Premium Playthings

by Bubuck31

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This is a story of complete fiction and fantasy. This is not based on real life events or people and should not be taken that way. I do not and never will condone these activities in the real world.

This is my first story and I am not a writer. I have had this idea for several years now. I would love to hear any feedback. Any ideas for continuing the story that I have not thought of. Less than positive feedback is fine too. But please be gentle because, as stated above, this is my first story.

A quick note: References to Amber as ‘it’ or ‘her’ or ‘she’ is not a typo, but rather the way Matt feels about Amber.

Chapter 4

It had been five months since Matt had placed his order for a custom sex doll from Premium Playthings. He had been waiting for this day to finally come. He woke up this morning to a text from Gunner Beck saying that his delivery was expected this afternoon and he just couldn’t wait. He spent most of the morning pacing around the house.

He was sitting on the sofa watching a baseball game when the alarm beeped on his phone. It was the main gate. Matt answered the phone.

“This is Jake. I have a delivery from Crown Fabrications for Matt Thompson.” The voice said.

“Sure.” Matt replied. “Bring it up.”

Matt tapped an icon on his phone and the gate slowly swung open.

As the van pulled up to the front door, Matt could hardly contain himself but he played it cool. The van stopped and Nick and Jake stepped out.

“Hello,” said Jake. “Are you Matt Thompson?”

“I am,” replied Matt.

“I’m sorry sir, but I will need to see some identification because of the type product we are delivering. You can’t be too careful,” said Jake.

“I understand,” said Matt as he opened his wallet to show his driver’s license.

After an initial check that everything was good, Matt led the two delivery men into the house where he showed them where he wanted everything set up. He told them to put the doll on the bed beside its stand in one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

While Matt hovered watching, Jake and Nick went back to the van and each carried several pieces of square black powder-coated tubular steel into the house and to the second floor. After two trips to the van, the third trip was the product. They lifted a large molded plastic crate from their vehicle and up the stairs being sure to be gentle. They did not want to damage the merchandise or the walls of this beautiful home.

Once they arrived upstairs, they sat the crate aside and spent a few minutes setting up the doll stand. When that was complete, they invited Matt into the room to show him its features. I had a heavy steel base so it will not tip over with a nearly 6-foot steel armature on it. There was a round tube protruding forward in the middle of the main vertical member. On it were two short plugs facing up with a tube from each terminating in a box at the stand’s base. When the doll was to be stored, it could be mounted on the plugs to allow fluids to be evacuated from the doll.

In addition to the plugs, there were steel cuffs for the ankles, thighs, wrists, and upper arms. There were also large steel bands for the waist, and neck. None of these things really mattered since sex dolls couldn’t move. All the restraints accomplished was to hold the doll upright.

Nick explained that the box was a container for any waste the doll created and that it would only need to be emptied about once a week. He also explained to Matt that the plugs and tubes could be inserted directly into the doll without the stand if he were to leave the amber doll on the bed or in a crate.

Jake opened the crate to explain some of the features of the doll. He easily lifted it up and put it on the bed explaining that it only weighs 47 pounds because of the foam in the arms and legs. Matt was blown away by how beautiful it was and he couldn’t wait to play with it. Jake explained that the port on the lower calf was for nourishment and showed Matt how to plug into the port.

Jake and Nick cleaned up their mass of packing materials and gave Matt a 20-page binder full of instructions for handling the doll as well as tips and tricks to care for it. It also contained a warranty card, two blank referral cards, and instructions for ordering more “food”.

After exchanging pleasantries, Nick and Jake hopped back in their van and drove off to research their next donor.

Matt stood there looking at his amber doll. He had so many things on his mind but just did not know where to start. He was always intimidated by women and afraid to talk to them because he didn’t want to hear their rejection of him. This was just a doll. What was he afraid of? He wondered how rough he could treat it. He just got it and didn’t want to ruin it. Since he always longed for a girlfriend who would love him, should he treat it like a person? Would that be weird? It was just a lifelike sex doll. Maybe he should just treat it like an object. A possession.

So many thoughts. Matt was overwhelmed at all the possibilities. He decided to walk away for a bit and get a bite to eat. He went back downstairs and turned off the television, grabbed his keys, and went to the driveway. Still thinking about the amber doll, he got in his silver sports car and drove away.

He wasn’t sure where he wanted to eat but found himself near the mall. He decided to go to the food court. As Matt walked through the mall, he passed by the phone store. As he looked in the store, he remembered meeting the most beautiful woman he had ever seen six months earlier, Her curvaceous body, her gorgeous face, that beautiful smile, and her soft voice. The woman of his dreams is now the doll of his dreams waiting for him on the bed at home.

Holding his phone in his hand, he looked at it and remembered that he really didn’t want this model but it was Amber that talked him into it. He loved his phone and he loved the amber sex doll.

After having some Asian food, he drove back home. He pulled into the driveway, got out of his car, and went directly upstairs. After a quick pit-stop in the bathroom, he stepped into Amber’s room. He stood next to the bed looking at his new doll lying motionless. Its eyes and mouth wide open.

“I know you are only a sex doll meant for my kinkiest desires, and I know you can’t hear me or respond to anything I am saying…” he said quietly as he slowly laid on the bed next to her, “but I just wanted to say how much I love you. And even though you may only be a doll, I will think of you as my girlfriend.”

He touched her cheek, then slowly more and more of her body. He could feel himself getting aroused as he put his hands on her stomach then ran his hands over her massive round breasts. He removed her lace bra and panties put on her at Premium Playthings and admired that body. That only made him harder. After a few minutes of foreplay, Matt could not wait any longer. He undressed and got on top of her. Without hesitation, he slid inside her. Matt noticed that her pussy was tight and it felt amazing. He had to go slow and pace himself or he would cum right now. He had to savor this moment. He pumped harder and harder, building up pressure. Finally, at the last possible second, he pulled out and moved to the open mouth. His hard member fit exactly in the “O” shaped hole. Moaning and grunting as he unloaded a huge amount of cum into Amber’s mouth, she used her throat muscles to swallow every drop.

Matt was happy. Amber was his. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up. He thought it best to clean Amber too. He went back and forth from the bathroom to rinse the washcloth. He wiped away a small amount of semen on the corner or her round mouth. He also washed her body from head to toe. As he tossed the washcloth in the bathroom sink, he was exhausted. He climbed onto the bed and tossed a blanket over the both of them and drifted off asleep.

Amber, however, lay there wide awake. Unable to see, hear, speak, or move, she wondered about her new life. Where am I? Who is this man? Is this the ‘client’ they were talking about at the facility? Is this my destination? Will this be my life now? This was the first time she had had sex in a very long time. And, although she could no longer orgasm, it felt pretty good being touched in such a gentle way.

Matt slept great all through the night. When he woke up, he decided to plug in Amber. As she lay there, he spread her legs and inserted the plugs. Within a few seconds, he could hear the liquid flowing from her into the nearby box. He gave a quick look at her owner’s manual and attached the plug to her calf.

As she was being ‘fed,’ he went down to the kitchen and made some coffee. He took his time and made a full breakfast for himself as he was starving. As Matt sat in the breakfast nook eating his bacon and eggs, he wanted to play with Amber again so after he put his dishes in the sink, he went back to Amber’s room.

This time, he thought about a blowjob. As he undressed again.

“Good morning, Amber,” Matt said, “I hope you had a good night. Are you ready for some more fun this morning?”

With the three plugs still in her, he propped her head up on a pillow and climbed on her and inserted his large cock in her mouth hole customized for his exact size. After only a few minutes, he unloaded again. And, like yesterday, she swallowed all of it.

He wiped her mouth, unplugged her, and re-inserted the plugs on the stand. He moved the stand to a suitable corner of the room. After he was sure the stand was secure, he dressed her in the clothes she was shipped with. Then Matt picked her up and put her on the doll stand. He had forgotten that all her muscle mass had been removed and was surprised she was so light to pick up and move. As he lowered her over the plugs, he took extra time to ensure they were seated properly inside of her. He would feel bad if she was in pain. He put all the necessary steel restraints around her to keep her limp body from falling over. Soon after she was secured, he could hear a trickle of liquid. She apparently had to pee. He gently put his hand on her left cheek while he kissed the other. As she stood there mounted in place, she looked so lifeless with her eyes wide open staring into nothingness. He wondered what she was thinking and feeling. Maybe, by now, she had gone crazy and had no thoughts at all anymore.

Her thoughts were still very real however. And as Matt walked away, she was thinking about that kiss on the cheek.

I think this man loves me, she thought.

That made her feel a little better assuming that he would take care of her. Then she thought about the doll stand. She hated this damn thing. Although she liked that she could relieve herself whenever she wanted, it was extremely uncomfortable on her ass and her neck. She could not wait to be removed from it.

As Matt walked down the stairs, he thought Amber needed some new clothes. He spent hours on the internet and several hundred dollars picking out clothing for her. Street clothes like jeans and t-shirts, colorful fancy dresses, sexy lingerie, cozy soft pajamas, and fetish wear like a corset and a black latex catsuit. He could imagine Amber wearing all these.

As the days passed, he would bring her into other rooms in the house. He would sit her on the sofa and put his arm around her while he watched television. He might sit her in a chair while he cooked a meal or cleaned the house. Most nights, he would carry her to his bed so they could sleep together.

Sometimes he wanted to be a little creative so he would put Amber in some different positions. That would usually require some sort of restraint. After all, he didn’t want to stop in the middle of sex to reposition her.

One morning, after he had his breakfast, Matt thought about anal sex with Amber. If her pussy was tight, what did her ass feel like? He had never tried that before and was curious.

Matt went into the garage for a minute. When he returned, he had several lengths of white nylon rope. He tied a three-foot length to each wrist. He picked her up and carried her to the kitchen island with the ropes hanging from her wrists. As he lay Amber face-down on the countertop, her head drooped down. Luckily her head had no chance of hitting the counter’s surface because of her massive fake tits lifting her torso. As her body started to slide down, Matt caught the ropes and pulled her arms and tied them off to the drawer handles on the other side of the island.

Once she was secure, he pulled down her panties. It was then that she realized what he was going to do. This filled her with anxiety. She knew how big he is from this past week and she had never had anal sex before. The only thing she had ever had in her butt was the plug on her doll stand which was painful enough.

Matt put on a generous amount of lubricant to his dick and Amber’s ass. As he slowly started to penetrate her back side, he felt resistance. Slowly and gently, he pumped until her hole loosened up and he was able to slide in. Once inside, Matt could go a little faster. He pushed it further and further as it was feeling so very good to him. He reached around, rubbed her nipples and finally he came inside her. After a few more hard pushes, he pulled out and saw his cum oozing from Amber’s butt hole and dripping on the floor.

Matt pulled up his pants and went upstairs to take a shower leaving Amber bent over the kitchen counter. When he returned, he cleaned up Amber’s rear and the floor beneath her. Once everything was clean, he carried Amber upstairs to her room and put her on the doll stand. Her ass hole was extremely sore. The plug is wide enough to make a seal but it is short. This man’s dick was bigger and much longer.

For the next six months, Matt and his girlfriend were inseparable. He would sit on the sofa with his arm around her as he watched television, he would talk to her about his day, and they would make love. Most nights, he would put her in his bed and they would sleep together.

As for Amber, she was cut off from the outside world. She existed only inside her mind. She could not see, hear, speak, or move. Aside from the gentle touch of this man, her only physical contact was being penetrated daily.

She was mounted on her doll stand daily to do her business. Usually, she was removed after a short time, for which she was grateful, as it was not comfortable. She began to look forward to the sex as it helped break up the day. Most of the time, her mouth had the taste of his semen.

Sometimes, she would be left laying on the bed for several hours. Whas the man gone? Was he playing with another doll? Was he angry with me? Is he tired of me?

All she could do was wait and hope that she would be played with. Even if it was the rough anal, she got occasionally, it was better than no contact at all. Over time, she came to embrace her life as the amber sex doll.


This is the end of the Amber story (for now). Stay tuned for another “product” coming soon.

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