Premium Playthings

by Bubuck31

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This is a story of complete fiction and fantasy. This is not based on real life events or people and should not be taken that way. I do not and never will condone these activities in the real world.

This is my first story and I am not a writer. I have had this idea for several years now. I would love to hear any feedback. Any ideas for continuing the story that I have not thought of. Less than positive feedback is fine too. But please be gentle because, as stated above, this is my first story.

I have more plans for Amber so a fourth chapter will be out soon. I also have ideas for more Premium Playthings “products.”

Chapter 3

It was a cool September evening around 9:30 pm. Amber was walking out to her car in a mostly deserted mall parking lot. She had just gotten out of work at the mobile phone store in the mall. She was feeling a little hungry so she thought she would stop by a fast-food joint on her way home. As she walked toward her car, she saw a white van parked two rows over but thought nothing of it. 

What Amber did not know was that there were two men in the van watching her. Nick and Jake Calhoun. They had been watching her for two weeks now and knew everything about her. She was 22 years old; she was an only child who lived at home with her mom and dad, and she had dumped her boyfriend Jimmy a month ago because he had cheated on her.

As Amber opened her car door, the van sped up to her and a large man jumped from the side door grabbing her from behind. As she started flailing and screaming, she felt a wet cloth over her nose and mouth. After a few long breaths, she felt herself being dragged away from her car as her world faded to black. 

The two men, with their precious cargo lying unconscious on the floor of the van, drove to a remote location about a mile away to prep Amber for her journey. They had scouted this spot the day before so they knew there was no danger of being caught. Once the van was stopped, the two moved to the back. They lifted away a long rectangular section of the floor to reveal a padded cavity underneath complete with straps, and an oxygen tank. Nick removed Amber's slacks and panties. He stopped for a minute to admire her trimmed pussy. He snapped on a pair of latex gloves and grabbed a nearby tube of lubricant. He put a generous dollop on his index and middle fingers then slowly rubbed it onto her most sensitive parts. He then inserted a catheter tube then connected it to a bag. Once he was certain it wasn’t coming out, he strapped the bag around her left calf and taped the tube to her thigh. 

Jake unbuttoned and removed her shirt and inserted a needle into Amber’s left wrist followed by an IV port. He plugged it into an IV bag affixed to the underside of the floor panel. As Jake continued his work on Amber, Nick inserted a breathing tube into her nose and slowly opened the valve to the tank. The two men were just about ready to wrap things up. They quickly secured eight nylon straps around Amber securing her tightly in place making it impossible for her to budge an inch even if she were to wake up during the trip. The two men lowered the panel and latched it flush with the floor. They then rolled a large rubber mat over the hatch. If anybody were to look in the van, nobody would ever suspect that there was a secret panel in the floor let alone a beautiful woman hidden in the van. 

Nick and Jake got back in the front seat and drove away. 

“I’m hungry. Do you want to stop somewhere?” Jake asked. 

“Yeah.” Nick replied. “I could eat. Let's stop at that sports bar we saw yesterday. The Cardinals are playing tonight.” 

“Good idea.” Nick said.

20 minutes later, Nick and Jake stepped out of the van and locked the doors and casually walked into the restaurant. Meanwhile back in the van concealed under the floor lay a 22-year-old brunette unconscious with a catheter between her legs, an IV in her wrist supplying a sedative, tubes in each nostril supplying her necessary oxygen, and straps holding her firm in place. 

13 hours later, the van backed up to a roll-up door at 10:45 am. It had been a long night driving across the country. Jake hopped out of the passenger side and walked to a keypad on the wall. After entering a 6-digit code, the door opened and Nick backed the van into a loading bay. Two men and a woman in white coats stepped to the back of the van. Jake walked over to the back of the van and opened the doors. 

“Is this the one from San Francisco?” the woman asked. 

“Yeah.” Replied Jake. 

Nick turned off the ignition and climbed into the back and pulled back the floor mat. 

“Did she give you any trouble?” she asked. As Nick and Jake unlatched the floor panel. 

“Nah. No more trouble than usual.” Said Nick.

Gingerly the two men lifted the still sleeping girl from her resting spot out of the van and to a gurney. The three medical personnel wheeled her to an elevator door as Nick and Jake headed for another door to the stairwell.

 “I'm starving. Wanna eat?” asked Nick. 

“Yeah.” Said Jake. “But first I need a shower.“ 

Amber's eyes slowly opened as she awoke from her slumber. As her eyes regained their focus and looked around, she saw that she was in a hospital room. It looked like a standard room except there was no TV and no window. She started to question what was going on. 

“Where am I?” Amber thought. 

“What happened? How did I get here?” 

She started to move only to realize she was being restrained with medical cuffs on her wrists and ankles. 

“What the fuck?” She spoke. 

Amber was getting scared and beginning to struggle in her bonds when a tall slim man opened the door and walked in wearing a lab coat. As the man approached the bed, she began cursing at him. 

“Let me out of this you mother fucker! I’m going to kick your ass!” She screamed at him. 

“Now calm down.” The man said in a quiet reassuring voice. 

Amber wasn't having any of that and continued thrashing against her bonds. 

“Fuck you! Let me out of here! There is no fucking way you’re going to get away with this!” she said. 

“Oh, my dear,” he said smirking, “We already have.”

A nurse came into the room and the man told her to sedate Amber until the first procedure. 

“She is entertaining but I don’t want her to hurt herself. We don’t want a defective product” he said. 

The nurse turned around and walked out and returned a minute later with a new IV bag. After a few minutes, she calmed down and her body went limp. 

When Amber woke up, she was lying on her stomach wearing a neck brace holding her head perfectly still. She had no idea how much time had passed. When she tried to move her limbs, she found that they did not respond. In fact, she appeared to have no movement at all from the neck down. After looking at the floor through the donut pillow for about an hour, she heard a familiar voice from behind her. 

“I see you’re awake. You’ve had a busy three weeks.” 

Amber tried to voice her concerns but only a faint whisper came out. The doctor bent down near her head. 

“What’s that dear?” he asked. 

“What have you done to me?” She whispered as tears started to drip on the floor under her head. 

“Not to worry. You will be taken good care of from now on.” 

He gently stroked the back of the head. 

“We’re going to keep you in this position for a week or so to allow you to heal. We have an IV in your arm and a catheter inserted so you only need to rest. We will start the next round of surgeries soon.” 

He started to leave the room and turned back. 

“Oh, if you need anything just yell.” He chuckled to himself as he turned away. 

Amber spent what seemed like weeks laying there motionless crying most of the time. Once a day the doctor would come in and pull back the sheet and touch her back to check on the healing process. 

“Excellent. You’re making great progress my dear.” 

He would usually say then leave. Four times a day a nurse would come in and give her pain killers and nourishment through the IV. Then one day, the doctor and nurse came into the room together. 

“Well dear, today we will resume your transformation.” He said with a cheerful voice. 

Amber found nothing exciting about it. In fact, she felt a renewed sense of anxiety not knowing what was happening to her. The nurse injected an anesthetic into Amber’s IV and a minute later she was out again. 

This time, when Amber woke up, she was on her back. She felt pain in her throat and between her legs. Also, her chest felt stiff as if it were taped. Her mouth was forced open with a dental retractor and she was wearing a medical collar forcing her to look straight up to the ceiling. Her nurse came in occasionally to check on her. Other than that, she was left alone to wallow in her own self-pity.

Two weeks later, a man entered the room and picked up her chart. He stood over her for a minute. 

“Good morning, Amber. My name is Toby Palmer and I’m going to be helping you out for the next few days.” He spoke.

“Let us start by talking about why you are here. You are at a place called Premium Playthings. We specialize in creating high-end toys for those who can afford it. And you are going to be one of those toys. You are being transformed into a sex doll for a new client. Let me tell you what modifications have been done to you so far. Your spinal cord has been severed at the upper neck and your vocal cords have been removed. More recently, you have had a complete hysterectomy and your tongue has been removed. Also, your breasts have been enlarged. There will be more body enhancements to come later. I will explain them later.” 

He pushed a button near her bed and two men walked in with a wheelchair. They unplugged the IV, removed the blanket revealing her naked body, and carefully picked her up off the bed, sitting her in a nearby chair. As they let her go, her head flopped forward. Indeed, she could see her chest was much bigger than her normal C cup. As one orderly pushed the chair with one hand, he held her forehead up with the other.

Once in the other room, she was strapped to a comfortable high back chair. 

“This is what is going to happen.” Another man explained as he put a leather collar around her neck. 

“I need your help with one thing in your transformation.” As he clicked the collar in place, she felt several sharp pricks around her neck. 

“You see,” he continued. “I need you to swallow whatever is put in your mouth like a good sex doll. I know it might be difficult without a tongue but I know you can do it. Can you handle that for me?” 

Amber looked at him with great contempt. 

“You must be hungry for some real food after all these weeks so I got some fresh fruit all cut up for you.” 

He held a small banana slice under her nose to sniff then put it in her mouth. She quickly spit it out then felt a large shock around her neck. 

“That wasn’t nice Amber. Whenever you don’t swallow, I will shock you. I should let you know that was setting number 1 out of 10.” 

He put another piece on her mouth and she reluctantly swallowed it.

Over the next 6 hours, she would be forced to eat and drink some very disgusting things. Some were vile food concoctions and others were bodily fluids including hot urine, and semen. If she didn’t comply or was too slow, she was shocked harder and harder. She even passed out from the pain a few times. Once he was satisfied with her progress, he had her taken back to her room where he explained what was to come. 

“Tomorrow, we will resume your transformation.” He said calmly. “Your breasts will be further enhanced to 42 inches and your waist will be reduced to 13 inches. Also, your eardrums will be punctured making you deaf and your eyelids will be sewn permanently open. I must warn you it will be very painful for you not being able to blink. Your eyes will dry out and dust will get into them. You will lose your sight in a week or so. Oh. One last thing. A stainless-steel O-ring will be permanently inserted into your mouth to maintain the perfect shape. After your mouth heals, we will try those swallowing exercises again.”

Over the next two months Amber slowly lost all her remaining humanity. She went through 4 or 5 more surgeries. She wasn’t sure anymore. Some days she was sitting in a chair with her head tipped back and her arms hanging arms at her sides. Some days she would be put on a bed face up. Other days she would be face down laying in a puddle of her own drool. Most of her time, however, was mounted on a steel stand. Two plugs were incorporated into the stand. Someone would pick her up and rest her body on these plugs then steel cuffs were put around her at various points to hold her up. Those plugs were wide but short. One entered her vagina and the other in her ass. She learned over time that she could expel waste through the plugs so every time when she was installed on the stand, she would take care of business in case she didn’t have a chance later.

Her back was in constant pain from not being able to move. Although over time the pain subsided to a dull ache. Just as the doctor had warned her, her eyes hurt so much, it was like a knife was stabbing them. They watered as her sight became blurry and darker and darker until one day her sight was gone.

Amber lay there day after day in complete darkness. Unable to move her body or head. Her mouth and her eyes wide open, she lay there like a piece of meat wondering what was going to happen next. She was at this point deaf, blind, and mute. The only contact with the outside world was when someone touched her body.

Then one day came something different. She felt someone putting clothing on her. It felt good to be dressed for the first time in a long while. A lace bra and panties were put on her followed by nylon stockings on her legs then a skirt and a tight shirt revealing that huge cleavage. If nothing else, it felt good to wear clothes again. Then she was lifted and laid down on what seemed like foam then straps were put around her. She could feel them being put around her ankles, calves, thighs, waist, above and below her huge bosoms, around her wrists, elbows and across her forehead. All this was done to keep her lying flat. Her catheter was connected to a bag and a mask was put over her nose and wide-open mouth and she could feel cool clean oxygen flowing into her lungs. Next, she felt more foam being fitted over her body. After a while, she felt herself being moved. She thought to herself she must be done at Premium Playthings. Now she is off to be with the ‘client’. Where is she going? How will she be treated? Could things get any worse? These thoughts made her nervous but there was nothing she could do about it.


Continued in chapter 4

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