The Reluctant Toy

by Tightandshiny

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Continues from

Part 2: The Rubber Facility

Chapter 7: Sealed

The doll lays alone in the dark room, still gagged, plugged and chained to the rubber bed. Sore from the ravages of the clientele, it thinks back to before it had lost its identity. It was only the night before when they had met in that dingy bar, it seemed like so long ago, another life even. As it begins to relax and try to nod off to sleep, the door opens with a jolt and in walk thing 1 and 2, one of whom is carrying a clear pvc bag, folded neatly in his arms. As they approach, A speaker springs to life with a crackle, followed by Mistress' s sultry voice. “you did very well on your first shift, but being a new toy and all, I think it’s only appropriate that you be stored in some nice plastic packaging”. As she speaks, the things unfasten the doll's bindings, allowing it to lower its arms and close its legs.

The large, rubbered figure holding the bag unfolds it and holds it at the doll's feet. “Enter” commands the rubber man. The doll had never seen such a large plastic bag, it was almost like one you would store leftovers in, but with thicker plastic, like a clear shower curtain liner. It wriggles down as the thing pulls the bag slowly up, further and further, until it is completely enveloped in the soft, smooth plastic. its vision of the rubber figure is blurred slightly as its breath fogs the clear material. A familiar ziiiiiip is heard as the entrance is sealed shut from the outside. It begins to worry about the limited air supply until, almost as if she could perceive its thoughts, Mistresses voice comes through once more, slightly muffled by the plastic encasement. “Don’t worry about suffocating, toy. The filter on the bag will let enough air in for you to make it through the night. Sleep tight”. She must have been speaking literally because at this, the things loop rubber straps through D rings lining the bag, pulling it tight across the bed. The doll's sheathed cock is squished tightly to its abdomen, feet are forced to either side and all other parts are sandwiched between the clear PVC. It turns its head slightly to draw air through its nostrils as the pressure of the material presses down.

Once everything had been secured, the rubber figures begin caressing the doll's body, rubber fingers exploring every inch of its compressed form for several minutes. Almost in unison, the figures lean in, one over its crotch, the other over its face and to the toy's surprise, they begin to lick. Despite being encased in rubber and plastic, its cock could feel the tongue slide up and down, following the engorged, throbbing member up the shaft, flittering gently just under the tip, all as the other one licks the tight plastic covering its face like an over-eager dog when its owner arrives home. After a while, both of them sit up, the one near its head gives a gentle kiss to its cheek, and heads towards the door, closing it, leaving the room awash in darkness except for the red glow of the neon sign.

Frustrated, the doll thrusts against the tight plastic, it feels good as its cock slides up and down within the rubber sheath, already slippery with cum, but it is not enough to reach another climax and the material is too tight to allow for stroking with its hand. After it had some time to settle, the realization set in, its bladder was full and it had not had a chance to relieve itself since the whole ordeal had begun. Under normal circumstances, it would not have considered doing what it was about to, but these were not normal circumstances, and it was tired and had no energy to hold back. So it relented and let loose. Warm piss fills its sheath causing it to inflate as much as the plastic barrier would allow, then leaks out to other parts of its rubber suit. The warm sensation puddles and spreads further, up its back and down its legs. The shame was intense but outweighed by the relief of no longer holding it in. The pungent odor fills the bag, which was already damp from a combination of its breath and perspiration. Beads of sweat roll down the interior of the clear plastic prison. It realizes now that Mistress had likely intended for this to happen. All it could do was try to get to sleep, and hope that shower would come sooner rather than later.

Chapter 8: Checkup

As the lights come on, the doll is jolted awake. Rubber squeaks against sweaty plastic as it turns its head to see who has entered. Through the fog and sweat, it can just make out a dark haired, feminine figure who it assumes to be Mistress. Two dark figures emerge from behind, one pushing a gurney, which is situated next to the rubber bed at about the same height. The two figures unstrap the sides of the bag and hoist it onto the gurney, an unholy mixture of sweat and urine flows around the bag as they do. Anxious to escape this humid, pungent bag, the doll is at least relieved to be free of the pressure of the plastic holding it tightly to the bed.

As they wheel the doll down the hall, it notices that this woman is a fair bit shorter than Mistress and dressed in lighter colors, though the glint of the overhead lights reflecting off of her inform the doll that her wardrobe is likely all rubber. The journey goes on for much longer than the doll would have thought possible given the building they were in, including a ride on an elevator that seems to continue far past the four or five floors would imply. It thinks to itself that either this was the slowest elevator ever, or there was more to this facility than was visible from street level. Eventually, they arrive in a brightly lit room. One of the things unzips the bag, allowing fresh air to rush in. The doll breathes deeply, or as deeply as it is able through the nostril holes of its rubber hood, and relishes the sweet, fresh air. As the bag is removed, it can now see that they are in some sort of communal shower. The woman is adorned in a white and seafoam green rubber dress hugging her petite body tightly. A white rubber lab coat as well as matching gloves and stockings compliment the dress. Her hair is done up in a neat bun with a few strands dangling in front of her face. Despite her glasses and white rubber medical mask, the doll can tell that she is quite beautiful. She steps up to the side of the gurney and, with a faint Japanese accent says, “Hello doll. I am Dr. Kitami and I will be conducting your physical exam today. You will undress and shower thoroughly before I will see to you. I don’t like my patients covered in piss and cum,” she adds wryly, “well piss at least anyway.”

The doll, now alone in the shower, removes the cock shaped anal plug and gag and sets them on a brushed metal table attached to the wall. The zipper tab behind its neck is difficult to reach, but has graciously been unlocked. It unzips and peels the latex off, one extremity at a time. Bodily fluids flow out of the suit and swirl down the circular drain as cool air meets its skin. It places the rank suit on the table next to the phallic toys. Turning the handle causes hot water to rush over the doll. The feeling is exhilarating, the freedom from the tight rubber, oral and anal intrusions and the hot water washing away all the grime culminates in a revitalizing sense that could not have come any sooner. After a few minutes, the water shuts off automatically and a loud buzz echoes around the shower as the nearby door opens.

It emerges through the door, naked and wet, into a bright room reminiscent of a doctor’s office. A chair with stirrups and straps sits in front of a counter topped with all kinds of toys. Dr. Kitami gestures to the chair with her gloved hands. Hesitantly, the doll sits, the pvc padding is cool to its skin. The two figures that had wheeled it here approach, one from the front and one from the rear. From behind, a thick, white rubber strap is tightened around its neck and the familiar sensation of being lightly choked returns. The same type of strap is then used to restrain each arm. As this is happening, the rubber thing in front secures each leg in a stirrup, leaving the doll feeling more exposed than it ever had in its entire life. It almost wished to be back in the protective embrace of the rubber suit.

Sensing discomfort, the Doctor proclaims, “You don’t mind if Nurse 1 and Nurse 2 watch, do you?” Before it can respond she adds with a chuckle, “Oh silly me, you don’t have a choice in the matter.” She begins to slide a long, transparent rubber glove over her already gloved arm.

Once both gloves are on, she intertwines the fingers of each hand together, making sure they are nice and tight. Leaning in, she gently caresses one of the dolls cheeks. “Such an attractive specimen. As you can probably tell, we are very fond of latex around here, if you don’t already love it, you will eventually learn to, as much as the rest of us”. She then proceeds to stick two fingers of each hand in its mouth, feeling around and inspecting. She mutters softly under her mask, “okaaay, looks good, all teeth are intact and things are pretty clean”. Removing one hand, she rests two fingers on the doll's tongue and sharply commands “close your mouth”. As soon as it complies, she slides her fingers in and out, her eyes betray a smile hidden by the white rubber mask. “this is not part of the exam, I just wanted to do it”. The humiliating motion and taste of the rubber cause the doll's cock to twitch.

Sitting up, she disappears behind the doll, returning with a strap attached to a short piece of clear PVC tubing, about two inches long and an inch in diameter. She inserts one end of the tube into the doll's mouth and tightly fastens the strap. The plastic is thick but soft enough to comfortably rest its teeth on. Seemingly pleased at the sight of her gagged patient, she once again walks behind the chair, out of the doll's sight, only this time she does not Immediately return. After a brief moment, a semi-transparent Latex hood is forcefully pulled down over the doll's head from behind. It attempts to resist but is severely limited by the strap securing its neck. The hood restricts its vision and blocks the tube, making breathing impossible. Dr. Kitami returns to view as the doll futilely struggles to draw breath. “Oh let me straighten that for you” she says as she aligns the only hole on the hood with the tube, allowing it to protrude through, letting air in, much to the dolls relief.

The Doctor removes her surgical mask, revealing that she was indeed quite beautiful. Her glossy red lips form a smirk as she kneels down between the stirrups. With one hand, she feels around the doll's testicles as the other gently tickles its anus. The doll moans and resists to the best of its ability, which, given the circumstances, is not much. Now gripping its scrotum tightly, she slides two fingers inside its tight ass, wiggling them, feeling around, as they continue deeper and deeper. The doll's cock quickly transitions from partially to fully erect at this sensation. “It seems you like having your ass toyed with hmm? You must be a really dirty slut”. It can just make out a smile on her face as she slides another finger in, then another. Before long, her entire hand is inside the doll, the pressure is initially almost too much to bear, but Dr. Kitami is quite petite and has mercifully small hands.

The pain gives way to pleasure as she carefully slides her arm back and forth, its anus tightly gripping her wrist. A dribble of pre-cum slides down the doll's cock and without hesitation, she leans in and catches it with her tongue. She slides her tiny, delicate tongue slowly up the shaft, pausing just below the tip to give special attention to that extra-sensitive area. The sensation is intense, causing the doll to moan involuntarily as saliva begins to dribble out of the tube. Taking its whole cock deep into her warm, wet mouth, she rhythmically sucks, up and down as her finger caresses the doll's prostate for several minutes. It had never felt anything so incredible, its attempts to hold back are futile as it shoots its load into her welcoming mouth. The pain returns momentarily as she pulls her hand back out. Through the cloudy rubber, it can just make out a devious look on her face as she stands back up. She leans in once more, her eyes sparkling as if to say “I’ve got something I’d like to give you”. Wrapping her ruby lips around the tube, She returns the doll's load, mixed with a generous amount of her own saliva. The doll can do nothing to resist as the warm mixture invades its mouth. The flavor is salty and somewhat unpleasant, it swallows the mouthful as soon as it is able just so it doesn’t have to taste it a moment more.

Dr. Kitami removes the soiled transparent gloves, tossing them into a nearby bin, a bit of cum dribbling from her mouth. She begins to speak, but before she can utter a word, the door slams open. “What is going on in here!?” demands Mistress as she storms towards Dr. Kitami. At nearly a full foot taller, Mistress towers over her. She is now wearing tight latex pants, a somewhat poofy blouse beneath a fashionable bustier and of course long opera gloves, all of which are black latex polished to an immaculate mirror sheen. With one gloved hand, she grabs the Doctor's face, pulling it towards her own, leaning down slightly to meet her halfway, she licks the dribble from the corner of her mouth. “Cum…really? I swear it’s so unprofessional how easily you give in to your desires.” Glancing over at the doll, she continues “And you, well I know you didn’t have much choice, but you were still an accessory to her misdeeds and will need to be punished accordingly”. Mistress gestures to thing 1 and instructs, “take her to my chamber and instigate punishment protocol three.”

Thing 1 does as instructed and grabs each of Dr. Kitami’s arms, forcing them behind her back. As she is being dragged out of the room, she begs “Mistress, please, it won’t happen again, I swear!” Her cries fall on deaf ears as Mistresses focus has now shifted to the doll. “Thing 2, get the doll dressed and prepped for the playroom. And lock its cock up, I think it has had enough stimulation for today.”

Chapter 9: Wardrobe

The clear rubber hood is lifted from the doll's head and the tube gag is removed. Before the chair straps are undone, thing 2 fetches a small chrome object from the table of medical toys. Returning, he forces the doll's now flaccid cock into the metal tube and locks a metal ring around its testicles. The cold metal causes them to shrink further and sends a shiver through its whole body. The cage is otherwise not too uncomfortable and there was even a bit of extra space, though not nearly enough to become fully erect, and the hard metal ensured no pleasurable sensations could be felt. Thing 2 unstraps the doll from the chair and grabs its caged cock gently with his rubber covered hand. The doll already wishes it could feel the warm rubber fingers rather than the cold metal, it realizes that up until very recently, it would never have even considered wishing to be able to feel the touch of another man. How things had changed. Using its caged cock as a leash, the doll is led to an adjacent room.

The room is dark, but the unmistakable smell of rubber swirls in the air. Lights flicker on revealing several rows of rubber apparel hanging from metal rods. Hundreds of shiny garments glistened under the overhead light, dresses, jackets, catsuits all ordered by size and color. Two thirds of the collection seemed to be black, with the rest being a mix of colors both opaque and transparent. Clear plastic boxes containing all sorts of accessories line shelves above the garments. One entire wall is nothing but hoods of every type imaginable with different combinations of eye holes, mouth openings and even some with neither. Thing 2 proceeds to sort through the black suits until he finds what He is looking for.

Holding it up for the doll to see, it is another suit including attached gloves and toe socks, though this one is a bit different. Instead of a penis sheath, The crotch features a rubber pouch just large enough to accommodate the dolls metal chastity cage, affixed to the suit by several metal snaps, giving it a studded appearance. Otherwise, it still sports an anal sheath but lacks an attached hood, rather, a tall neck opening. The last thing the doll notices is there is no zipper, at least not one that it could see. Grabbing either side of the collar, thing 2 stretches it wide enough to create an opening and holds it towards the doll. Understanding, it places its leg into the dark hole feeling the cool rubber slide up to its knee. Then the next leg. As thing 2 pulls the shiny material up, it begins to get very snug around the doll's hips. He continues pulling harder until it clears the waist and resumes sliding smoothly up the torso.

Thing 2 nods for the doll to put its arms into the opening, it obeys, though the shoulders prove to be a challenge, albeit one soon overcome by thing 2s raw strength. The doll finds the openings for each arm and slides them in as, incredibly, the neck returns to its initial size, reaching all the way up to the base of its head. Thing 2 then grabs a hood from the wall and pulls it over the doll's head, completing the look. The doll is surprised to find that this hood has no sheath, simply a mouth shaped opening. Before it has a chance to decide if this is a good or bad thing, thing 2’s thick fingers penetrate its anus, stuffing the sheath thoroughly inside its body with a slow in and out motion. The all encompassing embrace of the rubber and anal invader causes the doll's cock to engorge, but only so much, it has already filled the confines of its metal prison before it is even halfway erect. Thing 2 gives the tight hole a last wiggle and removes his fingers. Thing 2 gathers a few items from around the room, placing them all on the bench before the doll. The items are almost entirely hot pink, with some black trim and include a bra, stockings, a garter belt and open crotch panties. The doll sits on the bench, only a few feet in front of thing 2. The imposing rubber man reaches for his crotch and begins stroking his visibly hard cock through the rubber as he watches the doll slide the first pink stocking up its black rubber leg.

Chapter 10: Amusement

Now fully encased in rubber and wearing dainty lingerie, the feeling of shame washes over the doll once again. Thing 2 feels all around its body, presumably to ensure everything is in the right place. A collar is secured around the doll's neck complete with a short leather leash. It is led from the room down a short hallway to a door marked “playroom”. Inside is a large room with several other entrances that almost resembles a well-lit, miniature coliseum. A few rows of bleachers encircle a shallow “bowl” about 12 feet in diameter and a couple of feet deep recessed into the floor. The red-rubber lined interior gives it an almost “inverted ball gag” appearance. Seven pink and black figures emerge from each of the other entrances around the perimeter. The doll notices that they are all dressed identically to itself, with one minor difference, all of their sheathed cocks are uncaged and protruding from their pink panties, most of them already visibly rock-hard. A large double door opens on the far side of the room and a small crowd of three or four dozen people enter. At first glance, they seem to be clothed normally, slacks, dress shirts, sundresses and such, but as they get closer, it becomes clear that every single article of clothing is indeed shiny rubber. The doll thinks to itself that Mistresses strict rubber policy must apply to everyone, even the clientele.

They make their way to the bleachers and seat themselves. It seems as if this is not their first time here as they have no trouble filing in and finding their spot. They each wear a white mask that covers the top half of their face, just enough to obscure their identity. Mistress appears on a balcony about ten feet above the bleachers. “Welcome again my dear friends, today is very special because I have added a new doll to my collection.” She gestures to the doll and the weight of every gaze in the room falls upon it. Mistress continues, “You may notice that its cock is currently out of service. This is due to it being very naughty just a little while ago and cumming without my permission. We have made sure that doesn’t happen again, but rest assured, all of its other holes are open for business. Without further ado, let us begin.” Almost in unison, all of the other seven dolls begin towards the pit. Thing 2 gives the dolls shoulder a shove and it joins in. It looks up to Mistresses balcony on the way to see that she is now seated and can just make out a black rubber hooded figure disappear beneath her skirt. She bites her lip as she looks on.

Reaching the edge, it follows the others as they ease down into the shallow recess. It is surprisingly slippery as there seems to be silicone lubricant Covering every inch of the padded red rubber. All eight dolls converge at the center and immediately begin feeling one another and gyrating. The slick surface makes standing nearly impossible and the dolls form a pile of pink and black rubber. A strong hand squeezes the doll's shoulder, then slides down to its silicone breast pulling it back and down to its side. It feels a throbbing, hard cock on its lower back as another doll slides up from the front. The doll in front grabs its head and pulls it in for a deep kiss. As they make out, the one behind slides its cock down until it finds the anal sheath. It unceremoniously forces its way into the doll's body, a whimper escaping its mouth as the girth rivals even Dr. Kitami’s arm. The one in front smiles at the doll's distress and pulls its head down to its throbbing rubber cock. Holding its head in place, it thrusts into the doll's mouth.

Overpowered, the doll relents, the pain soon subsides, transitioning to pleasure as its ass adjusts to the invader. It wraps its lips around the other, creating suction while grabbing the ass as it thrusts in and out, if for no other reason than stability on the slippery rubber. Having both holes filled simultaneously fulfills a yearning it did not know it had. Its cock pushes futilely against the metal encasement. The frustration of not even being able to even be erect is unlike any it had experienced before. It focuses instead on the pleasure of its ass being so thoroughly filled, the overwhelming abundance of shiny, slippery rubber and the satisfaction of being used for its intended purpose.

As the doll continues to be used from both ends, fingers wrap around its throat, it can't tell whose, but at this point, what would it matter. Another set of hands holds its left ankle, another grabs the right, yet another pulls its arms behind its back. More hands feel all over the smooth black rubber, exploring every inch of the doll's body. It seems being the newest toy has made it quite popular with the others. The feeling, fucking and sucking continue for what feels like an eternity as the crowd cheers encouragements. Through the bodies of its assailants, the doll is able to see that many of those in the crowd have begun to pleasure themselves, some even using vibrating wands or assisting those next to them with a helping hand. But all eyes remained on the jumble of shiny rubber bodies in the pit, more specifically on the doll. The embarrassment is unreal, it is glad for the rubber hood obscuring its identity. With a groan and a final thrust, the doll in front orgasms, sending a spurt of warm cum strong enough that the doll's tongue feels the impact on the rubber sheath. Not long after, the one behind finishes as well and delivers a hard, wet smack To the ass it had been fucking.

Mistresses voice echoes through the room “Bravo! Isn’t our new doll marvelous? So eager and willing to do anything to please, well, ‘willing’ is a strong word, let’s say will do anything to please.” This elicits a laugh from the crowd. “Those interested can schedule a session at the desk on the way out.”

Chapter 11: Bittersweet Embrace

The room becomes quiet after the last of the clientele had made their way to the exit. Equally exhausted and frustrated, the doll is hoisted out of the pit by thing 2. One of the dolls remaining in the pit, probably the one that had been fucking its mouth, gives a little wave and blows a kiss. The doll glances up at Mistress as she points directly at it from her balcony. Thing 2 nods, acknowledging some unspoken command and she disappears into the darkness behind her chair. Thing 2 holds the doll's arm as its lubed rubber feet find very little friction with the cold concrete floor. They head back to the clinic where thing 2 unsnaps the pouch on the suit's crotch and mercifully unlocks the metal cage. Pre-cum drips out as the doll's sore cock is liberated from the device, now the only part of the doll not covered in rubber. Grabbing it by the cock, thing 2 leads the doll back out into the hallway, leaving a perfectly good leash dangling unused. Now extra sensitive after the restrictive cage, its cock hardens in the man's rubber hand. After a short elevator ride, they emerge into a lavishly decorated area. A massive, extravagantly patterned rug makes walking effortless again and simultaneously wipes away some of the lubrication from the bottom of its rubber feet. They approach a large wooden door, carved with scenes of several figures tied and gagged in all sorts of compromising positions. Thing 2 strokes the doll's cock a few times, ensuring it is fully erect for its visit to Mistresses quarters, and knocks firmly on the door.

The dimly lit room is well furnished, as the dolls eyes adjust to the low light, it can make out several furnishings including a rubber chez lounge, a few rubber upholstered chairs and a large bed surrounded by flowing black rubber privacy curtains. A life-sized dull yellow statue stands on a pedestal in front of the bed, which, much to its surprise, begins to move and moan. As the doll approaches, it can see that the feminine figure is completely encased in sweaty, natural transparent latex from head to toe, her arms bound behind her in a rubber monoglove and her head shrouded in a transparent vacuum hood that hugs her face tightly with each breath and inflates with each exhalation. The tiny breathing hole causes her to consistently struggle for enough air. A rod reaches from the base to her crotch, two dildos invading her body, holding her in place. The doll begins to recognize the soft facial features beneath the hood, ruby red lips wrapped around a black ball gag and dark almond shaped eyes that seem to beg for mercy as mascara streaks down her cheeks…it’s Dr. Kitami.

Mistress emerges from a dark corner of the room wearing only a smoky transparent black nighty, her pierced nipples clearly visible beneath the soft rubber. she approaches, cupping one of the Doctors breasts, teasing her nipple, while her other arm slides down her abdomen. “This is just one of my punishments for naughty sluts like the good doctor here.” She removes the hood, sweat and drool runs down the Doctors glossy rubber body as she gasps for the first big breath she has had in what must have been hours. Mistress gently guides her chin up with the tips of her fingers saying “Since you two seem to be so madly in love, I have a very special activity for you this evening.” She unstraps the monoglove, removes the ball gag and Lowers the pole holding the dildos in place. Taking Mistresses hand, Dr. Kitami weakly steps down from the pedestal and is led over to the doll, barely mustering the strength to balance on her high heeled boots.

“I want to see you two lovebirds hug”. The doll places its arms around her, grabbing her upper back as she embraces its lower back, sandwiching its hard cock between them. Mistress retrieves something from a nearby table and returns, tightening a pair of rubber cuffs around their wrists, starting with the Doctors. She then produces a unique gag, a black ball with two straps and a veiny three-inch silicone cock on either side. The Doctor pouts at the sight of yet another gag, but Mistress forces it in regardless, strapping it tightly around her head. “Now I want to see you kiss.” The doll leans down, taking in the entirety of the veiny synthetic cock until its lips meet the doctors around the spherical portion of the gag. Mistress tightly secures the strap and leads them over to the bed. Holding the rubber curtain open with one arm, she uses the other to shove them onto the shiny black rubber bed. “Now I want you to fuck her the way I know you’ve wanted to since you first saw her.”

Without hesitation, the doll lifts her just enough for its cock to be level with her already wet vagina. The doll relishes the feeling of her warm, wet pussy as It slides into her, deeper and deeper. Before it can continue, Mistress interrupts “Hang on just a moment you horny slut.” She slides a strange harness up from the bottom of their legs, tightening it around their waists. Cone-shaped plugs invade both of their asses. The doll glances down to see Mistress holding rubber bulbs in both hands, each connected to one of their plugs via a thin, short tube. She squeezes them causing the doll and Doctor to moan out in unison as the plugs inflate inside them. After a few more pumps, the plugs are twice their initial size and both feel sufficiently filled. “All right, now you may proceed”.

Muffled grunts of pleasure fill the isolated area of the bed, separated from the rest of the room via the long rubber curtains. The doll thrusts in and out of the beautiful Doctor as much as the special harness will allow. It would not be able to pull out even if it wanted to. Drool combines and pools on the rubber around their faces. Their eyes stare deeply into one another as the pleasure builds, Dr. Kitami’s feminine moans drive the doll wild, causing it to increase the tempo of each thrust. The pressure builds to a climax as it shoots a huge load of warm cum into the Doctor, causing her to orgasm and tremble violently as well, her vagina tightening around its cock. Sweat and drool pool around them as aftershocks travel through both of their bodies. As they gasp for breath, Mistress slides under the heavy rubber duvet, resting her head on the pillow. “Goodnight you two.” Their eyes convey fear and desperation to one another as they realize they would be spending the whole night in their current predicament. Mistress raises one hand, snaps her fingers and the room goes dark.


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