The Reluctant Toy

by Tightandshiny

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Storycodes: F/mf; M/m; F/m; doll; M2doll; latex; strip; catsuit; hood; maid; costume; catheter; gag; enclosed; transported; buttplug; urine; sleepsack; anal; cum-eating; pillory; straps; breathplay; ageplay; reluct; XX

Continues from

3: Doll Delivery

Chapter 12: Packaged

As the sunlight creeps onto its masked face, the doll awakens to the sight of Dr. Kitami sleeping, sharing the same rubber pillow. At some point, someone had tucked them in, as they were now completely enveloped by the thick rubber duvet. They were still bound together, arms intertwined, mouths simultaneously kissing and filled by the shared cock gag and harness still holding their crotches together, the doll's cock, though flaccid, still inside the doctor. The doll feels both hot and cold, the layers of rubber causing pools of sweat to accumulate in its rubber suit and in puddles on the bed surrounding their bound bodies. It glances over to see Mistress already awake, drawing the rubber curtains around the bedframe. The doll struggles and moans, waking Dr. Kitami in the process. Her eyes initially show signs of panic and confusion that quickly give way to acceptance and perhaps even a bit of relief upon realizing the situation. The dolls cock twitches at the sight of her beautiful eyes but before things can go any further, Mistress speaks; “all right love birds, time to get cleaned up, you’ve got a very special day ahead.”

The doll and doctor Kitami are led wordlessly to the shower room by Mistress’s muscular rubber grunts. They are both forcefully undressed and left shivering in the room. For the first time in what seems like ages, the doll is without the embrace of tight rubber and finds itself already missing it intensely. The grunts return with some towels and brushes, start a stream of hot water and begin to thoroughly clean the two naked bodies. Both the doll and doctor feel the throbbing cocks of the muscular rubber men as they grind on them while scrubbing, but with no sheath or opening, that is all they can do. The doll senses their frustration despite their featureless rubber hoods. Their task completed, the two muscular figures exit just as Mistress enters the shower. She gently caresses the doll's engorged cock but otherwise ignores it on her way to the doctor. Pulling her naked body to her rubber evening gown, Mistress says “I’m so sorry, sweety, I know last night was rough, but you have to learn that you can’t just do whatever you want with the rubber dolls without my permission.” “I’m sorry, Mistress, it won’t happen again,” replies Kitami. With a gentle but sincere kiss, Mistress responds “Good, now get this doll dressed and prepped for shipment.”

“Shipment?!” thought the doll, but at this point, knew that any kind of protestation was pointless and could even serve to make matters worse. The doll is left alone in the adjoining locker room to dress itself. Today, in addition to the regular full suit with anal and cock sheaths, the doll is presented with a black rubber French maid’s dress with white accents as well as matching stockings, garters, choker, apron and white-frilled head dress to adorn it’s already rubber covered head. Completing the outfit with a pair of black high heels, the doll admires the mirror and thinks to itself, “Wow, that is cute as fuck,” before abruptly remembering that it is ogling its own reflection.

Upon entering the clinic, the doll is greeted by the sight of Dr. Kitami, once again sporting her rubber surgical gear. She gestures to the chair and the doll, still inexperienced with heels, wobbles over to take a seat. The doctor speaks, her voice slightly muffled by the rubber medical mask adorning her face; “I am sorry for this, but I really have no choice.”

Gently cradling the doll’s cock, she produces some yellowish rubber tubing with a bulb which she squeezes, inflating a small balloon at one end of the tube. The doll recognizes this as a catheter and does not like where this is going. Deflating the tube, the doctor delicately slides the tube into the doll's urethra, through the hole at the tip of the suit's cock sheath. She fights the urge to stroke or caress, knowing there could be dire consequences for doing so and inflates the small balloon, ensuring the catheter is securely in place.

The doll lets out a short whimper at the new sensation, but it is not painful and only a bit uncomfortable and gives a constant feeling of needing to pee. Next, comes the cock gag which the doll opens its mouth to accept without hesitation. This gag is somewhat different, it is hollow and allows some air in when sucked. The doll's relief is short-lived however when Dr. Kitami connects the tube directly from its cock to the gag. Eyes wide, it mumbles into the gag, unable to form any recognizable words. “I really am sorry darling, but Mistress requires this to avoid any messes on the way to the client”. Next, the doll is led to a glass-clear PVC bag on the floor, not unlike the one it has been placed in on its first night as a rubber doll. Two clear breathing tubes are inserted into its nostrils and the bag is lifted above its head, covering the rubber toy completely with soft, clear plastic.

The two rubber goons place the doll into a rubber lined crate with a roughly person shaped depression. A dildo-like protrusion pushes the PVC bag into the doll's anal sheath. A similarly rubber lined lid is placed on top and all light is completely occluded leaving nothing but darkness, the sensation of tight rubber from head to toe and the cold, fresh air coming in through the nostril tubes. The doll faintly hears muffled talking but cannot make out who it is or what they are saying. At the press of a button, a motor whirs and the rubber lining of the crate begins to inflate until the doll is literally unable to move a single finger.

Chapter 13: Delivery

The ride is quite bumpy and each jolt causes the anal protrusion to shift in a very pleasurable way. Additionally, the pressure feels particularly good against the doll's cock and it instinctively begins to hump. The feeling of complete, tight rubber and pvc enclosure is intoxicating and making it so incredibly horny, it continues to hump until orgasm is imminent but suddenly remembers where the cum will go if it finishes and is able to stop just before exploding. One crisis averted, another arises. It had not had a chance to relieve itself since the previous night and the bumpy ride pushing on its prostate was not helping things at all. The doll was desperate not to drink its own piss, but the ride seemed to go on forever and the complete darkness made ignoring the sensation all but impossible. Despite the doll's best efforts, the catheter had already removed the illusion of choice altogether and warm liquid could be felt creeping up the tube. At the navel, chest, neck, then slowly curving around its rubber covered cheek. After a few excruciating moments, the pungent liquid finally reaches the gag and into the doll's mouth. The taste is awful and, rather than savor the experience, it decides the best course of action is to get it over with as soon as possible. The doll begins to suck on the rubber cock gag, not stopping until its bladder had been completely emptied to avoid another “tasting” later on.

Not much more time passes until the bumpy ride ends and the doll can feel the crate being hauled somewhere. Light blinds the doll as the lid is removed. After a short adjustment period, it can just make out a sun lit room through the considerable condensation on the clear plastic. Two similarly dressed rubber maids remove the bag and tubes from the doll revealing a lavish marble atrium. At the top of a curved staircase are two imposing figures, one male and one female. The men's attire is a very well fitted red rubber three-piece suit and the woman is wearing a lavish cobalt blue rubber gown with black latex large brimmed hat, opera gloves and transparent thigh high stockings.

In a subtle French, or perhaps Cajun, accent, the man loudly proclaims; “welcome to the Beauchamp estate, this lovely woman here and I are Mrs. and Mr. Beauchamp, but from this point forward you will address us as Mommy and Daddy respectively and you will henceforth be our sissy maid/daughter. Gesturing with his hand to his mouth as if to share a secret, he adds; “The missus and I couldn’t quite come to terms on a particular kink so this is our little compromise.” This was punctuated with a sly wink.

Chapter 14: Initiation

The doll is led by two similarly dressed rubber maids to some sort of prep room, complete with benches, lockers and rack after rack of all sorts of rubber garments and toys. Inside, several other maids are dressing and shining one another as a couple in the corner fuck in the missionary position, softly moaning and panting in a clear effort to not make too much noise.

It had not occurred to the doll that some of the maids could be actual women, they were covered in enough rubber to make gender identifying nearly impossible, you’d have to lift their ruffled skirts to be sure.

As the doll sits on the bench, a ball-gagged maid approaches her, it is not clear if this is some sort of punishment or she just enjoys being gagged. She smiles at the doll with her eyes and kneels down, deflates the catheter and carefully slides it out. She has clearly done this many times before. She cradles the doll's cock in her rubber palm, she lovingly rubs her masked face against it as a trickle of pee streams down her cheek onto her bottom lip. She makes direct eye contact with the doll as her tongue slides from under the gag to lick it up, and utters a satisfied “mmmm.”

Another maid approaches, holding an already shined sleepsack folded in her arms. In a husky, androgynous voice, she says “Since this your first night, you must endure the pillory” then gestures for the doll to get into the bag that lay open at her feet. Before she can, a maid she had not noticed on the floor removes the doll's heels and sucks her rubber toes while giving a brief foot massage. The doll does not know how to react to this, but the rub is quite a relief after such a long ride in the heels so she lets the maid continue. The two maids then lift the heavy rubber bag up all the way over the doll's head. The bag tightens and conforms to her body as they pull the zip from the small of her back to the top of her head. She is once again unable to see as the bag has holes only for her mouth and nostrils as well as larger openings in the crotch area for her ass and cock. In spite of the layers of rubber, she cannot help but feel exposed.

The doll feels two sets of hands lift her up, one by the shoulders, the other by the feet. After a short while, she is placed on her knees on a soft pad. Hands push her forward, the silicon breasts of her suit squish onto her chest as a tight, padded stock is closed around her neck, securing her and making any kind of movement impossible. Her cock, hardening, slides naturally into a tight pocket and a soft, rubber cock slides into her mouth. Feeling around with her tongue, she determines that the gag is, once again, hollow. She fears a repeat of her earlier “refreshment” on the ride over but is in no position to do anything about it. She can also tell by the way she is bent over the padded stock that her ass is raised and, due to the design of the sleepsack, easily accessible and separated from the open air only by the rubber sheath of her suit.

Hours pass and the doll, with nothing else to keep her entertained and immensely horny from her rubber predicament, humps the tight pocket built into whatever contraption she has been strapped to. She is very careful not to finish, however, as she suspects what that may mean considering the hollow intruder in her mouth. She is very glad to not have the urge to pee at this moment.

As this thought dissipates, she hears footsteps clacking on the marble floor of the hallway in which she is displayed. A muffled voice fills the passage, it is clearly the patron of the estate based on the tone and accent. “I hope my newest little lady is ready for Daddy’s cock.” Hands slide down her back as what can only be his manhood bulges through the rubber trousers. Pain shoots through the doll's right ass cheek as a wet SMACK echoes down the hall. A scream is stifled by the gag, followed by pitiful whimpering.

“Now that is what I like to hear!” Daddy proclaims as he unzips his rubber pants. Pressure grows as he forces his way into the doll's anal sheath with no consideration for her comfort. Nothing she has experienced this far had prepared her for this cock, it outclassed any of the various plugs and other clients she had taken so far in both length and girth. With each thrust, the pain subsides a bit and gradually gives way to immense pleasure.

Getting into it, she wiggles her ass as much as she is able to for her rubber Daddy. The pocket encompassing the doll's cock comes to life and begins stroking, slowly at first, but increasing in speed, almost as if in tempo with the huge cock invading her asshole.

Daddy delivers a few more spankings while continuing to thrust vigorously proclaiming “there’s my good little girl”. After a few more minutes of intense fucking, he moans loudly, grabs the dolls hips and delivers one final, extra deep thrust. Cum shoots into her with such force that she feels the impact on her prostate, even through the rubber sheath. This is just enough to put her over the edge causing her to have an orgasm of her own and shoot a sizable load into the machine, which stops the stroking almost immediately. A few moments later, she hears a small motor engage and some air pressure on her cock. 

Daddy remarks “here comes your reward, sweetie” and the doll is now certain of what comes next. Sure enough, her own load shoots into her mouth. It’s pungent and salty, she doesn’t care for it at all. With no other option available, she swallows it all, sucking the rubber cock thoroughly so as not to leave any of it on her taste buds. Daddy slowly pulls out, pats her ass and says “What a good little girl, Mommy will have a lot of fun with you.” After a few more hours, the doll, exhausted from the intense fucking drifts into a deep sleep still bound and gagged.

Chapter 15: Nursery

The doll is awakened with a jolt as the stock of the pillory is removed from her neck. The zipper is undone and she steps out of the sweat-filled bag. In a clearly feminine voice, the maid assisting her remarks jealously, “how did you like your time with Daddy? Don’t feel too special, we all get to play with him on our first night.” Before she can respond, the maid abruptly grabs her arm and leads her down the hall, the clicking of her heels contrasting with the wet footsteps of the doll's sweat-filled suit.

They arrive at a door labeled “nursery” and open it to find a brightly lit room full of vibrant primary colors, most of which is shiny, rubber-upholstered furniture. The woman to be addressed as Mommy sits in a cherry red rubber armchair next to a maid spread eagle on a light blue PVC sheeted bed, arms and legs bound by tight straps attached to the frame. Mommy closes a large book she appears to have been reading to the maid, stands up and pulls a powder blue PVC duvet up to the maids neck and kisses her rubber covered head gently. The woman is now wearing a full, transparent latex suit covering everything except her head and breasts and a purple glass clear PVC apron.

Her face lights up at the sight of the doll and she walks across the room and embraces her tightly, her ample breasts pushing against the doll's silicon bosoms. She caresses the doll's head with one hand while feeling over her body with the other. Upon reaching the doll's crotch, she feels her cock and gives it a squeeze. “Oh, my darling girl, I’m so glad you’re here! I wasn’t hoping for another one with a cock, but that’s okay, I love all of my girls equally.”

The doll replies meekly, “T…Thank you, Mistress.”

“Mistress?!” the woman’s expression quickly sours, “I am your mommy and you will address me as such. Naughty girls have to learn some manners.”

She yanks the doll's arm leading her to a pink inflatable stool with a solid rubber cock attached to the seat. “Sit!” she commands sharply.

The doll abides and lowers herself on to the stool, impaling her ass yet again, though this intruder is much less challenging than the last one. Mommy snaps her rubber fingers at a maid and demands “bring me the punishment hoods.”

To which the maid replies, “Yes, Mommy.” She retrieves a few items, one black rubber and the other transparent red PVC as well as a third black item from a nearby cubby and returns.

Mommy snatches the items and forcefully pulls the black rubber one over the doll's already hooded head. It is another hood, but much simpler and very tight. It has no zip and only two very small holes for the nostrils. Breathing is already restricted but Mommy continues and pulls the red PVC over the first hood, securing it with a very tight and restrictive collar. The PVC hood has a fairly generous opening, about the size of a pencil eraser, but the two combined make breathing very difficult. Every breath the doll takes pulls the plastic taught to her face, blocking airflow to the one entry. She has to be very careful and measured to get any oxygen at all.

Pleased at the sight of her new victim, Mommy says, simply, “Now bounce.”

The doll begins to bounce up and down on the inflatable, fucking herself with the dildo and replies, “Yes Mommy,” in a very muffled voice.

“Good girl, you are learning already,” Mommy says, the pleasant tone returning to her voice. The doll feels a hand raise her ruffled rubber skirt and grip her engorged cock, stroking it as she bounces. The sensation is exquisite but the activity makes the already labored breathing nearly impossible. A few moments pass and Mommy decides she has had enough, not a moment too soon too as she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

The doll is allowed a moment to regain control of her breathing before being helped up from the stool and led to a nearby bed. Mommy helps her lay down, the bed and pillow are very soft but the cold of the PVC pierces through every layer of rubber. “Let’s get you taken care of before you make a mess,” says Mommy, as she pulls a clear PVC nappy up the doll's legs. Once in place, she resumes stroking the doll's cock through the soft plastic.

The doll moans, while still mindful of her breathing. The hood sucks in and inflates with every breath as Mommy strokes her with gradually increasing speed and intensity until… nothing, as much as she tries, the doll can no longer draw air because Mommy has placed a clip over the only opening.

“Now be a good girl and cum for Mommy before you black out.”

Panicking, the doll uses every bit of her conscience to focus on her situation, the rubber, the PVC, her gorgeous and kinky Mommy and all of the humiliation she has endured since becoming a rubber doll. In a short time, she is able to shoot a gigantic load into her clear plastic pants, at which, Mommy immediately removes the clip and both hoods.

“Oh baby, you did so well, I’m so proud of you. Such a big load for my little girl,” says Mommy, embracing the gasping doll to her bosom. Moving the apron to one side, she gently directs the doll's head to her breast, which she instinctively begins to suckle. No milk is produced, but Mommy is clearly enjoying it as her nipple hardens. After a bit more sucking, she lays the doll down on the soft plastic bed, places a large, penis-shaped pacifier in her mouth and gives her a large, rubber teddy bear. Mommy pulls the covers up to her neck and gives her a soft kiss on the cheek. The doll's cock twitches in her sperm-filled plastic pants as she cuddles the rubber bear. She sucks the pacifier and has just one, simple thought. “This is my life now.”


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