The Reluctant Toy

by Tightandshiny

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Storycodes: F/m; FM+/m; M2doll; doll; cd; latex; catsuit; hood; bond; buttplug; chair; gag; collar; kidnap; breathplay; conditioning; mast; anal; oral; reluct; XX

Prologue: Reflection

It sits alone in a dark room, on a bed adorned with rubber sheets, illuminated only by the red glow of the neon sign buzzing outside the window. It reflects on how it got to this point, how mistress had decided it was no longer deserving of being referred to as "him." At a glance, one would have trouble even discerning whether it was a him. The head-to-toe black rubber, silicone breast inserts, thigh-length, glossy, high-heeled boots and cute, pink latex dress obfuscated it's true...or rather previous nature. The only hint to its biological gender being a rubber-sheathed cock, throbbing beneath the ruffled skirt of its pink latex dress.

Chapter 1: Selection

The night prior, before he became "it," he sees her alone at the bar, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. Her raven black hair resting against a latex cocktail dress, skin tight and as black as her hair. He had only seen such material on women in music videos and the occasional movie, never in person. Her posture was stiff, proper, exuding an air of strictness one would expect of someone in a position of great power. He takes a moment to weigh the risks and rewards of approaching such a woman and ultimately decides that opportunities like this were once in a lifetime and works up the courage to shoot his shot. He sits down next to her, trembling slightly, hoping that she wouldn't notice, but she does, her gaze shifts from her drink to him. Doing his best to come off as confident and charming he says, "I don't think I've ever seen you in here, do you come here often?"

To which she casually replies, "No, I decided I'd try somewhere new tonight, but it seems like it's already paying off."

A bit perplexed at this, but not off-put, he adds "I see, how about we go somewhere quieter to talk?"

"Great idea," the woman replies, "let's go to my place, I have a feeling you'll really like it."

Chapter 2: Proposition

He follows her to a tall brick building in an area of town he is not familiar with, not exactly run down, but definitely a bit seedy. A sign on the fourth floor reads simply ‘Dolls’ in red neon. As he steps out of his car he notices the sign and asks, "Oh do you live above a factory or something?"

She smirks and answers, "Yeah, something like that."

The interior is much nicer than the exterior, not extravagant but sophisticated enough and well lit. She leads him to an elevator, the tight rubber of her dress showing off her figure in great detail. He had never seen anything like it and was practically entranced as he follows her into the lift. She presses the button for the fourth floor and eyes him up and down as the doors close. They emerge from the elevator to a large room, more dimly lit than the lobby, with only a large, black leather couch and matching chair separated by a short table. She proceeds to sit in the chair, her rubber squeaking against the leather as she does. "Please have a seat," she gestures to the couch.

He sits and immediately feels diminutive among the large sofa, as if he is no longer in control. After a brief moment, she breaks the silence, "I'm not much for small talk, so I'll get straight to the point. How would you feel about being my slave for a while?"

Taken aback, he fumbles a bit but cannot resist the most beautiful woman he has ever encountered, especially with such an intimate request. Stammering, he says "I..Im not sure, what does it involve?"

"Oh you just have to do everything I say, it will be 24/7 with no pay but you will be taken care of and the pleasure you receive should be compensation enough."

After a brief moment of consideration he decides, hesitantly, "Yeah, I guess that sounds pretty good, I wouldn't mind a bit of fun."

"Perfect!" she responds, showing the first bit of enthusiasm since they met. "Let us begin. I'll fill you in on the details in a minute, for now all you need to do is whatever thing 1 and thing 2 tell you to."

With that, she claps her gloved hands twice and two large, muscular men emerge from the door behind her. Both are completely covered in thoroughly shined black rubber, the only part of them visible being their eyes, which are trained intently as they move aggressively towards him. Each of them grabbing an arm, they drag him to the room behind her and, as the door begins to shut she proclaims sternly, "oh and you will refer to me as Mistress.

Chapter 3: Dollification

He finds himself standing in a room, surrounded by darkness with only he and the two large rubber men who brought him, illuminated by an overhead light. "Strip" demands thing 1, or thing 2, who's to say which is which. Regardless he does so, fearing what would happen were he to disobey.

Now naked and shivering, thing… whichever, carries his clothes away as the other emerges from the darkness with an arm full of neatly folded rubber garments, mostly black with a piece or two of dainty pink. Abruptly, the thing hands the largest piece to him and says gruffly "wear." The garment is heavy and seems to have attached gloves, feet, hood and even two sheaths in the crotch area, one pointing out and the other…in. He was already quite afraid but now had a really bad feeling where this was heading, however he could not deny the excitement he was feeling deep down. Feeling the rubber suit, the outside was matte, rougher, while the inside was quite wet and slick. The chest area featured two silicone breasts, affixed between layers of rubber.

He continues to dress until, finally, he is completely encased in rubber except for his head. As he slides the hood up to his face, he realizes that there is yet another sheath that could only be meant for his mouth. He reluctantly places his lips around it, aligning the eye holes and small nostril holes while pulling the material tight around his head. Suddenly he feels a gentle but firm tug as the suit is pulled tighter still around him. He hears a slow ziiiiiiiip as from top to bottom the suit conforms to his every curve. Ending at his lower back, the zip is punctuated with a "click," and he realizes that he has just been locked into the suit.

Next, he is handed the pink dress, a somewhat simple, sleeveless, skater dress with black trim, and a tall neck with a small, pink rubber bow to one side. He slides it on, feeling embarrassed despite everything that had come before, as if he could feel his masculinity slipping away, the silicone tits, squeezed tightly by the dress, begin to feel as if they were a part of him.

The dress is zipped tightly up to his neck, creating a sense of being lightly choked. As this is happening, the other thing returns with a simple metal chair, nothing peculiar about it except for a 4 inch long, rounded peg located right in the middle of the seat. "Sit" commands the rubber man. "But I…" he attempts to mumble with the sheath wadded in his mouth, "SIT" he commands louder and more aggressively. He does what he is told and feels the cold metal of the peg as it forces the anal sheath deep inside of him. He has never had anything put into his ass before, and much to his surprise, despite the discomfort, his already stiffening cock completely engorges, filling its sheath so thoroughly that each individual vein is visible,

He notices some movement from the crotch of the rubber man holding him down, who seems to be quite enjoying the sight of his victim's predicament. The other rubber man returns with a bottle of something. Pouring clear liquid into his and the other things hands, he forces two fingers into the mouth, forcing the sheath all the way to the back of his throat, nearly triggering his gag reflex. They both run their rubber hands thoroughly over his body, careful to shine every inch of the pink and black latex, with special attention paid to his cock. As one rubber man begins to slide a long, reflectively shiny PVC boot up his leg, the other works his cock up and down, up and down, all the while their own cocks twitch excitedly in their rubber encasements, he gives into the pleasure, the combined sensations of the stiff anal invader, the tight rubber, hugging every single inch of him, the humiliation, the stroking of his throbbing cock, it all builds until it feels as if he will explode….and then, stillness, they stop stroking, somehow knowing when enough was enough. He thrusts his cock in the sheath, simultaneously wiggling on the solid metal peg, moaning desperately, trying to attain the climax that was just out of reach, but it is not enough, and as he struggles futilely, a bulbous rubber cock, nearly the length of his oral sheath is firmly inserted and strapped tightly around his head, turning his moans into mmmphs. The outer portion of the gag is adorned with shiny red lips. Finally, a tall rubber collar is locked around his neck, furthering the choking sensation and completing his transformation into a living rubber doll.

Chapter 4: Mistress

He is led now by the collar, walking awkwardly on his 3" heels to the next room, a bedroom awash in red glow, glistening on the shiny rubber duvet and pillows. Both thing 1 and 2 shove him toward the bed and in a well rehearsed unison command "lay." Obeying, he lays on the soft rubber, a chilly rubber pillowcase cradles his head, as the cold of the sheets permeates through his suit and dress. As the rubber men secure his arms and legs to the bed, he notices the nearby wall adorned with toys of all shapes and sizes, some of which he did not recognize and could not fathom their purpose. Next, as he glares straight up, seeing the ceiling which is nearly completely covered by a seamless mirror. The first time seeing himself as a doll causes his cock to throb excitedly despite his best efforts.

What he didn't notice was Mistress, sitting quietly in a dark corner. As she stands she proclaims "are we having fun yet?" To which he replies "mmmph" against the solid cock gag. "I figured you'd say that" she responds with a chuckle. She too has undergone a change of outfit, now sporting a collared rubber jacket over her cocktail dress, studded thigh-high rubber boots and shoulder-length, rubber opera gloves, her hair now in a tightly bound ponytail. She manages to look simultaneously sexy and sophisticated.

"So here's the deal, I have five clients coming tomorrow, and you're the hottest attraction. They're all going to want a ride and they'll each have thirty minutes to do with you as they please. I of course will be present for the duration since nothing gets me hotter than watching my new toys get broken in. From this moment on you will be referred to only as ‘doll’. Your sole pronoun 'it'." She leans in with a pair of headphones in one hand and a nearly clear rubber object in the other and explains "in order to insure you are a good dolly, I have a little program for you to listen to, and to make sure you focus on the message you will also have to focus on your breathing. Between your oh-so-tiny nose holes and this vacuum hood, it should prove quite the challenge." With that, she affixes the earphones to its head, all sound is muffled, nearly completely. She softly kisses the red rubber lips of the gag and slides the transparent breath control hood over its head. With a breathing hole only slightly larger than one of the nostril holes, the hood sucks in tightly to its face with each breath, it must remain calm in order to draw enough oxygen. As mistress gets up from the bed, she daintily taps the tip of its rubbered cock with the tip of her index finger, turns and snaps as thing 1 and thing 2 obediently follow her out of the room, securing the door behind them.

After a few moments of no sound other than controlled breathing, the headphones come to life with a crackle and it hears Mistress’s soothing voice: "I am no longer a person, I am a rubber doll. My only purpose is to satisfy the client, whatever they may want. The feeling of rubber excites me and I want nothing more than to be encased in it from now on. I am no longer a person. I am a rubber doll….

Chapter 5: Clientele

It awakens to mistress removing its breath hood as the morning light causes the well shined latex to glisten. The message continues to loop as she removes the headphones. It breathes deeply for the first time in what seems like forever as she proclaims "Good morning, doll. I trust you are rested and ready to get to work? I stand to make a lot of money off of you and if you are very good I promise to give you a very special treat." It responds with muffled whines and head shaking to which she exclaims "Oh I guess the conditioning didn't quite take. Oh well it's not as if you have a choice in the matter." "Bring the first one in."

Mistress heads to her rubber chair in the corner, feeling her body in the gorgeous latex as she sits and crosses her legs, almost giddy anticipation on her face. A man enters the room, seemingly middle aged, not overweight, but not exactly fit either, wearing chaps, boots, a red rubber dress shirt and a standard hood. His face lights up at the sight as he proclaims "Oh my, what a beautiful dolly, you've really outdone yourself this time Mistress!" His cock is already rock hard, a fairly impressive feat for a man of his age. The doll struggles against the restraints as the man crawls onto the bed from the bottom, it is of course no use as its legs are spread wide with little wiggle room. "Ooh a feisty one eh? I like it." Exclaims the man as he mounts the doll. He straddles it, close but not quite touching its eager cock. He strokes his cock for a while, dripping pre-cum on the doll's pink dress all the while groping its tits. The man's cold sweat drips onto its stomach as he pleasures himself, bouncing close to, but not quite on the doll's rubbered cock.

After a while, the man backs down to the doll's crotch lifting the skirt, further revealing the twitching rubber cock. "My aren't we excited, well don't worry, I've got something you'll really like. He slides his cock into the doll's rubber ass as it moans, unaccustomed to the sensation, feeling as if it can't take it, but it will. The feeling is different from the metal rod, soft and warm, the discomfort subsides and is replaced by a sort of pleasure, as much as it does not want to believe it, the feeling is comfortable, almost natural, as if a piece of the doll had been missing and is now returned. As the man begins to thrust, slowly in and out, the comfy feeling is replaced by bliss, the bliss of being a helpless rubberdoll, fulfilling its true purpose of being used as a fuck toy. It begins to think maybe the conditioning had worked, or maybe being fucked in full rubber was just that good. Either way, it begins to moan into its cock gag. The man wraps his hands around its throat, replacing the sensation of choking with actual choking, firm but not so hard as to cause discomfort.

The doll instinctively begins to thrust, working the man's cock up and down as he continues to pound its rubber ass. It watches itself being fucked in the mirror above the bed, the dissonance between the image and the constant disbelief that it is the one being fucked are unfathomably hot, if only it were able to somehow stimulate its cock beyond the light pressure of the sheath. The man thrusts faster and faster until, finally, his whole body trembles. The doll can feel, even through the sheath that the man has shot a full load into its rubber ass. Leaving the doll dripping and humiliated, the man dismounts, nods to Mistress saying "thank you ma'am" and proceeds out the door.

Thing 1 and 2 arrive with towels and wipe down the bed, the doll's body as well as her ass. Mistress remarks "I don't particularly care for this part, but it is necessary as most clients don't enjoy sloppy seconds. NEXT!."

The cycle of clients and cleaning continues for hours, the doll's hole is quite sore at this point and it is not sure how much more it can take, but at the same time it feels empty, like something is now missing. The fifth and final client arrives, a somewhat younger man, likely in his late twenties or early thirties dressed in rubber slacks, a polo, long gloves and a standard hood. Walking up to the doll, he caresses its body gently, feeling its warm rubber skin as he saunters the length of the bed. Instead of mounting it like the rest of the clients, he approaches Mistress and whispers something into her ear. Her face lights up and she responds "Oh yes, I think it is about time my new dolly had a taste of the real thing."

The man approaches the doll's head, unfastening the penis gag that has intruded its mouth since the previous night. It wiggles its sore jaw, but before it can get too comfortable, the man unzips the flap on his rubber trousers and produces his cock, nearly as long as the gag and even a bit thicker. Grabbing the doll's head, he forces his dick into its hole, causing the rubber sheath to tickle the back of its throat. Gagging, the doll is at least thankful that its sore hole had been granted a rest. It decides that to keep the man away from its worn out ass, the blow job must be excellent. It caresses the throbbing member with its tongue, gently tickling the underside of the cock head as he pulls back with each thrust. The man clearly enjoys this as he pauses to let the dolls tongue work for a while before continuing to fuck the rubber orifice. The doll wraps its lips tightly around his shaft, taking as much as it can without gagging too hard, the warmth of the cock radiating, even through the smooth rubber. It must have been doing something right because after a while, the man's body trembles, his rubber thighs tighten around its head and two huge, warm loads of cum shoot to the back of the sheath. As he pulls out, Mistress exclaims, "You're the last one so cleanup isn't an issue, how about you put that gag back on?" He likes the idea and does exactly that, trapping his load inside the doll's mouth, the size of the gag causes some to drip out, giving the appearance of drool. Pleased with this result, the man leaves. But the doll still yearns for release.

Chapter 6: Reward

As Mistress approaches the bed, she proclaims "My my, you have been a very good doll. I think you have earned your reward. You poor thing, it seems none of today's clients were interested in your little rubber dick." She approaches, gently caressing the dolls throbbing cock. "I have just the thing for you...GIMP" at this, a man, not much taller than five feet enters, dressed in full rubber; harnesses, classic red ball gag and a hand pump hanging from his ass, presumably connected to a well-inflated plug. "Fortunately for you, Gimp here loves cock and would love to help you out." At this point, the doll is so desperate that it welcomes this news, nodding and mumbling into the gag.

Gimp looks up to Mistress, who wordlessly removes his ball gag and, without hesitation, he goes straight for the doll's boots. He tongues every bit, working his way from the toe to the top. He licks and kisses the inner thigh. Gimp continues up but, much to the doll's frustration, skips over the eager cock and makes out with its stomach, its tits, softly kissing its rubber neck, until finally he makes it to the face where he licks the cum seeping from the gag. Removing the gag, Gimp proceeds to stick his tongue into the doll's mouth, making out with the cum-filled rubber orifice. As he does, he wraps his rubber fingers around the doll's cock, squeezing and gently stroking, causing the doll to shiver with pent up sensation. Once he had his fill, he moved down to the cock, eagerly wrapping his mouth around and taking as much in as he could. It did not take long to work the doll into a frenzy, it writhes in its shackles as the Gimps head works up and down, enthusiastically tonguing and sucking. Finally, after so much use, and so much neglect, the doll's cock erupts in its sheath, its whole body trembles violently as cum fills the tight rubber. A few smaller spurts follow, accompanied by smaller shivers. The relief is immense, the doll's body finally relaxes, and, after several aftershocks, cum drips down onto its crotch, trapped between the rubber and sweaty body.

Mistress gives a short, shrill whistle and Gimp rushes to her leg, kneeling and hugging her boot, stroking it. "I always reward my good little sluts. Unfortunately, however, there are no showers available until tomorrow morning, so you'll have to stew in your juices until then." The doll watches her leave and whimpers helplessly, unsure of what the next day might bring.


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