-two surgical steel pins are inserted in its spine, arms, legs, and back of the head.” Gunner said.

Gunner invited Matt to sit down and got right down to business. “You said on the phone you wanted a doll. I assume you have a specific one in mind?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well, we can create almost anything you can dream up. Why don’t we take a walk and I’ll show you around?” Gunner suggested.

“Great.” Said Matt, “Let’s do that.”

As they walked out of Gunners office and past a few other offices, the two made small talk. “How was your flight?” Gunner asked.

“Fine,” Matt replied.

“I trust you had no trouble finding the place.”

“No, I was given good directions.”

They turned a corner and stopped at a security door where Gunner entered a 6-digit code in a keypad. “Most internal doors require a security code for entry,” Gunner said. “And that code is changed at least once a day. About six months after I started this company, a girl got out of her room and made it to the first floor before anybody realized she was missing. Luckily, we caught her in the delivery bay just before she got outside. That was a wakeup call for us and now security is our number one concern.”

Matt just nodded in agreement.

As they walked through the door, Matt saw that it was a medical facility complete with room numbers and a nurse’s station. “How many people work here?” Matt asked.

“We have 58 at the moment,” answered Gunner. “That includes medical professionals, artists, engineers, craftsmen of metals and wood, accounting, drivers, maintenance, security, and kitchen staff. We call the drivers our ‘outside men’. They don’t just drive. They are investigators. When you place an order, they will find the subject and do recon for a two to three weeks to learn about who they are going to abduct. They will research the best place and time to do it. We have four vans with false floors. So, in the event someone looks in the van, they will see an empty van or one filled with boxes from Crown Fabrications.”

“Just out of curiosity, what kind of products does Crown Fabrications make?” Matt asked.

“We mostly make toys for children. Remote control cars, building blocks, plush toys. We also make some small appliances like popcorn poppers and blenders. All our products are sold to other companies who put their own brand name on them. You probably own some of the products that we made here.”

They made their way down the hall and Gunner unlocked a door to a hospital room. There inside was a woman with medical restraints sleeping. “This one will be a robot for a client in Ohio,” Gunner said. “His daughter has a bad attitude and hates him. We will change that. By the time she leaves here, she will have no choice but to do whatever she is ordered to do. She will no longer have an attitude. She will barely have a mind at all. She will be an emotionless robot waiting to be told what to do.

“They all come in sedated but when this one woke up, she was kicking and screaming and shouting obscenities. We felt that it was best to keep her sedated for her own safety and the quality of the end-product.”

“What will be done to her while she is here?” asked Matt. “She will have a waist reduction and breasts implants. Her vocal cords will be cut and her tongue will be removed. We will also modify her ankles so she will be forced to walk on her toes. It will be painful at first but she will get used to it. And of course, there will be extensive programming so that it will be an emotionless robot that will comply with all commands given to it. I should point out that when they come in, they are people but when they leave, they are just objects to be played with or looked at. We kidnapped ‘her’ and we will deliver ‘it’ to the client.”

“How is the programming done?” Matt asked.

“Let me show you,” said Gunner as he led Matt through a few hallways to a small room with a picture window on one wall. “It happens here. She will be strapped to this chair wearing a specially designed hood. It has built-in earphones and eye pieces. She will be forced to see and hear only what we want. She will be brainwashed. Her mind will be programmed to obey every vocal command given to her while at the same time erasing her memory. We got her yesterday. We are letting her rest for now. Starting tomorrow, the doctors will start the waist-reduction and do the work on her ankles. As soon as she wakes up, she will be brought to this room to start the programming. She will be with us for up to 12 weeks. If she is not sleeping or undergoing a medical procedure, she will be in here strapped down and wearing the hood. It is all controlled by a technician in the control room.” Gunner said pointing to the window. “Her final week here, the product will undergo final testing. It will be used and abused in every way. It will be given the harshest commands. If everything is ok, then it will be prepared for delivery.”

“What happens if the techs find she… I mean ‘it’... is not obeying all the commands properly?” asked Matt.

“Well,” Gunner replied. We will need to call the customer and keep the product here for a couple more weeks. We don’t want to do that so we will over-program her so that does not happen.”

As they walked through the vast facility Matt continued. “This is our main operating room. We cannot go in there right now. They’re working on a doll. We actually have two operating rooms. The other is mainly used for cosmetic surgery.” The two made small talk as they made their way to the elevator where Gunner inserted a key and entered another code.

As they exited the elevator, Matt could see that the first floor was very different. It looked more like a large workshop with people talking and moving steel. “This is the Engineering Department where all the fixtures are made and ultimately mated with the body donors.”


“Yes. Like the pedestal and large frame that you saw upstairs. We had a client about 6 months ago who wanted a young lady installed in the wall. We went to his home in Italy and took measurements and photos of the location of the installation. We built a custom frame made of stainless-steel to hold her body very rigid. We had to remove most of the wall and re-frame it, then mount our stainless-steel frame between the wall studs. After inserting the “art” into the frame, we took extra time to refinish the wall with plaster.”

It looked great when it was finished. In one room, all that could be seen was a pair of huge tits and an open mouth. The other room is a nice small round ass.” Gunner continued as they walked. “These are talented people. I am always amazed at what they can do. This is a wire frame that will hold twins in a beautiful piece of art. It will be in the foyer of a huge mansion in Maine. It will be able to be rotated in every direction using a gimbal. The two women are upstairs in separate rooms. They don’t know the other has been abducted. They will get installed facing away from each other so they'll never know.”

As they walked, Matt was trying to take it all in. “We call this area Stage 6,” continued Gunner. “This is where the products get their final touches such as clothing, permanent makeup, and nails. Hair is added, and any other final preparations before it is shipped out or installed in a fixture.”

“Over here is the receiving bay where the abducted enter the building usually in one of our vans,” explained Gunner. “As you can see, it can be sealed off from the rest of the facility using these roll up doors. In case someone gets out of hand they cannot get out of this space.”

“Well, you’ve seen most of what we do here. Let us go back to my office and talk,” said Gunner, as they took the elevator back to the second floor.”

As they walked into the office, Matt couldn’t help but look at ‘Alexandra’ hanging on the wall. Matt sat down in a nice leather chair with Gunner behind his desk. “I assume you are not concerned about price but you have certain features in mind. Is that correct?” Gunner said, getting right down to business.

“Yes. That is correct. I also have someone in mind for the donor.”

“Okay,” said Gunner, “we will need to get any info about her that you can provide.”

“That makes sense. All I know about her is that her name is Amber and that she works in the Sunnybrook Mall near my house. She works in the phone store. Importunely, I don’t know any more about her. Will that be a problem?”

Gunner responded reassuringly, “No. That’s fine. Our outside men will do all the recon they need. They are very good at what they do.”

After talking for about thirty minutes about Amber and the options available, they settled on a price. They also talked about when she might be “acquired” and an approximate delivery date. Gunner gave Matt a ten-page order form to be emailed back and an off-shore bank account number where the payment will be sent.

“Once we get your order form and payment, we will begin the process of getting the doner,” said Gunner.

Soon after, Matt got back in his rental car and headed back to the airport.

Once he got settled in his plane, he began to look over the Premium Playthings order form. It was filled with well over 100 options that sent Matt’s mind reeling. By the time the plane had landed, he had the order form filled out. Soon he will have his own premium plaything named Amber.


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