The Sex Dolly Factory

by Vleight

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Part 2: Care and Maintenance

It’s only 10:30 in the morning and Abigail Gillen, owner and operator of “Exclusive Products Company”, has had an extremely profitable day. She had just sold off a grade 4 sex dolly that she literally made earlier that day for five hundred thousand dollars. The owner didn’t want the dolly’s voice modulator programmed or anything; he started testing it right there on the warehouse floor. The man was so excited to have the doll made out of the greedy little whore who was suing him, and the company he works for, for $15 million dollars just because he was complimenting her on her appearance, that he couldn’t wait to take it home. As he was having his dolly perform oral sex, Abigail was in her office attending some paperwork.

The man gave her a briefcase full of money, and she quickly but diligently counted it and made sure all of the bills were real. Upon finding everything satisfactory, she closed the briefcase and took it over to the rows of filing cabinets on the other side of her office. She placed a key in the lock at the top of the middle file cabinet, turned it, then pulled on the second drawer down. The whole cabinet slid away from the wall on metal runners, far enough to gain access to the floor safe underneath it. She opened the safe and placed the briefcase inside, closed it, then slid the filing cabinet back into place. The key was removed and then she side-stepped to the next cabinet over on the right.

She opened up the top drawer of this cabinet and pulled out a sealed manila envelope with the words “Care & Maintenance of Deluxe Dolls.” The packet was only about ¼ inch thick. She carried it back to her desk and started up her desktop computer. She went over to the break room, the next room over, and poured herself a cup of coffee while her computer warmed up. She returned, sat down, entered her password, then started to print a combination invoice and receipt for the man’s purchase. The printer was in the bottom drawer of her desk. It printed up in a standard, easy to read format, and she gathered it and the envelope together then started back for the warehouse floor. This whole time in her office took a little over 20 minutes.

As soon as she opened the doors to the warehouse she was hearing the man grunting loudly. He was over by the packaging tables with his dolly still on the floor, its head pinned against the edge of the table as he was thrusting his penis violently inside its oral cavity. ‘Sylvia was right,’ Abigail thought to herself, ‘This man is a pig.’

She walked towards the man, making several “Ahem” noises as she got closer, but he was not acknowledging her. He was on a mission, obviously attempting to reach his goal. She was able to see that the man had both hands on the dolly’s head for balance, and heard the proper sucking sounds coming from the oral cavity. She was relieved with this because the man showed up too early and she didn’t have enough time to finish the procedure with the doll. The doll didn’t have any moisture added to it before its first use, only the moisture that was still there from the completion of the transformation process. After she took three more steps closer she realized why it didn’t matter. The man had a small penis, probably only five inches long erect. She had to stifle a giggle.

Suddenly, the man gave out a loud groan and stiffened up his spine. He unloaded his orgasm into his dolly’s mouth, and kept his penis inside until every last drop was sucked out. Gasping, and with a wide grin, the fifty-ish year old man finally took a step back and zipped up his pants.

“I take it that you’re satisfied with your purchase?” Abigail asked, still trying not to giggle.

“All I can say is ’Wow’,” the man replied, still trying to catch his breath. “If its other holes are as good as that was, I may be dead soon, but, by God, what a way to go!”

“Please, kill me,” The doll whispered loudly in a recorded sounding voice, “Don’t make me live like this…”

The man crouched down to look into his doll’s eyes. He put his left hand behind the doll’s neck and pulled it forward, away from the table, and closer to his own face. With his other hand, he started kneading one of the doll’s breasts while fingering the nipple. The doll let a whispering, recorded sounding sexual moan.

“Why?” he asked as he looked into its eyes, “You seem to like it. You’re moaning like a hooker in heat. I’m going to enjoy sticking my cock in you any time I want, any way I want, and I’ll savor every second of it. Because of you, my wife left me and is talking divorce. She and my stepdaughter are planning on taking everything I own because of your silly lawsuit. Now, since you’re no longer around, the lawsuit will go away and she’ll come to her senses and stop this divorce talk. I’ll have her back, and I’ll have you any time I want you.”

“Oh, God, please…,” the doll begged. If it had some water inside it, it would be crying.

“There are still a few things we have to go over,” Abigail said over the man’s shoulder. “And we must go over them quickly before my employees start showing up for their shifts.”

“Sure,” the man replied as he stood back up. He turned to face Abigail. “What else do I need to know?”

“First off, here’s your receipt for the doll,” Abigail said as she handed over the piece of paper and the envelope. “Also, here’s a packet for the care and maintenance of your new dolly. Please read everything inside the envelope and keep them with your important documents. If and when you pass your dolly on, via as a gift or in your will, the new owner will need to know these things as well.”

“Like what?”

“Well, the dolly’s exterior is made of latex. Some people have allergic reactions to physical contact with latex, and anyone who uses it should be aware of this.
“Second, at least twice a week the owner must pour two cups of tap water with a tablespoon of vegetable oil down the dolly’s throat. This is used as fuel for the dolly as well as keeping its orifices moist and lubricated during use. It can also cry, especially when it’s hurt, if you wish to punish it, but any hits will not leave any marks. Keep it away from sharp objects, but the latex can be repaired, however it will leave a scar. The minerals added to the tap water helps with the upkeep of the internal machines, like the vibrations and sucking motions. Also, the oil helps keep the latex from drying out. We suggest using the routine of every Monday and Friday, and making a habit of it. Once a month you should crush up a multivitamin in with the water. Preferably, something heavy in zinc and iron.

“Third, prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme cold can irreversibly damage the latex. Do not take it outside if the temperature goes below 45 degrees Fahrenheit unless it is packed inside an insulated carrying case. It will float in a pool, but the use of sunscreen or water resistant oil is recommended first. Chlorine can dry out the exterior faster than UV rays.

“Third, this dolly, if taken care of properly, can survive for an estimate of 20 thousand years. It will not age. Since no one will live that long, you MUST make preparations for when you’re gone. This is why I strongly suggest that you select a programming routine for its voice modulator. You don’t want it saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, do we?”

“I understand,” the man said as he looked at his receipt. He then turned towards his doll again. “Hear that? I made you almost immortal. You’re going to be someone’s fucktoy for the next few thousand years. You should be thanking me.”

The dolly replied with muffled whimpering noises.

“I want her to keep speaking her own mind. It excites me more than you know. I’ll look into making some provisions on what to do with it after I’m gone, but, for now, I’m gonna have a lot of fun. If there isn’t anything else, I’ll get out of your hair.”

“No, that covers about everything,” Abigail said, as she headed over towards the docking bay door. The man lifted his dolly up by its waist and threw it over his shoulder, then started to follow her. The dolly was sobbing uncontrollably as he walked, not able to move or change the blank expression on its face.

“If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call.”

“Thank you, Ms. Gillen. A pleasure doing business with you. You do excellent work. If things don’t work out with my wife, I may have two new candidates for your services. Would you mind if I recommend you to a few of my friends?”

Abigail hit the button that raised the dock door. “We prefer that you give us the names of your friends so we can do our own background checks before we say yes or no to potential clients. You never know what some people have hidden in their closets. When Mr. Ogontz told you about us, we had already investigated you for five weeks before giving him the okay to let him talk to you. What we do here isn’t exactly legal, so we have to be careful.”

“Oh, yeah, I can see that,” the man replied as he started through the docking bay and towards his car. “I’ll call you later on with my friends’ names, probably next week, depending on how much vitamin E I can handle.”

He stopped at the back of his car, placed his dolly on the ground, turned back and waved goodbye to Abigail, then opened his trunk. He then picked up his dolly and proceeded to put it inside.

“Please,! Oh, God! No! Stop!”

The trunk closed, and that was the end of Sylvia Farrell


The staff started arriving for work at 11:30, with Raul, the warehouse foreman, coming in to see what needed to be done. Abigail, after finishing with the sale of a grade 4 model custom order, went back to her computer and started downloading the orders placed on their website the night before. (The orders placed after 6 AM automatically are added to the “Must Do” lists, but orders placed after 6 PM wait until the next day.) There were a total of 161 orders that had to be shipped out by 6 this evening, a slightly above average day. Luckily only 3 were grade 2 deluxe models and one grade 3 deluxe. Boxing them up is a pain in the butt to do, and she paid a three man crew specifically to do these orders. The other 157 orders were simply boxes pulled off the warehouse shelves and repackaged for shipment.

She sent the orders to the printer on the packing table. Raul thumbed through all of the sheets and sorted them out for the maximum use of the employees time. Raul is an experienced handler of people, and he knows how to draw the best work out of them.

The remaining employees started filing in, greeting each other in the break room, putting their lunches in the fridge, taking a seat at the tables before their shift started at noon. All of them were accounted for except for two employees: Eric Biggs, the chief of security, and Dr. Rebecca Evers, the scientist who invented their production process.

Around 1 PM Eric arrived and went straight to Abigail’s office. He was ex-military, tall and well built with dark brown hair. Many women wanted him, but, for reasons of his own, he chooses to remain alone. Sure, he has an occasional fling with a girl he meets in a bar, but it’s always a ‘Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am’ deal. The office door was closed, so he lightly knocked, as politely as can be.

“Yes?” replied the woman behind the door.

Eric opened the door and went in. He saw Abigail sitting behind her desk with her diligently writing on some papers in front of her.

“Nice to see someone besides me doing some work around here,” he quipped.

“Very funny,” Abigail replied, “You’re late. Did you have a problem with the Farrel job?”

“Nope. Went off without a hitch. Got her passport, luggage and some clothes. I’m having Jen board the plane and Raul’s cousin helping her home. I got a redeye flight for tomorrow, so it’ll be a lot easier. Fewer prying eyes. Sylvia Farrel will disappear outside of Cancun.

“After that, I went over to Flozell’s Department store and picked up the hair samples for their two new mannequins.” He placed an envelope on Abigail’s desk. She stopped writing to open it up. Inside were two small plastic bags with tufts of hair in each one: one brunette sample and one raven black. She pulled a magnifying glass from the top drawer of her desk to examine them closer.

“Good,” she said after looking at both hair samples intently. “They sent us hair with roots this time. Do you know how hard it is to get a DNA sample from a follicle with no root?” A rhetorical question which she didn’t realize she asked out loud.

“I know,” Eric replied.

“They send us just hair strands with no roots all the time. How are we supposed to make mannequins with just strands?” She put the magnifying glass back inside her desk. “Ah, well. Such is the price of doing business. What’s the story they’re using?”

“They’re both young models, just starting out. They’re being told that we’re going to make full body molds of them each, then make the mannequins from the molds. The hair samples are supposedly used to match up for wigs.

“One point of note: They have a shipment of lingerie coming in from a hot new designer, so they need them done by next Friday. We need to set up an appointment time with them, and the models.”

“Talk about short notice,” Abigail sighed as she rose from her chair. Eric rose with her. “I’ll give these samples to Becky, whenever she gets here. We should be able to make them on next Thursday morning, so make the appointment for 5 AM. Have them tell the models that the whole molding process takes 14 hours to complete, so be prepared. As an added incentive, make sure they tell the models that, for their inconvenience, the store will pay them quadruple rate. That will ensure their participation.
“Oh, the alarm sensor on the factory floor went off again. It didn’t trigger the alarm, but it does make it difficult to shut it off in the morning.”

“I’ll check it before I leave tonight.”

Both Abigail and Eric started towards the office door when the cell phone in her suit pocket started ringing. She stopped and looked at it. The phone number wasn’t one she recognized.

“Wait, let me take this,” She said to Eric as she put the phone to her ear. “Hello?…Yes, that’s me…Yes, she is… WHAT?!?…When?!?…Is she okay?!?… Were the police notified?… Yes!…Yes!… Of course!… I’ll be there as soon as possible!… Please, take care of her!” She almost dropped her phone as she tried to end the connection.

Eric, still standing next to her, recognized that panicked reaction from his time in combat. Someone got hurt, but how and how badly remained to be determined.

“What?!? What is it?!? What happened?!?” he stammered, trying to find out what has rattled his boss and friend.

“It’s Becky! She was beaten and raped last night! We have to get to the hospital, now!”


Abigail could barely sit still as Eric drove as fast as he could to the hospital. She was extremely fond of Rebecca ‘Becky’ Evers, and counted herself lucky that they had even met. They met at a state science fair where Becky was exhibiting her theories in transmutation on molecular levels via nanites. Although her postulations were laughed at by everyone in attendance, Abigail saw the potential in the girl’s work. Becky was a child genius, and, by the time she was 20, she already had three doctorates in chemical engineering, microbiology, and nanotechnology.

Abigail convinced Becky to work with her in making lifelike sex dolls and mannequins, using her techniques. She thought it would be a tough sell, considering how they were going to make them, but Becky gladly went along with it. You see, Becky is your typical nerdette. Short, thin, small breasted, plain brown straight hair, and thick glasses. On top of that, she was also a lesbian. The thought of making the beautiful and popular girls, who wouldn’t even look at her unless they wanted her to do their homework for them, into motionless toys to be used whenever and however their owners wanted really turned her on. Plus the large amount of money she would make didn’t hurt either.

They reached the hospital faster than an ambulance could’ve done. Abigail had the car door open before it came to a full stop. She jumped out and ran for the emergency room. She reached the desk and quickly blurted out, without taking a breath, that she was Rebecca Evers emergency contact and demanded to see her immediately. Abigail’s emotions were running very high because Becky was more than a friend and business partner. Being bisexual, she had an attraction towards Becky, but being twenty years her senior, she wanted the girl to find someone her own age to fall in love with, not an aging, soon-to-be-over-the-hill businesswoman.

The receptionist at the desk told her that she had to be escorted back to Ms. Evers. Eric arrived (Finally) after parking the car, and took the grief-stricken woman’s hand. She made a call back to the treatment rooms, and, after a few minutes, a doctor came out carrying a clipboard.

“Ms. Gillen?” he asked.

“ME! That’s Me! Becky! How’s Becky?!?” She demanded as she rushed over to the doctor. “How is she?”

The doctor looked down at his clipboard and flipped through the pages attached. “She is going to be okay.”

Abigail took a big sigh of relief and relaxed her tensed up body a bit. Eric gave her a consoling hug around her shoulders from behind. 

“Thank God,” She murmured under her breath.

“There are some problems, though,” the doctor continued, “She has some tearing in her vaginal walls and anus. She has two cracked ribs. A broken left wrist. Ligature marks in her wrists, ankles, and neck. Grade 2 concussion. Broken nose and damage to her right orbital socket. She’ll make a full recovery from everything else, but we don’t know how severe the orbital socket is until the swelling goes down.”

“Orbital socket? What do you mean?” Abigail’s body started to tense up again as a concerned look came across her face. Eric, still with his arms around her, felt this and tried to explain it to her in softer, non-medical words.

“The bone around and under the outside of the eye. If it breaks, she may need surgery to repair it, depending how bad. Won’t know that until the swelling goes down some.”

“That’s right,” the doctor replied. “Right now, her right eye is swollen shut. Keeping it iced down for a few days will give us a better picture on what needs to be done.”

“Oh, my God!” Abigail exclaimed, “She could be blind in that eye!”

The doctor looked at her and slowly shook his head ‘No.’

“There is an extremely slim possibility that might have happened, but it’s less than half a percent. Luckily, she didn’t have her glasses on when she was hit.”

“I do not find your definition of ‘lucky’ as any consolation,” Abigail said. “Now, take me to her. NOW.”

Without saying another word, the doctor took both of them to see Becky. She was laying in the bed motionless, not uttering a sound. The right side of her face from her upper lip to her eyebrow was purple, black, and three times its normal size. You could see that someone tried to clean blood off of her face, but her hair was matted in a few places with it. She was wearing a hospital gown and no shoes. Rosy red lines encircled her ankles and right wrist (Her left wrist had on a temporary cast). The front of her neck also had similar lines, but were only in the front. Her glasses were on the table next to the bed, with one lens cracked.

Abigail’s heart sank. She slowly walked over and took the young girl’s hand in her own. She reached up with her other hand and tried to straighten out her long brown hair, attempting to make it presentable. Eric stood motionless at the foot of the bed, the anger slowly seething through his facial expression.

“Hey,” Abigail gently whispered to Becky. “How you doing, kiddo?”

Without opening her eyes, Becky weakly replied, “Better now you’re here.”

“You just rest until the police arrive. Tell them everything you remember and we’ll find the man who did this.”

“The police already took her statement.” Abigail looked up to see a nurse come into the room with a needle, talking matter-of-factly as she walked in. “They said they’ll file a report, told her to call if she remembers anything else, then left. They didn’t seem too concerned, though.”

 Eric glared at the nurse as she prepared to give Becky an injection. “What? What do you mean?”

“This’ll help with the pain,” the nurse said as she injected the medicine into Becky’s vein. She removed the needle, placed a bandage on the wound, then turned to Eric. “The police in this town don’t fall over themselves solving gay lover spats,” she said as she walked past him. This just caused Eric to become infuriated, and Abigail wasn’t that far behind him.


An hour later, Becky was allowed to leave the hospital. She was given some medication for the pain, a few sheets of ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’, and an appointment to return in two days for an examination of her eye and a full cast on her wrist. The doctor felt that she would be more comfortable resting at home, and she needed plenty of rest. However, Becky didn’t want to return home. She didn’t want to be alone, which is completely understandable.
It was decided that they would go back to the office until the end of the day, then she would stay at Abigail’s home. On the ride back, Abigail sat in the back seat, cradling Becky the entire way. Eric took his time, and took the smoothest route possible, trying not to further jostle his injured friend. He also encouraged her to tell him everything that had happened and to not spare any detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

The night before, after Becky left work, she went to a lesbian bar she heard about called ‘The Lazy Susan’, not to get laid but to check it out and see if it was as good a hangout as he had been told. Midway through her second drink, a tall Butch came up to her and started hassling her, acting like a lecherous jerk. She got up to get away from the Butch but she grabbed Becky’s arm. Becky called for the bartender for help, and found out that the Butch was the bouncer. She then demanded to leave the bar or else she was going to have someone else call the police. At that point, the Butch let go, and Becky hastily left.

She started walking home alone in the dark. She hadn’t gone two blocks when a hand grabbed the front of her neck from behind and lifted her off of the ground. Her windpipe was being squeezed so she couldn’t yell for help. Another arm went around her chest, and pinned her arms to her side. She was carried into a nearby abandoned building where she was taken into the old boiler room. The person carrying her threw her against the wall, causing her glasses to fall off, but she knew who it was when the person started talking.

“Nobody tells me no, or threatens to call the cops on me!” It was the Butch!

The butch proceeded to rip Becky’s clothes off, hitting her in the chest and face as she did so. Once the smaller girl was naked, the Butch grabbed a roll of nearby twine and tied her spread eagle on the floor between some radiator pipes. She stuffed some of the torn clothes into her mouth to keep her from screaming. Soon after that she started taking her own clothes off.

“Now we’re gonna have some fun!” the Butch announced, as she started sucking on Becky’s nipples. Becky was tormented with the Butch’s tongue for what seemed like forever, but ended once Becky faked an orgasm.
“That took forever,” the Butch exclaimed as she raised her head from Becky’s crotch. “Now, it’s my turn. I’m gonna remove the gag, and then you’re gonna suck me off, and you’re gonna do the best job you’ve ever done. You’re gonna make me cum like a river. And, to make sure you have incentive…” The Butch grabbed a stray piece of pipe and slammed it down on Becky’s left wrist. The girl screamed into the gag.

“Make me cum fast or this’ll feel like tickling before I’m done with you. Understand?”

Becky looked at her tormentor and nodded yes. The Butch removed the gag and sat on Becky’s face. She licked for all she was worth, trying to get the psycho off and not get hurt any further. She did a great job, because the Butch was shuddering with an orgasm in less than ten minutes.

“Awesome!” the Butch exclaimed between gasps of breath. “Nerds are always the best fucks! You did a great job, but now I gotta hurt you more as a reminder to not call the cops.” The Butch stood up while picking up the pipe that wrecked Becky’s hand.

“Please, no!” Becky begged to no avail, because the pipe hit her squarely in the right eye. Everything after that was just a haze. She did feel pain in her vagina later, then her asshole, and then finally a sharp, tightening pain across her throat. The next thing she knew, it was morning and she was being put inside an ambulance.

They made it back to the office as Becky finished telling what she remembered. They pulled up to the dock entrance so no one would see the humiliated girl. Everyone looked at their coworker with disbelief that this could happen to someone they know.

“Dios Mio! Are you all right?” Raul asked as he hurried over to the car.

“I’m hurt bad, Raul, but I‘ll live” Becky replied meekly, trying to sound jovial. Raul viewed Becky as his little sister, and literally picked her up with both arms and carried her into the building.

“Raul, take her to my office. It’s open, and I’ll be right there,” Abigail ordered in her most authoritative voice as she walked behind him. Halfway through the warehouse, she stopped and turned to Eric. She pulled him close and whispered into his ear so only he could hear.

“Eric, up on the factory floor is a fold up cot on wheels. Bring it down here, and bring the clothes sitting on the floor as well. I cut them off of this morning‘s special order, but not all of them. She can wear them instead of that gown.”

 “On it,” he replied, then darted for the freight elevator. 

Abigail watched him head off, and noticed the sudden lack of productivity in her employees. She immediately took charge of the situation.

“As everyone can see, Dr. Evers has had an incident. To stifle any rumors, let me inform you right now that she has been raped last night. Everything that can be done will be done. She is currently under competent doctor’s care. I know that we’re more like family here, and this hurts you as well, seeing her in pain, but please respect her privacy. If you wish to give her your sympathies or support, please do so. I’m encouraging it. However, please do so during your break or after work. This is still a business, and our customers are waiting for their orders. Dr. Evers will be resting in my office, and I will keep my office door open for the rest of the day. Stop by to say ‘Hi’ when you can, but please don’t gawk.”

Abigail hurried back to her office to sit with her friend. Raul had placed Becky in her office chair and was kneeling in front of her in case she were to lose her balance. Eric quickly appeared with the bed in tow, and both he and Raul had it set up in seconds. All three helped Becky to the bed and Abigail put a blanket over her. The pile of clothes was placed on the table in the center of the room.

“You just rest now,” Abigail gently said as she kissed Becky on the forehead. “You have twenty people here who are going to take care of you. No one’s going to hurt you again. I‘ll bring your spare glasses down from the lab and order you a new pair tomorrow”

She silently motioned for the two men to leave the room with her. Out in the hallway, she suggested that Raul return to the warehouse and try to return it to normalcy. After he went through the double doors, she pulled Eric close again to whisper instructions.

“Do you think you can find the person who did this?”

“I think so. I’ve hacked into the cop’s computers before, so getting their files on this should be easy enough. I got some phony Detective credentials I can use at the bar. They’re very good, and only another cop could spot them as fake. I should know something by this Friday.”

Abigail’s face went stone cold. “Find this cunt. Use as few people as you need. Bring her here, as unharmed as possible. Put her on display on the factory floor, spread eagle, but standing instead of lying down.”

Eric smiled widely. “On it,” he said, then walked back into the warehouse, towards his car.


Abigail and Becky were driving to the office on late Friday morning. Before they could head in, Becky had to go back to the hospital for a follow up examination on her eye as well as have a cast placed on her left wrist. She received good news on both fronts. Her eye was healing better than expected, although she still can’t open it all the way, but she wouldn’t need surgery to repair it. The cast would only have to stay on her wrist for four weeks instead of the normal six to eight.

Abigail wanted to take Becky home to keep resting, but two days in bed was driving her batty. She needed to do something besides staring at a TV, or trying to convince her beautiful friend to have a romantic relationship with her, despite the age difference. 

Abigail was impressed with the way Becky was dealing with how she was abused. Personally, Abigail believed that if she had to go through the same ordeal, she would probably be a hysterical wreck in an insane asylum by now. She swallowed her modesty and decorum and asked the young girl how she was able to handle what happened to her.

“First off,” Becky explained, “I know what happened to me was not my fault. I didn’t ask for it to happen. Second, I know that my attacker is actually insecure with herself by the way she treated me, both before and during the attack, so if I start cowering in a corner over this, then she did really beat me. Third, I have great friends… no, family… that love me and support me, as well as give me a shoulder to lean on. Fourth, and most important, I know that you and Eric are going to get revenge for me. How many victims can say that they have two of the things I’ve listed, let alone all four?”

They reached the office and Abigail went with Becky to the lab. She inserted the key into the lock, and that triggered the retinal scanner to open up in the center of the large metal door. Since Becky’s right eye was still partially swollen, Abigail had to have her retina scanned. She was quickly verified, and the door swung open. 

The lab was filled with several tables with various scientific equipment spread out over almost all of them. On the wall to the right was a modest desk covered with papers and folders. Next to that  there was a small bed and nightstand. After that was a row of bookcases loaded with books, VHS tapes, and hand written notebooks. Beyond that was a row of six showers going all the way to the corner, akin to what you find in high school gym locker rooms, but the entire row was encased behind a glass wall with only one door. Against the far wall was a row of four industrial size freezers and refrigerators. In the far left corner was ‘Clean Chamber,’ a glass encased room about twelve feet by ten feet with its own ventilation system and a single table in the center of it. Next to that on the left wall hung two biohazard airtight suits. From the suits all the way up to the wall with the door and five feet past the corner towards the door sat several computer servers. There was more equipment in this room than what most college science programs have on their entire campus.

Both women entered the room, and Becky smiled and took a deep inhale. She was now in her element, and she felt more comfortable here than any other place in the world. She designed and hand picked every piece of equipment and furniture in here, save for the bed. Abigail insisted that be added once she found out that Becky fell asleep on the floor in here while working too late.

“Do you have the hair samples?” she asked Abigail. Abigail gave her a puzzled look.

“Y’know, the DNA strands for the mannequins that Flozell’s wanted?”

“Oh, oh, yes, right here,” Abigail replied as she pulled them out of her pocketbook. “With everything that has happened, I forgot about them. It didn’t seem like a priority anymore.”

Becky smiled even more upon hearing this. She is staying in the front of Abigail’s mind, and she now knew that it would be only a matter of time before the older woman drops her objections and they become a couple.
“I’ll start on these right away. I’ll have both triggering solutions keyed to both sets of DNA by Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest. We’ll be ready for Thursday morning.”

“Thank you,” Abigail replied. “Oh, when you get the chance, the flavored waters that are in the break room are still programmed for that Farrel girl’s DNA. Can you make them inert when you get the chance? I’d hate for someone to drink one and something go wrong, and we lose a great employee.”

“I tricked out the fridge down there,” Becky said as she took the hair samples over to what looked like a centrifuge. “All you have to do is turn the fridge’s dial to the coldest setting then close the door. Wait ten seconds, then open the door again. This sends a pulse through the nanites that wipes their transmorphing programming and renders them inert, but leaves them ready to be reprogrammed with new DNA for the next person. Just remember to reset the fridge’s dial, or else everything in there will freeze solid.”

“Okay, I’ll do that once I get down there. And, please, do me two favors? Don’t work too hard, and call me if you need absolutely anything, okay?”

With that, Abigail left Becky to her work, and she went down to her office.

The rest of the day went rather quickly. 112 orders had to be shipped, and they were all grade 1, so no major hassle. Another customer came in to pick up his special order, leaving three outstanding orders. Well, one still needed the voice modulator reprogrammed, but that couldn’t be done until Becky came back to work. The customer was given a 10% discount for the inconvenience, and it would be ready for pickup on Monday morning, so he was happy.
At quarter to six Abigail was informed that Becky was finishing up on the factory floor. Since the warehouse’s work day lasts from noon to 6 PM, Abigail went to check up on her friend. She found that Becky was attaching the programming probes to the redhead dolly’s forehead. It was finally having its voice modulator set properly, and it would finally shut up! The programming would take ten hours to complete, so Becky decided to let it run over the weekend. It would shut off automatically once it was done.

Both women made sure everything was locked and put away before heading towards the front door. They set the alarm and started the ride back to Abigail’s house at 6:45 PM.

They had dinner and were enjoying a glass of wine late in the evening while watching a romantic comedy when Abigail’s cell phone began ringing. She noticed the phone number immediately and took the call.

“Yes?… You got it?… Really?…. Wasn’t too difficult?… No problems?… Ouch…. I’ll give him a bonus… Any damage to the merchandise?… Good…. Good… It’s all set up?… No… No… Leave it there. We’ll fix it in the morning… All night… Yes… Build the anticipation…. Right… Yes… Thank you… See you Monday… Bye.”

“Who was that?” Becky asked.

“Someone with a surprise for us,” Abigail replied. “We can see it in the morning.”


Abigail and Becky left the house early Saturday morning. Abigail wouldn’t say where they were headed, but Becky easily recognized the way to the office. They parked in Abigail’s regular spot and entered their business, each anticipating the surprise awaiting them. Becky more than Abigail, mostly because Becky loved surprises and Abigail already knew what it was.

They shut off the alarm’s motion sensors but reactivated the perimeter alarm. They didn’t want any sudden visitors while they were busy with other things. Attached to the alarm was a hand written note from Eric, stating that he repaired the sensor on the factory floor. Ironically, that was their final destination.

They got up to the third floor factory level via the freight elevator. They walked past the pews of formerly human women now latex sex dollys to the factory’s doors. Abigail stopped, smiled, turned to Becky, and said, “Go ahead. You open the doors.”

With a large grin, Becky took out her keys and unlocked the door. She opened it up wide to see the Butch bouncer standing there tied spread eagle but hanging limply inside a large wooden frame. She was fully clothed and smelled like urine. Her head was slumped forward, with her chin on her sternum.

“For me?” Becky eagerly asked. Abigail didn’t say a word, but with a broad smile, she nodded yes.

Becky giggled with joy and entered the factory. To her left, a blinking light on the computer stand told her that the programming on the redhead was complete, so it would no longer utter a syllable until its owner ordered it to. (Much to the relief of everyone present.) She walked over to the Butch for a better look. She must’ve been hanging here all night because she pissed her blue jeans, and they were mostly dry now. The flannel shirt she was wearing had some tears in it, but the t-shirt she had on underneath looked almost new. She wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks.

 Abigail came into the room behind Becky for a better look as well. “Is she alive?” she asked as she noticed how limp her body looked.

“Yeah,” Becky replied, as she reached her hand up to the taller girl’s cheek, “She’s just asleep.”

Becky hauled her hand back wide then brought forward as hard as she could onto the Butch’s cheek. The sound echoed through the large, sound proof room.

“WAKE UP!!!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs.

The tall brown haired lesbian jumped up as much as her restraints would allow. She looked quickly around the room, then the restraints on her wrists.

“I must’ve had a fun night,” the Butch said as she tested the ropes that bound her. Then her gaze fell down to the two women standing in front of her.

“Who the hell are you two?” She asked with a puzzled look on her face. Then one of the faces of her captors came in to focus, and she had the look of realization.

“I know you. You’re the nerd I fucked in that boiler room. I knew you were a freak when I saw you. You couldn’t get enough of this so you had your boys bring me here for more fun? Fine with me tiny tits. Give me your best shot, then it’ll be my turn again.” She turned her gaze over to Abigail.

“You really are freaky, bringing your mom in on a bondage threesome. So show me your tits, grandma.”

“Charming,” Abigail replied. She then walked over to Becky, who was still standing in front of the Butch with a wide grin.

“What would you like to do with… this… this thing?” she asked.

“I have an idea,” Becky replied, “But I have to ask it a question first.”

She took a step closer to the Butch, but not too close. “Hey, Frankenwhore, have you ever been penetrated by a real cock before?”

“No, and if you even try that shit with me, I’ll cut both your fucking hearts out and eat them raw in front of you. I don’t touch dildos either, so same threat implies. So, we gonna play or not?”

“So it was okay for you to rape and sodomize my friend here, but it’s not okay to do it to you in return?” Abigail asked. “That’s the definition of a hypocrite.”

“Them’s my rules. Now get naked or untie me. I got better tings to do if I ain’t gonna fuck.”

Becky’s smile had never gone away this whole time. She simply walked behind the Butch and grabbed a handful of hair. With one foul swoop she pulled down with all of her might, and came back with a small handful of follicles with roots.

“OW!!!! YOU CUNT!!!! THAT HURT!!!” The Butch yelled. “I like it! About time someone got into the spirit of things! Now lemme see some skin!”

Becky looked at Abigail, still with her big smile. “You heard the woman,” She said coyly, “Show her some skin.” She then pointed towards the computer table. 

Abigail instantly knew what she meant. She smiled and walked over to the table. Right there were the large pair of scissors. She picked them up and headed over to the Butch. Becky, meanwhile, was headed towards the door.

“Take your time,” she said over her shoulder as she headed through the doorway, “This’ll take about fifteen minutes, at least.”

Abigail enjoyed her short stroll over towards the crude tall woman. She wanted this bitch to get everything she deserves, not only for what she did to Becky, but or every other evil this ‘thing’ did in it’s misbegotten life. It must be a foregone conclusion, she believed, that this person has done the same thing to other smaller women. She simply is a bully, and needed to be taken down hard.

“Now I know you’re not about to cut off my clothes,” the Butch started to argue. “Don’t you dare. Unless you want me to make new clothes from your own skin, don’t you do it.”

Abigail ignored her and started cutting off her flannel shirt.

“What?!? Are you deaf, or just retarded?!? I said No! Stop it! Stop it right now!” The flannel shirt fell to the floor in shreds. 

“What’s wrong with you?!? No speaky the English? Hey! HEY!!! LISTEN!!!! STOP!!!” Her t-shirt fell to the floor in shreds, leaving her wearing her bra and jeans.

Abigail took a step back to admire the view. This woman was tall, yet well proportioned with very little fat on her stomach. Her breasts were only slightly larger than her own, and the cleavage framed from her bra was downright cute. The flannel and t-shirt really hid her beauty.


Abigail got down and started cutting her jeans up the one pant leg. The smell of the urine was getting to her, but she muscled through. The Butch tried in vain to kick her but her legs were securely bound. Once she cut through the waistline of her jeans, the Butch started to bargain.

“Okay… okay… Now let’s hold it for a minute here. I get it. I get the point. I went too far with your friend there, and this is your idea of revenge. I get it.” There was a small pang of panic in the Butch’s voice. “Let’s stop right here and I’ll lick both of you off right now. I’m really good at sucking clit. You don’t have to do me if you don’t wanna. Whattya say?”

Abigail took a step back and looked at her for a minute. The Butch was wide eyed, with a panicking look on her face. She was nodding’ yes’ as to see if Abigail would agree to her proposal.

“I say that I see a girl who used her size to get what she wanted out of people who were smaller and weaker than herself. She was always the one in control, dominating the actions of others regardless of the consequences to her victims, as long as she got her way. Now that she’s no longer in control, and others are deciding her fate instead of the other way around, she’s so scared that she’s willing to do anything to escape whatever’s coming towards her. But, you know what?” Abigail leaned close to the Butch’s ear, and the Butch lowered her head to hear, “My friend has people who love her and will always come to her rescue. No one will be rescuing you.”

The Butch’s face had a mixed stunned and blank look on it as Abigail bent down and cut off the rest of her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath, and was sporting a very hairy crotch. The Butch was now trembling in fear. It is possible that if she had any more urine in her body she would’ve released it now.

“Good God, woman!” Abigail exclaimed, “Have some pride! You could’ve at least kept this trimmed and neat!” She reached out and grabbed the brown overgrowth of bush and gave a slight pull. The Butch broke out in tears.

“P-p-p-please s-s-stooooppp!” she begged between sobs. Abigail started to ignore her like any of her other special orders, and proceeded to cut off her bra. It fell to the floor in tatters.

“Oh, please, I’m so sorry!” The Butch sobbed meekly. “I promise I’ll never do it again!”

Just then, Becky returned to the room, carrying a tray covered with a white towel.

“That’s right. You won’t,” Becky replied. “I never did see your body while I had my glasses on. I have to admit, you got a nice rack.” She walked over to the now near-hysterical Butch and grabbed one of her tits after placing the tray onto the computer table.

“Hey, nice and firm. Abigail, come feel these.”

“Please leggo of me! Don’t! Please!”

Abigail walked over and started playing with the Butch’s other breast. “Yes, very firm indeed. Are you ready?”

“What? Ready for what? What are ya gonna do?” the Butch sobbed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Becky answered her friend as she let go of the breast she had in her grip. “Playtime’s over. Down to business.” She walked back to the computer tray and lifted the white towel off of the tray. Sitting in the middle of the tray was a syringe filled with a metallic liquid. She picked up the syringe and walked towards the now terrified Butch.

 “WHAT IS THAT?!?” she screamed, “NO!!! PLEASE NO!!!! DON’T DO IT!!!! I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!” She frantically lashed about in her restraints, in the slim chance something might break, giving her the possibility to escape.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Abigail said. “It won’t kill you. It will hurt you enough to make you beg for death, but you’ll live. Am I right?”

“Yup, absolutely,” Becky replied. “I mixed this up really quick. Usually I have a week to make this serum, and I usually use 1/25th the amount of nanites, but, since this is an unexpected pleasure, I wanted to make it as painful as possible in the fastest way possible.”

Becky leveled the syringe towards the Butch’s stomach. The butch continued to struggle against her bonds, all the while screaming and begging for mercy. The needle penetrated into the abdominal wall, and the nanites were released into her system. They went to work in less than fifteen seconds, as the Butch stopped screaming and doubled up as much as she could. Her face was completely blank.

“Wh-What did you do to me?” she quietly asked.

“Simple,” Becky replied, “Well, simple for us. I injected your body with about 4 billion nanites. Nanites are microscopic robots, and they’re spreading throughout your body. They’re about to start rearranging your internal organs into machines. They’re also going to change your skin into a very soft latex. You’ll also lose almost all of your body hair with the exception of the hair on your head, eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair. In your case, you’ll lose the Don King look and have a bikini wax around your pussy.”

The Butch’s body suddenly had a very severe spasm, which caused her to gasp for air.

“M-m-machines? L-l-latex?” the Butch stammered as she was writing in pain.

“Yes,” Abigail replied this time. “Machines designed to bring pleasure to men. We’re turning you into an inanimate fuck toy. A motionless cum catcher. A high priced sex dolly.”

The Butch tried to scream but nothing came out but air. She was flailing about in her restraints wildly in pain and in terror. Right around the injection site started to turn into latex, and was quickly spreading.

“One final thing I want you to know, so I can still see you react,” Becky said defiantly. “You are not going to die. You are going to be able to see and hear everything around you, but won’t be able to react or speak. You will no longer need to breathe. You will no longer have periods, or become pregnant. All of your physical stimulus will be increased tenfold, especially pleasure and pain. Your mouth will be frozen in a perpetual state of oral sex for men, and when a cock is inserted, your mouth will automatically begin to suck on it. They’ll cum in your mouth and you’ll taste every drop as it slides down your throat. The new pumps and engines in your body will use the sperm for fuel, to keep your body fresh for centuries. If you’re lucky, maybe one of your new owners will share you with his girlfriend or wife, but on his terms. You’ll never again have any pussy you want, but you’ll have all the cocks that are given to you, and you’ll take them, whether you want to or not. What do you think about that?”

The butch was only able to move her upper torso and lower legs past the knees because everything in between was now latex, but Becky could tell that she was in absolute horror. Her legs were starting to pull up at the hips into the standard 90 degree angle for easy access, but the restraints were holding them back.

Both women noticed this and went over to release her legs. She now wasn’t going anywhere, and was definitely unable to harm the women anymore. 

After the legs were released, they shot up into position like a rocket. Abigail wasn’t expecting this and was almost kneed in the face. Both took a step back just in time to see her breasts double in size as they became latex with large nipples.

“Hey, what happened to the orgasm?” Abigail asked, “And did you give her a voice modulator?”
“I made sure to reprogram the nanites to refuse her any orgasms,” Becky replied. “She said she didn’t like cocks, so why should she enjoy being fucked with one? She’ll still feel pleasure, but she’ll never cum again.

“As for the voice modulator… Didn’t you hear the words coming out of her mouth? Her language was worse than the redhead’s, and three times as irritating. I did the world a favor.”

They noticed that it’s feet were now latex and in full rest position. It’s shoulders and lower neck were starting to change, so they decided to let it down from the frame. With it’s now free arm, it tried to punch Becky, so they let it fall to the factory floor with a thud. It landed on its side, and it tried valiantly to paw itself away from the women. Abigail kicked it over onto its back in time to see its mouth become an oval orificed blowjob machine. Soon, it’s arms pulled down to its sides with the hands and forearms pointing forward, waiting for it’s owner’s embrace. Tears were still running out of it’s eyes as they turned dull and lifeless. And then, it was finished.

“That felt real good!” Becky exclaimed cheerfully. She looked down into the fake looking eyes and said, “It’ll take a few hours for all of the nerve endings in your skin to fully develop. Once they do, I’m gonna hurt you as a reminder not to call the cops. Sound familiar? It should. However, you caused me to spend half a day in the hospital, with several more appointments over the next 6 weeks to go, but, when I hurt you, there won’t be a mark on your body and you won’t have to go to the hospital. You’re not living anymore, so I can’t cause you damage. Afterwards, we’ll sell you to the most perverted owner we can find. Enjoy the next couple of centuries.”

“We can’t sell it right away,” Abigail told Becky.

“Why not?”

“This whore kicked one of Eric’s crew in the testes when they found her. As a bonus, I offered to let his crew ‘Break her in’ for a few weeks, as long as they clean it up when they bring it back.”

Becky smiled, and nodded in agreement. Abigail Smiled in return. The new sex dolly just cried.

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