The Sex Dolly Factory

by Vleight

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Part 3: The Model Mannequins

Mary was both excited and nervous about her first modelling job. She couldn’t sit still and she also felt like she was going to throw up. She wasn’t exactly plain, nor was she cover girl material, but she was offered the gig nonetheless. She chalked it up to her best friend, Paula, the raven haired second generation Italian beauty who has been her best friend since the second grade. Paula was the super model while she was ‘The girl next door that you have a chance with.’

It was Paula’s idea to move to the city and become models. Mary wanted to go onto college, but without a scholarship there was no way that her family could pay for it. Paula argued that she would have plenty of cash within two years to pay for any college she wanted. All they had to do was walk around in frilly dresses or skimpy bikinis, and people would literally throw money at them. Seemed like a sweet deal at the time, but that was three months ago, and now a job at a fast food restaurant sounded appealing. Neither girl knew anything about the modelling world, and the lack of knowledge caused them to run through all of their savings really fast. Without a reputable agent behind them, they weren’t getting any offers. Disreputable agents were everywhere, and they wanted the two nineteen year olds to do porn. They both agreed to each other, “Shit shovelers before porn stars.”

It was 4:30 in the morning, and Mary kept looking out the window of their small, one bedroom fourth floor apartment, looking for the car that was coming to pick them up. They had been hired to pose for mannequin molds for Flozell’s department store. The gig started at 5 AM and was going to take all day to do. Some type of body casting so they could make several mannequins based on their bodies. They even took hair samples to make sure they got the wigs to match as well. She heard of body molds of actors being made for movies, but never of a whole body. She did some research on the internet and found out that NASA did something similar to their early astronauts to make their suits and seats inside the modules. She found this interesting, whereas Paula simply asked, “Will it cause my skin to break out?”

Paula was sitting on the worn out, third-hand sofa, watching her friend pace back and forth like a panther in the zoo. Of the two of them, she was the calm one. Not that there was anything wrong with her mentally, it was just that she was so attractive that she never had to wait on anything or anyone. She was more dismissive, yet dominant in her demeanor, which was an extreme contrast to Mary’s excitable yet submissive outlook. Confident to Mary’s uneasiness. That’s probably why they’ve been friends for so long. They just complimented each other so well.

“Will you please stop pacing?” Paula asked as she got up from the sofa, “You’re gonna walk a hole through the floor.”

“I’m sorry,” Mary replied as she looked at her cellphone, “But it’s 4:35 and no one’s here, and no one’s called. They must’ve cancelled. They cancelled and they didn’t call. They think we’re not worth calling.” Her pacing picked up speed, and her face took up a very worried look.

Paula let out a little giggle. She reached out and grabbed her friend on her next pass and pulled her close into a big hug.

“Oh, what am I gonna do with you? Calm down. They show up when they show up. If they don’t show up, well, that’s their loss. Worrying only leads to early facial wrinkles. Take a few deep breaths and relax, will you?” She held Mary until she finally calmed down enough to stand still on her own. She then pulled her away to arm’s length and looked into her eyes. “There. That’s better. I was afraid that I was gonna hafta slap you, Plain Jane.”

Mary giggled a little herself. “You may be bigger than me, but I will defend myself, Topheavy.”

Both girls started laughing. As is with all good friends, tensions are easily diffused with some good-natured ribbing. Mary was nicknamed by Paula “Plain Jane” in high school for her plain body build and Paula was nicknamed by Mary “Topheavy” since the sixth grade when she quickly developed breasts almost overnight. Heaven help the soul that ever tried to use these nicknames on them because both girls defended each other like sisters. No one picked on Mary while Paula was around, and no one picked on Paula while Mary was around.

Suddenly a car horn sounded outside the window. Paula looked this time to see a large black luxury car double parked outside. It looked like a Cadillac, or maybe a Lincoln. It didn’t really matter what kind it was, it was here to take them into their dreams. The money was about to start flowing in like a river, and the fifty thousand each were getting for this job was like opening up the dam. Paula turned to Mary and gave an incredibly huge smile. Mary smiled back, and then both started for the door. Mary shut off her cellphone and placed it on the table next to the sofa.

“Hey,” she called to Paula, who was halfway out the door. “Remember? No cellphones. Leave it here.”

“No way. I don’t go anywhere without my phone.”

“Remember what we were told? No phones, cameras, or recording stuff at the factory, or we don’t get the job.”

“Stupid rule,” Paula said with a huff, as she came back into the room. She removed her cellphone from her purse and put it down next to Mary’s. “I don’t see why we can’t have it. It’s not like we’re gonna call in an air strike or something.”

“Fifty thousand dollars,” was Mary’s only reply.

Paula stared at Mary for a few seconds. “Great argument. I’ll concede that fact. Now let’s go. Our chariot awaits!” The girls gave each other a giddy hug, then rushed out the door. They went down the four flights of steps as fast as their high heels could take them. Mary was so excited, she thought she was floating down the stairs. Paula had to go more carefully because too much bouncing made her heavy breasts hurt after a while, but she made it down in good time.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, they quickly composed themselves as they went for the front door. They both checked their clothes for wrinkles or imperfections, and Paula had to retuck her blouse back into her skirt. Mary had to push her long brown hair back behind her ears so she could see again. With a simple nod to each other, they flung the front door open.


Renee Flozell has been the merchandising manager for the department store chain her grandfather started since graduating college. You could say that it was nepotism that made her a vice president, but she liked to think that it was her hard work and determination. A twenty-seven year old woman sitting on the board of directors is almost unheard of anywhere, unless that woman got there on her back. This was not her case, and she has the diplomas and track record to prove it. Ever since she took over the merchandising and displays of the stores, sales had risen at least 30% across the board, with a 50% rise in women’s clothing. Most of her success had come from simply making the products more appealing to the target customers through attractive and innovative displays. This was especially true with the new mannequins she made the stores buy.

The previous mannequins were simple generic faceless white plastic statues with no real features to accentuate the clothing they were wearing. She thought it was like tacking the clothes to a wall. No one could really tell how well they would hang on a real human body. She fought with her father, the current owner and CEO of the chain, to get more realistic clothing displays. Throwing down the gauntlet, he told her that he would buy three of them as a trial. She bought three female mannequins four days later from a friend that she went to college with, and all three had different body types, sizes, and heights, as well as lifelike hair and faces. She used them for the summer bathing suit roll-out, and they were a big success. Within a month, sales of bathing suits in the store the mannequins were placed in jumped 70%. Suddenly, Renee had a blank check and was a vice president.

The first thing she did was to sign a contract with Exclusive Products Co. for all of their current and future mannequin needs. Her friend, Dr. Rebecca Evers, was the lead scientist with this company, and was the major contributor to both sides of the contract. Flozell’s would come to Exclusive Products for all of their mannequin needs, and Exclusive Products would give steep discounts. Also, Flozell’s would recommend Exclusive Products ‘in stock’ mannequins to other companies and stores. All in all, it was very beneficial to both parties.

Renee did know about how they made the mannequins, and that they made deluxe sex dollies almost the same way, but this didn’t bother her. She had her fill of stuck-up prissy little beauty queens since boarding school. She was a beauty herself, and a nice body with a luxurious head of light brown hair, but she had a very bad case of acne as an early teen, which left her face with several pock-marked scars across both cheeks, her nose, and her forehead. She was picked on mercilessly by the other girls because of this superficial deformity, and she never forgot or forgave. Some of the deepest scars can’t be seen.

There were only two things that helped her keep her sanity when she made it to college: A kid genius lesbian, Rebecca, who was a kindred spirit from also being picked on, and an incredibly sensitive nerd boy, Tommy, who saw the real woman inside. She had remained a good friend with Becky, even though one time Becky got drunk and made an aggressive pass at her while they were sophomores (Becky apologized profusely later, then they both had a good laugh). Tommy had proposed to Renee last Christmas, and their wedding is planned for two weeks after he earns his Phd, which is hopefully this fall.

Right now, Renee is waiting for two inexperienced models to come down to the car she was sitting in. The driver, Eric, works security for Exclusive Products Co., and he helps procure the new talent. He has been doing this for a long time, and he knows how to do his job. After they leave here, no one will ever see this car again, especially not the real owner, who will probably report it stolen when he wakes up in a few hours. He was also nice enough to bring her a coffee before he picked her up this morning. He honked the horn as they pulled up, and they didn’t have to wait very long. It was only about a minute when he said, “Here they come.”

The front door on the apartment building swung open and Renee watched the two girls emerge. Both she and Eric stepped out of the car and waved to them. Both girls had on wide smiles as they quickly approached, and Eric turned around to open up the back seat door of the car. The girls made a beeline directly for it without any invitation. After all, doesn’t the chauffeur always open the car door for the models?

“Good morning!” both girls said almost in tandem as they climbed into the back seat. Mary slid in first, then scooted over for Paula. Once both were in, Eric closed the door and climbed back in behind the wheel. Renee slid back into the front passenger’s seat all the while never taking her eyes off of the girls.

“Morning ladies,” Renee said cordially, “Are we ready to make some magic?”

With a rousing chorus of “You Bet!”, “Can’t wait!”, and “I’m so excited!” escaping the girls lips in no discernable order, they prepared to take girls to the factory.

“Girls, this is Eric,” Renee said as she nodded to the man behind the wheel. “He’s going to drive us to the people who will make the mannequins and then bring us home. He’s an excellent driver, and he’ll have us there in no time. The sooner we get there the sooner we can get done. This will be a long day, not including the paperwork you need to fill out. But first, I’ll need your giddy butts to put on your seat belts! We can’t have you bouncing around back there like a couple of four year olds, especially while we’re moving!” Everyone had a laugh as the girls did what they were told. Once secured, Eric started driving.

The two girls kept on chattering away with both small talk and aspirations of grandeur the entire car ride. Renee tried to be pleasant and answered their silly comments as they went, but inside she wished that they would just shut their vapid little holes. Eric had a look of contempt as the girls just droned on and on and on…

The ride took a little over fifteen minutes to get to the industrial complex where the factory was. It was barely noticeable in the early morning darkness, mostly because of the lack of street lights in the area. There was only one light in the small parking lot they pulled into. Their car parked next to the only other car in the lot, a black Mercedes. There was a small sidewalk path that led from the cars to a set of darkened glass double doors. There were small rays of light coming out from the gap between the doors, proving that someone was in there.

Eric got out of the car and opened the back door again. Both girls slid out of that side and looked around. Renee climbed out of the passenger’s seat and started towards the door to the factory. Eric closed the back door and stood behind the girls as they tried to figure out what they were doing here in this run down area.

“This is it?” Paula asked as she tried to catch up with Renee. Mary wasn’t far behind.

“Yes, this is the place,” Renee replied without stopping her stride. She reached out and pulled on the door’s handle, but it was locked. “Were you expecting a factory that uses toxic materials like polypropylene to be built smack dab in city center?” She released the handle and turned to Eric, who was still standing next to the car.

“Eric, the door’s locked. Can you buzz them or something?”

“Oh, they’re probably upstairs getting things ready,” he replied as he started over to where the three girls were standing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring of about twenty keys. He found the one he was looking for and opened the door. He held it open so the women could enter into the lobby. Once everyone was in, he turned and locked the door again. He then searched the ring for another key and walked over to the door on the opposite side of the room.

“I’ll go find them, let them know you’re here. All of the contracts are on the two clipboards on the coffee table if you want to get them started. I put your company’s paperwork on top, and ours underneath. Be right back.” He quickly unlocked the door and disappeared through it like a ghost.

The two girls both had confused looks on their faces. Renee didn’t appear to notice. She simply went over and picked up the two clipboards.

“Hunky guy aside,” Mary said, “This seems a little strange.”

“Yep, the guy’s a sploosh,” Paula added, “But sometimes you gotta deal with some strange to get where you wanna be. I can deal with a little strange if he’s willing to scratch my itch later.”

“Paula, you would do just about anything humanoid with a penis!”

“You say that like it’s bad or something.”

“Can we please dispense with the girl’s high school bathroom talk for the time being?” Renee asked, with obvious frustration in her voice. “Not trying to be rude, but this is costing my company a lot of money for this, and we need to get started. Or would you two rather I have Eric take you home?”

Both girls were taken aback by the sudden change of attitude in Renee. “Chill out, lady. This is who I am, and I don’t change for anybody,” Paula exclaimed. Mary let out a loud gasp upon hearing her friend’s retort.

“PAULA!!!” Mary shouted with anger in her voice. “I’m sorry for my friend’s out burst, Ms. Flozell. It’s early, she hasn’t had any coffee yet, and she doesn’t have her cellphone on her. She didn’t really mean that, did you?” She gave Paula a mild but firm slap on the arm.

“No. I’m sorry,” Paula said with humility in her apology. She really didn’t mean it, but it was enough to fool Renee, or so she thought. They really needed this job, and mouthing off is not something she should be doing right now.

“It’s okay,” Renee replied, almost nonchalantly. “Early morning modelling sessions can be tough, even for experienced models. So, let’s get you started filling out your paperwork. The papers on top are basically the modelling contract, your W4 form, a release saying that Flozell’s has permission to use your likeness in our stores, and a direct deposit release. The other papers are from Exclusive Products, Inc. They have a disclosure agreement, a liability waiver, another likeness release form, and I believe what they call a ‘Dolly’ form.” She handed each girl a clipboard. A pen was attached to the top of each one.

“Excuse me,” Mary asked as she took the clipboard, “A ‘Dolly’ form?”

“Exclusive products makes other products than just mannequins. They also make inflatable and solid rubber sex dolls, what they call ‘Dollys,’ and that agreement lets this company use your likeness to make a sex doll based on your looks. Since they will already have the mold of your bodies, it isn’t too difficult for them to make a dolly of you. I’ve seen some of the finished products and they do excellent work with them. It’s really quite flattering.”

“EWWWWW!!!!” Mary exclaimed while in full disgust mode.

Paula instead formed an evil grin. “Sounds kinky,” she said, “They can do it, as long as they give me one for myself. And give me a life sized one of Eric, too.”

“Lady, sometimes you make me sick!” Mary said to her friend.

“Hey, do you know how many people told me to go fuck myself in my lifetime?” Paula asked rhetorically as she took the other clipboard, “I’d just be giving into popular demand.”

Renee just shook her head as the two girls took seats in the chairs against the one wall and started writing. She was grateful for the momentary peace and quiet. The paperwork was pretty easy to follow, so neither one of these idiots should have problems with them, as if it matters. She had to keep stringing them along until they were upstairs. As they were finishing up, Mary asked how to fill out the ‘Dolly’ form to NOT letting them have permission, that’s when the interior door opened again. Out walked Eric, Abigail Griffin, and her friend, Dr. Rebecca Evers. Eric was pushing what looked like a large box that could’ve held an old 32 inch tube television with a hand truck. Renee didn’t notice that. She noticed the black eye and cast on her friend’s wrist.

“Oh, my God! Becky!” she exclaimed as she rushed over to hug her friend. She threw her arms around her and, because of their slight height difference, she almost knocked her glasses off her face. “What happened? Who did this? Why didn’t you tell me?!?”

“I was attacked by someone I met at a bar,” Becky told her friend as she hugged her back. “I didn’t want to worry you. You’re a worry wart, and you would’ve never let me get back to my work until the cast came off. I love you to death, but sometimes you’re a pain in the ass when it comes to illnesses.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right,” Renee replied as she let her friend go. “Did the police catch who did this to you?”

“No, they are still looking,” Abigail answered with a slight smile. Once Renee made eye contact with her, Abigail gave a slight nod towards Eric.

“Don’t think they ever will,” Eric added as he pushed the box towards the glass double doors. “Can someone help me with the doors?”

Becky started towards the doors. “Yeah, I will,” she said, “It’s nice to feel useful around here.”

Abigail turned to the two girls sitting in the lobby chairs. “Are these two your new discoveries, Renee?” Both girls stood up as to introduce themselves, but Renee took charge.

“Yes, they are,” Renee replied. “This is Paula Miletti,” she said as she moved her hand towards the black haired beauty, “And this is Mary Lind,” moving her hand towards the average brunette.

“Hello!” Mary said warmly as she put her hand out in greeting. Abigail took it and gave a polite shake.

“Mornin’,” Paula simply stated as she gave a little wave. “Nice place you got here.”

Abigail gave both of them a polite smile. “I’m Abigail Gillen, the owner of this establishment. Over there is our lead scientist, Dr. Rebecca Evers.” Becky looked up and waved her free, non-broken hand. “As you can see, she is injured, so this process may take a little longer than normal. If we do run into a longer time than you have been quoted, I will personally pay for your overtime. Does that sound fair?”

“More than fair!” Mary blurted out without thinking. Paula rubbed her hands together greedily and smiled.

“Good! After Eric finally gets through the door, we’ll get started.” Abigail motioned for the clipboards. Both girls handed them to her, and she handed one to Renee while she looked over the other.

“Everything seems to be in order, Mary, but you do not want a dolly made from your mold?” Abigail asked.

“No way!,” Mary said strongly, “Those things are disgusting! Anyone who buys one is a slimy pervert!”

“Well, Paula is acceptable to the idea as long as she can have one for herself,” Renee said as she showed the paper to Abigail, “Her reasons for it are… well… colorful, to say the least.”

As this was going on, Eric was finally out the door and Becky closed and locked it. “That’s one less problem I’m going to lose sleep over,” she mumbled out loud to herself as she walked over to the other girls. “Are we ready to get going?”

“Not yet,” Abigail said as she gave her clipboard to Renee. “Ladies, before we continue, I need you to empty your pockets and purses here on the table. Also I need you to remove your shoes. Before you ask, we need to see if you‘re carrying any recording devices or cameras. I will also be frisking you to make sure there‘s none concealed in your clothing.”

Mary did what she was told without questioning. Paula thought about it for a moment, then also complied. Abigail frisked both women quickly as Renee stood in an authoritative pose before them, as if to give the impression that she was protecting the girls from any improprieties. Satisfied that both of them were ‘clean’, she told them to gather their things back into their purses. It was time to go to work!


The walk through the warehouse floor over to the freight elevator was somewhat uneventful. Paula made a few jokes about the inflatable dolls in the boxes on the shelves, while Mary kept silent and just averted her eyes. Abigail, Renee and Becky were catching up with what was going on with their lives as they walked. They got into the elevator and took it to the second floor. The door opened and the first sight the novice models saw were rows of pews with what looked like women wrapped in plastic sitting on them. The scene made Mary give out a shrill scream.

“Hey! Hey! It’s okay! They’re only life size dolls!” Becky consoled in a loud voice towards the shaken up girl. She reached out with her good hand and pulled Mary towards them. “C’mon, I’ll show you.”

As they got closer, Mary started to see the differences between living and latex tissue. She reached out with her other hand and touched one through the plastic bag. It felt like a thick balloon filled with corn syrup. She quickly calmed down and apologized for her outburst.

“Sorry about that,” she meekly said, “But it looked too much like ‘Night of the Living Dead’ for a second there.”

“You’re such a pussy,” Paula snidely said.

“It’s understandable,” Abigail replied, “But those aren’t the top of the line models we have. We have others that look like they could have a conversation with you. But we’ll save that for another time. Let’s get to the mannequin room, then we’ll go over what’s going to happen today.”

The five headed over to the hallway that was between a row of shelving and a wall that had two doors on it. The closer one was a heavy metal door and the farther one was like a normal door. This was the one they walked towards and went through. The room they entered had about twenty mannequins lined up four deep against the left wall. They were all naked and extremely detailed. Some even had pubic hairs!

Paula and Mary had seen the mannequins in Flozell’s when they were there for the interviews, so they weren’t really shocked in seeing these. Mary was a little unnerved, especially after the scene she did a few minutes earlier, but she quickly regained her composure. Both girls walked further into the room and noticed a bunch of what looked like microphone stands and large round metal bases at the far end of the room. Next to them were eight tall thin light towers, covered with a whole lot of red LED lights on one side.

“Okay,” Abigail announced to get the girls attention, “Mary, Paula, this is where we’re going to make the mannequins. To explain the procedure, I’ll let Dr. Evers have the floor. If you have any questions, please wait until after she goes over everything.” Both girls nodded, and came closer to Becky.

“The procedure is pretty simple,” Becky started, “But it is time consuming. What we’re going to do first is have you strip down to your underwear so we can take some measurements. After that, we’ll have you get into the poses Ms. Flozell has in mind for each of you, and we’ll set up the supports to help you keep those poses. The supports are those thin metal rods with the bases over there. There are also some triangle blocks to place under your feet in case the mannequins will be wearing heels. Next you’ll be taking a shower with my special formula crème that has three functions: Softens your skin, removes all unnecessary hair, and leaves a thin waxy film on your skin. The wax is there for the next step. You’ll be brought back in here and reset into the poses again. While you’re in position, we’re going to be using a new 3d printer scanner to capture every nook and cranny on you. The wax helps reflect the scanner’s laser. This is what’ll take the most time, so you will not be able to move until the scan is completed. There will be a chance to use the bathroom before the shower stage, and after the shower you will both be given a bottle of flavored water. This water was also developed by me, and it is designed to keep a person from dehydrating over a 24 hour period. It also has a lot of potassium in it to keep your muscles from cramping while in your pose. When the scan is completed, you’ll take another shower to remove the wax. After that, it’s home to bed, or to whatever you might wanna do. Now, any questions?”

Paula Shook her head. “Nope, just tell me where to put my clothes.”

Mary was hesitant. “No one told me about any nudity,” she stammered. “And what about this ‘hair removal’?”

“We have to make your skin as smooth as possible,” Abigail said. “The human body has hair follicles on almost every part of their body except the soles of their feet. Even the smallest hair on your body can cause havoc with the scan. We do have a thicker wax for your eyebrows, and pubic hair if you want to keep it. The crème will not be used close around your eyes themselves, so your eyelashes will be safe. The hair on your heads will be covered with a shower cap throughout the showers and scanning process. The top of your heads will be covered with a wig anyway, so the little bumps and valleys will be hidden up there.

“The nudity part should be self explanatory. We make lifelike mannequins. You had already known that Flozell’s wanted lifelike mannequins. We cannot make them lifelike if you do not want a complete mold of your body created.” Mary didn’t seem convinced, as she clutched the top of her blouse tightly.

“Will you get over it?” Paula complained as she was already down to her stockings, “It’s no big deal. I’ve seen you wearing bikinis smaller than the underwear you have on right now. Stop being a baby and become a professional model!”

The cajoling of her friend was enough to spur Mary on. She started to slowly remove her clothing. Renee was already gathering up Paula’s things as Abigail took Mary’s blouse. Becky headed over to the supports and started moving them around the floor.

“Are either one of the mannequins going to need joints, or are these solid ones?” Becky asked Renee.

“One and one,” Renee replied as she picked up the last of Paula’s clothes. “Paula is going to be solid pose and Mary will have ten joints. Both will be in four inch heels.”

“Gotcha. Paula, come over here, please, and stand on this display stand. Careful, the metal is a little cold.” Becky motioned with her hand to the metal disc on the floor to the right. She walked over to the far corner and picked up four metal triangles. These were the feet supports for the future use of the shoes. She came back and put two of the triangles on the disc Paula was tiptoeing across and the other two on the disc next to it. The two triangles slid into small slots in the bottom of the disc about 8 inches apart. Paula was directed to turn around and rest her feet on them like they were shoes.

“Now describe the pose you want,” Becky asked, “And try to be a little more specific than last time, will you?” She walked over to get one of the supports to balance Paula on the stand by placing it against the small of her back.

“She gave you a hard time?” Paula asked, “She seems like the type to do that.”

“No I didn’t!” Renee retorted, defending her honor, “You didn’t hear very well!

“Whatever,” Becky replied, “So how do you want her?”

Becky walked over and lifted Paula’s right arm at the wrist up to slightly above her right shoulder with her elbow fully bent, her palm facing her shoulder. She took the girl’s left hand and put it in front of her, like she was carrying a beach bag in front of her legs, but held her hand right above the level of her crotch. She then turned the girl’s head slightly to the left then took a step back to take a look. Not satisfied, she stepped closer again and turned the girl’s hips slightly to the right.

“Can we take her right leg back a bit? Make it look like she’s walking?”

“Sure,” Becky replied. She bent down and moved the triangle under Paula’s right foot back three slots. Paula repositioned her weight as best she could without losing the pose. Renee stepped back again and liked what she saw.

“That’s perfect. Hold it right there. Would you like my help to set the supports?” Renee offered. Becky nodded yes, and they set to work. They used two supports for the left arm and one support with a cup on the end for the right elbow. Another with what looked like half of a halo on the end of it was adjusted to fit right behind her neck, in order to keep her back straight. Becky now realized that she would’ve taken forever setting this up by herself with only one good hand. Once they were finished, Paula was free to step off of the stand. Now it was Mary’s turn.

Because Mary’s was going to be jointed, the pose was simple. She just had to stand on the base with her legs eight inches apart but parallel, her arms out from her side on a thirty degree angle with her palms facing forward, and a slight bend in her elbows.

After they set the stands for Mary, both girls had their measurements taken. Mary was five foot four inches tall, 108 lbs, 34 inch chest C cup, 26 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. Paula was five foot eight inches tall, 115 lbs, 36 inch chest D cup, 26 inch waist, 34 inch hips. From there, they went to take a shower.

The shower was in the lab, which was the next room over. Mary wasn’t too happy about walking through a warehouse in her underwear, but her friend shamed her again into doing something that she wouldn’t normally do. Because Becky’s eye had not healed enough from her incident, Abigail had to open the retinal scanner lock. The door opened and everyone filed inside, with Mary being the fastest. Becky led them all past the tables with the scientific equipment to the row of showers on the far right wall.

“Here we are,” she said triumphantly. She opened a box on the table closest to the showers and pulled out two bathing caps, two bath robes, and two pairs of slippers, all still in their original packaging. Renee placed the clothes from both girls inside the now empty box. “First thing we have to do is protect your hair. These caps should fit tight enough so they won’t move on your heads. They have little drawstrings in the back to get them tight, like surgical gowns. Abigail, Renee, please help them with these.”

While they fumbled with the shower caps, Becky went over to a cabinet under another table and collected two white tins and a dark plastic bag. One tin had a black lid and the other had a brown lid. She carried all three items over to the girls. The shower caps were firmly in place by the time she got back to them.

“In this bag,” she explained while holding it up for all to see, “Is beeswax. This is what’s going onto your eyebrows to protect them. It’ll also be used for your pubics, if you still have them and wanna keep them.”

“There’s a bald beaver over here,” Paula announced while raising her hand.

“I have a bikini wax,” Mary squeaked with a hint of shame. “I don’t need to keep it, unless if it hurts to remove it.”

“The hair removal is painless,” Becky said, “There’s lidocaine inside the crème, so you won’t feel a thing.” Mary meekly nodded her approval.

The beeswax was applied to both girls eyebrows and they were directed towards the showers. First, they cleaned themselves with regular soap to remove all of the loose dirt and oils. The water was turned off and they dried themselves. Abigail and Renee put on rubber gloves and started applying the crème to both girls. The black lid tin was used on Paula and the brown lid tin was used on Mary. It was applied liberally to every part of their bodies, including the soles of their feet. Both girls were instructed to apply it to their own nether regions and breasts, but to not place it inside themselves. Once completely covered, they had to wait five minutes before washing it off.

The crème washed off rather quickly, and it seemed to Mary that less went down the drain than went on her body. Both girls did have a waxy appearance to their skin now, and their skin was the smoothest it has ever been.

“Wow!” Paula exclaimed, “This stuff’s incredible! I wanna buy a gallon of it from you!”

“I have to admit,” Mary added, “My skin has never felt this soft or creamy before in my life. You should sell it in your stores, Ms. Flozell.”

“That’s a discussion for another time,” Renee replied.

“I agree,” Becky added, “But let’s get finished here. Who needs a potty break? As soon as we start the scanning, we can’t stop for a couple of hours.”

“I’ll take them both down, just to be safe,” Abigail said. “We’ll be right back.” She gave each girl a bath robe and slippers. They put them on and all three headed for the door.

“Bring them back to the mannequin room,” Becky said as they started walking. “What flavor of water do you two want? Cherry, grape, fruit punch, lemonade, or watermelon?”

“I’ll have the fruit punch,” Mary answered on her way out the door. Paula followed closely behind, but stopped at the door and looked back.

“I’ll take vodka,” she replied. “If you don’t have that, I’ll take grape.”


Paula and Mary both drank down their flavored waters fairly quickly, probably now eager to get this job done. Mary definitely was no longer comfortable with doing this any more, and was going to tell Paula later that evening that she wasn’t going to continue to pursue the modelling career. This experience was not what she expected, nor wanted, and didn’t want to go through it again. Paula simply had an uneasy feeling about that scientist. She could’ve sworn that little nerdling was ogling her while she was in the shower. The faster they got out of there with their big payday, the better.

As soon as the last drop was out of their respective bottles, they were directed to their stands and told to take their previous poses without the bath robes or slippers. The shower caps were to remain on. While they were down in the bathroom on the first floor, Becky and Renee had set up the scanning light towers, with four scanners to each girl. They took to their poses, then Renee took one final inspection of each girl. Satisfied, the girls were given final instructions.

Now is the hardest part of all,” Becky said. “Neither one of you can move at all. Smile as long as you can and keep the blinking to a minimum. Do not speak to each other because that makes the front of your neck and most of your face move. Any movement at all will make us have to start all over again. We’re gonna leave the room to keep from distracting you, but we will be monitoring you from the lab. Good luck!” And, with that, the three women left, and closed the door behind them. A few seconds later, the red lights on the scanner towers came alive.

‘Good, almost done,’ Mary thought to herself, ‘I can do this. Fifty thousand dollars and then I’m done.’

‘After I get my money and blow up doll,’ Paula thought to herself, ‘I’m gonna break that little dyke’s other hand. Who does she think she is? What does she think I am? What a freak!’

About ten minutes went by without either girl moving. To Mary it seemed like six months. She was starting to get antsy, as well as a little lightheaded. Her eyes were also feeling dried out, and, for some odd reason, she couldn’t shut them.

‘That’s it, I’ve had enough,’ Mary thought, ‘No amount of money is worth this hassle.’

‘Stay put and stop talking!’

‘Who said that?’ Mary asked in her head. She immediately believed that standing still like this had made her insane. Normal sane people don’t hear other people’s voices in their heads!

‘Who the hell do you think?!? It’s me! Paula! Now shut up before they hear you! I don’t wanna start this over!’

‘Paula? I’m not talking out loud. This is in my head. I am officially going insane. Doing this is making me insane. Paula, if this really is you, I’m getting off this stand and going home.” Mary tried to take a step forward, but nothing happened. She tried to swing her arms forward for the momentum. Again, nothing happened. Her fear of insanity suddenly gave way to panic.

‘Stay where you are, Plain Jane! You can do this!’

‘Paula! I can’t move at all! My body won’t move! I can’t even close my eyes! Help me! Please, help me!’ Mary went from panic to full-fledged terror. ‘AAAAHHHHH!!!! HELP ME!!!!’

‘Mary, I can’t move or shut my own eyes too! I’m not talking! Can you hear me?!? What the fuck is going on?!?’

‘You’re now mannequins, dip shits.’

‘Who said that?!?’ Mary cried, ‘Please help me!!!’

‘Yeah, help us!!!’

‘There’s no help coming, so give it up. Quit shouting, you’re gonna give us all headaches.’

‘Who the fuck are you?!?’ Paula demanded, ‘Why the fuck don’t you get off your ass and help us!!’

‘I can’t help because I’m the blonde mannequin close to your friend there.’

‘I can’t see no one! Stop fucking with me!’

‘Wait,’ Mary whimpered, ‘The corner of my eye… shoulder length blonde hair, large breasts?’

‘Yep, that’s me. In all of my now plastic glory.’

‘What’s happening to us?!?’ Mary pleaded, ‘How can we talk but not move?!?’

‘My name’s Taylor, by the way, thanks for asking. You are being turned into lifelike mannequins. The evil cunts who work here turn real live people into lifeless store window dummies for profit. They made me like this at the request of my boyfriend. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. He never came to get me. Now I’m hoping someone comes along and buys me. I’d love to be wearing something silky against my skin. Something sexy.

‘When they change you, they let you keep your mind intact. I don’t know if it’s intentional to be cruel, or if it’s just a side effect of the transition. We do however have the ability to talk to each other through telepathy. We can’t communicate with living things, but we can keep our sanity through chatting. You two are only half transformed, so the range of your telepathy will get larger. Some of these other mannequins are okay, and you’ll get to like them if you stay here long enough.

‘Another thing you’ll find is that all of your physical sensations will be increased dramatically, and I do mean dramatically. Did you ever have an orgasm from someone simply brushing by your nipple? Soon you will. Flip side is that you’ll get the same results from pain. Nothing can kill you, aside for fire or shredding, but you can feel like you were shot in the skull just by falling over. By the way, what’s the weather like outside?’

‘Help me, God! Please Help!!!’ Mary screamed.

‘Oh, we are so fucked,’ Paula said.

A little time later, the door opened and in walked Abigail, Renee, and Becky. Becky was pushing her computer table in and headed over towards Paula.

“Abigail, can you please unplug these lights before I have a seizure?” Becky asked as she pushed the cart in front of the Paula mannequin. Abigail walked behind the new mannequins and the light towers went dark shortly afterwards. Becky took two electrode pads out of the drawer of the table and placed each one under both of the mannequin’s nipples.

“So, Eric carried her out this morning in that box you helped him move?” Renee asked, obviously continuing a conversation from earlier.

“Yep,” she replied as she continued to work on the electrodes, and now the leads from them to the computer, “I beat on her for almost a week, but didn’t penetrate her. I left her a virgin for his crew. It was great therapy for me. Now, how big did you want these?”

‘What are they doing to me now?’ Paula asked.

“How about two more cup sizes? Bigger but not humongous,” Renee replied. “Leave them soft as well. The rest of the body can stay hard, but it would work out great if its tits had some bounce.”

“Big and bouncy. Check.” Becky typed on her keyboard for about thirty seconds, then Paula felt a burning pressure build across her chest. It was a mix of pleasure and pain, but mostly pleasure. It gave her the greatest orgasm of her life, and she never wanted it to stop. Sadly it did, as soon as Becky pulled off the electrodes. “How’s that?”

“Excellent,” Renee said quietly. She then reached out and grabbed a handful of the newly expanded tit flesh, sending another orgasm through the mannequin. “Yes, this will do nicely.”

‘Oh my God, Paula, did you just cum?!?’ Mary scolded.

‘Twice, and not by choice, but I loved every second of it. I hope someone grabs my tits again! I’ll even settle for the dyke!’

“We won’t be able to put the joints on the other one for another hour, so you up for some gin rummy?” asked Becky to Renee.

“Sure,” she replied, “But first, tell me about that black mannequin back there. Do you have any more? I would like to put more ethnic looking ones in our stores. It should increase our sales in our northern stores.”

“That’s the only one we have right now,” Abigail replied. “African American material is hard to come by in this town. We have to search farther away to get viable molds. If you can get your own molds, and some new molds for us, we can possibly rework our contract. I can let you have that one for five thousand.”

“Deal. I’ll also take this blonde with the big tits here. It’ll look good in our automotive department, selling windshield wipers from the gap between her tits.”

“Good. Let’s go do some paperwork. Becky, do you need help putting the computer away?”

“Nah, I’m good. I’ll meet you in your office in a few minutes.” With that being said, all three women left the room.

‘Adding joints?’ Mary asked, ‘What do they mean by adding joints?’

‘I don’t care,’ replied Paula, ‘I need someone to grab my tits! Please! Anybody!’

‘So much for your friend there,’ Taylor said, ‘She’s gone now. Sucked up into the big O. I’ll be there soon, too. All those men pulling and putting things between my tits…ah I can’t wait! You, on the other hand, should be scared shitless. In order to add joints, they have to cut your body up. See these gaps between our body parts? They didn’t grow there. The cunts used a large hacksaw and cut us up. They then use plastic glue to add the pivots and hinges to the open holes that used to be our bodies so we can be posed the way they want us. They have to wait until you turn totally to hollow plastic, then they’ll begin dissecting you. It will take a few hours, and you’ll feel every tooth in the blade. First, the hole in your back for your support rod. Then the cuts begin. Three cuts in each arm, one cut in each hip, one cut across your waist, and finally the hardest cut: across your neck. Even after all of that, the worst thing that can happen is that you can’t die from it, no matter how much you wish for it. Try and be brave kiddo, and hopefully we’ll be set up in the same store.’

‘Why me?’ Mary sobbed, ‘I never wanted to be a model to begin with!!!’

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